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 Video inside Rihanna Extreme Twerking In Barbados

hiphop | By JNumbaNC - 4 hours ago

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NFL Odell Beckham Jr. with one of the greatest catches in NFL history

sports | By theFREAK - 3 hours ago

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NFL Marshawn Lynch Post Game Interview ...LMAOOO

sports | By BronxBombers - 3 hours ago

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Image inside Mayweather Takes Shot @ 50

hiphop | By Dray - 4 hours ago

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Video inside Iggy Azalea Wins Best "Rap / Hip-Hop Album" Award At The American Music Awards Over Eminem And Drake

hiphop | By Shadyunit - 4 hours ago

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 NFL Best Odell Beckham Jr Catch Meme's

sports | By italiansteve - 3 hours ago

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Image inside Chief Keef getting EXTORTED by Cali Crips?

hiphop | By sdot216 - 4 hours ago

3 hours ago
Check dis out ... If u on the westcoast an u rep GLO GANG U better check end ... With da boss #700gang

sound's like some subliminal sh*t

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Video inside China Mac Reflects on 10-Year Bid Over Shooting Jin's Associate

hiphop | By flix02 - 4 hours ago

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NBA They doing DRose so dirty on twitter

sports | By Zane Cobain - 3 hours ago

*tweet embedded


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Bale Admits Envy of Affleck, Wanted to Be Batman Again

movies | By Scallinno - 3 hours ago

What if Christian Bale reprised his iconic role as Bruce Wayne for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice? According to the noughts' Batman himself, he was jealous of Ben Affleck's casting as the Dark Knight, and admits he may have wanted to portray the character again.

Speaking to Empire Magazine (via, Bale gave his account of hearing the news of Ben Affleck being cast as Batman, and recounts, "I've got to admit initially, even though I felt that it was the right time to stop, there was always a bit of me going, 'Oh go on... Let's do another.'"

Bale goes on to describe the moment of regret he felt when he realized the Gone Girl star would replace him as cinema's Caped Crusader, saying, "So when I heard there was someone else doing it, there was a moment where I just stopped and stared into nothing for half an hour."

How do you feel about the idea of Christian Bale's Batman meeting Henry Cavill's Superman? Could we see this play out someday in a Crisis On Infinite Earths movie? (Dare to dream, Bale-believers)

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 NBA Harden Flops Then Hides Behind Teammate to Retaliate

sports | By The Boat - 3 hours ago

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Video inside French Montana Shows Off NJ Mansion He Had Trina Stayin In While Boo'd Up w/Khloe Kardashian Cali

hiphop | By PyrexVisionary - 4 hours ago

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OT Marquise Jackson "50 Cent's Son" Serving Dimes

sports | By Shmitty - 3 hours ago

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Video inside Freeway Rick Ross Calls On Rick Ross To Join His "Hip Hop To Prison Pipeline" Campaign

hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 4 hours ago

After persistent court battles granted Rick Ross legal rights to the stage name he co-opted from Freeway Rick Ross late last year, the author and former drug dealer recently released a video statement calling on the MMG founder and other Hip Hop artists to tell the truth about the origins of their success.

Deriding a

Hip Hop to prison pipeline
and the ongoing glorification of drug culture in the music industry, Freeway Rick Ross asked to join together with rappers like Rick Ross in a campaign against thug culture.


To William Roberts, a.k.a. Rick Ross, whos using my name, Im inviting you in to come with me, he said. Lets fight this culture. Lets fight this penitentiary culture that Hip Hops been spreading. Lets make a difference. Me and you need to come together and you need to tell them that you didnt make your money selling drugs and making music is how you became famous. See, its nothing wrong with making music just like its nothing wrong with being a correctional officer if thats what you did. But so many of our friends who look up to you and look up to me are out on the streets thinking that they can go out and sell drugs and parlay that into a record career. I dont know if you know that theyre not gonna make it, but I know that theyre gonna wind up in prison with prison sentences three and four times what they should be because this war on drugs is no joke. I have ten or eleven friends still in prison right now with life sentences including one that even you know, Big Meech. I know how much you respect me and care about me, otherwise you woudlnt have took my name. Take a chance with me now. Lets make a difference.

Even if William Roberts, a.k.a. Rick Ross, dont decide to come with me and join hands, then the rest of the artists out there, he added. Let us come together. Professor Griff, KRS-One, and so forth. Lets join hands. Lets change this thug culture. Lets change this Hip Hop to prison pipeline. Lets make it happen right now, today.
Touching on similar statements hes made previously, Freeway Rick Ross continued with a warning that Hip Hop and the entertainment business are the precursors to a life of crime and/or in prison.


Im letting you know right now that the establishment is using Hip Hop to prime these kids for a life thats gonna send them to prison just like they did with me, he said. When I was coming up there was Super Fly, Tequila Sunrise, Scarface, all these movies to make you think that you could start with nothing and then you could have the whole world in the palm of your hand.

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Image inside Photos Of Kendrick Lamar With Jonah Hill And Shia LaBeouf.....

hiphop | By BasedonMars - 4 hours ago

Kendrick Lamar And Jonah Hill...

Shia and Kendrick Lamar

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NBA Dwight Howard out indefinitely

sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 3 hours ago

It was the second consecutive game missed by Howard, who warmed up before Wednesday's loss to the Los Angeles Lakers before it was determined minutes before tip-off that he could not play.

Howard underwent the PRP therapy, a cutting-edge technique that Kobe Bryant used in 2013, on Thursday.

"It feels a lot better," Howard said Friday, according to the Houston Chronicle. "I had to get a shot in it to clear some of the stuff out of it. I'm trying to do whatever I can to get back on the floor."

PRP places a patient's blood in a centrifuge and spins it to separate the platelet-rich plasma, which is then injected back into the injured tissue. It is generally used for long-term treatment, although Howard expressed hope that he wouldn't be sidelined for an extended period.

Howard, an eight-time All-Star, averaged 18.8 points, 11.3 rebounds and 3.2 blocks in the Rockets' first 10 games. Undrafted rookie Tarik Black started in his absence, collecting three points and seven rebounds.

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Image inside Had To Syphon Gas

wild'ish | By bLazenLow - 4 hours ago

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 Image inside Waves literally on another level

wild'ish | By JamaicanDon92 - 4 hours ago

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Image inside Pure Pool now available on Xbox One

games | By LaRy BLanco - 3 hours ago

Price $12.99


Pure Pool
Experience a living, breathing, bustling Pool Hall from the convenience of your living room all wrapped up in VooFoo Studios signature jaw-dropping visuals! Pure Pool also builds a DNA profile as you play creating an AI interpretation of yourself, your friends and your foes which you can still play against, even

and YES it has Local & Online MP:iseeyou3:

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NFL In honor of ODB Jr. post Your favorite NFL Catch

sports | By killadre - 3 hours ago

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Video inside Twitter Exposes Troy Ave Again - "All About The Money" Was Written By "Run Ricky Run" Rapper

hiphop | By PyrexVisionary - 4 hours ago

So apparently the rapper ya love to hate Troy Ave'snew "hit" single "About The Money" was written by (both hook & verse) Manolo Rose who appears & sings the hook in Troys video and whose single "Run Ricky Run" is on fire right now and is tearing up the street & club scene in NYC and the its neighboring Tri-State area.

Troy Ave version (Troy Ave 1st verse)

Manolo Rose version (hook & 2nd verse)

Manolo Rose " Run Ricky Run"

To make matters worse Troy Ave performed his " All About The Money" at his Highline Ballroom show this past week and didn't invite Manolo to open up for him, perform on his set or even sing the hook to the song that he originally wrote and appears on.

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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 Kid walking around in the hood with Crip and Blood Flag :dead:

wild'ish | By WEB DemBois - 4 hours ago

This sh*t got me howling.:kghah:

Word To My FLAGS im not pus*y nigga :deadpg:

My fault IDK how to embed FB vids on to BX. If anyone knows just do it.

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NFL Pierre Garcon, on Having to Throw a Pass: This is Where Weve Come?

sports | By st21 - 3 hours ago


ASHINGTON (CBSDC) – Late in the first quarter of their loss to the 49ers, the Redskins – after failing to get into the end zone in their two previous drives – resorted to some trickery.
Washington on their own 26-yard line, quarterback Robert Griffin III handed the ball off to receiver Pierre Garcon on an end around. Garcon then launched a pass from the Redskins 17-yard line 60-plus yards down the field and out-of-bounds around the 20-yard line, targeting teammate DeSean Jackson.
Garcon apparently wasn’t happy about the play call, sounding off about it after the game.
Asked if he was looking forward to throwing a pass, Garcon said, “Not at all,” according to Mike Jones, “I was like, ‘This is where we’ve come?’”
There was more from Garcon, who, when asked to try and explain the team’s offensive struggles, according to Mike Jones, said, “Not getting the ball into the end zone, even when it was a short field.”
“Oh we had a lot of opportunities to score. We weren’t taking none. Being conservative. That’s what it is,” he added, also according to Mike Jones.
Asked for a solution, Garcon said, “Maybe throw to the receivers. Throw to the receivers. That’ll fix the problem, especially down in the red zone.”
“I’m going to do my job regardless of the circumstances,” he’d later say. “I’m going to keep playing. Got to have a short memory in this league. You’re playing, it’s your job, have good fundamentals, make plays.”

As a receiver, Garcon would catch 34 of Griffin’s 106 passing yards on 3 receptions.

:mjlol: sh*t was so embarrassing

pierre got a cannon tho :mikewhoa:

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Image inside J.Cole Covers Complex Magazine

hiphop | By Steve - 4 hours ago

More: J.Cole Covers Complex Magazine

*tweet embedded

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Image inside Quavo Newest Chains but wait...

hiphop | By nh3518 - 4 hours ago

Donno_Wildass the homie tripping . :sbohno:
He on Quavo top, I guess he dont want to let this go?

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Image inside Smash or Pass: British pop singer Jessie J.

eyecandy | By Sivraj - 2 hours ago

Sometimes she looks kind of manish in the face, but every since I saw her on Jimmy Kimmel live performance I been kind of hot for her.

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New Batman Arkham Knight Footage

games | By Ctrllers - 3 hours ago

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Image inside 'Murica doesn't make any sense

wild'ish | By RaptorsWon - 4 hours ago

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Video inside Tone Trump Says 50 Cent Shot A Philly Hip Hop Reality Series That Was Too Real For TV

hiphop | By akverse47 - 4 hours ago

"50 had an interest in doing a reality show on Philadelphia and the underground music scene, The streets... real gritty joint" Tone said. "Me, Knox and the team we put together, I don't even wanna say a trailer. We shot four episodes. 50 was loving it. This was before reality shows got real big. 50's whole thing was he needed to be able to justify how hard the content was, to be able to sell it to a network. The sh*t was so gangster, This was giving a look of Philadelphia that was so authentic, like how the fu*k could they air this on TV? What channel could air this sh*t? From the violence, to the honesty, the plights of what's going on with young black men and the crookedness of the justice system. It was just deep. It was way bigger than any type of music sh*t."

Source: Thisis50

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Image inside Becca Campbell, Accidentally Killed Herself With Gun She Bought For #Ferguson Unrest

wild'ish | By ebizz6284 - 4 hours ago

Hate to say but I saw this coming :woodsonfacepalm:

St. Louis The victim, 26 year-old Becca Campbell was a passenger in a car involved in an auto accident. Her 33-year-old boyfriend was driving, sources told CNN.
The boyfriend told police the couple had bought a gun because of fears of unrest related to the pending grand jury decision on the shooting of Michael Brown, the sources said.
The woman was waving the gun around saying, Were ready for Ferguson, the man told police.
The boyfriend ducked to get out of the way of the gun and accidentally rear-ended another car.
The accident caused the gun to go off and she was struck by a bullet in the head, the sources said.

- See more at:

:stressed: Lets be smart about this my people!

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Video inside Eminem f/ Sia Guts Over Fear (Video)

hiphop | By Steve - 4 hours ago

Watch: Eminem Guts Over Fear (Feat. Sia) (Official Music Video)

*tweet embedded

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 NBA Evan Turner needs to just retire...he's getting shook by Steve Blake now :dead:

sports | By MidwestStomping - 3 hours ago




:dogdonotwant: :jayorly:

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Video inside Nerdy Fuc Boi Picks Up Girls Using Our Godfather 50's Lyrics...100% Success Rate

hiphop | By HipHopFactz - 4 hours ago

50's music makes hoes lose it...oooweee

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Video inside Star Says He Could Of Choked The Sh*t Out Of Ebro!

hiphop | By NYGZ - 4 hours ago

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Image inside 21 Years Ago Today, Snoop Doggy Dogg Released His Debut Album "Doggystyle"

hiphop | By 187Proof - 4 hours ago


With his mind on his money and his money on his mind, Snoop rolled in from the West to pick America's pockets, and his laid-back drawl was such a hilarious trick that he got away clean. Dr. Dre's low-riding G-funk makes the perfect backdrop to Snoop's rhymes, as slow and lazy as a dog-day afternoon. Doggystyle has a serious streak of gangsta remorse running through all the murder and misogyny, but it also offers cheerfully ridiculous cartoon theme songs like "Who Am I (What's My Name)?" and "Doggy Dogg World." "Gin and Juice" takes a timeless teen trip in the tradition of "Fun, Fun, Fun," "The Twist" and "Bust a Move" it's six in the morning, the freaks are still dancing, and the house party keeps jumping till Mama gets home.

Read more:
Follow us: @rollingstone on Twitter | RollingStone on Facebook

- Rolling Stone
One of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time...

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 NFL Johnny Manziel & entourages involved in 20 person brawl after fan tried to hug him

sports | By theFREAK - 3 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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 Video inside New york rappers be like

wild'ish | By Star - 4 hours ago

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 NBA Grizzlies GM: We have every intention of re-signing Marc Gasol

sports | By T.O.N.Y. - 3 hours ago

The Knicks want him as the fulcrum of the triangle.

The Spurs want him as a replacement if Tim Duncan decides to walk away after this season.

The Lakers want him basically, every team that has cap space next summer wants Marc Gasol.

The Grizzlies center will be one of the most sought after players on the free agent market next summer. Hes a former Defensive Player of the Year, he can score around the rim or from the midrange, hes a very good passer and he plays a high IQ game. There arent better centers out there.

The Grizzlies know they have competition but intend to keep their man, something their GM Chris Wallace told CLNS radio.

Wallace put a definitive answer out there We have every intention of re-signing Marc Gasol. So those teams are going to have to find another player.

Marc Gasol has said almost nothing. And this speculation swirling around him doesnt seem to be bothering him or the team as the Grizzlies are off to an 11-2 start and Gasol has played like an All-Star.

Next summer hes going to have options. But Gasol likes Memphis and the life he has here, plus the Grizzlies can offer more money than any other team (one more guaranteed year and larger raises, it will work out to close to $30 million guaranteed over the course of the deal). Plus the Grizzlies are legit, potential contenders.

Which is to say, Memphis is in the drivers seat. But its going to be a wild ride this summer.

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 Image inside Twitter Fail: Guy Tweets Risque Message to "Chipotle"

wild'ish | By Only We Survive - 4 hours ago


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 NBA Raptors Fans Everywhere :dead:

sports | By RaptorsWon - 3 hours ago

Random as fu*k :dead4:

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