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Audio inside Meek Mill - Beautiful Nightmare (Drake Diss)
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 Drake - Hotline Bling [FIRE!]

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9 hours ago

Image inside The GO-TO Outfit for summer functions

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| By mojorifica - 9 hours ago


rock the shirt blown open

swap out the loafers for stan smiths

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14 hours ago

Image inside The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2015 Q2

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| By Esha Mae - 14 hours ago

By Alec Leach

The 10 Most Valuable Sneakers of 2015 Q2

ItÂ’s no secret that reselling sneakers is big business these days. With the secondary market for rare footwear now reaching an estimated $1 billion in sales, the demand for exclusive sneakers has never been higher. With that in mind, weÂ’ve teamed up with the sneakerhead data wizards over at Campless with illustrations by Kick Posters to bring you a detailed breakdown of the most valuable shoes to hit the resell market, as well as those that grossed the most total dollars.

Much like those boring business publications your dad reads, we’ve split this into quarters to make things easy to digest – here’s the rundown for Q2 (that’s April 1 to June 31), with Campless’s data based on the sale of deadstock sneakers on eBay.

Be sure to check out the Q1 results if you havenÂ’t already.

The Yeezy Comes SecondÂ…Again

Once again, Kanye WestÂ’s headline-grabbing adidas Originals collaboration was by far the most hyped release of the quarter, causing huge lineups at sneaker boutiques all over the globe. However, the large scale of the release meant that it was pipped to the post in the value stakes by an altogether rarer release. DrakeÂ’s take on the Air Jordan X, which was released only at OVOÂ’s popup store in Los Angeles, fetched a whopping $4,050 average price on the resell market, in no doubt thanks to its scarcity (and the Drake hype, of course).

Also of note is the appearance of Under Armour’s “MVP” edition of the Curry One sneaker which, as we outlined in our NBA Finals sneaker resell report, performed particularly well on the resell market. Along with ASICS, who once again broke into the bottom end of the table, the Curry One proved that it’s not just Nike and Jordan Brand whose sneakers are highly coveted on the resell market.

While last time around the Yeezy 750 Boost was far and away the biggest hit on the resell scene, this time it was a Jordan Retro that made the most cash on the secondary market. The Jordan 1 “Bulls” Retro cleared $700,000; hardly surprising given the huge demand for Jordan Retros, and extremely close to the Jordan 4″Columbia” which shifted $696,000 in Q1. The Yeezy 350 Boost, however, grossed a fraction of its predecessor; perhaps as it was a more limited release, or simply less coveted by the sneakerheads (judging from the sneakersÂ’ comparative resell values, itÂ’s the latter).

http://www.highsnobiety.c... 2eb78-83131873

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16 hours ago

Nike Air Yeezy 3 - White/White

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| By LeMar G - 16 hours ago

Nike Air EnterTrainer

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2 days ago

Video inside Kanye West Reacts to the First Completed Pair of Yeezy 750 Boosts

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| By Esha Mae - 2 days ago

Designer Tracy Mills has released some unseen footage via his Instagram account depicting Kanye West trying on the final sample of his Yeezy 750 Boost. Instagram has played an integral part in the promotion of the kicks, with Ibn Jasper taking to Instagram earlier this year to release leaked images of the Boosts before its official unveiling. The newly released videos show Kanye’s reaction to the final product as he evaluates them, tries them on and, as the caption reads, tries to figure out the best way to swag them. ezy-750-boosts

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3 days ago

Video inside Chief Keef Announces Glo Religion Clothing Line (Coming Soon)

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| By MyVideoPlug - 3 days ago

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3 days ago

Image inside This Jordan sh!t don't make sense bruh

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| By Adwerdz - 3 days ago

Wtf is wrong with people?

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4 days ago

Image inside Weekend Sneaker Releases: What are you picking up?

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| By Esha Mae - 4 days ago

WeÂ’re back to recap the most noteworthy sneaker releases of the weekend ahead, ensuring that you stay plugged in to the source and are able to cop with the swiftness. This week a lot of great shoes from a diverse set of brands are releasing and in order for you to know what to concentrate on, we put them all together in this post. See them all below.

Nike Air Max 95 OG

Release Date: July 25
Where:, Sneaker Politics and Packer Shoes

Nike Air Max 95 “Greedy”

Release Date: July 25

Air Jordan 1 “Pinnacle”

Release Date: July 25
Where: and Sneaker Politics

atmos x ASICS GEL-Lyte III 25th Anniversary “Birthday Dinner”

Release Date: July 25
Where: atmos and Sneaker Politics

Titolo x Reebok Ventilator “Desert Dawn”

Release Date: July 25
Where: Titolo and Sneaker Politics

Bodega x adidas Consortium ZX Flux

Release Date: July 25
Where: SNS

Concepts x Nike SB “Grail” Pack

Release Date: July 25
Where: Concepts

Where: Premier

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4 days ago

Image inside Shoes that make you run 25mph!

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| By ElevateOne - 4 days ago

the next edition will go 40mph!

fu*k yo Air Jordans

should this be in the tech section un-Like-Animal

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4 days ago

Image inside RAP AND DESIGNER BRANDS: Who will be the next big designer based on popular rap music?

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| By Esha Mae - 4 days ago

A fun little GQ experiment: Could we figure out who the most popular designers were based on song mention

By Chris Gayomali

On Meek Mill’s new album, Dreams Worth More Than Money, which, for the most part, has the sonic velocity of setting yourself on fire and then jumping out of an airplane, there’s a track called “Classic.” It’s a bouncy, "Fur Elise"-inflected repose (and arguably one of the album’s best tracks) that has the following line:

Riding in the wheels of fortune, Pat Sajak sh*t
And all I rock is Balmain like I made that sh*t

You see, Meek has a thing for Balmain (see also: “fu*k You Mean”; try not to run through a wall afterward), and appears to be making his “thing” for Balmain a thing. It's part of his oeuvre. But, it also got us to wondering: Would it be possible to track “it” designers of the moment, broken down by year, based on how many times they were given shout outs in hip hop?

(Like, remember when Kanye had a thing-thing for Louis Vuitton, and built a not-insignificant percentage of his public identity around that? And, like, working at Gap?)

So I shot a note over to the folks at Genius (née: Rap Genius), and asked if they would be so kind to parse their data for fashion designer cosigns, just to see what we could learn. While they couldn’t determine specifically who the most popular designer was every year, they were able to analyze when a brand—say, Gucci or Versace—was at its peak in the rap zeitgeist based on word frequency. (Overall, 6,968 tracks were parsed dating back to the year 2000, and while the science is imperfect blah blah blah, it’s still fun to take a look at.)

The data is based on word frequency, or whether or not a designer is mentioned in a song. (Multiple mentions in a single track donÂ’t compound. SORRY, MIGOS AND/OR VERSACE.)

So letÂ’s start with this: Here are the 10 most-mentioned designers of the past 15 years, in order, based on frequency of mentions in the rap multiverse:

1. Gucci - 0.01987
2. Versace - 0.00708
3. Prada - 0.00351
4. Chanel - 0.00206
5. Louis Vuitton - 0.00206
6. Fendi - 0.00149
7. Dior - 0.00114
8. Givenchy - 0.00099
9. Ralph Lauren - 0.00083
10. YSL/Saint Laurent - 0.00076

Nothing too surprising there. (Colleague and style editor bro John Jannuzzi notes: "Only one American brand in the top ten? SHAME.") What may or not be surprising, though, is just how popular Gucci as a symbol of WEALTH & COMFORT has lorded over the rest of the top 10, cresting in popularity circa 2008ish. Take a look below; Gucci has and continues to be in a league of its own.

(You can experiment with the chart tool yourself here. ItÂ’s sort of like GoogleÂ’s n-gram viewer, but for Genius lyrics.)

Over here we have a collection of fashion brands side-by-side with the year that they peaked in mentions. ItÂ’s interesting, charting the jump from the mid-aughts (Louis, Dior, Ralph Lauren) to the 2010s (Marc Jacobs, Valentino, Rick Owens) to present day (Chanel, Balmain, Margiela, etc.).

Manolo Blahnik - 2000
Moschino - 2001
Prada - 2002
Karl Lagerfeld - 2002
Burberry - 2003
Louis Vuitton - 2006
Dolce & Gabbana - 2006
Pucci - 2006
Gucci - 2008
Dior - 2008
Ralph Lauren - 2008
Mulberry - 2008
John Galliano - 2008
Phoebe Philo - 2008
Fendi - 2009
Lanvin - 2009
Vivienne Westwood - 2009
Christian Louboutin - 2010
Marc Jacobs - 2010
Valentino - 2010
Isabel Marant - 2010
Rick Owens - 2010
Jeremy Scott - 2010
Missoni - 2010
Betsy Johnson - 2010
Hermes - 2010
Versace - 2011
Tom Ford - 2011
Hedi Slimane - 2011
YSL/Saint Laurent - 2014
Chanel - 2015
Givenchy - 2015
Balmain - 2015
Margiela - 2015
Alexander McQueen - 2015
Phillip Lim - 2015
Diane von Furstenberg - 2015
Michael Kors - 2011/2014

To be clear, word frequency is just a tiny part of the overarching story about how popular a brand might be. GeniusÂ’s database, while relatively comprehensive for what it is, is still a tiny fraction of what's actually out there. And obviously, Kanye or Drake or Nicki cosigning a specific brand carries far more weight here than a region-specific Lil Durk deep cut.

And as for Balmain’s trajectory, and how it stacks up with other “it” designers that tend to word-bubble out of A$AP Rocky's mouth?

Maybe Meek is making his Balmain thing a thing, after all. hion-designers

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5 days ago

Image inside Converse Redesigned Its Iconic Chucks for the First Time in 98 Years

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| By becoolhomie - 5 days ago aA5Q0S4oVLssVQ

Some would consider it as sacrilegious as when Coke dabbled with its classic formula back in the 80s, but after 98 years Converse has updated its iconic Chuck Taylor All-Stars. On the outside they look nearly identical, but on the inside the Chuck II is actually far more comfy for your feet.

Before you feel outraged about NikeÂ’s shoe technology invading your classic Chucks, itÂ’s important to remember that Nike actually bought Converse back in 2003 after it went bankrupt. So without the swoosh, Chucks wouldnÂ’t actually still exist. Thankfully, Nike hasnÂ’t really messed with Converse offerings since the takeover. And the new Chuck II actually sounds like the best of both worlds. Classic Converse styling, with advanced Nike technology.

The biggest update to the Chuck II, as itÂ’s officially called, is the inclusion of a material called Lunarlon. Developed by Nike, itÂ’s a lightweight and bouncy foam that the company uses in its running and basketball shoes, but Lunarlon will now be incorporated into the Chuck IIÂ’s rubber sole. You probably still donÂ’t want to run a race or shoot hoops while wearing them, but the Chuck IIs should still feel comfy after a long dayÂ’s wear.

There are a few minor aesthetic changes with the Chuck II, including a non-slip tongue and the perforated suede liner—visible in the shot above—which helps improve breathability. (Translation: your feet won’t sweat and stink as much.) But overall it will be very difficult for most people to spot the differences between the original version and the upgrade—except the price tag. The high and low-top versions of the Chuck II will sell for $15 more than the originals at $75 and $70, respectively. The times, they are a-changin’.

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5 days ago

Image inside Supreme x Jordan 5 black

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| By soulodough - 5 days ago

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5 days ago

Kobe Retros Coming 2016

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| By MGz - 5 days ago

*tweet embedded
*tweet embedded
*tweet embedded

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5 days ago

Video inside Zara Copied a Ton of Nike Sneakers

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| By MyVideoPlug - 5 days ago

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6 days ago

Image inside Sneaker Thief Gets Caught by Doing the Dumbest Thing Possible

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| By Muunsta - 6 days ago rs-theft.html#

It's not exactly surprising at this point to hear of another Facebook sneaker sale meetup that turned out to be a setup for a robbery.

What is surprising is that police were able to track down the thief, 21-year-old Darrell Wiggins, after he apparently used his real name in the Facebook group where the sale was set up.

Wiggins met with a teenager in San Antonio who was selling a pair of what KSAT 12 calls "Air Jordan Toro basketball shoes" (we're guessing these Jordan 4s) in a group called "210 sneakers, electronics, and more." He asked to see the sneakers and then drove off in his car with the shoes in tow. The victim grabbed on to the car and was dragged along, suffering cuts, before eventually letting go.

All the victim had to do to trace down the suspect though was go back to the original Facebook post, find the thief's name, and alert the police. Wiggins has since been arrested and charged with robbery causing bodily injury.

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6 days ago

Image inside Epiphanny Prince has a lot of sneakers

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| By Muunsta - 6 days ago

SheÂ’s got sole!

If thereÂ’s one thing more impressive than New York Liberty point guard Epiphanny PrinceÂ’s court skills, itÂ’s her shoe-store game.

Epiphanny Prince has more than 400 pairs of shoes.

The Brooklyn-born B-baller has more than 400 pairs of kicks, an ever-growing collection she says is worth about $100,000.

“I’m still thinking I need to move to a bigger place — so I can get a bigger room,” said Prince, 27.

Prince gave The Post an exclusive tour of her Long Island apartment, opening the door to a room entirely dedicated to her hobby.

Her collection is worth about $100,000

Hundreds of plastic containers, each containing a single pair, stretch from floor to ceiling — all monitored by the nanny cam she installed to keep a watchful eye on her “babies” while she plays across the country and overseas.

“This is serious. I’m in Chicago looking, I’m in Russia looking. If I get robbed, I’m looking to see, how many did they take?” she said.

Prince grew up at the Ingersoll Houses in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, taking up basketball when she was around 11 years old.

“One of my cousins told me, ‘Just sit down — a girl is never going to beat a boy.’ So that’s what really motivated me. Just to prove him wrong,” she said.

She made national headlines in 2006, when she scored 113 points in a game for Murry Bergtraum HS, shattering a record held by Hall of Famer Cheryl Miller.

“For me, I always loved new shoes growing up. Always wanted to look clean, just loved the feeling of wearing new shoes,” she said.

She credits NBA legend Michael Jordan — or at least his signature line of Nike sneakers — for sparking her obsession when she was in sixth grade and her Size 9 feet stopped growing.

“Growing up, that’s what everybody wanted — Jordans,” she said. “It was, like, the thing to do.”

Her mom, Kathy, enabled her shoe addiction, but when money was tight, Prince looked to other family members to get her fix.

“I went around the line [of relatives] being like, ‘Who has me this weekend?Â’ ” Prince recalled.

Prince had a homecoming last February, when she was traded to the Liberty from the Chicago Sky.

When the WNBA isnÂ’t in season, she plays for a Russian-league team called the Dynamo Kursk.

“Now that I’m back in New York, every day, I’m out in a new pair. I’m excited I can wear my shoes again,” she said.

And so can fellow sneakerheads in her old Brooklyn neighborhood.

“I’m running out of space, so I’ll go back to the neighborhood and give away some old shoes so I can get the newer ones,” she said.

*tweet embedded
*tweet embedded
*tweet embedded

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7 days ago

Video inside shoezeum: What the Doernbecher Nike Dunk review!!!

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| By OGpremo - 7 days ago

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1 week ago

Image inside Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro "White/Cement" - $220 - 02/13/16

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| By becoolhomie - 1 week ago

89...99......2012 .......?

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1 week ago

Video inside How to Fold a T-Shirt

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| By mr_underground - 1 week ago

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1 week ago

Video inside Beast Mode Shopping For Kicks! Marshawn Lynch On Complex

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| By Tha Juggernaut6 - 1 week ago

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1 week ago

Image inside People Selling Jordans Be Like

4 people viewing this

| By Ruger707 - 1 week ago

VNDS only worn for 1 hour and 33 minutes

Phenomenal condition worn once to a hockey game

Tried on once that's why its pre-owned

100% authentic check my ebay store for more sizes

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