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View Full Version : "Jackass 3D" shocks Hollywood with a blockbuster weekend, RED is strong at #2

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10-18-2010, 03:11 AM

Don't call it a comeback... "Jackass 3D" slaughtered and grossed out the competition by outgrossing its box office predictions with a whopping $49.5 million opening weekend, nearly doubling it's $20 million dollar budget in one weekend. Paramount is probably doing backflips right now. And, for good reason... "Jackass 3D" is a really funny, and just plain entertaining movie... And the 3D is among some of the best I've seen, only because the way they include it into the film is clever, and makes some of these stunts (even the really nasty ones) really amazing to watch. They have some good here. Now, it remains to be seen if the film will continue to be strong in the coming weeks, simply because this may be one of those cases where everyone who wanted to see it saw it the first weekend... Maybe, this will be different.


The retired-CIA action/comedy was far behind in the #2 spot with a still strong $22 million. This was considered a risky proposition for studios. You have here an action comedy with an all-older cast (40+) aimed at an older crowd. It's considered common knowledge that older folks don't go to the movies. Well, I guess it paid off. Summit Entertainment, the studio behind last year's Oscar winner "The Hurt Locker" and the crappy "Twilight" franchise, are said to be really happy with this opening. And, they should be.


The critical darling known as "The Social Network" has fallen from number one to number 3, with a gross of $11 million dollars, lifting it's grand total to about $63.1 million. It's a surefire Oscar contender, but one does feel a little disappointed that there isn't alot of commentary about the social effects that Facebook has had on our culture, and sticks closely to the main storyline. Which is okay, I suppose. It's definitely a film worth discussing and talking about.


The obligatory "inspirational" film of the fall is still performing with a weekend gross of $9.7 million, lifting its total to $27.1 million. This is known around Hollywood as the possible "Blind Side" redux... the film that will surprise everyone with how well its performing... So, now there is a spot on the best picture top 10 of the Oscars known as the "Blind Side" spot... If this performs as well as that, maybe it'll make it into the ten... But, I highly doubt it.


Oh snap! Another contrived romantic comedy film making money! Well, I can't say I'm surprised. The baby-raising rom-com has grossed $9.5 million, bringing its total to $29.1 million... There is nothing much to say here. I mean, do any of us on this site wish to see this turd? Nope. So, moving on...

Here is the full TOP 10....

10).Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps
Weekend: $2.4M Cume: $47.9M
9). Easy A
Weekend: $2.7M Cume: $52.4M
8). My Soul to Take
Weekend: $3.3M Cume: $12M
7). Legend of the Guardians
Weekend: $4M Cume: $45.7M
6). The Town
Weekend: $4.1M Cume: $80.6M
5). Life As We Know It
Weekend: $9.5M Cume: $29.1M
4). Secretariat
Weekend: $9.7M Cume: $27.7M
3). The Social Network
Weekend: $11M Cume: $63.1M
2). RED
Weekend: $22M
1). Jackass 3D
Weekend: $49.5M

For more analysis on these numbers, go HERE (http://www.deadline.com/2010/10/first-box-office-jackass-3d-kicks-up-for-20m-friday-40m-weekend-2-red-8-5m25m/)...

These numbers will be updated as more concrete numbers are released.

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