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View Full Version : NFL Dunta Robinson fined $50,000 for hit on Desean Jackson; James Harrison fined $75,000 for 2 hits

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10-19-2010, 05:00 PM news: NFL fines Harrison, Meriweather, Robinson $175K total for hits (


Ray Anderson, the NFL's executive vice president of football operations, said Tuesday morning that harsher fines and possible suspensions for flagrant hits could be coming.

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The league wasted no time, as Tuesday afternoon it fined Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison $75,000, and New England Patriots safety Brandon Meriweather and Atlanta Falcons cornerback Dunta Robinson $50,000 apiece for helmet-to-helmet hits they delivered in games Sunday.

"Future offenses will result in an escalation of fines up to and including suspension," Anderson said in a letter to each player.

Harrison is considered a repeat offender. He was previously fined $5,000 for unnecessary roughness against Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young in a Sept. 19 game.

Harrison sidelined two Cleveland Browns wide receivers Sunday with head injuries after jarring hits. An NFL spokesman said one of the tackles, on Joshua Cribbs, was legal. The Browns were more upset about Harrison's hit on Mohamed Massaquoi, which the league reviewed.

After the Steelers' 28-10 victory, Harrison stated matter-of-factly that his intention is to hurt opposing players who roam near him.

"I don't want to injure anybody," Harrison said. "There's a big difference between being hurt and being injured. You get hurt, you shake it off and come back the next series or the next game. I try to hurt people."

Meriweather was fined for a helmet-to-helmet hit on Baltimore Ravens tight end Todd Heap during the Patriots' overtime victory.

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Heap lay on the ground for several minutes, left the game, then returned before halftime. It was "one of those hits that shouldn't happen," Heap said.

Anderson was asked specifically about that hit during a radio show Tuesday morning.

"That in our view is something that was flagrant, it was egregious," Anderson said. "And effective immediately, that's going to be looked at a very aggressive level, which could include suspension without pay."

Robinson and Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson were knocked out of their game after brutal collision in which the Falcons cornerback launched himself head first to make a tackle. Both players sustained concussions.
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NFL Dunta Robinson fined $50,000 for hit on Desean Jackson; James Harrison fined $75,000 for 2 hits (