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View Full Version : [NBA] Chicago Bulls vs LA Clippers (evaluation game)

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12-30-2011, 11:50 PM
Live on NBA TV 10:30ET




I think this will be a good evaluation game for both teams to see exactly where they are at this point. Especially for the Bulls and see if we truly tightened up our defense to where it needs to be, especially against a team who likes to get out and run.

As far as the Clippers, they'll go against an elite team in the NBA and see where they stand against one of the NBA elites.

This game has some nice side stories.

1.) Del Negro gets to field his new team against his old Bulls team which I'm sure he still has a little bitterness with how he departed from the Bulls

2.) Rip will be matched up against his old teammates Billiups

3.) Rose and Paul will likely want to prove a point on who exactly is the best PG in the NBA.

Bulls by 5.

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