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10-19-2010, 04:41 PM
Every week, the National Football Post brings you our NFL Power Rankings: a breakdown of how we stack up the league.

Week 7 Rankings (previous rankings in parenthesis)

1. (3) Pittsburgh Steelers: 4-1
With Roethlisberger back under center, there is no question this is the league’s top team.

2. (2) N.Y. Jets: 4-1
Wasn’t easy on the road in Denver, but the Jets get a break this week after winning five straight.

3. (4) New England Patriots: 4-1
Randy Moss(notes)? The Patriots look like a more complete team without him.

4. (1) Baltimore Ravens: 4-2
The Ravens lost in OT to the Pats, but we could see this matchup again in January.

5. (8) N.Y. Giants: 4-2
Very quietly, the Giants have won three straight and are tied for first in the NFC East.

6. (7) Indianapolis Colts: 4-2
The Colts head into the bye with two weeks to game plan for the Monday night re-match with Houston.

7. (9) New Orleans Saints: 4-2
The Saints dominated the Bucs in Tampa—and looked like the defending champs.

8. (12) Philadelphia Eagles: 4-2
Questions on who should be the No.1 QB in Philly? Not with the way Kevin Kolb(notes) is playing right now.

9. (15) Miami Dolphins: 3-2
The Dolphins looked more physical than the Packers up at Lambeau.

10. (16) Houston Texans: 4-2
With the amount of weapons the Texans have on offense, they are never out of the game.

11. (17) Tennessee Titans: 4-2
Chuck Cecil’s defense is the real story down in Tennessee.

12. (5) Chicago Bears: 4-2
The Bears will continue to drop until they learn how to pick up a blitz off of the edge.

13. (8) Atlanta Falcons: 4-2
Were the Falcons exposed in the loss to Philly?

14. (10) Washington Redskins: 3-3
Donovan McNabb(notes) returns home to face the Bears this Sunday at Soldier Field.

15. (12) Kansas City Chiefs: 3-2
Two tough road losses to Indy and Houston—but we still see the Chiefs as the favorites in the AFC West.

16. (11) Green Bay Packers: 3-3
Aaron Rodgers(notes) and the beat-up Packers host Favre and the Vikes on Sunday night.

17. (19) Minnesota Vikings: 2-3
The Vikings can run the ball better than anyone in the NFC North—and that makes them dangerous.

18. (12) Dallas Cowboys: 1-4
Time to push the panic button in Dallas.

19. (26) Seattle Seahawks: 3-2
Marshawn Lynch(notes) is already a factor for Pete Carroll and the Seahawks.

20. (22) Cincinnati Bengals: 2-3
Coming off of the bye week, can we expect better play out of QB Carson Palmer(notes)?

21. (24) Arizona Cardinals: 3-2
We still aren’t sold on Max Hall(notes) and the Cards.

22. (14) Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 3-2
Sunday proved that we jumped on the Bucs’ bandwagon too early.

23. (28) St. Louis Rams: 3-3
Impressive win at home over the Chargers a week after getting blown out in Detroit.

24. (20) San Diego Chargers: 2-3
Plenty of talent—but still no real results in San Diego.

25. (23) Denver Broncos: 2-4
Tim Tebow(notes) scored his first TD as a pro, but at 2-4, it is safe to call Denver a disappointment.

26. (18) Jacksonville Jaguars: 3-3
How bad did the Jags look on the Monday night stage at home against the Titans?

27. (30) San Francisco 49ers: 1-5
QB Alex Smith and the Niners found a way to close out the Raiders for their first win of the season.

28. (27) Detroit Lions: 1-5
Can we still call the Lions “competitive?” They need to start winning games.

29. (25) Oakland Raiders: 2-4
The Jason Campbell(notes) experiment should be over after Sunday.

30. (29) Cleveland Browns: 1-4
Colt McCoy(notes) made some mistakes, but did enough in our eyes to keep the QB job in Cleveland.

31. (31) Carolina Panthers: 0-5
Matt Moore(notes) is back in at QB for the winless Panthers. Will it make a difference?

32. (32) Buffalo Bills: 0-5
It doesn’t get any easier for the Bills coming off the bye week as they travel to Baltimore. (

Philly getting respect we deserve :blunt:

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