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Video inside The Nexus 9: hands-on tease [Verge]

By mtva24 - 19 hours ago


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Article inside Sony Looking to Cut Smartphone Sales Target Again

By Tiko377 - 19 hours ago

TOKYO— Sony 6758.TO +2.65% is considering slashing its smartphone sales target again, people familiar with the matter said Wednesday, as the business struggles to perform as expected in the face of fierce competition especially in emerging markets.

The Japanese electronics giant is likely to trim its smartphone sales target by several millions of units from the current goal of 43 million for the 12 months to the end of March 2015. A lowering of the sales target would be the second downward revision of the forecast in the current business year started in April. The original goal was 50 million, which many analysts said was too optimistic.

The planned move stems from SonyÂ’s plan to reduce its presence in some markets, especially emerging nations such as China, by pulling its entry-level handsets.

Sony disappointed investors in September when it announced it would write down ÂĄ180 billion ($1.68 billion) of the smartphone segmentÂ’s business value and lowered the earnings forecast for the current business year to a ÂĄ230 billion net loss, almost five times what it said previously.

For Sony watchers, the latest plan wonÂ’t come as much of a surprise, as company executives, including chief executive Kazuo Hirai, have been signaling it will downsize its smartphone business in some countries after concluding that introducing entry-level models for emerging markets was a mistake. Sony plans to hold a meeting with investors in November, and Chief Financial Officer Kenichiro Yoshida said details of how it will update the smartphone business plan would be unveiled there.

SonyÂ’s Xperia smartphone business was once a star player for the company, but is now experiencing trouble. It has been hit by the emergence of Chinese makers of cheap handsets, while it continues to struggle in competition against market leaders such as Apple AAPL +2.72% and Samsung.

The Xperia will remain a core business for the company along with image sensors and the gaming business, but Mr. Yoshida has said at news conferences that the smartphone segment will focus on high-end models and wonÂ’t seek a major share of the global market.

Mr. Hirai said in September that Sony would cut 1,000 employees, or 15% of the global smartphone business workforce, by March. Some analysts said the cut wasn't enough to turn around the segment.

Sony announces its earnings result for the July-September period on Oct. 31. While analysts expect a net loss due to the ÂĄ180 billion smartphone charges, they say it is unlikely the company will again revise down the earnings forecast for the year for the company as a whole.

New York hedge-fund firm Third Point LLC, which unsuccessfully sought a partial spinoff of Sony’s entertainment business, said Tuesday said that it had sold its stake in Sony for a return of nearly 20%, saying in a letter to its investors that “more urgency” was necessary to “definitively turn around the company’s fortunes.”

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Article inside Only LeBron Can Sell Samsung Phones and Apple's Beats at the Same Time

By Tiko377 - 19 hours ago

Beats by Dre released a new ad featuring LeBron James on Sunday, in which the NBA star returns to his hometown of Akron, Ohio, to lift weights while wearing wireless ear buds. It marks perhaps the first time a highly paid Samsung Electronics (5930:KS) endorser has pitched a product made by Apple (AAPL).

The new Beats ad follows the basic formula Beats used for its FIFA World Cup spot starring Brazil’s Neymar: solemn, grounding words delivered by a parent to a superstar athlete son with a background of gritty street scenes and lush music. “This is the city that raised you,” says James’s mother Gloria, “Don’t ever forget where you came from.”

The ad helps maintain Beats by DreÂ’s status as the brand of choice for brooding in locker rooms, even as rival headphone makers strike deals with the NBA and NFL. It also represents a sly marketing feat by Apple, which bought Beats for $3 billion in May and managed to grab James in the deal despite his work on behalf of Samsung.

James has been a Beats pitchman since 2008, when he took a small stake in the company in return for his services. That deal, according to ESPN (DIS), netted James more than $30 million when Apple bought the brand. As a rule, brands demand category exclusivity from their endorsers. You canÂ’t pitch McDonaldÂ’s (MCD) hamburgers on Monday and WendyÂ’s (WEN) fries on Tuesday. James has managed to continue his work for Beats despite the apparent conflict between the top two smartphone makers in the world.

Yet how, exactly, the two brands live together in his sponsorship portfolio is a mystery. Apple, through a Beats spokesperson, declined to comment. Samsung has not responded to a request for comment. A representative for James declined to get into the specifics of his endorsement agreements but pointed out that headphones and smartphones are different categories and that James continues to be a committed user of both Beats and Samsung products.

Apple has continued to use the Beats brand since buying the company, which is unusual for the tech giant. Beats is the rare company that offers Apple cachet it doesnÂ’t already have. And while Apple has begun removing Bose products from its store shelves, it has yet to integrate Beats into its marketing or product lines in a substantial way. When it does, the conflict with Samsung over James will become more glaring.

For Samsung, the Beats relationship is not the first awkwardness in its relationship with James. In March, James sent and then deleted a Twitter (TWTR) message complaining about his smartphone.

It might just be the case that James is a big enough celebrity (and savvy enough investor) to play by his own rules. Earlier this month, when he signed on to help sell Kia Motors’ (270:KS) luxury sedan, the Korean carmaker’s press release about the deal noted that its K900 is “among his fleet of exotic automobiles.” King James doesn’t have to be exclusive.

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Video inside The Nexus 6: hands-on tease [Verge]

By TnTbadman - 19 hours ago

Source Video Link:

verge reviews are terribly bias, dunno how they got this first hands-on.

but he's sounding pretty optimistic about the cam.

can't wait for some real reviewers to get the device.


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Image inside (-^_^)-[!!!!!The Official Galaxy Note 4 Thread!!!!!]-(^o^-)

By mtbatol - 19 hours ago

Figure with this phone being in demand and gaining a good following this post is needed for the Official Phone of Asgard. v_v
My quick recap after 72+ hours:

-Tap to pay + Google Wallet = the truth (at participating stores of course e.g. Rite-Aid)
-Runs like butter even with several multi-task windows at work
-S-Pen's handwriting to text works near flawlessly in text pop up while the keyboard replacement version of it is flakey
-IR blaster is still a God send for me
-Fingerprint scan not a bad thing for me ÂŻ\_(ツ)_/ÂŻ

Still didnt get around to rooting yet which may be soon since among other things I'll wanna use PS3 controller with the phone sometime soon

Anyway for folks with questions, complaints or suggestions & insight (like how is root like) drop a dime below.

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Article inside Apple's fourth quarter beats Street expectations; 39.3 million iPhones sold

By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

Apple has released its earnings numbers for the fiscal fourth quarter. The company beat expectations by netting $8.5 billion for the three month period. That worked out to $1.42 a share, beating Wall Street expectations of $1.31. At $42.1 billion, revenue topped Wall Street's expectations as well as Apple's forecast. Gross margins of 38% were inside forecasts of 37% to 40%.

Apple sold 39.3 million iPhones during the period, which was up 16% from the 33.8 million units sold in last year's fiscal fourth quarter. The company continues to see slumping iPad sales. Apple's tablet sold 12.3 million units in the quarter, a drop of 12.8% from the 14.1 million units it sold in last year's fourth quarter.

The number of iPhones sold in the period topped the 38 million that Wall Street expected. It also does not include the huge Chinese market. Unlike last year when China was part of the initial launch of the device, the two new models were not released in the country until October 17th. This year, Apple sold two versions of its smartphone, both with larger sized screens. The Apple iPhone 6 features a 4.7-inch screen while the Apple iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a 5.5-inch glass.

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Article inside Squeezed out: as the iPhone gets bigger in size and sales, the iPad keeps slumping

By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

Apple's tablet sales were down 13 percent compared to the same period in 2013

Apple had a major event last week, and it unveiled new versions of its iPad. Normally the world goes crazy when Apple debuts a device, but the reaction to these iPads was decidedly muted. They were thinner and had more horsepower, sharper screens, better cameras, and Touch ID. But they didn't generate anywhere near the excitement of the iPhone 6 last month, or of previous generations of iPad. All that points to an increasingly clear trend: tablet computers may be here to stay, but they are not going to replace the laptop or PC the way many people once thought they would — at least, not without a drastic shift in philosophy and marketing.


In its earnings report today, Apple said that it sold a little over 12.3 million tablets over the last three months, a decline of 13 percent compared to the same period in 2013. That's a sobering reality for the company, whose tablet sales declined 16 percent year over year last quarter. And it compares to an increase of 25 percent for Macs and 12 percent for iPhones. The iPad is now a product category in decline, much like the iPod.

Why is this happening? One big reason is size. Anonymous Apple blogger Sammy the Walrus IV put it very nicely:


Apple now has a much harder sales pitch to make for iPad. Why buy an iPad when you could have an iPhone with a screen that doesnÂ’t seem that much smaller than an iPad mini? Why buy an iPad when you can have a more powerful and just as easily transportable Macbook Air? The space between a phone and PC is smaller now than in 2010 primarily as the phone has become more powerful and larger. Tablets are getting squeezed
The form factor is key here, not just in terms of the utility for the consumer, but developer support. For all the talk of Apple not suffering from the fragmentation of Android, many well-know iOS apps don't offer an iPad version. As Ben Thompson wrote over at Stratechery:


While I still use Paper on the iPad (primarily for this blog), much of my reading has moved to the iPhone simply because the iPad apps are inferior (TweetBot) or non-existent (Nuzzel)
The new iPads — which aren't yet released — obviously aren't reflected in today's earnings, but it seems unlikely that they will fundamentally alter the headwinds facing the device. Apple still makes profit on every iPad, and there's little doubt that the product category is here to stay — but new questions are brewing about how iPads fit in a world dominated by giant iPhones and small MacBooks that are running a new, thoroughly redesigned version of OS X.

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iPhone 6 demand continues to outstrip supply, may not see balance before 2015

By purpleaxxe - 2 days ago

Apple CEO Tim Cook said on Monday that supply and demand for the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are "not on the same planet" and may not reach a balance until next year.

With a record-breaking first weekend sales of 10 million units in September, it was clear the iPhone 6 would be another hit for Apple. Apparently, sales are stronger than even Apple anticipated and the company has yet to balance supply with the huge groundswell of demand.

"We're not nearly balanced, we're not close, we're not on the same planet," Cook said. "That said, I'm really confident that supply is going to be great and that's the reason you see incredibly strong guidance that we're giving [for next quarter]."

For the three month period ending in September, Apple sold more than 39 million iPhones, a new quarterly record up from the previous watermark of 37.79 million units in 2013.

According to Apple, a look at regional iPhone distribution shows every country selling the handset tallied a marked increase in sales compared to the iPhone 5s. Specifically, the U.S. saw a 17 percent boost, while developed European countries enjoyed a 20 percent bump in sales. This added to burgeoning markets like Latin America and the Middle Ease, which notched a 50 percent increase in sales.

Cook said Apple is selling every iPhone 6 it makes. In China, for example, only 20 percent of iPhone 6 units sold are subsidized by carriers, with the remaining 80 percent going to customers paying full price. Cook sees this as an indicator of strong sales in the region, especially as the country rolls out new 4G network infrastructure.

Apple's iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are now being sold in 69 countries and territories, the fastest and most successful rollout in the product's history. The company plans to have its handset in 115 regions by the end of December.

I know there are some like Samsung who wish they had a problem like this, but I just want to get my hands on the 6 plus. :sadto:

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Video inside The God Speaks.. (i6+ Review)

By calviiin - 2 days ago

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Article inside Apple winning...iOS 8.1 is out - Apple Pay is live (Everything New)

By mrfreak76 - 2 days ago

iOS 8.1 was perhaps the most sought-after update since, well iOS 8 itself which had its own set of issues. iOS 8.1 brings in slightly new features, updates to already existing ones, and some much needed bug fixes over 8.0.2. HereÂ’s a run down of all that has changed with the release of iOS 8.1.

Apple Pay

The update brings in support for Apple Pay on iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus, and will only work within the United States. iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 will also join the party but it will be limited to online payments only.


The much anticipated iCloud Photo Library is now available as a beta service for users, and anyone updating to iOS 8.1 can try it out.

Camera Roll is back, finally! It can be found in the Photos app and My Photo Stream album when iCloud Photo Library is not enabled.

You will be alerted when running low on storage space before capturing Time-Lapse videos.

Messages (Best Feature)

iPhone users can now send and receive SMS and MMS text messages from their iPad, iPod touch and Mac, courtesy of the new Continuity features baked right into OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.

Earlier releases of iOS 8 saw moments where Search would sometimes not yield a result. This however, has now been fixed.

Read messages will now be marked as read. Earlier, messages read would sometimes remain marked as unread.

Group messaging has also been fixed, and should work without a hitch, unlike before where it just wouldnÂ’t work at times.


No more Wi-Fi performance issues that occurred often when connected to different types of base stations, with users even complained about Wi-Fi disconnections. All of these issues have been fixed with iOS 8.1.


Bluetooth visibility and disconnection issues have been fixed. Earlier devices on iOS 8.0 would go off another deviceÂ’s Bluetooth radar, with a lot of complains coming in from people trying to connect their devices to the carÂ’s music system.

Screen Rotation

A bug that causes screen rotation to sometimes stop working, has been fixed. This has been a very annoying bug if youÂ’re in the possession of an iPhone 6 Plus.

Network Selection

Option to choose between 2G, 3G or 4G LTE networks for cellular data and voice connection has been added. This should help to conserve some battery life as well, depending on the deviceÂ’s usage.

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