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10 hours ago


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| By CarlozRossi - 10 hours ago

just looking out for my bx homies. I just copped another two cases for my Galaxy s6

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11 hours ago

Image inside Google Goes Backwards on

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| By Explicit - 11 hours ago

Nothing more really needs to be said. Hit up the link and search for anything as you normally do.

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1 day ago

Image inside Samsung Introduces The Galaxy BLADE edge

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| By Jago - 1 day ago


Samsung is proud to announce the world’s first smart knife with smartphone capabilities, the Galaxy BLADE edge. Galaxy BLADE edge is the ultimate cooking companion, made with the modern chef in mind. Building on the expertise it has already displayed with its Chef Collection series, Samsung is taking its commitment to culinary expertise and cutting-edge technology even further – literally.

Running on the latest OS, the Galaxy BLADE edge comes with all the incredible features of the Galaxy S6, but its edge is so sharp and strong that the device can also serve as a chefÂ’s knife. In fact, the Galaxy BLADE edge could very well render all the knives in your kitchen obsolete.

Ergonomic Ceramic, Diamond Design

The Galaxy BLADE edge was designed with diamonds in mind. It not only features a beautiful diamond-cut finish on its tough ceramic body, but is also equipped with a razor-sharp diamond edge, tough enough to cut through a lobster tail and sharp enough to slice though tender heirloom tomatoes.

The body is made of a patented ceramic, making it tougher than stainless steel yet lighter than plastic. Samsung succeeded in obtaining the optimal curve, resulting in a beautiful ergonomic ceramic.

With this unique ceramic, Samsung has also revolutionized the cooking knife’s surface tension – making sure that your fresh organic sh*take mushrooms or wild Perigord black truffles don’t stick to the edge when you’re cutting them.

The Freshest Features

With the Galaxy BLADE edge, Samsung has renewed its focus on functionality. Galaxy devices are no longer just powerful communication devices – they’re also incredibly utilitarian. In addition to the great features Galaxy S6 already offers, Galaxy Blade edge offers features so fresh you’ll never be able to cook with the rest.

Chop, cut, slice and dice up to 50% faster

Galaxy BLADE edge features a set of sensors and algorithms that analyze your grip, dexterity and strength, setting the weight in optimal proportion to create the perfect rhythm and inertia. This smart feature, in league with the super sharp edge, makes chopping and cutting up to 50% faster than with conventional knives. It also has a special feature for slicing fruit and dicing vegetables.

Safety first with KNOX

With SamsungÂ’s powerful defense-grade KNOX Security, youÂ’ll never cut yourself again. Just scan your fingerprint on the home button and the BLADEÂ’s finger-detection mechanism will be activated. The BLADE will retract before it cuts skin.

A human blood sensor is also available, preventing the device from being used in violent situations. Should the blade make contact with human blood, the device will automatically place an emergency call to the appropriate authorities.

If a call is made by accident, all you have to do is scan your fingerprint, swipe the security pattern, punch in the 15-digit password and sing along to the random-selected song from your most recent Milk Music station and the call will be cancelled.

KNOXÂ’s powerful anti-virus protection will also alert you to any germs found in your ingredients or on the surface of your cooking top.

Water- and fire-proof

Apart from the extremely sturdy diamond and ceramic parts, the display is also covered with a protective, waterproof coating, specially formulated for Galaxy BLADE edge so chefs can accept calls and respond to messages anytime, without worrying if they spill a little bouillabaisse. This easy-to-clean device can be washed and sanitized like any other kitchen utensil and the body is also completely fire resistant, so no worries should any flambé-related mishaps occur.


Galaxy BLADE edge comes with a stylus that doubles as a wireless meat thermometer and baking tool, to let you know when your pan-seared foie gras is the right temperature, and when your baked camembert is ready to be taken out of the oven. Use it to ensure the correct water temperature when cooking braised beef short ribs sous vide.

Innovations under the hood

Samsung brought out all its tricks hidden in its cupboards to make this culinary dream a reality. A patented transparent ceramic body has been introduced to maximize visual pleasure in preparing food.

To match the sophisticated design, all components were redesigned to fit the curve including its main memory. The main memory is not UFS but U4CF (Ultra 4D Curved Flash). This innovation in NAND flash memory technology betters the previous 3D vertical stacking techniques (first brought to market by Samsung in 2013) by introducing 10nm-wide wormholes that send data to a far-away cloud. These wormholes also result in a distorted physique, giving the NAND flash memory solution a curved shape.

Sweet software for users of all kinds

User experience is determined by a combination of all things including the hardware, design, services, software, etc. This is why Samsung focused on developing the essentials to help users realize their culinary dreams.

Samsung Kitchen and Chef Collection

The Samsung Galaxy BLADE edge is fully integrated with the Samsung Kitchen app, which automatically connects the device with Samsung Chef Collection appliances nearby.

This will allow you to preheat the oven or set a timer simply by swiping up on the home screen. The app will also send you a push notification when the lobster sauce for your quenelles of pike is done simmering.

Custom Accessories (Coming Soon)

Custom handles

To ensure the chef has proper leverage the device comes with a custom made detachable knife handle, made from high-quality olivewood. Or, for a more premium look, choose the premium mammoth tusk ivory inlay edition, made from real mammoth tusk**, found beneath the surface of the North Sea. Handles made from the same ergonomic ceramic as the body or stainless steel – for you old-schoolers – are also available. Choose a knife with a handle that is as exquisite as the dishes you serve.

Protective sleeves, covers and charging blocks

The Galaxy BLADE edge comes with useful protective covers so you can protect the sharp edge (or your belongings from the diamond edge) when not in use. The Galaxy BLADE edge covers are offered in a variety of styles to fit your taste.

Also coming in the near future are wireless wooden charging blocks. You may also store your now-useless dumb knives here.

The Galaxy BLADE edge was designed to be the champion of all kitchen devices. With everything Galaxy BLADE edge offers, the modern chef will never need another smartphone or another set of knives again.

* Warning: Keep out of reach of children
** No mammoths were killed for the handle – upon discovery under the North Sea, the tusks were carefully removed from the fossilized bodies, which were given a respectful burial back to their age-old graves.
*** Samsung was also exploring Galaxy Blade edges, a double-edged sword for sports and Galaxy Blade Axe, for your timbering needs, but have decided not to further pursue these possibilities due to safety reasons.
**** All functionality, features, specifications, and other product information provided in this article including, but not limited to, the benefits, design, pricing, components, performance, availability, and capabilities of the product are subject to change without notice or obligation.

Galaxy BLADE edge: Chef’s Edition – Samsung Electronics Official Blog: Samsung Tomorrow | Samsung Electronics Official Blog

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1 day ago

Video inside Microsoft Announces Surface 3, will run full version of Windows starting at $499

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| By KURUPTION!!! - 1 day ago

Microsoft revealed the newest addition to its tablet family, and it brings familiar features to a smaller package.

The Surface 3 –– not to be confused with the larger Surface Pro 3 –– runs full Windows and desktop applications, and can run apps from the Windows Store, Steam and GOG.

At 8.7mm thick, and weighing 1.37 lbs., the Surface 3 is the thinnest and lightest device in the Surface lineup. There's also a mobile-broadband version, the Surface 3 (4G LTE).

The Surface 3 features the same multi-touch and pen-controlled screen as the Pro 3, as well as front and rear-facing cameras that both capture 1080p video. It has a battery life of 10 hours, according to Microsoft, and unlike the Pro 3, uses a Micro USB charger, which makes it compatible with most phone chargers. While the included 13W charger replenishes power faster, phone chargers are now a viable alternative.

The wi-fi Surface 3 starts at $500 USD, and $700 AUD –– Microsoft has yet to specify prices for the mobile-broadband version.

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1 day ago

Image inside Samsung Galaxy S6 vs. HTC One M9: Dressed to kill

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| By KingP1n - 1 day ago


Final words

Samsung and HTC are inseparably entangled with Android and the platform proved a major driving force for the rise in fortunes for the two companies. A lot of that was on the back of flagships - despite being the priciest gadgets in the lineup, Galaxy S and One flagships have drawn massive amounts of interest that subsequently translated into sales.

A flagship is also a role model for lower-end devices and its popularity boosts their profile too. That proved a bit of a problem for Samsung as even cheapo Galaxys looked a lot like the flagship, which undermined the design perceived value. This year the company rebuilt the Galaxy S6 from scratch and the results received great acclaim.

This kind of problem wasn't an issue for HTC as the One family for the last two years and (aside from mini and Max versions) no other HTC handset matched the One's striking appearance. For one reason or another the company was struggling to maintain profitability, at least until things started turning around with the One (M8).

So, has HTC extended its positive momentum with the One M9? On its own it's a good phone though it's not a massive improvement over last year's model. Samsung was in the exact same boat with the Galaxy S5 in 2014 and that put an end to its streak of record-breaking sales.

Previously, exacting HTC and especially Apple users dismissed the Galaxy S as plastic and derivative looking. They had a point too, Samsung's strength was always feature domination not design. Even if it doesn't have an all-metal unibody like the current iPhone 6 and One M9, there's no denying the Galaxy S6 is eye-catching.

The attention to design didn't detract from features, if anything Samsung is further ahead of the competition this year. Various Samsung divisions came together to assemble a phone with the best screen, chipset, memory and (with help from Sony) camera.

Sure, Sony and LG are yet to have their say, Apple too later this year. None of that will help HTC though.

HTC stuck with the same design for a third year, the major change this time is the dual-tone build. It does look good - we spent some time with the Silver/Gold One M9 and it reminds us of a luxury watch a bit. The Gunmetal Grey looks too much like its predecessor and we're not completely sold on the Gold/Pink version.

The other major change was the camera department. We never had much love for the UltraPixel sensor, but it does make a good selfie camera. The main camera, however, was a disappointment. Good for still photos at day, okay for videos (with pending issues) and pretty lacking in the dark.

Credit where credit is due, the audio is perfect with headphones on and great with them off. The chipset is new too. We found it a solid performer, overheating gets annoying in long gaming sessions, but it also means the battery isn't used efficiently.

If you want to upgrade from your 2013 HTC One and want to stay with HTC (Galaxy S6's looks failing to impress you), the One M9 has plenty to offer. But it's difficult to see what users who didn't buy the One or the One (M8) will find appealing about the One M9, enough to make them switch.

The same argument doesn't hold for the Galaxy S6. The Galaxy S4 and S5 had impressive features, the main complaint with them was looks and build. And the S6 resolves that handily.
Full in depth comparison

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1 day ago

HTC One M9 review: HTC’s flagship feels like an afterthought

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| By KingP1n - 1 day ago


When we reviewed the HTC One M8 last year, our primary complaint was how little it was changed from the M7. HTC basically recycled the M7 design with the M8. Apple gets away with updating its designs every other year because it's a market leader. HTC is definitely not a market leader though, so we think it's fair to expect it to be nimbler and faster than its bigger rivals—that's really the only path to success when you aren't winning.

Now, HTC is back with a new flagship—the HTC One M9. While the M7 to M8 transition was underwhelming, with the M9, HTC has slowed down to nearly a standstill, as the design is nearly identical to the HTC M8. The Snapdragon 810 SoC—meant to give the M9 a speed boost over the M8—has been throttled so much that the M9 is at best equal to the M8, and in some cases slower. The other small improvements HTC tried to make—relocating the power button and an upgraded camera—didn't work out well, either.

HTC stagnates while the competition opens up the lead

The M9's lack of change is really disappointing, not because we're advocating change for change's sake, but because the M8 left a lot of room for improvement. As it stands, the M9's huge bezels make it look and feel dated and much larger than it needs to be. The One line was to be for premium devices, but recycling the same design doesn't say "premium." It says "cheap."

The One M9 makes us wonder if HTC's heart is still in this. Lately, it has been trying to reinvent itself as a consumer electronics company. It now makes a camera, a fitness band, a social network, a virtual reality headset, and, oh yeah, smartphones. While many smartphone vendors are also big electronics companies, HTC is a small company, and its move into general electronics seems to have come at the cost of its ability (or a least desire) to make a competitive smartphone. The One M9 feels like an afterthought, like the company was stretched too thin to give the phone the attention it needed.

The smartphone market is a race—you've got to come up with better designs and ideas faster than everyone else. If you're in the back of the pack, you can never catch up to the leader if you're running slower, and that's what's so frustrating about HTC. Its response to losing the race is to move even slower.

Look at what Samsung is doing. The company suffered few bad quarters in the smartphone market, so it revamped everything about the Galaxy S6—new materials, new SoC vendor, less crapware, an eye-catching curved version. That's what it takes to be competitive. In the smartphone market, HTC's flagship doesn't feel like it's on the path to success; it feels like it's on the road to irrelevance.
The Good
  • HTC made some good changes to the M9, like getting rid of the gimmicky Duo Camera.
  • Double-tap-to-wake—you can just tap on the screen to wake the device. It's great since you'll never find the power button on the first try.
  • You can disable some of the skin features, like Blinkfeed and HTC's custom Overview screen.
  • A Theme store. Customization is nice.

The Bad
  • The M9 runs hot and performance suffers. Our CPU benchmark showed a 30 percent drop in performance.
  • The design is stale. It's a new phone that doesn't feel new and doesn't solve a lot of the problems we had with the M7 and M8.
  • The size of the phone. This is the bulkiest 5-inch device out there, which contributes to the "new phone that doesn't feel new" vibe. We're still insulted by the "HTC bar."
  • We love aluminum, but this aluminum has been treated so much it doesn't feel like aluminum anymore.
  • The power and volume buttons... which is which again?
  • Battery life. It's well below most other flagships.
  • The camera isn't great, particularly in low light.
  • HTC's bizarre obsession with becoming an app developer. It won't make people buy their phones, and there are always better options on the Play Store.

The Ugly
  • HTC's next earnings report—this phone stands no chance against the tougher-than-ever competition.

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1 day ago

Image inside HTC E9+ official leak

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| By ThunderChunky - 1 day ago

Just like that, HTC has quietly -- well, maybe unintentionally -- unveiled its latest phablet on its China website. With some minor differences, the One E9+ is pretty much what we saw on the certification database earlier this month. The biggest selling point of this part metal, part plastic device is perhaps its 5.5-inch Quad HD (534 ppi) display, making it the sharpest screen ever used on an HTC phone. Oddly, though, the website's spec sheet states a 1080p resolution, which we'll assume is actually meant for a lesser E9. Likewise with the 2GB of RAM instead of 3GB, as well as the 13-megapixel main camera instead of the 20-megapixel version mentioned on the product page.


The upcoming HTC One E9+ has been revealed in full on the company’s Chinese website, though it may not have been on purpose. A product page for the powerful new smartphone surfaced this weekend confirming rumors of a plastic flagship device.

As expected, the HTC One E9+ packs a 5.5-inch 1440 x 2560-pixel display at 534 PPI, a 20-megapixel rear camera, an UltraPixel camera up front and surround sound BoomSound speakers using Dolby Audio technology. We’re also expecting a slightly less powerful One E9 model with a 1080p display and a 13-megapixel rear camera.

Both devices are set to feature the same design, which seems pretty slick based on HTC’s own renders. From the front, the E9+ actually looks almost identical to the all-aluminum One M9 thanks to its metal frame, though with a significantly bigger 5.5-inch footprint.

For now, it looks like the HTC One E9+ will be limited to China and other parts of Asia, and it’s still unclear how much the device will cost or when it will hit the market. It’s likely we’ll hear more at the company’s upcoming April 8 event in Beijing, where we’re also hoping to learn about the rumored HTC One M9+ along with both E9 devices.

Via: http://www.technobuffalo....-htcs-website/

why this sh*t gotta better specs (rumored) than the fu*kin US flagship version?? watch that 13mp camera be better than this 20.7mp bullsh*t on the m9 too

EDIT - more pics here|!|fullscreen

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1 day ago

Image inside Samsung Using 747s To Deliver Galaxy S6 Shipments To The U.S.

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| By Jago - 1 day ago


Although Samsung isn't revealing preorder numbers for its new Galaxy S6 or Galaxy S6 Edge devices, it's safe to say that demand is high.

High enough, at least, for Samsung to charter several Boeing 747 planes packed with Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices from China headed for its partners in the United States.

T-Mobile preorders started shipping to customers on Friday, with the first units arriving in customers' hands on Monday. The official release date for the S6 and S6 Edge is April 10.

Apple has used this move with previous phone launches. Hopefully, it will ensure that customers can run in and grab phones from carriers, stores like Best Buy, and online retailers such as Amazon.

The necessity of the phone-filled planes bodes well for the phone's success. Early reviews for the handsets, including Mashable's, have praised Samsung's approach with the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge.

Eschewing the plastic feel that made the Galaxy S5 feel cheap, the new Galaxy S6 is sleek eye candy with a great camera. (According to Mashable product analyst Ray Wong, the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge absolutely wipe the floor with the beautiful, if flawed, HTC One M9.)

That's good news. Last year, users didn't seem overly enamored with the Galaxy S5, and Samsung has lost mindshare to the likes of Apple and upstarts like Xiaomi. The Galaxy S6 could turn all of that around.

So, just what does a 747 full of phone palettes look like?

Samsung loads 747s full of Galaxy S6 phones to the U.S. ahead of launch

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1 day ago

Mashable Review: "The Samsung Galaxy S6 Is The Android Phone Of The Year"

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| By Jago - 1 day ago


The Good

Marvelous (yet familiar) design • Excellent performance • Wide camera aperture and OIS improve photo quality • Easy to use

The Bad

Glass and metal more slippery than plastic • Meh battery life

The Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is exquisitely designed, packed with helpful features and perfectly sized. It's simply the best smartphone Samsung has ever made.

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is the Android phone of the year [REVIEW]

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2 days ago

HTC One M9 Review: The Phone Only HTC Could Build... For The Third Time

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| By KingP1n - 2 days ago


HTC was one of Android's earliest supporters. When the Dream launched in 2009, little did HTC likely know that its fortunes would skyrocket in the few years after, along with its share of the smartphone market. Not long after, though, those fortunes began to wane - with the launch of the original One series (One X, S, V), HTC's first attempt to rebrand its smartphone design image began.

The One X was, and I still think is, a beautiful phone. While the Tegra version was lamentable, the Qualcomm-powered variants received generally wide praise. The next year, One M7 launched. It, too, was very good-looking, and while the Ultrapixel camera was controversial, the phone debuted to very positive reviews. Then, last year, the M8 happened. With some significant but generally subtle design tweaks, the excellent Boomsound speakers, a good 1080p LCD, and a quick Snapdragon 801, the M8 wasn't a huge upgrade over the M7, but it had its redeeming qualities. At the time, though, many of us wondered: had HTC started to run out of ideas?

With the M9, that's now a real, pertinent question. On paper, a bigger battery should mean more time off the charger. It doesn't. On paper, a 20MP camera should finally bring the One M9 in line with its other flagship competitors. It doesn't. A Snapdragon 810 should bring considerable speed gains over the year-old 801 in the M8. It doesn't. On paper, a new version of Sense should mean a real facelift for the software with exciting new features. For the most part, it doesn't.

The One is the phone only HTC could build, except then they built it again. And again. And now I'm left wondering: is there a real reason to buy this thing?

The Good
  • Still metal The One M9 still feels like a premium phone with premium materials, even if some of the small design changes are, to my eyes, less than great.
  • A respectable 1080p LCD While the M9's screen isn't going to win any awards for best-in-a-smartphone, it's not bad by any means, and still seems like a pretty good 1080p LCD. I applaud HTC for not giving into the 2K pressure.
  • Boomsound is still good Well, it is.
  • Not slow The M9 is perfectly quick in most ways, and does not appear to suffer from any of the major performance jank I found on the only other Snapdragon 810 device to date, the G Flex 2.

The Not So Good
  • Not any faster The M9 doesn't feel appreciably quicker than the phone it replaces, and sometimes can be slower (such as when multitasking). This doesn't speak well of the Snapdragon 810, which is already under fire for issues.
  • A mediocre 20 megapixels HTC finally ditched the 4MP Ultrapixel rear camera this year, but its replacement is one of the most mediocre cameras I've used on a high-end smartphone, with long focus times, unreliable auto-focus, lackluster night performance, and iffy HDR.
  • Buttons only a mother could love The new volume and power buttons on the One M9 are so recessed and closely positioned that I'm constantly hitting one when I mean to hit another. This can be legitimately maddening.
  • Battery life is subpar I was honestly surprised at just how mediocre the M9's battery life was day-to-day, especially when on the strong T-Mobile network in my area. I would struggle through a day away from home on this phone.


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2 days ago

Video inside Samsung Galaxy S6 review | TheVerge

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| By KingP1n - 2 days ago

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3 days ago

Video inside Galaxy S6 edge Obliterates iPhone 6 In Speed Test

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| By Jago - 3 days ago

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3 days ago

Video inside Galaxy S6 edge Shows Extreme Durability In New Drop, Water And Nutcracker Tests

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| By Jago - 3 days ago

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4 days ago

Video inside Samsung Galaxy S6 edge gets thrown on the floor but survives this violent drop test

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| By KingP1n - 4 days ago


Samsung built its new flagship phone from scratch after the Samsung Galaxy S5 was deemed a disappointment by phone buyers. The Samsung Galaxy S6 edge has a metal frame sandwiched by two pieces of Gorilla Glass 4, one in the front and one in the back. While giving the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge a new cool design, it does mean that the phone could be in pretty bad shape if it is dropped. How much protection can Gorilla Glass 4 provide? Perhaps a new video gives us the answer.

A low-resolution clip has been uploaded to YouTube showing a woman apparently taking out her frustrations on a Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Perhaps she is upset with the news that Zayn Malik has left One Direction. Or maybe she's pissed that her local McDonald's stopped serving the McRib. Whatever the reason, she throws the handset to the ground with a speed that makes us recall Bob Gibson in his prime.

Despite the rather hard throw, a quick test shows that the Galaxy S6 edge has survived. It is hard to tell from the video, but it appears that there is no damage to the phone whatsoever. As we get closer to the launch of the device on April 10th, we probably will see more elaborate drop tests and water tests. Remember, because of the new build the Samsung Galaxy S6 lost the IP67 certification that it had last year, meaning that the Galaxy S5 could survive being submerged in up to 3.3 feet of water and emerge unscathed. That is not the case with the new models.

Have butterfingers and worry that if you buy the Galaxy S6 edge it will end up shattered on the floor? Perhaps watching the embedded video below will help you get over this thinking.

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4 days ago

Image inside #TMobGang I was blessed to be in the presence of the Uncarrier-God

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| By ptwist - 4 days ago

Just wanted to share that I got a last minute call to DJ at T-mobile's Employee Awards Function at Loewe's Hollywood Hotel on Friday. Was told there would be some "big wigs" in attendance but lo and behold the CEO John Legere showed up for actually a good amount of time to do his spiel and then honor the winners. Outside of that, he didn't mention too much about future plans except that he's ready to continue to change the industry and that Customer Service is his favorite branch. Cool dude in general and everyone pretty much viewed him as a rockstar once he got on stage

Dude up top proposed to his lady after winning his award .. He came by earlier to say "Aye you can play Anthony Hamilton IF she says yes?"

Side note- Anyone still have one or any of their 2 JUMP upgrades? Used one of mine this year for the Iphone 6... I think I may actually wait until next year for a new phone.

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4 days ago

Image inside FREE Samsung Galaxy S 6 with Sprint's new Unlimited Plus Plan

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| By kkkid - 4 days ago

Sprint customers:
FREE Samsung Galaxy S 6
with Sprint's new Unlimited Plus Plan.
First free phone lease in the wireless industry
Eighty dollars per month
32 GB Samsung Galaxy S® 6
Unlimited high-speed data, talk & text
on the Sprint network
Early upgrades
$20 monthly credit with 24-month
Sprint Lease
Free International Value Roaming

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4 days ago

Video inside Samsung Galaxy S6 vs Apple iPhone 6

3 people viewing this

| By KingP1n - 4 days ago

Read the written companion here:


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4 days ago

Video inside Lord Brownlee explains Virtual Reality

4 people viewing this

| By eaglesfan21 - 4 days ago

good video from the gawd MKBHD.

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4 days ago

Video inside Asus Zenfone 2

4 people viewing this

| By 1nonly - 4 days ago

Looks like a real nice phone. Comes out in the US in April.

Should be $300 from what I've read. it's more than worth to me and I need a new phone and I don't want to pay $650 and the one plus one is too hard to get.

Opinions - yes or no?

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4 days ago

Not Even HTC Can Tell The Difference Between The M8 And M9

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| By Jago - 4 days ago


The HTC One M9 is one of the best Android phones you can buy right now, just like its predecessors. But unlike in previous years, HTC has the misfortune of fighting against completely new iPhone and Galaxy S designs while the HTC One M9 looks too much like last yearÂ’s HTC One M8.

In fact, last yearÂ’s model and this yearÂ’s M9 are so similar that not even HTCÂ’s social networking team can tell them apart.

Next to a picture posted on the companyÂ’s Facebook page (see below), HTC advertises one of the main features of the phone, its BoomSound speakers, clearly identifying the device pictured with a #HTCOneM9 hashtag. However, the phone in the image is not the HTC One M9, itÂ’s the M8.

The one thing you have to look for when checking the front of a HTC One phone is the standby buttonÂ’s placement: on the HTC One M8 itÂ’s placed on the top, while on the new handset itÂ’s found on the right side under the volume rockers
(which are also different from last yearÂ’s buttons).

When looking at the back of the handset, which isnÂ’t the case in the Facebook image, the telling difference is the camera: on the HTC One M9 thereÂ’s only one camera lens, while the HTC One M8 has two of them.

Apparently the company’s social team didn’t get the memo. “What is the picture about?,” one fan asked on Facebook, to which the team replied that it’s “just having a little fun showing off the #HTCOneM9.” Maybe too much fun.

The small blunder reveals a big problem HTC might have to face when selling the handset: Convincing inexperienced users theyÂ’re looking at a brand new device rather than a minor update or even last yearÂ’s model.

For more details about the new handset check out BGRÂ’s full review, and the best and worst thing about the HTC One M9.

Meanwhile, a picture of HTCÂ’s Facebook blunder follows below.

HTC One M9 vs. M8: How to tell the difference | BGR

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