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Image inside Aug 28 - Man, woman accused of torturing 11-year-old boy

By phantomnation - 20 hours ago

A man and his mother starved, beat and chained an 11-year-old boy for several hours at a time at a home in southwestern Michigan, authorities charge.

Randall Hamilton, 28, and his mother, Peggy Hamilton, 46, are being held on $1 million bond after being arraigned Wednesday on charges of torture and first-degree child abuse in District Court in South Haven. Randall is also charged with possession of marijuana.

Passerby Bobby McCaig found the boy hiding in a ditch on the side of a country road about 2 am on Tuesday, WWMT reported. He had walked some two miles from where he lived.

'I stopped and asked him what was going on, and he was walking away from me the whole time,' McCaig told the station.

'I noticed he was limping. He told me where he lived, and I said I am going to go get your mom and he started freaking out.' The boy said he was scared to go home because was beaten and rarely fed. He said his mother's boyfriend, Randall, often chained him to the ground with clamps, according to WWMT.

Deputies with the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office said the boy was 'extremely malnourished' and had bruises on his torso, WOOD-TV reported.

'Deputies were able to search the residence and they found the metal clamps used to nail (the child) to the floor,' one deputy said in court, according to WOOD-TV.


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Image inside Aug 28 - Thousands of Wasps Found Nesting on Womans Bed

By phantomnation - 20 hours ago

A home in the U.K. was invaded by a monstrous colony of wasps, and the infestation was like a scene out of a 1960s Hitchcock movie, a local pest controller said.

"I couldn't believe my eyes," John Birkett, an employee at Longwood Services Pest Control, told ABC News today, referring to the nest of an estimated 5,000 wasps. "It was like the horror film 'Birds' but [with] wasps."

Birkett said he got a call from the homeownerÂ’s son on Sunday about a nest that had taken over a bed in a spare bedroom in the home in Worchester, Hampshire. The colony was devouring the bedding.

In more than 40 years of working in the pest control business, Birkett said this was the largest nest he had ever seen.

"I got dressed up looking like 'Batman and Robin' and went into the little tiny bedroom. I was spraying them left right and center," Birkett said.

After two hours of swatting and spraying, Birkett said he was able to get rid of the wasps and even salvage the crocheted blanket they were nesting on.

The nest had grown so large because the family rarely uses the room on the second floor of their five-bedroom home, he said.

The wasps snuck in through an open window and used the bed as their home for nearly three months, chewing through eight inches of the mattress and two pillows, according to Birkett.

The family most likely didnÂ’t hear the wasps accumulating because they are silent while nesting, he said.

"That would be quite nice to keep," Birkett said of the massive hive. "They've worked really hard at this. But the [homeowner] didnÂ’t think that was a great idea."


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Image inside Aug 28 - pr0rn gets hung up in fire house and female firefighter whines about it

By messy marv stan - 20 hours ago

Claims She Was Sexually Harassed In Retaliation

Lieutenant Candice Buckner of the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department

A Jacksonville firefighter is suing the city after she says her coworkers harassed and demeaned her for months in retaliation for filing a complaint about pornography in the firehouse, local news channels reported Thursday.

Lieutenant Candice Buckner first complained to the fire chief and other city officials about the “volume of sexually explicit and pornographic materials, and inappropriate behaviors, in the fire station” in the summer of 2012, according to the lawsuit. She was the only woman on her shift and one of two female firefighters at Station One from the spring of 2012 to July 2013, when she was finally transferred to another station.

In February of last year, Buckner’s suit says, a male lieutenant named Dobson “approached Lieutenant Buckner and stated that Buckner’s teenage daughter would soon be of legal age for some fireman to ‘f—.’ Buckner told Dobson to knock it off, and he grabbed her arm, spun her around, and repeated his comment.” The two pushed each other, and Dobson continued harassing Buckner while Battalion Chief Neal White looked on and “did nothing to mitigate or stop the incident,” Buckner’s suit alleges. Later, White promised other Station One firefighters that he would get rid of Buckner “if it’s the last thing I do.”

The situation deteriorated from there, with coworkers trying to freeze Buckner out by not speaking to her at all, referring to her as a “crazy bi*ch” and “piece of p—-” among themselves, telling other men in the house to stick to the same story denying the harassment had occurred if department higher-ups asked about it, and nitpicking her uniform and work performance in ways that “no other personnel were subjected to,” the suit alleges.

Another fellow lieutenant told Buckner in April of 2013 that “we aren’t changing 150 years of tradition just because there’s a bi*ch in the house now,’” according to the complaint.

Buckner’s lawsuit makes no reference to a separate series of harassing events involving city police officers that reportedly occurred along the same timeline as the coworker harassment. The same summer that Buckner lodged her original complaint about pornography, she was one of six firefighters disciplined for participating in a date auction to raise money for the family of a fellow firefighter killed in an off-duty accident, reported. A top fire department official who attended the auction had recently been suspended for a month for looking at porn on a fire station computer.

The departmental discipline was nothing compared to the personal consequences Buckner faced from the auction. Buckner found out that a dozen city cops had run her driver’s license and other personal information after seeing her in a bikini top at the auction. One of the police officers was Buckner’s ex-fiance and the father of her son, and that officer was disciplined for showing up at Buckner’s home while on duty as part of a dispute over their child. That officer had previously been charged with trespassing for kicking down another ex-girlfriend’s door.

Just 3.4 percent of all firefighters, or roughly one in 30 nationwide, are women. Some cities have significantly higher proportions of female firefighters, such as Minneapolis (16 percent) and Denver (5 percent). Demographic data on the Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department is not available online and calls to various city officials requesting the gender breakdown of the force have been unsuccessful.

The exclusion and harassment Buckner alleges is all too common for women in male-dominated professions. Whether it’s informal restrictions on the kinds of work duties that female construction workers are allowed to perform with machinery they are qualified to operate, formal instructions to flirt and sleep their way to promotions for women in fratty Wall Street offices, or the sexual assault epidemic in the U.S. military, women continue to face hostility from both individuals and the institutional systems that are legally bound to protect them from harassment

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Aug 28 - Docs: Ford made players roll in goose droppings

By phantomnation - 20 hours ago

TORONTO (AP) -- Toronto Mayor Rob Ford once made players on a high school football team roll in geese droppings, according to newly released documents.

The scandal-plagued mayor was fired by a Toronto Catholic school last year as a volunteer coach after he made disparaging remarks to a TV network about parents and their children.

The documents from Toronto's Catholic School Board come as Ford seeks re-election Oct. 27. His brother and campaign manager, Doug Ford, called the documents "fictitious rumors and allegations."

The documents also say he showed up intoxicated for a Don Bosco team practice just before a city championship two years ago. John Royiwsky, a teacher-coach, reports in the documents that after the game in October of 2012 Ford "made the players roll in goose scat" while berating them.

Ford returned to work June 30 after a two-month rehab stint for drug and alcohol abuse. After months of denials, he acknowledged using crack in a "drunken stupor."

The documents were released Thursday after a freedom of information request from Canadian media.

Asked why Ford wasn't fired earlier, Toronto Catholic District School Board spokesman John Yan said the incidents came to light only after the board began a review of Ford following his television interview comments. Ford characterized the parent community in the interview as not caring about their kids, said that the students were involved in gangs and guns and that if it weren't for him they would be in jail.

"The investigation revealed that what were first thought to be isolated incidents connected to form a pattern," Yan said. "As with any organization, an individual is entitled to due process and this always takes time."

The board said last year he was fired because of the interview comments but Yan said Thursday all the incidents were considered.

Ford avoided reporters Thursday as he made his way to the council chamber for the final council meeting before the election. His duties as mayor have been curtailed since last year, when Toronto's City Council stripped him of most of his powers.

After some city councilors not seeking re-election gave farewell speeches on Thursday, Ford got up and thanked others for their work during his term.

"This is not a farewell speech so sorry about that," Ford joked.

He later chocked up when thanking the deputy mayor for taking over when he was away in rehab.

"I know I put this council through some challenges. I know I embarrassed council. I want to thank the deputy mayor for taking the reins," Ford said. "The past is the past and we have to move forward so thank you."

City Councilor Jaye Robinson later told reporters that Ford doesn't deserve another term.

"He was fired as a football coach at a high school, how can he run a city?" Robinson said.

Source: AP

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Image inside Aug 28 - World's 'tallest man' at 8ft 4 inches dies aged 44

By messy marv stan - 20 hours ago


Towering above: Olena Stadnyk (R) looks up ar her son Leonid

A man believed to be the tallest on the planet at 8ft 4 inches has died aged 44.

Leonid Stadnyk, who was said to be too shy to measured for the Guinness World record books, was 21 inches taller than lanky England footballer Peter Crouch.

The peasant farmer, from the Ukrainian village of Podoliantsy, died yesterday from a brain haemorrhage after health problems

Leonid Stadnyk, who was said to be too shy to measured for the Guinness World Record Book, was 21 inches taller than footballer Peter Crouch

Of his size, Leonid had said: "To me, my height is a curse, a punishment from God, not something to celebrate. What sin I have committed, I do not know. All my life I have dreamed of being just like everyone else. "

He added: "I don't want or need the fame that this would bring so I have no desire to be in this Guinness book."

He was scared to commit to women "because I don't want to inflict my problems on a wife. I think it would not be fair on her", he said.

His astonishing rise to fame began at 12, when a benign brain tumour over-stimulated his body's production of a growth hormone.

At one point, his condition, called giganticism, left him growing at the rate of roughly a foot every three years.

He wore size 27 shoes (in UK sizes) for feet that measured almost 18 inches in length while his palms were more than a foot in diameter

Leonid has his height measured by his mum

But unable to independently verify his measurements, Guinness instead officially listed Xi Shin at fractionally under 7ft 9 inches as the world's tallest man.

"We have contacted Stadnyk, but he seems like a very shy guy," said a Guinness World Records spokeswoman. "He doesn't want us around. So we have to stick to what we have."

Talking about life, he explained how his height prevented him following his desired career.

"I was trained as a vet and loved my work," he said.

"But gradually I found that I couldn't get the shoes I needed in winter to protect me from the frostbite. I just couldn't keep on with this work."

He took over the family smallholding.

"Stooping from my height to pull up the weeds is not easy, I can tell you. It puts a lot of strain on my back," he said.

"I know I'm the tallest man but at the same I often feel one of the most helpless. This life is for smaller people."

Once he went to Germany on a rare trip outside Ukraine.

"It was like another planet - I am glad I saw it but felt a bit like an alien there."

There was no bed big enough: he had to sleep on a billiard table.

His neighbours knew him as a kind a generous man, always ready to help.

One, Bronyslave, said he was "the most unselfish, diligent man of a pure soul."


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Image inside Aug 28 - Chinas richest man! Jack Ma worth 28 Billion

By Icon709 - 20 hours ago


The 49-year-old founder and chairman of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. has a net worth of $21.8 billion, according to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index. His assets include a 7.3 percent economic interest in ChinaÂ’s largest e-commerce business, which is preparing for what could be the largest initial public offering in U.S. history, and almost half of the parent of Alipay, a separate online-payment service that previously hadnÂ’t been included in his net worth calculation.

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Image inside Aug 28 - Gaza Zoo Animals Caught in Crossfire, Now Trapped

By Sniggit - 20 hours ago

Gaza Zoo Animals Caught in Crossfire, Now Trapped


Animals at a Gaza zoo lie among debris, dead carcasses, and filthy conditions after more than a month of being caught in crossfire between Israel and Palestinian militants, according to reports. [The lion pictured is not from the Gaza zoo, but the Cat Tales Zoological Park in Mead, Washington.]
(Photo : Flickr: Matt Reinbold)

Animals at a Gaza zoo lie among debris, dead carcasses, and filthy conditions after more than a month of being caught in crossfire between Israel and Palestinian militants, according to reports.

The fighting killed more than 1,960 Palestinians and 67 Israelis, but the zoo's animals suffered casualties as well.

"Eight to 10 monkeys were killed," Abu Sameer, the zoo's chief veterinarian, told CNN. "Also a peacock, a gazelle, a lion, and a fox."

Part of the Al-Bisan recreational park in Jabalya, northern Gaza, the zoo was hit multiple times during the course of the conflict. Staff members are now concerned over the animals that are left among the rubble, traumatized, starved, and living among filth.

"The situation is very bad," said Sameer. "We can't get the animals out to clean the cages. Many of them are getting sick because they are weak and it is dirty. But we don't have any alternative places."

Gaza has no government body that oversees zoos, and medical treatment is done by consulting over the phone with zoo veterinarians in Egypt. (File Photo)

The bodies of dead animals, mostly monkeys, lay scattered on the torched grass. In one enclosure at the zoo, a fly-covered pelican huddles in the corner with a duck. In another, a crocodile lay motionless in the hot sun, while seven mangy wild dogs nearby are crammed into a 10-by-10 foot cage.

But possibly the most saddening is the situation for the lions, according to Sameer. One was killed during the conflict and three remain in the zoo, but it lacks the means of getting them proper food.

"They have not eaten for 10 to 15 days," he told CNN. "We could not reach them during the fighting. When it got calmer at least we could bring them some water." Although, the network did help out by purchasing some chickens for them from a local market.

Israel launched an air campaign over Gaza on July 8 to take out militants' rockets, the Agence France-Presse (AFP) reports, followed by a ground offensive nine days later to destroy a network of Hamas cross-border tunnels leading into the Jewish state.

An Israeli army spokesman told AFP that the military was looking into allegations that it fired missiles in the Al-Bisan park area, which is run by the Palestinian militant group Hamas.

So far, aside from these animal casualties, more than 2,000 people killed and many homes destroyed as a result of the ongoing conflict in Gaza, CNN reports.

A baboon looks at the carcass of a family member at a zoo in Gaza, on Thursday, August 14.

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Image inside Aug 28 - Joan Rivers in Critical Condition

By RAZAH CUTS - 20 hours ago


Joan Rivers stopped breathing during throat surgery today and is in critical condition, reports TMZ. The website also says that Rivers' heart stopped beating at one point. The 81-year-old comedian is now at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Manhattan, reports NBC New York. She was rushed there from a clinic elsewhere in the city when the throat procedure went wrong. "We have somebody in either cardiac or respiratory arrest," said the caller to 911, according to TMZ.

E! Online reports that daughter Melissa and Melissa's son, Cooper, were flying to New York City. “We are scared,” one "family source" tells the New York Daily News. "This is not looking good. No big medical decisions will be made until Melissa arrives." The paper also quotes Rivers assistant Graham Reed as saying "she's not conscious, but she's stable."

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Image inside Aug 28 - Brain-eating amoeba detected in drinking water of Louisiana’s St. John parish

By RAZAH CUTS - 20 hours ago


Drinking water in Louisiana’s St. John the Baptist Parish tested positive earlier this month for Naegleria fowleri, the deadly “brain-eating” amoeba.

ABC affiliate WGNO reported that the water samples were taken by the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals. The contamination could affect as many as 12,500 people in the cities of Reserve, Garyville and Mt. Airy, Louisiana.

The infectious amoeba is normally found in stagnant lakes and ponds, but has been detected in Louisiana drinking water before. In 2013, two people were killed by Naegleria fowleri infections.

The water in St. John Parish is safe to drink, said the CDC, but special care should be taken not to allow it to go up the nose, which is the route the parasite takes to infect the brain. Once inside the brain, the amoebas cause primary amebic meningoencephalitis (PAM), which is almost invariably fatal.

During the early stages of PAM, patients will experience intense frontal headaches, fever, nausea and vomiting. As the disease progresses, symptoms will include seizures, stiff neck, hallucinations, delirium and eventually a coma from which patients seldom, if ever, wake.

Last year, a 12-year-old Arkansas girl survived the infection, making her one of the first patients ever to not succumb to the devastating syndrome.

Two people in Louisiana died in 2012 when their home plumbing systems were invaded by N. fowleri and they used the contaminated water in Neti pots, which some people use to clear their sinuses. Neti pot manufacturers and the CDC have warned users to only use distilled water or tap water that has been boiled and allowed to cool.

This detection of the amoebas in the water in St. Bernard Parish in 2013 was the first time the parasite had been found to have infected an entire metropolitan water system.

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Image inside Aug 28 - Introducing the 'World's Most Powerful Rocket': NASA's SLS

By Sniggit - 20 hours ago

Introducing the 'World's Most Powerful Rocket': NASA's SLS


NASA officially announced the approval of the next generation rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) on Wednesday, enabling the agency to move away from formulation tests and into the practical stages of development. (Photo : NASA/MSFC)

NASA officially announced the approval of the next generation rocket called the Space Launch System (SLS) on Wednesday, enabling the agency to move away from formulation tests and into the practical stages of development.

This is the first approval of this kind since NASA began building its iconic space shuttles in the early 1980s.

The SLS is deemed a "human exploration class vehicle" and is designed to take humans well beyond Earth. NASA hopes to use the rocket, when completed, to bring a team of astronauts to Mars, potentially within the Orion spacecraft, which is already well into development.

"We are on a journey of scientific and human exploration that leads to Mars," NASA Administrator Charles Bolden recently said in statement. "And we're firmly committed to building the launch vehicle and other supporting systems that will take us on that journey."

Artist's rendering of the SLS Block 1 crewed variant launching (Wikipedia)

"Our nation is embarked on an ambitious space exploration program, and we owe it to the American taxpayers to get it right," added Associate Administrator Robert Lightfoot, who oversaw the review process. "After rigorous review, we're committing today to a funding level and readiness date that will keep us on track to sending humans to Mars in the 2030s - and we're going to stand behind that commitment."
What is being called Key Decision Point C has already determined that the initial rocket will be a 70-metric ton version, costing more than $7 billion and given three to four years of building time. The first SLS flight is expected to occur no later than November 2018.

The rocket is also designed with an unprecedented lift capacity of 130 metric tons, enabling deep space missions even past Mars. The next most powerful rocket, SpaceX's Falcon Heavy (also in the developmental stage), can only lift a third of that weight.

Early research stages prior to this decision included miniaturized testing and in-depth analysis of potential components used on the SLS. Now the agency hopes that all that preparation will expedite the building process.

"Engineers have made significant technical progress on the rocket and have produced hardware for all elements of the SLS program," said SLS program manager Todd May. "The team members deserve an enormous amount of credit for their dedication to building this national asset."

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