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Video inside Man Believes He Has Deciphered Young Thugs Suspect Lyrics!

By ogghosttrain - 21 hours ago

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Image inside Who do you think Crooked I is referring to in this tweet?

By 187Proof - 21 hours ago

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Video inside Fat Joe feat. J. Lo - Stressin (Official Video)

By youngmic - 21 hours ago

Fat Joe - Stressin ft. Jennifer Lopez:

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Video inside White Chicago Drill Rapper

By sammy1990 - 21 hours ago

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Video inside Angry Fan Vlog: "SHUT NORBES UP URL!!!!!!!!!!"

By Guvnor - 21 hours ago

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Image inside [Rewind] 9 Rappers Who "Cooperated" With Law Enforcement

By Avon_Barksdale - 21 hours ago


In 1999 Killa was jumped by 15 unknown males at a playground during a game of basketball. Police paperwork regarding the incident lists him as the “complainant” indicating that he did provide information about the event. Cam’ would later go on to publicly pledge omertà in his infamous 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper.


After his several run ins with the law, T.I. did a series of commercials for Crime Stoppers urging the public to come forward with any information they had to solve crimes in the Atlanta area.


In 2009 Brisco was robbed and pistol whipped by four unknown men while getting his haircut. At trial he took the stand against his assailants.
Hell Rell


In 2009 former Diplomats member Hell Rell revealed documents stating that Max B helped law enforcement to put blame on his then girlfriend Gina Conway for the infamous robbery turned murder at a Holiday Inn in Fort Lee, New Jersey. Max B is currently serving a 75 year sentence in connection to the crime.
50 Cent


In 2000 50 Cent was attacked by Murder Inc. associates at the Hit Factory recording studio. Years later paperwork surfaced indicating him as a compliant where he recounted the incident to NYPD.
James Cruz


James Cruz, long tenured record executive and artist manager, took the stand in the Lil’ Kim perjury trial where he stated that he was “absolutely positive that Damion “D-Roc” Butler was there that day and fired a weapon.” All must be good with all parties involved as Cruz is still working with Puff Daddy and the Bad Boy Entertainment family.


Former T.I. associate Alfamega was proven by The Smoking Gun to have cooperate with the feds in exchange for a shorter prison term. SMH.
LilÂ’ Cease


While Cease asserts that he was subpoenaed by the feds to stand trial, he told everything relating to the infamous HOT97 shooting involving Capone, LilÂ’ Kim and Junior M.A.F.I.A.
Foxy Brown


In 2007 Foxy Brown was beat up by a prostitute in the very gully Louis H. Pink Houses in East New York, Brooklyn. According to reports she had just severed ties with her ex boyfriend who was a small time pimp. After getting beaten up and robbed, it is said the Ill Nana rode around in an unmarked police car in an effort to point out her attackers. She would later go on to deny the entire incident.

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Video inside Rich The Kid ft Migos - Goin Crazy (Official Video)

By SlimDunkin - 21 hours ago

In the coup goin crazy !
This gonna b a hit

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Video inside Diddy got his Maybach Scratched by papparazzi

By MagicOnTheTire - 21 hours ago

Diddy handled the sh*t like a G. I know I wouldn't be that cool about someone scratching my paint :shrug:

"Later diddy have a good night big dog!!" :dead:

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Video inside Jay-Z Counter Trolling The Paparazzi Again

By JNumbaNC - 21 hours ago


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Hip-Hop Careers that Joe Budden Has Ended

By Hieroglyphic - 21 hours ago

Rappers who have felt the wrath of Total Sausage Joseph in the past decade:

- Jay-Z
- Saigon
- Ransom
- Royce da 5'9
- The Game
- 50 Cent
- Lloyd Banks
- Young Buck
- Tony Yayo
- Prodigy
- Tahiry
- Joey Bada$$
- Jay Electronica
- Meek Mill
- Tyler the Creator
- Kendrick Lamar
- Natalie Nunn
- J. Cole
- Jadakiss
- His own thumb
- Lil B
- Lupe Fiasco
- Method Man
- Raekwon
- Depression
- Arsenal Da Rebel
- Hollow da Don
- Canibus
- Styles P

Which other rapper you know has a list this big of rappers they've peeled off lyrically?

:obamahmm: :rileyquietbish:

And oh yeah...

@Shep @Verse @trock34 @Mr Fujaveli @SharpenUrSword @coolio @DoMieD @Sonicthehodgehog; @JoeyB
@MemphBleek05 @Brezzzy @Blue Smoke @RoyceDa59 @AC SLATER
@Gremlin @chizz @Scream @ Me @HiMyNameIsDope @Old Head @sleep23rd @thegoldenhero @regularjoe @PvrpIITrill HTX @Nickel @Norcal @Guvnor @True Sinister

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Video inside DJ Premier announces he will produce an album for Loaded Lux
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Video inside Rich The Kid Feat. Migos - Crazy (Official Music Video)
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Image inside Tyga,24 & Kylie Jenner ,17 Spotted In France
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Video inside Baby comes out of the closet in front of live audience "I fu-k with niggas to"
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Lil Durk Try Me and Chief Keef Wayne were put on Youtube the same day....
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Audio inside Raekwon - All Night Long #tbt 18 (over Mary J Blige's Mary Jane)
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Video inside Kendrick Lamar Hit Single "I" in New Chris Rock/Kevin Hart Movie Trailer
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Video inside Max B - Need A Drink (Snippet Unreleased Song)
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Article inside Bobby Shmurda's Mother/Manager Explains His Rant About Not Getting Paid
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Image inside Caption Pic: Tyga & Drake
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Video inside Drake warming up with Kentucky's men basketball team and airballs a 3 pointer
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Image inside Looks Like They Changed The Shmurda She Wrote Cover
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Image inside Jaden Smith Challenges Those Who Can Rap Better Than Him
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Image inside JUSTIN BIEBER Bulking up !! Training for fight maybe ?
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Audio inside A Ghostface And Elzhi Track Just Dropped...
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Video inside Regis Philbin Offering Advice For The Wu-Tang Clan
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Video inside Murda Mook Talks About Possible Battle With Drake, Charlie Clips, Jae Millz Rematch
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Video inside Doggie Diamonds PSA #14: Snoop Dogg Is Corny For Apologizing
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Image inside Is this what's hot in Pittsburgh?
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Video inside Birdman wearing red lipstick & pink nail polish & Thugga rockin red nails is cool?😩🔫
By Kyu Read - 2 days ago - 133 comments

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