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Oct 7 - Famous Porn Director Reveals the Jaw-Dropping Truth about Porn
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 Well Damn looks like Nicki and Meek will be breaking up soon
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 NBA Corey Holcomb comments on the Kevin Durant/Stephen A Smith Feud :dead:
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 NBA He has lebron beat!!!!!! The goat haircut

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Oct 7 - Famous Porn Director Reveals the Jaw-Dropping Truth about Porn

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misc | By RAZAH CUTS - 3 hours ago


Seymore Butts has seen it all in his 20-plus years in the biz, and hes about to burst your porn bubble

To the typical civilian watching porn, the stars can come across as sexual super-heroes. I know this because I was once a civilian watching a lot of porn.

I still remember the thoughts that ran through my head back then. How does he do that? Jeez, his penis is big! Wow, look at her perfect body! Shes insatiable!

And thats a good thing. As a director, I hope thats what viewers are thinking when watching one of my movies. I plan, cast, shoot, direct, and edit them specifically to induce those type of thoughts. I create fantasies.

The problems start when viewers forget that these are fantasies and lose perspective. They have insecurities about themselves and their own sexual abilities. They start thinking things like, I wish my penis was that big! I wish my girlfriend would do that! I wish I could be that spontaneous and erect on demand!

Well guess what? The porn you see on your computer or TV screens arent an accurate reflection of what happens in real life. I dont just mean your life, Im talking about the porn actors creating all that impossible sex youre watching. Youre only seeing a small fraction of what really went on.

Prepare to learn some hard truths.

Big Penises

Yes, most of the male performers in porn have large salamis. You may be impressed with their size, but you know who isnt as excited by a gigantic cock? The women in porn.

There are only a certain percentage of women who can actually handle and enjoy an abnormally large bratwurst. I encounter situations like this constantly when Im filming, and I see the signs when I watch others adult movies.

Theres the obvious grimace of pain on the actress facebecause hes way too big for her, and it hurtsor the less obvious womans hand on the mans hip to prevent him from penetrating too deep.

Related: Secrets to Pleasing a Woman From a Guy with a Micropenis

I usually edit out these pain indicators, because at least for me, its distracting. It takes away from the fantasy and just reminds you that these are actors doing a job, and sometimes that job can be a pain in the ass . . . or vagina.

Marathon Sex

We have become accustomed to watching porn studs pound away at their co-stars for anywhere from 20 to 60 minutes.

What you dont see is what happens before the cameras start rolling. Like the pill popping and penis injecting. In my experience, 95% of the male performers use some sort of erectile enhancement medication, and the ones who dont are at the bottom of the totem pole.

(For natural ways to last longer in bedalong with hundreds of other proven techniques to make you the best lover shes ever hadcheck out How to Pleasure a Woman, the ultimate sex manual from the editors of Men's Health.)

You only see the finished product, so you dont see all the stopping and starting that happens during a shoot. The breaks to eat and drink, or catch their breath, or regain an erection, which could also mean popping another pill or sticking another needle into the base of the performers penis.

There are bathroom breaks and re-lubing breaks and still-picture-taking breaks. Its endless.

Truth be told, neither the male or female performers are actually going at it non-stop for anywhere near the periods of time that it seems.

And while many of the male performers are able to last an abnormally long time, under what seem to be the most pleasurable of circumstances, there are consequences.

I dare any man to have sex for long periods of time, 6 to 7 days per week, over a 60-day period. See what happens to your penis.

Now imagine engaging in that amount of sexual activity over a period of years. With such a workload placed on it, the male performers penis becomes desensitized to the point where many of them cant actually ejaculate while having sex.

They need to pull out and reach orgasm manually, or even worse, they develop a tolerance for the erectile dysfunction medications and cant get it up at all, for work or play.

Spontaneous Anal Sex

Sex in porn is designed to look spontaneous, but nothing could be further from the truth. Especially when it comes to anal sex.

Before a scene, female performers have a lot of advance prep, from doing several enemas (you need to make sure that gigantic cock she's barely tolerating doesn't unleash a tsunami of fresh sh*t) to reducing or eliminating food consumption anywhere between 4 to 12 hours before their call time. Because, well, there's nothing worse than shooting an anal scene with an actress whos full of sh*t.

Think about that the next time youre watching sphincter-stretching porn. The actress is probably starvingon the set, we can almost hear her stomach growlingand she's had more enemas that morning than the residents of a nursing home.

Insatiable Libidos

Sure, there are female performers in it purely for the sex, but they are few and far between.

My experience tells me that the majority of women are in porn for the money first, followed closely by the adulation, then the freedom, and then the sex.

Some of them dont enjoy any of the sex. Some of them are strictly heterosexual and dont enjoy other girls. Some are lesbians and dont enjoy sex with guys. Some of them find many of the people they are asked to have sex with unattractive.

But they do it anyway, and they do it well. They have learned to fake it.

Directors ultimately dont care as long as the performer has the ability to act as if shes enjoying everything shes doing, which the successful ones do. We know that with good shooting and some creative editing, youll never be able to tell the difference.

Female Ejaculation

Theres some debate about whether female ejaculation is even possible. (Go here to find out More Than You Ever Wanted to Know about Female Ejaculation.) But I can tell you that when it comes to squirting in porn movies, what you see isnt always what you get.

For every genuine squirting scene, there are many, many instances where the girl is actually urinating, or we take a break from filming so the actress can fill her vagina with water using a turkey baster.

Yep, that actually happens.

Sex Without Condoms

Despite the fact that all performers are tested every 14 to 30 days, curable STDs are rampant within the industry. I know of some performers who catch them so often, they have developed a tolerance for the treatment medications.

This is not an indictment of the individuals involved, it is simply a numbers game. Any individual, in any setting, under any circumstances, who had as much random unprotected sex as a porn star would experience the same.

If youre ever in doubt, just follow my golden rule; Never have unprotected sex with someone youre not totally comfortable asking to shave your anus.

Adam Glasser (aka Seymore Butts) is a porn actor and director with over 100 movies to his credit, including Gapes of Wrath, Mission to Uranus, and Ass Good Ass It Gets. He's been the subject of a Showtime reality show, Family Business, and author of a sex guide for men, Rock Her World. Follow him on Twitter at @seymorebutts. He's currently working on mainstream television, gaming, and music-related projects. directing-porn

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Video inside Rick Ross sendin more shots at 50 - Interview with Angie Martinez

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hiphop | By trendsettaz - 3 hours ago

Ross refuses to give Meek that L tho....

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NBA Corey Holcomb comments on the Kevin Durant/Stephen A Smith Feud :dead:

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sports | By Lurker - 2 hours ago

The topic starts at the 16 minute mark if you want to skip the intro. This nigga man

He also threw some jabs at Jamele Hill and Michael Smith

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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NBA Trevor Booker Just Slapped Roy Hibbert :dead:

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sports | By ZeusSlaps - 2 hours ago

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Image inside Actor Ryan Phillippe pays homage to Sean P

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hiphop | By joker - 3 hours ago

caption: #SeanPriceForever

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Well Damn looks like Nicki and Meek will be breaking up soon

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hiphop | By rory44 - 2 hours ago

Theyre men, grown-ass men. Its between them. How does it make you feel, I ask? I hate it, she said. It doesnt make me feel good. You dont ever want to choose sides between people you love. Its ridiculous. I just want it to be over. cki-minaj.html

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Video inside Well Damn The Game previews Young Thug diss track

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hiphop | By rory44 - 2 hours ago

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Image inside Official Metal Gear Online 3 Thread!!!

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games | By megaman x - 57 minutes ago

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Troy Ave with the 2015 ether

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hiphop | By seasick91 - 2 hours ago

New York has finally managed to get a lower case w somehow. Upper case W for troy.

"Cas beat you up in jail that was a L"

"You beat up a chick went back to jail that was a L"

"L over L, L O and L"

"I made a million while you made jokes, NOW THATS FUNNY"

Too many quotables, so much wit, humor and personality. This one verse might be better than the whole meek , drake battle.

Mans better keep troys name out their mouth

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NFL Ray Lewis Calls Jimmy Graham a Queen

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sports | By 6Fraud - 2 hours ago 153532649.html


Prior to last night’s Monday Night Football game against the Lions—a game that ended in controversy—ESPN analysts Trent Dilfer and Ray Lewis attempted to explain why Graham hasn’t been effective in Seattle. Dilfer started things off by talking about how Graham is “more of a spectator than a blocker” on running plays, which has limited what he’s been able to do with the Seahawks. And while Lewis more or less agreed with that assessment, he went about explaining it much differently.

“He’s a queen tight end,” Lewis said. “He’s the opposite of what I used to be playing against…When you have this type of deficiency in your offense, this can take away your identity without you even knowing it takes away your identity.”

Wait, a what tight end?

No one has ever heard the term “queen tight end” before, so it’s a little bit unclear what Lewis meant by it. Some people have suggested he may have meant “queen” in chess terms, while others have called for him to apologize for using a homophobic slur. Either way, Lewis should probably choose his words a little bit more wisely moving forward.

He better stand his ground who the fu*k these people think they are

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Video inside The Game Performs Hate or Love it and Disses Young Rainbow

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hiphop | By The Consultant - 3 hours ago

Edit. SkeeTV removed the full video

@Avon_Barksdale @Hellmatic

Partial video of the performance..

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Oct 7 - Families of Florida teens who died after principal hypnotized them will get $600K

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news | By eann - 3 hours ago

Former North Port High School Principal George Kenney practiced hypnosis without a license on as many as 75 students, faculty, and staff at his Florida high school. The hypnosis techniques were believed to have led to the death of three of his students.

The families of three North Port High School students who died after being hypnotized by former Principal George Kenney will receive $200,000 each from the Sarasota County School District under a settlement agreement unanimously approved by the School Board at its meeting Tuesday night.

The $600,000 settlement closes a bizarre, yearslong case that began after former North Port High School Principal Kenney admitted he hypnotized 16-year-old Wesley McKinley a day before the teenager committed suicide in April 2011.

A subsequent investigation found that Kenney hypnotized as many as 75 students, staff members and others from 2006 until McKinley's death. One basketball player at the school said Kenney hypnotized him 30 to 40 times to improve his concentration.

Among those who were hypnotized were 17-year-old Brittany Palumbo and 16-year-old Marcus Freeman. Palumbo committed suicide in 2011. Freeman was in a fatal car accident after apparently self-hypnotizing, a technique Kenney taught the teenager, also in 2011. ...

Kenney was placed on administrative leave in May 2011; he resigned in June 2012. He was charged with two misdemeanors in 2012, including practicing therapeutic hypnosis without a license. He entered a plea of no contest as part of a deal that saw him serve one year of probation, during which he was not allowed to practice unlicensed hypnosis.

Kenney gave up his teaching license in 2013 under pressure from the Florida Department of Education and cannot reapply for another. Documents at the time indicated he lived in Waynesville, North Carolina. A web search revealed Kenney operates a lakeside bed-and-breakfast there and creates stained glass.

“They're not happy about” Kenney's lack of punishment, [prosecuting attorney Damien] Mallard said of the students' families. “The thing that is the most disappointing to them is he never apologized, never admitted wrongdoing and is now living comfortably in retirement in North Carolina with his pension.”

The families could not sue Kenney himself because school district employees are considered an extension of the School Board under the law. The only entity families could sue was the school district.

Mallard noted that the $200,000 awarded to each family is the maximum any Florida government agency can pay without getting special approval from the Legislature and governor.

The civil case was set to go to trial on Oct. 12. Both the school district and Mallard had collected depositions in the case that shed more light on what happened.

Before McKinley, Palumbo and Freeman were ever hypnotized by Kenney, Sarasota County School District Executive Director of High Schools Steve Cantees warned Kenney at least three times not to practice hypnosis unless it was a demonstration in a psychology class and he had written parent permission from each student.

But even those demonstrations may have been illegal because Kenney did not have a license to practice hypnosis.

Freeman was the first of the three students named in the lawsuit to die.

Kenney hypnotized Freeman, a quarterback for the North Port High football team, to help him concentrate and not worry about pain during games, according to court documents. Kenney began to teach Freeman how to hypnotize himself.

After a painful dentist visit on March 15, 2011, Freeman drove home with his girlfriend. His girlfriend said that during the ride Freeman got a strange look on his face and veered off of Interstate 75 near Toledo Blade Boulevard. Freeman later died from his injuries; his girlfriend survived.

McKinley was found hanging outside his home less than a month later on April 8. His friend Thomas Lyle said in a deposition for the case that McKinley was hypnotized by Kenney at least three times, including on the day he died. McKinley wanted to do better with his guitar practice for his audition with the Julliard School of the Arts, Lyle said. When McKinley would get on the school bus after sessions, sometimes he wouldn't know his name, Lyle said. McKinley would ask who his friends were. The same day McKinley died, he asked Lyle to punch him in the face, the records stated.

“I would say that he was in a distant phase. He wasn't all there mentally, it seemed like, after the sessions,” Lyle said, according to a deposition.

Palumbo also hanged herself. Her parents found her in her closet in 2011. Her parents said she wanted to attend the University of Central Florida before Kenney informally diagnosed her with test anxiety. He said hypnosis could help her improve her SAT scores. Her scores did not improve and she became despondent before she died.

Palumbo's parents urged parents of other students hypnotized by Kenney to pay close attention to their children's behavior, especially in times of turmoil.

“We are satisfied with the overall outcome,” Michael and Patricia Palumbo said in a statement, “although this is a very hollow victory.”

http://www.heraldtribune.... 51009766?tc=ar

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Destiny Is Automatically Downloading to Some PS4s

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games | By Da Ill One - 2 hours ago

There are reports coming from numerous news sites which state that some PlayStation 4 owners are finding that their consoles are automatically downloading the game. This isnt a free download, either. Youll be charged for the game, not to mention the fact that youd better hope you have a capless Internet connection that allows you to download 17GB worth of data.

It seems this has occured because you PlayStation 4 has a feature which learns what games and genres youre interested in. As Sony explains on its site: The PS4 system has the ability to learn about your preferences. It will learn your likes and dislikes, allowing you to discover content pre-loaded and ready to go on your console in your favorite game genres or by your favorite creators.

To make sure you avoid a few surprise bills for a game you dont want, you can disable the feature by going to your PS4s settings and select Automatic Downloads. Hopefully Sony will refund those who got the game without warning.


WTF Sony, that's fu*ked up

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Image inside Kreerain

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eyecandy | By Bazileus - 3 hours ago

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NBA I cant believe niggas were saying Kiwi > PG13

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sports | By LuckiiWaviano - 3 hours ago

straight TORCHING AD who niggas say is an elite defender

20 in a quarter
Nigga is far and away the 4th best SF in the league (idc if he's playing PF)

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NBA Julius Randlet shows why Mitch decided to keep him :kobecigar:

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sports | By lefthookright - 2 hours ago

This young kid is gonna be special. He showed us why mitch wouldn't include him in the trade for Boogie. (the old "win now" mitch would've given up randle/clarkson/deangelo for boogie and Rudy gay ) :kibecigar:


Is this the reason why Mitch didnt pull the trigger on the trade with Sacremento for Demarcus "Boogie'' Cousins? This was Julius Randle's best performance as a professional. Playing with aggression, showing explosiveness, dunking and bullying.

That dunk he caught off the rim tho

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Oct 7 - Bystander opens fire on shoplifter at Home Depot

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news | By Ham Rove - 2 hours ago


AUBURN HILLS, Mich. (WJBK) - What do you do if you come home from work and confront a guy that broke into your house? Or it's late at night and you hear someone breaking into your car and that person tries to attack you? Experts say those are no-brainers. In both cases you have the right to shoot. And in other cases, it ought to be crystal clear when you cannot.

Some firearm experts say the woman in Auburn Hills was wrong to open fire in the Home Depot parking lot, shooting at a shoplifting suspect's getaway vehicle.

"There could have been a 4-year-old child coming out of Home Depot with their grandparent," says Tanisha Moner, a CPL instructor.

You can't shoot at moving cars. You can't shoot at people retreating. You can't do that," Moner says. FOX 2 asked her when gun owners have the legal right to shoot.

FOX 2: "If I see a guy running out of my house with my flat screen TV, what do I do?"

"I hope you have insurance," Moner says.

FOX 2: "But I've got my gun."

Moner: "You call the police."

She says you can only shoot someone when you are defending yourself or someone else from the threat of great bodily harm, rape or death. But if someone put a pistol to your pet's head, you're also advised not to play Rambo and try to rescue Rover. 30790613-story

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NBA He has lebron beat!!!!!! The goat haircut

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sports | By tokinjohn - 1 hour ago

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NFL Johnny Manziel family home burned down; Police suspect arson

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 2 hours ago

*tweet embedded

WHITEHOUSE, Texas -- A lake house destroyed by an early morning fire belongs to the grandfather of NFL quarterback and former Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel, according to Smith County Fire Marshal Jay Brooks.

The Whitehouse Fire Department responded to a call about a fire on Slack Rd. in Whitehouse at approximately 1:30 a.m on Wednesday.

Brooks said by the time the fire was called in, the home was already fully involved. The home is on Lake Tyler, and is a lake home, so no one was inside of the home at the time.

WFAA's sister station KYTX is told the house belongs to Paul Manziel, Johnny's grandfather.

"Everything Paul loved and cherished was in that home. He loved his house," Paul Manziel's girlfriend Beverly Green said. "Thank you to friends and family for all of your prayers. We are just blessed no one was in the house and everyone is safe."

Fire crews from Whitehouse, Flint Gresham and Chapel Hill were called on to the scene, as well as the Smith County Sheriff's office.

According to Brooks, the fire is suspicious in nature. They are investigating it thoroughly.

Arson investigators from the State Fire Marshals Office are being called in to do a search on the residence. Arson canines will also be called.

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Video inside A Day In The Life Of Slim Jesus

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hiphop | By Young Buck - 1 hour ago

Slim Jesus is winning

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