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Martin Shkreli Claims he Officially bought Kanyes Album! Pics coming in a few minutes!!

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hiphop | By FlyYourBeak - 6 hours ago

he just tweeted about it

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Kanye Is 53 Million Dollars In Debt.

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hiphop | By ROME614 - 6 hours ago

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NBA F*ck That Man Aaron Gordon Got F*cking ROBBED !!!

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sports | By theFREAK - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Producer Lex Luger Calls Out Azealia Banks

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hiphop | By MGz - 10 hours ago


she deleted tweets but she dropped these text, shes in blue

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Image inside Guy gives cheating girlfriend a gift

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wild'ish | By refuze - 11 hours ago

bi*ch felt dumb as fu*k

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Image inside Mike Dean Confirms TLOP has been sold to Martin Shkreli?

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hiphop | By iNeeJob Not iOS - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Mto: Bill Clinton has illegitimate black son

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wild'ish | By micropave - 12 hours ago .. need-this.html just got some BLOCKBUSTER news that man have an IMPACT on the current presidential race, between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. A 27 year old ARKANSAS MAN named Danny Williams is claiming to be BILL CLINTON'S son. Bill Clinton allegedly had a relationship with Danney's mother, an Arkansas prostitute named Bobbie Ann Williams.

According to Danny, his African American mother and Bill Clinton had a relationship nearly 30 years ago - and that relationship produced a CHILD. According to Danny, Bill Clinton never ACKNOWLEDGED HIM AS HIS SON because he was born during the run up to Bill CLINTON's PRESIDENTIAL RUN. Danney claims that the 42nd president ABANDONED him and his mom . . . never paying a DIME in child support, or giving any parental support or love.

Danney is now on a FACEBOOK CAMPAIGN to have Bill Clinton RECOGNIZE HIM as his son. He's provided pics, stories, and everything. And for what it's worth, dude looks EXACTLY like the former prez. Danney also claims that Bill is REFUSING to take a DNA test to prove paternity.

This ain't the kind of ish that Hillary needs going into the campaign in South Carolina.


Yeah I know... mediatakeout... lol but dang this pic though... idk could be

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Image inside Young Dolph x Yo Gotti - Is Their Some Memphis Tension?

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hiphop | By intheknow - 11 hours ago

I wonder what made him tweet this. I think I seen one of Gotti artists takin shots a while back

Dolph dropping his debut album "King Of Memphis" Febuary 19th the same day as Gotti's "The Art of Hustle"

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Video inside Feb 12 - NJ GrapeStreetCrips Gang Leader Indicted (Cheif Keef & Fetty Wap can breathe)

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news | By YungPrinceNY - 8 hours ago .. 368454291.html


Suspected members of the Grape Street Crips, a notorious street gang operating in Newark, were arrested Thursday morning as part of an effort to stem the spate of violence that has marred the New Jersey city in recent months.
FBI and DEA agents, Newark police, and officers from the Essex County Sheriff’s Department raided several locations and took suspected gang members into custody, including its reputed leader, officials said.

The gang is a subsect of a Los Angeles-based street gang of the same name.
Newark residents Corey Hamlet, 39, Sean Scott, 45, Keon Bethea, 33, and Jamil Harrison, 32, were charged with numerous crimes, including RICO conspiracy, use of firearms in crimes of violence, witness tampering, robbery and drug trafficking, authorities said.

The New Jersey Grape Street Crips is the local branch of a nationwide street gang founded in Los Angeles which engages in drug-trafficking and other crimes, law enforcement officials said. Officials say the gang controls much of the heroin trafficking in northern New Jersey.
In addition to the gang’s criminal activities, the gang’s rules say members must retaliate against anyone who cooperates with law enforcement, officials said. Gang members routinely engage in acts of intimidation and violence against witnesses, cooperators, and law enforcement officers, the officials said.

Nine months ago, more than 70 members of the Grape Street Crips, including the No. 2 and No. 3 highest ranking members, were arrested in New Jersey, U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said.
"The people of Newark should not have to endure that kind of violence or the fear that it breeds," Fishman said in a statement.

Andrew Campi, acting director of the New Jersey FBI, said the bust brings Newark closer to "dismantling one of the most violent street gangs in this city."
The four defendants appeared in U.S.

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Image inside Ye' hit Marty with the grab and dip

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hiphop | By Pill Cosby 313 - 4 hours ago

Martin Skhreli sitting around like

Score one for us

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Image inside No Kanye Album?...he sold it to the Devil

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hiphop | By bosslife11 - 6 hours ago

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Video inside Kanyes SNL performance

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hiphop | By kuruptjatt - 4 hours ago

Anyone just see that sh*t? I'm a fan of some of his work and all, but I definitely think that nigga going the bobby brown route with the drugs

Via rasheedwallace

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OVO Sound Radio w/ Kanye West TONIGHT

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hiphop | By wShh - 11 hours ago

It's supposed to only be a tribute but since the album still isnt out...
He will be a GUEST
Should we expect anything from this?

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Image inside Yall smashin Wiggins sister?

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eyecandy | By LuckiiWaviano - 5 hours ago

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NBA How the fu-k are these the same points

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sports | By That Nigga - 6 hours ago

same fu*kin dunk

nigga did it after gordons dunk..judges know gordans was better cant give lavine a 50 too

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Image inside Future Overcomes Michael Jordan's No N***S Policy

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hiphop | By d2921 - 4 hours ago

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Kanye gonna keep dissing Nike till they pull a power move on his ass

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hiphop | By LuckiiWaviano - 11 hours ago

If Nike decides to retro the Yeezy 1 and 2s and make them GR
Kanye gonna be out that bi*ch LIVID
Nike has so many shoes in the vault that they can dish out

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NBA Aaron Gordon: "All 4 of my dunks had never been done in the dunk contest."

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sports | By That Nigga - 3 hours ago

Says he will come back next year

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Image inside Warner Brothers Bought Makonnen Out Of His OVO Contract

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hiphop | By d2921 - 3 hours ago

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NBA If #8 and #24 were 2 separate players

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sports | By KING JAYY - 4 hours ago

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