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Video inside HTC Continues The Trend Of Horrible Marketing By Releasing The Corniest Rap Video Of All Time

By Jago - 1 hour ago

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Even the Tizen-powered Samsung Z1 doesn't avoid Google's ecosystem

By mtva24 - 1 hour ago

Samsung's first Tizen phone ships with Google Search and YouTube apps, and Google as its default search engine

Following delays of over a year, Samsung finally shipped its first Tizen-powered handset, the Z1, earlier this month in India. The arrival of Tizen on smartphones — remember it's been on Samsung's Gear smartwatches for almost a year now — has been a long time coming, and there's been plenty of speculation among press and mobile industry watchers that Tizen could emerge as a viable alternative to Android for the Korean electronics giant.

What we've found during our initial hands-on time with an Indian Samsung Z1, however, is a phone that's very much at ease with Google's ecosystem.

Firstly and most significantly, the Samsung Z1 ships with Google Search and YouTube apps in its app drawer. Both are pretty basic — the Google app merely pops up a search bar, then sends you to the built-in web browser to show results. Meanwhile the YouTube app is just a wrapper for the video service's mobile site at m.youtube.com. Basic as they are, however, the fact that official iconography is being used suggests Samsung is acting with Mountain View's approval.

The presence of Google and YouTube apps in the app drawer is no small deal. None of the other search providers supported in the Tizen browser — Bing and Yahoo — are given such prominence. What's more, Google has the honor of being the Tizen browser's default search engine out of the box.

Though Tizen and the Samsung Z1 are direct rivals to the Android platform in general and Android One in particular, two of Google's main services are positioned front and center on the the first Tizen phone.

Elsewhere, Tizen's account manager will quite happily interface with Google accounts, including Gmail, Google Calendar — presumably through IMAP and CardDav/CalDav, which is the go-to method for using Google services on non-Android mobile devices like the iPhone. (That's not too surprising — after all, Google is big enough that every mobile platform needs to play nicely with its mail, contacts and calendar services.)

Samsung can escape Android with Tizen, but so far it can't escape Google. Far from being a means for Samsung to free itself from Google's yoke, Tizen on the Samsung Z1 looks like just another vessel for the search giant's services. It's not as Googley an experience as a Galaxy smartphone, where the ever-present (and mandatory) Google search bar dominates the home screen, and Google Now is just a button press away. Samsung's clearly in the driving seat here, and as such it'll also benefit from a greater slice of app revenue through the Tizen Store.

But is this the start of an exodus away from Android and Google for the biggest Android phone maker? Our experiences with Tizen so far suggest not.

We'll have more to say on Tizen and the Samsung Z1 in the coming week, so keep watching.


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Image inside OnePlus Will Unveil New In House Rom OxygenOS 2/12

By the_malicious - 6 hours ago

As many of you know, we will be launching our own ROM in the near future. We’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what this ROM means to us and our fans. We realized that, like everything we do, our true goal is to make the product that we ourselves would want to use—to make great technology more accessible for everyone. With our ROM, that means software that is open, customizable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features.

When we designed the One, we went back to the drawing board, creating a smartphone that offers a bold, powerful, straight-forward experience.

And, that’s exactly what we plan to do with our ROM.

After considering all of the amazing suggestions you guys gave us, we found the name that truly inspired us.

As an element, Oxygen is the epitome of simplicity, yet it’s also extraordinarily powerful.

Oxygen is all around us. It’s part of us and everything we do. It creates the water that carves out valleys and moves mountains. By itself, it’s simple and pure—a fundamental building block. But, as a part of something greater, it can do amazing things. Just like us.

Together, we will do big things.

Stay tuned; more information is coming on February 12th.

And, as always, Never Settle.


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Image inside Possible Third-Party 'iPad Pro' Case Shown in New Photo

By juicey - 6 hours ago

Ahead of any major product release, we often see part leaks and case molds, which give us hints on the sizing, features, and design of the forthcoming product, and the "iPad Pro" is no exception. We've previously seen what's said to be an iPad Pro dummy model for Apple's upcoming large-screened tablet, and today, French site Nowhereelse.fr [Google Translate] has shared an image of a case that may be designed for the device.

According to the site, the image of the case originated from a reliable source that the site has been in contact with "for many years." Though the case in the photo is not depicted next to an object to provide a size reference, it is clearly quite large and could fit a tablet in the range of 12.2 to 12.9 inches.

The case appears to have two speaker cutouts at both the top and bottom, which would accommodate the stereo speakers that have been rumored for the device. There are also cutouts for a headphone jack at the top left of the case, volume buttons at the right, a camera cutout at the back, a Lightning port cutout at the bottom, and a power button cutout on the top right, all of which is in line with previous iPad Air and iPad mini designs.

The one unknown is a cutout on the left side of the case, which could possibly be for a SIM tray, suggesting that this is a case for a Cellular iPad Pro. Previous design drawings have not suggested that there's another port in that particular location.

Because case makers often create molds based on leaked design specs and information that may not be accurate in an effort to be the first to come out with accessories for a new product, some of the design elements could be slightly off. There have certainly been a few misses over the years when it comes to case designs, mainly when rumors of a tapered iPhone were circulating, but for the most part, case leaks have been highly accurate.

The "iPad Pro," as it has been named by the media, is rumored to include a 12.2 to 12.9 inch screen, an A8X or A9 processor, and a design that is similar in style to the iPad Air or iPad mini, with a thin body and a high-resolution screen. Recent rumors have suggested that it could be the first Apple tablet to ship with an included stylus due to its size.

A launch date for Apple's larger iPad remains unclear, but rumors have suggested that it could be released in the second or third quarter of the year.

Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/01/29/...ipad-pro-case/

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Image inside Prove Your Innocence with Alibi

By thetfd - 6 hours ago

Alibi discretely captures the last hour of your life, saving it locally only when you tell it to. It runs in the background and is optimized not to deplete your battery, so you're never without an alibi.

When activated, Alibi will constantly collect the last hour of audio, video and location data from your Android device and temporarily store it to the phone's cache. It is optimized not to deplete your battery, and runs discretely in the background.

Once Alibi has captured evidence that you would like to save, open the app and save the data to your local storage, compressed and hidden to prevent it from being tampered with. Alibi never stores or shares any data with any party for any reason.

Alibi is built around privacy, and seeks to provide evidence of any situation from police interactions, bullying, vehicle accidents, altercations, arguments, workplace harassment, legal disputes and much more. It gives users the confidence to stand up for themselves in the face of misguided authority or misplaced aggression. Never be without an alibi.


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Microsoft Throws $70 Million "Investment" In Cyanogen

By KidPow - 6 hours ago

Well nothing is really a suprise with Cyanogen these days especially after declaring it would take android away from Google but this is a rather strange move by Microsoft, as one could only imagine what they would have planned.

Could Microsoft be planning a forked version of android with Cyanogen or maybe to feature it apps in Cyanogen powered devices?

According to sources of The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft, the makers of Windows Phone, which currently holds about 3% of the smartphone marketshare, is set to invest in Cyanogen Inc. While the investment would be for a minority share of a $70 million round, the simple act of fueling Cyanogen’s fire comes off as rather ostentatious.

In a recent interview, Cyanogen Inc’s CEO Kirt McMaster, stated that, “We’re going to take Android away from Google,” referencing Mountain View’s hold on which services are offered through the operating system to end users. In turn for OEMs using Android free of charge and having access to Google Play, Google requires that Google Search be a device’s default search engine, and that a few of Google’s applications come preloaded on devices.

Cyanogen Inc, on the other hand, wants Android to be more open. The way they see it, if an OEM wants their services to be treated as first tier, instead of Google’s ecosystem looming overhead, they must rid themselves of any ties to Mountain View.

With Google competitors willing to invest in Cyanogen, allowing for Google’s hold on the OS to weaken due to a loss in partners, other companies could potentially rally against Google to help themselves sell their own services on an Android device which holds no ties to Google. For a quick example, if Microsoft was to partner and create a phone with Cyanogen, they could easily incorporate Bing as its primary search engine, instead of Google’s.

Neither CM or Microsoft has commented on the recent reports, but if it is true, you can be sure that the minds at Google will have a bit of thinking to do with regard to Cyanogen Inc.

source: http://www.droid-life.com/2015/01/29...ld-on-android/

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Image inside Apple Watch Sightings Picking Up Ahead of Official Launch

By juicey - 6 hours ago

With just three months to go until the Apple Watch's April release, Apple is hard at work field testing the device, and hundreds of Apple engineers, employees, and testers are wearing the Apple Watch on a regular basis to help Apple iron out last minute bugs and issues.

Due to the large number of employees testing the device, Apple Watch sightings in the wild have become more common over the course of the last few weeks. On the MacRumors forums, readers are aggregating photos and stories of device sightings, giving us an in-use look at the device that will be attached to many of our wrists in just a few short months.

One of the first major Apple Watch sightings occurred several weeks ago, when Vogue Editor Suzy Menkes snapped a photo of someone wearing the device. Rumors and speculation have suggested the arm in the photo could belong to Marc Newson, the designer who now works at Apple part time alongside Jony Ive.

A second less-clear image of what is likely an Apple Watch was shared on Twitter earlier this week, with the photo being snapped in San Francisco's Marina area.

If you happen to live in the Cupertino area, it's quite possible you might run into an Apple employee who is wearing one of the watches. VentureBeat's Mark Sullivan recently shared a story of an Apple Watch he spotted while commuting on Caltrain. Sullivan got a bit more than a glimpse -- he had the opportunity to see the Apple Watch in action for several minutes and his account on how it was used is a great read for those who want to learn a bit about how it integrates into daily life.

According to Sullivan, the man's Apple Watch "looked proportionate" to his wrist and had a traditional look that didn't "scream for attention." Sullivan saw a text reminder pop up on the screen, accompanied by a map, and he got the impression that the Apple Watch had become an essential part of this person's life.

I want one, and I didn't even really see much of what the thing could do. But I got the distinct impression that the Watch has already become integrated into the daily life of this user. I could see it as a powerful personal assistant that's always just an arm's lift away to help you make sense of the minutiae of daily life: the schedules and reminders and appointments and social media and everything else we all have to process every minute of every day.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said earlier this week that the Apple Watch is on track to launch in April, but he did not offer a narrower timeframe that would hit at when the release could come during the month. As we creep closer to April, though, we can expect to see a lot more of the Apple Watch in the wild as employees continue testing the device.

Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/01/30/...ghted-in-wild/

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Xperia Z4 Could Be Arriving More Sooner Than Later

By KidPow - 6 hours ago

After Sony announced that the Xperia Z4 would not being attending MWC '15 many lost intrest in the device but a report shows that the Z4 may have been recently certified Indonesia.

Sony's upcoming Xperia Z4 smartphone may have just received the necessary certification from Postel, the Indonesian authority that deals with such things.
Three Sony phone models have been given the all clear by Postel, one of which could in fact be the Xperia Z4. The Indonesian authority has only given us the devices' model numbers, but we can make some assumptions based on them.

So let's start with the E6533. Last year's Xperia Z2 had the model number D65xx, while the Xperia Z3 was D66xx. The letter used has to do with the year of release - so "E" is right on track for 2015, "D" was for last year, and "C" for 2013. If Sony keeps its naming scheme for the model numbers intact, and there's no reason why it shouldn't, then the E6533 could very well be the Xperia Z4.

Joining it in the Japanese company's portfolio at some point during this year will be the E5333, as well as the E2353. The latter will obviously be the lowest-end of them all, and could actually serve as the successor to the Xperia M2 (which is the D23xx).

The E5333 looks like a midranger by its model number, though exactly which handset it's supposed to replace in Sony's roster isn't clear. The closest older device to its model number is the Xperia T2 Ultra phablet, but that doesn't necessarily mean that this one will have a big screen too.

As for the Z4, if it has started its certification tour already then it should become official sooner, rather than later.

source: http://m.gsmarena.com/xperia_z4_gets...news-10986.php

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Leaked Images Of Early Samsung Galaxy S6 Prototype Surface + Mock Up

By KidPow - 6 hours ago

Sources are claiming that this might be an official early prototype of the highly anticipated Galaxy S6 and they might not be far off as case maker Spigen (who has a descent track record) has released a "official mock up" of the device. Both stories below:

There’s been no shortage of Galaxy S6 rumors, but we still haven’t seen a convincing photo of the upcoming flagship phone. That may have finally changed late last night, when PhoneArena got its hands on a photo for what appears to be an early prototype for the device.

We have to say, the Galaxy S6 looks pretty good here if these images prove to be real. It’s thin and modern, while still offering that familiar Samsung style. We can’t help but notice that the rear camera isn’t flush with the rest of the device, though that didn’t seem to be a problem for Apple fans with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. The rear flash has also moved to the right of the camera, just like we saw with a recent case for the still-rumored smartphone.

The Galaxy S6 is expected to pack a Quad HD display, an octa-core Exynos 7 processor and other cutting edge hardware, though there’s no way to confirm any of that based on this photo. Recent rumors also suggest the device could offer swappable back covers with different functions, and a simplified UI that’s much closer to stock Android

If this really is just a prototype that means the final design might not look anything like it. Still, we’re happy to see that Samsung is at least thinking of trying something new with the Galaxy S6. Hopefully the official device is just as interesting.

Samsung has become one of the best at keeping its phone designs a secret up until they take the wraps off of them at an official unveiling. They are without a doubt better at it than HTC and Apple. Over the last couple of years, designs for the Galaxy Note and Galaxy S series have floated about before the phones are announced, but few have been credible. So what do we make of the Galaxy S6 cases that popular casemaker, Spigen, has posted to its Amazon sales pages? Well, they have been right in the past when it comes to giving us hints and silhouettes of yet-to-be-announced phones. Are they right again?

For some background, understand that casemakers often get molds or specs of upcoming devices long before they are announced, so that they can have their related products ready for launch. When a casemaker posts up a case for sale of an unreleased device, we would imagine that they are basing their renders off of something semi-realistic.

And again, Spigen has been doing this for years. They tend to post up cases of unreleased devices well ahead of official announcements, more than likely to get their name in headlines (hey, success again!) and their products pre-ordered.

But here’s the thing – they outed design elements in the Nexus 5, HTC One (M8), and LG G3 that turned out to be correct. In fact, they completely outed the dimensions and design of the G3 before LG made it official. They do have a decent track record at giving us glimpses of phones before they are supposed to.

So what about these new “Galxay S6″ cases? Tough to say. A couple of blurry cam photos have surfaced within the last couple of days that look like the phones Spigen is using. The camera and flash/heartrate sensor are in the spots that Spigen is showing here. To me, though, the rest of the phone just looks like a Galaxy S5, which Samsung seems to have said they will move far from using new materials and an innovative design. Nothing seems innovative or new about this, other than the camera situation.

What do you think – is this what the Galaxy S6 will look like, or is Spigen just trying to make headlines again?

source: http://www.phonearena.com/news/Image...-cases_id65329

source: http://www.droid-life.com/2015/01/29...#disqus_thread

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Image inside Apple and Samsung Tied as World's Largest Smartphone Makers in Q4 2014

By juicey - 1 day ago

The latest numbers from Strategy Analytics reveal that Apple tied Samsung during Q4 2014 to become the world's largest smartphone maker based on global shipments. According to the report, both Apple and Samsung shipped 74.5 million smartphones during the three-month period of October through December.

Apple's number is an official figure from its financial results, while Samsung's number is an estimate since the company stopped reporting smartphone shipments a few years ago. The research firm adds that Apple and Samsung were last tied in smartphone market share in Q4 2011.

Apple experienced a record-breaking first quarter of the fiscal year because of strong demand for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. The larger screen sizes of the two new smartphones has been a major selling point for many consumers, attracting more new customers and Android converts than ever before. Meanwhile, Samsung reported a 27% quarterly decline in earnings earlier today amid tough competition from both Apple and up-and-coming Chinese rivals such as Xiaomi and Huawei.

Strategy Analytics claims that global smartphone shipments grew 31% annually to eclipse a record 380 million units in the fourth quarter. An estimated 1.3 billion smartphones were shipped worldwide in 2014, with strong growth in emerging markets such as China, India and Africa. Apple has experienced a lot of momentum in China, noting that its online sales in the region for 2014 were more than the previous five years combined.

Apple also surpassed Microsoft to become the world's second largest mobile phone vendor on the strength of the United States and China. Apple's 74.5 million smartphone shipments placed ahead of Microsoft's 50.2 million units shipped, but were behind Samsung's market leading 95 million units shipped. Apple and Samsung have global mobile phone market shares of 14.5% and 18.4% respectively.

Source: http://www.macrumors.com/2015/01/28/...alytics-q4-14/

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