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Video inside Swing Copters: The Spiritual Sequel To Flappy Bird Gets A Release Date [Preview Video]

By mrfreak76 - 13 hours ago

Looks like another addicting game... :ohnoes::ohnoes:

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Chromecast extension makes YT videos autoplay.

By MusikFiend - 13 hours ago

For the past couple of days I been noticing that YouTube videos have been and everywhere else. I thought it was a youtube issue. But i came across this....

On my list of "most annoying things in the world," videos that autoplay upon visiting a website come in at a solid third place. And here lately, it's been an ongoing battle for me and a lot of other users, because YouTube seemingly forsook us and started autoplaying videos all over the web.Well, that's what we thought, anyway.

Turns out it's not exactly a YouTube issue – it's the Chromecast Chrome extension. If you have it installed, I bet you're seeing the same [annoying] problem. The issue has already been reported to Google and marked as critical, so hopefully a fix is underway. In the meantime though, there's a quick fix:
  • Remove the Chromecast extension from your browser
  • Restart the computer (restarting just Chrome doesn't seem to work)
  • Done

Now, go on about your merry way and enjoy life without autoplaying videos all up in your face. We'll let you know when Google issues a fix.

Update: As of the most recent comment on the bug tracker, it looks like it actually is a YouTube issue. A fix is scheduled to roll out today.

"The YouTube team confirmed that there was a bad push yesterday which caused this issue to be triggered. There is a fix being qualified and that is scheduled to be pushed today that will correct this issue.

Closing this issue for now, since there's not a Chrome issue here in any event. Thanks to everyone for reporting this issue."


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Image inside Moto 360 - Price + Specs Leak

By fat_boyy21 - 1 day ago


It appears that the price tag of the soon to be released Moto 360 smartwatch got revealed prematurely. A leaked Best Buy product listing shows that the hotly anticipated gadget will cost $249.99 when it hits the shelves.

Unsurprisingly, the listing shows the Moto 360 as “coming soon.” The leaked price tag falls right in line with a past report, which suggested that the smartwatch would indeed be priced at $249.

Furthermore, the Best Buy listing reveals info about the specs of the Moto 360. They include Texas Instruments processor, 1.5” LCD display with a resolution of 320 x 290 pixels and Gorilla Glass 3, built-in heart rate monitor, and built-in pedometer, all tucked into a waterproof stainless steel body with plastic case back.

Moto 360 will debut on September 4 alongside the Moto X+1 and an updated Moto G. We will be covering the event live, so be sure to tune in for the full scoop on the device.
GSM Arena

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Article inside Apple cuts prices of all Beats by Dre products by 10% through Aug. 23rd

By mrfreak76 - 1 day ago

A couple weeks following the closing of AppleÂ’s acquisition of Beats Electronics and the Beats Music streaming service, Apple has cut the price of all Beats by Dr. Dre products by 10% in both its physical retail stores and official online storeÂ…

The 10% off discount will last through August 23rd, according to a source. Beats products, including over-ear headphones, in-ear headphones, and speakers are all covered by the deal, but those seeking those “Beats Pill Dude” speaker covers will still (fortunately) have to pay the full price of $49.

This 10% price-cut makes the pricing of some of the Beats products more reasonable, which is a good way for Apple to further celebrate its largest acquisition yet. Last week, Apple debuted a dedicated Beats products section within its online store. In May, the price of Beats Music became slightly more affordable with a new $99/year subscription plan.

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Verizon Quietly Drops Pricing for Single Lines

By LYTE - 1 day ago

Verizon Wireless introduced a new, cheaper plan over the weekend that applies to single lines of service. The plan costs $60 per month and includes unlimited talk/text and 2GB of data. The monthly price drops further to $50 for customers who finance their handset via Verizon Edge. Data overage charges cost $15 per 1GB. The same service offering previously cost $90 per month under the company's More Everything plans, which required a $40 connection charge per line plus $50 for the minutes, messages, and data. The $60 pricing was previously available only to select customers as a loyalty incentive. Sprint may unveil new, cheaper plans as soon as August 19 during a scheduled press conference. Carriers are increasingly looking to service pricing as a way to compete, which benefits customers.

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Image inside Leaked pic gives us a new look at the best-looking Windows Phone we’ve ever seen

By FuryStryfe - 1 day ago

This is it, Windows Phone fans: YouÂ’re finally getting a premiere flagship smartphone this year, even if it did come out for Android months earlier. WPCentral has posted a brand-new picture of a retail display for the upcoming HTC One (M8) for Windows that we expect will officially launch on Tuesday at HTCÂ’s press event in New York. As you can see below, the device looks exactly like the Android version of the device but is now clearly running Windows Phone as evidenced by the Windows Phone user interface and the Windows logo at the bottom of the display.

The One (M8), of course, is one of the best Android phones released this year, which means it will automatically become the best Windows Phone released this year once it finally gets official. 2014 has been a very bad year for high-end Windows Phones, as Microsoft has yet to announce a proper followup to last yearÂ’s outstanding Lumia 1020 or Lumia 1520 flagship devices.

The phone is expected to be $199 on contract and hopefully this time Microsoft decides to not make it exclusive to one carrier as it did with the Lumia 1020 and the Lumia 1520. Other than running on Windows Phone 8.1, the device will likely be almost the exact same as the Android version with the same internal hardware.


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The Apple iPhone 6 rumored to come with 1GB of RAM aboard

By MGz - 1 day ago

As September nears, it is more than natural that one of the hottest topics in the mobile industry right now, the upcoming Apple iPhone 6, or whatever it ends up being called at the end, is the subject to even more rumors and speculations, most of which will turn out to be false. Of course, it's impossible to know which ones actually hold water beforehand, at least until Tim Cook gets on stage and unveils Cupertino's next champion. Well, one of the latest rumors regarding the hugely-anticipated iPhone flagship claims that it will feature the same amount of RAM as its predecessors over the past few years - 1GB.

Initially spotted by GeekBar and afterwards re-shared by Weibo, a Chinese micro-blogging site, the rumor allegedly shoes leaked papers that reveal the hardware schematics of the iPhone 6. The title of one of the papers clearly says “POP-FIJI-1GB-DDR-BO-BGA”, which allegedly means that Cupertino's next forerunner won't stray away from its predecessor, the iPhone 5s, in the memory department. It's worth mentioning that GeekBar has previously leaked quite a number of schematics that have revealed specific details about the hardware of Apple's devices. Despite this, take your biggest bucket of salt with you, as you'd need to take handful of the substance along with this rumor.

We can't say if the iPhone 6 will indeed come with this exact amount of RAM on board. Its Android rivals have amped up their game in this exact department long ago – 2GB of RAM seems to be the standard in the industry at the moment, while the higher-end devices are even graced with 3GB of RAM. Probably it won't take long before we witness the mass-market adoption of smartphones with 4GB of RAM abroad. The reason behind Apple's modest actions in the RAM compartment is the optimization of their mobile OS, iOS, which usually perform on par with devices that have way more random access memory.

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Image inside Sharp's new bezel-less smartphone will land in US thanks to Sprint

By FuryStryfe - 1 day ago

It's been a long, long time since Sharp shipped a phone in the United States (remember this thing?) but it looks like that drought may soon be over. The Japanese electronics giant just pulled back the curtain on a pair of smartphones that barely have bezels, and one of them is slated to land here sooner or later. Sharp's Aquos Crystal X is the more impressive of the two -- aside from the fact that there's hardly any material running around its 5.5-inch 1080p display, there's a 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 ticking away inside its 10mm thick chassis. Alas, it's the less-powerful Aquos Crystal that's expected find its way stateside. There still aren't any bezels to speak of, but it packs a comparatively paltry 1.2GHz Snapdragon 400 and a 5-inch 720p display -- expect the price tag to reflect those decidedly mid-range ambitions.

It's surprising enough to see Sharp gearing up to re-enter the crowded US smartphone market, but what's really surprising is that we're not getting some random one-off gadget like the Sharp FX this time. It may not be the most impressive of the two, but the Aquos Crystal still seems like an interesting choice for a company that hasn't always put its best foot forward around these parts. Sprint hasn't officially confirmed it'll offer the Crystal, but it looks an awful lot like a lock at this point. Case in point: the carrier is holding a press conference in New York tomorrow night, and its invitation is rife with crystalline symbolism and a tag line that jibes with the Aquos' bezel-less screen.


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Image inside Details Of New Sprint Family Share Pack

By FuryStryfe - 1 day ago

Sprint Doubles the DataSprint introduces new shared data plans that offer double the high-speed data at the same or lower price as compared to AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless

For a Family up to 10 lines, get 20GB of Shared Data and Unlimited Talk & Text for only $100 a month
It really doesnÂ’t matter if your family is 3, 5, or 10 people, you will get at least 20GB of shared data and your monthly charge will be $100

OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – Aug. 18, 2014 – It’s a new day for data in the wireless industry as Sprint (NYSE: S) announces the Sprint Family Share Pack – a new shared-data plan that offers double the high-speed data at a lower price than AT&T and Verizon Wireless.

Consumers today are using wireless data at an exponentially increasing pace and expect data to be a part of their lives – whether they are using Facetime, connecting with friends on Facebook, uploading pictures on Instagram, or sharing them on Snapchat. Wireless customers, however, are frustrated by low data allowances with immediate data overages and complicated monthly bills. Now after rolling out its network improvements, Sprint can end these frustrations and provide the best value for consumers with the introduction of the Sprint Family Share Pack.

The Sprint Family Share Pack, offering double the high-speed shareable data1 for smartphones, basic phones, tablets and mobile broadband devices, will be available starting Aug. 22. For example you can get four lines and 20GB of data for $160 compared to 10GB of data for the same price from AT&T or Verizon.

But wait, there's more. To kick off Sprint’s “new day for data” campaign, Sprint is offering a limited-time promotion for the Sprint Family Share Pack: For a family with up to 10 lines, get 20GB of Shared Data and Unlimited Talk & Text for only $100 a month through 20152 – and, as an added bonus, customers will get an additional 2GB per line for up to 10 lines. For a family of four, that’s a savings of $60 per month better than AT&T’s and Verizon’s current pricing through 2015; double the data of Verizon; and more than double the high-speed data of AT&T and T-Mobile.

For example:
Sprint Family Share Pack Limited-Time Promotion
Price # of lines Data Additional 2GB per line Total Data for # of lines
$100 4 20GB 2GB x 4 lines 28GB
$100 10 20GB 2GB x 10 lines 40GB

"Sprint is offering the best value to data-hungry consumers. Period,” said Marcelo Claure, Sprint CEO. “We are doubling the high-speed wireless data because today’s customers rely so much on their smartphones and tablets. We make it simple and easy for wireless consumers to get the data they need at affordable prices to make their lives easier, more productive and enjoyable. We are so certain that this is the best value on wireless today that for any customer who wants to switch to our new Sprint Family Share Pack, we will reimburse them for the cost to end their contract with another carrier.”

Sprint Family Share Pack – How it Works
Sprint is changing the wireless industry with this plan that provides consumers value and flexibility, plus unlimited talk and text.

Customers can build their own plan in three easy steps as shown below. First, choose the data allowance. Second, add up to 10 lines of data access with unlimited talk and text while on the Sprint Network. Third, include your tablet devices for $10 per month per line and mobile broadband devices for $20 per month per line. There is no early termination fee and no annual service contract with non-discounted phones.

Limited-time Promotion for Customers Switching to Sprint Family Share Pack
In addition, for a limited time, for customers who bring their number and activate on the Sprint Family Share Pack, Sprint will buy out their familiesÂ’ contracts with a Visa Prepaid Card worth up to $350 2. This switching offer will be available at Sprint stores and Sprint Telesales.

With the limited-time promotion, Sprint is waiving the data access charge for handsets, tablets and mobile broadband devices on 20GB or higher data allowances for up to 10 lines. To qualify for the offer customers must switch their number from another carrier to Sprint. All devices must be purchased through Sprint Easy Pay.

The Sprint Share Pack gives wireless customers a good reason to come to Sprint, but the company is not done making bold moves, Claure said.

“Simply put, we are offering the best deal on shared data,” Claure said. “We have more news coming later this week about plans for individuals. We want customers to think twice before choosing another wireless carrier.”

AmericaÂ’s Newest Network
The Sprint Family Share Pack comes as Sprint already has built its 4G LTE network to serve more than 255 million people, with more on the way.

“Customers are seeking a strong network experience, and at a good value,” said Rich Karpinski, Principal Analyst at 451 Research. “The price and amount of sharable data associated with this new Sprint offering plays to that next wave of mobile demand.”

In addition to SprintÂ’s all new 3G network and its 4G LTE network, Sprint is deploying Sprint Spark, a technology offering turbo data speeds and designed to support a new generation of online gaming, virtual reality, advanced cloud services and other applications requiring very high bandwidth.

Available today in 27 markets across the country, Sprint Spark is an enhanced LTE service thatÂ’s built for data and designed to deliver average wireless speeds of 6-15Mbps and peak wireless speeds of 50-60Mbps today on capable devices, with increasing speed potential over time. Sprint plans to reach 100 million Americans by year-end with the service.


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Image inside Xiaomi's (Apple Of China) Latest MIUI 6 Skin Is The Most Shameless iOS Rip-Off You'll Ever See

By Jago - 3 days ago


Xiaomi, a company often called 'the Apple of China', has just unveiled images of its newest MIUI 6 Android skin, and it takes a lot of inspiration from the design aesthetic of Apple's iOS 7 and 8.

Starting with the transparent, through-the-glass looks of backgrounds and wallpapers, going through the similar, flat style and single-color backdrop for icons, and finishing off with the appearance of apps like the calendar, compass, timer, calculator, and so on that are a nearly identical copy of their Apple counter-parts, it seems that Xiaomi did not shy away from taking the best out of Apple's system quite literally.

The strange thing is that these fresh new screenshots from MIUI 6 come right after ex-Googler and current international VP of Xiaom Hugo Barrai defended the company, saying it's not copying Apple and instead putting the blame on the media. The accusations, however, have a comical undertone as Xiaomi's latest event featured CEO Lei Jun wearing a black turtleneck like Steve Jobs, holding a similarly orchestrated presentation, and featuring a 'one more thing' slide at the end. The MIUI 6 builds on that tradition, but will this be enough to awaken Apple's legal department?

Did you know: Xiaomi's new MIUI 6 skin is the most shameless iOS rip-off you'll ever see

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