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Image inside Mr Rourke & Tattoo

By BtMkRs - 3 hours ago

The Pop Mega LTE Comes With A Mini Phone

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Sony Xperia Z3X rumor – a powerful phone with a powerful camera

By Hyper_Intel - 3 hours ago

Source -

Sony Xperia Z3X rumor – a powerful phone with a powerful camera

Posted: 01 Oct 2014, 10:00, by Paul.K


Sony's latest flagship – the Xperia Z3 – has only recently been released and we are already seeing rumors on yet another super-powerful Xperia device. The rumors dub it "Xperia Z3X" and it seems that it's going to be a powerful workhorse of a phablet with an equally powerful camera.

Now, we've heard about Sony's curved camera sensors before – a bleeding edge tech that's supposed to simulate the curvature of the human eye, providing much more realistic pictures. Rumors that have been floating around since July, point towards this phone as the fist device to be equipped with the new sensor.

With a 2/3" sensor with a wide F1.2 aperture, it seems Sony is making plans to seriously pull in some photo-fans' interest. But the latest rumor about the Z3X shows us that the device may actually be aiming to please a wide spectrum of power users, not just cameraphone aficionados.

Indeed, an AnTuTu listing for a phone, dubbed Xperia Z3X, has surfaced, and it shows some pretty monstrous hardware specs. Starting with a Snapdragon 810, coupled with the pretty impressive 4 GB of RAM, a 6.2" QHD display, and the powerful Adreno 430 GPU.

Now, a couple of screenshots that could easily be fabricated mean next to nothing. Still, assuming that these rumors are true, it would be interesting to see whether this new handset will be a branch of the Xperia line (a replacement of the Z Ultra phablet branch, maybe?), or will take the place of the Xperia Z4, which should refresh the Z3 in 6 months (as per Sony's 6-month flagship cycle).

Note: The phone render used in the post is for illustration purposes only.

Take this with a grain of salt, because Phone Arena is famous for typing up bull sh*t and their site is a dump with garbage ads. Then again this really wouldn't surprise me because it seems like Sony is run by a bunch of fu*k-ups in the mobile dept.

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Image inside CNET Presents: Xperia Z3 Review

By August 1988 - 3 hours ago


Sony's newest Z-series flagship phone didn't take long to arrive -- the Xperia Z2 was only announced earlier this year -- but in a flash it took its place as Sony's ultimate smartphone. It brings a new, refined design and is one of the first smartphones along with the smaller Z3 Compact and the Z3 Tablet Compact, to promise a deep integration with Sony's PlayStation 4 games console.

With the Z3, Sony finally integrates its various platforms into an ecosystem that can rival Apple or Microsoft -- but on top of Google's Android. Indeed, the company's purchase of the mobile division from its joint partnership with Ericsson has finally take fruit, after two and a half years.


Sometimes there's really no need to deviate too much from a good thing, That's just what Sony has done here, only slightly refining the previous Xperia formula to good effect. It keeps the glass-covered front and rear and the aluminum band that holds it all together, but like Apple, Sony refined the Z3's profile for a new generation. The a result is slightly smaller, slimmer and lighter Z2. The rounded edges also make for a better grip -- the sharper edges of the Z2 can dig uncomfortably into your hand.

Like the recent iPhone 6 and HTC One M8, the Z3 has a premium feel that's hard to beat. The rear glass back can be prone to fingerprint smudges -- particularly the black model, but the white version hides this well.

Like most Sony devices, the Z3 is waterproof and has an IP58 rating. This means that the phone can survive up to 1.5 meters underwater for 30 minutes (note, however, that you shouldn't use it in salt water). As with all phones underwater, the touchscreen doesn't work, but there's a dedicated camera shutter button for aquatic pics. It'll certainly survive a dunk and you can listen to music while in the shower too.

Unlike the HTC Butterfly 2, however, Sony's Z3 has flaps that you'll have to deal with when charging -- HTC's phone does away with the flaps, but cleverly remains waterproof. Like on the Z3 Compact, you'll have to make sure the flaps are tight shut before taking it for a dip. And speaking of HTC, Sony seems to have borrowed the idea of front-facing speakers. This makes it much easier to watch videos since you don't have to awkwardly cup your hands to redirect the sound.


The screen is really the best thing about the Z3, like the Z2 -- the IPS panel is bright and colors are definitely vivid. However, the one thing that irks me is Sony's failure to capitalize on the screen size and resolution -- you're limited to just five rows of four huge icons. I do wish Sony could have tweaked the UI a little to make everything look sleeker, given how thin the phone is.

Home-screen animations were pretty fluid, and while normally I found such features to be gimmicky resource hogs, the wave effects -- similar to the ones seen on the PlayStation -- do reinforce the impression that this is a Sony device.

Software features

Like the Z2, the Z3 comes running Android KitKat, but 4.4.4 instead of 4.4.2. The difference between the two versions are just some bug fixes, so software-wise, the features found on the Z3 are pretty much the same.

You have built-in themes, floating apps, Sony's own take on the image gallery called Albums, a music app called Walkman and a Movie app that lets you rent films (although this doesn't work from where I'm testing in Singapore).

There is new stuff, however, and this includes Lifelog, a health tracker; Sony Select, an app curator; and PlayStation, which lets you play PlayStation 4 games on your phone anywhere at home. You'll essentially be able to use your Xperia Z3 as a remote screen for your PS4, using the PS4's DualShock 4 controller to stay in the game.

PS4 integration

Of the new features, the new PS4 remote play stands out as one of the more important features. Sony has been talking about integration for years now, having acquired the other half of its mobile business from the partnership with Ericsson in early 2012, and the Z3 looks set to properly realise this. If you already own a PS4, there's more reason to get locked in to the Sony ecosystem to get the full experience.

Unfortunately, this isn't quite ready yet -- the rollout looks likely to happen sometime in October or November, and as such, we're unable to test out this feature just yet. Given that this is one of the major calling cards for the new Z3 range of devices, we'll properly evaluate this before we give our final verdict.

The Z3 is the first smartphone that lets you stream PlayStation 4 games to it: a very intriguing incentive, if you already have the console and are desperate to play while other people take their turn on the family TV.

Internal specs

Spec-wise, the Z3 packs a snappy Snapdragon 801 quad-core processor clocked at 2.5GHz, and like the Z2 has a 5.2-inch full HD display (1,920x1,080 pixels). Unlike other manufacturers, including Samsung, who have chosen to go with a "Quad HD" display (2,560x1,440 pixels), Sony is sticking with full HD on the Z3 and has come out fighting on this point, saying that the higher resolution isn't worth the tradeoff in reduced battery life. This does make some sense, especially since Sony has claimed two days of battery life for the Z3, but more on this later.

Other specs include 3GB RAM and either 16GB or 32GB of onboard storage. You'll also have dual band Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC connectivity.


The Sony Xperia Z3 comes with the same 20.7-megapixel camera found on the Z1 and Z2, and like the Z2, but with a few improvements -- ISO sensitivity now hits 12,800 and it has a wider lens as well as better image stability. Like the Z2, it's also able of capturing 4K video.

Now, the Z3's camera seems pretty decent, but with a few caveats. Despite it having 20.7 megapixels, Sony uses pixel-binning for most of its modes, and produces a picture of around 8 megapixels.

Auto-focusing still seems a little slow compared with the iPhone 6 I have to hand, but I would imagine Sony is likely to take a page from Samsung and Apple in a future phone and add phase detection for better focusing.

Also, the camera doesn't always seem to get the focus right the first time, but a quick tap on the screen seems to solve this. Colors also seem a little drab, but you can tweak the settings to obtain warmer tones.

One last thing to note is that the physical camera shutter button is pretty handy to have, and the automatic mode seems capable of handling whatever shots you need.

Outdoor test shot.

Shadowed areas can be a little noisy.

Macro shots can give you very pleasing depth of field.

The Z3 manages to catch the details of the bonito flakes.

Indoor test shot.


With the Z3 packing a quad-core Snapdragon 801 2.5GHz processor, the phone was quick and snappy. While it's not the latest Snapdragon 805 processor found in newer devices, you'll have no performance issues with this phone, that's for sure.

On the Quadrant benchmark, the Z3 scored 20,425, which is similar to other phones that use the same processor. The result of the Linpack multi-threaded test is also similar, scoring 843.333 MFLOPs over 0.2 seconds, which is pretty good.

The results of the Z3 are comparable to other phones using the Snapdragon 801 processor, such as the Samsung Galaxy S5, which had a higher Quadrant score of 23,707, or the LG G3, which managed 23,103. Bear in mind though that benchmarks don't tell the full story -- some manufacturers have been to known to tweak their phones to get them to score higher in these tests.

Call quality

I found no issues with call quality, and I even used this phone to do a radio interview. The radio hosts had no problems with the quality, and that's always a good sign. The front-facing speaker volume was also pretty good, though not as loud or as clear as HTC's own front-facing BoomSound blasters.

Battery life

Here's where the Z3 shines. Sony claims that the phone is easily able to last two days, and while I didn't quite get there, I easily lasted one and half days of heavy usage. I spent at least a full morning browsing on the phone and checking emails while waiting for an appointment, followed by a lull period back at the office, and then Web surfing on my evening commute. I left it uncharged at night, and the phone survived till around noon-ish through my usual morning activities, which included taking pictures and tweeting at an event. If you're a moderate user (checking emails and Web browsing occasionally during the day), I think you'll be easily able to hit that claimed two-day mark.


Sony's Xperia Z3 doesn't have a brand new design, but it's an evolution of what the company has been working on the last few years. It's a great phone, but it's still early to say if the Z3 will make a Sony global force in smartphones. After all, HTC is a prime example of a company making great handsets, but struggling to stay afloat.

That said, if you haven't already upgraded from the Z1 to the Z2, skip it and jump straight to the Z3. It packs a brilliant display, waterproof features and a good camera into a slim and sleek design. While the UI could use a little tweaking to better suit the phone's sexy design, the Z3 definitely impresses.

While we await to test the PlayStation 4 remote play feature, I daresay the Z3 is one of the best Sony phones to date. It's as good as the LG G3, but with the promise of much better battery life -- plus, I'll be honest, the "Quad HD" screen of the G3 is cool, but it's not really required right now.


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Video inside iPhone 6 vs Galaxy S5v One M8 Speedtest

By mtva24 - 3 hours ago

GS5 lawst hard :fisherhah:

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Article inside Verizon cancels plans to throttle subscribers with unlimited data

By Tiko377 - 3 hours ago

Verizon Wireless on Wednesday announced that it is cancelling plans to throttle subscribers with grandfathered unlimited data plans. Back in July, the nation’s top carrier had said it would being slowing data speeds for the top 5% of data users in congested areas, and the new policy was set to go into effect on October 1st. According to a statement released on Wednesday afternoon — the same day throttling was set to begin — Verizon will no longer take any measures to limit data speeds.

“Verizon is committed to providing its customers with an unparalleled mobile network experience,” the company said in the statement. “At a time of ever-increasing mobile broadband data usage, we not only take pride in the way we manage our network resources, but also take seriously our responsibility to deliver exceptional mobile service to every customer. We’ve greatly valued the ongoing dialogue over the past several months concerning network optimization and we’ve decided not to move forward with the planned implementation of network optimization for 4G LTE customers on unlimited plans.”

The statement continued, “Exceptional network service will always be our priority and we remain committed to working closely with industry stakeholders to manage broadband issues so that American consumers get the world-class mobile service they expect and value.”

Federal Communications Commission chair Tom Wheeler had raised some concerns surrounding VerizonÂ’s plans back in August, though it is unclear if the FCCÂ’s objections had anything to do with VerizonÂ’s decision to holster plans to throttle unlimited data users.

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Article inside Verizon gets in on the double-data action with own promotion

By Tiko377 - 3 hours ago

The big carrier plays catchup with offers by Sprint and AT&T to increase the amount of data available on an existing family plan.

Verizon Wireless isn't going to be left out of the double data game.

Verizon is getting in on the extra data game too.

After AT&T on Saturday said it would double the amount of data available on higher-end shared family plans and Sprint earlier Wednesday said it would double that amount, Verizon said it too is getting into the mix, adding, and in some cases doubling, the data on its own plans. The limited promotion lasts between tomorrow and Oct. 31 -- the same day that the AT&T and Sprint offers expire.

The move amplifies the recent trend by the carriers of offering greater data capacity rather than lower price, arguing that the increased capacity offers more bang for the buck. As with the AT&T and Sprint plans, Verizon's promotion only applies to its shared family plan, in which multiple users draw upon a common bucket of data. The offers are designed to get multiple users to sign up, with extra incentive to opt for the more expensive plan. With usage ever increasing as people spend more time on their smartphones and tablets, the amount of data available has become a critical consideration.

The promotions also come just as customers are looking to either reup or move to a new carrier, with new smartphones such as the Apple iPhone 6 and Samsung Galaxy Note 4 acting as a catalyst for potential change.

Verizon boosted the amount of data from 12 gigabytes to 15GB under its $110 plan, the cheapest plan affected by the promotion. Its $130 plan jumps from 16GB to 30GB, while the amount of data doubles from the next tier on, with the $150 plan bumping up from 20GB to 40GB, all the way up to the $375 plan, which swells from 50GB to 100GB.

The plans are available to new and existing customers, as well as business customers on shared plans.

As with AT&T, Verizon customers on the shared plans pay both a fee for the data as well as a separate access fee for each device on the plan, which can cost up to $40 per device.

In comparison, Sprint is offering 60GB for $130, then 80GB for $150, and 120GB for $225. Sprint is also waiving its device access fees through 2015 for customers who switch over and sign up for its monthly installment plan for smartphones.

Unlike Sprint, Verizon sits in an enviable position as the nation's largest carrier by wireless subscribers. It also boasts a reputation for network quality, which is how it justifies its premium pricing over the competition.

Still, the doubled data promotion suggests that Verizon isn't as immune as it first appears.

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Sprint Counters At&t's Double Data Plans With Their Own.

By Yung Dilla - 3 hours ago

Under new CEO Marcelo Claure, Sprint is keeping the pressure on its larger competitors and going directly after AT&T.

Sprint is getting aggressive yet again.

Sprint on Wednesday said it would one-up AT&T's promotion, which doubled the amount of data on certain high-end family plans, by doubling the new amount for its own Family Share Pack plans. The promotion is available to new and existing customers who sign up by Oct. 31, which is the same day the AT&T offer ends.

The "double the data" pledge is just the latest step by Sprint, which has seen a jolt of energy under new CEO Marcelo Claure. Since taking over in August, the embattled wireless carrier has aggressively laid out a slate of new wireless plans and promotions, all in an effort to slow the erosion of its customer base. But the company faces a long road ahead as it works through its network upgrade issues and the perception that its service lags far behind its rivals.

As with other recent promotions, Sprint hasn't necessarily cut prices on its plans, instead offering more data. The carrier is able to do that because its newly built LTE network has enough capacity to handle its customer base, which is shrinking relative to the competition. In areas where Sprint has built out its network, the company is desperate to get consumers to give it another shot.

The carrier needs to get aggressive. In the last quarter, it posted a net loss of 220,000 subscribers, continuing a string of customer losses over the last year.

AT&T unveiled its promotion on Saturday, offering 30 gigabytes of data for a month charge of $130 (customers would still have to pay for their device and a separate access fee that ranges between $15 and $40), compared to the previous offer of 15GB. The charge is $150 for 40GB and $225 for 60GB.

Under the new Sprint offer, the same $130 data charge gets 60GB, while $150 gets 80GB and $225 gets 120GB. Sprint is also waiving its monthly access charge through 2015 for customers who switch from another carrier and sign up for its monthly installment plan for smartphones.

New and existing customers have to go to a Sprint store, visit, or call Sprint directly for the promotion. The company said additional retail outlets will be able to offer the deal soon.

AT&T wasn't available to comment on Sprint's promotion.

Sprint, meanwhile, also said it would double the data on its business plans starting Friday through Oct. 31. Under the business share plan, customers could get 80GB for $135, 120GB for $200, 160GB for $270, and 200GB for $330. As with the family plans, Sprint is waiving the access fees through 2015.

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HTC One M8 MAX coming this year?

By NahLij - 3 hours ago

HTC One M8 Max Boasts 5.5in QHD Display, 18 Megapixel Camera, Snapdragon 805 and Android L

HTC is reportedly planning to release a large screen version of the One M8 in the last quarter of this year.

The first One Max, a super sized smartphone incorporating the design, functionality and performance of HTC One, was unveiled last year, and gained decent popularity. It now looks like a follow up of the One Max could be in the pipeline.

Chinese site, mydrivers via Phandroid reports that HTC's next phablet flagship, which goes by the name of new One M8 Max, will sport a 5.5in screen with 2K resolution (2560 x 1440 pixels), contrary to last year's One Max which offers a 5.9in full HD 1080p display.

It will use a Snapdragon 805 processor with 2.7GHz CPU, which will be paired with 3GB RAM, as rumoured previously. Other notable hardware features include an 18 megapixel rear snapper with OIS feature and a 3,000mAh battery.

From the software part, the new One M8 Max will run the newest Android L, rumoured to be called Android Lemon Meringue Pie (LMP), with HTC Sense 6.5 on board.

Given the higher resolution screen and camera, powerful processor, and latest software version, the One M8 Max marks a significant upgrade over the One Max, which features a fingerprint scanner.

The One M8 Max has reportedly been slated for a release in the fourth quarter of this year.


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Video inside Bendghazi Day 8: The Galaxy Note 4 Shows Off In The No-Flex Zone, Doesn't Bend Under Pressure

By Jago - 3 hours ago

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The iPhone 6 AnandTech Review

By KingP1n - 1 day ago


With every launch of the iPhone, Apple seems to have everything to lose and not much to gain. AppleÂ’s iPhone line accounts for the majority of profits in the smartphone space, and as the smartphone market marches towards maturity it seems inevitable that companies like Xiaomi will be able to deliver largely similar experiences at much lower prices. The same once happened with Apple in the days of the PC industry where Apple approached irrelevance. Yet generation after generation, Apple seems to be able to hold on to a majority of profit share, and theyÂ’ve managed to tenaciously hold on to their first-mover advantage.

This brings us to the iPhone 6. This is now the eighth generation of the iPhone, and the fifth generation of the iPhoneÂ’s industrial and material design. We should note right now that this review is specifically for the iPhone 6; for the iPhone 6 Plus, please see our iPhone 6 Plus companion review. At this point, itÂ’s not really possible to revolutionize the smartphone, and on the surface, the iPhone 6 seems to be directly inspired by the iPod Touch. However, instead of the chamfered edge where the display meets the metal unibody we see a continuous curve from the sloping glass to the metal unibody that looks and feels great. While the M8 was one of the best phones for in-hand feel, the iPhone 6 goes a step further due to the reduced weight and rounded side. I've always felt like the HTC 8X had one of the most compelling shapes for a phone, and the incredibly thin feel of the iPhone 6 definitely reminds me of that.

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