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Image inside Christina Milian Shows Damn Near EVERYTHING in a see through fit!!"

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eyecandy | By Sithon - 6 hours ago

Damn C-Mili...

Shawty got some big ass nipples!

She still bad af

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Video inside He got three girlfriends, could you handle that?

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misc | By Swavey - 6 hours ago

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Video inside Kim Kardashian Allegedly Wants A Divorce From Kanye West

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hiphop | By Diam0nd City - 4 hours ago

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Video inside The right way to heat up PIZZA!! Changed my life

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wild'ish | By MARCO POLO - 5 hours ago

I will never be the same!!!!

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Video inside Dec 7 - Tomi craps on Rosenberg

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news | By wwnuts - 6 hours ago

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Video inside Detriot Rapper TeamEastside Peezy locked up on Federal Racketeering charges

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hiphop | By OG T Gutta N - 3 hours ago

I hope all the real niggas wins


DETROIT - Nine more members of the 6 Mile Chedda Grove street gang from Detroit's east side are facing racketeering and murder charges.

The U.S. Attorney's Office announced the charges Tuesday, providing the following information:

The initial indictment in June charged Edwin Mills and Carlo Wilson with murder in aid of racketeering for the mid-afternoon shootings that occurred at the Troester Market on December 1, 2015, that resulted in two deaths and serious injuries to children. The superseding indictment unsealed today adds nine more defendants and charges racketeering conspiracy, additional murders in aid of racketeering and related offenses. Two additional murders charged in the superseding indictment also occurred in broad daylight on February 7, 2015, and August 20, 2015.

According to the superseding indictment, “6 Mile Chedda Grove” is a street gang that operates primarily within an area bordered roughly by East McNichols Road to the north, Kelly Road to the east, Houston-Whittier Street to the south, and Chalmers Street to the west. The superseding indictment alleges that 6 Mile Chedda Grove is a violent organization responsible for murders, assaults, robberies, and firearms and narcotics trafficking in the Detroit metropolitan area and in other states. The gang allegedly uses violence to retaliate against rivals, to intimidate witnesses and to advance members’ positions within the gang.

Under the Detroit One initiative, and through the lead efforts of the FBI’s Violent Gang Task Force and the Detroit Police Gang Intelligence Unit, law enforcement identified several members of this gang who have been charged in the superseding indictment in federal court. The Task Force includes representatives of the Detroit Police Department, Michigan Department of Corrections and the U.S. Border Patrol.

Here are the names of the defendants:

Four defendants were taken into custody over the last two days on this indictment:

Mario Leico Jackson, a/k/a “Ugg,” 23, of Detroit, charged with racketeering conspiracy;
Phillip Glen-Earl Peaks, a/k/a “Peezy,” 28, of Detroit, charged with racketeering conspiracy;
Michael Richardson, a/k/a “Mikey Made,” 28, of Detroit, charged with racketeering conspiracy, felon in possession of a firearm, possession with intent to distribute heroin and possession of a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking crime;
Devontae Aaron Russell, a/k/a “Tae,” 23, of Knoxville, Tennessee, charged with racketeering conspiracy.
Seven other defendants are already in federal or state custody based upon other charges, including:

visit this link http://www.clickondetroit .. teering-murder

More Music:

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Image inside Uruguay has been hit by the Instathot nation

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eyecandy | By Mr.NYCinNC - 6 hours ago

Esta 🐷 va a levantarse y ver que se hace, no quiero quedarme acostada un sábado 😡

A photo posted by Florencia Mandracho (@flomandracho) on

Buen dÃ*aaaaaa 😍

A photo posted by Florencia Mandracho (@flomandracho) on

Que digan lo que quieran, que las palabras vienen y se van y yo soy como soy en realidad, quiero vivir a mi manera..

A photo posted by Florencia Mandracho (@flomandracho) on

Los amores a distancia aumentan la pasión, los besos que se extrañan no tienen comparación..

A photo posted by Florencia Mandracho (@flomandracho) on


A photo posted by Geri🎈 (@geriguillenea) on

Después de dÃ*as sin entrenar y de dejar un par de músculos en pde 😂😂 se volvio💪🏻

A photo posted by Geri🎈 (@geriguillenea) on


A photo posted by Geri🎈 (@geriguillenea) on

Faltan 2 meses para el verano, asi que te dejas de dudar y hoy vas al gymmmmmm #careyourbody #buildyourbody #fitgirls

A photo posted by Geri🎈 (@geriguillenea) on

I love foreign hoes

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Video inside You sold your soul soldier: IG thot Aliana Gonzalez exposed on video agreeing to fu-k

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eyecandy | By KennyX93 - 5 hours ago

visit this link http://www.worldstarhipho .. ts7mYhsS4aLDAr

Via lastoftheblack2

Some latin IG thot on camera saying she agrees to take 50,000 to fu*k on some rich man and his 13 YEAR OLD BROTHER. I see a Tagthesponsor tag on the vid shoutout to them for always exposing these hoes.

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Video inside Guy Tricked By Tr@nny - Cringe Video

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misc | By mr_underground - 4 hours ago

Guy ACCIDENTALLY Approaches Transgender woman

he accidentally hit on a transgender woman who asked to touch his dick. After 6 minutes of him thinking he's getting lucky he's told that was a MAN.

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NFL Cleveland Weatherman Refuses to Shave Until the Browns Win, Makes Terrible Mistake

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sports | By Kevin Spacey - 4 hours ago

You've almost certainly heard of a playoff beard, a staple of offensive linemen and hockey players the world over. Consider this the polar opposite — a tanking beard, perhaps.

Browns fan and FOX8 Cleveland meteorologist Scott Sabol made a commitment in the early part of the 2016 NFL season: He wouldn't shave his beard until the Browns won a game.

They're currently 0-12.

By Week 8, when Cleveland nearly knocked off the New York Jets, Sabol looked to be regretting his decision:

Now, though, with no relief in sight, Sabol looks like a veritable mountain man:

The more pedantic among us might point out that Sabol clearly trimmed his beard from time to time, but that's literally splitting hairs. The man has a job to do and a (semi-)professional appearance to maintain, after all. If anything, his bosses deserve kudos for going along with the shtick.

Seriously, look at that bearded face one more time:

Fortunately for Sabol, he's committed to this bit only until the season mercifully ends (assuming the Browns don't get a win before that, anyway). We asked our photo department to come up with an interpretation of what Sabol might look like if he were to grow his beard until Cleveland won its next game, regardless of the season, and this is what it came up with:

Truly, though, this is making a sacrifice for your team:

Beards aren't the only way Browns fans are "celebrating" their team's perfectly imperfect record; some Cleveland-area supporters are planning a parade should the Browns join the 2008 Detroit Lions as the only teams to finish 0-16.

For now, the big question is whether Sabol will be able to find relief before the final seconds tick off the clock of the Browns' Week 17 game in Pittsburgh on Jan. 1. Sabol's beard-based nightmare will continue for at least one more week since Cleveland is on a bye. The Browns then face the Bengals in Week 14, before traveling to Buffalo in Week 15, hosting the Chargers the following Saturday on Christmas Eve, and taking on the Steelers in that aforementioned season-ending game.

Good luck, sir. You're going to need it.

visit this link .. -parade-120316

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Big Boi Explains That "Record For Outkast" Gucci Mane Was Talking About

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hiphop | By Kevin Spacey - 5 hours ago

Big Boi has clarified that the “record” Gucci Mane did for “Outkast” back in August is actually a record for Big Boi’s own upcoming solo project.

Speaking to Creative Loafing Tampa, Big Boi cleared up the confusion, explaining, “Gucci is on this album, most definitely. He was just excited because the song was jammin’ like a motherfu*ker.”

Gucci Mane had gotten all of our hopes up for a new Outkast project when he Snapchatted back in September that he had recorded a verse for the duo.

“I just did a record for Outkast. I just did a record for Wayne. I just did a record for Boosie. I just did a record for Project Pat. I just did a record for E-40,” Gucci said at the time, but it turns out that he had gotten a little carried away, and a rep for Andre 3000 immediately told HipHopDX there was “no OK news to report.”

While there’s no release date set for Big Boi’s new album yet, the Atlanta rapper told Creative Loafing that he expects it to be complete by January 2017.

It wouldn’t be the first time that the two have linked up. They collaborated on Big Boi’s track “Shine Blockas” back in 2010.

visit this link ..


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Image inside Oh My What Big Eyes You Have

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eyecandy | By Panthro11 - 6 hours ago

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NBA Phil Jackson: Carmelo Anthony Can Play Jordan/Kobe Role In Triangle If He Doesn't Hog Ball

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sports | By Dee Grande - 5 hours ago


Phil Jackson said Carmelo Anthony can play the "role that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant played" in their teams' triangle offenses, but he believes that Anthony sometimes breaks a team rule by holding on to the ball for too long.

"Carmelo a lot of times wants to hold the ball longer than -- we have a rule: If you hold a pass two seconds, you benefit the defense. So he has a little bit of a tendency to hold it for three, four, five seconds, and then everybody comes to a stop," Jackson said in an interview with CBS Sports Network that aired Tuesday. "That is one of the things we work with. But he's adjusted to [the triangle], he knows what he can do and he's willing to see its success."

Jackson's comments were prompted by a question about whether Anthony can fit in the triangle offense. Jackson made it clear he believes Anthony can.

"He can play that role that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant played," Jackson said. "It's a perfect spot for him to be in that isolated position on the weak side, because it's an overload offense and there's a weakside man that always has an advantage if the ball is swung."

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Video inside SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Trailer Teaser

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movies | By Steve - 5 hours ago

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OT When you get a mild concussion and hit the game winning 3 cuz ball is life :mjlol:

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 3 hours ago

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NBA this ad is too much

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sports | By Blazeyy - 6 hours ago

saw on this my yahoo sports sidebar

i'm kinda glad boxden didn't go mainstream with

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Kodak black BANNED from South Carolina

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hiphop | By druggie - 3 hours ago

Source : visit this link .. south-carolina


A report for local NBC affiliate WYFF 4 states that rapper Kodak Black has been banned from South Carolina, and will only be permitted into the state for his upcoming court appearances. The Florida rapper is currently facing one charge of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

South Carolina : Beat it

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Image inside Dec 7 - Here’s what Jeff Sessions as attorney general means for marijuana legalization

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news | By thekidd - 6 hours ago

Despite a series of victories for marijuana legalization in eight states on election night last month and President-elect Donald Trump’s relative lenience regarding the drug, Trump’s recent cabinet appointments signal an uphill battle for legal weed in the years to come. While Tom Price, Trump’s pick for Health and Human Services secretary, also has a history of opposing legalization of the drug, Trump’s appointment for attorney general poses perhaps the greatest threat to legal weed. Jeff Sessions vocally opposes marijuana, and his tenure as attorney general could have serious implications for a movement that once seemed to have bright a future.

Anyone familiar with Sessions’ long history of racist comments, such as calling civil rights and racial justice organizations like the American Civil Liberties Union and the NAACP “un-American,” is aware that he once joked his only problem with the KKK was its use of weed. Sessions has additionally argued that “good people don’t smoke marijuana,” which I’m sure has nothing to do with the fact that weed was first popularized by African-American communities, and called weed a “very real danger” that is “not the kind of thing that ought to be legalized.”

Sessions has hotly criticized Attorney General Loretta Lynch and President Obama for their support for reform of marijuana laws, and has additionally spread the blatant lie that marijuana legalization is “already causing a disturbance in the states that have made it legal.”

Statistics from states like Colorado overwhelmingly prove the economic benefits of marijuana legalization, from how tax dollars raised from the drug have been able to fund numerous public health and education initiatives, to the fact that marijuana legalization hasn’t magically inspired more people to smoke.

More than 65 million Americans now live in states where weed is recreationally legal, and roughly half of all Americans live in states where medical marijuana is legal, Politico notes. Upon becoming attorney general, Sessions will have the ability to arrest growers, retailers, and users of the drug, which has already become a thriving billion dollar industry and substantial source of job growth. It will be entirely within Sessions’ power to expand mass incarceration and condemn countless nonviolent users and dealers to lives as convicts mired in stigma.

Weed's legal in California, but activists fear a battle ahead with Jeff Sessions,
While Sessions clearly has a vendetta against weed no matter the race of the individual using it, his hostility toward civil rights and racial justice certainly aren’t encouraging when you consider the racial implications of the War on Drugs. Rooted since its earliest days in persecuting and further marginalizing African-Americans, the drug war initiated by Nixon and built upon since every president since, has long entrapped people of color in the criminal justice system and cut them off from the social safety net. Even today, the War on Drugs has a pronounced, disproportionate effect on people of color, and given Sessions’ apparent disinclination to support civil rights, this trend is likely to continue.

On a slightly positive note, there is little Sessions will have the authority to do regarding marijuana as a matter of intra-state commerce, but the fact that he will have the sweeping authority to arrest anyone working with weed with the mere stroke of his pen is obviously unsettling.

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Image inside Remember the black girl from Matilda?

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eyecandy | By 504 - 4 hours ago

Good morning! #dubchallenge #lavenderfrommatilda #imsilly 😅 😂

A photo posted by B.LO Artist | Entrepreneur (@beleaux) on

Real weird-o 😬

A photo posted by B.LO Artist | Entrepreneur (@beleaux) on

When you see bae pull up so u gotta get righhttt 😛😚😏 Mua: @gleauxbeauty

A photo posted by B.LO Artist | Entrepreneur (@beleaux) on

Nom nom nom

A photo posted by B.LO Artist | Entrepreneur (@beleaux) on

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Drake and Rae Sremmurd Dropping A New Single Soon

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hiphop | By Machine - 4 hours ago


Way back when Rae Sremmurd first started buzzing, there was a rumor that Drake was going to jump on their then-brand new hit, "No Type." The collab never came through, but it didn't stop the single from blowing up on its own legs. Still, the speculation on what could have been has always lingered.

As Complex points outt, an OVO thread has suggested that Slim Jxmmi, one half of the group, premiered a new collab with Drake at an Art Basel event this weekend. From the sounds of the report, Jxmmi was performing a DJ set under his Uncle Jxm pseudonym, and gave fans a taste of the record, before cutting it in the middle of Drake's verse, at which point he said, "that's all you get for free."

At this point it's not clear if this mysterious track is a Drake song, a Rae Sremmurd song, or perhaps, just a collab with Jxmmi. With that being said, Drake does have his More Life project on the way this month, so that may be the best bet.

Check out some tweets assumed to be from attendees of the DJ event below. Read our Rae Sremmurd cover story, in which we hung out with Slim Jxmmi and Swae Lee at their house in L.A.
visit this link http://www.hotnewhiphop.c .. ews.26059.html

Here's the tweet from Slim Jxmmi himself BX...

EDIT: So apparently, Drake's actually giving that stimulus package special to Trouble...

21 Savage, Future, Trouble... Drizzy riding that ATL wave

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