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23 hours ago

Article inside Samsung Galaxy Note 7 replacements still have issues with overheating batteries

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| By Tiko377 - 23 hours ago

The Galaxy Note 7 saga seems to never end. Samsung is already in the course of replacing all the faulty units and has already issued a couple of software updates that advises those who have yet to exchange their phones to do so as soon as possible.

One other software update turns the battery indicator from white to green, but only on those new, safe Galaxy Note 7 devices. Unfortunately, as much as Samsung wants to get over with the Galaxy Note 7 recall process, it looks like the procedure hit a wall in South Korea where a governmental agency is asking the company to extend the refund period.

On top of that, customers in South Korea complain that the new Galaxy Note 7 units they have received in exchange for the faulty devices still have issues with their battery.

Apparently, there are many complaints that the battery replacements inside the new, supposedly safe Galaxy Note 7 phones are overheating and quickly lose energy.

Samsung started to exchange the faulty Galaxy Note 7 devices in South Korea on September 19 and by the end of the week it already acknowledged that some customers have issues with the new phones as well.

It's unclear what's causing these battery problems or whether or not they are real. Samsung has yet to confirm if there are complaints registered in other countries, as for the time being the issues seem to be limited to South Korea.

A Samsung spokesperson stated that the issues many customers complain are “completely unrelated to batteries” and that they are just isolated cases that have something to do with the mass production issues.

Since Samsung hasn't issued any official statement on the matter, the number of registered cases in South Korea is unknown for the moment.

visit this link .. teries_id85781

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1 day ago

Video inside Clueless iPhone 7 owners destroy new handsets after YouTube prank dupes them

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| By Blinx 182 - 1 day ago

visit this link 'I committed the biggest mistake of my life watching this video’: Clueless iPhone 7 owners destroy new handsets after YouTube prank dupes them into DRILLING their own headphone jack

You can read the entire article at Daily Mail. Basically, there's a video where someone drills a hole into an iPhone 7 to restore the headphone jack.

Some viewers believed him.

Hilarity ensued.

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1 day ago

Article inside The Verge's Deputy Editor Was Secretly Working for Apple and The Verge Simultaneously...

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| By kkkid - 1 day ago

The Verge's Deputy Editor Was Secretly Working for Apple and The Verge Simultaneously This Summer.

This isn't going to help with those iVerge accusations...

visit this link .. ple-1787018849

Late this afternoon, Nilay Patel, the editor-in-chief of The Verge, published a post detailing the circumstances around the departure of Chris Ziegler, a founding member of the site. As it turns out, according to Patel, Ziegler had been pulling double duty as an employee of both The Verge and Apple.

“The circumstances of Chris’ departure from The Verge raised ethical issues which are worth disclosing in the interests of transparency and respect for our audience,” Patel wrote. “We’re confident that there wasn’t any material impact on our journalism from these issues, but they are still serious enough to merit disclosure.”

According to Patel, Ziegler, whose most recent post was published in July, began working for Apple in July but didn’t disclose his new job; The Verge apparently didn’t discover he’d been working there until early September. Patel noted that Ziegler continued to work for The Verge in July, but “was not in contact with us through most of August and into September.” What’s not clear is how the Verge leadership went six weeks without hearing from their deputy editor or taking serious action (like filing a missing person’s report) to try to find him. Patel says they “made every effort to contact him and to offer him help if needed.”

What’s also unclear is what exactly happened during the month of August, and why there was such a gaping hole in the timeline. Ziegler’s last tweet is from August 7:

Ziegler has faved a few items posted to his Facebook wall this summer, most recently on August 11. His Facebook bio still lists him as “Deputy Editor of The Verge.”

Patel noted the obvious conflict of interest, and added that Ziegler was fired the same day they verified his employment at Apple. “Chris did not attempt to steer any coverage towards or away from Apple, and any particular decisions he helped make had the same outcomes they would have had absent his involvement,” Patel wrote. However, it’s still unclear how exactly the team at Vox Media, The Verge’s parent company, ascertained there was no editorial consequences from the dual-employment.
When reached by email, Patel told us he wouldn’t answer any specific questions and directed us to their head of communications, Fay Sliger, whom we emailed with specific questions about the gap in the timeline and how they discovered the overlap. (Update: Her statement is below.) We’ve also reached out to Apple and Ziegler, and we’ll update when we hear back.

According to John Gruber, Ziegler is not listed in the Apple company directory, suggesting he may not work there anymore.

Patel’s full note is below:

Hey everyone — there have been questions about Chris Ziegler and his absence from The Verge in the past few weeks. I want to provide answers for those who have been worried about him.

First, Chris accepted a position at Apple. We wish him well.

Second, the circumstances of Chris’ departure from The Verge raised ethical issues which are worth disclosing in the interests of transparency and respect for our audience. We’re confident that there wasn’t any material impact on our journalism from these issues, but they are still serious enough to merit disclosure.

Chris began working for Apple in July, but didn’t tell anyone at The Verge that he’d taken a new job until we discovered and verified his dual-employment in early September. Chris continued actively working at The Verge in July, but was not in contact with us through most of August and into September. During that period, in the dark and concerned for Chris, we made every effort to contact him and to offer him help if needed. We ultimately terminated his employment at The Verge and Vox Media the same day we verified that he was employed at Apple.

Obviously having an Apple employee on The Verge staff is a conflict of interest. Vox Media Editorial Director Lockhart Steele stepped in to conduct an independent review of The Verge’s work and staff interactions with Chris during the time he worked at Apple and Vox Media to determine if that conflict had manifested itself in any of our coverage or affected any of our editorial decisions.

That review wrapped up this week. After interviews with more than a dozen Verge and Vox Media employees who worked closely with Chris, and a careful review of emails, Slack logs, and various login histories, Lockhart determined that Chris’ conflict of interest did not have any impact on editorial decisions or journalism produced at The Verge or elsewhere in Vox Media. Chris did not attempt to steer any coverage towards or away from Apple, and any particular decisions he helped make had the same outcomes they would have had absent his involvement.

Chris only actively worked at The Verge while employed by Apple in July, and was almost entirely absent from our team in August, so we are confident that we’ve reviewed the situation thoroughly. But if it happens that we find new evidence of a story being influenced by Chris’ conflict, we will add a disclaimer to that story and link back to this post in order to provide readers with further details.

Update: Here’s the statement from Vox Media’s Fay Sliger:

Chris is no longer an employee of The Verge or Vox Media. Chris accepted a position with Apple, stopped communicating with The Verge’s leadership, and his employment at The Verge was terminated. Vox Media’s editorial director Lockhart Steele conducted an internal review of this conflict of interest, and after a thorough investigation, it was determined that there was no impact on editorial decisions or journalism produced at The Verge or elsewhere in Vox Media. We’ve shared details about this situation with The Verge’s audience and will continue to be transparent should any new information come to light.

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1 day ago

Article inside Survey: Customers lose confidence in Samsung after Galaxy Note 7 recall

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| By Tiko377 - 1 day ago

Despite the fact that 90% of Galaxy Note 7 owners decided to exchange their faulty phone for a new one, instead of switching to another branded smartphone, things are looking so good for Samsung when it comes to customers' trust.

Branding Brand, one of the world's largest mobile e-commerce platform, surveyed 1,000 Samsung smartphone customers to find out whether or not they are still loyal to the South Korean company after the Galaxy Note 7 recall.

The survey conducted after September 15 included just two questions: 1. Will customers stay loyal? 2. Will they switch brands?

Before getting into details it's worth mentioning that 34% of current Samsung customers said they will not buy another smartphone from this brand. Of these 34%, no less than 81% have always owned a Samsung or Android smartphone, but these results aren't that surprising considering the latest events.

Furthermore, of the Samsung customers that will stay loyal to the brand, 77% claim that they decided to continue to put their trust in the South Korean company because they don't want to learn a new phone.

Other reasons Samsung customers cited for remaining loyal with the brand include: style (52%), options to customize experience (44%), battery life (39%), cost (35%), dislike of other smartphone brands (28%).

On the other hand, most Samsung owners who claim they are ready to switch will choose another Android smartphone (57%), but many will move to iOS (34%). Interesting enough, no less than 21% current Samsung customers previously owned an iPhone.


“Samsung consumers say battery life is a key to their loyalty with the brand; however it's the same reason for the drop in confidence. Battery power is, and will continue to be, a big factor in smartphone technology development,” said Chris Mason, Co-founder and CEO of Branding Brand.
visit this link .. recall_id85776

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1 day ago

Video inside MKBHD: Tesla Model S P100D Impressions

2 people viewing this

| By tico86 - 1 day ago

That boy Marques came up in YouTube.

Retail for this car is like 135K

He's been on YouTube since 2008 and now has almost 4 million subscribers and on the the best tech channels on YouTube.

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2 days ago

Article inside Sprint ends leasing option for Android phones?

3 people viewing this

| By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

A new report says that Sprint has ended its leasing program for Android phones. The wireless operator will continue to offer a leasing option for the Apple iPhone 6, Apple iPhone 6 Plus, Apple iPhone 6s, Apple iPhone 6s Plus, Apple iPhone 7 and the Apple iPhone 7 Plus. Wave7 Research has told its subscribers that Sprint has stopped offering leasing for the Samsung Galaxy S7, and has ended its Galaxy Forever program which required that Sprint customers lease the latest Galaxy S handset.

Sprint has been inconsistent with its announcements. In January, the nation's fourth largest carrier did away with two-year contracts and started offering a leasing option. One month later, the contracts were back. CEO Marcelo Claure had previously noted that the by the end of this year, Sprint would be offering its customers device-leasing exclusively; that appears to be out.

A Sprint spokesman refused to confirm whether it has in fact ended leasing of Android phones. In an email, a spokesman promoted the carrier's equipment installment plans. "Sprint offers $0 down (for qualified customers), interest free option on our installment billing product which is on all handsets. We work to ensure that our customers have as many options as possible to pay for their device in the most affordable way."

Thanks to a deal with Sprint's parent SoftBank, the latter had created a handset leasing company that provided the wireless operator with $1.1 billion in cash. This was done to allow Sprint to keep the financing of the leased handsets off of Sprint's balance sheet.


:"Sprint has been slowly moving away from leasing, as in late June, Sprint discontinued leasing with the popular GS7 Edge and the Galaxy Forever upgrade program – which was available for four months – was also discontinued. Leasing was not available with new devices launched by Sprint in recent months, including the iPhone SE, the LG G5, and the HTC 10."-Wave7 Research
via FierceWireless

visit this link .. phones_id85770

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2 days ago

Article inside REVEALED: Leaked video shows Snapchat's new glasses

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| By mr_underground - 2 days ago

Apparently called "Spectacles," the glasses appear to have a small camera on their frame — similar to the prototype Business Insider first noticed that CEO Evan Spiegel had been wearing in public about a year ago.

At the beginning of the video, a ring around the camera flashes lights, apparently to signal it is recording. The rest of the video weaves through images people might want to record, like a kid's birthday party, before it closes on a shot of grandparents watching the film on their phones.

The leaked footage is the first time there has been public evidence of the project beyond photos taken of Evan Spiegel wearing an early prototype on the beach. The video ends with a title screen that says "Spectacles" by "Snap Inc." — a company name that Snapchat could be using as they expand beyond the app and into sunglasses.

Business Insider obtained the footage after a tipster sent us a link on YouTube. Snapchat exerted a copyright claim and took it down after Business Insider reached out. We captured the footage for news purposes before it was taken down. It's unclear whether the video is an internal video for promotional purposes only, or a precursor to a major product launch.

Snapchat had no comment on the video.

visit this link http://www.businessinside .. glasses-2016-9

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2 days ago

Article inside Samsungs Galaxy S8 may be a graphics powerhouse

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| By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

Samsung’s phones aren’t normally short on power, but a new rumor is suggesting something quite special is going to be under the hood of the Galaxy S8.

According to a report from SamMobile, the Galaxy S8 may be packing a Samsung Exynos 8895 processor, with an ARM Mali-G71 GPU coming along for the ride. Samsung has traditionally used Exynos processors where possible, so the notable detail here is that GPU. Simply put, it’s a monster.

The Mali-G71 is ARM’s latest and greatest, built on a brand new Bifrost architecture that’s claimed to be far better at VR and 4K applications (quite possibly both at the same time, too). Samsung has been pushing the strap-a-phone-to-your-face version of VR for quite some time now, and this GPU would theoretically let the company produce a phone with a 4K screen.

It’s not all power either, as the G71 can scale from 1 to 32 cores on the fly, which should reduce power draw (and therefore increase battery life) when you’re just refreshing Twitter.

Apart from the news about the chip, details on the S8 are still a little scarce. Some reports have suggested that Samsung will launch the phone as early as possible to make up for the Galaxy Note 7 disaster. Others have said that Samsung is only going to launch a curved screen phone, which would make sense given the runaway success of the S7 Edge.

visit this link .. -release-date/

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2 days ago

Article inside DirecTV Now streaming rumored to supplant satellite by 2020

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| By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

AT&T is planning to release a DirecTV-branded streaming video service later this year, but according to Bloomberg, it also expects for that to become its primary video platform soon. Earlier this week, its CEO Randall Stephenson confirmed the DirecTV Now launch is still on track for 2016, calling it an exclusively over the top product, with no truck roll, no set-top box or anything else. The report claims that at launch it will be limited to two simultaneous streams, with pricing similar to the $40 - $55 per month PlayStation Vue service.

Randall Stephenson (transcription via Seeking Alpha)

Sure. An MVPD like product. So I think 100 premium channels in a purely over-the-top platform with a completely different cost structure. I mean, this is a very unique cost structure and a very unique platform. We have built this from the ground up. We spent the last year plus developing this platform. And it starts with how does the customer subscribe to the service?

They download an app on their smartphone, their smart TV or their tablet, they subscribe purely digitally, they select their content digitally, they interact with us digitally, the billing is purely an online billing arrangement. This is a very, very low cost customer acquisition product. It is a very low cost to install product meaning the customer has just done it once they downloaded the app. There are no set-top boxes, they are no truck rolls involved in this.

So we are kind of re-platformed all of the cost for this product, and it's a very, I mean, nominal incremental cost to provision this. So to your point, we had to acquire content rights, and being the largest scale TV provider in the U.S. gave us a lot of opportunity to get a best-in-class cost structure around this content. We've been very aggressive about this over the last year.

And we've been doing what I would consider some win-win arrangements with the content providers. The content providers, I believe are [indiscernible] referred to it that he is happy with the arrangement we struck. And so you put the different cost structure, kind of a unique position content cost together. And we can't put together a product that is -- I'm going to call it thinner, not thin margins, but thinner than what we're accustom to. But I'm always willing to take thinner margins, when there is low capital intensity in the product.

So we think we're going to be able to meet a price point, that's very, very aggressive in the marketplace. And keep in mind, it's a product that is integrated with our wireless service. And it's also integrated with our broadband our home broadband service.

And so to the extent, that is driving additional penetration or further penetration, wireless or driving churn down in wireless, the lifetime value of a customer with this kind of product is actually quite attractive and very positive. So that's why we're so excited about it.

While Vue and Sling TV are natural competition, other providers like Comcast and Time Warner Cable have launched small tests in offering internet video. If AT&T pushes to replace its satellite TV acquisition and U-verse TV service with a purely over-the-top streaming service, it could be the first major provider to go that route. The projected window is within three to five years, so one way or another, by 2020 you can probably expect easier access to NFL Sunday Ticket.

visit this link .. llite-by-2020/

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2 days ago

Video inside Elon Musk To Debut New Solar Power Roof: Bottom Line |

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| By Sean McDevitt - 2 days ago


Published on Sep 23, 2016
The Tesla CEO and SolarCity chairman aims to unveil a Tesla/SolarCity solar roof on October 28.
i want one

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2 days ago

Article inside Report says Apple iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus had 25% lower sales year-over-year on launch

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| By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

Once again, research firm GfK has spooked Apple investors with a report. Looking at sales channels, GfK has come to the conclusion that the launch weekend for the Apple iPhone 7 and Apple iPhone 7 Plus was not as successful as originally thought. In fact, the analysis from the German firm concludes that sales were actually 25% lower year-over-year.

This isn't the first time that GfK has rocked Apple with a report. Last year, the company looked at sales channels and said that turnover of the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus was not as strong as CEO Tim Cook was saying it was.

Also playing a part in the decline of Apple's shares today is a report from Digitimes. Released early Friday morning, the story called for a 20% sequential drop in first quarter chip orders for the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. The prediction was made by analog chip suppliers. Apple reportedly asked its chip suppliers to keep integrated circuits in stock for 50 million iPhone units during the third quarter, declining to 45 million for the fourth quarter. For the first quarter of 2017, orders have been reduced even more as Apple is asking for enough chips to build 35 million to 37 million iPhone units.

For all of 2016, Apple is said to be pushing suppliers to build 100 million iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus units. That is actually above the 80 million to 85 million handsets that Apple's suppliers were estimating for this year.

Apple's shares closed down 1.7% on Friday, ending the week at $112.71.

source: ZeroHedge, Digitimes

visit this link .. eekend_id85765

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2 days ago

Video inside The must have feature Apple was talking about for iPhone 7+(DOF mode)

2 people viewing this

| By mrfreak76 - 2 days ago

I just got my 7+ yesterday and installed 10.1 beta 1. The feature is not perfect yet, but man is this going to be another major seller for the iPhone 7+. Order now if you have not already cause 10.1 will drop in Late October.

Portrait mode demo starts at 3 mins 17 secs in if you don't want to watch the video part.

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2 days ago

Video inside Truth behind no headphones jack apple

2 people viewing this

| By ayoking - 2 days ago

It's sad when the richest company in the world decides to use tactics such as this
Just to get a few more bucks. This is simple logic. They really look at us as sheep. They couldn't even give us wireless charging or some cheap 20 wireless headphones in the box but they clam innovation while Samsung has the jack and is also waterproof. Im not expecting them to give us the wireless headphones likes the 160 ones but at least make some cheap 20 dollar joints Like those on amazon.

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2 days ago

Article inside The Worlds First 1TB SD Card

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| By kkkid - 2 days ago

SanDisk recently announced their new line of 1 TB SD cards, enough to significantly increase the storage capacity of any device.

4k and 8k resolution are continually increasing the boundaries of visual effects with further advancements being achieved with 360-degree video and 3D software. However, the new formats require many times more space to be stored, a demand which must be exceeded by constantly increasing memory capacity.

It is difficult to imagine that just 16 years ago SanDisk revolutionized the digital market with their announcement of the first SanDisk 64MB SD. Now, the company has achieved an SD with a storage capacity of over 16,00 times, finally reaching the long sought 1000 GB SD.

Just two years ago in 2014 the team set a record with the unveiling of their 512 GB SD card. Now, the team continued their success and has obliterated that standard by a factor of two.

“Just a few short years ago the idea of a 1TB capacity point in an SD card seemed so futuristic – it’s amazing that we’re now at the point where it’s becoming a reality. With the growing demand for applications like VR, we can certainly use 1TB when we’re out shooting continuous high-quality video. High-capacity cards allow us to capture more without interruption, streamlining our workflow, and eliminating the worry that we may miss a moment because we have to stop to swap out cards,”
Says Sam Nicholson, CEO of Stargate Studios and member of the American Society of Cinematographers.

The card will be demonstrated by Western Digital featuring the SanDisk 1TB SDXC card prototype at Photokina, Hall 02.1 Stand A014. While the achievement marks another monumental success with digital storage, further progressions are constantly being achieved through innovative ideas around the world. Organic, quantum, and photon data storage all promise a future in which data will be.

visit this link http://interestingenginee .. 000gb-sd-card/

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3 days ago

Video inside Disconnect for Free

4 people viewing this

| By Even Kill - 3 days ago

Disconnect’s Pro app for blocking trackers is free for Samsung and iOS devices for a limited time.

By MATTHEW HUGHES — 1 day ago in APPS
Disconnect’s Pro app for blocking trackers is free for Samsung and iOS devices for a limited time ...

If you’re concerned about your privacy, you should check out Disconnect. Available for Android and iOS, it blocks the trackers that slow down your browser and spy on you.

Disconnect says that filtering these unwanted tracking requests has significant performance benefits. Apps and web pages load 44 percent faster, cellular data waste drops by 39 percent, and battery life increases.

As far as tracker blockers are concerned, it’s as close as you’ll get to a gold standard. The EFF has described it as a “strong option”, and “the most effective protection”. The New York Times has lauded it as “nuanced”, the “easiest to understand”, and their “anti-tracking tool of choice”.

Its biggest downside is its price. If you want to buy it outright, you’ll have to make a one-time purchase of $40, or a recurring subscription of $5 monthly. That’s outrageously expensive.

But for the next seven days, you can get the company’s new app, Disconnect Pro, for free if you’re on an iOS or Samsung device. There’s no in-app purchases after this. No subscriptions. It’s free forever.

It’s worth pointing out that although there’s an Android Disconnect Pro app, it hasn’t been on the Google Play store for some time, due to it falling afoul of the Play Store terms and conditions.

It has used this as an opportunity to release a fork of the Android version that’s specific to Samsung devices, and is distributed through the Galaxy Apps store. The Samsung version comes with some key enhancements, including a feature that can identify what application is the source of a tracker. The iOS version is available from the App Store.

If you’re convinced, you have until September 28 to pick up Disconnect for free.


Source: visit this link .. xt-seven-days/

2nd edit: Search "Disconnect Pro" in your respective app stores.

Apple App Store and Galaxy Apps

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3 days ago

Article inside Samsungs cash reserves hit a record high of $69 billion

3 people viewing this

| By Pine Bluff - 3 days ago

Samsung has reported a significant improvement in its cash holdings as it now achieved a record high cash reserve of 77 trillion won ($69.10 billion). It’s a 7.8 percent increase from the fourth quarter of 2015. Samsung counts its cash, cash equivalents, short-term financial instruments and short-term liquid assets in its cash reserves. Samsung saw an increase of 14.2 percent in its cash and cash equivalents to 25.84 trillion won from late last year while the amount of its short-term instruments went by 7.3 percent to 47.45 trillion won in the same period.

Analysts expect that as Samsung continues to streamline its portfolio its cash reserves will increase further in the coming quarters. This is supported by Samsung’s recent sale of securities in four different companies that freed up almost $900 million in cash for the company. As part of its portfolio restructuring Samsung has also sold its printing business to HP for $1.05 billion.

Samsung is expected to use this money to acquire emerging tech companies to fuel future growth engines. It may also use some of the reserves to improve dividend yields for shareholders. Samsung did say last year that it’s going to improved its dividend policies to offer greater value to shareholders. It then embarked on a $10 billion program to buyback its own shares in a move aimed at reviving investor confidence in the conglomerate.

visit this link .. of-69-billion/

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3 days ago

Samsung Has Caught 26 Boxden Members Lying About Note 7 Explosions

3 people viewing this

| By Jago - 3 days ago


Samsung Electronics said it's had exactly 26 false reports of customers complaining of their Galaxy Note 7 catching fire since the company recalled the handset earlier in September. Customers in the U.S., where Samsung took back 1 million devices, reported nine cases. South Koreans reported three, and there were two in France, as well as one report from the UK, Canada, Singapore, Philippines, Turkey, Vietnam, Croatia, Romania, Iraq, Lebanon, the UAE, and the Czech Republic each.

Samsung attended to these, and also reported there was no fault found with the device in 12 of the cases. In another seven, the complaining customers could not be reached for contact, and another seven accidents had consumers cancelling their claim, or saying that they threw the device away.

Some customers tried to fake their way onto receiving a new handset, with one sending a picture of a burned Note 7 they found online , and the other claiming they threw the device out of their car when it caught fire – but couldn't show proof.
In short, dealing with the recall must be pretty difficult and chaotic for Samsung.

The company is already shipping "safe" Galaxy Note 7 devices across global markets. They feature markings on the box, such as black squares and stickers showing the letter "S", along with a green-colored battery indicator on their screens. Regular sales of the handset will resume from September 28 onward.
visit this link ​Samsung says it dealt with 26 false reports of the Note 7 catching fire

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3 days ago

Image inside Phones that Need to Be Retroed (iPhone/Galaxy Killers)

3 people viewing this

| By lochness - 3 days ago

T-Mobile Sidekick 3

Blackberry Curve

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3 days ago

Image inside Woman orders iPhone 7, gets an iPhone 3, iPhone 4 and a Yu-Gi-Oh fusion card instead

2 people viewing this

| By mr_underground - 3 days ago

The first batch of Apple's new iPhone 7s sold out quickly in China after going up for sale earlier this month. To get their hands on the latest smartphone, some desperate Chinese buyers have started looking online.

Of course, the problem with that is consumers can't physically see the item that they are buying... until it's too late. Already this year, we've seen multiple instances where buyers thought they were purchasing legitimate iPhones, but upon delivery, received a pear phone, or a pancake instead.

This time, instead of sending blatant counterfeits or food, one cunning vendor came up with a nifty mathematical gimmick, complemented by a Yu-Gi-Oh card.
The idea behind the "Fusion Monster" Yu-Gi-Oh card is that it "represents a combination of two or more monsters," or in this case, two iPhones.

And by fusing together an iPhone 3 and an iPhone 4, one would naturally receive an iPhone 7. The buyer took a picture of the unusual package she received and posted it on Weibo where it has been shared over a thousand times.
"If you buy two iPhone 7s, you can use a Fusion Monster to turn it into the futuristic iPhone 14," one netizen suggested.

"Can you lend us the Fusion Monster card for us to use? In return I'll buy you an iPhone 7," another commented.

Once again, we are reminded of the Latin phrase "caveat emptor" or "let the buyer beware." Hopefully, this occurrence will serve as a reminder to us all about the dangers of internet transactions.

Or maybe it was just a silly prank.

Either way, if you are need of a new iPhone 7, talk to Wang Sicong's dog. She'll hook you up.

China's richest son, gives his dog 8 iPhone 7s

28-year-old Wang Sicong is China's richest son and No. 1 tuhao. He also runs a Weibo page for his dog ("Wang Coco is a bi*ch") where he presents his pet with various luxurious but impractical gifts, like giving her two Apple watches last year.

visit this link .. e_shopping.php

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4 days ago

The Galaxy Note 7 Is Officially Back On Sale

3 people viewing this

| By Jago - 4 days ago


The Galaxy Note 7, Samsung's smartphone that had an unfortunate habit of exploding or setting on fire, is now back on sale, reports The Verge.

The device was taken off the market after people complained on social media that some models were either setting on fire or exploding.

Samsung was eventually forced to issue a global recall for the Galaxy Note 7 as it found that issues with some of the batteries in phones caused the explosions.

The recall is still ongoing, but Samsung has now released updated Galaxy Note 7 models that are free of the battery issues. The Verge reports that Samsung has released 500,000 safe phones, and they're now on sale through US carriers Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T. Samsung told Business Insider that it was unsure when the Galaxy Note 7 will be released in the UK.

That's not the end of Samsung's issues, though. It's caught up in a row in China over the Galaxy Note 7 there. Consumers reported a similar issue: The phone exploded. But this time Samsung said it wasn't to blame, and instead it said it was because the phones are too hot. It's refusing to issue a recall, and that has reportedly angered some Chinese social media users. "Samsung doesn't dare raise a fuss overseas but in China as soon as explosions are mentioned they blame other people," one user said.
visit this link The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is officially back on sale - Business Insider

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Article inside John Carpenter Sh*ts on Rob Zombie and His Halloween Remake
22 hours ago
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