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 Birdman doesn't own any % of YM anymore
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 NBA Chris Broussard just retweeted this.

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 Video inside Deadpool and Domino VS The Joker and Harley Quinn
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 Jul 3 - Only 5 black CEOs at 500 biggest companies
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48 minutes ago

Video inside SMACK/URL Presents - Rookies vs Vets 2 [ANTICIPATION/DISCUSSION THREAD] [July 25th]

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| By KushKaleem - 48 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

@ZeusSlaps @Guvnor @SonicthHedgehog

T-Rex vs Danny Myers is the only battle i've heard of.

who would y'all like to see battle?

Gjonaj vs Dizaster, T-Top vs Shotgun Suge, TH3 SAGA vs Daylyt

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49 minutes ago

Vince Staples tells the truth about Lil B....

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| By CosbySweater - 49 minutes ago

*tweet embedded

how long will people deny the truth?

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1 hour ago

Video inside Charlamagne On Diddy Fight: That's How Hip-Hop Reacts Sometimes

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| By KushKaleem - 1 hour ago

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1 hour ago

Video inside Statik Selektah - Crystal Clear Feat Royce Da 5'9

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| By KushKaleem - 1 hour ago

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1 hour ago

Birdman doesn't own any % of YM anymore

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| By Saddam1234 - 1 hour ago

Birdman doesn't own YM he owns 51% of the music released under the joint-venture between Young Money and Cash Money. The joint-venture was first created in 2003 for 5 years. In 2008 they extended the joint-venture another 5 years, however, something happened in 2009 where they extended it again until June 4, 2015 - to be exact. All contracts signed under these joint ventures (Drake, Nicki Minaj etc.) are split 49%-51% between Young Money, LLC (which is 100% owned by Lil Wayne) and Cash Money, Inc (which is 100% owned by Baby and Slim). The joint-venture has expired so Young Money, LLC (again, owned by Lil Wayne) has the right to take Young Money the label elsewhere.

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2 hours ago

Apple Music announces Dr. Dre’s new ‘Beats 1′ Show, “The Pharmacy”

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| By bkid - 2 hours ago


Today on Beats 1, Zane Lowe announced the show we’ve all been waiting for, Dr. Dre’s "The Pharmacy.” Officially bringing the West Coast to the world, this one hour show is hosted by Dr. Dre alongside a cast of characters including Eddie Francis, DJ Pooh, Wyann Vaughn- The Voice Of Reason, and music from DJ Jus Incredible. "The Pharmacy" premieres tomorrow, Saturday, July 4 at 3pm PST with new shows airing every other Saturday.
SOURCE: -the-pharmacy/

will he play some new music on the show?

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2 hours ago

Video inside Live Monsters of Rap Concert Naughty By Nature, Tupac, Queen Latifah, Paris and Digital Un

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| By Angola18 - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

Mark Ronson on Kanye West's Glastonbury set: 'It wasn't one of his best shows'

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| By HipHopFactz - 2 hours ago

Mark Ronson has expressed his disappointment with Kanye West's Glastonbury performance.

The rapper topped the Pyramid Stage last Saturday night (June 27), performing near two-hour set at Worthy Farm, during which he teamed up with Bon Iver's Justin Vernon and played tracks from throughout his career, as well as a short cover of Queen's 'Bohemian Rhapsody'.

West's appearance polarised opinion among music fans, but Ronson has stated that he expected more.

Speaking to Nick Grimshaw on Radio 1 on Thursday morning (July 2), the DJ/producer said: "[West] really can put on some of the best shows, I don't know if that was one of them."

He added: "People that I spoke to that saw it on TV said it was great. People near where I was standing, and that is a lot of people wearing Kanye T-shirts, were just like, 'We've seen better Kanye West shows.' That was kind of it."

"I totally thought it was going to be Jay-Z part two," he said, referring to the rapper's 2008 headline appearance, which he kicked off by covering Oasis' 'Wonderwall'.

Ronson himself performed at Glastonbury last weekend, where he was joined by Grandmaster Flash, Mary J Blige and George Clinton for his rendition of 'Uptown Funk'.

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4 hours ago

Young Thug x Gucci - Again (Prod. By London On Da Track) To Be Released Tomorrow

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| By WhyEsElvrSurfer - 4 hours ago

*tweet embedded

That's right, YSLimes. The day of glory is still upon us!

The song of the summer will be released tomorrow

We all knew Thugger wasn't going to let Wayne off that easily

I have no update on Wayne's latest activites because I gave my inside sources a three day weekend in celebration of this monumental moment in the continuous ethering of Wayne's career, so enjoy this classic that made it's way to Tumblr.


Meanwhile, in the restroom of Economy Motel in Flint, Michigan, Lil Wayne cries himself to sleep on the toilet while scrolling through Barter 6’s Pitchfork review on his cracked iPhone 4S screen.

Awoken by the loud knocking of the motel manager, a disheveled Lil Wayne arises from the seat of the toilet. He apologizes to the manager and limps out of the restroom door, his legs numb from sitting the entire night. With the remaining 8% charge on his iPhone 4, he sees the picture of Young Thug and his beautiful wife on his instagram feed. tears flow down his face. It’s a painful experience for wayne, both emotionally and physically, as the salty tears seep into the open sores on his face due to his meth induced skin picking.

These feelings of loneliness become too much for Lil Wayne to bear, so he decides to spend the $44.50 he had originally intended to fix his cracked iPhone 4 screen on a hooker. After scrolling through, he settles for a 5'7" 185lb lightskin woman nicknamed “Milk Marie”. Realizing he won’t have enough change left over if he takes a taxi cab to her location, wayne reluctantly boards the next bus. As wayne puts his 50 cents in the machine and gets his transfer, he makes brief eye contact with the bus driver. Lil wayne can feel the anger rising and he begins to twitch, but continues to his seat, knowing that suppressing his rage is for the greater good. This is a huge feat of strength for wayne, and he is proud of himself for exercising such control. He rewards himself with a hit of meth.

Lil Wayne exits the bus and is in awe of the size of the Super 8 that lay before him.
His team jordan’s squeak across the freshly mopped tile floor of the lobby, and for that brief moment, he is reminded of his time spent living in the lap of luxury with cash money records. He finds Milk Marie’s room, and quickly goes to work, seeing as he can only afford half an hour of play. Still high off meth, Wayne is unable to ejaculate. Feeling ripped off, wayne texts Gudda Gudda to come to the motel room and stage a robbery in order to get his bread back. Shortly after, Gudda Gudda kicks down the motel room door wielding a philips-head screwdriver. a scuffle ensues, enough to grab the attention of Milk Marie’s pimp, who enters the motel room and quickly pulls out a switchblade, robbing both Gudda Gudda and Wayne for their remaining cash and bus transfers.

The losses totaled at $78.35, yet another severe blow to young money’s finances. Lil Wayne ponders the potential backlash of charging $5 a pop for his “Free Weezy Album”.
http://hahsonaskew.tumblr... il-wayne-story
@-The Snitch- @NuffGanja @whitesand

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5 hours ago

Audio inside Dej Loaf - Back Up ft. Big Sean

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| By D-ROCK - 5 hours ago

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5 hours ago

Video inside Wireless Festival 2015 [Live Stream]

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| By castro - 5 hours ago

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5 hours ago

Video inside Cassidy Addresses AR-AB Drama, Failed Deal With Carmelo Anthony

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| By NYGZ - 5 hours ago Cassidy speaks on the 'MMM' remix, his battle with Dizaster, why the music situation didn't work out with Carmelo Anthony and why he no longer deals with AR-AB.

like the facebook page

follow the twitter page

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subscribe to my soundcloud

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5 hours ago

Video inside Lil Wayne-The Free Weezy Album trailor

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| By Saddam1234 - 5 hours ago

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6 hours ago

Young Thug Slime Season pushed back to a later date

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| By Saddam1234 - 6 hours ago

*tweet embedded

They just took the countdown down

*tweet embedded

Thug was just trolling about the 4th. He didn't want to get hit with that Weezy TIDAL wave.

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7 hours ago

Video inside Alley Boy Addresses L.A. Altercation: That Wasn't Street S***

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| By kevin boogz - 7 hours ago

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7 hours ago

Rocko is NOT dissin Future

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| By DATKIDD121 - 7 hours ago

Peep what he said to ol boy who asked him about the "future diss"

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8 hours ago

lol @ Styles and Jada snitching on Jada on this hook

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| By Laronla - 8 hours ago

Classic song though, Been playing it non stop for a good 15 years and I ain't no where near tired of it

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8 hours ago

Audio inside *New Music* Freeway x Scholito - Check Freestyle

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| By The Consultant - 8 hours ago

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8 hours ago

Audio inside Riff Raff – Spazz Out (Prod. By Travis Barker)

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| By Steve - 8 hours ago


*tweet embedded

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8 hours ago

HERE is Keefe D the uncle of Pac's killer!

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| By Saddam1234 - 8 hours ago ANYOMAN/photos
This is Keefe D's Facebook according ro Greg Kading.He was the shot caller for the South Side Crips @ the time of Pac's murder. He is also Orlando Anderson's uncle.

Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson (pictured) shot Tupac to death, according to his uncle, Keffe D.
Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson shot Tupac to death, according to his uncle, Keffe D.
"A barrel-chested black man with a front tooth missing, relaxed yet instinctively cautious, is seated across from four spellbound cops in a glass-walled conference room at 8200 Wilshire Blvd."

So begins today's LA Weekly expose on new revelations in the double murder investigation of L.A. rapper Tupac Shakur and his New York competition, Biggie Smalls.

For West Coast hip-hop loyalists, the confession of interest is that of Duane Keith "Keffe D" Davis, who says Sean "Diddy" Combs offered him $1 million to kill Tupac and his manager, Suge Knight. But that's just the tip of the iceberg:

A three-hour recording of Keffe D's admissions, lifted from LAPD archives by ex-Detective Greg Kading and reviewed by the Weekly, paints a colorful backstory of the events leading up to Shakur's murder. Here are 10 insane highlights.

10. Cops have been following Keffe D for the last year, gathering enough evidence about the PCP ring he's been running to put him away for 25 years to life -- motivation for him to become an informant on the Shakur case. In this clip, Detective Kading and Keffe D establish the terms of the agreement.

Detective Kading: "What about that whole sh*t about Tupac?" [Referring to a statement the gangster gave to the FBI in 1997, saying he had nothing to do with the murder and guessing that Suge Knight may have killed Shakur for threatening to leave Death Row Records.]
Keffe D: "Oh, that was bullsh*t."
Detective Kading: "OK. ... Keffe, today what we're going to do, we're just going to go over with a fine-toothed comb the Las Vegas incident. ... But we do have to emphasize to you that everything in this report has to be right on, because if down the road it's determined that some of these details are incorrect, then everything's off the table. So everything in this report cannot be like that report."
Keffe D: "Like I said that day, don't bullsh*t me, and I won't bullsh*t you."
9. Keffe D makes sure detectives know who they're dealing with.
Keffe D: "I'm a dangerous motherfu*ker without smoking weed, dude. I get mad easy, you know what I'm saying?"
LAPD Detective Daryn Dupree: "We know you, man. We know what you can and can't do."
Federal agent: "That's how [Detective Kading] is without coffee."
Keffe D: "Keep me calm. Keep me from hurting people, man."
8. Keffe D describes the moment his nephew, Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, allegedly shot Shakur. (See official cast of characters for more.)
Detective Kading: So Orlando shot across Dre?
Keffe D: "He leaned over, and Orlando rolled down the window, and popped him. If they would have drove on my side, I would have popped them. But they was on the other side."
Federal agent: "Where does [Baby Lane] get the gun from?"
Keffe D: "A little secret compartment that popped up."
Federal agent: "In the armrest?"
Keffe D: "Yeah."
Detective Kading: "Was it a Glock?"
Keffe D: "Yeah."
Detective Kading: ".40?"
Keffe D: "Yeah. And I ain't ever told nobody that story, man."
6. Keffe D says he was introduced to Combs through another Crip named "Zip," who was also in on the million-dollar deal. However, Keffe D adds that he personally got on Combs' good side by lending him his car to use in Usher's first music video.
Keffe D: "We met the boy [Combs] at the -- he gave a BET party, or the BET awards, its like '92 or '93, at the club on Santa Monica. And uh, Mary J was [there]. And the tall dude, used to have the dreads, he's with Aftermath now, what's his name?"
Federal agent: "Busta Rhymes?"
Keffe D: Busta Rhymes. ... Me and him almost got in a fight. I was suited ... He thought he was all big sh*t. I was all, 'We going to beat the fu*k out of that boy.' He threw his drink on me, and I was like, 'Motherfu*ker!' Yeah, that's the first day I met Puff [Combs]. ... And after that they used my car in the video."
Detective Dupree: "Which car was that?"
Keffe D: "A '64 Chevy I had."
Detective Dupree: "What color was it?"
Keffe D: "Brown. "Usher, he had Usher... It was Usher's video, and Puff [Combs] was driving the car."
Detective Dupree: "You remember the song?"
Keffe D: "'Can I Get With It.' That was his first song ever -- Usher's first song ever. He was in a Lakers uniform, and [Combs] had the little kid dancing on the car. When I got it back, it was fu*ked up, and he paid to get it repainted. He sent me $2500 for that."

5. Investigators ask Keffe D when the animosity between Bad Boy Entertainment and Death Row Records first began to fester.
Detective Dupree: "Did Puffy have a place out here [in Los Angeles]?"
Keffe D: "He used to stay if Shug was outta here. ... He was scared sh*tless."
Detective Dupree: "So that beef had started by then?"
Keffe D: "No, it started when they went out to that award show..."

4. By Keffe D's account, Zip, Combs and himself discussed the hit on Shakur once at a concert in Anaheim and "a couple of times" at Greenblatts Deli on the Sunset Strip.
Detective Kading: "Tell us what happened that made it something other than just him frustrated and boasting -- 'Man, I'll give you guys anything.' What made it specific, like, 'Hey, I'm serious, I want you guys to kill these guys'?"
Keffe D: "When he told me at Greenblatts."
Detective Kading: "How'd that go, like what was the conversation?"
Federal agent: "And who's 'he'?"
Keffe D: "Puff."
Detective Kading: "How's the conversation go? ... We need really specific details regarding that."
Keffe D: "We wanted a million."
Detective Kading: "All right, so you meet him at Greenblatts. For lunch or dinner or what?"
Keffe D: "This was dinner, in the evening."
Detective Kading: "Who else was there?"
Keffe D: "All of us -- Corey, everybody. All our crew."
Detective Kading: "Everybody's hearing this conversation between you and Puff?"
Keffe D: "He was talking to me. ... When we got there we was laughing at him, cause he was with this broad that sucked dick, and sucked every dick in there, and he's all held up kissing with her. We was laughing like a motherfu*ker. He's like, 'Man, what you laughing at dog?' Man, don't just come out here and get any broad, dog. ... He took me downstairs and he's like, 'Man, I wanna get rid of them dudes, man.' ... I was like, 'We'll wipe their ass out quick, man. It's nothing.'"
3. The motivation behind Combs' alleged order to kill Knight and Shakur, says Keffe D, was fear that the other side would strike first.
Detective Dupree: "When [Combs] asked about [Shakur and Knight], would he always say both of them?"
Keffe D: "He added the boy [Shakur] on after he made a record."
Detective Dupree: "Before that it was just Suge? And then after 'Hit 'Em Up' came out?"
Keffe D: "Yeah, yeah, that pissed [Combs] off."

2. Keffe D says he's known Suge Knight since childhood, growing up on the streets of Compton. So when Keffe D first started hanging out with Combs, he says the Death Row boss kept badgering him, like, how you meet them guys? "Same way I met you, motherfu*ker," he remembers answering. (Aka, the drug trade.) Making the moment they lock eyes during the 1996 shooting even more dramatic:
Keffe D: "We came up Harmon, got to Las Vegas Boulevard, and sh*t, here he come in that BMW. ... Broads like, 'Tupac! Tupac!' and we like, 'There they go!' Made a U-turn, we wasn't supposed to make a U-turn. ... And they was in the middle lane, and we just pulled up on the side and checked every car to see where they was."
Detective Kading: "So Lane starts blasting and Suge looks over and sees you?"
Keffe D: "Yeah."
Detective Kading: "He looks right at you?"
Keffe D: "Yeah, he looked at me. ... We've known each other since we was seven or eight years old."
Detective Kading: "He looks over at you, and then, Tupac's busy getting shot -- story is tupac's either trying to get out of the way..."
Keffe D: "He's in the backseat or something."
Detective Kading: "What do you see happening?"
Keffe D: "I see the bullet go in Shug's head. I thought he was dead. I thought he was dead. It must have scraped him or something, in the head or something. ... I thought he was dead."
1. Most ironically, Keffe D says he never got the money Combs had allegedly offered him. Word on the street, according to Keffe D, is that Combs gave half the reward to Zip (seeing as Suge Knight was still alive), and Zip never relayed it back to its rightful owner. This might have been the fateful mistake that led to Keffe D's confession:
Detective Kading: "Since you've been out of prison, have you talked to Zip?"
Keffe D: "Not one time."
Detective Kading: "What about Puffy?"
Keffe D: "Not one time. I tried to call them several times though ... If he would have just given us half the money, I would have stayed strong".

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