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Oct 29 - man chops off his mothers head in nyc

By messy marv stan - 11 hours ago

some people thought it was a halloween prank

man chopped off his mothers head

Just 20 minutes after finding a headless body in Farmingdale, MTA police confirmed a man in his 30s, identified by law enforcement sources as possibly the womanÂ’s son, stepped in front of a Ronkonkoma-bound Long Island Rail Road train near the Clinton St. crossing

A woman in her 60s was found beheaded on a Long Island street just minutes before a man stepped in front of a LIRR train less than a mile away, according to witnesses and police.

Cops said the two victims may have been mother and son.

Police made the horrific discovery of the womanÂ’s body in front of an apartment building on Secatogue Ave. in Farmingdale around 7:55 p.m., a Nassau County Police spokesman said.

The body of the female victim, wearing only a bra and pants, was lying on one side of the street and her head was on the other, said witness Jack Imperial, 41, of Briarwood, Queens, who was taking a taxi to a meeting when he came across the grisly scene.

“The body’s feet were at the curb, the shoulders were at the middle of the street. The head was across the street,” said Imperial. “I’ve seen some gruesome stuff in my years of living ... but nothing like this. I didn’t expect to see something like this, especially not out here.”

Just 20 minutes after finding the corpse, MTA police confirmed a man in his 30s, identified by law enforcement sources as possibly the womanÂ’s son, stepped in front of a Ronkonkoma-bound Long Island Rail Road train near the Clinton St. crossing

That train had left Penn Station shortly after 7 p.m., an LIRR spokesman said.

Imperial said his cab driver “got sick” after seeing the woman’s disembodied head and quickly sped away. The duo wondered if what they had seen was a seasonal prank, he said.

“I thought it was Halloween hoax. There was no big splatter of blood. It looked staged,” Imperial said.

A dispatcher for Yellow Cab Corp. in Farmingdale said several of his drivers — who have to pass the block after picking up passengers at the train station — had reported seeing the stomach-turning scene.

“One guy said he needs therapy now,” said the dispatcher, who declined to give his name. “They said it was one of the most disgusting things they’d ever seen.”

The body of the female victim, wearing only a bra and pants, was lying on one side of the street and her head was on the other, said witness Jack Imperial, 41, of Briarwood, Queens, who was taking a taxi to a meeting when he came across the grisly scene

The womanÂ’s head may have been kicked across the street after the murder, a police source said.

It was not immediately clear if the killing occurred outside or in the apartment building. The identities of the dead man and woman were not immediately released.

Nick Gordon, who said he lived across the hall from the woman, said she moved in a few months ago and had a small white dog.

He speculated that the murder occurred inside the building. “When I came out the door, I saw the blood on the tile. It was all over, as if someone could’ve been pulling a body. You could see the smears going down the stairs.”

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Oct 29 - Cops: Teacher Got Student's Name Tattooed and Sexted Her About Threesome

By Ham Rove - 11 hours ago


A former North Carolina high school teacher has been accused of carrying out a sexual relationship with an underage student whose name and initials she later tattooed on her body—and with whom, texts seem to suggest, she and her husband had a threesome.

According to the News & Observer, Durham police found text messages between Michelle Smith White, 37, and the student "which includes the wording 'threesome' and alluding to the involvement of Ms. White's husband Phillip White." In the search warrant for White's home obtained by WRAL, police were instructed to photograph a tattoo White has of the student's name and initials.

Police found more alarming material during their search of the White's home. From the News & Observer:


There were two framed photos of the Whites and the student hanging on the wall in the couple's bedroom, according to the warrant. Investigators found a blue binder containing handwritten notes, and a card all written by Phillip White to the girl.
Investigators also discovered the student's schedule with a four-letter word for sex written on it, handwritten notes from Michelle White, a handwritten card and more pictures in wooden frames of the girl in White's house.

Additionally, WRAL reports, police seized "a laptop computer, two tablet computers, two cellphones, and a video camera" from the White household.
WRAL reports that White first met the student in 2012 at Charles E. Jordan High School, when she was 15—their relationship later became sexual. In April of this year, the student's parents apparently told White to stop communicating with their daughter; Durham Public Schools officials confirmed to WRAL that White resigned from her job as a dance teacher at the school the same month.

According to the search warrant for White's home, she has been suspended twice for alleged inappropriate behavior with students. From the News & Observer:


Michelle White was suspended from Jordan High School for unknown reasons in 2012 and again in April 2014, before she resigned later that month.

The search warrant says there were at least two investigations into an "inappropriate" relationship between White and the student by the Durham Public Schools Human Resources Division.

"After the most recent Human Resources investigation, Ms. White's employment with the Durham Public School system ended," the warrant states.

White resigned after the student's parents accused her of having sex with their daughter, officials said.
Michelle White has been charged by police with "taking indecent liberties and sexual offense with a student." According to the News & Observer, Phillip White has not been charged by police in the case.

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Oct 29 - 21-Year-Old Girl Convicted Of Falsifying Rape And Kidnapping Charges; Only 32 Days In Jail

By MGz - 11 hours ago

Well, to be fair, Katherine Bennett got 180 days of electronic home monitoring and five years of supervised probation too. This, it should be noted, is far less horrible than what happened to the man she accused of kidnapping and raping her even though it was found that the entire accusation was a “hoax.” According to the Coloradoan:

Bennett accused 25-year-old Windsor man Dustin Toth of luring her to a Safeway parking lot Nov. 24 before taking her back to his home, holding her there overnight and sexually assaulting her.

She told police that Toth had convinced her to meet up and talk “as a friend” about his impending National Guard deployment, according to an arrest affidavit from the Windsor Police Department.

As a result of Bennett’s report, Toth was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and sexual assault and was jailed.
Definitely a prudent course of action on the part of authorities. That kind of accusation has to be investigated. As a result of that investigation, Bennett was found to be a lying liar who lies.

As a result of the false report, Toth said he lost his job at OtterBox and was barred from deploying with his Army National Guard team to Cuba. He has since struggled to find work, been denied on multiple apartment applications and has become prone to anxiety attacks, he told the judge Friday.

So, he can’t get a job even in the Army and has had a hard time even finding a place to live. This is all during the investigation, mind you. It’s a product of even being investigated for rape/kidnapping. Surely, after hitting the “destruct” button on someone’s life by lying through your teeth about their fantasy assault a judge would see fit to set an appropriate punishment, maybe one that would fit the severity of the crime and discourage other hoaxsters from doing the same thing.


Katherine Bennett, 21, was sentenced to 32 days in the Weld County Jail, 180 days of electronic home monitoring and five years of supervised probation during a hearing that included an emotional statement by the man whose life her false allegations decimated.
What would she have gotten without the emotional statement? A prize?

Bennett was on medication at the time she made the whole thing up and attempted to partially blame the medication for her lies which I find interesting. Presumably she was on the medication because she has some kind of mental illness. If she hadn’t been on the meds would she just have claimed she was insane and not responsible for her actions? Yes, the answer is yes. So, no matter what, in her “not guilty” defense, she does not believe she was responsible for her actions.

I just don’t think 32 days in the clink is going to fix a level 12 sociopath like that and it’s sure not proportional to the damage she caused her victim.

featured image – John Ryan Brubaker

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Oct 29 - Good Samaritan raped multiple times in Southeast D.C. row house

By VA Prime - 11 hours ago

WASHINGTON (WJLA) – D.C. police are searching for a group of people behind a violent sexual assault that targeted a Good Samaritan early Friday morning.

It began with an act of kindness around 1 a.m. at a gas station in Camp Springs, Md., where a woman asked the victim for a ride to Benning Road in Southeast D.C. so she could meet up with her boyfriend.

The victim obliged, but police say when she arrived, two men armed with a shotgun took her into an abandoned row house, where other men were waiting. The victim says the men took turns raping her in a bedroom for hours.

While police combed the house for evidence, neighbors said the residence had been empty for weeks. They hadn’t noticed a group of men hanging out there.

“I can’t believe that,” neighbor Alonzo Wesley said of the crime. “It’s hard to believe.”

Tony Akhigbe owns the vacant property where the crime allegedly took place. When he came to check on the home Friday morning, he noticed someone inside and called police. He says while he waited, he believes he saw the suspects get away.

“Four guys came out of the house. Two of them went in a car and drove off, and two of them walked down the alley,” he said. “By the time police got here, they were gone.”

Metropolitan Police brought the victim back to the home later on Friday.
“I was here when they brought the lady, and the lady said there was a lot of guys that had intercourse with her at one time,” Akhigbe said.

It is unclear what role the woman who asked the victim for a ride plays in the incident; it is unknown whether she was an accomplice to the sexual assault or a victim herself.
The victim was treated at a local hospital.



I don't even know what to say smh dc is the fu*kin jungle

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Oct 29 - taco bell unveils mobile ordering

By messy marv stan - 11 hours ago

Food used to be what drove folks into restaurants. But these days, it's also increasingly the technology behind it.

That's why two major restaurant chains, Taco Bell and Outback Steakhouse, made marketing waves on Tuesday, not with new product rollouts, but with industry-leading technology announcements.

Taco Bell went way outside the bun to unveil an advanced mobile app that lets folks order and pay on their smartphones and then walk or drive in and pick up their food

o draw social media attention and promote the new app, all of Taco Bell's social media platforms — including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram — went dark on Tuesday, revealing the new way to Taco Bell is #onlyintheapp. Each social media platform, as well as, provides only a link to download the new app. Consumers with the previous Taco Bell mobile app get an automatic update to the new mobile ordering app.

"Technology has fundamentally changed the way people interact with brands," says Brian Niccol, president of Taco Bell. "All can be done any time, any place on a smartphone."

The driver behind the social media blackout: chat.

"We wanted to make sure our fans were the people who found out about this first," says Tressie Lieberman, senior director of digital platforms. "We wanted to break through with a message that gets them excited and talking."

Meanwhile, Outback on Tuesday announced plans to roll out an industry-first online reservations tool for mobile, iPad or laptop that shows real-time waits for seating at every Outback in the country and lets the user get a place in line.

New technologies are driving the $683 billion restaurant industry like never before. McDonald's and Starbucks both are spending huge sums on new technologies. So are Pizza Hut, Papa John's and Domino's. Most are aimed at Millennial consumers who would much rather interact quickly with their smartphones than stand in line waiting to order or to be seated. Chili's has technology that lets folks pay, order more food or play games on table-top tablets.

"Everyone is trying to stay ahead of everyone else in terms of connectivity," says Jerry McVety, founder of food service consulting firm McVety & Associates. These days, he says, the No. 1 goal is "get the customers and provide technology and services to keep them."

And not just Millennials. "It's well known that younger consumers are more likely to accept — and even request — technology options being part of their dining experience, but we're finding that older consumers also are willing to incorporate technology for a variety of restaurant-related activities," said Hudson Riehle, senior vice president at the National Restaurant Association.

Some 56% of consumers ages 45 to 64 recently have used technology options in restaurants. Four of 10 have ordered food or looked up menus online in the past month. About a third have looked up restaurant locations on a smartphone. More than one in 10 have ordered takeout/delivery, looked up nutrition information or made a reservation via phone or tablet apps, he says.

Outback will roll out its online Click Thru Seating tool on Nov. 4. Beyond letting customers see wait times for every Outback in the country, it lets customers add their name to the current wait list or put their name in the queue for any time that day. Unlike a traditional reservation, late guests will not be dropped from the wait list or penalized.

"It's more important than rolling out a new steak," says John Schaufelberger, chief marketing officer, in a phone interview.

And it responds to what bugs casual dining customers most: waiting. On a busy Friday or Saturday night, customers typically wait almost 40 minutes for a seat at the typical casual dining restaurant. "This has historically been a pain point to our customers," says Schaufelberger. "We don't want that to be a barrier" to coming in"

But McVety, the food service consultant, warns that some traditional Outback customers who opt to just show up and wait in line may be turned off when they see customers who arrive later seated before them.

At the same time, Taco Bell became the first national, fast-food chain to launch its mobile ordering and payment app for both drive-thru and dining room orders. The free Taco Bell mobile ordering app for iOS and Android gives consumers access to every Taco Bell ingredient.

"Consumers have told us they continue to look for the experience that meets them where they are and to customize it to what they want and how they want it," says Niccol, in a phone interview.

Early next year, Taco Bell will roll out a loyalty program that links with the app, says Niccol. And it's also testing a new catering program in about 15 stores.

To encourage use of the app, some new products will initially be accessible only via app ordering, says Lieberman, "You'll be able to order products that no one else can."

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Oct 29 - 16-Year-Old's Arm Stolen From Family Car

By RIP4SBG - 11 hours ago


Samuel Luther was born without most of his left arm. While he has worn a prosthesis most of his life, it wasn't until last year that he got a bionic model that gave him more control.

During a trip with his mother to Chicago earlier this month, the arm's battery died and the 16-year-old removed the prosthesis and placed it on the floor of the car. After returning home to North Aurora, the family discovered the arm was missing.

The family went back to Pilsen and started handing out fliers up and down the block. The manager of a carwash said he saw someone show off the arm, implying he would use it as a weapon, according to the boy's father, Derrick Luther.

"(The manager) thought some guy pulled his jacket off and had something attached to the hand," Luther said. "ItÂ’s heavy, itÂ’s metal. The fist was clenched; thatÂ’s how my son took it off."

The family filed a police report, and authorities said they are investigating but reported no developments Wednesday.

The ordeal began Oct. 18 when Samuel and his mother came to Chicago for a photo shoot and a modeling class for the boy. The shoot was in Goose Island, and the two then went to Pilsen, stopping along the way at a Subway shop.

“Two hours later they get back in, didn’t think anything of it, but (Sam) doesn’t remember it being down there,” Luther said. “They get home, he goes one way, she goes another. We’re looking around, ‘Where’s your arm, where’s your arm?’

"Sam said it was in the car but it wasnÂ’t," Luther said. "His mother said, 'Maybe I brought it in.' But she didnÂ’t."

Their search took them to businesses near the photo shoot and to homeless spots under the Dan Ryan Expressway. The family thought maybe Samuel had kicked it out of the car or dropped it, but that seemed unlikely.

Samuel was born without the arm and has used prostheses most of his life. The bionic arm has articulating fingers and allows for better use of the hand than other prostheses.

Luther said the arm costs about $100,000, some of which the insurance company covered when it was purchased a year ago.

"HeÂ’s used some mechanical ones in the past ... ones you push on and they open, ones that you push on and they close," Luther said. "When he was younger, it was pushed open so you can carry stuff around. They donÂ’t have those anymore."

The bionic model, he said, has "eight different programmable functions, and you can move the thumb manually with the other hand but you can put it into positions you want."

The family is offering an unspecified reward for information and asking anyone who knows anything about it to call (630) 907-1790.

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Image inside Oct 29 - BREAKING: Nurse refuses ebola quarantine | State seeks to force her isolation

By Shadiah - 11 hours ago

A nurse who was quarantined against her will in New Jersey after treating Ebola patients in West Africa will not obey officials' instructions to seclude herself at home.

(CNN) -- Not long ago, Kaci Hickox was fighting Ebola in West Africa, doing what she could to treat those with the deadly disease. Now, she's in the middle of a different fight -- in the middle of Maine.
A Maine official said late Wednesday afternoon that the state is in the process of filing a court order to require Hickox to abide by a 21-day quarantine. This measure is meant to prevent her from spreading Ebola, given her hands-on role with the deadly virus.
In a written statement, Gov. Paul LePage said Hickox "has been unwilling to follow the protocols set forth by the Maine CDC and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control for medical workers who have been in contact with Ebola patients." The statement didn't say which protocols she was resisting but added LePage is seeking legal authority to enforce a quarantine.
Obama: The U.S. does not 'run and hide'
Photos: The Ebola epidemic Photos: The Ebola epidemic
Mandatory Ebola quarantine for military Christie: 'No regrets' over quarantine
And on Tuesday, state health commissioner Mary Mayhew said, "If an individual who came in direct contact with Ebola patients has returned to Maine and is not willing to avoid public contact and stay in their home voluntarily during the period they are at some risk, we will take additional measures and pursue appropriate authority to ensure they make no public contact."
Yet Hickox -- a Doctors Without Borders volunteer in Sierra Leone who has twice tested negative for Ebola -- isn't ready to stay put.
'I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies'
"I don't plan on sticking to the guidelines," she said Wednesday on NBC's "Today" show, referring to Maine' officials' plan for her to remain quarantined at home through November 10. "I remain appalled by these home quarantine policies that have been forced upon me."
One of Hickox's lawyers, Norm Siegel, told NBC's Matt Lauer state officials had until Thursday to adjust their approach, and if they tried to physically apprehend Hickox, her legal team would take the matter to court.
President Barack Obama has been vocal in recent days against policies such as quarantines or travel bans based more on fear than scientific fact. While he did not mention Hickox by name, he said Wednesday that health care workers like her -- who risk their lives and livelihoods by going to West Africa, to help those in need and try to curb the deadly outbreak -- are "heroes" who "deserve to be treated with dignity and respect."
Marco Rubio: Quarantined nurse is a 'hero'
"When I hear people talking about American leadership and then are promoting policies that would avoid leadership and have us running in the opposite direction and hiding under the covers, it makes me a little frustrated," Obama said.
Steven Hyman, another member of Hickox's legal team, said that knowing for certain what could happen legally with his client is unclear because "we're treading in areas" in which "there's not a whole lot of case law."
However, he said, "Society has a right to protect itself from legitimate issues of public health, but it can't do it based on what the (U.S.) Supreme Court calls fear."
Complete coverage on Ebola
New Jersey governor on lawsuit: 'Get in line'
The nurse told "Today" that she's in good health and does not have symptoms. A person must be symptomatic to be contagious if they have Ebola. But it can take up to three weeks between when a person contracts the virus and they become sick, hence the talk of a 21-day quarantine.
Siegel told the Bangor Daily News that, while Hickox would contest any court order, she will abide by guidelines from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that say she should subject herself to monitoring, such as daily reporting of measured temperatures.
"The conditions that the state of Maine is now requiring Kaci to comply with are unconstitutional and illegal and there is no justification for the state of Maine to infringe on her liberty," Siegel told the newspaper.
Hickox initially was put in isolation Friday, after landing in Newark, New Jersey.
New Jersey and New York had just started requiring anyone who had contact with Ebola patients in West Africa to be quarantined for 21 days. New Jersey officials additionally said that screeners determined that she had a fever at the airport.
Quarantined American: I'm in disbelief
Who\'s who in the Ebola outbreak? Who's who in the Ebola outbreak?
U.S. troops ordered into Ebola quarantine
But Hickox, speaking to CNN over the weekend from her quarantine tent at the New Jersey hospital, said she never had a fever.
"They were using a forehead scanner, and I was distressed and a little bit upset, and so my cheeks were flushed," she told CNN's Candy Crowley. The nurse said her temperature was later determined to be normal.
Hickox told "Today" that she witnessed "complete disorganization" at the airport in Newark, New Jersey, and that New York and New Jersey's policies are "not scientifically" or "constitutionally just."
The policies, she says, will be a "big deterrent" for health care workers who want to go to West Africa to treat patients, because they won't want to be quarantined when they return if, like her, they are asymptomatic.
"It's already difficult for people to take time out of their lives to go and respond," she said, though she definitely plans to go back because it's a "privilege to help."
Ebola survivor: Christie is 'playing politics'
New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie said his state agreed to let her go to Maine after confirming she "was no longer symptomatic," but he is unapologetic about New Jersey's quarantine policy. The straight-talking Republican also hit back Tuesday at criticism that the nurse wasn't treated well enough, arguing that she even had Internet access and takeout food.
"Whatever," he said, when pressed by reporters about a potential legal challenge. "Get in line. I've been sued lots of times before. Get in line. I'm happy to take it on."
Christie on possible Ebola lawsuit: 'Whatever'
The debate about how to treat returning health care workers comes amid what officials say is the worst Ebola outbreak in history.
The World Health Organization reported Wednesday that there are more than 13,700 confirmed or suspected cases of Ebola -- almost all in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone. The United Nations' health authority projected about 5,000 deaths from the virus.
And those are only the ones that authorities have been able to count. In a region where health care access and record-keeping are limited, the WHO says the death toll may be especially undercounted. Some ill people who are seen by physicians and counted as Ebola cases may not stay for treatment and die of the disease, and the record-keepers won't know to record their deaths.
The WHO has said that the mortality rate from the current outbreak, starting with the first death in December, is roughly 60% to 70%.
Connecticut girl barred from school amid Ebola fears; family sues

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Image inside Oct 29 - Aliens are REAL reveals former Area 51 scientist who insists they're friendly & helping us

By Rick Ross - 11 hours ago

Aliens are REAL reveals former Area 51 scientist who insists they're friendly and helping us

Former Area 51 scientist Dr Boyd Bushman spoke about the aliens in a documentary shortly before his death - watch here

A scientist has revealed that aliens are real.

Dr Boyd Bushman - who used to work at Area 51 - opened up about his career in studying UFOs and alien life at the secretive base in a documentary filmed just before he died.

"With respect to the alien craft, we have American citizens who are working on UFOs 24 hours a day.

"We are trying to learn what to do."

The former senior scientist describes that the aliens we know of can be split into two groups.

"There are two groups of aliens," describes. "They divide them into two groups. ItÂ’s like a cattle ranch.

"One group are wranglers, and the others are rustlers – the stealers of cattle. The ones that are wranglers are much more friendly, and have a better relationship with us."

He describes the aliens as five feet tall and says that "one or two of them are around 230 years old".

He goes on to reveal that 'at least 18 operate with our facility'.

While their eyes and noses are different from humans, Dr Boyd reveals that they still have five fingers and five toes but they are telepathic mind readers.

"They're able to use their own voice by telepathy to talk to you," he reveals.

He also added that the aliens were dressed in dungarees so they could be grabbed when they started to float.

Watch the full documentary below.

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Oct 29 - Fox News Lands Interview With SEAL Who Allegedly Killed "Osama Bin Laden"

By messy marv stan - 11 hours ago

Fox News has landed an exclusive interview with the SEAL that killed Osama Bin Laden during the deadly raid in Pakistan in May 2011.

According to the press release, Fox’s Peter Doocy will interview the SEAL over the course of a two-part documentary, “The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden.” The documentary will be featured on November 11th and 12th.

The SEAL will be interviewed about two and a half years after the deadly raid that killed the man behind the 9/11 attacks that drove planes into the World Trade Centers, The Pentagon, and a field in Western Pennsylvania.

See the release below courtesy of Fox News:



Special to Feature First Interview with the Navy SEAL

Who Says He Fired the Shots that Killed Terrorist Leader Usama Bin Laden

FOX News Channel (FNC) will present a new documentary entitled The Man Who Killed Usama Bin Laden hosted by Washington correspondent Peter Doocy, on Tuesday, November 11th and Wednesday, November 12th from 10-11PM/ET. The two-night presentation will feature an exclusive interview with the Navy SEAL who says he fired the shots that killed terrorist leader Usama Bin Laden. In the special, he describes the events leading up to and during the historical raid that took place on May 1st, 2011.

Revealing his identity and speaking out publicly for the first time, the Navy SEAL, also known as “The Shooter,” will share his story of training to be a member of America’s elite fighting force and explain his involvement in Operation Neptune Spear, the mission that killed Bin Laden. The documentary will provide an extensive, first-hand account of the mission, including the unexpected crash of one of the helicopters that night and why SEAL Team 6 feared for their lives. It will also touch upon what was taking place inside the terrorist compound while President Obama and his cabinet watched from the White House.

Offering never before shared details, the presentation will include “The Shooter’s” experience in confronting Bin Laden, his description of the terrorist leader’s final moments as well as what happened when he took his last breath. Additionally, viewers will be offered a behind-the-scenes look at the secret ceremony where he donated the shirt he was wearing during the mission to the NationalSeptember 11 Memorial Museum in New York City.

FOX News Channel (FNC) is a 24-hour all-encompassing news service dedicated to delivering breaking news as well as political and business news. A top five cable network, FNC has been the most-watched news channel in the country for more than 12 years and according to Public Policy Polling, is the most trusted television news source in the country. Owned by 21st Century Fox, FNC is available in more than 90 million homes and dominates the cable news landscape, routinely notching the top ten programs in the genre

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Image inside Oct 28 - Americans Are Huge: 5 Surprising Reasons Why We May Be Getting Fatter

By RAZAH CUTS - 1 day ago


Americans have become huge. Between the 1960s and the 2000s, Americans grew, on the average, an inch taller and 24 pounds heavier. The average American man today weights 194 pounds and the average woman 165 pounds. The growing girth has led to the creation of special-sized ambulances, operating tables and coffins as well as bigger seats on planes and trains. Almost a third of American children and teens are overweight, but 84 percent of parents believe their children are at a healthy weight in one study. Why? The adults are probably overweight too.

Still there are scientific reasons why Americans are blimping up and they arenÂ’t limited to eating too much and exercising too little. Here are a few areas under suspicion.

1. Antibiotics in food and as medicine. A recent article in the New York Times confirms suspicions that the antibiotics routinely given to livestock to make them fat do the same thing to people. Antibiotics are thought to fatten by changing gut bacteria to make absorption of nutrients more efficient. In 1974, an experiment was done on several hundred Navy recruits to see if they would gain weight on antibiotics and, after only seven weeks, they did. An experiment was also done, unethically it sounds, on "mentally deficient spastic" children in Guatemala in the 1950s, reports the Times. The children gained an extra five pounds over a year compared with children who were not given antibiotics. Denmark researchers found babies given antibiotics within six months of birth were more likely to be overweight by age seven.

Most researchers blame over-prescription of antibiotics for excessive human exposure; US children get as many as 20 antibiotic treatments while they are growing up, says Martin Blaser, a leading antibiotic researcher at New York University Langone Medical Center. But studies show there are antibiotic residues in US food too, especially in meat and milk, and the government tests for them. That means even if you avoid unnecessary antibiotics from the doctor, you could be getting them from the grocery store.

2. Other livestock fatteners. If antibiotics used to make livestock fat could make us fat, is there any reason to think other weight-producing drugs for livestock wouldn't do the same? Ractopamine, marketed as Paylean for pigs, Optaflexx for cattle and Topmax for turkeys is widely used in the US and banned in many other countries. It is given to 60 to 80 percent of US pigs, 30 percent of ration-fed cattle and an undisclosed number of turkeys. There is no withdrawal period for ractopamine before slaughter but Big Ag says the drug is not in the meat because it exits the animal as manure. Okay, but what happens to the manure?

Also banned in European countries are the hormones US cattle growers rely upon, such as oestradiol-17, trenbolone acetate, zeranol and melengestrol. Zeranol may have more actions than just making mammals fat. It is a "powerful estrogenic chemical, as demonstrated by its ability to stimulate growth and proliferation of human breast tumor cells in vitro at potencies similar to those of the natural hormone estradiol and the known carcinogen diethylstilbestrol," says the Breast Cancer Fund. Translation: it may be linked to US breast cancer rates, too. No wonder Europe doesn't want our beef.

3. Pesticides and other endocrine disrupters. Some antibiotics and artificial sweeteners are similar molecules to endocrine disrupters—the chemicals used to make fire retardants and plastics that are increasingly in our food and environment. Endocrine disrupters, like BPA (Bisphenol A), banned in some baby bottles, and Triclosan found in Colgate's Total and many dish detergents, are linked to a host of shocking symptoms like genital deformities in wildlife and infertility, low sperm counts and possible early puberty and diabetes in humans. But they also may be linked to obesity.

As early as 2003, the journal Toxicological Sciences addressed effects that endocrine disruptors have on fetal development that likely play a role in adult obesity. "Obesity has been proposed to be yet another adverse health effect of exposure to endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs) during critical stages of development," echoes an article in the International Journal of Andrology. Pregnant women with high levels of the endocrine disrupter PFOA (perfluorooctanoic acid used in the manufacture of as Teflon and Gore-Tex) in their bodies were three times as likely to have daughters who grew up to be overweight, reported the New York Times' Nicholas Kristof.

4. Sugar substitutes. Artificial sweeteners have always been billed as a way to cut calories and lose weight. But recent research shows they may do just the opposite. When researchers at the University of Texas Health Science Center studied 474 people who drank two or more artificially sweetened soft drinks a day they found the people gained five times as much as those not drinking diet drinks. Thanks for nothing!

There are three reasons artificial sweeteners may do more harm than good. One is that some of the sweeteners—which tend to be chemicals like acesulfame potassium and aspartame—may slow metabolism, speculate researchers. Secondly, artificial sweeteners separate "food seeking behavior" from the "reward" of real nutrients and can set up sweets addictions because the reward is never received. They literally "train" people to crave sweets. Finally the presence of artificial sweeteners in a product doesn't automatically mean natural sweeteners aren’t present too. Some food manufacturers use both. Read the label. Marion Nestle, a professor in nutrition, food studies and public health at New York University and leading food expert, told me she isn’t aware of any convincing evidence that proves artificial sweeteners help people to lose weight. One artificial sweetener, Splenda, has similarities to endocrine disrupting pesticides....

5. Industry and government marketing. Most people are aware of aggressive junk food marketing, especially to children, and everyone from Disneyland to First Lady Michelle Obama has spoken out about it. In a study in the journal Pediatrics, children who tasted identical graham crackers and gummy fruit snacks, some with and some without cartoon characters, "significantly preferred the taste of foods that had popular cartoon characters on the packaging." Who says advertising doesn't work?

Researchers who studied 500,000 California middle- and high-school students found those who attended schools located near fast-food outlets—surprise!—weighed more. Still, it is not just the food industry that is responsible for our growing national girth.

The USDA, even though it cautions food consumers about high-fat, obesity-linked foods, plays the other side of the street as well and is linked to a group that seeks to get people to double their cheese intake to help milk sales. Dairy Management, a USDA "marketing creation" with 162 employees, according to the New York Times, has helped Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Burger King, Wendy's and DominoÂ’s cheesify their menu options!

"If every pizza included one more ounce of cheese, we would sell an additional 250 million pounds of cheese annually,” rhapsodized the Dairy Management chief executive in a trade publication. Though Dairy Management is mostly funded by farmers, it received $5.3 million from the USDA during one year, for an overseas dairy campaign, which almost equals the total $6.5 million budget of USDA's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion—the group that cautions us about fatty foods like cheese. Yes, the government is talking out of both sides of its mouth when it tells the public what to put in its mouth.

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