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Image inside Nike Goes Moves From Apple To Samsung

By Javon23 - 2 hours ago

Samsung just announced that they have developed a Nike Running app for their brand new smart watch the Samsung Gear S. The wearable technology’s Nike affiliation also marks the end of Nike’s Apple era in which the Nike Fuel Band reigned supreme but is soon to be replaced by Apple’s iWatch which will clearly get all of their attention. The move to Samsung is a timely one and the app that is being developed for it promises to let users check their running route, check their heartbeat and play music as well.

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Image inside The Apple Product Cycle! (Comic)

By mrfreak76 - 2 hours ago

I can relate...


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Article inside Sprint And Dish Possile Merger..

By Yung Dilla - 2 hours ago

Ever since Softbank (NASDAQOTH: SFTBY ) became the majority owner of Sprint (NYSE: S ) , merger and acquisition activity has been up, with buyouts of Clearwire and an attempted merger with T-Mobile. Clearly, Softbank knows it needs more than just Sprint to be relevant in the U.S., and after the failed acquisition of T-Mobile, Softbank appears to have something big in mind. Softbank needs to act fast, though!

Softbank and Sprint set their targets
Recently, news of Softbank's plan to sell nearly $4 billion in five-year bonds became public. While Softbank says the goal is to pay off existing debt and finance future investments, the fact that the company already has roughly $19 billion in cash on its balance sheet could be an indication that Softbank wants to attempt another large acquisition of sorts, perhaps a company to strengthen Sprint's competitive landscape.

Specifically, Sprint has lost over 600,000 subscribers during the first six months of 2014. Meanwhile, T-Mobile has gained more than three million; Verizon and AT&T have also gained in the first half of 2014. Nonetheless, Sprint is experimenting with lower-cost plans, but the problem is, Sprint has a hard enough time making debt payments with its current operations. Therefore, lowering its average revenue per user will make matters worse if new customers are not attracted quickly, meaning there's a lot of risk surrounding Sprint right now.

With that said, there have been a lot of rumors in recent months regarding where Softbank might want to invest, companies it could acquire to bolster Sprint's competitive position. Some have speculated the music and entertainment industries as potential targets, but if you're Softbank CEO and billionaire Masayoshi Son, Dish Networks (NASDAQ: DISH ) is the real prize, an asset that could make a difference.

Ergen really wants it
Importantly, Dish Networks Chairman Charlie Ergen has been wanting a telecom presence for the better part of two years. Ergen tried relentlessly to block Softbank's purchase of Sprint, then he tried to acquire Clearwire before losing the bidding war to Sprint.

Ergen's acquisition attempts began after Dish's airwaves were cleared for cell phone service back in 2012. As a result, Dish then gained spectrum that's valued north of $12 billion, but without a mobile presence, that spectrum is essentially useless. Notably, spectrum is used to improve the flow of data, so more spectrum equals more reliable data speeds.

As a result, it seems reasonable that Dish Networks would welcome a bid by Softbank, strengthening Sprint's network with additional spectrum, giving Dish the telecom presence it seeks, and allowing both companies to compete with AT&T following its purchase of DirecTV (NASDAQ: DTV ) . Not to mention, with Dish and Sprint being smaller than their noted peers, Softbank is unlikely to face too much regulatory backlash.

Albeit, Dish Network's market capitalization of nearly $30 billion would make it a very pricey acquisition, not including its $13.5 billion debt position. However, Softbank is an acquisitive company, completing more than $50 billion worth of deals over the last five years. Therefore, it makes sense that Softbank could make a run at Dish, and it would definitely explain its desire to raise money so soon after the T-Mobile buyout fell apart.

Options galore
With that said, there's a lot of excitement surrounding Dish Networks right now, as the failed acquisition attempt of T-Mobile has put it in a good situation to finally gain a wireless business regardless if it's purchased by Softbank. Furthermore, with T-Mobile having five consecutive quarters of at least 1.5 million net new customers, Dish might prefer T-Mobile over a very troubled Sprint. In fact, Charlie Ergen recently said, "The Sprint announcement probably increased some optionality that we had," after the T-Mobile deal fell apart, signaling potential action involving Dish and one of the two carriers.

Hence, it shouldn't take long for Dish Networks to find itself in the news, because after years of trying, the company could get the asset it has wanted for so long. The big question is whether it's Sprint or T-Mobile. Therefore, if Softbank doesn't hurry, it might find itself in a situation where it's facing two very large wireless providers who also own the Nos. 2 and 3 satellite businesses in the U.S.

As for T-Mobile, it continues to benefit from the combined $6 billion in cash and spectrum it received from AT&T after their deal fell apart, which has given T-Mobile an exceptional amount of operational flexibility over the last year. In other words, T-Mobile doesn't need Dish like Sprint does.

Foolish Thoughts
Hence, if Sprint thinks competing against AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile is hard now, it could get worse if DirecTV and Dish are added to the mix. However, if Softbank can acquire Dish, Sprint would gain an asset that only one of its competitors own, which could reignite excitement among consumers and attract new subscribers to its stores. The next few months should be very exciting with Dish Networks being added to the mix.

This could e good they have 700mhz, a sh*t ton of it only second to verizon. 1900 mhz which sprint has so it can only open up other regions in the country and help the speeds.
h lock they have the largest number of that. and 60 mhz which is good for one way traffic but can e combined with other spectrum with ease making it 2 way very easy. Maybe this is the real reason they let the tmobile deal go..

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Video inside iPhone 6 4.7 inch Compared To iPhone 5S Leak video in HD

By mrfreak76 - 2 hours ago


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Video inside Samsung Unpacked Episode 2

By Jago - 2 hours ago


September 3rd @ 9AM ET


SIM card type:
Memory Storage:
Extended memory:
Rear camera:
Front camera:



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Article inside Why Apple Is Not Suing Xiaomi - Yet

By fat_boyy21 - 1 day ago


Xiaomi may continue to deny it is copying Apple with it smartphones, tablets, software, marketing material and even the way its CEO dresses, but as the world begins to pay more attention to the Chinese company, its denials are beginning to ring ever more hollow.

This week the company released MIUI 6, its proprietary mobile operating system which is a forked version of Android. The reason it hit the headlines across the world however was not because it looked too much like Google's software, but because it was a clear rip-off of Apple's iOS.

From the lock screen through to the flat interface, almost identical core apps like calendar and calculator and the layered structure of MIUI 6, the company's software does much more than simply "draw inspiration from" Apple's iOS.

The launch of MIUI 6 follows the release of:

Mi 4 - an iPhone 5 clone
MiPad - an iPad mini clone
Xiaomi Box - an Apple TV clone

The company's CEO Lei Jun even dresses like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and finessed a recent presentation with a slide saying "One more thing".
Xiaomi One More Thing


So how is Xiaomi getting away with this
, especially with Apple being known for having a hair-trigger when it comes to launching lawsuits against competitors it believes to have infringed any of its copyrights?

The answer is that while Xiaomi has risen to prominence in the last six months, it is still very much a Chinese company operating in the Chinese market.

It may have become the number one smartphone manufacturer in China in the second quarter of 2014, but on the global front it remains a speck in the rear view mirror of Apple and Samsung.

Rock the boat

While Apple is the much bigger company, it is a relative new-comer to the Chinese smartphone market not even registering among the top five smartphone vendors in the country in the last quarter.

This is despite Apple finally signing a deal with China Mobile in January of this year, opening up the network's 800 million subscriber base.

China is becoming an increasingly important market for Apple as growth in sales of iPhones slows due to market saturation in western markets like the US and Europe.

It is therefore unwilling to rock the boat too much as it looks to grow its market share in China.

Potential backlash

Another reason for holding back from issuing lawsuits, is the uncertainty surround the regulatory position in the country. Patent expert Florian Mueller told IBTimes UK that trying to enforce patents in China can be a risky business:

"Generally, western companies that have tried to enforce patents against Chinese rivals have often found that those rivals own some interesting patents of their own, not only but especially in China. Apple will have to think hard about a potential backlash in China before suing Xiaomi."

Mueller added that another reason for Apple not launching legal action against Xiaomi so far is down to poor outcomes in the past:

"Apple probably has a diminished appetite for patent litigation after its dismal results against Samsung, Motorola and HTC."


However, this lack of legal action would likes change very quickly when/if Xiaomi decides to try and break into markets like Europe and the US - which some claim could happen as soon as next year.

"Apple will presumably still consider enforcement if it's profoundly concerned over the uniqueness of its products," Mueller says.

Alex Wilson, partner at IP litigation firm Powell Gilbert LLP, added: "By launching its product range inthe US and UK, Xiaomi would be entering rough seas where the fins of the major patent holders are already circling. They are certainly not the first to dive in, as HTC, Samsung, ZTE and Huawei have all taken the plunge in recent years."

Wilson says that while Apple's patent portfolio is said to be "a mile wide" is of "uncertain depth" and has been "wielded with relatively modest impact thus far".

Apple and Samsung have been involved in high profile court battles around the world over the last two years, but the South Korean company appears to have survived the war of attrition, as have HTC and Nokia in their battles with Apple.

Best defence is attack

While Apple's is the company which is most likely to challenge Xiaomi should their products cross the Pacific, it is not guaranteed to win says Wilson:

"Apple's portfolio has a particular emphasis on optional 'nice to have' features, which can often be designed around with relative ease. In some cases, these features have also not survived the scrutiny of the courts, as we saw with the 'slide to unlock' patent."

Even if Apple doesn't win however, just defending worldwide patent cases, which often involve dozens of patents, could cost Xiaomi millions in legal fees.

Wilson advises the company that the best form of defence is attack:

"The best defence for any new entrant, including Xiaomi, would be to build up their own arsenal of patents to fight back or, for those late to the party, marshal the resources of patent brokers, widely considered to be the 'arms dealers' of the patent world."

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Apple Reportedly Weighing $400 Price Range for Upcoming Wearable Device

By anti - 1 day ago


In the latest of a string a reports regarding Apple's plans for its upcoming wearable device, Re/code reports company executives have "discussed" a rough price of $400 for the device. That is merely a range, however, with cheaper models perhaps also in the works.
Apple executives have discussed charging around $400 for the company’s new wearable device.

Pricing has yet to be finalized for the forthcoming product, which is expected to begin shipping next year. Sources say consumers should expect a range of prices for different models including lower priced versions.
The report indicates that it is unclear whether Apple will have the pricing issue settled in time for its September 9 media event where it will reportedly show off the device, popularly referred to as the iWatch. If not, the company would remain silent on pricing for the time being and announce it a later date closer to launch, which may not occur until early next year.

Rumors regarding the wearable device have been inconsistent over time, making it unclear where on the spectrum of health and fitness band to true smart watch it will fall. Apple may, however, have altered its announcement schedule in order to better position the device as an iPhone accessory rather than as a standalone product.

(Image: iWatch concept from

If the iWatch retails for $400 that sh*t better hold it's own; reads email, sends text.etc
i'm passing if the sh*t just collects data from an iPhone.

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Article inside iCloud Hack Sees Celebrities Have Their Private Photos Stolen, Posted Online (Patched)

By mrfreak76 - 1 day ago

An alleged breach in Apple’s iCloud service may be to blame for countless leaks of private celebrity photos this week.

On Monday, a Python script emerged on GitHub (which we’re not linking to as there is evidence a fix by Apple is not fully rolled out) that appears to have allowed malicious users to ‘brute force’ a target account’s password on Apple’s iCloud, thanks to a vulnerability in the Find My iPhone service. Brute-force attacks consist of using a malicious script to repeatedly guess passwords in an attempt to discover the correct one.

The vulnerability allegedly discovered in the Find My iPhone service appears to have let attackers use this method to guess passwords repeatedly without any sort of lockout or alert to the target. Once the password has been eventually matched, the attacker can then use it to access other iCloud functions freely.

Users on Twitter were able to use the tool from GitHub — which was published for two days before being shared to Hacker News — to access their own accounts before it seems Apple patched the hole today. The owner of the tool noticed it was patched at 3:20am PT.

When we tested the tool, it locked out our accounts after five attempts, meaning that the Python script certainly tries to attack the service but Apple has patched the hole.

We discussed the tool with its creator, Hackapp, over Twitter, who said “this bug is common for all services which have many authentication interfaces” and that with “basic knowledge of sniffing and reversing techniques” it is “trivial” to uncover them. When asked if the method could have been used in the celebrity hack today, Hackapp said “I’ve not seen any evidence yet, but I admit that someone could use this tool.”

Hackapp also posted a slideshow that details the tool, why it was created and identifies other problems in iCloud keychain’s security. We’re not able to verify all the claims in the slideshow, but the creator points out the flaws we mentioned in the slide below.

It’s unclear how long this hole was open, leaving those with simple, guessable passwords easily attacked once hackers had an email address to target. There is still no concrete evidence that these images were leaked via iCloud and may have instead been obtained via multiple attacks, though the hacker that originally leaked the images claims that they were retrieved from iCloud.

A similar kind of attack has occurred before. Hackers have previously used Find My iPhone to hold victims ransom, locking their phones and demanding money in exchange for giving their phone back.

We’ve contacted Apple for comment but have yet to receive a reply. Meanwhile, The Independent reported that Apple has “refused to comment” on any security flaw in iCloud today.

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Image inside YouTube paid service's pricing, features leaked ... Ties into Google Play Music

By fat_boyy21 - 2 days ago


We've known Google was developing a YouTube music subscription service for what feels like forever now, but many details — what it's called, pricing, what it will offer — have stayed shrouded in mystery. That is, until today.

Android Police scored some details of unknown origin on what Google is planning for its YouTube subscription service and Google Play Music All Access.

First up, the name. It looks like Google has landed on YouTube Music Key as the moniker for its 'Tube-based tune player, and it will carry the convention over to the rebranded Google Play Music Key (slightly less long-winded than Google Play Music All Access).

According to screenshots taken from an Android phone, YouTube Music Key will be available on handsets, tablets, desktop and TV as an ad-free offering. It will feature an audio-only mode so users can turn off their screen or have music play in the background while they do other tasks on their device.

YouTube Music Key will also supposedly feature an offline playback mode so users can continue listening even when they drop off an internet connection.

YouTube Music Key price and more

According to Android Police, the service will let users listen for free during a 30-day trial period, but after that it's going to cost $9.99/month. There's no word on international pricing, but it's in line with Spotify's $9.99 monthly premium service.

While you may think, "Eh, that's kind of a lot for YouTube music," apparently Google is planning to roll up YouTube Music Key and Google Play Music Key into the price. Current All Access subscribers may be granted automatic admission to YouTube Music Key's walled garden.

Google has secured the domain for and looks to have "over 20 million high-quality — complete albums, organized into artist discographies" reserved for its new service, so it seems to have most of its ducks in a row.

YouTube Music Key won't stick straight to songs though; concert footage, covers and remixes are also on the docket. As for recommendations, it will reportedly take into account what you listen to and watch on YouTube itself to make suggestions on the music you should listen to and watch over on its end.

Unfortunately, despite the new details, we're no closer to learning when YouTube Music Key will launch.


android police

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Image inside Note 4 Leaked Pic

By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 2 days ago

That bezel :agreement1:
Samesung need to move on to on screen buttons already :facepalm:

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