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Galaxy Alpha Already In Short Supply?

By Jago - 14 hours ago


When the Samsung Galaxy S5 was released during MWC 2014, disappointment was felt throughout the smartphone world. What happened to the 1440 x 2560 resolution screen? And once again, the device was made from plastic. But Samsung decided that it could take on the upcoming Apple iPhone 6 by offering an updated version of its flagship model with a QHD display, and a metal casing.

First rumored to be the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime, then the Samsung Galaxy S5 F, the updated version of the Galaxy S5 is now believed to be called the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha. And while it sounds great, there is a problem. Samsung's suppliers are said to be falling short. The manufacturer's Chinese vendors can deliver 1 million Galaxy Alpha handsets a month, according to one report. That could be far less than demand for the phone.

For example, at 1 million units a month for the last three months of the year, Samsung could have 3 million units of the Galaxy Alpha ready to be shipped by the end of the year. But demand for the model is estimated to be as high as 12 million units for the same time period, leaving a huge gap in supply. The manufacturer does have a choice. It could decide to keep the supply-demand graph skewed toward demand, or it could find another source of supply. Considering that Samsung can't afford to disappoint its fans again, we'd expect the company to find some new sources, and quickly.

Even if Samsung does balance supply and demand, recent talk has Samsung really trying to match the iPhone 6 with the Galaxy S5 Alpha. Instead of a 5+ inch screen, the latest talk is that the screen on Sammy's device will copy the 4.7 inch screen on the iPhone 6 in size. And a screen that size with a QHD display, would be like shooting a mosquito with a howitzer. If the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha were to merely match the iPhone 6 with a 4.7 inch screen, and come to market with a resolution of 1080 x 1920, we're not sure that Samsung fans would feel satisfied.
Samsung can't catch up with demand for the Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha?

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Video inside Finally... A Portable electrical outlet.

By illmatic826 - 14 hours ago

Power up anything, anywhere, anytime! The first portable battery pack with an AC wall plug outlet.

Video inside YouTube (new url)

Power up anything, anywhere, anytime! The first portable battery pack with an AC wall plug outlet for your cell phone, laptop and more.

ChargeAll Thank You Program
WeÂ’d love to refund you and give you your ChargeAll for freeÂ… just for a few seconds of help spreading the word.

HOW IT WORKS: Pledge for the Super Early Small ChargeAll for $99 at special pricing #1. Then refer 10 people by sharing your unique URL online/ around the web and we will credit you $10 for each one of them.

Upon pledging, we will send you an email with full details on the program.

Portable for on the go!
We designed the battery to be lightweight and convenient to bring around.

It is fully mobile and will fit in your backpack, purse, and even in most pockets.

The large size has 50% more capacity than the small size. It also has an additional two USB ports and battery capacity indicator.

Video inside YouTube (new url)

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Article inside LG G3 review: Android has a new king (BGR)

By Tiko377 - 14 hours ago

As I walked through Times Square on my way to the office one day last week, something odd caught my eye that made me do a double take. A sizable line had formed outside of the AT&T store as it prepared to open. I have seen people line up outside of that store before, of course, but typically only when a fresh batch of recently launched iPhones is waiting on the other side of the doors.

This time, however, people werenÂ’t lining up to buy a new iPhone. They were lining up for the just-released LG G3.

And truth be told, this is a phone worth lining up for.

The G3 is LGÂ’s latest flagship smartphone and it couldnÂ’t come at a better time. HTCÂ’s One (M8) launch has long passed and sales are reportedly slowing. SamsungÂ’s Galaxy S5 failed to impress eager consumers and despite SamsungÂ’s massive marketing budget, buyers donÂ’t seem to be flocking to stores for the S5.

With about two months until AppleÂ’s iPhone 6 is released, LG has a nice window of opportunity where, with some smart marketing, its new G3 can stand alone in the spotlight.

The phoneÂ’s key specs include a 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, up to 32GB of storage, support for an additional 128GB of microSD storage, Android 4.4 KitKat, a 13-megapixel rear camera with Laser Auto Focus and Optical Image Stabilization, a 2.1-megapixel front-facing camera and a massive 3,000 mAh battery.

In my testing, the battery has easily carried me through a full day of usage with plenty of juice left the next morning.

Despite the phoneÂ’s laundry list of impressive specs, the real jewel in the G3Â’s crown might be the display.

While Samsung has traditionally been the clear leader in smartphone displays, the G3 has gone where Samsung has not yet been able to tread: ItÂ’s the first widely available smartphone with a quad HD (2K) display.

The phoneÂ’s massive screen measures 5.5 inches diagonally, putting it near the high end of the phablet range. Its design is fantastic, however, with barely any bezel on the sides of the display and minimal space above and below it.

The result is a phone that is surprisingly manageable for a device with such a large screen. ItÂ’s still very big and cannot always be used comfortably with one hand, but itÂ’s not as bad as you might think when you see 5.5 inches on paper.

With a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, the G3 features a retina-busting pixel density of 538 pixels per inch. For comparison, the iPhone 5s has a pixel density of 326 ppi and the Galaxy S5 comes in at 432 ppi.

ItÂ’s incredible.

Images and text are unbelievably smooth on the G3Â’s screen. I was skeptical that my eyes would be able to pick up much of a difference between a full HD display and a quad HD panel, but itÂ’s more apparent than you might think.

Colors are more vivid and vibrant on the Galaxy S5Â’s Super AMOLED screen. Whites are also brighter and blacks are deeper. The clarity is no match for LGÂ’s G3 display however, and it might actually be my preference between the two displays

Moving inside to the phoneÂ’s software, LG has done a nice job of adding value to GoogleÂ’s Android 4.4 software without being overbearing, which is a complaint some people have of SamsungÂ’s TouchWiz software.

Cutting through all the bloatware stuffed onto my AT&T review unit, LGÂ’s Android apps feature minimalistic designs and bright colors. In fact, several apps look much like HTCÂ’s preinstalled apps in the latest version of its Sense software, with bold, bright colors at the top of apps and simple but elegant designs beneath.

LG has also tossed in some unique features that really enhance the user experience.

For one thing, LGÂ’s decision to move the power/sleep and volume buttons to the back of the handset gives the phone a fantastic look from the front, but theyÂ’re not terribly comfortable or convenient to use despite claims made in LGÂ’s marketing.

To address this, the G3 includes “knock” gesture recognition that lets users wake the phone and put it to sleep simply by tapping twice on the screen. What’s more, the phone supports knock patterns to unlock it without having to enter a PIN or password.

Other nice feature additions include a terrific battery saver mode, wireless charging support out of the box and simple yet powerful camera software to support what is definitely one of the best smartphone cameras IÂ’ve seen in recent history.

Focusing the G3Â’s 13-megapixel shooter is lightning fast thanks to laser-assisted focus, and it captures photos and videos that are very clear and vivid. Edges are nice and smooth, and color reproduction is also impressive. The camera features optical image stabilization as well, to help prevent blurring.

On the flip side, I only have two real complaints about the G3.

LGÂ’s new flagship phone features a gorgeous, sleek design that is remarkably thin. ItÂ’s also quite solid and feels substantial in the hand.

Solid though it may be, however, it still feels plasticky and doesnÂ’t even come close to comparing with a premium handset like the HTC One (M8) or iPhone 5s.

Also, this phone is big. Very big. ItÂ’s surprisingly compact for a handset with a 5.5-inch display, but itÂ’s still a gigantic phone that measures 5.76 inches tall by 2.94 inches wide and 0.35 inches thick.

Average consumers will not be able to use this phone comfortably with one hand. If thatÂ’s a concern for you, it may be a deal breaker.

With the Galaxy S5, Samsung left the door wide open for rivals to step in and wow us with truly impressive phones. Simply put, SamsungÂ’s latest flagship phone is boring. I said it the first time I laid eyes (and hands) on it, and IÂ’m saying it again now.

Surprisingly, not one but two of SamsungÂ’s rivals answered the call this year.

HTCÂ’s latest hero phone, the One (M8), is gorgeous and powerful. There isnÂ’t a phone on the planet that can match its sleek design and gorgeous metal housing. Sadly, however, one smartphone can only do so much to help a company turn things around, and HTC is still in trouble.

Now, LG has answered the call as well. The LG G3 isnÂ’t just marginally better than the Galaxy S5, itÂ’s better in almost every way.

The G3 is powerful and smooth, with cutting-edge specs and surprisingly nice software additions on top of Android KitKat. It also sports a ridiculously sleek design and a gigantic display that is currently in a class by itself.

If youÂ’re in the market for a new smartphone, you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not considering LGÂ’s G3.

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LG sells a record 14.5 million smartphones as profits nearly triple

By FuryStryfe - 14 hours ago

LG has just reported a record quarter for mobile phone sales, showing that it's taking advantage of a slump from arch-rival Samsung. LG sold 14.5 million handsets over the last quarter, its highest total ever and 20 percent more than last year -- with more than a third of those LTE models. It chalked up most of the success to its well-reviewed top-of-the-line G3 handset, along with strong sales of its mid-range L products. LG's mobile division scooped up KRW 3.6 trillion ($3.5 billion) and put an end to three straight quarters of losses. Home entertainment also performed well, climbing 3 percent on the strength of higher-margin UltraHD 4K sets. All that resulted in an operating profit of KRW 412 billion ($599 million) -- not nearly Samsung-level numbers, but at least LG's are going up, not down.


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Article inside Apple could be ‘obsolete’ in 3 years: Analyst

By Tiko377 - 14 hours ago

Apple could be "obsolete" in three years, due to increasing competition and "make-believe" valuations in the technology sector, one analyst told CNBC on Thursday.

The comments came after Apple reported second-quarter net profit of $7.75 billion on Tuesday, up 12 percent from $6.90 billion in the same period last year.

Quarterly revenue came in at $37.4 billion. For the third quarter of this year, the technology giant forecast it would post revenue of between $37 and $40 billion.

However, Pedro de Noronha, managing partner at hedge fund Noster Capital, said he was unsure about the Silicon Valley-based company's long-term potential.

"I need to know where a company is going to be in 5-to-10 years. I mean look at Apple, a company we all admireÂ…I don't know where they are going to be in three years," Noronha told CNBC in a TV interview.

"It's a very competitive landscape. They might become obsolete in two-to-three years, as we've seen with dozens of technology companies."

Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the three months ended June 28, up 13 percent from the same time last year. Apple's iPad sales did disappoint however, falling for the second consecutive quarter amid fierce competition from other tablet players.

iPhone 6 'upside'

The company is banking on a strong product pipeline, particularly the iPhone 6 and wearable technology to drive further growth.

Success in the emerging markets is also a key growth driver for Apple, which reported a 28 percent rise in revenues in China for the quarter compared with the same period last year.

"We still think there is upside to this story, obviously from the product cycle, iPhone 6 coming through this second half of the year, and then obviously new product category potential which is not factored into our expectations at this point," Aaron Rakers, managing director at Stifel, told CNBC in a TV interview.

'Make-believe' valuations

Some analysts, including Noronha, have been worried by the valuations of technology companies, suggesting that they are not built on solid fundamentals. Earlier this year, high-growth technology and internet stocks such as Netflix and Facebook sold off as investors became nervous about high valuations

Focusing on Netflix, Noronha said the valuations of the film and TV streaming company was so high it was "make-believe".

"You cannot put yourself in front of a moving train and tell it to stop, just because in theory it's overvalued," he said.

However, some analysts still see further upside in the technology space. "In the past two months, tech valuations have come down a bit," Antoine Chemali, founder of Digital World Capital, told CNBC in a phone interview. "Tech as a whole is undervalued because companies have a lot of cash, no debt compared to other industries, and the multiples they are trading in comparison to other sectors are very different."
- By CNBC's Arjun Kharpal

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Image inside Galaxy Alpha Exposed: Aluminum Frame, 4.7" Display, 32GB Non-Removable Storage

By Jago - 14 hours ago


It looks like we can now take a look, for the very first time, at the unannounced Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha (aka Galaxy S5 F), which is expected to be SammyÂ’s next premium smartphone.

Live photos that allegedly present the Galaxy Alpha have been unveiled by two sources: SamMobile, and Vietnamese website Tihnte. The images show a devices thatÂ’s clearly smaller than the 5.1-inch Galaxy S5, while also having a different design - although, of course, common design elements (like the perforated back cover) still exist.

According to SamMobile, the Galaxy Alpha sports a 4.7-inch display - just as previously rumored. The pixel resolution of the display isnÂ’t known. It could be either 1,080 x 1,920 (Full HD), or 1,440 x 2,560 (Quad HD). WeÂ’re leaning towards the former, because a Quad HD screen that measures only 4.7-inches may be overkill.

The Galaxy Alpha seems to have an aluminum frame around its body, while other features should include a fingerprint scanner and 32GB of non-expandable internal memory. By the looks of it, the Alpha could be SamsungÂ’s response to AppleÂ’s 4.7-inch iPhone 6, which might be released in September. Speaking of releases, the Galaxy Alpha could be introduced in August (but that, of course, remains to be confirmed).

Take a look at all the images included below and let us know if Samsung has (or hasn't got) a winner here:

Samsung Galaxy S5 Alpha live photos show up, 4.7-inch display apparently confirmed

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OS X Yosemite Public Beta Available Now

By Kliq - 14 hours ago

For those of y'all who signed up for the Public Beta for OS X Yosemite, it is available today.

Some people got emails from Apple, but it looks like if you signed up and didn't get an e-mail, you can go directly to Apple's website to initiate a download.

Also, the download will take place in the "purchased" section of the App Store on your Mac.

Mine is currently downloading, will return with feedback later.

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Article inside This is what AT&T, Verizon and Comcast told the FCC about net neutrality

By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

After a last minute extension last week, the FCC has finally stopped taking comments regarding the controversial net neutrality proposal. We don’t know what effect over 1 million comments will have on the decision, but we do know what the public is saying: fast lanes are not acceptable and corporations shouldn’t control access to the Internet.

But those corporations are fighting back. With “comments” stretching over 100 pages long in some cases, several major companies, including AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, all had their say on the FCC website. Kate Cox at Consumerist collected some of the key quotes from their novel-length comments regarding net neutrality and Title II regulation which you can read below.



“Calls to use this proceeding to impose a host of additional regulatory controls on broadband Internet access providers should be firmly rejected, particularly because the record is devoid of evidence of any actual threat to Internet openness that could possibly warrant heavy-handed regulation.”


“The arcane regulatory framework embodied in Title II was crafted for 19th century railroad monopolies and the early 20th century one-wire telephone world. The price and service regulation inherent in Title II have no place in today’s fast-paced and competitive Internet marketplace, and the threats posed by this approach would not likely be confined to broadband providers but would spread inevitably to other Internet sectors.”


“Relying on [section 706] authority the Commission should reaffirm the importance of its transparency framework, reinstate a ‘no blocking’ rule with a revised legal rationale, and establish a ‘commercial reasonableness’ standard to govern direct commercial relationships between broadband providers and edge providers relating to the transmission of Internet traffic over broadband Internet access service. Following this path will enable the Commission to build confidence across the Internet ecosystem and strengthen the ‘virtuous circle’ that has produced
abundant benefits for consumers, businesses, and the economy as a whole.”
Other advocacy groups, such as the ACLU and Common Cause, are doing what they can to reflect the voice of the public, but there’s no telling whether our voices will be heard over the booming shout of the Internet providers.


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Image inside New Google Play Store w/Material Design apk

By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 2 days ago

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Video inside Samsung Ad Makes Fun Of Apple’s iPhone 6 Before It’s Even Announced [VIDEO]

By mrfreak76 - 3 days ago

Video inside YouTube

I see Samsung is trolling Bx now.


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