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Article inside Word on Da street 50cent is refusing to consult wit JEEZY & T.I on BM..
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BOX Crazy skills: This boxer is caught in the matrix!
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NBA Adrian Peterson is actually Donatello.
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Drake bet Joey Budden 10 K he cant put out 25 disses

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15 minutes ago

Article inside Michael Jackson’s Family Sues Radar Online for $100 Million Over Sexual Abuse Reports

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| By Steve - 15 minutes ago

Nephews of deceased singer claim libel by online publication

Relatives of deceased pop-music legend Michael Jackson have filed a $100 million libel lawsuit against Radar Online, over RadarÂ’s suggestion that the singer might have sexually abused his nephews.

The lawsuit, filed in Los Angeles Superior Court on Wednesday by Jackson’s nephews Taj, TJ and Taryll Jackson, accuses Radar Online of wrongfully reporting that Jackson “sexually abused young boys [and] implied that this included his ‘nephews,’ but added that his ‘family’ (which, of course, includes plaintiffs) resisted any inquiry into that criminal conduct.”

“Radar reported that Michael Jackson ‘bought them’ a ‘brand new car’ to ‘shut them up,'” the lawsuit reads, adding that Radar also reported that a relative, which readers would have understood to be one of the nephews, was “‘spirited off to an island’ to buy his silence, after which he refused to tell police anything ‘bad’ about Michael Jackson.”

Also Read: Michael Jackson's Daughter Tweets Rude Photo of Late Pop Star After Child Porn Report

The suit claims that RadarÂ’s reporting is wholly untrue.

“Radar’s statements were entirely false and defamatory,” the complaint reads. “In fact, although plaintiffs are Michael Jackson’s ‘nephews,’ ‘relatives’ and ‘members of the family,’ none of them was ever sexually abused by Michael Jackson or ever had any sort of sexual contact with him.”

The lawsuit also takes issue with Radar’s report that the late King of Pop “even used sexy photos of his own nephews, who were in the band 3T, in their underwear to excite young boys.”

Also Read: Michael Jackson Estate Blasts 'Sleazy,' 'False' Child Porn Report

The suit goes on to state that the plaintiffs demanded a correction from Radar in July, but that Radar “refused to correct any of its libelous assertions about plaintiffs, thereby aggravating its wrongful conduct.”

A spokesperson for Radar Online has not yet responded to TheWrapÂ’s request for comment.

“In publishing Radar’s libelous stories, Radar was aware that its defamatory assertions, which the public will understand to include and refer to plaintiffs, were, in fact, not true of plaintiffs or any of them,” the suit continues. “Radar’s conduct alleged hereinabove was fraudulent, oppressive and malicious, calling, in addition, for an award of exemplary damages in an amount sufficient to punish Radar and its owners and to deter them from publishing such vicious, false and defamatory ‘reports.'”

The suit seeks a judgment for “$100 million and such other and further sum as shall be found.”

visit this link .. abuse-reports/

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1 hour ago

Article inside ‘The Get Down’ Is Netflix’s Most-Expensive Show Ever, Cost Nearly $10 Million Per Episode

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| By Steve - 1 hour ago

The reputation that Netflix has cultivated is that they have money to spend, and fully support the creative vision of whoever they work with. But sometimes giving an auteur a blank check and hands off management can lead to what happened on the streaming service’s upcoming series “The Get Down” which, according to Variety, earned the nickname among those involved as “The Shut Down.”

The trade has an extensive look at the behind-the-scenes woes the show faced, but it boils down to this: Baz Luhrmann, who was expecting to play a smaller role on the series, offering his input but standing to the side, wound up being completely involved. The series burned through two showrunners, and oddly enough, when Sony Pictures Television, who are also producers on the show, tried to press Netflix to bring in another, they refused: they wanted Baz LuhrmannÂ’s vision or bust.

The result was a budget that spiraled from $7.5 million per episode to approximately $10 million per episode, with the entire 12 episode first season costing $120 million (that puts the musical drama in “Game Of Thrones” territory). And that’s after tax rebates from shooting in New York City. It makes “The Get Down” one of the most expensive shows in history, and certainly Netflix’s most costly to date.

“I would never have believed two years ago that my days and nights, seven days a week, would have been absorbed in this gigantic collaboration,” Luhrmann said. “I’ve never worked with so many people, and I’ve done a lot of things.”

Apparently, he nearly bailed on the show entirely, so overwhelmed by all of the moving parts. That said, the finished result sounds like it could be truly special, even if the first season is being split into two parts, due to the “complexity” of getting it finished.

“It’s very challenging getting the balance of music and story right. It’s not like doing a regular [scripted] TV show. We have full-on dance production numbers in every episode. That all took a lot more time than everyone thought,” said writer Nelson George.

If there’s a second season — Netflix hasn’t renewed the show yet — Luhrmann is already plotting to step aside and let some other hands take the wheel. “I believe the particular techniques we’ve developed for this show can be passed on to a new team,” he said. And maybe for the executives dealing with the headaches the production of season one brought with it, that will be a welcome move.

The first batch of episodes from “The Get Down” arrives on August 12th.

visit this link .. sode-20160727/

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2 hours ago

Article inside ‘The Last Tycoon’ Drama Picked Up To Series By Amazon

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| By Steve - 2 hours ago

EXCLUSIVE: With a well-known title and formidable lead cast, AmazonÂ’s The Last Tycoon pilot has been a strong contender for a series pickup. Now the project, toplined by Matt Bomer, Kelsey Grammer, Rosemarie DeWitt and Lily Collins, has been ordered to series by the streaming service, I have learned. It comes from Sony TVÂ’s TriStar Television. I hear AmazonÂ’s other drama pilot from the batch, The Interestings, is not going forward.

Written and directed by Billy Ray based on F. Scott FitzgeraldÂ’s final unfinished novel, The Last Tycoon was inspired by the life of film mogul Irving Thalberg, on whom the bookÂ’s protagonist Monroe Stahr was based. The project centers on Stahr (Bomer), HollywoodÂ’s first wunderkind studio executive in the 1930s as he climbs to the height of power pitting him against his mentor and current head of the studio, the brawny, imposing, charming and vain Pat Brady (Grammer), a character based on Louis B. Mayer. Having come from the streets, Brady has no intention of returning to his misfortune, and is determined to make sure his studio is successful, no matter what personal morals he compromises. Dewitt plays Pat BradyÂ’s wife, Rose Brady, who may be involved with Stahr.

In The Last Tycoon‘s 1976 big-screen adaptation directed by Elia Kazan and written by Harold Pinter, the roles of Stahr and Brady were played by Robert De Niro and Robert Mitchum, respectively.

Bomer, Grammer and DeWitt all have toplined TV series before, USAÂ’s White Collar (Bomer), Frasier and Boss, among others (Grammer) and Standoff (DeWitt). This marks Emmy winner GrammerÂ’s return to drama series following his Golden Globe-winning turn on Boss. Bomer also won a Golden Globe, for HBOÂ’s The Normal Heart, and recently co-starred on American Horror Story: Hotel. DeWitt has been focused on movies for the past few years, recently starring in Poltergeist. Collins comes from feature background, with starring roles in Mirror Mirror and The Mortal Instruments.

Ray executive produces The Last Tycoon alongside Chris Keyser, who serve as showrunners, as well as Josh Maurer, David Stern and Alix Witlin. Pulitzer-winning author and F.Scott Fitzgerald scholar A. Scott Berg served as consulting producer on the pilotThis marks TriStar TVÂ’s second series at Amazon, joining Good Girls Revolt.

visit this link .. er-1201793630/

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2 hours ago

Video inside The Accountant Official Trailer 2 (2016) - Ben Affleck Movie

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| By Doc Logical - 2 hours ago

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4 hours ago

Video inside Zack Snyder Indictment - Batman v Superman: The Fundamental Flaw(Nerdwriter1)

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| By 0bs1d1an - 4 hours ago

How many months until JL?

How many months after that until the JL Ultimate Edition?

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5 hours ago

Article inside Kevin James, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider Join Adam Sandler's 'Sandy Wexler'

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| By Steve - 5 hours ago

Jennifer Hudson is starring opposite Sandler in the latest Netflix movie, which also will star Nick Swardson, Colin Quinn, Lamorne Morris and Arsenio Hall.

The gang is getting back together. Adam Sandler's next Netflix movie is rounding out the cast with a group of Sandler collaborators: Kevin James, Terry Crews, Rob Schneider, Colin Quinn and Nick Swardson.

Lamorne Morris (New Girl) and Arsenio Hall are also joining the film.

Sandy Wexler will star Sandler as an L.A.-based talent manager who represents a group of eccentric clients on the fringes of show business. His single-minded devotion is put to the test when he falls in love with his new client, a talented singer named Courtney Clarke, whom he discovers at an amusement park.

As The Hollywood Reporter exclusively reported, Jennifer Hudson will star as singer Courtney Clarke.

The '90s-set project is the third film in Sandler's four-picture deal with the streaming giant. Steven Brill, who helmed NetflixÂ’s other Sandler movie The Do-Over, is directing the movie based on a script by Paul Sado, Dan Bulla and Sandler. Sandler is producing Sandy Wexler via his Happy Madison Productions banner along with Allen Covert. Barry Bernardi and Tim Herlihy will executive produce.

The Do-Over, the second pic in Sandler's deal after The Ridiculous 6, was the most-watched film on Netflix in every territory of the world and remains in the top 10 in many countries, including the U.S.

James has collaborated with Sandler on several films, including Pixels, Grown Ups and sequel Grown Ups 2. His upcoming films include Netflix movie The True Memoirs of an International Assassin. He is repped by WME, Jeff Sussman Management and Schreck Rose.

Crews appeared in The Ridiculous 6 and previously starred in the Expendables franchise. He is repped by WME and 3 Arts.

Schneider starred in The Ridiculous 6 with Sandler, as well as Grown Ups, and has had a slew of uncredited appearances in Sandler films ranging from Mr. Deeds to Click. He is repped by ICM Partners and Primary Wave Entertainment.

Quinn also appeared with Sandler in Grown Ups and its sequel. His other recent credits include Amy Schumer's Trainwreck and the HBO series Girls. He is repped by APA and AGI Entertainment Media & Management.

Swardson appeared in both of Sandler's previous Netflix movies, The Do-Over and Ridiculous 6, and has been in several other Sandler films, beginning with 2006's Click. He is repped by UTA, Brillstein Entertainment and Stone, Genow.

Morris has played Winston Bishop on the Fox comedy New Girl since 2011. On the film side, he was most recently seen in Barbershop: The Next Cut. He is repped by Gersh, Principato-Young and Myman Greenspan.

HallÂ’s film credits include Black Dynamite and Coming to America. Also known for hosting The Arsenio Hall Show, he is repped by ICM Partners and Del, Shaw.

visit this link http://www.hollywoodrepor .. ews-rob-913578

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6 hours ago

Homeland Elects House of Cards Actress as Its First Female President

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| By Ham Rove - 6 hours ago


Elizabeth Marvel is enjoying some political vindication, courtesy of Homeland.

The actress — whose House of Cards character Heather Dunbar made an unsuccessful bid for the White House — has been cast as Homeland‘s first female President of the United States, to be featured in upcoming Season 6, TVLine has learned.

MarvelÂ’s character, Elizabeth Keane, is a former junior Senator from New York. SheÂ’s bright, charming, lively, and, if the need arises, blunt.

As previously reported, Season 6 will be set (and shot) in New York City, and will take place during the two month period between Election Day and the swearing in of the new POTUS. “There is this strange period in America where there are 72 days when it’s not exactly clear who’s in charge, and there is a new president that needs to be educated on what it means to be president,” Alex Gansa previously told “That is a very complex transfer of power filled with all kinds of anxiety and different competing interests… it’s a dangerous time in our democracy.”

In addition to House of Cards, Marvel has had recurring roles on Law & Order: SVU, Person of Interest and Fargo Season 2.
visit this link .. ast-president/

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6 hours ago

Article inside ‘Suicide Squad’ won Comic-Con, according to cold hard facts

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| By JFamis - 6 hours ago

After San Diego Comic-Con wrapped this weekend, the inevitable question arose. Who “won” the big show? Was it DC Films or Marvel Studios? Well, according to some cold hard facts, it was DC Films. More specifically, Suicide Squad!

Variety gathered metrics put together by ListenFirst Media, to determine which movie this weekend received the most interest. The metric includes total volume of official hashtag mentions across social media, along with Wikipedia page views to gauge search interest. Suicide Squad won, by a lot!

Suicide Squad received a score of 548,092, beating out the second closest of 426,654, Star Trek Beyond, which had its premiere at Comic-Con. Wonder Woman was in third place with a score of 366,389, followed by Justice League in fourth with 295,965. All the way at the bottom of the Top 10 list was MarvelÂ’s Doctor Strange at #8 and Spider-Man: Homecoming at #9, a likely consequence of not releasing their footage online like DC Films did.

I know that Suicide Squad is the closest to coming out, but IÂ’m a little surprised it beat out both Wonder Woman and Justice League, two movies that premiered brand new footage at Comic-Con. What do you make of these numbers?

SOURCE: Variety

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6 hours ago

Video inside Split’ Trailer: James McAvoy Plays Endless Creeps in M. Night Shyamalan’s Latest Thriller

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| By Ms Ambitious - 6 hours ago


If anything, this looks like it will have an incredible performance by James McAvoy as he brings 23 different personalities to life, some of which the girls may be able to convince help them escape. The Witch star Anya Taylor-Joy also stars in the film as the lead abducted girl. SheÂ’s quite a name for herself in the horror and thriller genre, as she also stars in the sci-fi thriller Morgan coming later this year. The rest of the cast includes Betty Buckley, Jessica Sula, and Haley Lu Richardson,

Thrillers that use the plot device of multiple personality disorder can be interesting, but more often than not they feature a plot twist that you can see coming a mile away. Since this is Shyamalan weÂ’re talking about, I hope the twist doesnÂ’t have anything to do with that aspect of the story and he has something much more surprising in store since he also wrote the script for this one.

While the mental divisions of those with dissociative identity disorder have long fascinated and eluded science, it is believed that some can also manifest unique physical attributes for each personality, a cognitive and physiological prism within a single being.

Though Kevin (James McAvoy) has evidenced 23 personalities to his trusted psychiatrist, Dr. Fletcher (Betty Buckley), there remains one still submerged who is set to materialize and dominate all the others. Compelled to abduct three teenage girls led by the willful, observant Casey (Anya Taylor-Joy, The Witch), Kevin reaches a war for survival among all of those contained within him—as well as everyone around him—as the walls between his compartments shatter apart.

Split arrives on January 20, 2017.

visit this link

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7 hours ago

Video inside 'Luke Cage' Will Have Performances By Faith Evans, Method Man, Raphael Saadiq & More

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| By Marccoogs19 - 7 hours ago

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22 hours ago

Video inside For My Early 80's Babies, Throwback Theme Song..

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| By _Player2 - 22 hours ago

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1 day ago

Geoff Johns Is Now President Of DC Entertainment

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| By calle13 - 1 day ago

That’s right. Geoff Johns is now President & Chief Creative Officer of DC Entertainment.

Diane Nelson is still President of DC Entertainment, and Geoff still reports to Diane.Warner Bros has Presidents like Marvel has Captain Americas.

And while there was a lot of Hyatt bar gossip about this at San Diego Comic-Con, I understand from better-connected sources that Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee also still report directly to Diane.

Apparently, this promotion happened a few months ago when his responsibilities were extended to co-running the DC film slate with Warner Bros studio’s Jon Berg, during the Batman V Superman fallout.

They just didn’t think to tell anyone.

He’s still listed as Chief Creative Officer on DC Comics’ indicia, including comic books out tomorrow

You can see the current movie direction for Justice League and Wonder Woman as seen at San Diego Comic-Con as directly down to Geoff Johns, and his promotion from a mere CCO to P&CCO reflects this.

It’s good to be the king.

Geoff Johns is currently in London doing… stuff. I wonder if I’ll bump into him in Orbital Comics tomorrow?

DC Entertainment representatives declined to comment when approached.

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1 day ago

Video inside Top 10 Bad Seasons From Good TV Shows

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| By flix02 - 1 day ago

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1 day ago

Video inside Defendant Rick and Judge Morty

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| By Sewer - 1 day ago

Justin roiland reads an actual court transcript from georgia (word for word) in the voices of rick and morty.

Original transcript...visit this link

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1 day ago

Video inside Dr.Strange Official Trailer 2

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| By NorCalNocturne - 1 day ago

I'm in, but are they going to explain all this madness I'm seeing?! ........

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1 day ago

Video inside Home Alone Co-Star Daniel Stern Resurfaces After 26 Years!

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| By italiansteve - 1 day ago

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1 day ago

Gotti movie update(cast and crew included)

3 people viewing this

| By SmokeyTheBlunt - 1 day ago

By David Amoruso

One big family! The cast and crew behind the upcoming motion picture about New York mob boss John Gotti Sr. got together this weekend for a celebratory dinner marking the start of filming. They also had an uplifting message for a Gotti relative who was diagnosed with leukemia.

Director Kevin Connolly has quite the entourage, pun intended, surrounded by husband and wife John Travolta and Kelly Preston, John Gotti Junior and his brother Peter, and several other members of the cast and crew during a fun evening celebrating that the story of Gotti is coming to the silver screen.

READ: John Gotti Jr. sits down with Gangsters Inc. to talk about father, ...

Star couple John Travolta and Kelly Preston will take their marriage onscreen as they appear as husband and wife Gotti. While some still doubt Travolta can pull off playing the part of the Dapper Don, an insider tells Gangsters Inc. he has no doubts. “I've seen Travolta in hair and make-up and it's amazing what they can do! John Junior brought nineteen of his father’s ties and hankies for Travolta to wear during this movie, his suits as well, but they weren't too crazy about getting them altered so Travolta copied them.”

With filming underway, Gangsters Inc. can exclusively reveal some more cast members, thanks to our man on the inside.

Spencer LoFranco will take on the role of John Gotti Junior. The young actor is a fresh face who starred in movies such as Unbroken and Jamesy Boy.

He is joined by the more experienced Stacy Keach, known best for his roles in The Bourne Legacy, American History X, and television series Prison Break. Keach will play Gambino crime family underboss Neil Dellacroce, who was Gotti SeniorÂ’s mentor during his mob career.

Actor Chris Mulkey (Captain Phillips, The Purge, Boardwalk Empire) portrays the role of Frankie DeCicco, GottiÂ’s underboss who was killed by a car bomb placed by mob rivals aiming to murder the Teflon Don.

Patrick Boriello (A Bronx Tale) is playing Gotti Junior’s cousin “Johnny Boy” Ruggiero. Boriello is the son of real life Gambino family mobster Bobby Boriello, who was killed in a gangland hit by the Lucchese crime family in 1991. Pruitt Taylor Vince (True Blood, Heroes Reborn) will take on the part of Gotti Senior’s best pal Angelo Ruggiero.

The choice for a few of these actors might surprise some people, but makes all the more sense to the crew and studio, our insider explains. “They wanted fresh faces,” he said. “Not the usual gangster movie characters for this movie.”

visit this link .. 653#Post888653

the casting is fu*king hilarious.......

I never knew Pat Borriello was Bobby's kid.......

then again, I didnt realize the actor that plays Clemenza in GF was Paul Castellano's nephew till recently either......

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1 day ago

Video inside SUICIDE SQUAD Interviews (will performs miami song)

3 people viewing this

| By wallace45 - 1 day ago

this nigga actually remembers the lyrics

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1 day ago

Video inside Batman/Joker clip (Suicide Squad)

3 people viewing this

| By mumbosauce - 1 day ago

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1 day ago

Video inside Justice League Dark Sneak Peak

4 people viewing this

| By Jonnyy McFly - 1 day ago

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