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View Full Version : kanye goin in on twitter cuz his movie got bad reviews

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10-19-2010, 10:20 PM

I would've taking offense 2 the LA Times review of the movie but the extremely condescending writer accidentally complimented my suit! Thx
17 minutes ago

I believe the writers name was Kriss Lee who so bent on giving a soulless description of my work that he decided to call the album ...
15 minutes ago

....not even by the write name... ironically but I feel more strategically removing the word 'Beautiful' from the title! Woooooooooooow!
14 minutes ago

I assumed a respected media source like the Los Angeles Times would send a writer that would at least have the respect to call the album..
13 minutes ago

by it's proper title. It's called "MY BEAUTIFUL DARK TWISTED FANTASY" Kriss... Even if your goal was to perpetuate non-positive...
10 minutes ago

..thought association. You see what happens when you write with a negative agenda. You have the entire Los Angeles Time's coming off..
9 minutes ago

... like a non credible news source that can't even fact check a well publicized album title.
7 minutes ago

How can anyone believe anything you ever write again? I feel sorry for the LA Times more than anything for missing the opportunity...
6 minutes ago

this nigga mad :rofl:

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