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Super Troopers Sequel Confirmed: Mustaches Will Return, Says Steve Lemme

By Ham Rove - 7 hours ago


Brace yourselves for more laughs! There will be a sequel to 2001's beloved comedy Super Troopers, and Us Weekly exclusively spoke to Steve Lemme, one of the film's stars and a member of Broken Lizard, for more scoop on the movie.

"You know, it was a combination of having to settle some of the legal disputes about making a sequel, while also negotiating terms for it," Lemme told Us of what took so long. "The fans have been asking for it for a while, but we were finally able to package everything together. Fox is going to distribute the film, but we needed to raise the money for it. We're close. There may be a Kickstarter launched to raise the last little bit."

Without revealing the plot of Super Troopers 2, Lemme, 45, added: "I think it's one of the more unique and interesting stories I've seen in awhile. But the movie picks up pretty much where we left off in the first one. It's a few years later. The biggest difficulty was trying to top that opening scene, which so many people have complimented us on. I think we've done it."

The first movie, which starred the Broken Lizard comedy group — Lemme, Jay Chandrasekhar, Kevin Heffernan, Erik Stolhanske, and Paul Soter — followed the hilarious antics of five Vermont state troopers, patrolling near the border of Canada.

Lemme revealed to Us that their infamous 'staches will be part of the new flick. "Everybody who had a mustache in the first one will grow it back," said Lemme. "Now the guys who didn't grow mustaches for the first one want to have a mustache. We're making them earn it, not sure how we'll haze them, but they better be prepared."

Lemme also said the group plans to start filming at the beginning of 2015, with pre-production taking place in November.

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Article inside Box office preview: 'Project Almanac' joins 'American Sniper' in theaters

By Steve - 8 hours ago

Three movies are opening wide this weekend, but that’s likely not going to stop American Sniper from spending a third week at the box office’s No. 1 spot.

Out of the three newcomers, only one is expected to crack the top five: Project Almanac, a sci-fi found footage film about the creation of a time machine. It’s about young people, so it should play well with younger crowds—especially teens who aren’t interested in the seriousness or prestige of something like American Sniper.

The other two have bleaker outlooks. Black or White is opening in around 1,700 locations and stars Kevin Costner and Octavia Spencer, two big names that could help bring in audiences, but isn’t getting much help from critics: Reviews have been mostly negative so far. The Loft, a thriller starring Karl Urban and James Marsden is also opening in around 1,700 locations—1,841, to be exact—but is only expected to bring in around $3 million.

As for what will make the top five, here are our predictions:

1. American Sniper – $35.5 million
American Sniper impressed once again last weekend when it grossed $64.6 million—only a 28 percent drop from the weekend before. While it initially benefitted from lots of press thanks to its wide release, which broke multiple January records, that hype is slowly dying down and its ticket sales will likely experience a more typical decrease this time around.

2. Project Almanac – $15 million
Sci-fi fans haven’t gotten much to watch in terms of new movies recently, so Project Almanac should bring them to theaters to check out the latest offering in the genre. And even if sci-fi fans of all ages won’t head to the cinema, the younger ones should: Project Almanac has been marketed heavily toward teens, an audience that isn’t particularly concerned with reviews (although Almanac’s aren’t necessarily horrible—it currently has a 64 percent on Rotten Tomatoes). Because of this, it shouldn’t have a hard time breaking even with its $12 million budget, at the very least, and will probably make at least a few million more than that.

3. Paddington – $7.4 million
Families looking for a movie to watch this weekend will likely choose Paddington, a British comedy that’s received both stellar reviews and word-of-mouth. Sure, the theater has other PG-rated options right now—Strange Magic, an animated film released last weekend, for one—but none are receiving the same kind of overwhelmingly positive attention Paddington has since its Jan. 16 opening.

4. The Boy Next Door – $6.7 million
With a production budget of just $4 million, Jennifer Lopez thriller The Boy Next Door did considerably well last weekend with a $14.9 million opening. The film attracted mostly female audiences—71 percent of last weekend’s viewers were women—and should continue to bring in women who want to see something sultry and scary in preparation for the also-sexy 50 Shades of Grey, out in just a couple weeks.

5. The Wedding Ringer – $5.7 million

Rounding out the top five will probably be The Wedding Ringer, one of the few comedies currently in theaters during a particularly serious January. Although the Kevin Hart film isn’t an outright success, it’s definitely been performing consistently as the nearly sole option for comedy fans and should be able to spend at least one last weekend in the top five.


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Video inside Kingsman: The Secret Service Super Bowl Trailer

By Steve - 8 hours ago

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Video inside First Trailer For 'Welcome To Me' Starring Kristen Wiig

By Steve - 8 hours ago

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Article inside M. Night Shyamalan Says an Unbreakable 2′ Would Be Cool

By Steve - 8 hours ago

M. Night Shyamalan has been discussing the possibility of an Unbreakable 2 on and off for the past 15 years, and he still hasn’t given up hope.

In a new interview, he explains why a sequel would be “cool,” and points out how drastically the superhero movie landscape has changed since the first Unbreakable came out in 2000. Read the Shyamalan Unbreakable 2 comments after the jump.

Speaking to Collider, Shyamalan said he “sometimes” still hopes for an Unbreakable 2. “I love those characters and I love that world,” he said.

Nowadays, superhero films are a dime a dozen. But when Unbreakable first opened, the current wave of superhero movies was only getting started. X-Men had opened just a few months before, and Spider-Man, The Dark Knight, and Iron Man were still years away. Shyamalan remembers how skeptical execs were about Unbreakable at first:

Of course, the whole world makes comic book movies now. At the time, it was completely novel. I remember when I made it, Disney was literally like, “Comic books?! There’s no market for comic books!” That’s all they make now! It was a hilarious conversation. I remember it. I was like, “Maybe you’re right. Maybe nobody will come see comic book movies.” They were like, “Those are people in little conventions who like comic books.” And I was like, “But, I like comic books!”

That said, Shyamalan doesn’t think Unbreakable 2 should be “a comic book movie.” He explains:

Yeah. But the beauty of the world of Unbreakable is that you’re playing it for reality. It should never feel like a comic book movie. It feels like a straight-up drama. It’s real. You’re confronting the possibility that comic book characters were based on people that were real. That’s the premise, so the tone has to be super grounded. It would be cool.

Shyamalan talks a good game. Unbreakable was a hit in its day, grossing $248 million worldwide and earning mostly, if not entirely, positive reviews. Its contemplative tone set it apart from the comic book adaptations that came later. Even that ending seems kind of interesting, in retrospect; at this point, I’d welcome a superhero pic that didn’t end in yet another aerial battle sequence over a major metropolitan area.

But even if Unbreakable holds up, Shyamalan hasn’t. He’s been on a steady decline since then, to the point that Sony buried his name in the marketing for his latest film, After Earth. Maybe he’ll still turn it around — I hope he will — but it seems unlikely that a major studio would be willing to take a risk on M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable 2 at this point in time.

In the meantime, Shyamalan does have two other major projects coming this year. The Visit lands in theaters September 11, and his Fox series Wayward Pines premieres May 14.


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Would you see a X-Women film?

By mumbosauce - 8 hours ago

I'm asking because it's the obvious next step in comic book movies. We're getting solo female movies which will probably get sequels. Nowadays that means future teamups. Sony wanted to with a female Spider-Man team up movie. Realizing they didn't have strong enough femaes they switched to female Ghostbusters.

Fox could fu*k the game completely up if they really wanted to. Wonder Woman & Capital Marvel? Ok cool they could raise them by doing X-Women.

I mean it could hit every race with this I mean women love dressing up as X-Men.

A movie with this line up would kill

- Storm (Leader)
- Jean Grey
- Psylocke
- Dazzler
- M
- Moonstar
- Dust

You'd literally hit every race with that line up but they'd probably be the strongest team ever assembled on screen. 3 of them can fly.. 2 telepaths.. M has super strength.. Moonstar with the archery.. Dust has really cool powers plus she's a young Muslim and her story could inspire.

Only way Jennifer Lawrence comes back after X-Men Apocalypse when her contract is up is either her own Solo or if she's the main villain. I mean the sh*t writes itself. Something happens to Magneto and she's takes over. Storm's X-Men vs Mystques Brotherhood.

X-Men can support two movies a Cyclops team and a Storm team just like in the comics. They still could all live in the mansion. There's so many members a all female team on a mission wouldn't be weird at all.

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Video inside Yall Remember when Braxton Busted out the Glove on Jamie

By lboog1423 - 8 hours ago

sh*t be havin me cryin:rofl::rofl::rofl:

"Run Penny you know she got the iron" :deadpg:

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Article inside American Sniper Overtakes Saving Private Ryan as No. 1 War Movie of All Time

By Steve - 8 hours ago

Not adjusting for inflation, Clint Eastwood’s Iraq War drama has made $217.1 million, surpassing Steven Spielberg’s WWII epic at $216.5 million

“American Sniper” has overtaken “Saving Private Ryan” as the top grossing war movie of all time. The Clint Eastwood drama starring Bradley Cooper has so far earned $217.1 million at the box office, surpassing Spielberg’s film, which earned $216.5 million in 1998.

The Eastwood drama added 180 theaters in its third week of release, with “Sniper” now playing in 3,885 theaters. It overtook “Saving Private Ryan” on Thursday, and is on track to earn another $35 million to finish No. 1 at the box office for the third week in a row.

“American Sniper,” starring Cooper as controversial sniper Chris Kyle, is leading one of the highest-grossing Januarys in box office history, with only the first month of 2010, dominated by James Cameron‘s “Avatar,” finishing higher.

The film is also looking likely to break another record, for the highest-grossing R-rated movie of all time. It will have to beat $370 million to surpass the record held by Mel Gibson‘s “The Passion of the Christ.”


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Video inside Alternate Ending For 'Evil Dead' Remake Plus Deleted Scenes Unseen In The U.S.

By Steve - 8 hours ago

Though it seems to happen less often nowadays, at one time it wasn't uncommon for television broadcasts to show alternate versions movie. Whether by accident or intent, scenes would wind up making it onto TV that weren't in the theatrical cut of a film, or on home video, and it seems that for fans of the "Evil Dead" remake,there's a bit more horror lurking out there.

In the U.K. recently, "Evil Dead" was broadcast and some alert viewers noticed that not only was there an alternate ending, but some deleted scenes — all of which have been unseen in the United States — made it air. Fans have been quick to capture the material and get it online to share, but we'd wager it'll only last so long. There's an alternate ending in which Mia, missing an arm, makes it to the road to ask for help. And then there about five more minutes of sequences cut from the film that you saw in theaters.

"Usually you always see first cut is an extended version, because it’s basically everything you shot, and you have that version and then you start cutting stuff out. Just to pick up the pace or sometimes stuff didn’t work out the way you wanted it to so you cut it out," director Fede Alvarez told Collider in 2013. "Definitely my favorite cut is the one that got put out. That’s my favorite version of the film, the one that I put in theaters. That’s my directors cut, there’s no question about it....Sam [Raimi] saw my cut and said 'That the version that it’s supposed to be.' The cut I showed him was the cut I put out there. So what everybody saw in the theaters is the director’s cut, and this first DVD is the director’s cut."

So, does that mean a second DVD is in the pipeline with all the material that was on the cutting room floor? We presume a petition has been started. Watch below while you can — this will probably get pulled.


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Lewis and Clark: HBO Greenlights Miniseries Starring Casey Affleck

By Ham Rove - 8 hours ago


HBO’s making history again.
The premium cabler, home of John Adams and The Pacific, soon will set off on a new expedition: a miniseries based on the historical travels of Lewis and Clark.

Casey Affleck (Gone Baby Gone) will play Meriwether Lewis opposite Belgian actor Matthias Schoenaerts as William Clark in a project chronicling the famous trip, the network announced Friday.

The six-hour miniseries, based on Stephen E. Ambrose’s Undaunted Courage, will follow the 19th-century explorers as they go on a President Jefferson-ordered excursion through uncharted territory, searching for an all-water route to the Pacific Ocean.

The miniseries’ executive producers include Tom Hanks (Forrest Gump), Gary Goetzman (Game Change), Edward Norton (Fight Club), Brad Pitt (Inglourious Basterds) and Dede Gardner (The Normal Heart).

Masters of Sex showrunner Michelle Ashford, John Curran (The Painted Veil) and Norton will pen the script, with Curran directing.

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