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LG readies 55-inch 8K TV, and new quantum dot 4K display technology

By mr_underground - 2 days ago

This year it was 4K — next year, it’s looking like it’ll be 8K and quantum dots. At CES 2015 — now less than a month away! — LG says it will show off a 55-inch 8K TV, and a 4K TV that uses quantum dots to improve image quality and color saturation. In both cases, we are talking about IPS LCD panels, rather than OLED technology, which should mean that both the 4K and 8K displays are reasonably priced. The 8K display is also notable because it’s small — with a diagonal of 55 inches, this thing not only has an incredibly high resolution for a TV (160 PPI), but it will actually fit in most households, unlike the 85- and 98-inch 8K TVs that we’ve seen previously.

Let’s take the quantum dots first. Quantum dots, despite sounding thoroughly futuristic, are actually fairly simple things that are easy to mass-produce. In short, quantum dots are just small specks of semiconducting material that emit light when they’re excited. Depending on the size of the dot, and also the material, you can tune these dots to emit very specific frequencies (colors) of light. In the case of LG, a film of quantum dots is placed in front of the backlight and behind the display, resulting in “picture color reproduction rate and overall brightness [that] are significantly improved.”

Quantum dots, depending on their size, emit light at different frequencies
LG doesn’t say exactly how the quantum dots achieve this, but we do know from previous testing that the overall quality of a display is significantly affected by the quality of the light produced by the backlight (and the various other films and waveguides that sit between the backlight and the display). If the quantum dots help produce a whiter light, or a specific frequency of white that plays very well with LG’s IPS LCD tech, then that could explain why this new 4K monitor has such exceptional color reproduction.

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And then there’s that 55-inch 8K TV. With a resolution of 7680×4320, the TV touts around 33.2 million pixels — or 16 times the pixel count of your 1920×1080 TV. While we saw some 8K TVs at CES 2014 from Sharp and Samsung, they were much too large for a normal home (85 inches and 98 inches respectively). 55 inches is definitely on the large side, but I suspect it’s just the right size for enthusiasts who want to enjoy movies or sports (or PC games?) at extremely high resolutions. LG will reportedly start selling an 8K TV sometime this year — meanwhile, despite a year’s head start, Sharp and Samsung don’t yet have an 8K TV on the market. Pricing on LG’s 8K TV is unknown — but its 4K TVs, which went on sale this year, are surprisingly cheap.

LG, big TVs and a model
A range of large LG TVs
After the industry’s odd foray with 3D, it’s good to see that display and TV makers are back to focusing on image quality, color reproduction, and resolution. We have been in a sad, deep rut for years when it comes to increasing display resolution, but it’s finally starting to improve — first on mobile devices, and now gradually on desktop monitors and TVs. There’s still very little 4K content available, of course, and almost no 8K content — but that’s just how it goes when you’re an early adopter. Plus, when I sat down at my desk this morning and yet again thought about buying a 4K monitor, I’m sure I heard a whisper that said “buy it, and they will come.”

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Article inside Samsung will shut down its ChatOn messaging service next year

By Tiko377 - 4 days ago

After denying reports that its ChatOn service was close to being disbanded on a region-by-region basis, Samsung has announced in Korea that it's going away. According to Yonhap News, Samsung's statement said it will close up shop on February 1st. It's not immediately clear whether or not that will hold across all regions, but Samsung went on to state that users would be able to back up their data before the shutdown. The company blamed "changing market conditions" for the change, but seems that despite a claimed 100 million strong user base, people weren't really using the software preloaded on so many smartphones.

SOURCE: Yonhap News

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T-Mob, We The Best!!!!, Rollover 10gbs for all in a stashbox

By RalphLaurenJR - 5 days ago

With Un-carrier 8.0, T-Mobile becomes the only national wireless provider to let you
roll your unused high-speed data into the next month

And, every Data Stash comes stocked with a gift of 10 GB of America’s fastest 4G LTE data to start

Bellevue, Washington − December 16, 2014 − T-Mobile (NYSE: TMUS) today announced its next industry-rocking Un-carrier™ move − eliminating the infuriating wireless industry practice of confiscating unused data you’ve already paid for. With Un-carrier 8.0, high-speed data you don’t use each month automatically rolls into a personal Data Stash™ so you can use it when you need it for up to a year. And, the best part is that Data Stash is included at no extra charge for every single new and existing T-Mobile customer – individual, family or business – on an eligible postpaid Simple Choice plan who buys extra high-speed data for their smartphone or tablet.

In addition, T-Mobile announced they will start every Data Stash with a whopping 10 GB of 4G LTE data – for free. That’s 10 GB of free data for every line in the family on a qualifying plan. And on top of that, the Un-carrier announced several major new milestones in the build-out of its Data Strong™ network.

“Can you imagine your gas station siphoning unused gas from your car each month? The US wireless industry is even worse,” said John Legere, president and CEO for T-Mobile. “Americans have been gamed by the carriers into buying huge data plans – all to avoid getting screwed with overage penalties. Only to find out they bought more than they need which is then confiscated by the carrier. For the consumer it’s lose, lose.

“That data is rightfully yours,” added Legere. “And, we’re putting an end to this appalling industry practice today. With Data Stash, when you buy additional high-speed data, there’s no need to lose what you don’t use.”

With T-Mobile’s Data Stash − the first such program from a national wireless provider − you don’t have to worry about buying extra high-speed data you’ll never use − or not having that data when you need it most. You’ve paid for it. Now you can use it when you need it for up to a full year.

Starting in January 2015, Data Stash will be automatically available at no extra charge to every T-Mobile customer – every individual, family and business – with a postpaid Simple Choice plan who has purchased additional 4G LTE data, 3GB or more for smartphones and 1 GB or more for tablets. And, you’ll start out with a Free Data Stash with up to 10 GB of 4G LTE data.

Once you’ve used up that Free Data Stash, any unused high speed data − rounded up to the nearest megabyte – will start to roll into your Data Stash automatically every month. And there’s no limit to how much data you can collect in your Data Stash. When you need extra high-speed data, you’ll automatically start tapping into your data deposits. Now, when you pay extra for 4G LTE data, you won’t lose data you don’t use.

Businesses face the same challenges when it comes to the data guessing game – just multiplied by the number of employees they have. Think it’s hard choosing how much data to buy for you and your family? Try figuring out how much to buy for you and your 50 employees. More than a third of U.S. businesses on shared data plans have been hit by punitive overage penalties, and others resort to buying more data than they need – all just to avoid budget-busting overage penalties at the end of the month.

“Like every Un-carrier move we make, Data Stash also came from listening to customers,” added Legere. “This year on Twitter, customers asked the carriers to create a program to roll data forward more than 40,000 times. So this isn’t rocket science. It’s just that we seem to be the only company in this industry that cares enough to listen. That’s fine by me.”

Media Contacts
T-Mobile US Media Relations
[email protected]

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Video inside Best Tech under $50 (Lord Brownlee Da God!)

By mtva24 - 5 days ago

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By M2CEO - 6 days ago

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Image inside Google Nexus Player Review -- CyberFanatic

By CyberShotMo - 6 days ago

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Google Nexus Player is further entry into your living room. Google Chromecast opened the doors and the Nexus Player came out swinging. The Nexus Player goes for $99 USD which is typically the same price most TV boxes go for these days. With the $99 price option you have the choice to pay $40 extra if you wanted to add a gamepad along with the device. Now you don't have to but if your the person that plays games on your TV through your phone or computer previously then its a good option to have.

The Nexus Player is rocking a 1.4 Quad Core Intel Atom processor with Imagination PowerVR Series 6 Graphics. This goes along with 1GB Ram and 8GB of on board memory. You also get Micro USB 2.0 with HDMI out(1920x1080 @60GHz) with bluetooth 4.1. However my favorite is the 802.11ac 2x2 (MIMO). Not my Xbox One or my Playstation 4 supports AC wifi.


Right out of the gate the Nexus Player is rocking Android 5.0 (Android TV) which is good because it takes good use of that dull 1GB Ram. Personally I believe Google should have went with 2GB of Ram.
Okay so after using the Nexus Player for a couple of weeks I find that it is an okay device to have. For the price that I paid I felt like I got exactly what I paid for nothing less nothing more. It's a Chromecast V2. The Nexus Player lets you stream content through your device or you can use built in apps that you do have to download on that 5GB of onboard storage (yes it does come with 8GB of storage but the OS takes up space on it as well). There were times though even with the faster WiFi connectivity in my home that Netflix started of very blurry like there was even a picture. It got better after playing for a like 30 seconds. But especially with my speedy connection and the Nexus Player supporting AC wifi I didn't expect this issue to happen.

On the software side of things I have yet for my Nexus Player to run into an issue. It is very smooth but I fell the animations are holding the device back. Simply when I'm moving through the menu there is a delay between me clicking the button and actually seeing it on screen. That's the animation where the box that shows you the menu item you are currently looking at sliding over. I feel as if the box should just move or make the animation quicker. Other than that there is no issue I have occurred on the software side of things.

I say if you are on the market for a media streaming hub obviously you can find something better than the Nexus Player in terms of specs. The Fire TV for instance comes with better processor and more RAM. The biggest selling point for me was the wifi. I have an AC enabled router at home, so me buying the Nexus Player was adding to the investment I already owned. The Apple TV, Fire TV, Roku doesn't yet support AC wifi. Other than that you can of course get another streaming hub, but as I mentioned the Nexus Player just works. It syncs with your Google account and makes everything easy. The menu system is easy to understand apps load up at average speed and you're good to go.

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T-Mobile's, Rollover Data (Data Stash)

By LYTE - 6 days ago

T-Mobile today announced Data Stash, a way for customers to retain unused data from month-to-month. Rather than allow unused data to expire, T-Mobile will let customers keep access to that data for up to a year. For example, customers who have a plan with 5GB of data access per month, but only use 3GB, will see the unused 2GB added to their monthly allotment for the following month for a total of 7GB. Further, to kickstart the whole service, T-Mobile is putting 10GB of data in each customer's "data bank." T-Mobile is requiring a minimum level of service in order to qualify for Data Stash. Data Stash will be available for free to T-Mobile customers with a postpaid Simple Choice plan who have purchased at least 3GB of phone data or 1GB of tablet data per month. T-Mobile said there's no limit to how much data users can collect and store in Data Stash. The company said "you won’t lose data you don't use."

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Video inside Erica Griffin Nexus 6 Review

By mtva24 - 6 days ago

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Image inside It Floats. It Sees You. Its a Speaker

By thetfd - 6 days ago

Let’s do a little demonstration.

Start walking away from us. We’ll stay here.

And the farther away you get, the louder we will become.

That’s the basic concept behind this speaker.

Oh, and it floats...

Feast your ears upon Mars, a new levitating speaker that adjusts the volume based on your proximity to it because it’s clever like that, available for preorder now.

Gone are the days of non-floating, non-self-volume-adjusting speakers. Sorry. You’ll have to deal with what looks like a UFO suspended atop an oversize thermos now. One that is waterproof, made out of aircraft-grade aluminum and attaches to anything magnetic. Tough.

You’ll appreciate it in all situations that require music. Especially ones when you’ll be walking in and out of the room a lot. Download the app, set some settings and keep your phone on you, and yes, it’ll automatically adjust the volume based on your distance.

It’ll be nice for the office, too. See, it also functions as a speakerphone for conference calls and has USB ports in the base and a battery life of eight hours. When it needs to be charged again, it’ll just stop levitating.

In the future, there will be weird power naps.

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Image inside T-Mobile Wideband LTE Goes Live In NYC

By CyberShotMo - 6 days ago

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Not only is T-Mobile very competitive in terms of pricing now it's chasing speed head on also. T-Mobile just announced their Wideband LTE network and it seems that users are already reaping the benefits of this new speed at no extra cost. The Wideband LTE Market has hit 27 markets already with more to come soon.

So tell me in the comments below if you happen to be in New York or the other cities with Wideband LTE what is your speed looking like. At home I used to receive 27Mbps download and then after the rollout I am now receiving 44Mbps down. Which is better than before.

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