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Image inside Actual Iggy Azalea

eyecandy | By HeruDat - 4 hours ago

Everyones favorite bunny.


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Image inside Verizon Aint Playin O_O

wild'ish | By ATLDOPEBOI18 - 6 hours ago

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 NBA NBA-Who is the most overrated All Time Great?

sports | By JordanWest86 - 6 hours ago

Vote in poll

Considering he was considered best in the league for 4-5 yrs. and the greatest Laker of all time by some, I'm gonna have to go Kobe.

He has 5 rings but was only the man for 2 (really only 1), only 1 Reg. Season MVP, shooting 29% in the 4th quarter in his last finals, countless 1st round playoff exits and even missing the playoffs 1 year in his prime all with the GOAT coach. Pretty good scorer but super inefficient. My vote goes to Kobe Bean

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NBA Woj: Turner and Stephenson fist fought right before playoffs.

sports | By 44wade - 6 hours ago

On the eve of this Eastern Conference series, the wobbling No. 1 seed punctuated its final playoff preparations in a most self-destructive way: Two Indiana Pacers dragged a cursing, cut Evan Turner out of the Bankers Life Fieldhouse court, untangling him from a practice-floor fistfight with teammate Lance Stephenson.

Turner hadn't been the first Pacer to lose his temper with Stephenson these tumultuous several weeks, and Stephenson's relentlessly irritable nature suggests Turner won't be the last. These scrapes aren't uncommon in the NBA, but this confrontation had been weeks in the making and that reflected in the ferocity of the encounter, sources told Yahoo Sports.

"This stuff happens, but the timing wasn't ideal," one witness told Yahoo Sports.

If acrimony naturally lingered into Saturday, make no mistake: Stephenson and Turner weren't the reason the Atlanta Hawks embarrassed the Pacers in Game 1. Maybe it tilted the mood of locker room, but no one dared suggest that it held responsibility for deadening the Pacers into defeat.

These two guards have struggled together since the deadline deal brought Turner from Philadelphia to Indiana. Suddenly, Turner is learning to play without the ball in his hands, and Stephenson is relearning the balance of passing and shooting. Truth be told, there were probably Pacers willing to let Stephenson and Turner beat the dribble out of each other. Still, Luis Scola and David West finally grabbed an enraged Turner and separated Stephenson.

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NBA Bradley Beal says fu-k Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

sports | By bridouble - 6 hours ago

The Washington Wizards Bradley Beal has thrown down the pizza gauntlet in this series, as reported by pizza loving J. Michael at


I cant eat the fat pie, whatever its called, the deep dish pizza, he said before Tuesdays shootaround going into Game 2 with the Chicago Bulls. I cant eat that. I had the regular thin one. I didnt eat a lot (of the deep dish). Itll just sit there (in your stomach) and youll be in the bathroom for hours.
Thems fightin words.

You know Tom Thibodeau loves deep dish, just look at him.

Chicago needed to come out ready to fight already as they dropped Game 1 to the Wizards at home. Washington with a healthy Nene is both a rare and dangerous sight and the Bulls found out why in Game 1.

And now they have the honor of deep dish pizza to defend as well.

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Image inside Dave Chappelle Reveals Shockingly Buff New Look

movies | By phantomnation - 5 hours ago

It's no joke -- comedian Dave Chappelle has been hitting the gym hard.

Earlier this week, the funnyman was spotted in Los Angeles and showing off his guns. Most people think of the "Chappelle Show" star as a lanky jokester, but not anymore.

After leaving his critically acclaimed show in 2005, Chappelle, 40, stayed out of the spotlight. Last year, he co-headlined the Oddball Comedy & Curiosity Festival, sponsored by Funny or Die, and is coming to NYC this summer to perform at Radio City Music Hall.

Also last year, Prince used Chappelle's impersonation from his show on the cover of his new album, "Breakfast Can Wait."


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Video inside Video Of Bleached Up Dancehall DJ Vybz Kartels Alleged Murder Of Lizard Looks Pretty Incriminating

hiphop | By ajeana - 7 hours ago

Video inside YouTube (new url)

Vybz Kartel just filed his appeal but it already looked like it will be a uphill battle for the embattled dancehall deejay as the video footage from the alleged murder scene just leaked online.

An anonymous source sent Urban Islandz video footage, some of which allegedly played in court during the high profile murder trial.

In the below video, you can see several men in a house that sources say is Kartels house by Havendale where the murder took place on August 16, 2011.

One of then men was seen with a pick axe, while another man has what appears to be blood stain on his shirt.

The language in the video is very chilling.

Yow hear weh mi a say.. mi want yo hold him with a knife and stab him in a him neck and slow him down, one man said in the video.

Hold down and make mi cut him throat, another man said in the video.

You affi swing it hard and no mek it ketch mi, one man told the man with the pick axe.

There is also another video and a photo of a headless man rumored to be the body of Clive Lizard Williams. But these are too gruesome to be published.

- See more at:

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Image inside This Girls Dad Came Out Of NoWhere (Gif)

wild'ish | By Aleandroid - 7 hours ago

he made a play though :manzielpraise:

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Video inside Rita Ora at The Breakfast Club: Jayz, Rihanna Clone, Rob Kardashian, Net worth 145Mil, Bedroom +More

hiphop | By BreakfastClub - 7 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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Image inside 50 Cent reveals various 'Animal Ambition' bundles & the next track

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 7 hours ago

Next weeks track is 'Everytime I Come Around' ft. Kidd Kidd

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NBA James Dolan BLOCKING Phil Jackson from firing Knicks personnel

sports | By justinjones - 5 hours ago

Well, that didn't take long.


The New York Daily News reports that Phil Jackson, hired one month ago as president of basketball operations, is already clashing with owner James Dolan, as Dolan doesn't want Jackson to fire certain personnel.

Just one month into his role as Knicks president, Jackson has already clashed with Dolan, the chairman of Madison Square Garden, over personnel decisions, the Daily News has learned. According to a team source, Jackson is looking to remove several staff members, which is commonplace when a new administration takes over, but Dolan opposes removing certain employees.

According to the source, Dolan's reaction to Jackson's request was to tell the 11-time NBA championship coach to simply focus his attention on building a winning team. To say that minor friction, as one Garden source called it, can be classified as Jackson's honeymoon with Dolan being over may be stretching it a bit.

But at the very least it proves that Dolan surprise, surprise wasn't being entirely truthful last month when he claimed he was willingly and gratefully giving up control of the basketball decisions to Jackson, the Hall of Fame coach.

via Knicks owner James Dolan tries to stop Phil Jackson's staff firings: source - NY Daily News.

That was apparently "willingly and gratefully as long as you only do thinks I'm OK with."

There's nothing uncommon about the new guy cleaning house. It's pretty standard for the new person in charge to want to install his people and remove people who may not be loyal to him or her or don't share the same vision. Hiring Jackson meant understanding that the organization was going to change, not that Jackson was going to wave his magic wand and make the Knicks into a contender.

Wait, no, that sounds exactly like something James Dolan would think.

Jackson arrived to a lot of fanfare and promises, but now has to set about righting the very wronged ship. We'll see if Dolan truly lets him steer.

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NBA Tim Donaghy: NBA has told refs to give Nets calls over Raptors

sports | By ogballer32 - 6 hours ago

Former NBA referee Tim Donaghy has not officiated a professional basketball game since 2007, but he does not believe much has changed for the league since he was caught betting on games and ended up in prison. In fact, Donaghy thinks the Toronto Raptors will have to beat both the Brooklyn Nets and the officials if they want to advance to the next round of the playoffs.

During an interview with The Jeff Blair Show on Sportsnet 590 The Fan on Tuesday, Donaghy spoke about how he believes the NBA has put the Raptors at a disadvantage.

Theyre not only going against the Brooklyn Nets but going against the league office, Donaghy said. They have a very talented team and have to be that much better than the Brooklyn Nets. I have picked Brooklyn to win the series with (Paul) Pierce, (Kevin) Garnett, Joe Johnson and even Jason Kidd. When you look at the coaches the referees are going to be more active to talk and respond to (Kidd) over (Raptors coach) Dwane Casey.

Not only does Donaghy believe the refs will have more dialogue with Kidd, he also said the league meets with its officials before each playoff game to go over what they want called and dont want called. In this instance, Donaghy insists the guys in stripes have been told to give the Nets an advantage.

What they do is they actually send in a representative from the league office to sit down with the referees at an 11 oclock meeting in the morning where they go over game film, Donaghy said. They will show the referees what they want called, what they want them to concentrate on, what they feel needs to be called or let go in a series to avoid any problems.

In this situation, Brooklyn would be put at an advantage. A Brooklyn-Miami matchup would bring great ratings and thats what this is all about for the NBA and the league offices bringing in as many dollars as they can.

The Nets-Raptors series is currently tied 1-1. When Brooklyn took Game 1, Raptors fans were upset that the Nets went most of the fourth quarter without having a foul called against them. Donaghy said that is not a surprise since officials are graded on what they are told to call and are more likely to climb up the ranks if they follow instructions.

It started with Michael Jordan, Donaghy explained. The referees used to tell the younger referees that if Jordan goes to the hole and if theres a crowd in there then just blow the whistle. Thats what the refs are programmed (to do) to give that star player the benefit of the doubt. Even when he commits a foul, if you can give a foul to another player in that area thats what youre told to do.

Not surprisingly, the NBA released a statement in response to Donaghys comments basically urging people to consider the source.

Tim Donaghy is a convicted felon looking for any opportunity for people to listen to his baseless allegations. For Mr. Donaghy to continually try to challenge his former colleagues ethics is distasteful and says more about his own integrity than it could ever say about our referees, who are the best and most scrutinized game officials in the world.

Donaghy has found ways to make money since he got out of prison by writing a book and breaking down games. While some of what he says could be sour grapes, Im sure theres truth to a lot of it. Ratings are always going to play a role in a game like basketball that can be so easily influenced by officiating.

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Top 10 Wealthiest Pro Wrestlers of All Time

wild'ish | By bridouble - 6 hours ago

10. Mick Foley Net Worth: $15 million

Foley always has a funny story to tell, and his fans are always willing to listen. Hes also learned how to branch out his work to non-wrestling fans due to his charm, sincerity and the fact that his writing skills are far better than what many would expect from a guy whos been hit in the head too many times to count.

9. The Undertaker Net Worth: $16 million

Taker is no longer a full-time performer at 48 years old. He shows up around WrestleMania, steals the show at the big event, earns his money, and goes home to rest his banged-up body. Hes earned the right to do so, as his mere presence sells tickets and pay-per-views. Hes an icon in the business and is likely down to his final few matches, but he has accumulated a nice living for himself.

8. Shawn Michaels Net Worth: $17 million

Why wouldnt the guy who constantly stole the show be on this list? Shawn Michaels was known as the Showstopper for good reason. Despite retiring due to a back injury in 1998, the Heart Break Kid returned better than ever in 2002 and wrestled well into his 40s. He was the best performer in the business up to the day his career ended when he put it all on the line and lost to the Undertaker at WrestleMania 26.
His career lasted about 30 years and despite going through drug problems in the 90s, Michaels cleaned up his act and had a very successful run in the WWE. He won every title there was to win, including four reigns as World Champion.

7. Chris Jericho Net Worth: $18 million

When hes not on tour with FOZZY, Jericho wrestles under short-term contracts for the WWE. He is a busy man, and at 43 years old, hes likely going to make even more. He has certainly paid his dues, having wrestled in Japan, Mexico and Germany before getting his break in the United States. Chris Jericho is a great performer in every sense of the word.

6. Kurt Angle Net Worth: $20 million

Nobody learned the craft of pro wrestling as quickly as he did. In his first year in the WWE, Kurt Angle won every title the company had. While at the time, the feeling may have been it was too soon for him to win everything, looking back we could see why he was booked to win so often. His run in the WWE lasted only seven years. His chronic neck injuries led him to painkillers and alcohol abuse and he was too banged up for the rigorous schedule of the WWE. Angle signed with TNA in 2006 and hes still the crowning jewel of the organization. He was and likely always will be their best signing. Angle only performs part-time for TNA. He was the WWEs highest-paid star at the time of his departure and he remains the only Olympic gold medalist in wrestling history.

5. The Big Show Net Worth: $20 million

The Big Show has never been the face of the WWE, but hes been a constant presence and has obviously saved his money very well. At 41 years old, he could comfortably retire today if thats what he wanted.

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Article inside Scrappy Calls Diamond An Ungrateful B**ch After Buying Her A New Fake Butt & $20K Teeth!

hiphop | By ajeana - 7 hours ago

In Diamonds recent interview with The Breakfast Club where she spilled tons of tea on Love & Hip Hop Atlantas Lil Scrappy. She talks about how he wears fake jewelry, was controlling, physically abused her, and how Momma Dee had not only stolen her Louis Vuitton purse, but messed up her credit after trashing a condo she helped her get. Now Scrappy and Momma Dee are firing back saying Diamond is a lie.

Scrappy tells TMZ that he cant be TOO broke, since he not only bought Diamond her fake butt, but also spent $20,000 to fix her teeth. He says that Diamond is ungrateful since he gave her a start in the music industry, and that Gucci Mane never slapped him, that it was nothing more than them pushing each other. Hes even taken to Instagram to say If a nigga slapped me it would be my last day free referring to Gucci Mane.

As far as Momma Dee, she tells TMZ that she never got anything of value from Diamond because Diamond aint never had s***. She also says Diamonds a lying chamber maid whos mad because shes not banging the prince anymore and says Diamond will never have any money unless she gets a douche deal for her stank-ass p****.

- See more at:

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NBA Drake Got Lint-Rollers On Deck (pic)

sports | By Dray - 6 hours ago


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Article inside Lil Boosie Will Be Releasing His Next Album July 15th, Features Include 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy & T.I.

hiphop | By SM - 7 hours ago

Lil Boosie Reveals Album Release Date, Features Include 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy & T.I.


Lil Boosie spoke with Complex earlier today and revealed that his next album is all but finished and will be released on July 15th. He will be collaborating with 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy, T.I. and more with 1000 songs currently written.

Update: Speaking with XXL Boosie reveals his plan to release two albums this year.

“Right now I think I am gonna drop two albums this year. Drop one July 15 and I am gonna try to drop in December also.

Right now, it is a Boosie takeover. I’m tryna soak my raw oats. That’s basically the idea. I am just trying to go in and go hard. You know, I slept too many days.”

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 Image inside Gangsta Boo "removed" from Da Mafia 6ix

hiphop | By One Gud Cide - 7 hours ago

How long until Koop drops too :cmonson3: dj paul like kryptonite

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Image inside Advice Women took while dating in the 1930s

wild'ish | By german1906 - 6 hours ago

Grandpops was WINNING :wilbonsmirk: :leohah:

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Image inside "because sometimes in school I get the urge to splurge"

wild'ish | By surreyjack - 6 hours ago


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hiphop | By 5_star_smitty - 8 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

i think this 1 might be bigger than "SHAKE DAT AZZ" by Juvenile :iseeyou:

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Health Barbell Apparel Creates 'Anti-Thigh Gap' Jeans For Athletes With Muscular Legs

misc | By lboog1423 - 8 hours ago (video in link)

Sick and tired of squeezing their well-sculptured butts and thighs into ill-fitting jeans, a group of athletes in Nevada have taken matters into their own hands, creating their own line of denim tailor-made for those with athletic bodies.

"The Barbell Apparel team spends a minimum of 20 hours a week in the gym, and when we get off work, we’re snowboarding, mountain biking, motorcycling, and doing just about any adrenaline fueled movement you can think of," the owners of the new clothing start-up explained on their Kickstarter page. "We were tired of struggling with jeans that didn’t fit, weren’t comfortable, and completely restricted our ability to move. So we decided to fix it."

According to Fast Company, the Barbell team started off by taking the average measurements of their sporty, muscly friends. They soon discovered that the typical cut for denim simply doesn't fit an athletic body type; so they went about designing jeans that would.

“These are the anti-thigh gap jeans," Hunter Molzen, co-owner of Barbell Apparel, told ABC News of the company's products. "Athletes work hard for their strong, meaty thighs and they should be proud of them. It’s how human beings were built to function.”

On its Kickstarter page, Barbell Apparel promises to deliver jeans that are "made to fit comfortably over muscular legs by accommodating your quads and butt without forcing you to buy larger sizes for the small waist you work so hard for." The jeans, made with a touch of spandex, are also described as comfortable and functional -- perfect for an "active lifestyle."

“We wanted jeans that were built for strong, powerful legs that would allow us to move completely freely and still look and feel like fashionable denim," Molzen told Fast Company of the company's philosophy. "Even for active people whose legs aren't particularly muscular, we wanted to give them a denim option that allows them to have amazing flexibility and freedom of movement."

I might have to check these out. I cant speak for everyone, but the jeans struggle has been real for me damn near my whole life. I got huge legs and pants that fit my waist typically dont fit my thighs calves. So i usually have to go up in the waist to compensate, but then, the pants damn near be fallin off my ass :sadto:

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Video inside Dr. Dre Or Pharrell??

hiphop | By AngOmusic93 - 7 hours ago

Dre Obviously got some classics. But is bullsh*tting with Detox. And its been rumored that he doesn't even produce his own sh*t anymore

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Pharrell on the other hand, got HITS over the years. You already know the deal with dude

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

Video inside YouTube

So simple question. Who you got?

Dre v.s. Pharrell

Im gunna have to go with Pharrell :shrug:

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NBA Kobe Bryant Is Coming

sports | By FLA MIABOSS 305 - 5 hours ago

That Black Mamba Slang

Video inside


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Image inside Danielle Nicolet

eyecandy | By INMYLXFETIME - 4 hours ago

Actress currently on the Game season 6. And she is 40 or close to 40 y/o. Black aint fukkin cracking

P.W.O.S.-Pregnant & Wifed On Sight

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Image inside ask my bi-ch to make me corndogs.....this b##ch

wild'ish | By jaenyce757 - 6 hours ago


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If they rebooted "White Men Can't Jump"

movies | By -ThE~DoN~LoN- - 5 hours ago

Who would you want to play Billy, Sidney, and Gloria

My pick for Billy would probably be Zach Efron
For Sidney I'd say Brandon T Jackson or Michael B Jordan
And for Gloria I'd pick that chick from that George Lopez Show, Masiela Lusha.

GOAT remake


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Image inside Lupita Nyong'o Named People Magazine's 'Most Beautiful'

movies | By SM - 5 hours ago

Lupita Nyong'o's breakthrough year continues as the young actress has been named People magazine's Most Beautiful person, gracing the cover of the annual issue.

The 12 Years a Slave star and best supporting actress Oscar winner says she "never dreamed" she'd receive such an honor.

"It was exciting and just a major, major compliment," Nyong'o told People of gracing this year's cover. "I was happy for all the girls who would see me on it and feel a little more seen."

After impressing the fashion world with her red carpet looks during awards season, Nyong'o recently became the face of Lancome Paris.

Nyong'o, whose role in Slave was her first movie gig, says she initially equated beauty with what she saw on television.

"Light skin and long, flowing, straight hair," she says. "Subconsciously you start to appreciate those things more than what you possess."

But her mother always told Nyong'o she was beautiful, "and I finally believed her at some point," she says.

The actress, who recently signed with CAA, also reveals that she dyed her hair every color as a teen and even shaved her head once.

"It was very strange and very cold!" she says, laughing. "It was scary but I like to dare myself."

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Image inside New Potential Smiley :dogsuccess:

wild'ish | By bx to the tx - 6 hours ago



Originally Posted by Cya Nerd (Post 30575276)


Originally Posted by Mutant Boy (Post 30576725)
If I disappointed, I'm sorry :mjcry:

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Image inside Thick Vietnamese chick named Kandy...

eyecandy | By 5_star_smitty - 4 hours ago

she's not my cup of tea, but i know some niggas on BX will appreciate her.

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Image inside Khlo Kardashian Has French Montana Wrapped Around Her "Neck"

hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 7 hours ago

KK aint the best Kardashianbut, damn LO :biggumswtf: fu*ked upi would...:hardendatass:

Talk about a statement necklace.
With the news that Khlo Kardashian is more than friends with rapper French Montana, the 29-year-old "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star stepped out wearing a necklace with his name on it.

The reality TV star was sporting the new accessory last Wednesday at LAX airport when she was with the Moroccan-born music maker and CEO of Cocaine City Records. While it appears a little fuzzy to us (and the language experts we consulted), E!, home to all things Kardashian, insists it says "Karim" in Arabic a nod to his birth name, Karim Kharbouch.

Because you may not be up on your French Montana trivia (and that's cool), Arabic is one of the three languages he speaks in addition to English and French. In fact, the "I Luh Ya Papi" singer's stage name comes from his childhood nickname "French" (given to him when he moved to NYC at 13 and primarily spoke that language) and "Montana" for Al Pacino's drug-cartel kingpin Tony Montana in "Scarface."

Khlo and French have been inseparable as of late and a source confirms to Yahoo that they are a kouple oops, we mean couple.

"Khloe is having a lot of fun with him," says the insider. "It's pretty casual right now."

That "fun" has included attending Sean "Diddy" Combs's son's over-the-top 16th birthday party together and they've gone on several dinner dates from coast to coast. One night out was with Kourtney and Scott Disick at Cecconi's in West Hollywood and in NYC they've hit Lobster House on City Island.(According to Us Weekly, they ate French fries together in the latter spot. We can't make this stuff up.)

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Video inside [Chi Wire] The School System

hiphop | By Stillhyphy - 7 hours ago

Exactly like season 4 of The Wire :sbohno:
These kids aint gonna make it in life man :mjcry:
My lil homie cortez might not make it to 18 :mjcry:

Video inside

Episode 2
Video inside

Episode 3
Video inside YouTube

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Article inside Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 04/20/2014

hiphop | By SM - 7 hours ago

August Alsina “Testimony” First Week Sales

August Alsina's "Testimony," Jason Derulo's "Talk Dirty" and Pharrell's "G I R L" make the Top 10. Meanwhile, Eminem's "The Marshall Mathers LP 2" and Nas' "Illmatic" see increases in sales.

This week, the Billboard Hot 200 albums chart featured several debuts. August Alsina entered the chart this week in the #2 position with his Testimony album. The project sold 67,171 in its first week of availability. Another R&B singer, Jason Derulo, joins Alsina in the Top 5 this week with Talk Dirty, a project that earned the #4 spot with 44,374 albums sold this week. Dizzy Wright's State Of Mind also made noise in its first week selling 6,807 units. Pharoahe Monch's P.T.S.D. - Post Traumatic Stress Disorder also hit the chart in its first week of availability. Monch's most recent album sold 3,881 units this week, enough to land the effort at #102.
Pharrell's G I R L Falls To #7

Pharrell's G I R L landed in the #7 spot in this week's chart. Despite falling in placement, the project's sales increased 12 percent from last week's figure. This week, the album sold 32,858 units and last week, the disc sold 29,385 copies. Overall, Pharrell has sold 304,376 copies of G I R L. In March, P spoke with HipHopDX about his work as a musician and as a collaborator. "I would say I’ve had a lot of really, really, really good help," he said at the time. "And I’m just thankful that people have seen something in me, and I was smart enough to allow them to guide me in the right direction. That’s the closest to that term I could ever come to. I’m smart enough to listen to other people, but nowhere near genius."
Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 Jumps To #16

Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 sold 16,498 albums, a 46 percent increase from the previous week's 11,303 units sold. Overall, Eminem's project, which jumped from #20 to #16, has sold 2,069,605 copies. Last week, this project was also deemed "the most lyrical" effort from the week's charting Rap albums. Eminem's The Marshall Mathers LP 2 earned the highest votes in the week's poll with 575 thumbs up and 116 thumbs down.
Nas' Illmatic Has 844% Increase In Sales, Lands At #18

Nas' Illmatic saw a boost in sales as its 20-year anniversary date approached and passed. The Queensbridge, New York emcee's debut album sold 14,987 copies this week, a jump from 1,588 units sold last week. Overall, the project has sold 1,686,232 copies. Last week, HipHopDX had its Illmatic Week, a 7-day series celebrating the critically acclaimed release's two decades on the scene. As part of this week, HipHopDX reviewed Nas' album sales from Illmatic to Life Is Good, discussed the collection's importance after 20 years of life in retailers, shared lesser-known facts about the 1994 effort, interviewed AZ about his contribution to the project, spoke with Large Professor about his work on the set, and shed light on the album's influence by interviewing a slew of rappers, including Nino Bless, Fashawn, Dana Dane, Rapsody, Wreckonize and Fred The Godson.
Hip Hop Album Sales: Week Ending 04/20/2014

#2. August Alsina - Testimony - 67,000 (67,000)

#4. Jason Derulo - Talk Dirty - 44,000 (44,000)

#7. Pharrell Williams – G I R L – 33,000 (304,000)

#16. Eminem – The Marshall Mathers LP 2 – 16,000 (2,070,000)

#18. Nas - Illmatic - 15,000 (1,686,000)

#27. YG – My Krazy Life – 11,000 (123,000)

#31. Rick Ross – Mastermind – 11,000 (312,000)

#50. ScHoolboy Q – Oxymoron – 7,500 (230,000)

#54. Dizzy Wright - State Of Mind - 6,800 (6,800)

#55. Childish Gambino - because the internet - 6,800 (257,000)

* Data comes from Nielsen Soundscan, rounded to nearest thousand for units above 10,000, nearest hundred for units below 10,000.

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Image inside Bungies Destiny Gets New Stunning Screenshots Aplenty, Three New Trailers and Information

games | By Pleasure Boy - 5 hours ago

Bungie just released a new batch of beautiful screenshots and artwork of its upcoming shooter Destiny, and three new trailers featuring the classes available in the game.

The Official website also got a serious facelift, and now includes some new information about the Venus location:

Venus was once the site of great discovery – a paradise. Now, it is a monument to all that we have lost. The old stories say we built an academy dedicated to learning and research on the shore of a wondrous sea, and that the waters themselves boiled and rose up to shatter the coast, washing away all that we had built.

Video inside

Video inside

Video inside


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Image inside Pharrell "Marilyn Monroe" Single Artwork

hiphop | By Mike T - 7 hours ago


Dope song, not really feeling the artwork though. But let's keep it 100 if Ye would have released the exact same thing "white" America would have torched his ass. For some reason people idolize Marilyn. Since it's Mr.Happy its gonna be all good :manzielpraise:

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NBA Phil Jackson Press Conference (Cliff Notes, ya bish)

sports | By P-Hill - 6 hours ago

Stolen from realgm:

Alan Hahn ‏@alanhahn 53s
Phil Jackson, to a packed room of media, There is no news.

Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 28s
'We're looking for a leader, someone that can bring out the best in players.' Phil on new coach

Al Iannazzone ‏@Al_Iannazzone 6s
Phil said the coach has to have a good personality and is a forward thinker.

Ian Begley ‏@IanBegley 39s
Phil Jackson: "Hopefully there will be something new in the next month or so that we can talk about."

Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 31s
'New York demands a personality, a person that the fans can believe in & has a charismatic appeal.'

Alan Hahn ‏@alanhahn 9s
Jackson says a lot of times [in sports] we get caught up in replicating what other people do. Says Knicks wont be following that path.

Al Iannazzone ‏@Al_Iannazzone 40s
Phil on Kerr: Steve and I talked more than a year ago when Phil was going to join Seattle's front office if the kings moved there

Ian Begley ‏@IanBegley 13s
Phil Jackson says he will talk to Steve Kerr later this month about coaching the #Knicks. Says they have a "philosophical connection."

Adam Zagoria ‏@AdamZagoria 16s
Phil said he's considering other guys besides Kerr but declines to give names.

Chris Herring ‏@HerringWSJ 1m
Jackson said players told him during exit interviews that they didn't buy in this season the way they did last year. :frustrated:

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NBA Barkley Tells Cool Story of Team USA Playing Against Dirk For the First Time (video)

sports | By QwestLove - 5 hours ago

I thought it was interesting... :shrug:

Video inside

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 Worst movie endings

movies | By tre0624 - 5 hours ago

Give me your worst movie ending ever? I'm talkin bout the 1 movie that had u like wtf is this it.. mINE IS NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN that sh*t was a awful ending to a great movie.

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Article inside Kanye West Wants James Franco and Seth Rogen to Perform "Bound 2" Parody at His Wedding

hiphop | By SM - 7 hours ago

James Franco Says Kanye West Wanted Him & Seth Rogen To Perform Bound 2″ Spoof At His Wedding


James Franco appeared on The View and revealed that Kanye West wanted him and Seth Rogen to perform their Bound 2″ spoof at Kanyes wedding with Kim Kardashian.

We did get feedback. Kim loved the video and we didnt hear back from Kanye so we kind of felt like hes not bashing us, but he probably hates it but hes not going to say anything.

But then two weeks ago, we got a call from Kanye. Seth and I were on the phone. We thought he was just going to let us have it. But he loved it. And Im pretty sure I can say it now because Im pretty sure its not going to happen. He wanted us to perform it live the night before his wedding at Versailles.

I think it would have been awesome for about 10 seconds, but then there would be Seth with his shirt off in front of all the Kardashians.

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 Video inside Watch_Dogs 8 minute multiplayer preview

games | By Da Ill One - 5 hours ago

Check out Watch Dogs' groundbreaking multiplayer modes where everything and everyone is connected. Learn how Watch Dogs is blurring the line between single and multiplayer, and get a glimpse into three distinct and exciting modes including Online Hacking Contracts, ctOS Mobile Companion App, and Competitive Decryption Combat.

Video inside YouTube

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Image inside Next Week Sales: Iggy Azalea 50-55k, Future 45-50k

hiphop | By MGz - 7 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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