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Video inside Exclusive Second Preview - Android 5.0 (Lollipop) on Samsung GALAXY S5

By KingP1n - 5 hours ago


A month ago, SamMobile gave you folks an exclusive preview at an alpha build of Android Lollipop running on a Galaxy S5, but as Samsung was still working on making TouchWiz compatible with Google’s new design guidelines, a lot of inconsistencies could be seen throughout the user interface. Nevertheless, thanks to our elite friends, we have scored a new internal Android Lollipop firmware for the Galaxy S5, which is leaps and bounds better than the build we previewed before, so let’s see what’s new.
First and foremost, Samsung has upgraded its Android Lollipop base from LRW58J to LRX02E. Now, even though the Korean giant is using an updated source code, the build is still missing the Lollipop branding, which indicates that it’s not using the most recent code from Google. However, the new LRX02E build does change the Android version from ‘L’ to ‘5.0’ and also brings in the new Android Bird game as an easter egg, but instead of using lollipops as blockades, the current build uses black and yellow striped rectangles — this was probably a security measure taken by Google to prevent the Lollipop branding from getting leaked before the official announcement.

Samsung’s latest Lollipop build brings in a plethora of changes, mostly to the user interface, and at the same time adds a few new features as well.
List of changes in the new Lollipop build compared to the old one:
  • • New Note 4 fingerprint lock screen
  • • New system-wide font — similar to the original one, but a tad thinner.
  • • New animations, much smoother than before — there’s a screen off animation present as well.
  • • Google Search bar in recents menu
  • • Brightness slider in notification centre has a new yellow colour — while changing the brightness, the notification centre disappears and allows the user to view the content beneath it.
  • • Removed “Interruptions” from Sound settings
  • • Gallery: Media can be sorted using new filters including Pets, Events, Scenery, Documents, Food, Vehicles and Flowers.
  • • Music: Improved UI
  • • Clock: Navigation bar icons are now accompanied by text
  • • Calculator: Removed square grids which surrounded the numbers and symbols
  • • Contacts: New search box
  • • Stock Material Design inspired applications receive colored status bar
  • • Android Lollipop theme’s core green elements replaced with Samsung’s blue colour
  • • Settings: Improved UI, new icon colours
  • • New UI for setting wallpaper from home screen
  • • Better spacing between options in power off dialog
If we compare the latest Lollipop build with the one we previewed earlier, it’s a night and day difference. We are really amazed by the amount of progress Samsung’s software engineers have made in such a short time. Now, we know that all the Samsung fans out there want this build badly, but we can’t leak it just yet simply because it’s still in an early stage, and is nowhere near a daily driver. We can’t put our readers’ devices at risk.

For you Samsung fans.

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Video inside Nexus 6 Unboxing

By MischiefTooReal - 5 hours ago

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Video inside See how the Apple Watch (Springboard) User Interface works on an iPhone

By kkkid - 1 day ago

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Video inside Computers in the West Wing Hacked

By Witness101 - 1 day ago

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Video inside Microsoft Band Fitness Tracker

By PsychoCyber - 1 day ago

Microsoft has unveiled its response to the recent releases of smartwatches and fitness trackers. The sleek and simple Microsoft Band is powered by the new Microsoft Health software, and is compatible Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. The band features standard fitness trackers for steps, calorie burn, sleep quality, heart rate and UV light, but Microsoft also has added smartwatch features like text messaging, call notifications, social media updates and GPS. Furthermore, the battery life is rated at 48 hours, while the durable surface is water resistant. Priced at $200 USD, the Microsoft Band is now available for purchase at Microsoft retailers and online.

holy chit this is terrible:dead:

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Samsung suffered a 73.9% drop in Q3 mobile profits while Apple's rose 11.3 percent

By purpleaxxe - 1 day ago

Samsung Electronics reported overall Q3 operating profits of 4.06 trillion won ($3.8 billion)—a 60 percent year-over-year drop—while its Mobile division suffered a 73.9 percent drop in profits.

Apple's overall operating profits for the quarter were $11.2 billion, up 11.3 percent over the year ago quarter. That means Samsung is now earning about one third of Apple's profits while still shipping over twice as many phones. Samsung is now earning about one third of Apple's profits while still shipping over twice as many phones

Samsung reported that while its overall sales were down 19.7 percent over the year ago quarter, its mobile revenues were down by 34 percent.

That's a critical problem for the company because most of its profits were coming from its IT & Mobile Communications (IM) group, which is roughly comparable to Apple's operations. Other divisions of Samsung Electronics include its CE group that sells TVs and appliances and its DS division that includes sales of display panels, semiconductors and memory components.

At the beginning of 2014, IM was contributing 70 percent of the company's profits, primarily from smartphone sales—specifically from sales of its higher end Galaxy S and Note devices.

The company's earnings release noted that within the IM group, "despite slight growth in shipments, earnings declined QoQ as ASP decreased due to weak smartphone product mix and sales decrease put pressure on the cost structure."

Samsung said its phone shipments in the quarter were "driven by mid to low-end products," adding that its Note 4 release only had "marginal increase" due to being released at the very end of the quarter.

Samsung stated that its tablet "shipments increased, led by expansion of new Tab S," but not enough to blunt the impact of low margin, middle tier phones. Samsung's tablet business is also not very profitable.

Looking forward to the winter quarter, the company said to "expect demand for smartphone and tablet to increase under year-end seasonality while competition among set makers to intensify."

Samsung also reported a 93.9 percent drop in profits from its display panel business, which it said was "due to weak OLED shipments despite strong LCD sales."

Samsung's lowest profits since 2011

A report by Korea JoongAng Daily noted that the quarter was the first where Samsung had earned less than 5 trillion won since Q3 2011.

Samsung's overall profit margin bottomed out at 8.72 percent, "which is the first time in three years that the ratio has fallen below the 10 percent mark," the paper stated.

The paper cited Lee Se-chul, an analyst at Woori Investment & Securities, as saying "Samsung's smartphone performance is declining, and as the market is entering a phase of maturity, it is not easy for the company to come up with products differentiated from others."

The report added, "analysts expect that the fourth quarter will not be a major improvement from the third quarter, with operating profits staying around the mid-4 trillion won range."

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Despite Previous Reports, The Note 4 Is Outselling The Note 3

By Jago - 1 day ago


Samsung has launched their newest Note phablet back in September as part of IFA in Berlin. This Korean giant has also launched Galaxy Note Edge, Gear S smartwatch and Gear VR, a virtual reality headset. Galaxy Note 4 is SamsungÂ’s strongest device and the one who took the spotlight at that event. Many people have been waiting for the new iteration of this phablet and Samsung deliver, they actually did better than I have hoped for. Galaxy Note 4 is a beastly device no matter which way you look at it and the S Pen and software functionality attached to it really make the difference. Note 4 brings a lot of functionality to that 5.7-inch display and takes advantage of it as it should. Anyhow, it seems like Galaxy Note 4 sales are going great.

Samsung sold 4.5 million Note 4 units since the device went on sale, according to a last weekÂ’s report at least. This is great for Samsung considering the Note 4 was available for purchase mainly in China and South Korea during that time. Kim Hyun-joon, SamsungÂ’s Senior Vice President, has revealed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 outsold the Note 3 in certain regions. Mr. Kim discussed Note 4Â’s market presence and revealed that as far as North America and Western Europe are concerned, Note 4 is better selling than the Note 3. Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch 2K (2560 x 1440) Super AMOLED display along with 3GB of RAM and 32GB of expandable internal storage (up to 128GB). 16-megapixel OIS camera is located at the back of the device while thereÂ’s also a secondary shooter available, a 3.7-megapixel one on the front of the device. 3,220 mAh battery is included in the package and the device ships with Android 4.4.4 KitKat out of the box with SamsungÂ’s very own Revolving UX on top of it. S Pen is also included of course and all software offerings which come attached to that stylus.

These are great results for Samsung as far as Note 4 is concerned. Those numbers will grow significantly if were to draw conclusions from this considering Note 4 still didnÂ’t launch in many markets all over the world.
Samsung's Galaxy Note 4 Is Apparently Selling Better Than its Predecessor In Europe and North America |

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Article inside Tim Cook: Apple CEO Says He's 'Proud' to Be Gay and "Greatest gift God has given me"

By Shadiah - 1 day ago

The tech executive's first public acknowledgement

The CEO of Apple announced he’s gay Thursday, in an essay that puts him among the highest-profile publicly “out” business leaders in the world.

“I’m proud to be gay, and I consider being gay among the greatest gifts God has given me,” Tim Cook, who took the reins of the world’s most valuable company from the late co-founder Steve Jobs, writes in Bloomberg Businessweek.

The highly private Cook has never publicly acknowledged his sexuality, though it was widely rumored outside the company, and he writes that colleagues at Apple already knew.

“I don’t consider myself an activist, but I realize how much I’ve benefited from the sacrifice of others,” Cook wrote. “So if hearing that the CEO of Apple is gay can help someone struggling to come to terms with who he or she is, or bring comfort to anyone who feels alone, or inspire people to insist on their equality, then it’s worth the trade-off with my own privacy.”

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Article inside Android continues to rise as iOS and Windows Phone tumble in the US

By kkkid - 2 days ago

Android statue

The latest data from Kantar WorldPanel unsurprisingly shows the continued growth of Android, which increased its market share by 4.5 percent, now commanding a 61.8 percent market share, while iOS witnessed a decline of 3.3 percent to 32.6 percent. Windows Phone also shrank from 4.6 percent to 4.3 percent.

Kantar noted that Motorola and LG were able to pose a more significant threat to Samsung in the US. LG's mobile division had its biggest quarter in five years, and the manufacturer is now intent on maintaining its momentum by focusing aggressively on entry-level and mid-tier segments.

A similar trend insofar as Samsung is concerned was seen in China, with Xiaomi pulling further away from the South Korean vendor with a 30.3 percent market share. The Chinese vendor's Redmi 1S and Redmi Note contributed largely to its success during this period, which resulted in
in Samsung's market share dwindling to 18.4 percent. Kantar also noted that in China, 16 percent of all smartphones sold over the past three months had a screen size of 5.5 inches or larger.

In Europe, the recent launch of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus boosted Apple's sales numbers, with iOS now accounting for 15.4 percent of the market share. Android still accounts for a majority of the market share at 73.9 percent, with Windows Phone coming in third place at 9.2 percent.

Source: Kantar :

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Video inside Hands On: Google Nexus Player | Mashable

By Witness101 - 2 days ago

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Exploit lets remote attackers lock and erase your Samsung phone
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AT&T Sued For Reducing Speed Of 'Unlimited' Data Plans
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HTC Android 5.0 Lollipop update timetable
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Amazon reveals $39 Fire TV Stick, $19 for two days for Prime members
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Galaxy Note 4 Sales May Be Off to Slower Start Than Galaxy Note 3, 500k less sales in 1st month
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Stop taking L's in Math w/ PhotoMath
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anyone got any invites for Inbox by gmail?
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