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O.G Pulls Up To Teenagers Hood And Gets Manhandled

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misc | By m2mpromotions - 12 hours ago

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Image inside Nipsey Hussle Owns Every Weed Smoker’s Dream

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hiphop | By Blowpot - 12 hours ago

Nipsey Hussle officially owns the one thing that all weed smokers desire: a 100 percent smokable gold chain.

According to TMZ, the rapper’s chain contains 100 grams of weed rolled into joints with gold papers, and all linked together. As if that wasn’t enough, the giant necklace is toke-ready, too.

The work was done by professional joint roller Tony Greenhand. It’s reported that the papers alone cost $300, and the pendant is loaded with $3,000 worth of marijuana.

Nipsey Hussle just released his Slauson Boy 2 mixtape with features from fellow West Coast artists Snoop Dogg, Mozzy and G Perico.

A picture of the epic chain can be viewed below with more images here, courtesy of TMZ.

source: visit this link .. -smokers-dream

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Image inside Mitch

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eyecandy | By Panthro11 - 11 hours ago

Happy Valentine's Day 💋❤️ | 📷: @chrisdeeeochoa

A photo posted by Mitch ( on

@boutinela 👙| @creatorofthings 📷

A photo posted by Mitch ( on


A photo posted by Mitch ( on

💛 @boutinela 💛

A photo posted by Mitch ( on


A photo posted by Mitch ( on

@chooksla one piece 😍😝 | 📷: @creatorofthings

A photo posted by Mitch ( on

Bts with @marcushyde part 2 👙☀️💦

A photo posted by Mitch ( on

Bts from yesterday's shoot with Marcus 📷

A photo posted by Mitch ( on

LA 🏙🤘🏽

A photo posted by Mitch ( on


A photo posted by Mitch ( on


A photo posted by Mitch ( on

👙 @basicallyswim | 📷 @creatorofthings

A photo posted by Mitch ( on

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NBA Pic | Lakers Unveil Kobe Bryant Statue On Kobe Bryant Day 8/24

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sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 9 hours ago

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NBA Why they got to do my man harrison barnes dirty like that :mjcry:

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sports | By Ballin095 - 9 hours ago

visit this link

Edit: for those too cynical to click the link look up Harrison barnes name on Google

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Video inside Wait a minute: Da Brat Is Sexy With A Big Butt?

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eyecandy | By Guvnor - 6 hours ago

Damn I had no clue but check this out y'all, I hope she ain't a lesbian because out of the tom boyish clothing she actually looks nice.

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Video inside Cardi B:Got Her Teeth Fixxxed !!!

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hiphop | By DEJOE E - 9 hours ago

Iv'e Overdosed On Fleeeeeeeek !!!!!!

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MMA Nick Dias reportedly jumped by 4 men at Las Vegas casino

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sports | By simm04 - 6 hours ago

Nick Diaz Reportedly Jumped By 4 Men in Las Vegas Casino
by: Black Adam Schefter On Wednesday, August 24, 2016

It looks like both Diaz brothers were in action this week.

According to TMZ, current suspended MMA star Nick Diaz was involved in an altercation outside of a Las Vegas club that spilled over into the Bellagio’s casino floor before it was broken up by security.

“A rep for the club tells us the UFC fighter went to a bathroom outside the club around 2:30 AM, and accidentally stumbled into another customer … who started talking smack. We’re told Nick apologized and said he didn’t want any trouble, but 3 other men then joined the first guy and jumped Nick.

Nick tells us, “I didn’t start it. They didn’t know who I was.”

He tried to defend himself, and got hit hard in the head — and then the fight spilled out of the bathroom, and out onto the Bellagio’s casino floor.

The melee was insane — the club’s rep says the attackers were swinging chairs and brawling with club and casino staffers. They were eventually removed by security.

Nick told the Bellagio he didn’t want to press charges, and told us, “They got the worst of it.””

If Nick says they got the worst of the fight, then they’re probably in ICU right now.

He out there training for a comeback already. O Yea I know its Diaz but autocorrect got me.

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NBA Why did they do this to my boy Harden?

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sports | By NewLegends - 12 hours ago

They said my boy sneakers look like they come with a Du rag, a pack of Newports and a Jail ID

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Video inside Carmelo Wife Out Here Letting DJ Khaled Wear His 3 Gold Medals!

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hiphop | By Wri23 - 9 hours ago

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Image inside Christina Milian & Karrueche Tran, Is This Heaven?

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eyecandy | By Steve - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Aug 24 - Pokémon Go' is losing players fast — here are the 4 biggest reasons why

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news | By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago


Just over a month ago, Pokémon Go became the biggest mobile game in U.S. history — but now the number of users is starting to decline, and fast.

Bloomberg recently published charts from Axiom Capital Management that show a daily decrease in the game's users and engagement. Pokémon Go reached its peak around 45 million users in mid-July and has since dropped off to approximately 30 million in the span of four weeks.

How could this be? It goes without saying that no game could sustain such incredible engagement throughout its entire lifetime, but why is Pokémon Go losing users so quickly? It seemed like just yesterday people were running into traffic for the sake of this game, but a month later, the novelty has worn off and Pokéburnout has set in. Here are some theories why.

Less visibility

Simply put, Pokémon Go is out of the spotlight. It dominated headlines after its release, but the momentum has died down, according to Google Trends data on news searches.

This could be due to a decline in visibility in the physical world. Maybe fewer people are walking around glued to their phones stumbling into dead bodies, getting into car accidents or breaking into cemeteries. Or maybe the stories are just getting repetitive and tired — especially this month, when the Olympics have taken over the news cycle.

Physical activity required

Pokémon Go was initially praised for encouraging gamers to go outside and explore, but that initiative had to eventually take a toll on players, especially during the hottest July ever. Prospective Pokémon trainers might also have been discouraged by numerous reports of armed robberies and shootouts that were experienced when players ventured outside. And disappointed users who wanted a game they could play on their couch may have simply given up.


Numerous early reviews called Pokémon Go "bland and repetitive," and more than a month later, even the most diehard fans will admit it can get a little... well, boring. Once you catch one Pidgey, catching more loses its appeal.

As BuzzFeed put it, the game works like this: "Walk around. Find Pokéstops. Gather items. Catch (mostly the same frequently appearing Pokémon). Level them up. Maybe fight in a gym. Repeat." Yawn.

The game is plagued by glitches

Time for some real talk. None of the other supporting reasons come close to this one: Pokémon Go was, and is, fundamentally broken. First off, the game is significantly different from what was promised in the original trailer. And then the version that was delivered was still full of glitches that made the user experience extremely frustrating. Servers routinely crashed, the game frequently froze and players were repeatedly asked to log-in to their accounts.


It got so bad that there's an entire website solely dedicated to answering the following question: Is Pokémon Go down or not? Niantic, the game's developer, just released a minor update, but it'll have to do a bit more if they plan on sustaining Pokémon Go's fanbase.

visit this link .. why#.F5kxZo1kq

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Article inside Viceland’s Low Ratings Aren’t the Problem: Shane Smith Is

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movies | By Steve - 6 hours ago

The fledgling cable network hasn’t been delivering the millennial audience the Vice Media CEO has promised

Nearly six months have elapsed since the much-ballyhooed launch of Viceland, the A&E Networks and Vice Media joint linear TV network that was supposed to be a magnet for millennial viewers. One problem: The channel isn’t proving much of a draw for any audience, regardless of age. This is both a bigger and smaller deal than it may seem.

The big deal: Vice Media CEO Shane Smith gave a plethora of pre-launch interviews to a number of outlets, explaining why Viceland would succeed where youth-skewing, socially conscious networks like Current TV (and, now, Pivot) had failed.

“Twelve months from now we’ll be on the cover of Time magazine as the guys who brought millennials back to TV,” a cocksure Smith told the Hollywood Reporter.

In short, Smith set himself up as the Millennial Whisperer, or perhaps some sort of Pied Piper, leading the Youth to television instead of into a river to drown. After all, this was the man who built Vice into a digital powerhouse by giving young people the kind of content they really wanted.

But Viceland is only drawing an average primetime audience of 45,000 in the 18-49 demographic, according to Nielsen data obtained by the Wall Street Journal. Worse, the median viewer age is 40, meaning that fully half of its total audience is far outside the “millennial” audience, widely considered to be 18-34.

Viceland was always a counterintuitive move from A&E and Vice. The companies were creating a cable TV network geared at people (millennials) who don’t watch cable TV networks, in order to replace one geared toward people who do (Gen X and Baby Boomers).

Yet on Feb. 29, 2016, Viceland sprang onto the channel guide, full of piss and vinegar and shows about marijuana, replacing H2, the second History channel.

Prior to the channel’s launch, A&E and Vice struck a deal with Nielsen to suppress the reporting of Viceland’s ratings for six months, ostensibly to give the network time to grow and evolve naturally, away from the prying eyes of acerbic critics.

Naturally, A&E Networks CEO Nancy Dubuc was quick to point out to WSJ that huge linear TV ratings for Viceland aren’t really the point of the venture. That median viewer age of 40 is a good 17 years younger than the H2 audience (a result likely influenced by the loss of half the audience that watched H2), which represents a healthier future to program to. That’s network spin, yes, but there’s truth there.

And Viceland really is just another way for Vice and A&E to distribute the video content produced by Vice. Insiders tell TheWrap that ad inventory for the channel is sold out for the next two years, and that much of the creative is being produced by Vice’s in-house ad operation.

But the reason every media reporter worth their salt was digging around to get ratings data for Viceland wasn’t because they doubted Vice and A&E would find a way to make money off a TV network.

It was the hubris of Smith proclaiming, in no uncertain terms, that he could do what no one else could, and that no one else had done it because they were too short-sighted.

“Change has never been more important, never so crucial, especially in our industry,” Smith told attendees at the Edinburgh Television Festival on Wednesday.

Which is why it’s so odd that Viceland, in and of itself, is about as much an agent of change as your Great-Aunt Mildred.

The truth is, an entire generation is turning away from linear TV. When TV viewership among 18-34s for the Olympic Games — one of the more widely watched TV events that theoretically appeals to all ages — is down as much as 33 percent on some nights, you know there’s no going back.

That’s actually fine for a company like Vice. Smith — who, perhaps a little ironically, is a member of Gen X — built Vice Media into a digital powerhouse by creating content that seemed to appeal to Gen Y and putting it where they wanted to look at it (online), and by creating their own in-house ad agency.

That business model was the reason A&E shoveled a $250 million investment into Vice Media two years ago, and why Disney, which co-owns A&E with Hearst, decided to toss in an extra $400 million investment a year and a half later, valuing Vice at $4 billion.

But in creating a TV network to go after those big TV ad dollars, Smith ignored what made Vice so successful in the first place. As for why that elusive millennial audience remains elusive, all we have right now are theories.

It could be that most of the network’s programming feels no different from anything else you could see on Vice’s YouTube channel, which are still racking up respectable, if not outrageous, view counts. (Reminder: YouTube considers any play longer than 30 seconds a “view,” and so any comparison to TV ratings, which indicate average viewership per minute, is bunk.)

Or maybe those younger viewers won’t watch anything on TV, regardless of the quality or how much it’s designed to appeal to them? Looking at a network like Adult Swim, though, that argument doesn’t hold up.

In 2015, Adult Swim averaged 669,000 viewers per day in the 18-49 demographic (it airs from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m.), or nearly 15 times Viceland’s primetime 18-49 audience, and its median viewer age is 25.

This proves there is a way to attract almost a million 18-34 TV viewers a night, but Smith and Vice haven’t yet found it.

visit this link .. ey-vice-media/

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Image inside Aug 24 - PHARMA CEO Raises EPIPEN Price By 400%. Gets Salary Boosted to $18 Million/year

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news | By mr_underground - 9 hours ago

For those with severe allergies, the EpiPen is literally a matter of life or death. A bee sting, inadvertent peanut ingestion—these can lead to anaphylactic shock, which shuts down the airways and can ultimately lead to death. With a quick stab to the thigh, though, the EpiPen can avoid tragedy by dispensing epinephrine. Epinephrine reverses the closing of the airways and other symptoms of a severe allergic reaction.

There’s just one problem: The EpiPen is becoming unaffordable.

In 2007, the cost of a two-pen set of the EpiPen, which contains about $1 worth of epinephrine, cost about $57. Then pharmaceutical company Mylan acquired it. The price has since increased by 400 percent, with the biggest changes in price coming in the past few years. In 2013, the price was $264.50. In May of 2015, it was $461. This May, the company again raised the cost to $608.61.

This is a yearly cost for most consumers, as the pens have a stated expiration date of one year.

The staggering price increase is leading to calls for investigation. Senator Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) called for the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Federal Trade Commission to investigate Mylan’s price-setting practices.

Other politicians are in agreement. Connecticut Senator Richard Blumenthal said that he would investigate the “shocking increase.” “Sadly, this case is just the latest in a greedy trend of skyrocketing prescription drug prices that are hurting consumers, limiting health options, and strangling our economy,” said Senator Blumenthal in a statement.

However, there is not currently an open investigation into the price of EpiPens.

Outrage is not just limited to politicians. Parents of children affected expressed their sadness and fear. “It’s very wrong,” said Naomi Shulman of Northampton, Massachusetts, whose daughter has a cashew allergy. “It’s gouging parents about their children’s lives. It’s not like letting them sniffle. It’s life or death.”

Lauren Barr, of Clark New Jersey, spent $735 this year on EpiPens

visit this link .. -gouged-epipen

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Video inside Vice meets Zoe Quinn...most Hated Female in Gaming

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games | By The N - 9 hours ago

4K+ Dislikes....comments disabled for obvious reasons

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NBA I'm better than NBA players😂😂😂

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sports | By talisman11 - 6 hours ago

He is good. Can even beat me one on one. He would never dunk on me tho.

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NBA Report: Blake Griffin to resign with Clippers

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sports | By Earl Smiff - 9 hours ago


Sources close to Griffin have been adamant that he is planning to re-sign in L.A. and that he’s not open to going anywhere. Clippers president and head coach Doc Rivers has mirrored that, saying he believes Griffin retires as a Clipper. ...

Sources close to the situation say win or lose, Rivers is not open to trade talks on Griffin or Paul and that he’s not worried about either walking away in July.
visit this link .. e-agent-082416

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Image inside Bringing An XBox And A TV On The Subway Is Baller As fu-k

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wild'ish | By Ham Rove - 4 hours ago

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Video inside Ross & Gucci Mane Shooting Video, Behind The Scenes

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hiphop | By Wri23 - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Maria Menounos In Spandex At Tapout Fitness Event In New York

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eyecandy | By Steve - 6 hours ago

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