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Jul 26 - Wikileaks Says The Next Drop Is Only About Hillary & Will Destroy Her Campaign

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news | By the_malicious - 10 hours ago

We're just hours away from the gaveling in of the 2016 Democrat Convention in Philadelphia and the Democrat Party is in chaos after WikiLeaks exposed DNC Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz for anti-Bernie Sanders bias during the primary. Wasserman-Schultz announced yesterday she will resign from her post as the head of the DNC when the convention ends Thursday and will promptly join the Clinton campaign.

But the damage WikiLeaks has done to Democrats so far isn't over. According to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, the website will publish more hacked emails and this time, they'll be about Hillary Clinton and her ongoing private email server scandal.

Julian Assange has made an incredible statement in an interview with ITV. Assange says that Wikileaks, the infamous whistle-blowing website, will soon be publishing documents that contain “enough evidence” for the Department of Justice to indict Hillary Clinton, the expected Democratic nominee.

Team Clinton and the DNC have been in damage control for more than 24 hours now and are blaming the WikiLeaks hack on the Russians, saying it was an attack from President Vladimer Putin on Hillary Clinton in an effort to sabotage her campaign.

visit this link .. inton-n2197533

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NBA FROM SCOUTS Brandon Ingram Projected average starter

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sports | By acegutta22 - 10 hours ago

Taken from the USA select team practice and his performance at the las vegas summer league

"He drops the ball too low which allows him to release it late because his arms are crazy long".
"His release is slower than it should be".
"as long as he gets better at his craft he maybe a starter"
"At this point he lacks, strength, bounce,aggressiveness he is not making an impact as far as the floor game as you would hope a overall # 2 pick would make with his physical tools. He had 2 blocks 3 steals and rebounded at a 8% clip in 5 games in the summer league. Did a little bit better when he was playing the 4 because he shot open threes." Only shot 25% from the 3 in summer league.
He was able to get to the basket a little bit on switches.
Not really able to blow by people his size one on one.
Able to handle the bale well and make good decisions as a facilitator for a guy his size.
I wouldn't say he will be a guy ready to start at his age.
Long term and near term better at the 4.
Better against bigger slower guy.

Like Larry Nance jr better

Real gm's dunc'd on podcast summer league prospect review is the source.

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BOX Crawford: I could have pressed the gas but why?

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sports | By davon4204 - 10 hours ago

Terence Crawford (29-0, 20 KOs) expressed a disappointing viewpoint after his less than thrilling to watch fight last Saturday night against Viktor Postol (28-1, 12 KOs) by saying that he had the fight under control, so why should he press the fight to his over-matched opponent Postol? Crawford probably could have scored a knockout in this fight if he’d switched gears from 1st to at least 2nd gear.

The KO was there for the 28-year-old Crawford if he’d been willing to step it up a gear to try and make it exciting for the paying fans, who had paid as much as $59.99 to watch the fight on HBO pay-per-view. These are fans that were willing to pay to see the fight.

Crawford could have won them over and many other fans if he had been willing to fight hard to for the KO. Instead, Crawford played it safe and did the minimum to get the victory without taking some lumps in the process. based on this lazy performance from Crawford, I don’t think he rates a fight against Manny Pacquiao or even someone like Ruslan Provodnikov.

“I just boxed today and I just wanted to have fun. I could have pressed the gas but why? I had him frustrated,” said Crawford after the fight.

It’s too bad that Crawford had such a lackadaisical, play it safe attitude about the Postol fight, because when you’re trying to become a superstar, you need to be able to take risks to create fans to impress them. This is why guys like Gennady “GGG” Golovkin, Saul “Canelo” Alvarez, Miguel Cotto, Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr. have become huge stars in the sport. They were willing to take shots in order to entertain the fans. We didn’t see that from Crawford last Saturday night. He says “I could have pressed the gas but why?” Crawford just doesn’t get it, does he?

visit this link http://www.boxingnews24.c .. d-pressed-gas/

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Video inside Yeah, Yeah I'm gon be there

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wild'ish | By Xavi619 - 10 hours ago

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Image inside Jul 26 - muhammed ali son ditches family after getting his share of that "MULLAH BABY"

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news | By CarloGambino - 10 minutes ago

at the news of his windfall he gained that ali spring back in his step and already looks 8 years younger

Muhammad Ali Jr., the estranged son of late boxing legend Muhammad Ali, dumped his wife and two children — all after a windfall of cash from his dad’s estate, RadarOnline reports.

The Web site claims Ali Jr. and his eight siblings met with Ali’s widow, Lonnie, on June 28 to talk about how to split up The Greatest’s estate.

While Lonnie kept the house, all nine children allegedly received equal shares of Ali’s $80 million fortune.

Now, Ali Jr. has used the influx of cash to move out of his family home in Chicago’s South Side and relocate to a wealthier part of the city — but he didn’t take his family with him. For the past decade, he and his wife, Shaakira, and children Ameera, 8, and Shakera, 7, have relied on food stamps and handouts to survive, a source revealed.

Ali Jr. himself was estranged by his famous father and struggled without his support.

Coooold Blooded

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Image inside Jayz out here looking like a recovering junkie

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hiphop | By Swavey - 4 minutes ago

When your man is your biggest fan #beyonce #jayz

A photo posted by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

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NBA Why Karl Anthony Towns will be an NBA Hall of Famer.

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sports | By Veno da Don - 17 minutes ago

This guy has some dope videos with great insight and details.

The part about KG being the scariest competitor in the NBA was good to see.

KAT is the next great one. And im buying the T-Wolves sooner than later.

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NBA Comparing Durant's Decision Vs. LeBron's: Jersey Sale Edition

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sports | By The Boat - 17 minutes ago

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Vince Staples and 3 Stacks War Ready Snippet

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hiphop | By Captain Boogie - 9 hours ago

These youtube niggas lied i was so pumped to hear a new 3 stacks verse i ain't even pay attention.

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NBA Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City Restaurant Closes 3 Weeks After He Joins Warriors

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sports | By chrismb - 11 minutes ago


Kevin Durant's Oklahoma City restaurant, Kd's, has closed.

It's not a huge surprise given the former NBA MVP's decision to join the Golden State Warriors and the, um, unflattering Yelp reviews his move prompted on the restaurant's page.

According to Brianna Bailey of the Oklahoman, the Hal Smith restaurant group—which has partnered with Durant and operates the restaurant—will reopen the spot sometime after Labor Day with a "new theme."

Per Bailey, the group said in a statement, "The concept will offer an updated atmosphere with a similar menu to what has been available at that location in the past."

Founder and CEO Hal Smith added, "It has been an honor—and a lot of fun—to partner with Kevin Durant at Kd's these last few years. We wish him the very best as he takes a new direction in his career."

According to Bailey, Durant said he owned 25 percent of Kd's when it opened in 2012, but it's not immediately apparent if he will maintain any ownership.
This is just the beginning of your demise, you coward

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Image inside Jul 26 - Wikileaks Disproves Media's Lies About Russian Involvement With Hacked Emails

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news | By the_malicious - 8 minutes ago

Shortly after the Russia conspiracy theory was injected into the news cycle by the DNC and its contractor Crowdstrike Bloomberg reported DNC officials believed drawing such a connection might outweigh voter concern over the content of then-forthcoming leaks:

Almost exactly a month later, Vox reported on 23 July 2016 that evidence from the interim period to support the widespread conspiracy theory was questionable:


Still, it’s worth being clear that there’s zero evidence that Trump or Manafort has direct ties to the Russian government. On the other hand, there is significant circumstantial evidence that the attacks on the DNC were closely linked to Russian intelligence agencies. Multiple security researchers have looked at forensic evidence from the attacks and concluded that the attackers used the same kind of techniques that Russian intelligence agencies have used against other targets around the world.
Investigative journalist Glenn Greenwald, known primarily in part for his collaboration with former National Security Agency (NSA) contractor Edward Snowden to leak damaging information about surveillance, reiterated that the claim appeared to come solely from Democratic officials (i.e., individuals interested in discrediting the source of the leaks to bury their content)

WikiLeaks also weighed in on the claims, repeatedly maintaining anyone claiming to know the source of the leaks was lying

Wikileaks also suggested the leak

might have come from inside the DNC.

Similarly, in a July 2016 interview with Democracy Now! Assange insinuated that the leaks were internal in nature. Moreover, Assange stated that the DNC's "Russian spies" claim did not itself agree with the dates it provided for breaches. Assange referenced the above-embedded interview [audio] between Robby Mook and Jake Tapper; Assange stated that the clip was cut off early, and Mook was unable to name the "experts" referenced:


AMY GOODMAN: So, that was Robby Mook citing experts saying the DNC emails were leaked by the Russians. You were the one who released these 20,000 emails, Julian Assange. Where did you get them?

JULIAN ASSANGE: Well, what’s not in that clip there by Robby is that, just afterwards, he was asked by Jake Tapper, "Who are these experts? Can you name them?" The answer was no, a refusal to name the experts. But we have seen one of the experts, so-called experts, that the Democratic Party is trying to base its incredible conspiracy theory on about WikiLeaks. And that is this—what we jokingly refer to as the NSA dick pic guy.

He’s a former National Security Agency agent who started to produce conspiracy theories about us in 2013, when we were involved in the Edward Snowden rescue, as a means to try and undermine the Snowden publications, subsequently embroiled in some amateur pornography scandal. That’s why they don’t want to name their experts, because they are people like this.

In relation to sourcing, I can say some things. A, we never reveal our sources, obviously. That’s what we pride ourselves on. And we won’t in this case, either. But no one knows who our source is. It’s simply speculation. It’s, I think, interesting and acceptable to speculate who our sources are.

But if we’re talking about the DNC, there’s lots of consultants that have access, lots of programmers. And the DNC has been hacked dozens and dozens of times. Even according to its own reports, it had been hacked extensively over the last few years. And the dates of the emails that we published are significantly after all, or all but one—it’s not clear—of the hacking allegations that the DNC says have occurred.
Are any additional leaks anticipated?

According to WikiLeaks, the dump was part of a "series." However, that outlet didn't provide a timeline for further leaks

visit this link .. eaks-dncleaks/

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New Leak Says The Nintendo NX Is A Less Powerful, Entirely Portable Console

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games | By KURUPTION!!! - 2 minutes ago

There were rumblings that there would be some major unofficial news about the NX soon, and it seems that day has arrived in the form of a massive Eurogamer leak about Nintendo’s new console. An extensive article details for the first time what exactly the system is, and as many predicted, Nintendo’s new console is heavily focused on mobile play.

Not just heavily, almost entirely.

According to the Eurogamer report, the Nintendo NX is a 100% portable console. The entire pitch of the NX will be that you can “take your games on the go,” meaning you can take the entire system with you, not just pieces of it, as some predicted. Here are the highlights of the report:

- On the go, the device has its own display and is completely portable. It may have two controllers that attach to the unit itself, so it can be played, to some effect, like a mobile home console.

- At home, the console will plug into a docking station where you can then play its games on a regular, large TV.

- Since this is a huge change in tech, the NX will almost certainly not be backwards compatible.

- As for power? Here’s a direct quote: “Graphical comparisons with current consoles are difficult due to the vastly different nature of the device – but once again we’ve heard Nintendo is not chasing graphical parity. Quite the opposite, it is sacrificing power to ensure it can squeeze all of this technology into a handheld.”

So, what to make of this? It’s certainly a lot to process. The running theory was always that Nintendo was going to have the NX have maybe a Wii U-like gamepad that could be taken on the go, but this news reveals that the entire unit is meant to be portable.

On the surface, this does seem to play to one of Nintendo’s core strengths, their continued dominance in the handheld market. Between the Game Boy, DS and 3DS, they have done incredibly well in the mobile space, and so making an entirely mobility-focused console may be the logical evolution of their greatest strength. With a focus on a family audience, a console that can be taken on the go and played in the backseat of a car or on a plane very well might be a hit in a certain crowd.

But, it’s hard not to have a number of questions fly through my head at the same time when I hear all this information.

- How big is this thing, really? If it’s an entire home console with detachable controllers, even if it’s getting the size down from the slender Wii U box, that’s still far bigger than a 3DS or a normal tablet. How bulky is too bulky when you’re talking about a mobile game console?

- What would the battery life be on this thing? One of the chief complaints of the Wii U gamepad is that the power-hungry screen dies all the time. I can’t imagine how much juice a mobile console would use. Without lengthy battery life, the point of a portable console is somewhat moot.

- What will fans and developers make of its power level? If the NX isn’t even “chasing graphical parity” with current generation systems (I assume this means the PS4 and Xbox One, not NEO/Scorpio), will fans take it seriously as a home console? Will third party developers want to spend the resources to design games for something running far below current industry standards?

- This is effectively merging Nintendo’s home console and mobile divisions, I imagine, meaning they’ll no longer be selling two separate pieces of hardware. Can the NX possibly sell enough units by itself to be close to their usual handheld/home console total?

There are a lot of unanswered questions here, some of which may be resolved this September, which is when rumors say that Nintendo will unveil the NX officially, ahead of its March 2017 debut.

It has to be kind of a terrifying prospect for them, to introduce a new piece of hardware that’s so dramatically different from anything that’s come before. Yes, playing Zelda: Breath of the Wild anywhere may be magical, but I worry about several dozen different practical applications of this concept. It seems like an enormous risk for them, something that will either be a hit or a total bust.

For their part, Nintendo isn’t commenting on this latest round of rumors, even if they seem to be getting incredibly close to the truth. “Nintendo has not made any new official announcements regarding NX which is due to launch in March 2017,” a Nintendo spokesperson said. “As such we’re unable to comment on the various rumors and speculations circulating.”

I doubt this will be the last NX leak before September, and I’m curious to hear more. What do you make of this report? Do you want your next Nintendo console to be entirely mobile?

visit this link .. /#2400fe1663f1

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Image inside 500GB and 1TB Xbox One S Release Date Officially Confirmed

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games | By Da Ill One - 15 minutes ago

@danny @WCIB @dadon85

The 1TB and 500GB variants of the Xbox One S launch on August 23, 2016, in New Zealand, US, Australia, and Canada.

The Xbox One S 500GB will cost $299 and it will come with free copies Halo: The Master Cheif Collection and Halo 5: Guardians. If you’re not the guy who needs tons of storage but want the features and functionality of the Xbox One S, you can get the 500GB Xbox One S for $100 less than the 2TB Xbox One.

Also, the 500GB Xbox One S is just $50 more than the original Xbox One, which costs only $249 after the recent price drops.

The 1TB variant of the Xbox One S will cost $349 ($100 more than original Xbox One) and it will come with a free copy of EA SPORTS Madden NFL 17. This is also a good choice if you want both big storage capacity and good price.

Microsoft hasn’t announced the 500GB and 1TB Xbox One S release date in the UK just yet. However, they do say that they’re going to discuss “additional market plans” next month. It is expected that the Xbox One S will release in the UK some days after releasing in the US, Australia, New Zealand and Canada.

Gamers in the UK can grab 2TB Xbox One S for £349 on August 2, 2016.

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Image inside I love to eat Chocolate

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eyecandy | By MisterHawkins - 6 minutes ago

They don't deserve you, stay busy!

A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on


A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on

Softly plays Young Scooter in the background

A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on

He say im a dog but it take one to know one 🎧🎼🎧 👅 🐶

A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on

Morning glam, makeup by @ladyt110

A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on

The best revenge is living well. Cake Day

A photo posted by Britt Allen (@brittainbugatti) on

Kind of reminds me of Trina

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Image inside Which Side You're On?

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games | By DonnieRamadan - 19 minutes ago

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Image inside Drake bout to light up the streets with londonondatrack

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hiphop | By james12 - 16 minutes ago

Squad! It's otw! @champagnepapi #drizzy #Wegotlondonondatrack 🔥🚨💣

A photo posted by We Got London On Da Track (@londonondatrack) on

6GOD PAPI going to run the streets of ATL with Gucci all year long

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Video inside Jul 26 - Man Beat To Death By Police

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news | By m2mpromotions - 35 seconds ago


Ross McGhie and his partner were returning home from a run Sunday when they saw what investigators are calling a confrontation between Abdirahman Abdi and police that led to the Ottawa man's death.

Police had been called to a coffee shop in the city's Hintonburg neighbourhood at about 9:30 a.m. ET.

An officer located and pursued Abdi, a 37-year-old Somali-Canadian man with mental health issues whose family moved to Canada eight years ago.

McGhie and Wendy Dunford first saw the officer and Abdi near the corner of Wellington Street West and Garland Street, and said Abdi was holding a piece of foam construction equipment.

"It was one of the foam panels that's used to support a temporary traffic sign. He was using it apparently to ward off what he thought would be blows. He had it over his head and he was using it to deflect advances from the officer. The officer was following with his baton," McGhie told CBC News in an interview Monday.

Abdirahman Abdi composite photos
Abdirahman Abdi, 37, was a Somali-Canadian with mental health issues. His family moved to Canada eight years ago. He was pronounced dead Monday afternoon after losing vital signs during a confrontation with police on Sunday morning. (Images supplied by family)

'Heavy blows'

Then, at the corner of Wellington and Hilda Street, the officer tried to grab Abdi, who dropped the foam panel and ran to the door of his apartment building at 55 Hilda St. The officer beat Abdi to the door and prevented him from going inside, McGhie said, by using a baton "a few times" on Abdi's legs, arms and upper body while shouting at Abdi to comply.

At that time, another police officer arrived at the scene in a cruiser.

"The officer emerged from that car very rapidly ... pulled up right in front of the building ... immediately jumped into the altercation and administered a number of very heavy blows to the head and face and neck of Mr. Abdi," McGhie said.

Ottawa man 'already dead 45 minutes' upon arrival at hospital after arrest, family says
SIU investigating after Ottawa man taken to hospital critically injured following arrest
Witness who recorded arrest that left man critically hurt describes emotional toll
It became difficult for the couple to see what was going on, because the steps leading into the apartment building are below-grade. They heard a man screaming, but didn't see exactly how Abdi was subdued to the ground and handcuffed. They did see him on the ground afterwards, not moving, being covered by police, McGhie said.

It took about 15 minutes for paramedics to arrive, begin CPR and take Abdi to hospital. He was pronounced dead at 3:17 p.m. Monday.

Media placeholderPlay Media
Witness describes Sunday confrontation2:02

'It wasn't really clear to us why'

McGhie said that when he saw the first officer engaging with Abdi, it didn't seem to be a tense situation.

"When I personally first saw the exchange between he and the officer ... I didn't really understand what was going on because Mr. Abdi did not seem to be distressed in any way, shape or form. I think I can even recall a smile on his face," McGhie said.

"So it was kind of confusing, seeing it all start, because it really didn't look like what was about to transpire was likely to happen. It really kind of looked like an officer just approaching somebody who had posed a minor disturbance, so it was really surprising to see what happened happen."

McGhie said that while he did not see what led to police being called in the first place, and though he has no knowledge of how police make decisions about use of force, the police response seemed to be "excessive."

"I think the both of us were really surprised when the second officer arrived and immediately started beating the suspect with his fists in the face and head. I mean, Mr. Abdi was not compliant, for whatever reason, but it seemed that that degree of force for the type of resistance Mr. Abdi was putting up, to us — again we're not professionals — it seemed extremely violent and extremely excessive.

"From a total layperson perspective, it appeared that it escalated way too quickly for the type of resistance being put up by Mr. Abdi. It went from zero to 100 very, very, very fast. And it wasn't really clear to us why that happened."

Memorial Abdirahman Abdi 55 Hilda Street July 26 2016
People have left candles, flowers, a Black Lives Matter sign and a 'love' sign at the entrance to 55 Hilda St., where Abdi was arrested on Sunday. (Giacomo Panico/CBC)

Union says Abdi's behaviour 'assaultive'

Ottawa Police Association president Matt Skof, speaking earlier in the day Monday, called the incident a "very difficult scenario for the officers to deal with.

"What was presented to the officer was ... assaultive behaviour ... and unfortunately, as a result of it, there was physical altercation," he said.

Skof said he didn't know whether the responding officers knew Abdi had any mental health issues, but said that in the moment, it would not have mattered.

"It doesn't really in any way change the decision that you are going to have to make to ensure public safety," said Skof. "The officers are confronted with violence, they have to deal with it to prevent more injuries to the members of the public, to the subject or suspect themselves, as well as the officers."

Ontario's police watchdog, the Special Investigations Unit, is handling the investigation into Abdi's death, which could take months. An autopsy was scheduled for Tuesday.

"This is a heartbreaking loss and our thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Abdi's family at this difficult time," wrote Ihsaan Gardee, executive director of the National Council of Canadian Muslims, in a statement on Tuesday.

"Many members of the Ottawa Muslim and Somali communities have serious concerns about how this tragic incident unfolded, including whether prejudice had something to do with Mr. Abdi's treatment. It is critical that a full and transparent investigation be swiftly conducted so that Mr. Abdi's family, and the wider community, get clear answers."

A public memorial for Abdi will be held at Somerset Square Park, between Wellington Street West and Somerset Street West at Spadina Avenue, on Tuesday at 8:30 p.m.

visit this link .. abdi-1.3695047

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NBA Former Laker legend Von Wafer on Twitter begging for a job

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sports | By GollyI'mGully - 19 minutes ago

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Image inside this bi-ch going fu-k around make me catch a Felony .

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eyecandy | By raw Doggy - 1 minute ago


When you try to use your @hairareus to cover your hairy armpits but it don't work ! Just Use an emoji 💎

A photo posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on

Rec Room #Miami I'm on my way 💗 see you there ! Outfit | shoes : @divamodafashioncouture Hair : @hairareus

A photo posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on

Dear baby Jesus , Thank you for my silky @hairareus hair, My bomb B.Simone @prettydolledup necklace, my perky boobs and beautiful face . Oh and my long ghetto nails . Amen . 😘

A photo posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on

Natural hair and no makeup… Follow my Snapchat for my beauty secrets on being natural👉🏽👉🏽👉🏽 THEBSIMONE !

A photo posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on

When your boyfriend don't answer the phone but he's not really your boyfriend because y'all both single but you have to speak it into existence 💁🏼 (tap pic for details)

A photo posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on


It's fuckboy season ... Ladies be careful #BSimoneComedy but #facts

A video posted by â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€â*€iSWEARiMNOTaRAPPER (@thebsimone2) on

Boxden. What is you gone do with lil mama How far are you willing to go.

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Image inside Canibus's daughter can sit on my fu-king face!!! :hardendatass:

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eyecandy | By January 27th - 18 minutes ago


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