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Image inside Air jordan 13 “hornets” sample another look

By Adwerdz - 2 days ago

Having already shared a quick glimpse at a scrapped Air Jordan 13 “Hornets” Sample, it looks like another sneak peek has surfaced. Pieced together with its quilted base, toe, and tongue coated in white, a purple hue adorns the textured inner lining, accents, mudguard, and midsole. With a teal hue vaguely featured on the Jumpman branding, it’s still a mystery as to why these didn’t make the cut. How do you feel about this variation? Would the be an instant cop? Or an easy pass had they dropped?

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Video inside Secrets behind the super brands (fashion)

By saorio - 4 days ago

I thought this documentary was quite insightful.

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Image inside BBBBBBBut Year Of The "Remastered" Retros :mjlol:

By Rico23 - 4 days ago

And this is with whom we wanted to place our faith :jaysad:

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Video inside When Dry Cleaning Jordans Goes Wrong

By BobbyHemmit - 5 days ago



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Image inside More on Daper Dan: The Hip Hop Tailor of Harlem!

By saorio - 5 days ago

From his eponymous store on E 125th in Harlem, Dapper Dan (real name Daniel Day) presided over a remarkable fashion emporium in the 80s and 90s. His uptown clientele was a heady mix of hustlers, street cats and hip hop royalty, all of whom shared a mutual love of what Dap himself called a ‘macho type of ethnic ghetto clothing’. That’s Harlem shorthand for streetified-luxury, a glorious melange of status symbols such as mink, ostrich, crocodile and python married with his own trademark ‘reappropriatons’ of Louis Vuitton, Gucci and Fendi yardage.

LL Cool J, Big Daddy Kane, Salt ‘n’ Pepa, Run DMC, Fat Boys and Public Enemy publicly repped Dapper Dan hard and his fame quickly spread beyond the local hood. Peep Eric B and Rakim’s Follow the Leader and Paid in Full for classic Dapper Dan outfits in full effect. Mike Tyson famously punched out opponent Mitch Green in front of the store whilst on his way to pick up the classic ‘Don’t Believe the Hype’ jacket. The place became notorious.

Jackets, bags, hats, two-tone jumpsuits with all-over prints – there was nothing Dapper Dan wouldn’t cover in acres of hand-printed and embossed leather. Gucci seat covers, LV-inspired upholstery and a famous convertible lid for Rakim’s Jeep showed Dap’s talent for entreprenurial diversification. Another iconic ensemble was a Louis Vuitton jacket with huge gold Mercedes badges. Less well known were the sneakers that matched his jackets, but shoes were definitely on the menu at Dapper Dan’s. The Fat Boys for example repped Nike Air Force 1s with Gucci Swooshes on the cover of their long player Crushin’. Nearly everything was a one-off designed for an individual, making Dapper Dan one of the OG customisers.

As his fame and fortune grew, the European fashion houses swooped. Infuriated by the very public knock-off of their trademarks and inflamed by their utter rejection of black, urban culture, they took legal action against Dap and he went underground.

Fast forward. A few years back I scored a pair of sneakers that were purportedly made by the hand of Dapper Dan. At the time I thought IÂ’d struck solid gold, right up until I was overcome by a niggling lack of proof. Could they be counterfeit Dapper Dan? The thought made me laugh. The shoes were well made and looked right as far as the era went, but all I had was a few random Google crumbs to piece together the story. Without any solid evidence of Dapper Dan tricking-out New Balances, they were reluctantly retired to the Sneaker Freaker archive.

I had a feeling IÂ’d finally get to hear their story one day. The only problem was that Dapper Dan hadnÂ’t
done an interview for 20 years. The trail was cold.

Until now.

Earlier this year Jay-ZÂ’s Life+Times YouTube channel popped up with a brilliant interview to kick-off the launch of DapÂ’s new site, dapperdanofharlem.com. 
Still a natty dresser, hip hopÂ’s original gentleman was back in the limelight and loving it. Charismatic and ice cool as ever, Dap swapped stories with his good friend Pee Wee Kirkland as they reminisced about Harlem and the good old days.
ItÂ’s a contradiction, but Dapper Dan is one of street coutureÂ’s most influential and most mythical characters. 20 years of flying way below the radar might have dulled his stature amongst young folk who barely recall the previous dayÂ’s blog roll, but it has also bestowed an enigmatic, almost grandfatherly imprint upon his stage name. Judging by the recent hashtag trail, he is once again being name-checked and courted by the new school of New York street aristocracy.
Dapper Dan changed fashion forever. In fact, his legacy runs deeper now than it did even at the height of his outré fame. Intimidated and threatened by the implications of hip hop’s glowing admiration in the 80s, the European fashion houses now actively court the affection of Pharrell and Jay-Z. The same brands that once tried to put him out of business now owe him a monumental debt. Kanye’s love affair with Louis Vuitton is just one example of how interconnected 
the two worlds have become.

And those New Balances I bought years ago? Turns out they are Dapper Dan. Happy days.
Enjoy the Dapper Dan interview.

How did you get started in the fashion industry?
IÂ’ve always liked dressing and fashion, but IÂ’m a guy from the street who didnÂ’t want to be in the street, so I decided since I knew all the hustlers in Harlem that I would open up a store. In the beginning I was buying brands then I discovered that some companies wouldnÂ’t sell to me. So I decided to teach myself how to produce garments. After that I learned different techniques and how to do things that nobody else was doing and thatÂ’s what took me over the top.

How do you describe the Dapper Dan style?
I would attribute my success to making sure I was never defined. I would do what you would call personal collaborations. IÂ’d tell a person whatÂ’s possible and how we can just mix it up. I never wanted to do like Cross Colors did or Karl Kani; being boxed in and noted for just one thing. I wanted everything separate from everything else. Each customer had their own idea and thatÂ’s what kept me around and generated excitement for so long.

WhatÂ’s your take on Harlem style right now?
Right now itÂ’s a bit challenged. We got our style from the older guys on the corner, but now, whatÂ’s happening is the younger set are influencing the older guys. They still want the things that Harlem always liked. Alligators and lizards and minks and things like that. ThatÂ’s always a mainstay here, always popular, but the younger guys are experimenting, pretty much with that skateboard look, like Pharrell and Kanye.

Were you a hip hop fan or was it just fashion?
Well, you know what? A funny thing about my generation is we consider ourselves the first hip hop guys. They say hip hop started in the Bronx, but we were already doing it in Harlem. We would have house parties and somebody would come along and start MCing to get the party all pumped up, making up rhymes to go with the music. I would consider myself a hip-hop fan right away, especially with the exciting things the Fat Boys was doing and Jam Master J.

It must have been cool to have those personalities coming in your store all the time.
Oh, yeah, it was great. My nephews and nieces who I had working around the store were very excited.

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Image inside AIR Jordan X Bulls Over Broadway Pics and release date

By NellyTheGreat - 5 days ago

Much like every Jordan Brand retro that releases in a predominantly red colorway, sneakerheads all around the world have been buzzing about this Air Jordan 10 since initial pictures surfaced back in the Fall of 2014. Now the release is reported to be less than a month away and the ravishing red sneaker is on the radar of many people. This AJ 10 uses a Gym Red leather throughout most of the upper with Black and Cement Grey accents working the ankle, lace eyestay and the midosole/outsole. A speckled midsole completes the look on this upcoming release that is sure to be a hit.

Stay tuned to Kicks on Fire for further updates and let us know if you plan on grabbing a pair when they release on February 14, 2015.


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Image inside The Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium QS “Super Bowl”

By NellyTheGreat - 5 days ago

The big game is quickly approaching and that has us sneakerheads ready for the action and all the limited edition product that comes along with it. The Nike Air Trainer Huarache Premium QS “Super Bowl” is themed around the game with a quality construction..

The shoe was originally slated for an earlier release, but it has been pushed back to January 30th. Regardless, the look and style of the shoe will remain the same, which is the most important part. The upper is made with a crackled White leather upper contrasted by Black, Blue, and Orange detailing on various points of the body. Transparent over lays for clean finish.
retail for $120 at select Nike stockists


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Image inside Photographer Files Jordan Brand Lawsuit Claiming Nike Stole The Idea Of His 'Jumpman Logo'

By Avon_Barksdale - 6 days ago

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New York photographer Jacobus Rentmeester is seeking unspecified monetary damages in a Jordan Brand lawsuit, claiming that Nike used his 1984 Life pictures to create the now iconic Jordan logo.

According to The Oregonian, the Jordan Brand lawsuit states Nike paid Rentmeester $150 for the temperoray use of two 35mm transparencies of Michael Jordan dunking in his trademark pose with a sunset backdrop behind him. The agreement is said that Nike was to return the images at the end of the lease, or be charged an additional $500.

About six months later in February 1985, it is alleged that Nike duplicated those images before Jordan was drafted into the NBA and eventually paid Rentmeester $15,000 for another limited lease of the image.

In 1987, the Jumpman logo was officially introduced, prompting the Brand Jordan Division to be created as it would become one of the most universally recognized basketball sneakers ever created.

Excerpts from the lawsuit fully explain RentmeesterÂ’s case.


Over approximately one half hour, Mr. Jordan practiced leaping according to Mr. RentmeesterÂ’s instructions. The pose differed substantially from Mr. JordanÂ’s natural jumps, during gameplay or otherwise (for instance, Mr. Jordan typically held the basketball with his right hand), and required practice and repeated attempts.

Mr. Jordan was enthusiastic and a quick study. Mr. Rentmeester photographed Jordan at the apex of his “grand jeté” leaps, using a Hasselblad camera with 6x6cm film, with powerful strobe lights that required specialty outdoor electricity generators to power. The large strobe lights allowed Mr. Rentmeester to photograph Mr. Jordan with the sun shining directly into the lens, creating a sharp and compelling silhouette of Mr. Jordan against a contrasting clear sky.

“Nike initially refused to speak with Mr. Rentmeester regarding the issue…and only responded to his repeated requests when Mr. Rentmeester threatened litigation.

A hefty settlement could be the potential outcome in this case.

Check out pictures of RentmeesterÂ’s photos versus the Jumpman logo to see how well you feel his case will measure up in court.


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Image inside DTLR x Timberland 6-Inch "Ocean's 15" Boot

By Muunsta - 7 days ago

Following up on their Black Reflective Boot, released on Black Friday 2014, DTLR and Timberland are teaming up once again on the latter’s classic 6-Inch Boot. Dubbed “Ocean’s 15,” the iconic seven-hole silhouette is built with a traditional waterproof nubuck leather in a striking blue shade. Otherwise, all the familiar hallmarks are present and accounted for: padded leather collar, gold hardware, rugged lug outsoles and embossed Timberland branding at the heel. Offered in both men’s ($190) and grade school ($120) sizes, the DTLR x Timberland 6-Inch Boot “Ocean’s 15″ launches January 30th through DTLR locations.

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Image inside Jordan 8 "Aqua" Releasing on Black Friday

By MusicVideos - 1 week ago

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