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NBA D Rose 2016: Washed Edition

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sports | By NY Knicka - 14 hours ago

This is the man they said is washed.

Rose 2015-2016 highlights

sh*tting on ya favorite point guards.

That boy gonna show out this season.

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Image inside #FatAssesBreak TheInternet is trending on twitter

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eyecandy | By talisman11 - 19 hours ago

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Article inside Tyga Posted A Pic Of Kylie Jenner On A Bed And Then Deleted It

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hiphop | By CrazyNDaLasDayz - 14 hours ago

"Tyga and Kylie Jenner broke up last month, but the duo is -- unsurprisingly -- still making headlines.

Friday morning at 3:10 a.m. PST, Tyga Instagrammed a photo of Jenner on a bed and then deleted it, according to Seventeen. The photo was captioned, "They always come back ... "

This photo is incriminating for a lot of reasons.

For starters, it comes on the heels of Jenner appearing in PARTYNEXTDOOR's latest video for "Come and See Me." Jenner and the rapper kiss passionately in the rain in the video, leading the world to assume the pair are a new couple."

Read More Here

visit this link .. b017b379f5cee2

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NBA New Knicks Point God D-Rose already out here recruiting

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sports | By Trapaveli - 24 hours ago

Rose spotted at 1Oak with Joakim Noah and rap icon Murda Mook


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Article inside Accused Big L Killer Murdered In Harlem

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hiphop | By ChickzNKickz - 20 hours ago



Although Big L’s killer was never convicted, many believe Gerard Woodley was the culprit. According to dnainfo, the 46-year-old was shot in the head in front of his apartment building last night in Harlem. No arrests have been made.

On February 15, 1999, L was shot nine times in the face and torso in his native Harlem. Woodley, a childhood friend, pictured on the back cover of Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous, was arrested for the crime but never charged. Authorities believe his death wasn’t a revenge killing because of the elapsed time. In any event, Big L Rest In Peace.
visit this link .. red-in-harlem/

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Image inside Nicki Minaj out here looking crazy

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eyecandy | By Red Beard - 16 hours ago

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Video inside Lil bibby says he would snitch if......

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hiphop | By Black Cobra - 17 hours ago

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Image inside Ariel Winter is Coming... At Haters For Shaming Her Thotiana Antics

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eyecandy | By kiss0fdeath - 16 hours ago

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NBA Riley Currys Dad Celebrating NBA Championship on Yacht

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sports | By KtodaC - 21 hours ago

.....with fat booty white girls

visit this link http://www.totalprosports .. pionship-video

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Image inside People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

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wild'ish | By mr_underground - 17 hours ago

3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child's Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival

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NBA They're Avoiding The Steph Wave Like The Plague

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sports | By bonez79 - 7 hours ago

@1:46, you see how everyone wants to jump off the Steph wave now, nixxas is crazy.

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Image inside I'm gonna turn your mouth into a foster home

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eyecandy | By tokinjohn - 16 hours ago

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Image inside Breaking: Biggie & 2Pac return from the dead and reunite!!!

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hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 18 hours ago

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Image inside Justice League.

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movies | By CALViiiN - 23 hours ago

Superman: Doomsday route?!?

YAS! #HenryCavill #Superman #JusticeLeague

A photo posted by #DC Extended Universe (@dcextendeduniverse) on


@Michael 1987 - lil hoe
@Doc Logical
@Jonnyy McFly
@DJ EM Double
@FEDORER @calle13
@Lee Wizzle
@Left Hook
@Preacher Mane
@x Tha Arkitek x
@EastBay Mufasa
@Skip The Speci
@Suave Mente
@Reggie Noble 86
@Most Hated
@Jay Jae
@NBA Brawler

this is snyders last chance.

idk if this is real.




Originally Posted by circleofpurple (Post 39331637)
I don't think those pictures are real, but I am expecting him to return with the black costume. His memorial in BVS was black with a silver S. That foreshadowing..

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Image inside Not what Obama meant when he told JR Smith to put on a shirt

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wild'ish | By Red Beard - 18 hours ago

JR out here living it up for days.

Obama tells him to put a shirt on.

Then this.

TAG a friend & DOUBLE TAP if you'd buy 😂😂 #JRsShirt

A photo posted by Fresh Brewed Tees (@freshbrewedtees) on

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NBA Kevin Durant will have sit down meetings with Spurs, Warriors and Thunder first

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sports | By theFREAK - 14 hours ago


representatives at Roc Nation are working to solidify invitations with the Boston Celtics, Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Clippers, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs and Thunder, league sources said.


The Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs and incumbent Oklahoma City Thunder are the first three known teams to secure face-to-face meetings with free agent-to-be Kevin Durant, starting next weekend, according to league sources.

Sources told ESPN that the list of teams that get to pitch Durant directly will grow before NBA free agency officially commences July 1 at 12:01 a.m. ET, but the list of confirmed suitors for now features the Thunder and their two main rivals in the Western Conference.

The Warriors and Spurs, sources say, are both already planning to load a plane full of key organizational figures -- including Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson for Golden State, and Gregg Popovich and Tim Duncan for San Antonio -- to fly to an undisclosed location once free-agency season starts to try to lure Durant away from the only franchise he has ever played for.

More teams are expected to get the chance to try to lure Kevin Durant after free agency begins, sources say. Layne Murdoch/NBA/Getty Images
Expected to sit alongside Durant at the forthcoming meetings, sources say, is his agent Rich Kleiman and selected family members and friends.

After Oklahoma City lost to Golden State in the Western Conference finals, ESPN reported that the most likely scenario for Durant this summer was staying with the Thunder on a two-year deal that includes a player option after Year 1 that would allow him to return to free agency in July 2017 alongside teammate Russell Westbrook.

But the Warriors, sources say, increasingly believe their chances of convincing Durant to leave the Thunder after a successful 10-season run were enhanced significantly by the fact that Golden State lost the NBA Finals to Cleveland in seven games despite taking a 3-1 series lead.


Durant to be Warriors' No. 1 target, sources say
Kevin Durant will be the Warriors' top target in free agency when the offseason market opens July 1, sources told ESPN.

KD, Harden hang; Rockets not in play, sources say
The Rockets are not among the teams Kevin Durant plans to consider when he becomes a free agent on July 1, despite Houston's long-known intent to chase him, sources say.
The Warriors would have to relinquish a number of looming free agents, including Harrison Barnes and Festus Ezeli, and at least one more significant contract -- such as Andrew Bogut or Andre Iguodala -- to create sufficient salary-cap space to sign Durant. But as ESPN reported earlier this week, Golden State is "all-in" on a Durant pursuit.

"All I can say is I will be very aggressive," Warriors owner Joe Lacob vowed on his way out of Oracle Arena after Game 7.

Other teams hopeful of getting their own opportunity to make a recruiting pitch to 2016's most coveted free agent but whose status is not yet known include the Miami Heat, Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Clippers, New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers.

The Houston Rockets have long planned to chase Durant in free agency, but when Durant and Rockets star James Harden were spotted spending time together earlier this month, sources said the Rockets are not expected to get serious consideration as a destination from Durant.

Sources say Durant's hometown Washington Wizards are likewise pessimistic about their chances of emerging as a real factor in the Durant sweepstakes, despite the recent hiring of former Thunder coach Scotty Brooks.

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NBA Stephen Curry no longer considered elite point guard? (pic)

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sports | By Fly or Die - 21 hours ago

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Image inside nicki and meek..........

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hiphop | By trill jackson - 20 hours ago

just came across this

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Video inside DJ Khaled - I Got The Keys ft. Jay-Z & Future (Preview)

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hiphop | By Fresh Whyte - 17 hours ago

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Image inside Jun 24 - Red Line Stabbing Victim's Family Found Out Through Gruesome FB Video

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news | By Flex Luger - 16 hours ago

The 25-year-old from West Englewood was slain on the Red Line near 47th Street Thursday afternoon and within minutes, videos and photos of her lifeless body were viewed hundreds of times on social media.

On Friday morning, Hampton's family was trying to come to terms with the tragedy on her South Side block.

"For us to go on Facebook and see this," said her cousin, who asked to remain anonymous. "We go on there and we see our family lying there like that, is wrong, and it's not cool."

Early Friday, Facebook had removed the video of Hampton lying in a pool of blood on the train, but the video remained on other websites.

Hampton's killer was believed to be her boyfriend, and the stabbing was part of an "ongoing domestic dispute," Deputy Chicago Police Supt. John Escalante said at the scene Thursday.

A man was arrested on the scene, and a weapon was recovered, police said. Relatives said the killer was a bitter ex who was angry that she had moved on.

Family members identified the man they say killed Hampton, but DNAinfo is not naming him, as charges have not been filed.

Relatives said the man had been stalking Hampton on social media and in person after she broke up with him.

Friends and relatives on social media shared links to the alleged killer's Facebook page, which prominently features a photo of Hampton.

Cousin Shannon Rose said he didn't know much about the alleged killer, and that it was not like Hampton to keep the men she dated under wraps.

"This wasn't like her," Rose said. "We knew the men she dated. Nobody knows him. She never brought him around. I met all of her boyfriends, but not this guy."

Dolores Frazier, Hampton's aunt, said that her niece was engaged to another man when she was killed, which sent her ex into a jealous rage.

"We thought it was her fiancé at first, until we saw his picture on Facebook," Frazier said. "I guess he got mad at her because she had moved on. She didn't deserve that."

Rose said Hampton, who had a 5-year-old daughter, was nicknamed "Barbie" by family members. They described her as a "good woman who was trying to stay on the right path."

She was a "sweet person" who loved getting dressed up and dancing, Frazier said.

"It's was sad how it all happened. It's senseless," another cousin said. "He was obsessed with her. If he couldn't have her then no one" could.

visit this link .. facebook-video

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