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View Full Version : [NFL] Five Teams That Go From Good To Great with Peyton Manning

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12-21-2011, 01:41 PM

Every week is a new report regarding the ever growing distance between Jim Irsay and the $90 million dollar man Peyton Manning. With every report on ESPN and every nervous tweet coming from Jim Irsay's feed, we're slowly approaching the day where Peyton Manning is either traded or outright cut from the Indianapolis Colts due to the Colts' rumored desire to select Andrew Luck with it's selection in the NFL Draft.

When you think about a bad team that immediately becomes good with Peyton Manning's presence, the Indianapolis Colts are at the top of the list. I don't understand why fellow Maxwell Award winners Manning and Luck couldn't co-exist in Indy, but we're not here to right that wrong. Let's look beyond the annoying ESPN speculation and lets give Orphan Peyton a home where he'll be appreciated, welcomed with opened arms and most importantly, well protected. Here's the top five teams I think Manning could end up if he and the Colts decide to part ways.


1. The Houston Texans

The Texans generously exercised Matt Schaub's option for 2011 and unfortunately a rogue Lisfranc injury in his Right Foot ended his season early. I haven't heard anything from the Texans regarding picking up Schaub's 2012 option (Dangerously isn't exactly Adam Schefler either) but if there's one team who could become immediately dominant in the league with a healthy Peyton Manning, it would be the Texans. Their Wade Phillips powered Defense has helped keep this team's head above water as they move along with several key injuries. They protect the QB well as they're 24th in the league in Sacks allowed. Playing in Reliant keeps Manning in a Dome and I think a healthy Manning to Andre Johnson could be things dreams are made of.


2. The San Francisco 49ers

Jim Harbaugh may have given Alex Smith the vote of confidence he needed after proclaiming that he is "his quarterback", but his Red Zone hesitation could lead the Coach to stray if Manning is available. Smith only has a year contract with the Niners, a contract that has yet to be extended. If Manning goes to the Niners, they'll need to upgrade their OL as they're in the top ten for sacks allowed in the league. However, if the Niners draft a playmaker at WR, they could easily field an offense that will match their dominant defense.


3. The Seattle Seahawks

I've always felt the Seahawks were a sure armed QB away from being taken seriously. Even after going beast mode on then defending Champion Saints last year, nobody even shrugs a shoulder at the Seahawks right now. Sorry illogik, it's true. That offensive line is a problem for any quarterback going under center, but it could damn near send Manning prematurely into the Hall of Fame. Still, if they were to keep their O-line tight and Marshawn Lynch full of Skittles, i don't see why the Seahawks wouldn't rival the Niners for NFC West supremacy. Nobody's really loyal to T-Jack, right? :shrug:


4. The Denver...Broncos?

I thought this was Tebow's Team? What are they doing on my list? Before I hit delete and put the Arizona Cardinals in, take a moment to really think about this. Tim Tebow is about as immature as they come at the QB position. With only two years in the league, he hasn't had the time to be groomed by a veteran QB. I'm not sure why Peyton would agree to be on a team with Tebow when it seems like he doesn't want to be on a team with Luck, but if he was somehow able to step into Mile High and call plays for the Broncos, that offense could improve to match that impressive defense that has kept Tebow in the game so many times this season. If there's anyone that could calm down the angry mob of Tebow fans who would see their boy on the bench next season, it's Peyton Manning.


5. Tennessee Titans

I don't know if Peyton Manning puts this team into the playoffs or not, but I know that Matt Hasselbeck isn't the one that will. I'm not as high on the Titans as I am the other four teams, but since Manning is familiar with the division, Tennessee has one of the best offensive lines and Volunteers would love to have him back in the state...I could see Peyton landing here and being very successful. Nate Washington is an exceptional wideout and I have faith Chris Johnson will be back on track next season. That could be a very dangerous team with Manning.

Honorable Mention: New York Jets, Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins need another rookie quarterback like the Detroit Lions need another wide receiver. Dolphins could use Manning, but I don't even see that pairing happening in the realm of even this fu*ked up world i've created.

Jets fans would love to have him, I just don't see it happening.

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