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14 hours ago

Samsung's Fall Continues Amid Galaxy S6 Release as Salaries Freeze in 2015

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| By fat_boyy21 - 14 hours ago


(Bloomberg) -- Samsung Electronics Co. will this year freeze the salaries of all its workers in South Korea as the Galaxy smartphone maker battles slowing sales and plunging earnings.

The freeze is Samsung’s first in six years and is designed to strengthen competitiveness given business conditions are “not optimistic,” the Suwon, South Korea-based company said in a statement Thursday. Performance incentives and bonuses aren’t included in the freeze, the company said.

Earnings have slumped for three straight quarters as the South Korean company lost its outright lead in the global market and consumers switched to Apple Inc.’s new iPhones and cheaper Chinese handsets running on Google Inc.’s Android operating system. Apple rose into a tie with Samsung as the world’s biggest smartphone marker last quarter, with both companies shipping 74.5 million units, Strategy Analytics said Jan. 29.

Samsung has 99,556 employees in Korea as of Sept. 30, according to a regulatory filing.

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17 hours ago

Article inside Sprint Not Adding 9000 New Lte Sites, But 20,000 :whoa:

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| By Yung Dilla - 17 hours ago

Sprint (NYSE: S) plans to significantly expand its LTE network by adding potentially up to 20,000 cell sites and repurposing existing sites, according a source familiar with Sprint's plans. These plans are much more extensive than those reported by Sprint blog S4GRU, which said Sprint is planning to add 9,000 cell sites to its network.

According to the source, who works closely with Sprint and requested anonymity, Sprint is going to expand the size of its network and add up to 20,000 cell sites. However, the source said that the figure is not final and there is no timeframe for completing that expansion. Analysts at New Street Research also have estimated that Sprint might add more than 20,000 sites over time.

Sprint updated 38,000 sites with multi-mode base stations as part of its Network Vision network modernization. The company also has 10,000 former Clearwire towers.

The source said Sprint's new network plan will have a mix of dual-band and tri-band sites because in some rural markets Sprint will not be deploying 2.5 GHz radios and antennas. The company plans to densify its network through both macro cell sites and small cells. According to the source, Sprint plans to keep the 10,000 former Clearwire towers. About 7,000 of those sites now support TD-LTE but do not have CDMA radios. Part of the new plan involves adding CDMA to some of these sites.

Sprint declined to comment. However, during Sprint's calendar fourth-quarter earnings conference call, Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure said the company is continuing to invest in its network infrastructure and across its spectrum portfolio, which includes 800 MHz, 1900 MHz and 2 5 GHz bands. The company also plans to use carrier aggregation across all three of those bands.

"This includes significantly densifying our network by increasing the number of sites across all the spectrum bands, including macro and small cells to increase the coverage and capacity of the network," Claure said.

Sprint has an average of 120 MHz of 2.5 GHz spectrum in 90 of the top 100 markets and has often talked about using that spectrum to provide more capacity and faster speeds to its customers. The company currently covers 125 million POPs with 2.5 GHz TD-LTE and plans to expand that network this year, though it is unclear by how much.

However, not all analysts are confident in Sprint's ability to execute on its expansion plans. "We expected Sprint to add LTE sites, offset by WiMAX sites that it decommissioned, but 9,000 sounds higher than expected, and if true and would a positive sign regarding Sprint's renewed interest in exploiting its differentiated depth of spectrum," BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk told FierceWireless. "Now they just have to go out and do it."




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18 hours ago

Video inside New 3D Social Media App Stating It's Better Than Instagram [User Submitted]

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| By Sliime Jesus - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Video inside New Tech: Wankband - Charge your device by j.acking off

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| By eaglesfan21 - 18 hours ago


The site has officially announced plans to penetrate the wearable market with their brand new Wankband.

Pornhub recognizes the friction traditional porn viewing can create for the environment through constant energy consumption. Enter the Wankband, a handy gadget that resembles worn like a fitness tracker. 5&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

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21 hours ago

Image inside Brikk Announces Diamond-Studded Apple Watches Costing Up to $75,000

4 people viewing this

| By mrfreak76 - 21 hours ago

While the Apple Watch is not expected to be released until April, luxury and couture product design company Brikk today announced a line of 30 luxury models for the upcoming smartwatch that they claim, "will afford unmatched opulence to an exclusive clientele worldwide."

Similar to the Apple Watch in terms of sizes, the line of Lux Watches will be available in 38mm and 42mm, with color options of 24-karat yellow gold, 18-karat pink gold, and 950 platinum alongside varying band options. There are also three editions to the line: Standard, Deluxe, and Omni. All versions of the Lux Watch are prepared through disassembling Apple Watches that the company then repurposes with their luxury materials in a "state-of-the-art laboratory."

The basic Standard edition offers a single row of diamonds (.50 carats) and a leather strap, while the mid-tier Deluxe has multiple rows of diamonds (2.3 carats), diamond encrusted buttons, and a diamond studded clasp on its leather strap.

"For the ultimate in exclusivity," Brikk offers the Lux Watch Omni edition with a fully diamond-emblazoned case resulting in over 12 carats of jewels on the device. The company promises only the highest end of luxury and satisfaction in purchasing one of their new line of high-end devices, which they've done before with the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.


The Lux Watch line stands out thanks to its meticulous production processes. Each piece is disassembled inside Brikk’s state-of-the-art laboratory in Los Angeles by a team of skilled engineers. They are hand polished, then plated with five layers of diverse metals before their final plating in either two layers of gold or platinum. High quality diamonds (color D, clarity VVS1) are set with a microscope in a custom-machined bezel. Each piece is then reassembled and tested before shipping to clients.
The line will set those interested back $7,495 for the Standard, $11,995 for the Deluxe, and $69,995 for the Omni, and all prices fluctuate slightly higher for larger sizes. Brikk promises that each comes in a "Zero Halliburton aluminum case with carbon fiber interior", with a user manual, the expected accessories, a 1-year warranty, and a diamond-studded certificate of authenticity.

While Apple has taken a decidedly fashion-skewed angle in beginning to market the Apple Watch, Brikk's new diamond-encrusted offerings appear to be a more straightforward answer to those looking for more of a statement with the new wearable.

Pricing guesses have jumped between $10,000 and $20,000 for the high-end Apple Watch Edition, so while the Lux line's lower-end models could fall in line with Apple's own mid-to-upper tier models, the Omni edition offered by Brikk may in fact be the most expensive version of the Watch on the market when the device launches this Spring.

Those interested in the Lux Watch line can visit Brikk's official website to place a pre-order, which requires a deposit and is expected to ship between 4-6 weeks following the official Apple Watch launch in April.

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1 day ago

Image inside Actual pics of Galaxy S6 and S6 edge next to each other..will be available in 4 colors

3 people viewing this

| By LTE - 1 day ago

Bonus...will indefinitely come in 4 colors.



Imma need that black tho...

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2 days ago

Video inside You Can Finally Cancel Cable

4 people viewing this

| By nitetrain8601 - 2 days ago

Sling Television is the game changer we've been waiting for. Just signed up for them and I got a free Fire TV stick for doing so. Paying $20 a month for the ability to watch sports live legitimately with true HD and no worries about it getting shutdown.

Very simple:
Pay $20 for like 10 channels including ESPN, ESPN2, Food, TNT, HGTV, TBS, AMC, all in HD, no additional costs. Can stream it through FireTV stick, Roku, through your phone or PC. They have additional packages for $5.

I have Hulu for shows that aren't covered, Showbox for movies.

Anyone else trying it?

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2 days ago

Image inside First Real Look At Samsung S6?

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| By KingP1n - 2 days ago

"Can't say where it's from but it's from AT&T directly. Obviously a prototype or test model and it says not for sale on the package. Obviously a Samsung phone, I was scared to play with it much but seems a glass back and front with metal on the sides. I apologize if this is being posted in the wrong section. "

I guess there will be more leaks so keep your eye on XDA thread.

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2 days ago

Image inside Sprint To Add 9,000 New LTE Sites In Nationwide Expansion.

3 people viewing this

| By Yung Dilla - 2 days ago

It has apparently been a while since Sprint's been able to focus on simply growing out its nationwide coverage. While the company has expanded its LTE coverage piecemeal, announcing new markets every couple of months, it has also had to manage the networks powered by different technologies it acquired when purchasing Nextel (iDen) and Clearwire (WiMax). But after a decade of acquisitions and adjustment, Sprint may be ready to start turning things around, according to S4GRU, a blog dedicated entirely to Sprint's 4G LTE and WiMax expansions (it doesn't get much more niche than that).

Sprint decommissioned the Nextel iDen network in June of 2013 with the plan to convert those sites to CDMA/LTE using the 800MHz frequency band. In addition, it seems the carrier has plans to roll out thousands of new Dualband, Triband, and Spark sites to improve coverage in rural areas and dense markets alike.

Here's how S4GRU breaks down the expansion:

1,100 - Decommissioned iDEN sites converted for new Sprint CDMA/LTE coverage and increased density in some key under served areas (Dualband and Triband)

1,600 – New coverage expansion sites targeting high roaming areas and key identified market expansion areas (Dualband and Triband)
800 – New Dualband sites in exurban and new suburban areas places with new or projected population growth

500 – New Triband sites in Urban and Suburban areas to infill coverage where 1900 and 2600 currently do not reach or reach well and 800 capacity would also be improved

5,000 – New Urban and Suburban TDD-LTE 2600 “Spark” only sites infilling existing coverages for better signal quality, indoor performance, and capacity. It is not known if these are all macro sites or a mix of macro and pico cells.

This large initiative joins smaller projects Sprint already has in the works. Project Ocean is focused on Illinois and Missouri, while Project Cedar is building up coverage in Montana. S4GRU provides this map of what's potentially in the works.

The information here doesn't tell us exactly which markets will feel a change, but with this much going on at once, improvements should be felt all across the country. With 5,000 Spark sites going up in urban and suburban areas, it looks like Sprint may again be ready to compete. Just don't anticipate these changes overnight. These things take time, and this is Sprint we're talking about.


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3 days ago

Video inside How to scrap old cell phone for gold

3 people viewing this

| By 420 Lyfe - 3 days ago

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3 days ago

Microsoft announces new OneDrive API for all of your devices

3 people viewing this

| By mtva24 - 3 days ago

Microsoft has announced a new API for OneDrive that will make it easy for developers to integrate the company's cloud storage service into their apps. The API supports all major platforms, including the web, Windows, iOS, and Android.

From Microsoft:

We built the OneDrive API to provide a foundation to continue evolving the platform and enable all developers to access the full functionality of OneDrive. It provides better speed and functionality, with new features including:

-the ability to retrieve new changes to files and folders to efficiently keep a large set of files in sync with minimal calls
-resumable uploads of files up to 10 GB via file-fragment uploading for working with rich content, like HD videos
-customizable file thumbnail images for delivering a more integrated experience across your app and OneDrive

Microsoft is also working with a number of developers to add support for the new OneDrive API to their apps, such as PicMonkey, PandaDoc, and IFTTT. If you want to get started adding the OneDrive API to your own app, you can head over to the OneDrive Github page now to check it out.

Source: Microsoft


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3 days ago

Article inside Game changer: This Smartphone Battery Charges From Zero To Full In Just One Minute

4 people viewing this

| By mrfreak76 - 3 days ago

ore than a better camera, a slimmer handset or a larger screen, smartphone users know what they want most from their device, according to a recent survey: longer battery life.

Doron Myersdorf’s solution takes only a minute. His Israeli company, StoreDot, has developed a battery that can be charged in 60 seconds which he says can end dead-phone dread because no handset will be lifeless for long.

“The whole anxiety of your phone [going] dead goes away because if [recharging] happens in one minute, there is not an issue,” Myersdorf says.

Although the StoreDot battery does not last as long as conventional phone batteries, its makers argue that the short charging time more than compensates.

Myersdorf adds that handsets will become more innovative as a consequence.

“Once you have an unlimited battery – because this is what we are offering … your whole applications and your whole usage model of the phone changes so you have better devices which are more energy-hungry, you have more applications which do amazing things.”

The StoreDot battery system emerged from the nanotechnology department of Tel Aviv University, a by-product of research being carried out into Alzheimer’s disease.

Researchers found interesting properties in a certain peptide molecule – a chain of amino acids – that affects neurons in the brain and causes Alzheimer’s. It turned out that these molecules had high capacitance, the ability to hold an electrical charge.

When two of these molecules are combined, they make a crystal which is two nanometers in size – two billionths of a metre. These “nanodots” form the basis of the StoreDot technology. Because of their increased capacitance, they can make batteries which rapidly absorb and hold a charge.

That has led to a three-tier system from StoreDot for charging a mobile phone: the battery within the phone; a special charger which can pump a strong electrical current into the phone; and the system within the phone which manages power use efficiently .

“The charger itself is not a normal charger. We need to pump 40/50 and up to 80 amps of current into this battery in order to charge in one minute. No normal charger can do that. So we had to develop a very strong charger that is, first of all, cost effective but also small enough to be carried in your pocket,” Myersdorf said.

Early examples of the battery, which weighs the same as current smartphone batteries, show a graphic dial on a phone lighting up as the seconds go past before finally reaching full capacity.

As the electronics industry is heavily focused on battery charge length – in everything from tablets to the new generation of wearable tech such as the imminent iWatch – the advent of any new form of battery attracts major interest.

Any debate about the features of a particular smartphone turns inevitably to the longevity of the battery.

As phones have expanded from the basic task of making calls and sending texts to filming and screening video clips, the demands on batteries have increased.

Users have been advised to turn the screen brightness down, switch to airplane mode and turn off Wi-Fi to save the battery during the day, as well as shutting down apps running in the background

However, the new battery itself will not have a prolonged lifespan. The current generation of StoreDot batteries will last about one-third less of the time than those in standard smartphones at the moment.

This means that heavy users with a StoreDot battery will probably recharge their phone about once during the day. However, Myersdorf says their research shows that 60% of heavy mobile phone users leave the house with a charger at present anyway.

By 2018, StoreDot says that its battery will also outlast current smartphone batteries, which typically last a day, depending on how heavily they are used.

If a manufacturer adopts StoreDot technology, it will add just over £30 to the bill for a handset. Talks are taking place with 15 smartphone manufacturers with StoreDot wanting to sign launch agreements with “one or two” by the end of this year.

It hopes to have a phone with the battery system in the hands of consumers by Christmas 2016. The system cannot be retrofitted to an existing phone.

“The problem is that there needs to be a sequence of developments which needs to take place in parallel to what StoreDot has done and these are a specially designed smartphone, a specially designed charger which is based on our charger, and a certification of the battery in terms of safety,” says Myersdorf.

“From our analysis we believe that 30% of the people will pay a little bit more – roughly $50 (£32) more – on the phone model if it charges faster.

“If one of the big guys [phone manufacturers] feels that this is a game-changer like we do, they put it on their roadmap. They can make it happen. StoreDot alone cannot make it happen.”

The main problem for users adapting to the new system would be to get people used to the idea of charging once during the day, he says. So far, the company has received $48m in funding from a number of investors including Samsung and Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.

The same technology can be used, according to StoreDot, to power up electric vehicles within five minutes.

A further investment would allow StoreDot to show they can power a car which would then be able to drive for 150 miles on that five-minute charge, says Myersdorf. Again, compared with rival products the StoreDot car battery would be more expensive although the price will inevitably come down as its popularity increases, he says.

The technology can also be used to power brighter computer and smartphone screens.

StoreDot aims to penetrate 2% of the smartphone market in the first year after launch and 6% in the second, says Myersdorf. It is a market where well in excess of 1 billion units are sold each and every year, so a solution to dead phone anxiety could prove lucrative.

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3 days ago

Apple Snatches 48% Of Global Smartphone Revenue In Q4, Samsung Falls Below 20%

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| By Jago - 3 days ago


The global smartphone market share of South Korea's top smartphone maker Samsung Electronics Co. fell below 20 percent in terms of value for the first time in three years in the fourth quarter of 2014, data showed Monday.

Samsung, which has recently suffered a setback in its market share due to the rise of Chinese firms eating into its low-end handset sales, took up 17.2 percent of the world's smartphone market in the October-December period in terms of revenue, according to the data compiled by Strategy Analytics.

U.S.-based Apple Inc., on the other hand, posted a record high in terms of revenue, accounting for 48.9 percent of the global smartphone market, apparently boosted by the rising global popularity of the iPhone 6.

For all of 2014, Samsung took up 25.1 percent of the global smartphone revenue, hovering far below Apple's 37.6 percent, the data showed.

Samsung, which jumped into the smartphone industry in 2010, had been making strides to narrow its gap with the U.S. giant, garnering 34.1 percent of the smartphone market in 2013, when Apple posted 34.2 percent.

Its foothold, however, has recently been challenged by Chinese players rolling out low-end models, while Apple continued to weigh down on Samsung in the high-end sector as well.

LG Electronics Inc. saw its shares edge up 0.2 percentage point on-year to reach 4.3 percent to stand in the third spot. LG was followed by China's Huawei and Japan's Sony Corp. at 3.8 percent and 3.7 percent, respectively.
Samsung's smartphone market share falls below 20 pct in Q4

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3 days ago

Image inside Windows? NO, Linux and Mac OS X Most Vulnerable Operating System In 2014

4 people viewing this

| By DIGI - 3 days ago

Apple’s operating system is considered to be the most secure operating system whether it’s Mac OS X for desktop computers or iOS for iPhones. But believe it or not, they are the most vulnerable operating system of year 2014.


Windows, which is often referred to as the most vulnerable operating system in the world and also an easy pie for hackers, is not even listed on the top three vulnerable OS. According to an analysis by the network and security solutions provider GFI, the top three most vulnerable operating system are:
  • Apple’s Mac OS X
  • Apple iOS
  • Linux kernel

GFI analysis is based on the data from the US National Vulnerability Database (NVD), which shows that in 2014, the top three most vulnerable operating systems took owner by the following number of vulnerabilities reported in their software:
  • Mac OS X - Total 147 vulnerabilities were reported, 64 of which were rated as high-severity
  • Apple’s iOS - Total 127 vulnerabilities were reported, 32 of which were rated as highly-severity
  • Linux Kernel - Total 119 vulnerabilities were reported, 24 of which were rated as high-severity.


However, when it comes to applications, Microsoft proved to be on the contrary, as its Internet Explorer browser lead the list with 242 total vulnerabilities, with 220 of them being rated as critical.

Obviously, this could embarrass Microsoft, as Internet Explorer has nearly twice as many security flaws than the second most vulnerable application, which was Google Chrome.
Google Chrome browser had 124 vulnerabilities reported in 2014. On the other hand, Adobe Flash Player improved last year with only 76 vulnerabilities reported.

Everyone saying Macs are more secure, where you at?

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3 days ago

Image inside :sadto: HTC One M9 (Upleaks)

3 people viewing this

| By mtva24 - 3 days ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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3 days ago

Image inside Black Emojis Are On The Way in iOS 8.3 update

4 people viewing this

| By jumpoff6684 - 3 days ago

Emojis are finally getting more diverse. In Apple's next update of emoji icons, a number of the tiny cartoon people are now available in six different skin tones.
The male and female faces, as well as thumbs up/thumbs down icons, will be available in the different colors. Other people emoji, such as princesses and construction workers, will also get more diverse options. Tapping and holding on an emoji person will bring up the new skin-tone variations.

Black emojis are coming
The diverse people are just some of the 300 new emojis included in the latest developer version of iOS 8.3. The new icons won't be available to the public until the update is released later this year.
Apple (AAPL, Tech30) pledged to increase the diversity in its emoji keyboard last March, after a public outcry over the limited options for people of color. A petition at collected thousands of signatures. Miley Cyrus even tweeted about it, helping it to go viral on Twitter.
The current illustrated icons include same-sex couples but no black characters. There is an Asian man wearing a traditional Chinese cap and an Indian man in a turban, but the rest of the emoji population is light-skinned.
Taco Bell: Emoji unfairly biased towards hamburger and pizza lovers
Creating a more diverse emoji selection wasn't as easy as releasing a new iOS update. The keyboard of illustrated icons is based on Unicode, the standard for text, numbers and emojis across all platforms. Emoji originated in Japan and were added to the Unicode Standard in 2010. Apple first included them natively in iOS in 2011.
"Apple supports and cares deeply about diversity, and is working with The Unicode Consortium to update the standard so that it better represents diversity for all of us," said an Apple spokesperson.
To come up with the expanded palette of skin tones, Unicode used the Fitzpatrick scale, which was originally developed by dermatologists to classify different types of skin.
Apple is also adding 32 new country flags and an expanded selection of family icons that include more same-sex couples.

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4 days ago

Video inside Developer Hacks Android Wear To Show IOS Notifications

3 people viewing this

| By KidPow - 4 days ago

Now before you get to excited only notifications seems to work at the moment as trying to make apps and other Android Wear functions run would require a lot of heavy tinkering and tuning.

A developer by the named Abu-Garbeyyeh has managed to achieve IOS notifications using Bluetooth on a Moto 360, without needing any jailbreaking on the iPhone itself but of course the software used on Android Wear device is probably modified; while this is a step forward to an iWatch alternative it's not nearly enough to be a full replacement.


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4 days ago

HTC M9 Dolby Powered Audio/Colours/Camera Details Leaked

3 people viewing this

| By KingP1n - 4 days ago

  • Audio will be powered by Dolby
  • Camera will be 20mp with a F/2.2 Aperture & A 27.8mm lens
  • Running Sense 7 a.v/ 5.0.2
  • 810 Processor Will Have 4 Cores running at 2.0Ghz & 4 at 1.5Ghz
  • Colours -
    Front-Dark Gunmetal/ Back-Dark Gunmetal
    Front-Gold/ Back-Silver
    Front-Gold/ Back-Gold

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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4 days ago

Image inside Supposed Xperia Z4 Dual screenshots leak; gives a glimpse of Lollipop

2 people viewing this

| By KingP1n - 4 days ago


Xperia Z4 Dual screenshot_2We have previously speculated that the Sony Xperia Z4 (codename Ivy) is likely to land in a dual SIM variant – after all Sony released the Xperia Z3 Dual in select markets. A few leaked screenshots have emerged which are believed to come from the Sony Xperia Z4 Dual.

The model number is masked in the “About phone” settings, but it highlights that the Xperia Z4 will run the Qualcomm MSM8994 Snapdragon 810 chipset and Android 5.0.2 Lollipop. The screenshot also suggests that Sony will use a kernel version beginning with “3.10”, whilst the software build number will start with “28”.

The settings menu shows that this is the Dual SIM model, with the screenshots giving a brief glimpse as to what Lollipop may looking like in the upcoming update for older handsets


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4 days ago

Mobile Carriers Are Gushing Over The Design Of The Galaxy S6 And Galaxy S Edge

2 people viewing this

| By Jago - 4 days ago


Top executives of global mobile carriers gave kudos to Samsung Electronics’ upcoming Galaxy S6 and its variant Edge smartphones, wagering they could beat Apple’s hot-selling iPhone 6 at least in terms of design.

According to industry sources Sunday, the Korean tech giant gave telecom companies a sneak peek at the new phones ahead of their official March 1 debut in Barcelona, Spain.

During the closed meetings, executives from telecom companies including T-Mobile, Sprint, Vodafone and Korea’s SK Telecom were said to have been greatly satisfied with the styling of the new phones.

“Some executives said the new phones were the best of the best among Samsung-made phones,” said a source close to the matter, declining to be named.

The Edge especially caught the eyes of the top officials, the source said, as it features a curved display on both sides, Samsung’s second adoption of the curved edge display following the Galaxy Note Edge, which has a single-edge screen.

“They said the Edge was better than Apple’s iPhone 6 in terms of design,” he added.

Other sources said Samsung meets mobile carriers on a regular basis to discuss the release schedule and marketing plans for its new smartphones. And the latest meetings seemed to be part of that, they said.

Samsung has high expectations for the Galaxy S6, its flagship smartphone, which follows the launch of the S5 in March last year. Amid growing speculations, the phone is expected to have new features such as a full-metal unibody, wireless charging technology and a mobile payment system, called Samsung Pay.

“The S6 will become a new driving force for Samsung’s growth, outselling the S5 at least,” said Noh Keun-chang, an analyst from HMC Investment & Securities.

But expectations remain mixed about the “dual-edged” display design of the new Edge, as the current model’s curved screen is often questioned in terms of practicality.

“It is doubtful whether the acclamations from the mobile carriers will directly lead to (high) sales,” another source said on condition of anonymity. “Samsung will need to increase the phone’s functionality dramatically to appeal to customers.”
Telecoms praise Galaxy S6, Edge

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