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View Full Version : NBA NBA's top-ten most expensive tickets this season

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This past offseason, thanks to Lebron James move to the Miami Heat, the NBA tallied an estimated $170 million in new season ticket sales.

But for die-hard fans without season tickets, the secondary market composed of individual buyers and sellers is the only place to score a seat for some of the most highly-coveted and most expensive games.

To get an idea of which seats are the most expensive in the NBA, ticket search engine generated the top 10 average listing prices by game. Ticket values are as of Oct. 21, 2010, and are based on current asking prices from sellers in a secondary marketplace, which may not equate to ticket face values and will fluctuate depending on demand.

So, where are fans paying the most for their seats this season? For starters, the Heat or the Los Angeles Lakers appear on every entry in the top 10, starting with the Oklahoma City Thunder at the Lakers (Jan. 17, 2011).

With Kevin Durant on the Oklahoma roster, this team may be the second-most exciting to watch in the league. Will Durants scoring prowess in the World Basketball Championship carry over into the NBA regular season? Find out in L.A. for an average ticket price of $287.

The Heats visit to Manhattan to face the New York Knicks on Jan. 27, 2011, is ninth on the list. This past summer, word that James Decision could be New York caused Cablevision stock to rise. Knicks fans were disappointed when they didnt get him, but are willing to pay top dollar to see Lebron and the gang. But then again, the $288 average asking price is only about $80 higher than the season-long average Knicks ticket price (on the secondary market) of $202.

The top ten (average ticket price):

10. Oklahoma City Thunder at Los Angeles Lakers (Jan. 17, 2011): $287
9. Miami Heat at New York Knicks (Jan. 27, 2011): $288
8. Denver Nuggets at Los Angeles Lakers (Apr. 3, 2011): $296
7. Orlando Magic at Los Angeles Lakers (Mar. 14, 2011): $306
6. Miami Heat at Houston Rockets (Dec. 29, 2010): $309
5. Los Angeles Lakers at Los Angeles Clippers (Jan. 16, 2011): $313
4. Los Angeles Lakers at Boston Celtics (Feb. 10, 2011): $316
3. Miami Heat at Boston Celtics (Oct. 26, 2010): $396
2. Boston Celtics at Los Angeles Lakers (Jan. 30, 2011): $615
1. Miami Heat at Los Angeles Lakers (Dec. 25, 2010): $893

Heat, Lakers among most expensive NBA tickets - NBA - Yahoo! Sports (;_ylt=AnL8MuXuV.CbnNsy9uQ_3tu8vLYF?s lug=ys-cnbcnbatickets102210)

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