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7 hours ago

Article inside Disney Develops a Method for Wirelessly Powering an Entire Room

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| By deadpoolsnow - 7 hours ago

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Free-roaming wireless power has been a dream of engineers since the days of Tesla and Edison waging their war of innovation but a number of technical hurdles have prevented it from becoming a reality. The folks at Disney Research have revealed that theyÂ’ve successfully built a method to provide full coverage of an average room and power all the devices one might need.

In a paper published in the journal Plos One,
visit this link .. l.pone.0169045
the researchers describe their methodology for delivering around 1900 watts of energy around a room with an efficiency of 40 to 95 percent depending on the position.

Describing how this works starts with the worst drawback of the system. The room needs to be specially built to provide the wireless power. That means the walls are made of aluminum panels and thereÂ’s a big, ugly copper pipe smack in the middle going from floor-to-ceiling.

In the middle of the pole a section has been removed and 15 capacitors have been installed. This sets the resonant frequency and isolates electric fields that are being fe d into the room from a signal generator outputting a tone at 1.32 MHz.

Once the system is fired up, the room is blanketed in a magnetic field and a receiving coil thatÂ’s tuned to resonate at the same frequency powers the devices in the room.

That 1900 watts of power we mentioned falls within federal guidelines for specific absorption rate (SAR), which is a measure of the energy a human body can absorb before it becomes dangerous. The thing is, the devices in the room need to be using that energy or it could become a hazard. Also, people shouldnÂ’t stand closer than 46 centimeters to the pole. Those problems could be resolved with a more reactive system and some interior design.

WhatÂ’s important is a viable system has been tapped that could become as ubiquitous as wi-fi once the kinks are worked out. No more cord bundles cluttering up the room and no more worrying about a dead phone.

(cept for possible cancer .....)

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11 hours ago

Image inside And so it begins...AT&T Brings Back Unlimited For everyone

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| By Theboybreblue - 11 hours ago

Following in the footsteps of Verizon and T-Mobile, AT&T today announced a new unlimited data plan available to all of its customers. While AT&T brought back an unlimited data plan last year, it was limited to DirecTV and U-Verse subscribers. TodayÂ’s plan, however, is open to anyoneÂ…

The plan, which will be available starting tomorrow, offers unlimited data, talk, and text on four lines for $180 per month. As is the case with the offerings announced this week by Verizon and T-Mobile, usage will be throttled once you hit that 22GB threshold, though. “After 22 GB of data usage, AT&T may slow speeds during periods of network congestion,” the carrier writes.

Even with the throttling limitation, AT&T expanding its unlimited data to all is a big move. The carrier, of course, offered unlimited data way back when, but largely moved away from the model and switched to data allotments in 2010.

As far as international communication goes, AT&T Unlimited offers unlimited calls from the United States to Canada and Mexico, as well as unlimited texting to 120 countries. Additionally, customers can talk, text, and use data in Canada and Mexico “when they add the Roam North America feature for no additional charge.”

As for streaming video, AT&T Unlimited includes the carrierÂ’s Stream Saver feature. This capability automatically degrades HD video to standard definition quality. You can, however, turn the feature off at anytime by accessing your account settings online. Though, this will of course will result in more data usage. In contrast to some of the competition tethering will not be included.

ItÂ’s also important to note that the $180 price is after a $40 credit for the 4th smartphone line. The credit starts after two bills, so youÂ’ll be paying $220/month until the credit kicks-in.

AT&TÂ’s announcement of AT&T Unlimited comes after Verizon introduced its own unlimited plan last weekend and T-Mobile responded by dropping some of the restrictions associated with its own. Sprint today also enhanced its unlimited plan.

Source:visit this link .. ?client=safari

Sooo 100 bucks for unlimited everything?!?

Naw son. Verizon and T-Mobile got them beat. They're not even including data tethering.

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11 hours ago

Article inside Samsung takes a big hit in new US reputation poll

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| By Jazib - 11 hours ago

Samsung takes a big hit in new US reputation poll:

A year ago was unpleasant on pretty much everybody. Samsung appeared to get it particularly awful, as the Note 7 adventure extended more than a while and two separate reviews. Some place in there, the electronic goliathÂ’s clothes washers became involved with the frenzy with their very own review, while its administrators got tangled up in some faulty legislative dealings.

Read Full Article Click Link : visit this link .. ig-hit-new-us/

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11 hours ago

Article inside Harman stockholders agree to $8 billion purchase by Samsung

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| By Tiko377 - 11 hours ago

Stockholders of Harman International voted to allow the purchase of the company by tech giant Samsung for $8 billion. The deal was originally announced on November 14th. While access to Harman's automotive business is part of the reason for the acquisition, the deal also gives Samsung's mobile devices the ability to offer built-in premium audio names like Harmanm Kardon, JBL, Bang & Olufsen and more.

Out of a total 69,883,605 outstanding shares, 49,460,322 (70.8%) were eligible to vote at the stockholder's meeting. Some attended the meeting while others sent in their proxies. The final count saw 46,921,832 shares voted in favor of the deal, and 2,107,178 shares against. 431,312 abstentions were counted. The vote count in favor of the deal came after some Harman stockholders filed a class action suit against the transaction, claiming that Harman didn't seek higher bids after receiving the Samsung offer.

Harman hopes to have the deal completed by this year's third quarter based on receiving antitrust approval in various countries. If the transaction does receive all necessary approvals, it will be the largest overseas acquisition ever completed by a Korean company. Speaking of which, regulatory approval is still sought by the U.S., the EU, China and Korea. In the EU and China, certain antitrust restrictions could be demanded by government agencies in exchange for the deal's approval.

source: KoreaHerald

visit this link .. amsung_id91138

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11 hours ago

Article inside Apple to cut marketing costs, gives priority to digital and regional ad campaigns

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| By Tiko377 - 11 hours ago

When it comes to smart marketing, few companies can compete with Apple. Cupertino has always managed to immensely boost the sales of its devices by launching clever commercials that succeeded in enticing the mass consumer, but recently, the firm's advertisement policies took an interesting turn.

In an apparent effort to cut spending, the tech giant has decided to streamline its global marketing strategy. Apple has restructured the relationship with its long-time ad partner, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to focus more on digital and region-specific campaigns, and less on translating large-scale brand campaigns for the global market.

A perfect example of these regional commercials is the Carnival-inspired “Meu Bloco na Rua” ad designed for Brazil, which launched this week to promote the iPhone 7 Plus in the country. As for Apple's digital marketing strategy, a quick search at the company's YouTube page reveals a deluge of 15-second videos, which are formatted with the intent to appear on social media rather than traditional TV.

Speaking to US advertising trade publication Adweek, a TBWA\Media Arts Lab spokesperson further elaborated on these changes:


TBWA\Media Arts Lab is reorganizing and introducing a new operating model to keep pace with the way people consume media and content... This will result in a reduction in areas such as localization and further investment in areas such as digital, social, data analytics, content creation and a more diverse set of strategic skills. We will also have greater integration with media partners at OMD.
source: Adweek via AppleInsider

visit this link .. paigns_id91178

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11 hours ago

Article inside T-Mobile pushing the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge Android 7.0 Nougat updates to all users

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| By Tiko377 - 11 hours ago

We just got a confirmation from a reader that, after the Nougat beta users, T-Mobile is now pushing the Android 7.0 OTA update to all owners of Samsung's Galaxy S7 and S7 edge on its network.

AT&T is also confirmed to have started the process, so the update took about a month after Samsung announced the official rollout on Januray 17th to arrive on the US carrier versions, and three months after the source code was distributed to manufacturers. That's about the usual timeframe for Samsung/carrier/Android standards, given that in the US the phones run on a Snapdragon instead of an Exynos chipset, too.

As you can see from the screenshot below that a user sent us, the size weighs in at 1.5 GB, or about as much as the software that is being pushed to the international versions, so it will take some serious updating to get the new minimalistic Samsung UX, the split-screen multitasking, and the app shortcut features that come with Nougat on the S7 and S7 edge. Anyone else got it already?

Thanks for the tip, Mitchell!

visit this link .. -users_id91156

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11 hours ago

Article inside New Zealand Court Backs Megaupload Founder Extradition to US

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| By 313soulja - 11 hours ago


New ZealandÂ’s High Court made a decision Monday to uphold a district courtÂ’s ruling on the extradition of the founder of now defunct file-sharing website Megaupload, Kim Dotcom, and three co-accused site executives to the United States for alleged fraud.

Megaupload website had been offering pirated content to some 50 million daily users until 2012, when its servers were shut down and its founder, German internet mogul Dotcom, was arrested in his New Zealand mansion.

New Zealand High Court's Justice Murray Gilbert said that Dotcom and three Megaupload executives — Mathias Ortmann, Bram van der Kolk and Finn Batato — could be extradited to the United States as there were "general criminal law fraud provisions" which made the extradition valid, according to the New Zealand Herald newspaper.

The United States have been seeking extradition of Dotcom and his executives since 2012 on the grounds of 13 charges, including fraud and copyright infringement.

The latter is not considered worth extraditing in New Zealand, while the US authorities claim copyright owners lost hundreds of millions of dollars due to Megaupload illegal activities. The United States is likely to convict Dotcom for 20-year imprisonment for piracy.
visit this link .. xtradition-us/

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1 day ago

Article inside Google, Bing move to block illegal sites

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| By 313soulja - 1 day ago


Internet users will find it harder to search for illegally streamed live football matches, pirated music and other creative materials under a new plan to crack down on piracy websites.

Search engine giants Google and Bing have signed up to a voluntary code of practice aimed at protecting users' safety and prevent them from visiting disreputable content providers.

The code, the first of its kind in the UK, will accelerate the demotion of illegal sites following notices from rights holders.

It means those who search for content such as music videos, digital books and football coverage will more likely to be taken to bona fide providers rather than pirate sites where a user's security may be at risk.

Eddy Leviten, director-general at the Alliance for Intellectual Property, said:

"Sometimes people will search for something and they will end up unwittingly being taken to a pirated piece of content.

"What we want to ensure is that the results at the top of the search engines are the genuine ones.

"It is about protecting people who use the internet, but also protecting the creators of that material too.

"You go into schools and speak to children and many will say they want to be on YouTube, to be a personality on there.

"When you explain to them that they need to protect their ideas, their content, from being stolen or pirated, they understand."

Organisers say this agreement will run in parallel with existing anti-piracy measures aimed at reducing online infringement.

These include court-ordered site blocking, work with brands to reduce advertising on illegal sites and the Get it Right From A Genuine Site consumer education campaign, which encourages fans to value the creative process and directs them to legal sources of content.

The changes are expected to be rolled out by the (northern) summer.
visit this link .. 5883fb4eeba92a

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2 days ago

Article inside AT&T updates the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge to Android 7 Nougat

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| By Tiko377 - 2 days ago

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge owners on AT&T have begun receiving their long-awaited update to Android Nougat. Upgrading the S7 to version G930AUCU4BQA6 and the S7 edge to G935AUCU4BQA6, the 1.6GB update introduces several new features, such as a revamped status bar, performance modes for games and multimedia, native Multi-Window mode, a new Settings app, and other Samsung-exclusive stuff. That comes in addition to native functionality like Doze mode for power efficiency, the Data Saver, notification controls, seamless updates, and much more.

Grab the update while it's hot and tell us what you think! Don't forget to consult our "Samsung Galaxy S7 before and after the Android Nougat update: here's what's changed" article to get a head-start on making the most of this update.

visit this link .. Nougat_id91135

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3 days ago

Article inside Softbank Willing To Cede Control Of Sprint To Deutsche Telekom To Merge With T-Mobile.

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| By Yung Dilla - 3 days ago

Japan's SoftBank Group is prepared to give up control of Sprint to Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile to clinch a merger of the two U.S. wireless carriers, according to people familiar with the matter.
Sprint shares were up more than 3.5 percent on Friday afternoon, while T-Mobile shares were up more than 4 percent.

SoftBank has not yet approached Deutsche Telekom to discuss any deal because the U.S. Federal Communications Commission has imposed strict anti-collusion rules that ban discussions between rivals during an ongoing auction of airwaves.

After the auction ends in April, the two parties are expected to begin negotiations, the sources told Reuters this week.

Two and a half years ago, SoftBank abandoned talks to acquire T-Mobile for Sprint amid opposition from U.S. antitrust regulators. That deal would have seen Deutsche Telekom retain a minority stake in T-Mobile, down from about 65 percent.

Deutsche Telekom Chief Executive Tim Hoettges has said in recent months that the German company is no longer willing to part with T-Mobile, prompting SoftBank to explore a new strategy to achieve a potential combination, the people said.

SoftBank, which owns about 83 percent of Sprint, has been frustrated with its inability to grow significantly in the United States on its own, where both Sprint and T-Mobile have struggled to compete with Verizon Communications Inc and AT&T Inc, the two largest U.S. carriers with much deeper pockets.

Investors have said a merger between T-Mobile and Sprint, ranked third and fourth respectively, would still face antitrust challenges, but made strategic sense as the industry moves to fifth-generation wireless technology. Carriers will need to spend billions of dollars to upgrade to 5G networks that promise to be 10 times to 100 times faster than current speeds.

While SoftBank is still open to discussing other options, it is now willing to surrender control of Sprint and retain a minority stake in a merger with T-Mobile, the sources said. They asked not to be identified because the deliberations are confidential.
SoftBank, Sprint, Deutsche Telekom and T-Mobile all declined to comment.
"We may buy, we may sell. Maybe a simple merger, we may be dealing with T-Mobile, we may be dealing with totally different people, different company," SoftBank Chief Executive Masayoshi Son told analysts on the company's latest quarterly earnings call earlier this month.
With the advent of 5G, Deutsche Telekom may receive offers for T-Mobile from other U.S. companies, such as DISH Network Corp and Comcast Corp. Sprint could also be an acquisition target for other companies, the sources said.
Dish declined to comment and Comcast did not immediately respond to a request for comment.
Discounting plans

Reuters could not determine how much of a premium SoftBank may want Deutsche Telekom to pay for control of Sprint, which has a current market valuation of $36 billion.
T-Mobile's market value stands at $50 billion, which is about $20 billion higher than when it was last in merger talks with Sprint in 2014.

While Sprint's market value has changed little since then, T-Mobile has overtaken Sprint as the No. 3 wireless customer in terms of numbers of subscribers. T-Mobile said it had 71.5 million total customers while Sprint had 59.5 million at the end of 2016.

T-Mobile is now almost as big as Deutsche Telekom's German business. "We are not in the mood of selling the business," Hoettges told investors last November.

Under John Legere, its combative, T-shirt wearing chief executive, T-Mobile has rolled out unlimited data plans and international roaming packages. Combined with aggressive marketing, this has boosted T-Mobile customer base at the expense of its rivals.

While Sprint has also been growing its customer base as of late and improving its financials under CEO Marcelo Claure, it has done so primarily through heavy discounting. Despite new investment, the company's network is still viewed by many consumers as weaker than its rivals.
Barclays analysts wrote in a note in December that a merger of T-Mobile and Sprint could result in $25 billion to $30 billion in synergies but said, "it is not imminently clear to us that the various regulatory agencies would reverse course having already blessed the outcome of a four-player market."

The FCC and the U.S. Department of Justice sent strong messages in 2014 that they did not want Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile to merge among themselves.

Since then, AT&T acquired satellite television provider DirecTV and has signed an agreement to buy media giant Time Warner Inc, though that deal is still under regulatory review and has attracted criticism from U.S. President Donald Trump. Verizon has also been exploring other acquisitions.

Craig Moffett, an analyst at MoffettNathanson, said price wars between Sprint and T-Mobile have driven down overall wireless prices.

"Antitrust regulators could well argue that this is precisely the dynamic they would want to preserve," Moffett added.

Son has said he expects his company to benefit from Trump's promised deregulation of the U.S. economy. After meeting Trump in early December, Son pledged to invest $50 billion and create 50,000 jobs in the United States.

visit this link .. ile-deals.html

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3 days ago

Article inside Public Chargers Could Let Hackers Steal Your Data

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| By deadpoolsnow - 3 days ago

visit this link 

visit this link 

Public chargers and outlets are more dangerous than you think. An enterprising hacker could use them to extract your phone's data.

There’s an unlikely danger lurking in the corner of every coffee shop, airport, conference center, and public library: Power strips and chargers. CNN reports that “compromised” outlets — chargers clandestinely commandeered by hackers — can wreak havoc on your smartphone.

“Just by plugging your phone into a [compromised] power strip or charger, your device is now infected, and that compromises all your data,” Drew Paik, an executive at Authentic8, told CNN.

Ne’er-do-wells with the right skill set can rewire USB charging stations to extract stored data when an unwitting user plugs in a smartphone — a process colloquially known as “juice jacking.” That’s easier said than done — both Android and iOS phones prompt users before a file transfer can begin — but a relatively new attack, “video jacking,” requires a lot less effort on the hacker’s part.

More: Hackers are targeting ATMs and stealing wads of cash

visit this link http://www.digitaltrends. .. s-atm-attacks/

As demonstrated last year by researchers at Krebson Security, the “video jacking” method employs custom electronics hidden inside what appears to be a USB charging station. As soon as a vulnerable phone is connected to the appropriate cord, it’s pretty much game over: The machine records a video of everything tapped, typed, and viewed as long as the handset is plugged in, including PINs, passwords, emails, texts, pictures, and videos. Even worse, it’s completely silent — there’s generally no warning on the phone to alert the user that the device’s video is being piped to another source.

Not every smartphoneÂ’s equally vulnerable, to be fair. Certain models of iPhone, Android, and HDMI-ready smartphones from Asus, BlackBerry, HTC, LG, Samsung, and ZTE are at higher risk than others. But itÂ’s an attack to which hundreds of people fall victim every day.

As an experiment, Authentic8 set up a hacked charging station at its RSA security conference booth in San Francisco earlier this week. Over the course of the following few days, it found that an overwhelming majority of attendees — about 80 percent — connected their phones without asking about the security.

“The majority are plugging in no problem. They are at a security conference and they should know better, but they probably feel safe,” Paik told CNET. “The others are making fun of them. They just walk by and say, ‘Do people really do that?'”

The safest alternative to a public power outlet is a portable USB battery pack, or a USB cord that doesnÂ’t transmit data. But generally speaking, youÂ’re safest relying on your own charger.

“If [you’re] concerned about security, don’t use public ports,” Paik told CNET. “If [you’re] desperate and need to upload your selfie, take your chances.”

visit this link http://www.digitaltrends. .. arger-exploit/

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3 days ago

Surprise, surprise. AT&T trumpets its own new unlimited plan

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| By yunsta - 3 days ago

AT&T says any cellphone customer can sign up for unlimited data plans starting Friday. That option had been limited to customers of AT&T-owned DirecTV.

The change comes just days after Verizon announced an unlimited plan without such restrictions.

All four major cellphone providers now offer unlimited plans, a major reversal from a few years ago. AT&T's version costs the same as Verizon's — $180 — for a family of four but is pricier for an individual. Sprint and T-Mobile are cheaper.

Sprint also said Thursday that it's letting unlimited customers watch video in high definition rather than DVD quality. T-Mobile announced a similar change Monday after Verizon said HD video was included. AT&T's unlimited plan degrades video to DVD quality, but customers can turn HD video back on for free.

Source:visit this link .. -plan-45546035

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3 days ago

Video inside Breaking News: Samsung Big Billionaire Boss Arrested on Bribery & Corruption Charges

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| By Aries - 3 days ago

SEOUL, South Korea - For Jay Y. Lee, the third-generation leader of South Korea's massive Samsung Group and scion of the country's wealthiest family, home is now a 71-square-foot detention cell with a toilet in the corner behind a partition.

He has no shower, only a washstand. His bed is a mattress on the floor.

The 48-year-old Lee was arrested early Friday in connection with a corruption scandal that led to the impeachment of President Park Geun-hye, a decision that is being reviewed by the country's Constitutional Court.

He has denied any wrongdoing. Lee is being held in a single cell and will not be allowed contact with other inmates, said an official at the Seoul Detention Centre, a facility on the outskirts of the city where arrested politicians and corporate chieftains are usually held, along with other detainees.

"This is a highly public case, and as you know many involved in the case were already here," the official told Reuters.

Prison officials don't want Lee discussing the case with others involved in the case, the official said, explaining why the Samsung scion was being held in a single cell. Also, there may be safety issues.

"There are concerns about destroying evidence," the official said, adding that Lee was not being given special treatment.

Lee's lawyers declined to comment.

Lee, who is divorced with two children, has a net worth of $6.2 billion and ordinarily lives in a $4 million Seoul mansion. The Samsung Group he heads is the world's biggest manufacturer of smartphones, flat-screen televisions, and memory chips, and Lee is accustomed to rubbing elbows with Silicon Valley titans such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Apple's Tim Cook. An accomplished equestrian, Lee is also a lifetime member of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews in Scotland.

At the detention center, Lee will be allowed visitors, but they can speak only through a glass partition, for up to 30 minutes at a time. Inmates are, however, allowed unlimited meeting time with their lawyers.

He can exercise, but on his own, for 30 minutes a day.

Before Lee entered his cell, prison officials subjected him to an identification check and physical examination, according to the detention center official, who declined to be identified given the sensitivity of the matter. He showered and was issued an inmate uniform and boxes with toiletries and bedding.

Prosecutors have up to 10 days to indict Lee, though they can seek an extension. After indictment, a court would be required to make a ruling within three months.

Lee will be given simple 1,443 won ($1.26) meals, usually rice with side dishes. Anything additional must be bought at the center's commissary.

Meals will be served on plastic trays slid through a small square window in the cell door. Lee is required to wash his own tray. Inside the cell, he can watch TV from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., but only a single channel with recorded programs broadcast by the justice ministry.

Fellow inmates include Choi Soon-sil, a friend of President Park Geun-hye who is at the center of the scandal and whom Lee is accused of bribing, as well as the country's former culture minister and former presidential chief of staff.

The cell has a small study table to one side.

"Inmates can receive eyeglasses and books from outside but should buy other things at the commissary inside, such as snacks, coffee, instant noodles, detergent, razors, and towels," said a man surnamed Sohn who runs a private errand service for detainees at the center and requested that his full name not be used because of the sensitivity of the matter.

visit this link http://www.businessinside .. g-scion-2017-2

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3 days ago

Video inside KODI shut down R.I.P.

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| By CEITEDMOFO - 3 days ago

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3 days ago

Article inside Apple #1 In Fortune's Top 50 Most Admired Companies List .. Samsung Misses The Cut

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| By fat_boyy21 - 3 days ago


1 Apple - Computers
2 - Internet Services and Retailing
3 Starbucks - Food Services
4 Berkshire Hathaway - Insurance: Property and Casualty
5 Disney - Entertainment
6 Alphabet - Internet Services and Retailing
7 General Electric - Industrial Machinery
8 Southwest Airlines - Airlines
9 Facebook - Internet Services and Retailing
9 Microsoft - Computer Software
11 FedEx - Delivery
12 Nike - Apparel
13 Johnson & Johnson - Pharmaceuticals
14 Netflix - Entertainment
15 Costco - Specialty Retailers
16 Coca-Cola - Beverages
17 American Express - Consumer Credit Card and Related Services
18 Nordstrom - General Merchandisers
19 Procter & Gamble - Soaps and Cosmetics
20 - Computer Software
21 BMW - Motor Vehicles
22 JPMorgan Chase - Megabanks
23 3M - Medical Products and Equipment
24 IBM - Information Technology Services
25 Marriott International - Hotels, Casinos, and Resorts
25 USAA - Insurance: Property and Casualty
27 Goldman Sachs Group - Megabanks
28 Whole Foods Market - Food and Drug Stores
29 BlackRock - Securities and Asset Management
30 Boeing - Aerospace and Defense
31 Delta Air Lines - Airlines
32 Home Depot - Specialty Retailers
33 Singapore Airlines - Airlines
34 Toyota Motor - Motor Vehicles
35 UPS - Delivery
36 Nestle - Consumer Food Products
37 AT&T - Telecommunications
38 Unilever - Soaps and Cosmetics
39 PepsiCo - Consumer Food Products
40 Exxon Mobil - Petroleum Refining
41 Accenture - Information Technology Services
42 Walmart - General Merchandisers
43 St. Jude Medical - Medical Products and Equipment
44 Target - General Merchandisers
45 CVS Health - Health Care: Pharmacy and Other Services
46 Intel - Semiconductors
47 Caterpillar - Construction and Farm Machinery
48 McDonald’s - Food Services
49 Visa - Consumer Credit Card and Related Services
50 Deere - Construction and Farm Machinery
visit this link fortune


In Fortune's new list of the world's most admired companies, there sits Cupertino at the very top. Again, that is. Apple was also ranked the most admired in 2016.

This year, the company still cruises along ahead of No. 2 Amazon. Tech companies often do well in these lists, as they're still seen as a touch more progressive. This time, the Google-encompassing Alphabet is at No. 6, while Facebook and Microsoft share ninth place.

One notable tech absentee is Samsung. Last year's 35th most admired company is out of the Top 50.

Somehow, those exploding Galaxy Note 7 phones -- and the resulting recalls and flight bans and jokes by late-night comedians -- seem to have dented Samsung's reputation. Indeed, Fortune explains that reputation is one of the important criteria in judging companies for the list. (Samsung has since explained at great length all the ways that it's making things better for its phone batteries, so perhaps that will put it in a better light for next year's admiration assessment.)

The adjudicators talked to 3,800 executives, directors and securities analysts. Oddly, they don't seem to talk to people who buy the products. Their admiration might seem more compelling.
visit this link cnet

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3 days ago

Image inside Caavo: one set-top box to rule them all

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| By thetfd - 3 days ago

Caavo is a new media company that is unifying home entertainment. By connecting pay TV, streaming, and gaming, Caavo brings together all your devices, services and control. They work together seamlessly, making it easy to find and play all your favorite TV.

Entertainment has never been better and the future of TV never brighter. Last year we saw more shows produced within the year than ever in history. Now, half of households in the US are streaming TV, which will only continue to grow. All of the rules of TV are being rewritten.

Technology has had an integral role in expanding the mediums and channels by which content is created and delivered. Yet easy access to that content remains the everlasting problem. As a result, people are missing out on the full breadth of services that they pay for, especially on the big screen TV.
Accessing all of TV means that we must own more devices than ever in order to play the various services and exclusive content across them. The complexity of multiple inputs, remotes and apps causes frustration and reduces access to all content equally.

It’s this plight of the modern living room that inspired us to find a new approach. We dreamed of making TV work for everyone – kids, grandparents, house guests, and the babysitter. We hoped to make it easy for them to watch everything they want, however they want to watch it.
We wanted to bring joy back to TV.

visit this link

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3 days ago

Article inside Dubai announces passenger drone plans

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| By Jazib - 3 days ago

Dubai announces passenger drone plans:

Drone Plans:

An automaton that can convey individuals will start “customary operations” in Dubai from July, the leader of the city’s Roads and Transportation Agency has declared at the World Government Summit.

The Chinese model eHang 184 has as of now had dry runs, said Matt al-Tayer.

The automaton can convey one traveler weighing up to 100 kg (220 pounds) and has a 30 minute flight time.

The traveler utilizes a touch screen to choose a goal. There are no different controls inside the art.

It is “auto-steered” by a war room, as indicated by a video discharged by the administration office.

Read Full Article Visit Here : visit this link .. r-drone-plans/

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4 days ago

Article inside South Korean antitrust investigation looks to determine if Google doomed Samsung’s Tizen p

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| By Ravishing - 4 days ago


Google is facing antitrust scrutiny yet again, with South KoreaÂ’s Fair Trade Commission (FTC) announcing that itÂ’s investigating the U.S. search giant to determine if it obstructed mobile partner SamsungÂ’s development of its homegrown smartphone platform, Tizen.

As reported by the English version of the Korea Times, investigators are focusing on an Anti-Fragmentation Agreement between the two companies in which Samsung agreed not to fork Android in developing its own operating system. (Other companies, like Amazon and Xiaomi, use forked Android builds, based on the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) to power their devices.)

Because of the agreement, which ensured that Samsung would not leverage its market dominance in Android smartphones to deprive Google of the revenue it generates from its licensed, commercial version of the platform, the Korean company was forced to develop Tizen as an OS incompatible with the plentiful Android app catalog.

Furthermore, the FTC said that it was revisiting another antitrust investigation into Google, this one stemming from the Mobile Application Distribution Agreement it also entered with Samsung. MADA stipulates that commercial Android licensees give prominent on-device positioning to GoogleÂ’s own services, and a 2013 investigation looked into whether it was harming other domestic search providers, such as Naver and Daum.

While Google was cleared at the time because officials determined competitorsÂ’ market shares were not being significantly affected, changing market dynamics have apparently convinced regulators to take a fresh look at the situation.

Google has faced antitrust scrutiny in nearly all of the major markets in which it operates, including the U.S., Europe, and Russia. While the company has so far escaped penalties in its home country, both Russia and the European Union have found it in violation of antitrust protections.
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4 days ago

More Rape: iPhone 8 Will Start At $1,000, Replaces Touch ID With "Function Area"

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Apple will ditch the home button when it debuts a new 'iPhone 8' model later this year, and will dedicate the extra screen real estate to an area for virtual buttons, according to KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

Adding detail to his previous predictions regarding the next-generation handset, Kuo in a note to investors obtained by AppleInsider said the full-screen design will allow Apple to integrate a "function" area never seen in an iPhone.

The device is expected to adopt a 5.8-inch OLED panel in a form factor similar to the current 4.7-inch iPhone 7. Despite having extended screen real estate as compared to current iPhone models, the actual active display area on "iPhone 8" will be closer to 5.15 inches on the diagonal, with the remaining bottom portion dedicated to system functions like virtual buttons.

While Kuo failed to elaborate on an exact implementation, the note suggests Apple plans to hardcode a set of always-on, static system controls into iOS. Whether the so-called "function area" is capable of switching to an active display mode for in-app activities like watching videos or playing games, remains to be seen.

Kuo's predictions jibe with a The New York Times report last year claiming the next iPhone will boast virtual buttons instead of the usual physical controls.

With the deletion of current Touch ID technology, Kuo believes "iPhone 8" will incorporate new bio-recognition assets to take over device security and Apple Pay authentication duties. Apple introduced Touch ID fingerprint recognition technology with iPhone 5s in 2013, later expanding its use to all iPhone and iPad models. Most recently, the company brought Touch ID to Mac with the 2016 MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

The analyst did not offer predictions on the type of biometric tech Apple intends to use, but a report earlier today said the company could integrate a 3D laser scanning module capable of facilitating facial recognition and augmented reality applications. Kuo in a note last month said Apple might integrate a dual biometric system utilizing optical fingerprint readers and facial recognition hardware.

While speculation, Apple will likely integrate some flavor of finger scanning tech in its upcoming flagship, perhaps accompanied by a secondary form of authentication. Though it might not feature the same capacitive sensing equipment, the Touch ID brand is expected to live on.

Coincidentally, Apple this week was granted a patent covering a micro LED display capable of detecting touch events and user fingerprints with specialized infrared diodes. Invented by Apple acquisition LuxVue, a small company specializing in power-efficient screen technology, the IP contains contingencies for application in OLED displays.

Kuo goes on to estimate an "iPhone 8" price tag starting at $1,000, reiterating a figure first divulged in a report this month. The price hike is attributed to a 50 to 60 percent bump in production costs compared to the anticipated "iPhone 7s" LCD models.

In a separate note sent out on Wednesday, Kuo reiterates earlier predictions regarding Apple's use of a stacked logic board, called a substrate-like PCB mainboard. Stacked SLP arrangements afford more internal space for a larger battery and other integral components, while maintaining a thin overall form factor.
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Video inside Amazon takes on Skype with Amazon Chime

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