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Image inside May 21 - CEO, wife, son, maid killed and house burned. Savopoulos Fami..
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 Top 5 rappers who turned out to be a snitch

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Image inside Scientist Missing for over 20 years Found Living Inside Secret LSD Dru..
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 NBA Sexy asian girl cries when she is kiss by Shaq
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Image inside Pron Star mia khalifa doesn't know who biggie is

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hiphop | By Dat_BK_Nicca - 11 hours ago

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Top 5 rappers who turned out to be a snitch

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hiphop | By datniccamoose - 8 hours ago

1. Drake

2. Lil Cease

3. Alfamega

4. Tommy Hill

5. T.I.

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NFL hernandez new "LIFETIME" tattoo

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sports | By shabaz4242 - 12 hours ago

My nigga is tapped

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Image inside Krayzie Bone Got Issues With Young Thug ?

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hiphop | By d2921 - 9 hours ago

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Tidal Keeps Sinking: Beyonc And Rihanna Cant Save Biggest Disaster In Music History

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hiphop | By d2921 - 7 hours ago

Jay-Z thought he was making history with his new Tidal service. He has made history, but not the kind he expected. Some are calling Tidal the biggest disaster in the history of the music industry. That may be a hyperbole, but there is no denying that Tidal is going down like a sinking ship. Forbes recently slammed Jay-Z in an article on why he cant save the music industry.

Its hard to know what Jay-Z was thinking when he launched music streaming service Tidal. He certainly wasnt thinking about his millions of fans. Most consumers dont want to pay for music. Any streaming business that ignores that reality is doomed to fail.

The Daily Beast describes what many see as the reason for Tidals epic failure.

The idea behind Tidal is that these higher subscription fees will lead to greater royalties for the artistsso its pretty hard to understand how this endeavor is for fans, as Jay Z claims.

The Daily Beast notes that Jay-Z thinks that fans money will now go directly into artists pockets, but there really is no benefit to fans if the monthly cost is more than other services, such as Spotify or Apples Beats Music. As Tech Crunch reported, Jay-Z tried to mock other services this past weekend in order to prop up the disastrous Tidal.

He ripped on Google as well as Jimmy Iovine, head of Apples Beats Music, for apparently trying to buy him out. He roasts YouTube for what he considers tiny payouts to artistsThen Jay Z, also referring to himself as Jigga and Hova, addressed criticism that Tidals partnered artists are rich, so why should fans care about making sure theyre paid?

Perhaps Jay-Z doesnt realize that in his sinking Tidal ship, he is bringing down the artists who signed on. Some of them include Madonna, Rihanna, Beyonc, Nicki Minaj, and even Taylor Swift. Most of the artists who acted like they were becoming a part of music history at the launch event have nothing to say about the service now. There are still rumors that Jay-Z and Beyonc plan to release a joint album for Tidal, but that has been mocked endlessly on Twitter.

Rihanna, who is rumored to be launching her upcoming album on Tidal, was hit with a disaster when she debuted her video for American Oxygen on Tidal. Many think the reason the song flopped is because it debuted on such an unpopular music service. She, as well as other artists who are still on board, may want to take a jump off Jay-Zs Tidal desperately sinking ship.

Read more at hfJ7Eovl0F3.99

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Image inside Petite Meat IV: Married With Children

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eyecandy | By Ja Rule Stan - 12 hours ago

Now this chick isn't an ig model or bartender/stripper like most chicks posted here, she's just a cute milf that I've been following since I first joined ig... Also she's been married for like a decade so with that being said are you smashing bx?

@ROD #petitegang

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NFL RGIII a father now

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 12 hours ago

*tweet embedded

cute baby

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NBA Best Handles In The League Hands Down Is......

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sports | By lilshun - 7 hours ago

Steph Curry Aka Baby Iverson

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Image inside First screenshots of madden 16'

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games | By colvinman 79 - 11 hours ago

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OT Bomani Just Came At Jamie Foxx's Livelihood. Took That Man's Soul!

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sports | By Hoop Dreams - 8 hours ago

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Video inside Dont do dumb sh*t in your ride - Hipsters wreck while singing with a selfie stick!!!

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rides | By Sithon - 11 hours ago

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NBA Top 10 Backcourts in NBA History (According to ESPN)

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sports | By Blackspider - 9 hours ago rts-modern-nba

ESPN ranks the top 10 backcourts in NBA history:

1. Terry Porter/Clyde Drexler (Blazers)
2. Tony Parker/Manu Ginobli (Spurs)
3. John Stockton/Jeff Hornacek (Jazz)
4. Isiah Thomas/Joe Dumars (Pistons)
5. Magic Johnson/Byron Scott (Lakers)
6. Derek Harper/Rolando Blackman (Mavs)
7. Mark Jackson/Reggie Miller (Pacers)
8. Penny Hardaway/Nick Anderson (Magic)
9. Steve Nash/Michael Finley (Mavs)
10. Chauncey Billups/Rip Hamilton (Pistons)


I don't know if I would have put Finley/Nash in one of the top 10 of all time.

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Image inside Young Thug Debuts Louis Vuitton X YSL Menswear Line. Lil Wayne Consumed With Jealousy.

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hiphop | By -The Snitch- - 10 hours ago

Wow, that sh*t is dope as fu*k

What was waynes clothing label called? Trukfit?

Damn, Thugga bout to be governor of Atlanta next

Meanwhile, At Young Money Headquarters at a bicycle hitching post outside of an Albertsons supermarket in Mesa AZ, wayne is on the phone with his manager while waiting for his meth dealer to arrive.

"That little airplane hijack stunt you pulled almost cost us the label Wayne, we can't do stuff like that anymore. You've got the lawsuit coming up with Baby and Young Thug is only getting better at what he does. To top it all off, you can't stop killing bus drivers. As your manager I'm going to resign unless you hand in your gun or your pipe"

Wayne looks down at his precious golden pipe. The sheer thought of him quitting meth sends chills down his spine.

"Ok, fine, I'll give l you my gun, but if anybody pisses me off, you are shooting them for me"

His manager agrees and wayne takes the clip out of his gun and throws it in the bushes.

His meth dealer arrives and the fleeting sadness of not being able to kill a bus driver goes away. Wayne buys two bags of premium meth and prepares himself the meat lovers pizza of meth servings, his body almost dissapearing in a cloud of methamphetamine smoke.

With the meth approaching it's peak, wayne heads into Albertsons and proceeds to the deli and starts a 2 hour meth head conversation about prosciutto.

On the other side of town, Waynes manager approaches Waynes location to pick up his gun and introduce wayne to his new bus driver. His manager feels like the last conversation with wayne went well and now that wayne has been disarmed, the chances of the driver getting killed are extremely low.

Back at Albertsons, Waynes meth conversation with the deli butcher has somehow turned into a heated argument about whether or not Pluto is a planet. Wayne eyes become bloodshot with anger once the butcher calls Pluto a Kuiper Belt Object and wayne proceeds to attack the man with the rage of a cornered honey badger.

Security is promptly called and wayne hides behind the deli, armed with nothing but a butcher knife and a pigs head he plans to use as a shield.

Security forms a tight perimeter around the deli. One of the security guards comes out with a bull horn.

"Come out sir, we will not harm you if you surrender"

Waynes anger is reaching it's boiling point and he is close to rushing the security team armed with his knife and pigs head shield.

Waynes manager pulls up to Albertsons at this point and already sees that there is an issue.

"God dammit Wayne" he says, breaking his windows phone with one crush of frustration. His manager and bus driver rush inside.

wayne throws his butcher knife at one of the security guards. The guard ducks for cover and the butcher knife hits the new bus driver right in the face, blood and brains splattering everywhere. Wayne rushes towards his manager screaming "let's get the fu*k out of here"

They jump into Young Money's 70s Winnebago and speed off.

Once a safe distance from the scene, wayne relaxes and takes a hit of meth. He notices is manager is extremely angry, driving with both hands on the wheel and refusing to turn on the radio.

"Nigga, Whats the matter? That wasn't our bus driver that got hit with the knife, was it?"

They drive off into the sunset in complete awkward silence.

Wayne missed his show at Del Taco, A weeks supply of Bean and Cheese burritos, and $17.35 A severe blow to Young Money Finances

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NBA Sexy asian girl cries when she is kiss by Shaq

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sports | By slee - 6 hours ago

On a side note what is this bi*ch crying about? Meeting someone famous is not that big of a deal. Plus she's a Hawks fan and Shaq never even played for the Hawks.

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NBA Video | James Harden Is In Need Of An Abdominal Thrust After That Choke Job

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sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 5 hours ago

mvp my dick

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NBA Only thing Harden was able to knock down at the end

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sports | By Explicit - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Rich Homie Quan Says Cut Tyga Some Slack Over Kylie :Ive Seen Multiple Rappers W/Her

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hiphop | By d2921 - 9 hours ago

Rich Gangs Rich Homie Quan recently spoke out on fellow rapper Tyga catching major backlash over his alleged romance with celebrity teenager Kylie Jenner.

In Quans opinion, Kylie has socialized with various rappers but Tyga continues to be singled out.

It aint even nothing, why he the only one people keep talking about when Ive seen multiple rappers with her, though. Yeah, man. Yeah, nah, I aint saying smash, be with her. [Is she a thot?] I dont know, no, no man. You cant say nothing bad about no Kardashian. (The Breakfast Club) rappers-w-her/

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NBA ESPN Twitter is covering our basedgod

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sports | By all3rd - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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Image inside Jordan "BRED" XI Low Releases this weekend!!- Whos Coppin?!?

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gear | By Sithon - 11 hours ago

Jordan Brand continues to bring the heat in 2015 for their 30th anniversary.

Look for the Air Jordan Retro 11 Low Bred to release on Saturday, May 23rd, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers, including The retail price tag is set at $170.00

This Air Jordan 11 Retro Low features the iconic Bred-theme having a full Black mesh and leather upper with patent leather overlay on a White midsole and semi-translucent Red sole. The shoe is also highlighted with the iconic carbon fiber and True Red interior.

So what up BX ??!? - You copping a pair or nah?

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Image inside May 21 - "I'm going to punt you in your pus-y" LAPD tells woman kicks her to death

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news | By GoldBluded - 7 hours ago

"I'm going to punt you in your pus*y."

These were the words of LAPD Officer Mary O'Callaghan to Alesia Thomas. Handcuffed with her legs restrained, Alesia can be seen getting punched in the throat by Officer O'Callaghan who then delivered on her promise and kicked her directly in her groin - repeatedly. This was nearly 3 years ago.

It was recorded on the dashcam.

As O'Callaghan jabbed at the woman's throat with her hand, Thomas looked into the camera with wide eyes. The recording captured Thomas, who also had her legs tied with a nylon hobble restraint, repeatedly saying, “I can’t.”

The video showed O’Callaghan raise her boot and strike Thomas, whose body shook in response. A few minutes later, Thomas’ eyes closed and her head fell backward, the video showed. The recording then cut off.

She died at the hospital that evening. The video of her being assaulted was just released for the first time in court and can be seen below. deoId=29109833 h-now-on-trial

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