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View Full Version : [article] Kat Stacks Vows To Change, "I Wanna Be A Square, Live The 'L7' Life"

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12-29-2011, 12:20 PM
http://img80.imageporter.com/i/00770/s0lkvih883hl_t.jpg (http://www.imageporter.com/s0lkvih883hl/kat-stacks-300x300-2010-08-13.jpg.html)

Incarcerated rap groupie Kat Stacks continues to keep fans abreast of her ongoings via daily Twitter updates and has now promised to change her mischievous ways in favor of living a better life.

Stacks said realizing money cannot buy her freedom has given her a different perspective on life.

"Its time to settle down, i've been running around for too long.," she tweeted December 27th.

"i've seen it & done it all in my life. im tired of experiencing the world"

"i wanna be a square & live the L7 life. when i was a hustler i use to envy squares cause even though they had less money, they were happy. money cant buy happiness."

"just look at me, i got people with money & power supporting me but it cant give me freedom. when you're broke you're blessed with reality, when you're rich yo live in a fantasy world & every body/thing around you is plastic. i even had a Senator put in a word for me & the courts still didnt let me go" (Kat Stacks' Twitter)

In June, reports hit the Internet involving Stacks facing deportation from the United States.

Looks like we'll finally be able to rid our lives of the infamous Kat Stacks (Yo Soulja Boy, you can wipe that sweat off your head now). The judge overseeing her immigration case ordered her deportation case to move forward at an immigration hearing on Tuesday, June 21. Let's just hope that if she actually does get to stay in the US, that somebody gets this girl a dictionary and a tutor! (VIBE)

G-Unit's DJ Whoo Kid previously told SOHH about his issues with Kat Stacks' notorious rapper-bashing viral campaigns.

"The Kat Stacks sh*t is so f*cking ignorant," DJ Whoo Kid told SOHH. "It's the most ignorant sh*t I've ever seen in my life. I regret watching her [videos] and saying on for three minutes, heairng her talk. She has to be the most ignorant person in the history of this sh*t they call hip-hop. Like, how could you be 'that' ignorant and then you bring your mother into it? Come on. I guess that's why people are watching it. I don't know. I don't need those kind narrow-minded people. I need people who are cool, fashionable, that are into good music, enjoying life and good food, who want to learn. That's what I want to attract. I don't want ignorant idiots. That sh*t's weird. At the end of the day, when people see quality stuff, that's why I'm always booked [for shows], I tour non-stop. It's because I give out quality sh*t. I really like what I'm doing and I do it for my fans." (SOHH)

Despite Whoo Kid's stance, Houston rapper Slim Thug recently told SOHH he co-signed Stacks' antics.

"Man, Kat Stacks, we ended up getting into it before but she ended up being cool," Slim told SOHH. "I used to like Kat Stacks in the way she would trick a motherf*cker. A motherf*cker could see her expose another rapper and he's still going to try and f*ck her and it gets done to him. I enjoyed what she was doing. I enjoyed what she was doing and that's how we ended up getting cool. She tweeted me the other day, as a matter of fact. She was like, 'What's good with it, bro?' and I'm like, 'What's up? You still in jail?' It's crazy. I hope she gets out because I want to see her expose some more rappers and sh*t." (SOHH)

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