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Image inside PS4 Exclusive Deep Down Gets Another Fantastic Screenshot: Apologies for Further Beta Delay

By Pleasure Boy - 2 hours ago

Deep Down producer Kazunori Sugiura posted on Twitter a new update on the situation of Capcom’s upcoming free to play PS4 exclusive, and there are good news and bad news.

The good news are that we get another lovely screenshot (which you can see above). The bad news are that information on the beta have been delayed once more (it’s about the fourth time now), even if Sugiura-san says that the development is going smoothly.

According to his message, we’ll have to wait for August, and the screenshot was offered as an apology for said delay. He also mentioned that this should finally be the last delay.

The screenshot showcases one of the dungeon’s traps, that Sugiura-san describes as unpredictable due to the random dungeon generation, which often places them in some quite odd places. Looks like he himself has been squished by it quite a few times while testing the game.


Want to see what this "Rape To Play" game is about

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No coding required: How new designers are using GameMaker to create indie smash hits

By Msirae Faythung - 2 hours ago


In May 2013, Tom Francis opened preorders for his 2D stealth hacking game Gunpoint. By the time Gunpoint actually went on sale, a week later, Francis had already made enough money to quit his job at PC Gamer and focus on game development full-time. But for many people, the biggest surprise came not from the game's amazing performance three days after release, but rather the way it was made—that it was developed using a tool called GameMaker.

GameMaker: Studio, the latest version of the tool, has been developed by YoYoGames since 2006. Its goal is to break down the game development process into something approachable and easy to learn, shifting the main challenge facing game designers from technical knowledge to creative ability. But in part because of this ease-of-use, GameMaker has carried a stigma that it wasn't capable or worthy of powering high-quality, "professional" games. ("I can't believe you made this in GameMaker!" Francis recalls people saying. "That's so impressive!")

At first the tool was mostly used by hobbyists wanting to dabble in game making—not anyone looking to sell a game, let alone make a living from game design. But since 2008, a slew of successful, high-profile indie games have emerged using GameMaker—Spelunky, Nidhogg, Hotline Miami, and Francis' Gunpoint, to name a few. Slowly, all the game design hopefuls who found coding hopelessly daunting have an approachable way to turn great ideas into great games.

"For me it was Spelunky that tipped the balance," Francis said. "Just from [GameMaker's] name it sounded like it would be easy to use. And I figured, if you can make something that good in GameMaker, then there's really no excuse—the only limit is how well you can design your game."

A Problem With Perception

GameMaker has existed in some form for more than a decade, and it really hasn't changed that much over the years. Technologically, it's been capable of creating games like Gunpoint (which was built in 2010's GameMaker 8) and Hotline Miami (built in GameMaker 7, an even older version) for some time.

"The definition of what a professional game is has changed," Francis said. "You can make things that are technologically simple, but still be financially successful. Those things have always been possible in GameMaker, it just wasn't possible to get them out there." Digital distribution services such as Steam have helped otherwise obscure games have a chance at widespread recognition and distribution—things built using GameMaker included.


But the indie revolution has been happening for years. Steam has been the mega-behemoth distribution service it is now since at least 2007. So then why have we really only started hearing about GameMaker in the past year or so?

It really comes down to a problem with perception. Jordi de Paco, creator of the recently-released GameMaker-built Gods Will Be Watching, says he had been aware of the software for some time, but his prejudgment kept him from giving it a try.

"I felt this preconception that if you made games with GameMaker," de Paco said, "it was like using RPG Maker, where it wasn't really a game. But at some point I realized that the players don't care what tools you used to make a game, they only thing they ask is if the game is fun."

"GameMaker appealed to people who were more into being creative than they were good at programming," said Jonatan Söderström, creator of Hotline Miami. "Many of these people needed a couple of years to build up their skills before they could finish a cool big project." In other words, game development takes time, so we're only now seeing the output of these early adopters. (It took Francis three years to complete Gunpoint, for example.)


But even so, GameMaker to some degree still carries a stigma—a problem that largely stems from confirmation bias. "There's nothing about many great GameMaker games that's particularly technologically advanced," Francis said. "The problem is that if something looks good, people don't ask themselves how it was made. They just see a game. But if they see something really crude that was made by a complete amateur, and then they find out it was made in GameMaker, that's the perception that sticks.

"Lots of great games have been made in GameMaker, but for a long time it just wasn't knowledge that's how they were made because people didn't ask that question."

Starting From Scratch

YoYo Games' vision for GameMaker is all about democratizing the game development process, breaking it down to something simplified and approachable. "For most game development processes, the limitations of the process dictate what can go into the actual game," said YoYo Games CTO Russell Kay. "GameMaker is all about taking away those barriers."

In GameMaker, you build a game by creating "rooms," placing objects inside, and assigning events to affect those objects—all via a drag-and-drop interface. Rooms are not necessarily physical rooms—an adventure game might give each scene its own room, for example, or a space game could use a single giant room for the entire galaxy—and objects can either be physical things in the game or abstract things you never see or interact with, such as the camera or a level generator.


Most of a game's code is housed in "events" that affect objects every time a frame is rendered. For example: movement would be handled by an event that tells an object to move a certain distance in a certain direction every single frame whenever a certain key is pressed. Using a traditional engine like Unreal 3, you would have to write that event as a script from scratch—in GameMaker, you simply drag-and-drop the pre-built script event and apply it to whichever object you like


"It just depends on how much you want to use this drag-and-drop interface, or how much you're ready to start coding," Francis said. "The cool thing for me is I wasn't confident enough to start coding, and so I was able to use these drag-and-drop actions to define how I wanted things to work on a very basic level."

As games get larger and more intricate, it becomes more and more useful to build them using code—not so much out of necessity, but more of convenience. The more complex an event, the more space it takes up in GameMaker's visual interface. "If I feel like something's going to be a pain in the ass with the drag-and-drop interface, I'll just look up what the code instructions are for those particular actions and write them in a little script," Francis said. "I only need to learn one bit of code at a time, so I can gradually build up from there."

The Right Tool For The Job


Now that GameMaker is coming into its own as a respected development tool—Gunpoint, Hotline Miami, Samurai Gunn, and many others have more than proved that—the next issue is finding its niche. It will always be outclassed in terms of power and ability by things such as Unity, or even further, an in-house triple-A development platform such as Ubisoft's Snowdrop, EA's Frostbite, or Valve's Source engine. So when should GameMaker be used?


The software does have its limits. First and foremost, GameMaker is primarily focused on making 2D games. 3D is possible, but it would be far more effective to use a 3D-focused engine such as Unity. Furthermore, while the drag-and-drop interface is great for beginners, it becomes cumbersome for more complex games.

"Now I work entirely in code," Francis said," and the drag-and-drop interface is, at best, a way of organizing code. But even for that I'm starting to think it might be better to just write it all in text."

Another issue is that, while GameMaker is a great entry-point for someone with zero programming experience, its user-friendliness can end up being a double-edged sword if you want to progress into more advanced game development. Most development programs use standard programming languages—people usually program Unity in C#, for example—which must be written in a very specific, strict form. But GameMaker uses its own language, GML, which is extremely forgiving in how it interprets inputs.


"For any given statement there are a hundred different ways of writing it that it will accept and understand," Francis said. "So you can write things in a way that make sense to you, and it will try to guess what you meant."

While this can help someone learn how to code, it doesn't teach them how to code correctly. It doesn't teach the proper habits needed to wrangle with a stricter, more complex programming language, making it difficult to ever transition.

But do you ever need to transition? Söderström says he never felt limited by the capabilities of GameMaker while building Hotline Miami, but Francis admits that his Gunpoint code ended up fairly convoluted after three years of tinkering.

"If I was fluent in Unity I might use that, but I'm still more comfortable in GameMaker," Francis said. "I've made one game in Unity, but it's a very small game and it took me a long time to learn how to do everything."

Even if he were fluent, Francis thinks it would still take a long time to get everything working in Unity—at least a bit longer than GameMaker. When you factor in price, GameMaker is the clear winner. (GameMaker's base edition is now free, while the Professional and Complete editions cost only $60 and $800 respectively, compared to upwards of $1500 for Unity.)

"It might not be as powerful in the long run," Francis said, "but in GameMaker, you'll have your thing working much much faster." This makes GameMaker perfect for quick-and-dirty mockups of gameplay concepts. Professional devs can use it to quickly prototype singular game mechanics—just to test if they're fun—and game jam participants can use it to build moderately complex games within the time constraints of a jam.


The original version of Gods Will Be Watching was created during a game jam using the HTML5 language Impact JavaScript, and de Paco estimates he spent around eight hours coming up with the concept on paper and 50 or more actually programming the thing. Soon after that, he joined another game jam with the express purpose of learning GameMaker.

"It really saves a lot of time," de Paco said."Learning the documentation and applying it was all in the same weekend. I was able to learn GameMaker and make a game in just 72 hours. It was awesome. I couldn't do that in another language."

Now de Paco says he can take on more ambitious game jams thanks to GameMaker. "You sacrifice part of the optimization or performance of the game, but you can just forget all the technical and focus on making a fun game."

The Future of GameMaking


Will GameMaker, or something like it, ever fully replace traditional coding-based game development? Certainly not for triple-A developers, but for indies—maybe. The upcoming Hyper Light Drifter, which was Kickstarted to the tune of $645,000, is yet another high-profile game being developed in GameMaker, for example.

Additionally, many of the problems Francis encountered making Gunpoint—outdated DirectX support and resolution scaling issues, to name a few—have been addressed in the 2012 release of GameMaker: Studio, which completely overhauled the entire development software, notably adding the ability to compile games for Mac and Linux. YoYo Games has since continued to add more advanced features for more experienced users, such as shader support and the ability to import third-party developer services in-engine without having to integrate additional SDKs.


While GameMaker may not be the direct inspiration, bigger engines like Unreal are becoming easier to use, too. Epic's Unreal Engine 4 uses a scripting system called Blueprints Visual Scripting to make design more approachable to non-programmers. It's now becoming more and more feasible for anyone with an idea to make a game, even without the ability to code. Even better, it's cheap. GameMaker has a free version. A UE4 licence costs a mere $19 per month.

The next step for YoYo Games is a game marketplace—soon to go into Beta—which would give GameMaker developers more options for visibility and distribution of their creations before trying to break onto Steam, as well as a way to share individual game components, such as sprites, audio bits, objects, and scripts.

"It's all part of the democratization of making games that we're going for," YoYo's Russell Kay said. "By allowing developers to share content that they're creating, we hope to spur on the whole community in terms of the quality level of what they can attain."

Taken from PCGamer.

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Nvidia to paper launch GTX880 mid-September, expected to be in stores late September

By CadillacVyse - 2 hours ago


According to our sources, NVIDIA will officially announce GeForce GTX 880 somewhere mid-September. NVIDIA is planning a big event for all major press members from around the world. Prepare for boring Maxwell architecture presentation, live streaming, new hardware and smiling Jen-Hsun explaining why you should buy GSYNC monitor and SHIELD tablet.

Of course this live event will only be a paper launch. Cards are expected to hit stores shortly after (late September).

We also got a word about the specs. It is yet unknown how many CUDA cores will 880 have (thus we are not sharing any numbers this time), but we were told that 256b interface is a fact. GeForce GTX 880 will most likely be released with 4GB GDDR5 memory on board. However, judging for the leaked pictures, we should also expect 8GB models.

GeForce GTX 880 might not be the fastest card out there, but it will not hurt your wallet, $400 – $450 is the expected MSRP. Of course it is yet too soon to confirm the price, but it is unlikely that GTX 880 will cost $500.

From manufacturers perspective, GeForce GTX 880 is using very similar board design to GTX 770. GeForce GTX 880 is of course 780 successor, but it has more similarities to GTX 770 than GTX 780.
The difference between GTX 880 and GTX 770 boards is cosmetic. Thus, GM204 is basically a GK104 replacement. However, just because it’s a mid-range GPU replacement, It does not mean it will be slower than some GK110 cards. We do not know how fast GTX 880 is going to be, but it’s safe to assume it will sit above 780 and maybe even 780 Ti.

:sternmaybe: might be time to go green

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Video inside Destiny: See What a Level 29 Titan Can Do

By Da Ill One - 2 hours ago

Want to see how badass you can be after you've reached, say, level 29? Destiny sandbox designer Sage Merrill shows off just how superpowered you can get once you hit (and exceed) the level-20 cap.

Video inside IGN Media

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FIFA 15 Won't Include Domestic Brazil Teams

By Msirae Faythung - 2 hours ago


Due to changes in licensing.

FIFA 15 won't include Brazilian domestic teams, EA Sports has confirmed.

Changes to the way players are licensed in those leagues means the likes of Pato, Kaka and Ronaldinho may not make the cut, though players who are part of teams in other leagues and the Brazilian national team have apparently made the cut.

"Today, we want to inform you that due to some changes in the ways players are licensed in Brazil domestic leagues, we were unable to reach an agreement with the Brazilian rights holders for their inclusion in FIFA 15," EA said in a statement.

"While this is unfortunate news for many of our fans, we were able to retain the Brazil National Team in FIFA 15 as well as the Brazilian stars that play in other top leagues around the world. Thanks for your understanding as we continue to keep the lines of communication open with the Brazilian rights holders."

FIFA 14 included 19 Brazilian teams, including Palmeiras, Santos, São Paulo and Vasco da Gama. For now though, it looks like if your favourite is only available in the South American country's league you won't be able to play them come September unless they transfer beforehand.

Taken from IGN.

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Image inside Killer Instinct Season 1 Getting a Retail Release Soon

By LaRy BLanco - 2 hours ago


Killer Instinct is getting a retail release for Xbox One, Microsoft announced today.

Called the Killer Instinct: Combo Breaker Pack, the physical edition of the popular fighting game will be available starting September 23 for $20 USD. You can check out the official box art for the game below.

Just like the digital version of the Combo Breaker Pack, the retail release will include all eight fighters from Season 1. Additionally, the retail version will include a code for TJ Combo, the first fighter announced for Season 2.

Maya is the latest fighter revealed for Killer Instinct: Season 2, which is set to hit Xbox One later this year. Stay tuned to IGN for all the latest on the Microsoft fighting game.
Source IGN

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Video inside Microsoft Reveals Gamescom Plans With New Trailer

By Da Ill One - 2 hours ago

The fine folks over at Microsoft have just released a trailer teasing the company's plans for Gamescom 2014

Video inside YouTube

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Video inside Biowares Mass Effect 4 panel from SDCC is now available to watch online

By metatr0n - 2 hours ago

Last week during SDCC Bioware hosted a panel dedicated to the development of Mass Effect 4 (still calling it that until a proper title is revealed). You may have read some of the articles that surfaced following the event, but now you can watch the actual panel yourself as the company was kind enough to upload it on Youtube earlier. The footage shown is not a whole lot to go on and it’s still early in development so a lot might change before the game eventually comes out. Unfortunately Bioware says that Mass Effect 4 is still years away from launch, even though we heard earlier this year that the game is “in the middle” of development. It’s a bit odd that now it seems it’s just in the early stages. I’m not really sure what to make of that.

But anyway, let’s go back to the panel. Bioware started by showcasing early prototypes of both the male and female protagonist. Our main character will once again be human, but there is a slim chance that we’ll end up seeing other playable races. At one point during the Q&A session Bioware said that “in terms of other playable races we can’t talk about that at this point”. Not exactly a confirmation, but this suggests that they are at least taking the idea into consideration. It would be a little strange though as the protagonist was showed at being somehow affiliated with N7, which is a special code used by the human Systems Alliance military. But as mentioned, apparently Mass Effect 4 is still years away so they’re still figuring all this stuff out I guess.

Another important aspect that was discussed during the panel is the character customization. It looks like the system will have a lot more depth this time around, which is great to hear. Speaking of customization, the Mako will return in Mass Effect 4 and apparently we’ll be able to customize it as well. The vehicle was build more for exploration purposes this time and does not feature a cannon so combat will not be an option while driving it. The good news is that the Mako will be much more responsive and maneuverable so exploration should be a breeze.

We already discussed most of the other stuff presented at the panel in a previous article so go check it out. And make sure to watch the whole video of course as the company reveals a few more interesting things during the Q&A session. That being said, I’ll leave you with Bioware’s most important statement made at the panel: “It’s not called Mass Effect 4 dammnit!”. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

Video inside YouTube (new url)

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Article inside MotoGP 14 Dev Praises PS4′s Architecture And SDK, Explains Why The Game Is Not Coming On Xbox One

By Pleasure Boy - 2 hours ago

Speaking to MotoGP 14 ‘s director, Andrea Basilio, GamingBolt asked whether they found the PlayStation 4′s API easier to use compared to say the graphics API found on PCs.

“The right comparison is between PS3 and PS4. The new SDK and the console architecture of PS4 are much easier to work with compared to the PS3. Obviously, the fact that the console itself is very similar to a PC is a very good news for the developer; Sony worked very hard in order to obtain a simple and usable platform for the developers and we appreciate that,” he said.

He also revealed the reason behind the lack of Xbox One version of MotoGP 14, but at the same time assuring that the next iteration will see a release on the Xbox One.

“This year we’d like to reach high standards in terms of quality. We’ve started the development of MotoGP 14 for PS4 more than a year before the release date. So basically it’s a balance between time and quality. We can ensure our fans that we will include Xbox One into our next line up.”


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X1 - Crimson Dragon & Strike Suit Zero Available Now w/GwG

By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 2 hours ago

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