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View Full Version : Oct 21 - FIVE kittens HANG'ED at shopping center

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10-22-2010, 05:00 PM

FIVE helpless kittens were found HANGING dead outside a busy shopping centre.

Cops were called in after a sickened security guard stumbled across the tiny bodies, which had been strung up near a bakery.

Three kittens were hung from a bin, with another two suspended from a gate.

Last night one worker said: "I was shocked. I can't believe someone would do something like this.

"The security guard said it was disgusting. It's disturbing to think about how scared and how much agony the kittens must have been in."

It's not known if the animals were hanged after they died or were killed by the sick stunt in Westhill, near Aberdeen.

But Scottish SPCA chief executive John Carle slammed the kitten attack, which is thought to have taken place in the early hours of Monday.

He said: "If this was done after they were dead - that's a sick joke.

"But if they've been killed by hanging - then that's just horrific.

"Under normal circumstances, we would get the animals examined to establish the cause of death." The kittens were removed as soon as possible but word soon got out among staff at the Chalmers bakery.

Another shopping centre worker added: "At first, I thought it might have been someone who had a new litter they wanted to get rid of.

"But surely there is no way anyone who saw these little things being born could do that to them? It's horrible."

Community Council Chairwoman Audrey Findlay was outraged by the incident.

She said: "It's awful. I've never heard of anything like this happening in this area before. People will be shocked.

"I just hope police can get some information and track down the culprits."


The SSPCA has reported a surge in incidents of cruelty to cats.

Reports of poisoning have risen 45 per cent in three years and there's been an increase in airgun attacks.

Animal charities believe cats are seen as easy targets because they roam freely.

Grampian Police last night confirmed that they were investigating the deaths of the five kittens.

Read more: Five kittens hanged at shopping centre | The Sun |Home Scotland|Scottish News (http://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/scotsol/homepage/news/3189845/Five-kittens-hanged-at-shopping-centre.html#ixzz133o3hyQ9)

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