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Video inside Sep 15 - Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

By Sniggit - 17 hours ago

Artificial Spleen Removes Ebola, HIV Viruses and Toxins From Blood Using Magnets

The Wyss Institute's spleen-like blood-cleansing device makes use of genetically modified blood proteins coated on magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic forces to pull a variety of pathogens from the blood(Harvard's Wyss Institute)

Harvard scientists have invented a new artificial spleen that is able to clear toxins, fungi and deadly pathogens such as Ebola from human blood, which could potentially save millions of lives.

Blood can be infected by many different types of organ infections as well as contaminated medical instruments such as IV lines and catheters.

When antibiotics are used to kill them, dying viruses release toxins in the blood that begin to multiply quickly, causing sepsis, a life-threatening condition whereby the immune system overreacts, causing blood clotting, organ damage and inflammation.

It can take days to identify which pathogen is responsible for infecting the blood but most of the time, the cause is not identified, while the onset of sepsis can be hours to days. Broad-spectrum antibiotics with sometimes devastating side effects are used and currently over eight million people die from the condition worldwide annually.

"Even with the best current treatments, sepsis patients are dying in intensive care units at least 30% of the time," said Dr Mike Super, senior staff scientist at Harvard's Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering, which led the research. "We need a new approach."

Using magnetic nanobeads to clean blood

Magnetic nanobeads in the 'biospleen' device bind to Escherichia coli (left) and Staphylococcus aureus (right) and remove them from blood(Harvard's Wyss Institute)

To overcome this, researchers have invented a "biospleen", a device similar to a dialysis machine that makes use of magnetic nanobeads measuring 128 nanometres in diameter (one-five hundredths the width of a single human hair) coated with mannose-binding lectin (MBL), a type of genetically engineered human blood protein.

The study, An Extracorporeal Blood-Cleansing Device For Sepsis Therapy, has been published in the journal Nature Medicine.

The MBL on the nanobeads binds itself to toxins and pathogens, which can then be pulled out of the blood by the device through two hollow channels connected by a series of slits, with one channel containing flowing blood, while the other contains a saline solution that collects and removes the pathogens that travel through the slits.

The scientists tested their device by cleaning human blood that had been spiked with different pathogens and when blood flowed through a single device at the rate of 500ml to 1 litre an hour, over 90% of key pathogens were removed.

To speed up the device for human use, many devices can be linked together to clean the blood at a faster rate.

The researchers also tested the bio-spleen on rats that had been infected by toxins and viruses such as E. coli and S. aureus. After just five hours of filtering, 90% of the toxins and pathogens had been removed from the rats' bloodstreams and 90% of the treated rats survived.

Cleaning blood without knowing the source

"Sepsis is a major medical threat, which is increasing because of antibiotic resistance," said Donald Ingber, a professor of vascular biology at Harvard Medical School and the Vascular Biology Program at Boston Children's Hospital, as well as professor of bioengineering at SEAS.

"We're excited by the biospleen because it potentially provides a way to treat patients quickly without having to wait days to identify the source of infection and it works equally well with antibiotic-resistant organisms.

"We hope to move this towards human testing to advancing to large animal studies as quickly as possible."

Biospleens could be used in the future to treat patients suffering from viral diseases such as HIV and Ebola, where a person's survival depends on how quickly the amount of virus in the blood can be lowered to a negligible level.

The researchers plan to use pigs next to test their invention.

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Image inside Sep 15 - Murder charges in 4 Tampa Bay area slayings

By phantomnation - 17 hours ago

HUDSON, Fla. - Police on a manhunt swarmed a Florida hotel early Friday and arrested a man suspected in the killings of four people whose bodies were found stacked on the ground and decomposing in a neighborhood some 45 miles away.

Detectives found the bodies a day earlier when they went to check on a 4-year-old boy believed to be the suspect's son, who authorities say is autistic.

Police said they arrested Adam Matos, 28, after tricking him into leaving his room — where he was staying with the boy — on the 18th floor of the historic Floridan Palace Hotel. Matos had checked in under his real name, they said.

Results were pending of a DNA test that would determine whether Matos is the father of the boy, Ismael Tristan Santisteban.

"I love my son and I hope that he's safe right now," Matos told reporters as he was led to a police car outside the hotel. He denied killing the victims or knowing who did. Officials said an investigator who specializes in talking to autistic children was interviewing Ismael. They were not sure whether he might have witnessed the killings.

After Matos' arrest, the boy seemed fine, said Jane Castor, Tampa's police chief.

"He is in good spirits," she told a news conference. She said she did not know whether Matos had a weapon in the room.

Matos is the only suspect in the deaths of the four people whose bodies were found in Hudson, some 45 miles away from the Tampa hotel, authorities said. Pasco deputies declined to release the names pending the conclusion of autopsies. But a search warrant obtained by both The Tampa Tribune and the Tampa Bay Times lists them as Megan Brown, 27; her parents, Margaret and Greg Brown, both 52; and another man, Nicholas Leonard. All recently lived in Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley, as did Matos. The Associated Press could not obtain a copy of the warrant.

Margaret and Greg Brown owned a Lehigh Valley kennel that had recently lost its license for employing a man who had once been convicted of animal cruelty at another kennel, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

Tara Cellini of Nesquehoning, Pennsylvania, who owns the Florida home with her husband, Ben, and rented it to the Browns, said the couple and their daughter abruptly moved south a few months ago, saying "they were just tired of all the work up here and they wanted to go down there to slow their lives down and enjoy their lives."

She also said the family had trouble with Matos, whom Megan Brown had dated.

Detectives released only a few details about what specific evidence ties Matos to the slayings. Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco did say Matos had been seen in the Hudson area recently and quickly became a suspect.

Court records in Pennsylvania show Matos had been arrested numerous times for harassment, theft, burglary, trespassing, assault and driving under the influence. He pleaded guilty to some of the charges, and others appear to have been dismissed.

He is due in a Hillsborough County court Saturday to face a charge of aggravated assault related to an incident on Aug. 28, when the boy was last seen at his home. His mother called police and said Matos had threatened her with a knife and then fled, said Nocco. She told investigators she was scared of Matos, but authorities could not find him.

On Thursday, Pasco sheriff's deputies were checking on the family, but no one was home.

They noticed a bad odor in the area and about three-quarters of a mile down the street found the bodies of two men and two women in a pile in a grassy area out in the open with birds circling overhead, police said. The bodies had apparently lain unseen for several days in the working-class neighborhood with houses big and small that abuts canals leading to the Gulf of Mexico.

The names of the four victims were not released pending identification, Nocco said.

"It's been quiet around here," said Mark Evans, who helps run a storage facility and landscaping service that overlooks the area where the bodies were found. "We mow some lawns over on that street, and we didn't see anything out of the ordinary."

A tip from a cab driver who had driven a man and a boy the hour and a half or so to Tampa led officials downtown, Nocco said. There, witnesses said they'd seen Matos at a bus station, asking about fares. Authorities said they thought he planned to travel to Key West. A ticket wasn't available, officials said, so he headed to the hotel.

Once he checked in — and called the front desk at least once, asking how to connect to the Internet — staff called police, and the SWAT team gathered in the lobby.

Source: AP

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Image inside Sep 15 - NFL player Peterson admitted to giving another 4-year-old ‘a whoopin in the car’: Report

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson caused a scar and a head wound on a second 4-year-old son while allegedly disciplining him for swearing, KHOU-TV reported on Monday.

The incident allegedly happened this past June, when the unidentified boy was visiting Peterson at his home in Spring, Texas. Peterson reportedly sent the boyÂ’s mother a photo of him with two bandages covering up the wound, which KHOU posted online:


Jeremy Rogalski ✔ @JRogalskiKHOU
New accusations against Adrian Paterson for injuring another son. The #KHOU I-Team has the exclusive photos at 6 p.m
The boy also allegedly suffered a scar over his right eye, according to pictures Peterson sent later. The running back, who was reinstated by the Vikings on Monday, told the mother in a text message that the child “hit his head on the Carseat,” but later said he disciplined the boy for swearing at a sibling.

“How does that happen, he got a whoopin in the car,” she asked.

“Yep,” he replied. When the woman asked why, Peterson reportedly replied, “I felt so bad. But he did it his self.”

KHOU reported that the woman filed a report with Child Protective Services, but the outcome of that report is unclear.

Peterson’s attorney did not comment on the report, but he said in a statement on Monday, “I am, without a doubt, not a child abuser.” He was suspended from the team last week in connection with an investigation into his alleged beating of another 4-year-old son with a wooden “switch” during a visit to Peterson’s home this past May.

According to KHOU, Peterson did not say whether he also used a “switch” during the incident in June, but did say the boy could have avoided the scar if he would have “be still n take ya whooping.”

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Sep 15 - Missouri teenager in medically-induced coma after cop uses Taser on him

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


The FBI is investigating the police department in Independence, Missouri for alleged use of excessive force following an incident that resulted in a 17-year-old boy requiring a medically-induced coma to help treat injuries to his brain, KCTV-TV reported.

17-year-old Bryce Masters is listed in critical condition following his encounter with Officer Tim Runnels on Sunday, during which Runnels used a Taser on the teen. One witness, Curtis Martes, told KCTV that Runnels approached MastersÂ’ vehicle after pulling him over and asked him to roll his window down. However, Martes said, MastersÂ’ window did not work properly, stopping him from following the order.

But police said Masters, whose father is an officer for the Kansas City Police Department, was being “completely uncooperative,” forcing Runnels to defend himself.

“The driver refused to exit the vehicle,” Sgt. Darrell Schmidli was quoted as saying. “A struggle ensued, a Taser was deployed by the officer. The driver was finally removed out of the car. A struggle ensued once he was moved out of the car.”

Another witness, Michelle Baker, said she thought MastersÂ’ head hit the concrete during the altercation. Multiple witnesses stated that Masters had to be brought back to life by emergency crews before being hospitalized.

“The cop put his foot on his back and moved it back and forth like he was putting a cigarette out and asked him, ‘Are you ready to get up now?’” Baker told KCTV. “You could tell the kid was going into convulsions.”

Runnels has been placed on administrative leave.

Independence police were sued in July 2007 after they mistakenly pulled over a woman who was five months pregnant and forced her to lie face down on the side of a highway. At the time, they believed the woman was behing the theft of vehicles from a local JC Penney parking lot. KCTV reported that a local judge dismissed the suit, saying the officers had “sovereign immunity.”

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Sep 15 - Student Debt Catches Even the Elderly

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


An estimated 2 million Americans age 60 and older are in debt from unpaid student loans, whether from money borrowed long ago or from more recent borrowing to fund degrees for family members. And some are having their Social Security payments garnished as a result.

This discrete population of debtors has almost tripled from about 700,000 in 2005.

The New York Times reports Friday:

The debt among older people is up substantially, to $43 billion from $8 billion in 2005, according to the report, which is based on data from Equifax, the credit reporting agency. As of July 31, money was being deducted from Social Security payments to almost 140,000 individuals to pay down their outstanding student loans, according to Treasury Department data. That is up from just under 38,000 people in 2004. Over the decade, the amounts withheld more than tripled, to nearly $101 million for the first seven months of this year from over $32 million in 2004.

While older debtors account for a small fraction of student loan borrowers, who have accumulated nearly $1 trillion in such debt, the effect of owing a constantly ballooning amount of debt but having a fixed income can be onerous, said Senator Bill Nelson, Democrat of Florida, chairman of the Senate Special Committee on Aging.

“Those in default on their loans can see their Social Security checks garnished, leaving them with retirement income that leaves them well below the poverty line,” he said at a committee hearing this week to examine the issue.

“Some may think of student loan debt as a young person’s problem,” he said, “but, as it turns out, that is increasingly not the case.”

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Sep 15 - Texas Sheriff Claims ‘Quran Books’ Found At Mexican Border May Mean ISIS Infiltration

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


Federal officials say there is no credible information that known terrorists are crossing the southern border of the United States. But that hasn’t stopped one local Texas official from linking “Quran books” reportedly found on the border to the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) terrorist group. Gary Painter, sheriff of Midland County, Texas, described as a “born leader of men,” said to Fox News recently if ISIS members are poised to infiltrate the border, that “we’ll send them to hell.”

“I received an intelligence report that said that there were ISIS cells that were active in Juarez [Mexico] and that there was some activity for the sheriffs along the border to be on alert,” Painter said when the Fox and Friends’ host Elisabeth Hasselbeck asked if ISIS was ready to attack on U.S. soil. “I’m saying the border is wide open. We have found copies, or people along the border, have found Muslim clothing, they have found Quran books that are laying on the side of the trail. So we know that there are Muslims that have come across, have been smuggled in the United States.”

“If they show their ugly head in our area, we’ll send them to hell,” Painter continued. “I think the United States needs to get busy and they need to bomb them. They need to take them out. I would like for them to hit them so hard and so often that every time they hear a propeller on a plane or a jet aircraft engine that they urinate down both legs.”
Painter made similar comments in other media outlets where he said that ISIS has operations in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, which borders El Paso, Texas. That claim was first published on the conservative Judicial Watch, but a federal law enforcement told an ABC affiliate that it is “unverified and unlikely” that ISIS is in Juarez.

Last week, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) officials dismissed claims at a Senate hearing that ISIS members could sneak into the country by land. DHS undersecretary for intelligence Francis Taylor told Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) that he was “satisfied we have the intelligence and capability on the border that would prevent that activity.” At the same time, Jennifer Lasley, a DHS official told the House Homeland Security border security subcommittee, “We don’t have any credible information, that we are aware of, of known or suspected terrorists coming across the border.”

Rather, the DHS is more concerned about ISIS fighters who could enter the country by air — John Wagner, assistant commissioner in the U.S. Customs and Border Patrol’s Office of Field Operations said, “The number of known watch-listed persons we are encountering on the Southwest border is minimal compared to commercial aviation. We’re talking tens versus thousands.” In a television interview, Pentagon Rear Adm. John Kirby stated that the Pentagon has “no information that leads us to believe that” ISIS was crossing at the U.S.-Mexican border.”

Painter is the latest to join the list of officials who are claiming that the “porous” southern border could be the gateway for ISIS penetration into the United States. During a speech at the conservative-leaning Heritage Foundation, Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) said, “There’s the obvious great concern that because of the condition of the border, from the standpoint of it not being secure and us not knowing who is penetrating across, that individuals from ISIS or other terrorist states could be.” In a Time op-ed, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) called on securing “our own borders and immigration policy from ISIS infiltration. Our border is porous, and the administration, rather than acting to protect it, instead ponders unconstitutional executive action, legalizing millions of illegal immigrants.” During a radio interview over the weekend, Rep. Trent Franks (R-AZ) also mentioned the erroneous report outlining ISIS operations in Ciudad Juarez. And in July, a member of the anti-immigrant group American Patriot, Three Percent, took pictures of what appeared to be a “Muslim prayer rug found near the border in Arizona.” But Gawker pointed that the the rug in question was actually an Adidas shirt.

Already, the U.S. spends exponential amounts on border security, and the vast majority of the border meets one of Homeland Security’s top three certifications for security and overall. The White House said that the Border Patrol has doubled the number of agents from about 10,000 in 2004 to more than 21,000 in 2011; that the DHS has “completed 649 miles of fencing out of nearly 652 miles planned,” and increased the number of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents along the southwest border. Federal funding on border expenditures has tripled since 2002, with the country spending $18 billion on immigration enforcement in the 2012 fiscal year, more than every other federal law enforcement agency combined.

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Sep 15 - Smoking rates on the rise in New York City

By phantomnation - 18 hours ago

NEW YORK (AP) -- For the first time in years, more than 1 million New Yorkers are smoking, according to data released Monday, marking a disturbing rise of tobacco use in the city that pioneered a number of anti-smoking initiatives that were emulated nationally.

Sixteen percent of adult New Yorkers smoked in 2013, up from 14 percent in 2010, which was the city's lowest recorded rate, according to the findings released by New York City's Department of Health.

Paula Halton, smoking a cigarette outside a Manhattan building on Monday, found it hard to believe there had been an increase in the numbers of smokers.

"I feel definitely like a minority compared to what it used to be," the 39-year-old Brooklyn resident said. "I can't imagine an adult picking up smoking now."

The rise in 2013, which is the most recent data available, is striking since it comes as smoking rates fall across the country. However, the national average - 18 percent - is still higher than it is in New York.

The findings were culled from answers to the department's annual health survey of thousands city residents.

"We've had a plateau in the smoking rate for a couple of years, but now it is a statistically significant increase," said Dr. Mary Bassett, the city's health commissioner. "We now know the rise is real and we aim to do something about it."

Under Michael Bloomberg, who served 12 years as mayor beginning in 2002, New York radically reshaped its plans to curb smoking among its residents. Bloomberg's signature health initiative was to bar smoking in public parks and most other public places, including bars and restaurants, across the nation's largest city.

While those decisions originally sparked controversy, the policy was later embraced by most New Yorkers and copied across the U.S. The city also funded several hard-hitting campaigns that used graphic imagery of smoke-damaged internal organs - and depictions of amputations and other smoking-related health complications - to scare off users, particularly children.

Moreover, a pack of cigarettes purchased in New York City is subject to more taxes than any other municipality in the nation.

Bassett believes that city budget cutbacks caused by the economic downturn of the last six years is the largest culprit for the rise.

"The city used a whole host of tools to drive down smoking," said Bassett, who was appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio after he took office in January. "But we know we haven't been able to maintain the foot on the gas in the same way."

The city had to scale back on expensive television advertising and did away with some of its programs aimed at helping people quit, including one to provide nicotine replacements to smokers.

The culture of smoking has also changed, Bassett said. The city has seen a rise in part-time smokers - including some social smokers who don't turn to cigarettes every day - and that is the demographic being targeted by the government's new $830,000 ad campaign entitled "Imagine for Life."

"We're aiming at smokers who think they don't smoke enough for it to hurt him," Bassett said. "This is a product that is not safe in any amount."

Bassett said the city also aims to bolster its support system for would-be quitters and emphasized that despite the recent rise in smoking, the number of smokers is still 25 percent lower than it was in 2002.

Source: AP

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Sep 15 - 92-year-old Colorado man died after homemade bomb exploded, police believe

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


A 92-year-old Colorado man who investigators initially thought shot himself to death actually appears to have died when a homemade bomb he was assembling at his remote mountain house detonated accidentally, police said on Sunday.

The body of Edwin Bartheld was found in the crawlspace of his home in the small former mining town of Turret, about 95 miles southwest of Denver, the Chaffee County SheriffÂ’s Office said in a statement.

The sheriffÂ’s office said one of the manÂ’s friends called authorities on Friday afternoon notifying them they had found BartheldÂ’s body after he had not been heard from in more than a week.

When deputies arrived at the home on Friday, they believed the elderly man died by suicide. But that was revised after authorities discovered a “large cache of explosive devices and chemicals commonly used for manufacturing explosives inside the house,” the statement said.

Bomb experts were called in to remove the chemicals, and detonate the explosive devices, according to the sheriffÂ’s office.

Once the house was rendered safe, crews removed the manÂ’s body and determined that he most likely died when one of the bombs he was assembling exploded, police said, adding that Bartheld appeared to have been dead for several days.

Investigators have a possible motive for BartheldÂ’s bombmaking activities but will not release those details until the probe is completed, Derek Bos, a commander with the sheriffÂ’s office, told Reuters.

“We can say that we don’t believe there was a public safety threat,” Bos said.

An autopsy is set for Monday to confirm the cause of death, Bos said.

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Sep 15 - High Schoolers Protest Sexist Dress Code That’s Landed More Than 100 Girls In Detention

By RAZAH CUTS - 18 hours ago


Students at a Staten Island high school are frustrated with a strict new dress code that’s landing girls in detention for wearing shorts, despite the fact that many of their classrooms don’t have air conditioning. After the school reportedly gave detention to 200 kids — 90 percent of whom were female students — teens are gearing up for a protest again the rules.

The interim principal at Tottenville High School recently changed the dress code to prohibit tank tops, low-cut shirts, and shorts that don’t reach fingertip length. But it’s been hot during the first few weeks of school, and students say it doesn’t make sense to crack down on them for dressing comfortably for their “sweltering” classrooms.

“That’s what girls wear when it’s hot out. It’s unfair to them,” a senior at the school told the Staten Island Advance.

The students being punished for their clothing are being required to put on a large T-shirt and gym shorts provided by the school or wait in the auditorium for their parents to bring them a different outfit. In protest, some students are continuing to openly defy the dress code regulations and wear shorts and tank tops to school.

Both male and female students have complained that the dress code is “sexist” and “biased” toward young women. “Tottenville should just be an all boys school considering this dress code is only affecting the girls,” one teen pointed out. Another said it was “humiliating to be pulled aside like an object” to be told that her outfit was inappropriate.

Amid the growing controversy, school district officials released a statement noting they reserve the right to enforce a dress code in cases when students’s clothing “creates a distraction, is dangerous, or interferes with the learning and teaching process.”

Schools typically justify their dress codes by maintaining that itÂ’s important to keep the classroom free from distractions; however, that language actually reinforces the idea that womenÂ’s bodies are inherently tempting to men and itÂ’s their responsibility to cover themselves up. Students and parents across the country are increasingly pushing back against the double standard, saying that it sends harmful messages about gender stereotypes to kids.

After all, if students are taught that girls need to dress a certain way so they don’t “distract” boys, that ultimately furthers the idea that boys can’t control themselves — and that unwanted sexual attention is sometimes justified because girls are “asking for it” with their short skirts and low-cut tops.

ItÂ’s also arguably more disruptive to the learning environment to single out female students in this way. Other girls have been called out in front of their peers, kicked out of school dances, sent home for the day, and forced to change into baggy gym clothes for wearing things that are deemed to be too revealing.

“I get that they want to teach us to respect ourselves and others, and that they want us to dress for success, but if you’re comfortable and relaxed in class — not sweltering or fearful you’re going to get pulled aside — you can pay attention better and learn,” one Tottenville student pointed out.

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Video inside Sep 15 - BREAKING: Surge Soda Is Back! (And Has Already Sold Out Once)

By SickaMorStyle - 18 hours ago

That was a terrifying few minutes there, but everyone can breathe again. Surge was briefly sold out, but it's back in stock. Since this could go on all day, we advise checking the site to see if the soda is still in stock.


Everyone's favorite '90s soda is back and super fans are freaking out.

Surge, a popular '90s soda that was essentially Coca-Cola's take on Mountain Dew, is for sale on, and is Coca-Cola's first foray into "distributing a product solely through e-commerce." In an astounding display of the soda's popularity, Surge has already sold out once, and we're sure we'll do so again.

Known as the "fully loaded citrus soda," the fizzy drink was taken off the market in 2003 after making its debut in 1996. Now, thanks to the official SURGE Movement Facebook page -- the soda briefly made its return and might be here to stay for good.

The SURGE Movement is a Coca-Cola fan group spearheaded by Evan Carr, Sean Sheridan and Matt Winans that has worked tirelessly for the past few years trying to get the famous soda back on shelves.

According to a Coca-Cola spokesperson, the soda could be back for good, but it all depends on the popularity of the comeback. “This is the ultimate test… we’re leaving it in the hands of SURGE fans,” said Racquel Mason, associate vice president of sparkling flavors, Coca-Cola North America. “Can 128,000 fans build and sustain a brand? We’ll see.”

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Sep 11 - Man Who Made 911 Call That Led to John Crawford’s Death Admits He Lied
By Sin - 5 days ago - 35 comments

Image inside Sep 11 - Chipotle Workers Quit, Shut Down Store, Because That Job Sucks
By RAZAH CUTS - 5 days ago - 109 comments

Video inside Sep 11 - Newly Released Video Shows Contractors Live Reaction To Shooting Of Michael Brown!
By NoLastName - 5 days ago - 190 comments

Sep 11 - Scientists Studied What Smoking Pot Every Day Does to Teens, and the Results Are Bad
By RAZAH CUTS - 5 days ago - 113 comments

Image inside Sep 11 - Good News: The Hole In The Ozone Layer Is Finally Starting To Heal
By Mickey Bricks - 5 days ago - 19 comments

Image inside Sep 11 - For Many Iranians, "Evidence" Is Clear: ISIS Is An American Invention
By RAZAH CUTS - 5 days ago - 49 comments

Image inside Sep 11 - Netflix, Reddit, And Other Sites Are "Slowing Down" To Protest Net Neutrality Rules
By Mickey Bricks - 5 days ago - 8 comments

Sep 11 - New Michael Brown Witnesses Come Forward With Video
By RAZAH CUTS - 5 days ago - 18 comments

Sep 11 - Frozen Cats & Child P0rn
By daluckychild - 5 days ago - 12 comments

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