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Image inside Views Is Drake's Worst Reviewed Album Ever

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hiphop | By kiss0fdeath - 8 hours ago

According to Metacritic, a review aggregate that compiles critic responses and fan responses to music, Views From the 6 is the worst reviewed/received album of Drake's career. The user score started at 7.8 and has plummeted to 7.0 within less than 24 hours. At this rate the album rating will be in the mid 6's by this weekend.

visit this link .. ic/views/drake

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Article inside Anthony Fantano Ether's Drake's Views

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hiphop | By Kevin Spacey - 10 hours ago

The Goat can't be touched by Drake's mediocrity

I don't know if Drake can recover from this ether

visit this link .. e-new-calassic

The New CALassic >>> Views

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Image inside Wut is birdman thinking???

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hiphop | By charlesj314 - 8 hours ago

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Image inside Charlamagne With the Chess Move. Petty level:100 :dead:

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hiphop | By Stillhyphy - 5 hours ago

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NBA Western Conf. Semifinals // (2) San Antonio Spurs vs (3) OKC Thunder

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sports | By Eazy123 - 2 hours ago



GM 1 - Apr. 30, OKC @ SAS | TBD, TNT
GM 2 - May 2, OKC @ SAS | 9:30 PM ET, TNT
GM 3 - May 6, SAS @ OKC | 9:30 PM ET, ESPN
GM 4 - May 8, SAS @ OKC | 8:00 PM ET, TNT

GM 5 - May 10, OKC @ SAS | TBD, TNT
GM 6 - May 12, SAS @ OKC | TBD, ESPN
GM 7 - May 15, OKC @ SAS | TBD, TNT

by @ImAMonster


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NBA Show me a better Finals performance post-MJ by a single player and I'll delete my account

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sports | By chrismb - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Man Attempts To Hug a Wild Lion. What Happens Next Stunned Me.

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wild'ish | By MyVideoPlug - 10 hours ago

Vid is a little old but im on the nature wave right now.

6:00 You can tell those hyenas thought about it for a quick second.


Those lions must not like that vehicle or they think its an elephant (a lions rival and main competition)

@That Guy Fly Im still searching but this is a start.

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Image inside Quentin Miller To DJ Akademiks: "Stop Cyber Bullying Me"

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hiphop | By CROWN - 8 hours ago

Leave QM alone

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Image inside You can use this site to type in your address and see how screwed you would be in the even

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wild'ish | By talisman11 - 5 hours ago

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Image inside Weak Bars From "Views"

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hiphop | By MGz - 4 hours ago

visit this link 

visit this link 

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Video inside Bam bino runs 600breezy out Brooklyn, and now 600breezy snitching?

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hiphop | By RealDeal134 - 10 hours ago

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Image inside NYC Women sets up camera,finds boyfriend raping her Dog.

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wild'ish | By ShowNoLove - 8 hours ago

Jesus Gutierrez, 39, “needs help,” his ex-girlfriend said.

The Lower East Side woman who caught her boyfriend on tape having sex with her dog first became suspicious something was going on after the dog started hiding out, she told the Daily News Friday.

“The dog was hiding in the house,” said the 43-year-old owner, who declined to give her name, of the 20-pound Maltese named Princess. “She never hides. I had a feeling there was something going on in my house.”

And so she set up a camera in the bedroom to record what was happening when she was away.

To her horror she discovered her 39-year-old live-in boyfriend Jesus Gutierrez, naked from the waist down, forcing Princess to have sex with him.

“It’s sick,” she said. “I confronted him.”

She also called the cops.

Gutierrez was arrested Wednesday for criminal mischief, sexual misconduct and torturing an animal.

He admitted to sexually abusing the dog “for his own sexual enjoyment,” according to court papers.

He was released without bail following his arraignment Thursday.

Princess has “some bruises” but is expected to recover, her owner said.

“(The veterinarians) told me she’s fine ... she’s a good girl,” she said.

Yet what she saw on the video will stay with her for some time.

“I can’t even sleep,” she said. “I didn’t want to see the full video — I saw little bits.”

She has kicked Gutierrez out of their home but said she has some compassion for him.

“To be honest, he’s not a bad guy,” she said. “He’s probably been doing this a long time, since he was little.”

“He needs help,” she said.


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NBA Just a dope picture

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sports | By Unattached - 10 hours ago

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NBA Raptors fans get in here...

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sports | By #RAPTORSWON - 10 hours ago

What is there left to say? I'll swallow these L's, this sh*t is embarassing, I don't think any teams fans feel this way about a core of guys when the series isn't even over yet... Im fully expecting a game 7 loss here, even if they win it doesnt change anything...

This is the 3rd straight year we have a chance to lose as a higher seeded team, this fu*kin franchise is an embarrasment...

If you watch the post-game presser you can FEEL it in Demar that he's checked out, dude is probably walking, im not sure thats a bad thing either...

Where do we go from here? Even if they make it out of the first round, does that change your opinion of the core?

Lowry and Derozan are perrenial playoff chokers, no matter how hard we tried, or atleast I tried, to deny it, its true...

We deserve more, 56 wins for nothing...

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Image inside AsianPus*yNation #3! oh sh-t😇️😳️

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eyecandy | By calviiin - 8 hours ago

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NBA Old tweets from NBA players :jayhah:

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sports | By beeboywhoo - 2 hours ago

visit this link

I'm screaming at Al faruq aminu ol homophobe ass nigga, and Jonathan Simmons, and Jordan Adams

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Image inside How niggas down south pronounce numbers while counting

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wild'ish | By Caribbean Stulla - 8 hours ago

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Video inside This guy proves sh-t to be false

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wild'ish | By ImAMonster - 10 hours ago

All this sh*t people be claiming about HAARP making sh*t happen...Nah...It's visual effects and people capitalizing off of it by monetizing bullsh*t videos that get people freaked out who are too dumb to realize it's fake.

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We're about to get a SH!T ton of remakes over the next what ? Decade ? It's a problem.

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movies | By Doc Logical - 8 hours ago

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Video inside Exploring the Suicide Forest in Japan

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wild'ish | By Flex Luger - 10 hours ago

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