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 Article inside In other News Nas lost again: Kelis just tossed a few L's his way

hiphop | By CrunchTime CDN - 34 minutes ago

Kelis On Nas: 'I Don't Really Listen To His Music Anyway'

Kelis is steadily pushing the newest item on her music menu, FOOD, available for stream now. In the meanwhile, she's talking about her new culinary ventures, sauce being like personal style, the word "bossy" and not-so-chummy memories of her ex-husband, Nas. In a recent sit-down with the New York Times Magazine, when Kelis was asked about Nas using her wedding dress for the cover of Life is Good, she replied:

Its not even the dress. The joke behind that is that its the slip to the petticoat to my dress. I think when I moved out I just left it. Thats all he had, poor thing.

She also noted that she wasn't worried about the album possibly bringing up past issues. "Maybe for others, but not for me," she said. "I dont really listen to his music anyway."

Welp. Read the entire interview here.

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 ChiWire Season 5: Supposedly Durk got choked out by Reese an bi-ched by Ballout...

hiphop | By HeatMafia410 - 37 minutes ago

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:mikewhoa: what if this why Ballout an Durk don't talk nomore
He still tight wit Reese though but :ehhh:

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 G-Unit producer weighs in on G-Unit beef

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 16 minutes ago

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He is Banks' Producer/Engineer
Hes produced songs for 50 & Yayo aswell

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 Image inside 50 Cent Calls Puff Daddy's "Big Homie" Record "Garbage" & Commends Jay-Z & Puff On Relevancy

hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 29 minutes ago

50 Cent commends both Jay Z and Puff Daddy for remaining relevant throughout their careers.

During an interview with Baltimores 92Q Jams, 50 Cent gave credit to fellow artist Puff Daddy for remaining relevant in music for so long, but also revealed that the Bad Boy Records founder doesnt have any music that anyone would want to hear. He then called Puffs Big Homie record, which features Rick Ross and French Montana, garbage.

While commending Puff for being relevant without having to release any music, 50 Cent also gave credit to Jay Z for being an artist who has remained relevant throughout his career.


If the guy doesnt have significant savvy with the actual business or with the actual culture hell be out of here, said 50 Cent when asked about artist expiration dates. Youll see Jay around as long as hes been around. What hes on like 11 albums? Puffs still out there. He dont even need a record. Cause he dont got one. Like you know Puffy aint got no music that you wanna hear. That Big Homie sh*t is garbage. Imma keep it all the way real with you. Because the guy says Dont worry about if I write my rhymes, I write checks. And then sings to you.
50 Cent also addressed his upcoming album, Animal Ambition, which he again referred to as a project about prosperity. He commented on the project being the second half of a journey that started with his debut album, Get Rich Or Die Tryin.


The whole project is about prosperity, he said. Theyll look at some of my creative choices and go Oh no, you cant write like that no more. You rich. And then I go But how you think I got rich? I wrote this giving you portions of my journey. And its what actually got me here. Like Get Rich Or Die Tryin was all the dysfunctional behaviors I experienced. It had everything that was in the environment that I came across. Whether it was P.I.M.P. or High All The Time. The junkieWhen you see a guy that is actually high all the time, you understand why I actually wrote High All The Time. Its just me actually using things literally around me. This project is even easier to pinpoint real cool things to write about because of the actual second half of that actual journey.
In a past interview with Sonic Electronix, 50 Cent described Animal Ambition as a project about prosperity and also compared the LP to The Notorious B.I.G.s Warning.


With Animal Ambition, the project is about prosperity, he said at the top of this year. I got an interesting way of writing it, cause I wrote it from a distorted vision or viewpoint. When Biggie was doing Damn, niggas wanna stick me for my paper, damn, thats about when you get something, the effects of others responding to you doing better. The jealousies connected to it, theres so many different ways to write it, that the album has those facets to it. The overall theme is ambition and prosperity.
Audio from 50 Cent's interview can be found at

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 Article inside Chingy Says A Trans$exual Ruined His Rap Career

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 21 minutes ago

Remember the St. Louis rapper Chingy, responsible for hit single "Right Thurr". He sat with Vlad TV and went over the downfall of his rap career. Chingy places all blame on rumors of involved sexually with transsexual, Sydney Starr. Chingy explained how he met Sydney Starr "who I thought was a young lady, came up to me that wanted a picture, I just took a picture. I thought she was a fan. I thought it was a young lady who was a fan. She seemed pretty cool. I took the picture and that was it". The "Holidae In" rapper said two years later there was rumors all over saying the two were seeing each other. Chingy includes he was just as surprised as everyone else.

Chingy had a record deal in the works around the same time the transsexual accusations were swirling. The record label decided to not sign Chingy "It was said to me. 'Cause it was so much bad publicity around that. So crazy. Its so crazy man. It was beyond me"

Eventually accusations proved to be false when Sydney Starr revealed they never had relations and the two had never met before the picture. We guess the moral of the story is, watch who you take pictures with it could cost you your career.

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 Image inside Fredo Santana Eating Well

hiphop | By drillmatic - 22 minutes ago

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 Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith responds to Suge Knight

hiphop | By bkid - 16 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

Top Dawg about his business :clap:

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 Image inside Rewind: Solange chillin with Wale in the park

hiphop | By largofool - 35 minutes ago


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 Game laughs at G-Unit beef

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 26 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

Same Game that was desperate for a g-unit reunion, starting petitions and sh*t :jaydamn:

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Audio inside Future ft. Andre 3000 - "Benz Friends (Whatchutola)"

hiphop | By CM Punk - 1 hour ago

Most anticipated track on the album is here.


Video inside YouTube (new url)

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 Who is the most musically jocked nigga this era?

hiphop | By Black Yeezus II - 34 minutes ago

I say it's an arguable tie between Drake and T-Pain. :shrug:

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 Article inside Mimi Faust, Nikko $10 Million $ex Tape Deal

hiphop | By sammy1990 - 40 minutes ago

Mimi Faust and Nikko of Love and Hip Hop ATL are looking like to be the highest paid reality stars from among their costars after striking a $5 million deal with Vivid Entertainment.

According to a source, "Vivid wanted to give then $100K, but they held out. [MiMi knew] how big the tape was, so she waited until all the buzz about it came out, and then she made the deal with Vivid."

In addition to the millions paid, the couple will be guaranteed 50% of the profits after a million copies sold, which couple possibly land the reality star $10 million.

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 Raekwon says he's "on strike" from Wu-Tang Clan and blasts RZA for mediocre music

hiphop | By heretic shae - 38 minutes ago

On the surface, this should be a great time for Wu-Tang Clan. The group is prepping the release of their comeback album A Better Tomorrow, their first since 2007's 8 Diagrams, while simultaneously upending industry conventions by selling one copy of a different 31-track album titled The Wu - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin.

But the revered hip-hop crew seems more divided than ever, at least among certain members. Earlier this week, RZA claimed that Raekwon has essentially disappeared from the recording of A Better Tomorrow, and that creatively, the two were on "different paths." Rolling Stone got on the phone with an angry, passionate Raekwon, who rebutted RZA's charges, accused him of lying and lobbied harsh charges against the Wu-Tang producer.

500 Greatest Albums of All Time: Raekwon's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx

RZA told Vlad TV, "I haven’t had a chance to really talk to him about why [you're not involved with the album]. But I would say that maybe creatively we on different paths." What's your response to that?
I don’t know why he said he didn’t speak to me, because he did speak to me. We spoke about two weeks ago. It was me, him, his brother and business partner Devine and we talked about why I’m not there right now. They know where I’m at and at the end of the day, him saying he didn’t speak to me is a bold-faced lie.

And yeah, we are at creative differences because at the end of the day, I want to win. I’m used to being a winner. Being that I feel the team is being compromised by his so-called "logic" of making music, I have a problem with that because I love my fans. I would never want to give my fans anything other than the best. So when we’re sitting there discussing the creative process of making a great album for the fans, I’m not going to never settle for less. I’m not the only one [in the group] that feels this way too.

What do you mean specifically when you say the team is compromised?
This sh*t is not right. It’s not making us give the fans the best that we can give them. So of course we have a problem with that. It’s like coming out with some music that you’re not feeling. Therefore, it’s being compromised by RZA and his brother Devine, Mitchell Diggs. My thing is, yeah, he’s right, we’re on different pages when it comes to being creative because RZA, you’re not in the field no more. I’m still paying attention to what’s going on and an amazing group that’s got so much potential to be bigger than what they are if they just focus and come out with great music. On "Keep Watch," you put this new young kid on there who nobody knows who he is – and I’m not taking shots at the kid – but I don’t even know who he is. That song is something that the crew didn’t have knowledge of, from what I’m being told. Dudes ain’t feeling good about it.

What do you think of "Keep Watch"?
I hate it. I hate it. I don’t hate sh*t, but I hate that fu*kin’ record. It ain’t the gunpowder that my brothers are spitting; it’s the production. And I ain’t sh*tting on the producer because he’s one of our soldiers. But if it ain’t where it need to be… It’s 20 years later. We talkin 'bout a whole new generation is sitting here representin' and making fiery sh*t and you telling me that we comin out with some mediocre sh*t? That ain’t part of our plan.

How much of A Better Tomorrow have you heard?
The bottom line: I’m not happy with that. I’m not happy with the direction of the music and I’m not happy with how dudes is treating dudes’ business. What are we giving the fans? What are we giving the people that help us be here? If it don’t feel right, I can’t be fake. And I’m not the only one who feels like that. Fans want the best and I have to sit here and work that hard to give them the best. Period.

You say you're not the only one who feels like this, but is this a majority of the Clan or a few members?
I can't speak for brothers. If they're going to sit there and allow themselves to be comfortable with what's being made, i don't know that part. The so-called "organization," – the business dudes – they made that decision to come out with that record. That’s where I have a problem. That’s not how it works. As a team, we make these decisions. My thing is this: For every problem, we try to find a solution. But the first thing is, we have to make sure that we’re all comfortable doing business. For me, I don’t mind doing whatever it takes to make sure Wu-Tang Clan has the greatest album that they could ever make. But first things first: Business is business and you gotta respect that.

Where specifically do you feel slighted, businesswise?
In order for Chef to work, the Chef contract has to be correct. It has to be a situation where I can say, "You know what? This is the best situation for me and my family." That’s who I work for. I work for my family.

It almost sounds like you’re on strike.
It’s the same as being an athlete. I don’t give a fu*k if it’s Kobe Bryant or Kevin Durant. They will not touch the floor if their managers or lawyers are saying, "Listen, sh*t ain’t right." So therefore, I’m in a limbo situation. So yeah, you’re right. I am on strike. It ain’t the fact that I don’t want to be there. Because of course I want to be there. But if we’re there, we gotta do the best everything. We gotta work 10 times harder, because that’s what I’m signing in for. I’m not about listening to somebody that’s not an artist telling me what the fu*k they think is hot.

As far as the RZA, I respect him, I love him – the love ain’t gonna go anywhere – but you’re not in the music world no more. So to me, you need to take a backseat and respect the n---as that is playing the game. I’m always out in the field and finding out what’s going on with the new. Period.

Do you think it's him or other people getting into his ear?
RZA’s the type of dude where, in the 90s, he ruled. Now it’s a new day. You’re not attached no more. It’s like being a coach and you won rings back in the day, but now your team is in ninth place. It’s time for a new fu*king game plan. I sit here with integrity all the time. When it comes to my music. When it comes to my business. When it comes to the fans. I’m always going to give them the best of me. And I know the Wu-Tang Clan is built like that, but if they’re sitting there listening to one man, ain’t no "I" in "Team."

So what’s the solution that makes you happy and ready to work?
It ain’t about making me happy; it’s about doing business and negotiating the best terms and making me feel like, "You’re not lying to me." But before anything, everybody else’s business might be taken care of correctly where they can move forward, but Chef is not! My sh*t ain’t together! I have to deal with that first.

Second, RZA’s saying this is Wu-Tang’s last album? OK. Cool. That’s what it is? You the Abbot? It’s the Abbot show? Aiight, then it’s the last fu*kin’ album. I’m cool with that. But at the same time, you’re not going to have me be attached to something that’s broke. Because if it’s already broke, why fix it?

Do you think part of it is the expectations put upon the group after 20 years?
We created something that wound up being so big, it has to sit on a certain kind of podium. It has to be sitting up there shining. It can’t be sitting up there with bullet holes and all this bullsh*t on it. I love my fans. I would never give them something that I feel is not a hit or a win. We made decisions together when it came to making great music. Today, I don’t know where RZA’s mind is at. I don’t know if he looks at himself as being a top producer. But you’re not the top producer no more. You’re definitely one of the best, but you’re not one of the best today.

We said with this album right here, let’s go use some of the relationships with the producers and artists that we know and let’s make something that the fans can be like, "Goddamn." You don’t go out there and put somebody on the fu*king record that nobody never heard of. That’s an insult to us. I’m just sitting back in the bleachers just watching sh*t. There’s no animosity with me and my brothers. My issue is with fu*kin’ management. And whoever sits in that chair, RZA and Devine, that’s they sh*t that they have to deal with. You’re not going to bury my career with your dumb moves.

Was there talk about working with other producers?
There definitely were conversations about this like, "Let's make this a colorful album with some of the hottest producers in the game." Motherfu*kers love and respect us enough where it's like, "If you call me, it would be an honor to be involved with it." But RZA, you're the guy that can do that and I don't understand why he's not doing that. We want to continue to hold that belt the way it’s supposed to be held.

Did you ever think about leaving the group?
[Pauses] I would never leave the group. Before, I would say to myself, "It can be fixed." We’ve done so much work together as a family that I would never turn my back on that. But if my business ain’t right, then it’s causing me to do what my heart is telling me to do.

On a scale of 0-10, what are the odds that you end up on A Better Tomorrow?
We at a two right now. It’s like climbing up a fu*kin' mountain if you got on slippers.

It’s sad. It hurts. It’s all about the fans. It’s all about them saying, "This is my favorite fu*kin' hip-hop group in the world." I have a job to do for them. And I would never let my fans down and make something I feel is mediocre just to say I made it. That’s not Raekwon.

Read more:
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 Article inside Dr. Dre Increases Wealth By $200 Million, Moves Ahead Of Jay Z On Forbes Five List

hiphop | By MiseryCityTexas - 26 minutes ago


(AllHipHop News) Listing which Hip Hop artist between Dr. Dre, Jay Z and Sean P. Diddy Combs is the more insanely wealthy one is a futile exercise in splitting hairs, but Forbes does it annually. In their 2014 Wealthiest Hip Hop Artists List, Diddy reigns supreme,but Dr. Dre has begun making strides over Jay Z.
Diddy, who started his own televsion channel REVOLT in October of 2013, increased his overall fortune by $120 million to a net fortune of $700 million. Jay Z increased his net worth from $475 million in 2013 to $520 million in 2014 with the start of his own sports agency, Roc Nation Sports. While Jay Z increased his wealth, he fell to #3 in the 2014 rankings as Dr. Dres wealth increased by $200 million from $350 million in 2013 to $550 million in 2014.
Dr. Dre owns Beats by Dre headphones with Interscope Records CEO Jimmy Iovine. Last year the headphone company reportedly raked in over $1.2 billion in revenue in 2013, a year after Iovine and Dr. Dre spent $150 million to increase their stake in the company to 75%.

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 August Alsina to debut with 50-60k copies sold

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 14 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

Pretty gd numbers for him :clap:

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 Article inside ChiWire: Drive By Kills Dead Rapper Lil Jojos Cousin (Details Inside)

hiphop | By Dead Masons - 37 minutes ago

Lil Jojo's cousin was killed this morning :ohnoes:

I think his name was Keno Glass

Tuesday morning wasn't the first time that Hector Forastieri had to clean up blood from a sidewalk in Rogers Park.

A maintenance man at an apartment building at Ashland Avenue and Jonquil Terrace, Forastieri this time poured bleach and hot water on the jagged pool of blood where Keno Glass, 16, was killed in a shooting hours earlier as he visited friends.

Glass, an aspiring rapper who went by the name Kay Pee Lashore, was the latest casualty of gun violence in a Far North Side community that has now seen 15 people shot, three fatally, so far this year.

Forastieri, who has worked at the apartment building for about five years, said he has witnessed gunfire while walking down Jonquil, a pocket of the ethnically and racially diverse community that for years has been plagued by gang conflicts and violence.

“I don't want to work over here, but I have to,” said Forastieri, trying to sweep the blood away with a broom along the icy sidewalk left icy by Monday's snowstorm.

Glass, a student at Senn High School who was on spring break, was shot in the head at about 2:40 a.m. Tuesday by one or more occupants of a gray minivan, Chicago police said. He died at the scene.

Charlie Carter was watching TV in his second-floor apartment in the building when he heard four gunshots. He looked out of his window and saw Glass lying on his back on the sidewalk.

“Then I heard somebody else...crying,” Carter said Tuesday in front of the building.

Officers, responding quickly to a call of shots fired, saw a vehicle flee the scene, said police, citing preliminary information. The vehicle crashed nearby and officers apparehended at least one possible suspect on foot, police said.

Police were questioning at least two persons of interest, but no charges had been filed as of Tuesday evening, authorities said.

The shooting happened across the street from the Stephen F. Gale Math and Science Academy and about three blocks from the Howard station on the CTA's Red Line. The motive for the shooting remained unclear, police said.

Glass' brother, Antwan Hubbard, 19, said his brother “had a good heart.”

“He just wanted to get his family out of the hood. He wanted to make a change for everybody. That's why he was rapping,” Hubbard said. “To make a change.”

The neighborhood is statistically one of the safest in the city. But so far this year, 14 people in addition to Glass have been shot, according to a Tribune analysis. Glass was the third fatal shooting victim in the neighborhood so far this year.

The previous homicide came on April 7 when Darnall Gordon, 36, was fatally shot and two others wounded outside a convenience store near Ashland and Howard Street, just a few blocks south of Tuesday's shooting.

Much of the violence in Rogers Park over the last few years has been attributed to feuding between two factions of the Gangster Disciples, according to police sources. But another brother of Glass' denied hs brother belonged to a gang.

Anthony Doss, a supervisor with the anti-violence group CeaseFire Illinois, said flare-ups are bound to happen in the neighborhood.

“It has its moments where violence is its daily agenda,” said Doss, who works with troubled youths in Rogers Park.

Carter, 42, who has lived in the apartment for about two years, continues to be bothered by the gang violence in his neighborhood, violence that he says takes place in the dog days of summer as well as the dead of winter.

“I just don't want to be walking out the door and bullets flying everywhere,” he said.

Video Link

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Audio inside Lil Herb - Whatchu Get

hiphop | By SlimDunkin - 1 hour ago

The Boondocks will be kicking off their fourth (and also last) season on April 21st and have teamed up with DJ Drama, Don Cannon and Trendsetter Sense to drop a mixtape with original music. Here’s one of the highlight cuts on that tape titled ‘Watchu Get’ starring Chicago artist Lil Herb. Download The Boondocks’ mixtape here and listen below

Video inside

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 Article inside Top Dawg Denounces Suge Knight's Criticism Of TDE's Aftermath Deal

hiphop | By TrueRhymeSayer - 39 minutes ago

Top Dawg Denounces Suge Knight's Criticism Of TDE's Aftermath Deal

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith says he'll sell TDE to Suge Knight for $1 if the former Death Row Records CEO can prove Interscope Records gets paid off Top Dawg Ent. tours.

Anthony "Top Dawg" Tiffith, the owner of Top Dawg Ent., has responded to Suge Knight's recent comments regarding the status of Kendrick Lamar's deal with TDE/Aftermath Records.

Tiffith's response:

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 Image inside Why nobody told me Godfather 50 had a pic of Ray Charles on his arm?

hiphop | By BLUE JACK$ON - 14 minutes ago

I been staring at this pic of Godfather 50 for the past 20 mins and I wanna know why ain't nobody told me he had the legend that is Ray Charles tatted on one of his arms.

I wasn't a big fan of Ray Ray looks wise in real life but, on Godfather 50's big, bulgy arm....

Bwoy bwoy look like a dime piece, :cp3datass:.

Fif got me down loading all of Rays classics trying to figure out what made him worthy of such an honor.

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 Image inside 50 Cent - Chase The Paper (ft. Prodigy, Kidd Kidd & Styles P)

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 30 minutes ago

Dropping on the 22nd

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 Video inside Jay Z Making Power Moves on the West Coast with LA Mayor Eric Garcetti

hiphop | By Murker99 - 19 minutes ago

Video inside


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 Image inside Lil Durk & Meek Mill to drop "Chiraq" Remix

hiphop | By SlimDunkin - 14 minutes ago

this is gonna be a banger !!!

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 Video inside Dame Dash behind the Scenes before the bankruptcy... Death of a Dynasty, State Property

hiphop | By thetfd - 32 minutes ago

Video inside YouTube (new url)

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 Video inside I know most of yall ain't heard these: Ab-Soul - The Unreleased Singles

hiphop | By Guvnor - 33 minutes ago

Check these out y'all. This project is filled with Ab-Soul songs that never made an album and most have never been released before. All of them are fire! :success:
Video inside YouTube

I know y'all especially are going to love

The original Black Lip Bastard song which is at the very beginning
Rapper sh*t (ft. Kendrick Lamar) @ 34:04
Take 'Em There feat. Alori Joh(R.I.P) 49:12

The Track list is as follows:
  1. Black Lip Bastard
  2. Titsenas
  3. All Feelin
  4. Dictionary Rap (Let's Do It)
  5. New God Flow
  6. Silver Spoon
  7. Untold Story
  8. Waken Baken
  9. Writer's Block
  10. Rapper sh*t (ft. Kendrick Lamar)
  11. Ab 4 Pres
  12. Fame
  13. Take 'Em There (ft. Alori Joh)
  14. Black & Mild

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 Video inside Big Glo:Chie keef spend 300k in 3 months

hiphop | By kevin boogz - 22 minutes ago

lol chief keef living the life

vid here

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Video inside Mayweather vs. Maidana: Meet Marcos Maidana - Showtime Boxing

sports | By STILL.DETOX - 2 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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Throwback - Niggas done started something - Dmx Feat Ma$e The Lox

hiphop | By MANNYSOSA - 1 hour ago

Video inside YouTube


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 Article inside Styles P Still Rides Behind J-Hood After D-Block Departure: "I HOpe Everybody Gives Him A Pass"

hiphop | By d2921 - 22 minutes ago

The LOX's Styles P recently updated fans on his feelings toward former D-Block member J-Hood and if there are any hard feelings against the one-time rap foe.

Despite Hood taking shots at L-O-X in the past, the Ghost said he still supports the New York native.

"I love J-Hood. I hope everybody gives him a pass," Styles wrote in a Reddit feed. "I don't hold anything against him. it's hard to go backwards though. I love hood like family but alot of the time you just gotta move forward." (Reddit)

Last year, group member Jadakiss said Hood's past issues with D-Block were incomparable to what LOX went through with Bad Boy Records CEO Diddy.

"We did stuff with J-Hood that Diddy would have never did for us," Jada said in an interview. "With that being said, it's like a mouthful. Some of the stuff we did for him in his life and his moms, may rest her soul, Diddy probably would have never did. I mean, he never did it so I can't say he would have never did. Stuff we did for [J-Hood], he never did. We only got mad at him after he disrespected us and crossed the line. He had every right to be angry because he just wanted to come out. He wanted to release his album. As an artist, you're supposed to be mad if your record doesn't come out after a certain amount of time." ("The Combat Jack Show")

The rapsy rapper also detailed how much of a close-knit bond they shared with Hood.

"[He was signed to us for] a few years, but you know sometimes another thing you have to learn in this game is timing is everything. Alicia Keys put out the same album ten years later or whatever it was and Clive [Davis] saw a vision and it blew. ... He was like our little brother -- he was really our family. It was internal like that, so, it was a whole different situation. When we were beefing with Diddy, we really didn't know Diddy like that. We knew him as we go to his office or go to the studio. We was never really in his crib with his moms and all of that." ("The Combat Jack Show")

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 Image inside Wale x Troy Ave in the studio (pic)

hiphop | By CM Punk - 43 minutes ago


Snow Doubt @troyave an me In the studio Cookin up


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 Video inside Dr. Dre: Lil Ghetto Boy Appreciation

hiphop | By daman729 - 33 minutes ago

The Chronic was a crazy album. One of the biggest albums that year if I can remember correctly and one the few albums I actually purchased. The first time I heard this song, I had to replay that sh*t like 10 fu*kin times. Too smooth and the story telling was on point. This gotta be one of my personal top 5 tracks from Dre. This song really speaks volumes and the message it gives is on some real sh*t. Niggas who actually grew in the streets can relate to this sh*t. It speaks reality.

Video inside

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 Video inside Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays (Episode 8) (Preparing For 420)

hiphop | By SM - 18 minutes ago

Lil Wayne Weezy Wednesdays (Episode 8) (Preparing For 420)


420 is slowly approaching and to prepare for the occasion Lil Wayne shows us what he did last 4/20 in the newest episode of Weezy Wednesdays. This one is for the stoners.
Video inside YouTube

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 Image inside Grandpa Dre working with Q-Tip

hiphop | By A.Dot789 - 43 minutes ago

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 Imagine If....

hiphop | By postaldude234 - 19 minutes ago

Hypothetically speaking, imagine if Drake ended up signing with Jay instead of Wayne :obamahmm:

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 Audio inside Turk Da Real Thugga

hiphop | By SM - 1 hour ago

Turk – Da Real Thugga


This week’s #TurkExclusiveFriday comes a day early with the release of “Da Real Thugga”, produced by Cassius Jay. His new album Mission Possible is set to drop later this year.
Video inside YouTube (new url)

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 Video inside Styles P - So Deep (Official Video)

hiphop | By SlimDunkin - 17 minutes ago

Video inside

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 DJ Premier Didnt Like The Beat To Nas Memory Lane

hiphop | By d2921 - 19 minutes ago

While many continue to celebrate Nas opus Illmatic for its 20th anniversary, one of the albums producers, DJ Premier, admitted to not being a fan of Memory Lane (Sittin In Da Park). The legendary producer discussed the making of this beat with The LA Leakers, for their Leaks That Collected Dust audio biography.

Memory Lane, I didnt like that beat before the drums and everything was added, DJ Premier said. Nas would always sit there with me with all his boys. Back then he was working on Illmatic, hed have 20 dudes in the roomSo, we finally got through that rough part of itBut it became fun to work with them because they all were cool. And they would listen to [us] when we said be quiet.

In addition to Memory Lane, Premier also contributed to other tracks on the classic album, including N.Y. State of Mind and Represent.

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 new paintings

misc | By CT - 2 hours ago

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 Video inside Blood Money & GloGang - Behind The Camera Vlog

hiphop | By ogghosttrain - 16 minutes ago

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 Outkast - Hollywood Divorce (Feat. Lil Wayne & Snoop Dogg) *Appreciation Thread*

hiphop | By DJ Maximum - 38 minutes ago

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 Audio inside Chanel West Coast West Coast (Remix)

hiphop | By SM - 1 hour ago

Chanel West Coast – West Coast (Remix)


Chanel West Coast adds a verse to Lana Del Rey’s latest single “West Coast” with a new beat by Rich Skillz.
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