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Video inside Replay of Titanfall Stream (GAMEPLAY)

By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 11 hours ago

Around 2:10 mark there's gameplay of Frontier Defense :agreement1:


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Video inside Anyone heard about this?

By Remy Lebeaw - 11 hours ago

As a sport bike rider, i must say I am ready

and let me use this as a controller

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Video inside Behind the Scenes of Walter’s Workshop – Sunset Overdrive

By Pleasure Boy - 11 hours ago

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Video inside Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer Gameplay Debuting at Halofest

By Da Ill One - 11 hours ago

HaloFest will be hosted in November by Microsoft and 343 Industries, here a new gameplay footage for Halo 5: Guardians will debute on 10 November.The event begins November 8 with a two-day Halo 2: Anniversary multiplayer tournament, presented by ESL, which just launched an app on Xbox One.

On November 10, the footage for Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer will be shown: as eSports pros will face off against one another in the beta. There also will be the world premiere of Halo: Nightfall, as well as interviews with 343 head Bonnie Ross, franchise development director Frank OÂ’Connor, and more.


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Phil Spencer on Whether He Would Have Made Xbox One More Powerful: “I’m Not Ashamed of The Hardware”

By Da Ill One - 11 hours ago

Since becoming head of MicrosoftÂ’s Xbox division Phil Spencer has changed quite a few things, and many wonder whether he would have made the Xbox One more powerful had he been in charge during the consoleÂ’s planning phase. Spencer explained his point of view on that question today during the last episode of IGNÂ’s Podcast Unlocked.
It’s easy for me to say yes, and I know to a lot of people that would make me seem like a better guy… I don’t know. I know the people that make those decisions and I don’t know the realities of the situations when they made those decisions, so it’s easy to me to sit back now and say “ok, we would have built a three teraflops box and sold it for 99 dollars” but I don’t know.

I don’t know what trade-offs they were making, cause we didn’t make all the decisions as the leadership team. I was making content decisions. So I think it’s a little unfair for me to go back and kinda cherry pick a certain decision on “hey what RAM do we pick” or the ESRAM thing, or the HDMI in, what we’ve done with Kinect, whatever it is, and just say “Oh, I’m all-knowing at this point and knowing where we are now, I would have changed these decisions.”

I think thatÂ’s hard for meÂ… ItÂ’d make me look good if I just said yes, but I donÂ’t know. I donÂ’t know in the context. I will say that the work at the platform team is done to give as much power in the hands of the developers as we can. It has made a tremendous impact in the last six months, and IÂ’m really proud of that.

And the box, from a reliability standpoint, I mean I lived through red rings on 360 and other things, has been significantly better than we were at the launch of 360 which has been great. I’m not ashamed of the hardware that we have anyway, and if somebody asks me “Should I go buy an Xbox One” I can definitely tell them from the content that we have and the platform that we have, and the services that we have, and for the hardware that we have, “yes.”

I can make a commitment to them that theyÂ’re buying into a platform that IÂ’m committed to, across all facets of that platform, and that weÂ’re gonna make this platform as great as we can for them.

While thatÂ’s probably not the answer some would have expected, it does make sense. ItÂ’s easy to judge decisions made by others in retrospect. WeÂ’ll have to wait and see just how much power MicrosoftÂ’s developers will manage to squeeze from the Xbox One during the rest of the generation.

Source: Podcast Unlocked

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NBA Live 15 Rising Star Gameplay

By Sha Bello - 11 hours ago

This looks way better than last year, I might gamefly it.

:meloohno: The tats and hairstyles for your player>>>>2k

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Image inside Microsoft to end free Xbox Music streaming

By Pleasure Boy - 11 hours ago

Microsoft will withdraw its free Xbox Music streaming service on 1st December, the company has announced.

The ad-supported option, available on Windows 8 devices and via the web, was launched in October 2012 as an alternative to the service's paid-for monthly pass and as a competitor to the likes of Spotify.

But Microsoft is now making its ÂŁ8.99/$9.99 Xbox Music subscription the only way to access the service - something you already need to use the service on Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

That price includes unlimited ad-free music streaming, offline listening on PCs, tablets and phones and access to around 90,000 music videos that you can probably already find on YouTube instead.

"We are focusing Xbox Music to deliver the ultimate music purchase and subscription service experience for our customers," Microsoft explained in a new FAQ on the changes.

"You may continue to view any playlists or collections you created using the free streaming feature, but you can't listen to the music in those playlists or collections unless you purchase the music or an Xbox Music Pass."

Current subscribers will be unaffected by the change. Any songs you may have bought outright will also remain yours.


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How to Set ur Custom X1 Background (not achievements)

By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 11 hours ago

  • Must be in the Preview with 1411 update
  • Must have the latest Media Player app, I had to delete and re-install
  • Must have DLNA server that has ur media or external HD w/media

Just browse ur personal pics, open it, press menu and set as background
U can also go to setting, my Xbox, background and select it


The latest Media Player update allows you to create customized Xbox One backgrounds using your own pictures. HereÂ’s how it works:

Connect a USB to console / Connect a source through DLNA
Launch Media Player (either directly or through Settings>My Xbox > My background > Custom image)
Navigate to source of your choosing (USB/DLNA)
Navigate to folder/file of your choosing
Select the jpg/png image – see it full screen.
Once you are viewing the image full screen, hit the menu button.
Select “Set as background”
You will be sent back to the full screen view of the image. Hit nexus, see the image on Home.

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Video inside NBA 2K15 vs NBA Live 15 Finals Comparison

By YoungInfamous - 11 hours ago

2K still got it but Live has the better crowd atmosphere, 2K still lacks in that area imo.

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Rumour: Sony Ceased Research on PlayStation 5

By Da Ill One - 11 hours ago

PlayStation 4 hasn't even been out for a year, but Sony was apparently already looking into PlayStation 5 - at least according to reports that this is no longer the case.

According to Xinhuaxia News, Sony has given up development research into PlayStation 5 due to the company's financial woes and increasing power and popularity of smartphones and tablets.

"There is already information that Sony has abandoned production research for PlayStation 5," explains the report. "As smartphones and tablet PCs become more powerful, the need for home consoles diminishes. The profit Sony can bring in with consoles is getting smaller and smaller."

This is strictly a rumour at this stage, with no sources cited by Xinhuaxia, but with PlayStation's release history, a PlayStation 5 shouldn't be expected before 2020. With rapid advances in smartphone and smart TV technology, it's plausible that by that time, a dedicated home console would struggle.

This follows the announcement of big deficits for Sony, particularly in the smartphone sector. In July, Sony lowered forecast sales for this fiscal year from 50 million to 43 million units, and in September, CEO Kazuo Hirai said that the company would cut 15% of its smartphone workforce.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony is planning to cut those forecasts even further, and reduce its presence in some markets, like China.


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more on games

Video inside Assassin’s Creed Unity Experience #3 Immersive Open World Activities:cp3datass:
By dagrest84 - 11 hours ago - 10 comments

PS4's next software update, Masamune, will be available on 10/28.
By jessie17 - 11 hours ago - 28 comments

GTA: San Andreas Really Is Coming to Xbox 360
By Msirae Faythung - 11 hours ago - 27 comments

Image inside Nintendo Is Hiring A Western Graphics Engineer For Their Next Gen Console
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 2 comments

Video inside Xbox One Picks up Point & Click Adventure "Silence: The Whispered World 2"
By LaRy BLanco - 1 day ago - 4 comments

Image inside New Smartglass Beta November Update out now
By LaRy BLanco - 1 day ago - 20 comments

Image inside Gears of War: Marcus Fenix Collection Xbox One Retweet "Was A Simple Mistake Sorry For Any Confusion
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 13 comments

Article inside Titanfall teases 'biggest update' details for tomorrow 10/21
By BunsBundy - 1 day ago - 77 comments

Video inside Lords of the Fallen: Slow Player Movement Issues - Dev Responds
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 1 comments

Image inside NBA LIVE 15 EA Access Full Game Trial Lands October 23rd, Regular Demo At Launch for PS4
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 69 comments

Image inside Driveclub Will Get More Variety in Online Races Today
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 26 comments

Image inside New Banjo-Kazooie Game For Xbox One Will Be Announced At E3 2015 Hints Insider: Updated
By Pleasure Boy - 1 day ago - 13 comments

Article inside The Other Rap God buys Wii U for Smash becuase he's sick of that on-rails crapfest known as Destiny
By mystic boy - 1 day ago - 22 comments

Remastered Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas On The Way?
By Da Ill One - 1 day ago - 89 comments

Article inside Titanfall : Game Update #8 Reveal
By BunsBundy - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Video inside If First Person Shooters Were A Disease
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 7 comments

Video inside Lords of the Fallen - Almost 5 hours of gameplay
By Pleasure Boy - 2 days ago - 8 comments

Video inside Assassin's Creed Lineage(full movie)
By B Makattack - 2 days ago - 3 comments

old movies ud love to see new gen games for
By kriskross00 - 2 days ago - 41 comments

Video inside Fist of Jesus : Trailer (GOTY?)
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 8 comments

Video inside Requiem for a Guardian : Destiny Short Film (Narrated by Warshak)
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 3 comments

Video inside Halo: Nightfall Exclusive Clip
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 10 comments

Video inside Planet Centauri - Official trailer
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 5 comments

Video inside X1 & PC: Ori and the Blind Forest Preview
By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 2 days ago - 2 comments

PS4 Slim Release Date Announced By Sony As PS3 Backwards Compatibility
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 40 comments

Video inside PlayStation 4: Top 10 Most Anticipated Games
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 29 comments

Video inside Fifa 15 livestream- I'm on one.
By STR0MILE SWIFT - 2 days ago - 12 comments

Video inside Xbox Won multitasking at work (Party/Movie/Game)
By lato9905 - 2 days ago - 130 comments

Article inside Nintendo Looking For Lead Graphic Architect For Next Gen Consoles; “System-On-Chip”
By mystic boy - 2 days ago - 3 comments

Article inside Xbox One November System Update: New TV, Personalization and SmartGlass features now in Preview
By whodatb1 - 2 days ago - 76 comments

Image inside Forza Horizon 2 sold 366,457 units on X360/Xbox One combined
By Pleasure Boy - 2 days ago - 47 comments

Sony: Sale of the dead (includes ps4 games)
By Remy Lebeaw - 2 days ago - 18 comments

Article inside Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare to support dedicated servers
By BunsBundy - 2 days ago - 16 comments

Evolve "Big Alpha" on Xboxone
By RNOTY - 2 days ago - 42 comments

Video inside Meet Dragon's Age: Inquisition's Mage, Warrior, and Rogue In The Latest Trailer
By Da Ill One - 2 days ago - 8 comments

Both Seasons Of Tattletales' Walking Dead now available on Current Gen
By LaRy BLanco - 2 days ago - 28 comments

Video inside WWE 2K15: The Making Of
By itzjustlogic - 4 days ago - 3 comments

Image inside Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare system requirements released
By BunsBundy - 4 days ago - 1 comments

China vs Korea : League of Legends Season 4 Finals
By BunsBundy - 4 days ago - 22 comments

Video inside Taking A Look At – Assassin’s Creed Unity Characters Trailer
By Da Ill One - 4 days ago - 6 comments

Video inside PS4 Exclusive Bloodborne: 13 Hours of Awesome Gameplay
By Pleasure Boy - 4 days ago - 8 comments

Video inside Sony Unveils New Live-Action PS4 Advert
By Pleasure Boy - 4 days ago - 3 comments

Video inside Ps4 Random Locker Code NBA2k15
By GoldBluded - 4 days ago - 5 comments

Video inside Shadow of mordor short film is insane!!!
By DavidAames729 - 4 days ago - 21 comments

Video inside New Hatred Trailer (Kid Friendly Edition)
By Final Boss - 4 days ago - 17 comments

Master Chief Collection has a 20 GB day one update
By Jesszman - 4 days ago - 65 comments

Image inside Bosh =/= Vybz Kartel
By Andrefrbk - 4 days ago - 17 comments

Video inside More Xbox One Exclusive Sunset Overdrive Gameplay Videos
By Pleasure Boy - 4 days ago - 9 comments

Image inside Jade Raymond Leaves Ubisoft Toronto After 10 Years "To Pursue Future Opportunities"
By Pleasure Boy - 4 days ago - 12 comments

Image inside Dev: "Tom Clancy's The Division Will Take Full Advantage of PS4"
By Pleasure Boy - 4 days ago - 37 comments

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