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Video inside Oct 24 - The 'Pennsylvania Caribbean,' But You Wouldn't Catch Me Swimming In Those Waters

By Sk8bamboo - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Oct 24 - Eight-Tray Gangster Documentary (1993)

By Murker99 - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Oct 24 - Egypt's Ten Greatest Discoveries

By Sniggit - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Oct 24 - NOVA: Dark Secrets of the Sun

By Sniggit - 7 hours ago


It contains 99.9 percent of all the matter in our solar system and sheds hot plasma at nearly a million miles an hour. The temperature at its core is a staggering 27 million degrees Fahrenheit. It convulses, it blazes, it sings. You know it as the sun. Scientists know it as one of the most amazing physics laboratories in the universe. Now, with the help of new spacecraft and Earth-based telescopes, scientists are seeing the sun as they never have before and even recreating what happens at its very center in labs here on Earth. Their work will help us understand aspects of the sun that have puzzled scientists for decades. But more critically, it may help us predict and track solar storms that have the power to zap our power grid, shut down telecommunications, and ground global air travel for days, weeks, or even longer. Such storms have happened before—but never in the modern era of satellite communication. "Secrets of the Sun" reveals a bright new dawn in our understanding of our nearest star—one that might help keep our planet from going dark

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Video inside Oct 24 - Medieval Weapons & Combat: The Longbow

By Sniggit - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Oct 24 - Colosseum: A Gladiator's Story

By Sniggit - 7 hours ago

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Oct 24 - man accidentally shot by friend as he was attacked by a grizzly bear

By messy marv stan - 7 hours ago

A man attacked by bear was shot by his friend while the latter was attempting to spare him from the brutal attack of the beast.

According to NBC News, the man attacked by a Grizzly bear was shot accidentally when his hunting partner decided to save him.

The incident happened at around 9 a.m. Sunday near Fernie, British Columbia, said Ministry of Environment representative David Karn

He was fortunately saved because "during the attack, the victim's hunting partner shot at the bear, killing the bear," said Karn, who added that "the bear is a grizzly bear boar [sic] and it is believed at this time to be the only bear involved."

Conservation officers and emergency officials quickly responded to the scene after receiving a call about a man attacked by a bear and shot accidentally by his friend.

Canadian media outlets reported that the man attacked by bear and shot was immediately transported by a STARS air ambulance to a Calgary hospital.

Initial reports state it's not clear where Lloyd was wounded or how extensive the injuries from the mauling were, but he was shortly listed in stable condition.

STARS spokesman David Fairbanks told reporters that apart from the wounds he got from the Grizzly bear's attack, he was also "shot accidentally by his hunting partner while attempting to neutralize the animal."

"STARS responded to the Fernie area around 9:23 a.m. to transport a 56-year old male who had been mauled by a bear and shot while another person attempted to neutralize the animal," Fairbanks reiterated, according to Calgary Herald.

The hunting partner who accidentally shot Lloyd was not injured.

The man attacked by a bear and shot story comes just a month after Calgary hunter Rick Cross was killed during an attack by a Grizzly bear in Kananaskis Country when he stumbled upon a female bear and her cub.

Investigators said that attack was purely defensive and that a freshly killed deer carcass was also found in the area.

Just this July, two men from Fernie were also attacked by a female bear on Mt. Proctor. One was injured in the arms and chest area while the other was attacked in the arms and legs, MSN News has learned

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Image inside Oct 24 - Boko Haram Gunmen Reportedly Abduct at Least 25 More Girls in Nigeria

By RAZAH CUTS - 7 hours ago


A week after an alleged ceasefire agreement between the Nigerian government and Boko Haram, at least 25 more women have been reportedly abducted by the Islamist militant group.

Multiple outlets, including Reuters and the BBC, report that at least 25 women were taken by gunmen from a town in northeastern Nigeria, one not far from Chibok, where hundreds of girls were abducted and remain in captivity. The Guardian reports that 60 women were captured. The attack by suspected Boko Haram soldiers happened just a day after the ceasefire and an alleged secret meeting to negotiate the release of the kidnapped girls was reported.

John Kwaghe told Reuters that three of his daughters were taken late in the night. "We are confused that hours after the so-called ceasefire agreement has been entered between the Federal Government and Boko Haram insurgents, our girls were abducted by the insurgents," Kwaghe told Reuters. "We urge the government to please help rescue our daughters without further delay, as we are ready to die searching."

This latest report of kidnapped girls casts further suspicion on the legitimacy of the alleged ceasefire with Boko Haram, which has yet to publicly acknowledge the veracity of news reports. Reuters reports that a car bomb at a bus station in northern Nigeria killed five people and injured 12; the attack is believed to have been carried out by Boko Haram.

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Oct 24 - Russian man beats credit card company at their own game.

By choong - 7 hours ago


When you get a credit card application, you have two choices: You can sign it and send it in, or you can decide you don't like the terms, and throw it in the trash.

But a Russian man went a third route: He changed the terms of the contract to be more to his liking, and wound up with a credit card that gave him unlimited, interest-free spending.

Russia Today reports that Dmitry Argarkov of Vornonezh, Russia, didn't find the terms of a credit card offer he received from Tinkoff Credit Systems in 2008 appealing. But instead of ripping it up, he scanned it into his computer, rewrote the terms to be much more in his favor, printed it out, signed it, and mailed it back. How much more in his favor? Under the new terms, he was to have a 0 percent APR, no fees and no credit limit. And the bank would incur huge fines every time it violated the terms of his agreement.

When the bank got back the application, it apparently didn't bother to check the fine print, and sent him back a credit card.
And when the bank terminated the card and tried to sue him for unpaid balances and fees, the court ruled more or less in his favor: It ordered him to pay his unpaid balance of 19,000 rubles ($575), but otherwise waived all other credit card fees.

"They signed the documents without looking. They said what usually their borrowers say in court: 'We have not read it,'" his lawyer, Dmitry Mikhalevich, told members of the press after the ruling.

But Argarkov isn't done with the bank: His contract calls for a 6 million-ruble ($182,400) termination fee, as well as a 3 million-ruble fine for each violation of the agreement. Since the bank canceled his card and tried to charge him interest and fees, he's now suing the bank for 24 million rubles ($730,000). Needless to say, the bank has pledged to fight.

"According to our lawyers, he is going to get not 24 million rubles, but 4 years in prison for fraud. Now it's a matter of principle for @tcsbank," tweeted Tinkoff Credit Systems founder Oleg Tinkov (pictured, above).

Maybe next time they'll read the fine print they're so fond of using.

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Oct 24 - ugly woman pleads not guilty to rape of man in Seattle

By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago

Chantae Marie Gilman is arraigned Thursday in King County Superior Court

A 28-year-old Seattle woman entered a not-guilty plea Thursday to a second-degree-rape charge. Chantae Marie Gilman is accused of having sex with a man she didnÂ’t know after somehow entering his residence and climbing on top of him while he slept

A 28-year-old Seattle woman pleaded not guilty Thursday morning to second-degree rape in the alleged sexual assault on a man she didnÂ’t know in June 2013.

A motion by a defense attorney representing Chantae Marie Gilman to reduce her $100,000 bail was denied by King County Superior Court Judge Patrick Oishi, according to court records.

Gilman, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, was a month into a six-month residential drug- and mental-health treatment program in Spokane when she was brought back to Seattle and booked into the King County Jail on Tuesday, jail and court records show.

On June 16, 2013, a now-31-year-old man attended his neighbor’s birthday party in Seattle’s South Delridge neighborhood, charging papers say. The man did not know Gilman “but recognized her as a drug user in the area” who had also visited the man’s neighbor, the papers say.

The man arrived home at 10 p.m. and fell asleep on his bed, charging papers say. At 2 a.m., he was awakened to find Gilman on top of him, having sex with him while pinning his hands down over his head, according to the charges.

The man told Gilman to get off him, but she refused, telling him “to be quiet,” charging papers say. He was able to work his way out from under her and told her to leave, but she again refused and asked for a cigarette, the papers say.

He pushed her out the door and threw a cigarette at her, slamming his door shut, they say.

The charges donÂ’t indicate how Gilman was able to gain entry into the manÂ’s residence.

He later went to Harborview Medical Center for a sexual-assault examination, and female DNA was recovered during the exam, charging papers say.

Gilman was interviewed by police but said she did not recall being in the manÂ’s home or having sex with him, according to the charges. She told a Seattle police detective she suffers from bipolar disorder and psychosis, charging papers say.

At some point, Gilman provided a DNA sample, which was later matched by scientists at the State Patrol crime lab to the DNA from the manÂ’s sexual-assault exam, according to the charges.

According to a letter in the court record written by the clinical supervisor of the Spokane drug-treatment program, Gilman arranged for Child Protective Services to provide respite care for her newborn daughter while she is in custody awaiting trial

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Image inside Oct 24 - Cosmic catastrophe: Earth hit by double asteroids 458 million years ago
By RAZAH CUTS - 8 hours ago - 2 comments

Image inside Oct 24 - LA mayor who promised never 2 ‘embarrass this community’ arrested on child porn charges
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Oct 24 - Michigan girl meant to kill family
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Image inside Oct 24 - Oklahoma inmate attacks lawyer, then gets life
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Image inside Oct 24 - Warrant: Ex-Durham Teacher Has Tattoo of Female Student's Name
By ima80baby - 8 hours ago - 0 comments

Oct 24 - President Obama Meets With Dallas Nurse Infected With Ebola
By Bandito - 8 hours ago - 19 comments

Oct 24 - 90000 Liberians could die from ebola this year
By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago - 2 comments

Oct 24 - Shooting at Washington State High School; Shooter confirmed dead
By outlaw0immortal - 8 hours ago - 13 comments

Oct 24 - Ebola in Los Angeles?
By Machiavelli - 8 hours ago - 8 comments

Oct 24 - arizona man self quarantines his family to monitor for ebola
By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago - 1 comments

Image inside Oct 24 - Family mistakenly eats 'Worlds's Most Deadly Fish'
By phantomnation - 8 hours ago - 13 comments

Oct 24 - Teacher Ashley Zehnder Faces Sex Charge After Nude Photo Emerges
By Frasier - 8 hours ago - 26 comments

Oct 24 - 50 Percent Of American Workers Make Less Than $28,031 A Year
By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago - 3 comments

Oct 24 - Two deputies die in Sacramento area shooting spree; suspect arrested
By 29 26 - 8 hours ago - 0 comments

Oct 24 - Pennsylvania to Destroy Thousands of Bottles of Wine
By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago - 6 comments

Oct 24 - Facebook plots first steps into healthcare
By Alerts - 8 hours ago - 2 comments

Image inside Oct 24 - Live Like A Gangster: Al Capone’s Home Is For Sale
By timdog - 8 hours ago - 8 comments

Image inside Oct 24 - TLC Cancels Honey Boo Boo Over Mom's Child Molester Boyfriend
By RAZAH CUTS - 8 hours ago - 45 comments

Image inside Oct 24 - Recap (w/ documents credible info) of Ferguson MB
By rai09 - 8 hours ago - 6 comments

Oct 24 - Breaking News:Students Injured in School Shooting Near Seattle
By Afrocentric - 8 hours ago - 27 comments

Oct 24 - Death Threats Aimed at Boy, 11, Who Bagged Rare Albino Deer
By messy marv stan - 8 hours ago - 31 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - Ottoman Empire: The War Machine
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 5 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - Atlantis: The Lost Continent
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 0 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - NOVA: What Are Dreams?
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 4 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - The True Story Of Troy
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 0 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - Amarna: Egypt's Other Lost City
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 0 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - Into The Universe With Stephen Hawking - Time Travel
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 3 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - Two in Sacramento Monitored for Possible Ebola Exposure; People Considered “Low Risk”
By SomeOnesoN - 1 day ago - 5 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - CAUGHT-ON-CAMERA"Woman Beaten, Mugged In Crown Heights, Brooklyn"-by 3 men
By cheenz - 1 day ago - 23 comments

Oct 23 - Sears to close stores, lay off about 5,500 employees: Seeking Alpha
By timdog - 1 day ago - 23 comments

Oct 23 - Mom, daughter assaulted by clowns with sex toys at haunted house
By 561king - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Image inside Oct 23 - West Virginia man admits to raping pet dog, cops say — and neighbors aren’t surprised
By RAZAH CUTS - 1 day ago - 4 comments

Image inside Oct 23 - Three teenage US girls stopped in Germany, suspected of trying to join Islamic State
By RAZAH CUTS - 1 day ago - 13 comments

Image inside Oct 23 - Inside Miami’s Hidden Tent City For ‘Sex Offenders’
By RAZAH CUTS - 1 day ago - 36 comments

Oct 22 - puppy sized spider is the world largest
By messy marv stan - 1 day ago - 49 comments

Oct 23 - britian hatches scheme to pay fat people if they lose weight
By messy marv stan - 1 day ago - 3 comments

Video inside Oct 23 - WATCH: Little Foul-mouthed Princesses Rampantly Drop the F-bomb ...for a Damn Good Reason
By RAZAH CUTS - 1 day ago - 63 comments

Oct 23 - China says wants closer military ties with Iran
By Alerts - 1 day ago - 20 comments

Oct 23 - "alleged" flight 370 debris could start washing up on shore
By messy marv stan - 1 day ago - 4 comments

Oct 23 - Substitute Teacher Gives Student A BJ On Her First Day
By ima80baby - 1 day ago - 154 comments

Oct 23 - Alert: Doc with Ebola rode subway hours before testing positive!!
By Ladklap - 1 day ago - 20 comments

Oct 23 - Ebola in NYC
By Pdouble69 - 1 day ago - 87 comments

Image inside Oct 23 - 65 Year Old Grandmother Admits to Selling Hundreds of Pounds Of Marijuana!
By BangEm904 - 1 day ago - 68 comments

Oct 23 - NYPD officer mistakes colleague for perp... AND KICKS HIM IN THE HEAD!
By dfro - 1 day ago - 9 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - Sunken Ancient Egyptian City
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 5 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - Hannibal: The Man, The Myth, The Mystery
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 8 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - BBC: Wonders of the Solar System - Aliens
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 2 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - Ancient India's Contributions to the World
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 1 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - History's Most Horrendous Torture Devices
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 5 comments

Video inside Oct 22 - Inside the living body
By Sniggit - 2 days ago - 2 comments

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