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Image inside Rick Ross is out here losin weight.. Part 2

hiphop | By MusicVideos - 7 hours ago

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 Article inside Drake Calls Himself & J. Cole The "Only Two Kings" In Rap

hiphop | By justinjones - 7 hours ago


Drake refers to himself and Cole as the "only two kings" in the Rap game as he and Kendrick Lamar join Cole for his "Dollar & A Dream" stop in L.A.

Yesterday (July 23), J. Cole's Dollar & A Dream Tour stop in Los Angeles, California featured guest appearances from Drake and Kendrick Lamar. During Drake's performance, the YMCMB emcee reportedly said: "These are the only two kings in the game right now on stage, according to The Boombox, which cites radio personality Teddy Mora's Twitter account.

Mora's tweet is as follows:

"Drake got on Stage, grabbed J. Cole & said "These are the ONLY 2 KINGS in the game right now on stage".. In LA !! Thoughts ? #Kendrick ?"

Los Angeles radio station Power 106's Rikki Martinez posted a video of Drake's comments. In the clip, Drake says: "There's only two kings in this sh*t right now. They're standing on this stage."

Cole performed two sets yesterday at Los Angeles' The Belasco. Drake appeared during the first show, while Kendrick Lamar performed during the second.

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NBA Reports : Kevin Love to Cleveland could be done by Friday

sports | By theFREAK - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Image inside Dr Dre Yacht Life with Xzibit

hiphop | By WizDoM - 7 hours ago

Xzibit and Dr. Dre eased their troubles by taking a trip to the Italian island of Capri, where they took in gorgeous views of their surroundings while on a mega yacht. The "X" rapper posted a collection of envy-inducing photos on his Instagram of his time in Capri, where he spearfished and enjoyed decadent feasts.

Just one week prior, Xzibit was posting similar photos of his yacht trip to France's St. Tropez after wrapping up a show with Dre and Eminem at London's Wembley Stadium. After all of his vacationing, the Detroit native thanked Dre and his wife for being such good friends.

"Many thanks to The Young's, Nicole and @DrDre for allowing us to take this journey with them. I have learned many things as an artist from Dre, but there is a friendship that fuels all of this that has become stronger than any record that could be made in a studio. Nicole Young the queen of the kingdom is one of the best human beings I have met outside of @mrskristajoiner, I am blessed to have company of this magnitude at this time in my life. Now, get your mind right, don't hate, even if you do, it's not going to stop anything we do, I'm just trying to make it easier to swallow for you."

Check out more photos from their trip in the above slide.

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Image inside My Moms Sent Me This Text, Yall Folks Do This sh-t?

wild'ish | By Affliction - 7 hours ago

first of all im a grown ass man but if moms catch a deal on something fresh she'l cop and ship em out to me...

unfortunately moms is unaware that I don't wear phat farm


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 Image inside She goes by Thick Yellowbone

eyecandy | By daddy31+2 - 6 hours ago

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NBA OKC Convincing 1st Rd Pick To Forego 750k Rookie Salary and play at 25k D League Rate To Save Cap?

sports | By X_WunderKind_X - 6 hours ago

NBA should stop Thunder from denying rookie his full pay

By Tom Ziller @teamziller on Jul 23 2014, 12:56p

Sam Presti must be a genius, because he's apparently on the verge of convincing a Stanford graduate to give up $750,000 today for the promise of $750,000 later.

The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry detailed the Thunder's clever plans for No. 29 pick Josh Huestis, a 22-year-old Cardinal product who top prognosticators had going in the second round at best, not the late first. The Thunder have a packed roster and a full salary cap sheet, so Huestis isn't really needed in the immediate term. Presti, according to Mayberry, plans to convince Huestis to hold off on signing his $750,000 guaranteed contract for the 2014-15 season and instead sign a contract around $25,000 to join the NBA D-League for a year. Huestis would then sign his Thunder deal a year from now or maybe two, at which point the standard guaranteed rookie contract would begin.

This is lunacy. Huestis will likely play for OKC's D-League affiliate in Tulsa regardless of whether he signs the Thunder deal (again, worth about $750,000) or the D-League contract (again, worth about $25,000). The only reason for Huestis to take Presti's bait is to help the Thunder. And while I trust Huestis is a good team player, I would doubt that he's conceding a six-figure payday for something closer to the American minimum wage just to assist a team with a $70-million payroll (The NBA isn't commenting on Mayberry's report, and attempts to reach Huestis' agent to clarify the potential arrangement were unsuccessful).

What's more likely is what Dan Feldman discusses at Pro Basketball Talk, that this is the result of a pre-draft deal in which the Thunder agreed to take Huestis in the first round (something no other team was going to do) so long as he agrees to spend a year or more playing at D-League wages to help the Thunder out (something no actual first-round pick was going to do). As Feldman notes, this almost assuredly breaks the spirit of the NBA's draft rules, if not the letter.

If true, Huestis does get something in the deal: a guarantee of being an NBA player and signing an NBA contract ... someday. All he has to do is play for basically nothing for one year, something he has experience with thanks to the NCAA.

But all this is a violation of the players' union he'll join when he does sign that contract and it's an affront to other prospects who got bumped to the second round by the apparent deal. What Huestis really does is either let the Thunder flout roster size rules or allow team owner Clay Bennett to avoid paying the luxury tax. If more teams and prospects use this method to get around the salary cap, it lets owners get away with keeping D-League wages dirt cheap. There's no reason D-League players shouldn't make a living wage. The NBA is a $4 billion enterprise. There are a couple hundred D-League players who don't have NBA contracts any given year. It's not going to kill the owners to sprinkle some more dough on them.

You may ask how this is different than international "Eurostash" players discussed in my draft primer. Those draft-and-stash players are usually second-round picks, which means there's no guaranteed NBA contract regardless. The ones who go in the first round but stay overseas are absolutely making much more than $25,000. Dario Saric, the No. 12 pick in the 2014 draft, signed a deal playing him around $3 million a year to stay in Turkey for a couple of years. If OKC wanted Huestis to spend one or two years in Europe before signing his NBA contract, he'd certainly make much, much more than he would in the D-League.
If more teams and prospects use this method to get around the salary cap, it lets owners get away with keeping D-League wages dirt cheap.

In Mayberry's telling, what the Thunder are doing is innovative and smart. When you look at it from the workers' perspective, it's typical management flouting of established labor norms for the profit of the elite. It's not worth celebrating. It's worth rejecting.

There is a long-term fix for the core issue here. The NBA could add an optional 16th roster spot for NBA teams which can only be filled by first- or second-year players signed to NBA contracts who play exclusively for the franchise's D-League affiliate for the entire season. As a condition, the player makes standard NBA wages, but his salary does not count against the team's cap sheet, so no luxury tax is paid on it. This would let teams like the Thunder pay their draft picks and develop them in the D-League without costing the players money. Meanwhile, it'd let teams like the Thunder avoid tax bills for developing players and fix the roster size issue.

But until that fix is in place, the NBA should make clear the Thunder's plans are not OK. The Thunder should pay Huestis what No. 29 picks are supposed to make, and they should do it now. Not later.

SB Nation - Tom Ziller -OKC and Josh Huestis

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 NBA Seattle & Louisville To Both Get New NBA Teams

sports | By JohnDoe - 6 hours ago

NBA commissioner Adam Silver has said repeatedly and emphatically that expansion is not being considered right now. That doesn't mean it isn't being heavily talked about behind closed doors, however, and some evidence of that discussion is beginning to surface.

Let's start with a surprisingly public statement made by a gentleman who is trying to bring the NBA to Kentucky. His name is J. Bruce Miller. He is said to be a longtime personal friend of David Stern's and has been trying for years to bring a revival of the ABA's Kentucky Colonels to the City of Louisville. recently did a piece on his efforts.

After the most recent Silver press conference, in which he once again pooh-poohed expansion as a near-term option, the operators of the Bring the NBA to Louisville Facebook page asked Miller to write a message to their followers to communicate whether expansion is still a realistic possibility.

He did so in a comment on their page. It's quite a long letter that we encourage you to read yourself, but here are some key excerpts (emphasis his):

Because I remain in constant (near daily) contact with representatives of the League, certain team management individuals and potential majority owners for a Louisville/Kentucky franchise, the Webmasters have asked me to comment on Adam Silver's comment to the effect that there are no present plans for expansion.

That is absolutely correct. The reason for it is as simple as it is understandable. The litigation surrounding Sterling and his wife regarding her putative sale of the Clippers to Mr. Ballmer is on-going. The 'disruption' this Sterling 'event' has caused to the League is monumental.
Therefore, all attention of the League offices remains on 2 items: Sterling's litigation AND continuing discussions concerning the renewal of the national television contract.
As I've repeatedly said, ONCE the League gets control of the Sterling situation either by Sterling losing and the sale carrying forth OR by Sterling winning and the League (itself) moving forward as per Silver "...with our own proceedings." --- then the time will come to focus on the television rights negotiation which will also involve the potential expansion to Seattle and another city (most likely to be Louisville).
Taken by itself, one could look at this letter as unsubstantiated positive spin designed to keep the fire burning in Louisville. There is more evidence than this, though.

A league source who asked to remain anonymous has told Sonics Rising that "there's a good chance, not definitively so, but good that Seattle and another expansion city will be added to the next TV contract. The Seattle market is bigger than most think. Lot of untapped revenue we are losing out on there" (emphasis ours).

Sonics Rising also reached out to officials in Louisville but were told they had no comment at this time.

If the gentleman from Kentucky and this league insider are correct, the NBA not only wants to return to a lucrative market, whose absence is costing it significant money, but is seriously considering expansion as an alternative to do so.

Three things need to happen before this can come to fruition: Seattle must get the proposed SoDo arena to a shovel-ready condition, the situation with the Clippers must be resolved, and the new TV deal must be inked with sufficient extra revenue to warrant expansion.


The NBA would like to earn a cool $2 billion annually from its broadcast partners, according to sources.

With Major League Baseball locked into a contract through 2020 for its television and digital media rights, the NFL bottled up through the 2022 season, NBC shoring up the Olympics through the 2032 Summer Games, and all of the major college conferences snug in their own deals save the Big Ten Conference, the NBA is the one outstanding major sports brand that is due for a new contract before the turn of the decade. Sports content being a driving financial force in television and the burgeoning digital and mobile media markets, this puts the NBA in a fortuitous position to score big.

Most relevant, the league has seen viewership ratings climb back to levels not seen since its 1990s heydays. This year's playoffs, including what many have thought was the best first round in league history, had the best ratings in three years. Turner Sports stated that this past regular season was its third most-watched and highest-rated of all time.

"The league is ascendant and the interest in the NBA at least during our tenure is at an all-time high. Ratings are kind of back to (Michael) Jordan levels." ~ ESPN president John Skipper to Sports Illustrated
This sets the scene for the NBA to make it rain with its new windfall. During negotiations for its current contract, the NBA was coming off of its record-lowest Finals, the 2007 showdown between the San Antonio Spurs and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The negotiated contract provided a very modest 20% increase over the previous one. Now, with strong ratings in the league's pocket and a thirst for content, the new contract is expected to be quite a bit more impressive.

"I like the NBA's position and I think they are due for a very, very substantial catch-up just to get up to the market level. ... There's a buzz about the NBA. It's probably the most international of U.S. sports leagues in terms of its appeal." ~ Eric Dresser of Dresser Sports Media to
The current contract nets the league an average $930 million annually, roughly a split of $485 million from Disney, parent of ESPN and ABC, and $445 million from Turner, which showcases 52 regular-season and a number of playoff games on the TNT cable network. With the NFL gaining a 70% annual increase in its current deal, and MLB gaining over 100%, the NBA is expected to more than double its current contract. That could garner the NBA $15 billion to $16 billion with an anticipated eight-year length, putting it second behind the NFL's $43 billion combined, eight-year rights deals with four networks.

"The number of sports channels is increasing at a rate far exceeding the amount of live content that will garner solid ratings, meaning that limited inventory and a multitude of bidders inevitably will increase rights fees." ~ Andy Billings, Director, University of Alabama Sports Communication program
The NBA is obligated to negotiate first with its existing partners, Disney and Turner. While the thought of opening the contract to bid is an enticing one -- many more content providers would welcome and pay for the opportunity -- the increased pressure to close the deals before it gets to that point could provide the NBA with everything it wants. Disney and Turner are confident they can remain in the basketball business.

Rumors persist that the league may create a package of games to sell to a third party, perhaps a mobile content provider of some sort. There is also buzz that they might split up the broadcast of the Finals, either shared between two (or more) partners each year or alternating years between partners. This could either increase value to the partners or perhaps increase the total contract value as a counter to maintain the current Finals structure.

Whether doubling the current contract or climbing above the $2 billion annual mark, what does a very lucrative new contract get the NBA? Many owners believe it will increase their team valuations.

"Whether local or national, [these providers] will drive NBA valuations far higher than they are now. If we do this right, it's not inconceivable that every NBA franchise will be worth more than $1 billion within ten years." ~ Mark Cuban, Dallas Mavericks owner
Then there is the following tweet to take into account.

*tweet embedded

As the players receive 50% of all revenue per the current collective bargaining agreement, a doubled media rights contract can increase salaries and the salary cap overall. As the CBA is up for renegotiation in 2017, a number of players are opting for short-term contracts now to set them up to strike it big with the influx of new media revenue.

The league's Board of Governors discussed the television and media rights at its latest meeting on July 15th. While a tentative agreement is anticipated by many in the next month, there is no firm date on when to expect the new contract.


The idea of Louisville as a potential expansion partner isn't one that we've thought much about until now. We had no idea that it was a serious option. We've talked about Vegas, Kansas City, and various others. So how did this city in the Bluegrass State become (apparently) a major contender to land a new franchise?

ABA Heritage

Louisville has a proud heritage of professional basketball that was established by the Kentucky Colonels of the American Basketball Association. In spite of having won an ABA championship, the NBA elected not to include the franchise in the merger with the ABA. Check out the following excerpts from the Colonels' page at

The Kentucky Colonels were one of the ABA's most exciting teams and they still evoke sentimental feelings from their loyal Louisville fans. During the early years of the ABA, the Colonels were known more for their eye-catching green uniforms, their unique dog mascot, and their bizarre promotions than championship basketball. In 1968, they put the first female professional basketball player on the court in a real game (if only briefly). But as the years went on, the Colonels became a dominant ABA team. In fact, many observers believe that the later Colonels teams, anchored by Artis Gilmore in the middle, would have dominated most NBA teams. By the time the ABA folded in 1976, the Colonels had won the most regular season games in ABA history.

It was clear to everyone that the Colonels had the talent and the fan support to join the NBA for the 1976-77 season. However, during the merger negotiations in June 1976, the NBA made it clear that it would accept only four ABA teams, not five. With Denver, San Antonio, New York and Indiana being the clear front-runners to make the cut, John Y. Brown decided that it was better to fold the team for cash, instead of continuing to fight. To the great disappointment of long-time Colonels fans, Kentucky was left out of the merger and the Colonel's players were placed in a special dispersal draft of ABA players (along with players from the Spirits of St. Louis). Artis Gilmore went to the Chicago Bulls (as the number one pick), Maurice Lucas went to the Portland Trail Blazers, Bird Averittt went to the Buffalo Braves, Wil Jones went to the Pacers, Jan Van Breda Kolff went to the Nets, and Louie Dampier went to the Spurs.
The Effort to Revive the Colonels

According to the piece on Miller, the effort to bring the NBA to Lousville started almost immediately after the ABA folded. In the last 30 years, Miller has attempted to relocate the Houston Rockets, the Memphis Grizzlies, and the New Orleans Hornets to his city. In his latest effort, he has turned to ... wait for it ... a group of hedge fund managers to comprise the ownership group. From the piece,

Miller declined to identify the fund or the interested members, but he said several people with ties to it already own professional sports teams. He described the entity as "one of the largest hedge fund financial operations in the country," and he said it represents "an awful lot of extremely wealthy people." Miller added that he has a non-disclosure agreement with the fund, and he has been charged with identifying other potential investors in what would be a regional effort.
In addition to the money men, there has also been a grassroots effort, similar to that for the Sonics. You can follow that movement through the Bring the NBA to Louisville Facebook page and the NBA to Louisville Twitter account.

The Arena

This is probably the most important factor of all if the Colonels are to return. Louisville already has an NBA-ready arena, the KFC Yum! Center (Can you imagine Marv Albert saying that?), located in the heart of downtown Louisville. The arena can hold as many as 22,090 for basketball, which would make it the largest arena in the league (not counting standing room). It has 72 suites on two levels and is equipped with state-of-the-art video systems, including LED displays within the seating bowl and a professional grade LED scoreboard.

The arena broke ground in 2006, opened in October of 2010, and has been the home of the Louisville Cardinals men's and women's basketball teams since then. It also held the 2012 NCAA Championship rounds two and three. It was financed by a mixture of taxes, a contribution from the city, advertising and suite revenues. While the original plan called for it to include a 425-room hotel, that idea was later scrapped and replaced with an outside plaza.

The arena has the capacity for hockey, but it would have to be done in a horseshoe pattern, similar to the Barclays Center, the new home of the New York Islanders. While not ideal, it's shown to be acceptable to the NHL. The arena will hold its first ever NBA game -- a tryout for the building, perhaps -- this preseason. The Miami Heat and New Orleans Pelicans are scheduled to play there October 4, 2014.

The KFC Yum! Center was ranked as one of the top 20 entertainment venues in the world by Venues Today Magazine. It is owned by the Louisville Arena Authority and operated by AEG.


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NBA Do You Still See D.Rose being Productive Next Year?

sports | By Blessed - 6 hours ago

I can. Maybe he won't be the scorer he once was, but I can see him being a Rod Strickland kind of player that looks to create opportunities for his teammates by slashing to the rim.

I think Rose would be comfortable with this seeing as how he was considered a pass first PG when he got to College. Hopefully with Melo this transition can be smooth for Rose

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NBA Throwback: Ed Davis: "Ain't no way a REAL basketball player can say Lebron better than Kobe"

sports | By Eazy123 - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

great bball mind :clap:

nice pickup mitch :feelsgoodman:

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 NBA James Harden: Dwight and I are the cornerstones of the Rockets. The rest of the guys are role playe

sports | By timdog - 6 hours ago

If Chandler Parsons is looking for bulletin board material for next season, its going to be pretty easy to find.

First Dwight Howard said the Rockets loss of Parsons wont affect us at all. Which is kind of what you expect Howard to say, still its a bit of a dis.

Then James Harden took it another step. Harden is in the Philippines for an event he cant actually play in and spoke with the Philippines Star about a variety of issues, but when asked about the loss of Parsons and other roster moves Harden said this.

Dwight (Howard) and I are the cornerstones of the Rockets, said Harden. The rest of the guys are role players or pieces that complete our team. Weve lost some pieces and added some pieces. I think well be fine next season.

Well see how Harden feels about role players being easily interchangeable in January after playing a few months with Trevor Ariza rather than Parsons, with Isaiah Canaan as the backup point guard for Patrick Beverley and not Jeremy Lin.

Ill give Harden this, while the Rockets had a disappointing summer after striking out with Carmelo Anthony and Chris Bosh, they are not really worse than last year. I dont like their depth as much, but if Harden and Howard can grow a little together this is as good a team as last season, maybe even a little better. Problem is thats not enough to get the Rockets past the Spurs, Thunder and Clippers, maybe not even an improved Mavericks team.

The one with Chandler Parsons.

Ive got a feeling Parsons is going to go off in his first game vs. the Rockets next season.


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 NBA Ray Allen leaning toward signing with the Cavaliers

sports | By Machiavelli - 6 hours ago

Via Gary Washburn. Tweets coming

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Image inside Michael Crabtree's New Jump-Off

eyecandy | By nomorebull34 - 6 hours ago

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 Never sh-t on your lunch break

wild'ish | By unwittyname2002 - 7 hours ago

10 minutes on the toilet per day = 50 minutes a week

Multiplied by a 48-week work year = 2400 minutes

Divided by 60 minutes per hour = 40 hours

You get a week's pay for sh*tting on the clock, b.


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NFL Justin Blackmon arrested again

sports | By Got Cheeve? - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded


It's like him and Josh Gordon see each other get popped and think, "Oh yeah? Watch this!"

Jags are lucky they didn't guarantee any of his rookie contract. They're on the books for what they payed for when he played but don't owe a dime more due to them protecting themselves.

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 Image inside Previously Unseen Pics of 2PAC, Snoop Doggy Dogg and MC Hammer in San Pedro, Belize

hiphop | By weed - 7 hours ago

Quite a few people will remember these Flashback pictures taken in the early 1990’s when the late rapper Tupac, Snoop Dogg (now Snoop Lion), Mc Hammer and Suge Night vacationed in San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize.
They were international celebrities in their prime of popularity at the time. Just coming out of winning his murder trial in 1993, Snoop Dogg and the group came to Belize to blow off some steam. Very few celebrities who visit the island will come out to interact with the locals as a normal visitor would do. Of course they are celebrities and do not like to be hounded by too many people when they are trying to have a relaxing time during their vacations.
But Snoop, Tupac, Mc Hammer and Suge managed to make a big impact on the island residents as they really interacted with the people, hung out at local restaurants and bars, walked down the streets like they were locals and even enjoyed a few games of basketball with the local boys at Central Park.
It might have been a time when the vibes on Ambergris Caye were still quiet and there was not all the social media of today to create an even bigger stir. San Pedro has always been a laid back environment where there are no paparazzi or locals who don’t hound celebrities to death.

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NFL Under 25 (age) Power Rankings :ronsuccess:

sports | By Clyde - 6 hours ago



With training camps opening up around the NFL, the preseason is right around the corner, and teams will have a lot of young talent to evaluate when determining their final roster spots. When an NFL team enjoys a period of sustained success, you can usually point to a small window of time during which that team built its foundation with young talent.

The Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks are a prime example, as they ranked first in last year's rankings, which were a little different since they included 25-year-old players, too.

Seattle's ranking this year is a sign of how quickly things change (and age) in this league. It's great to have young players, but having lot of youth is usually the result of a lack of developed veterans. We wanted to create a ranking that balanced opportunity with performance and potential, so we used the following criteria:

• The number of games in 2013 started by players under the age of 25
• The number of snaps played in 2013 by players under the age of 25
• Whether a team's young starters last season were simply injury replacements
• The number of under 25 first-team All-Pros and Pro Bowl players a team has on its roster (All-Pros were given more weight than Pro Bowls)
• Positional value (young quarterbacks and positions impacting the passing game carry more weight; backup running backs and kickers are devalued)
• The amount of value a team added in the 2014 draft, with a focus on the first two rounds (premium picks)
• The expected number of key starters and reserves under the age of 25 in 2014
• A team's recent track record of developing and retaining young talent

Once we had the groundwork for a list, discussion among the Football Outsiders staff further tweaked the list, resulting in the final version presented below. You'll see a number of references to Football Outsiders stats on our list, in particular DVOA (defense-adjusted value over average), which takes every play and compares its success to the NFL average based on situation and opponent. You can read more about that and other FO stats on this page. Here are our organizational rankings for this season. (Note: All ages are as of September 4, 2014.)

1. St. Louis Rams
Thanks in large part to the Robert Griffin III trade
(:broniseeyou:), the Rams have stockpiled young talent in recent drafts. Zac Stacy and Tre Mason are a young running back duo worth watching this season. Greg Robinson, the No. 2 overall pick in this year's draft, will likely start his career at left guard. Tavon Austin, Chris Givens and Stedman Bailey have all flashed potential at wide receiver but need to improve. The secondary is filled with young starters (not even counting 25-year-old Janoris Jenkins), but the name to watch out for is safety T.J. McDonald, who could become a star in Gregg Williams' system.

The real reason behind what powered the Rams to the top here: There may not be a better front seven in the league. Alec Ogletree impressed as a rookie linebacker last season. Defensive tackle Aaron Donald (Pittsburgh) was this year's first-round pick, and he should provide even more pass rushing ability to a line that's loaded with Chris Long, Michael Brockers and, of course, Robert Quinn. It was really Quinn's All-Pro season with 19 sacks that edged St. Louis to the top. There are several players with great potential here, but Quinn's the one to actually have started building a track record. If more Rams can follow his lead, then this team will compete in the tough NFC West.

2. Buffalo Bills
In the last three drafts, the Bills have added their starting quarterback (EJ Manuel), their left tackle (Cordy Glenn), their starting wide receivers (Sammy Watkins and Robert Woods) and their top cornerback (Stephon Gilmore). Now they wait for that talent to prove itself on the field, which is a familiar position for Buffalo this century.

Development is most needed on the offensive side of the ball where Marquise Goodwin is another solid, young wide receiver with plenty of room for improvement. Second-round rookie Cyrus Kouandjio could beat out Erik Pears for the starting right tackle job, giving Buffalo bookend tackles for the future.

Someone with an Insider account post the rest.

Top 3 team in the league in 2017 if we get consistent QB play. :duncansuccess:

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Image inside Two New AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Concept Art Posters Released

movies | By whodatb1 - 6 hours ago


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 Video inside Did yall see these Pac auditions? LOL

hiphop | By reelife - 7 hours ago

Video inside YouTube
dis nigga said "I got the mannerism, dedication and the audacity to go out for this part" :mjlol:
dude also said he grew up in south central like pac :mjlol: :mjcry: pac grew up in south central? LOL

Video inside YouTube
dis nigga looks more like Tyga than pac

Video inside YouTube
i forgot dis nigga richard, dude is like 38. i heard hes complaining about racial and age discrimination 4 the role because they wouldnt allow him to audition LMAO. Imagine dude got the role and in the movie he with the panthers? LMAO

:mjlol: :mjcry: :mjlol:

imagine if these niggas get chosen got the role? Pac would get an indirect L from the grave :deadpg:

who are these niggaz friends? they aint their real friends :mjcry:

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Image inside Gucci Mane - The Oddfather (Artwork)

hiphop | By SlimDunkin - 7 hours ago

July 28th

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 Image inside Genius!!!!!

wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 7 hours ago


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Audio inside Fredo Santana - All I Ever Wanted (Ft. Lil Durk) (Prod. METRO BOOMIN)

hiphop | By malc - 7 hours ago

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NBA Jeremy Lin Jersey Number (Pic)

sports | By JNumbaNC - 6 hours ago

Video inside Jeremy Lin Introduced By Los Angeles Lakers - Video Dailymotion

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ChiWire Season 6: Lil Mister pulls Tay Six's Hoe Card

hiphop | By OffBeatBop - 7 hours ago

*tweet embedded

First Lil Jay, now this. Tay stay takin L's. D Rose and Rondo gone an dtheir homies gettin taxed. 600 lost.

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MMA Jon Jones- "I hope you're ready to come to daddy" Daniel Cormier- "I am. I am going to fu-k you up."

sports | By Gramz - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

They're already verbally sparring. This fight is going to be EPIC.

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NFL Jimmy Graham Hotel Room @ Saints Training Camp (pic)

sports | By Bart Pimpson - 6 hours ago

I heard Sean Payton had the people @ the hotel set this up for his Soft ass. :rofl::rofl:

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 Image inside NEW SMILEY??? YES or NO

wild'ish | By tokinjohn - 7 hours ago

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 Image inside You Thought Your Day Was Bad

wild'ish | By inetol - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Nas Is Shown Picture Of White Slave Master Who Owned His Enslaved Ancestors In Finding Your Roots

hiphop | By PyrexVisionary - 7 hours ago

Video inside

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NBA Cavaliers Have Signed No. 1 Overall Pick Andrew Wiggins Today

sports | By Deuce Fortitude - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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 Video inside Fifty Shades Of Grey Official Trailer

movies | By Doc Logical - 6 hours ago

Video inside

Wait ? What ?............Was it me or was the trailer kind ?

Like it looks entertaining....or good ?

That BDSM sh*t tho, :mjidk:.

It ain't me, :fukthisimout:.

Lot of freak-nasty housewives out there for this movie to have this much hype, :wilbonsmirk:.

That trailer got me for a loop right now.

But are motherfu*kers gonna straight act like the movie Secretary (2002) didn't happen.



This sh*t ain't new.

I'm pretty sure it won't have horse saddles though, :iseeyou:.

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 Article inside Kanye speaks on Jay Z & Beyonce absence at his wedding!!

hiphop | By Nyyankees2 - 7 hours ago

Kanye West has had a very close-knit relationship with Jay Z over the years, even having done a collaborative album in 2011 and touring the world together. Rumors of tension began to build in the couple of years since then, as Jay’s wife Beyonce reportedly was very disinterested in a friendship with Kanye’s now-wife Kim Kardashian, wanting no association with the very public lifestyle she and her family live via reality television. These rumors were seemingly silenced multiple times when Kim and Bey were spotted together, however, it seems as though Bey was just tolerating her to appease Kanye, as both she and Jay completely missed the West x Kardashian wedding – a MAJOR confirmation that all is NOT well. I mean, would you miss your best friend’s wedding?! I think not!

In a new interview with GQ, Kanye was asked about the snub, and his response was pretty interesting! See what he had to say below.


All that, I wouldn’t even speak on. It doesn’t even matter to me whatsoever, who would show up. Because the most important person to show up there, to me, was Kim. And that’s all that matters to me. I had to fight for that for seven years. But the fact that these other people showed up that are from such different worlds but have done such dynamic things—they’re all, in a way, equal to what Kim has done in TV or what I had done in music.

MmmmmmmmKAyyyyy Yeezus

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Destiny - Titan, Hunter, or Warlock?

games | By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 6 hours ago

Which one are you?

I picked Warlock just cause the Nova Bomb :ohnoway:

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Workout IFBB Pro Juan Morel's 20,000 Calorie Sunday Cheat Day (video)

misc | By LowaEastSide5 - 8 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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With My Research I have concluded that RD-Vol.1 Jay-Z and BP3-MCHG Jay-Z cannot be the same person

hiphop | By Chalky - 7 hours ago

:whatisthis: it's clearly physically and mentally impossible.

I listened to both albums yesterday and Vol 1 jay z was ahead of his time bruh.

how can the smooth wise lyrical street nigga turn into this

old ass lame nigga that contradicts himself with every album he puts out.

:cubeohhellno: ain't know way in hell bruh....something ain't right yo, i know niggas change when they get older but this nigga is an entirely different person

:jaypraise: #factsonly

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NBA Mavericks reach agreement with Al-Farouq Aminu

sports | By Chiddy - 6 hours ago

The Mavericks have reached an agreement with Al-Farouq Aminu, according to
They expressed interest in Aminu back on July 1 and they were finally able to get their man. The Mavs desperately need some size on the wings with their very small backcourt, so Aminu fits the bill at 6'9". This is also a big win for them after the debacle with Rashard Lewis' knee. Aminu will likely play both forward spots off the bench, but he's not going to get enough shots to matter in most fantasy leagues.

Damn Mavs with the FA bargain sale right now

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 Video inside deelishus with the epic walk away

eyecandy | By trill jackson - 6 hours ago

Video inside YouTube (new url)

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 Video inside trippiest shyt i ever seen in my life bruh

wild'ish | By Final Boss - 6 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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 OT So we just gonna act like Maya Moore didn't score the 2nd most points in WNBA history last night?

sports | By CosbySweater - 6 hours ago


MINNEAPOLIS -- Maya Moore put on one of the best scoring displays in the history of the WNBA and it was barely enough to lift Minnesota.

Moore scored 48 points, the second most ever in the league, to help the Lynx beat the Atlanta Dream 112-108 in double-overtime.

She hit 16 of 30 shots from the field, including 7 of 9 from beyond the arc. The 48 points are just short of the record 51 scored by Tulsa's Riquna Williams last season.

"We needed every one of them," Lynx coach Cheryl Reeve said of Moore's points. "And she had their full attention. That's what's impressive. They're not trying to let her drop 48 points on their heads."

Moore now has scored 30 or more points in 10 games this year, tying the league record with 10 games to play. She also displayed her versatility on Tuesday with 10 rebounds, four assists, two steals and a blocked shot at the end of regulation to force overtime.

She attributed her big night to keeping the game plan simple.

"I knew the one way I could hurt my team was by thinking too much," Moore said. "If it's my shot and I'm open, shoot the ball. If it's not, pass it to an open teammate. . I'm just thankful. Sometimes they go in, sometimes they don't."

Lindsay Whalen scored 26 points and Rebekkah Brunson added 17 points and 12 rebounds in her first game of the season. The 2013 All-Star missed the first 23 games of the season after undergoing knee surgery.

Sancho Lyttle had 26 points and 12 rebounds, while Tiffany Hayes scored 22 and Angel McCoughtry added 21 for the Dream, who were playing without coach Michael Cooper. The team announced Monday that Cooper is taking a temporary leave of absence and will have surgery this week in Atlanta. The Dream say a full recovery is expected.

"As a group, to go through what they're going through and remain focused, and to come in here and play in this type of environment and play so well, I'm really proud of this team," Atlanta assistant coach Karleen Thompson said.

The Dream trailed by as much as 14 in the fourth quarter, but they closed regulation on an 18-4 run to force overtime. In the first extra session, Hayes and McCoughtry hit consecutive 3s to put Atlanta on top 95-89. But Moore answered with a 3 of her own and Whalen eventually tied it with a jumper.

In the second overtime, Moore drained two long jump shots as the Lynx pulled out to a five-point lead and Tan White made a pull-up jumper with 38.4 seconds left to ice Minnesota's fifth straight win.

Moore had 23 points in a fast-paced first half and finished regulation with 40. She's had to pick up some of the scoring burden in the absence of Seimone Augustus, who missed her eighth straight game with bursitis in her left knee.

"This team has a lot, and you have to pick and choose your poison with them," Thompson said. "But Maya was just in the zone tonight. She's obviously a great player, and she's capable of doing that on any given night."
Video inside YouTube

but let's just keep praising Skylar Diggins cause she's cute :imout:

meanwhile Lady Mamba dropping 40+ on these hoes :lebronpraise:

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 Image inside To Smang or Not to Smang :Courtnae...Tall glass of Chocolate MilK

eyecandy | By daddy31+2 - 6 hours ago

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