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 Oct 9 - Georgia man charged with raping fiancĂ©e’s 12-year-old daughter while ..
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3 hours ago

Oct 9 - Georgia man charged with raping fiancĂ©e’s 12-year-old daughter while babysitting

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| By messy marv stan - 3 hours ago icle-1.2390576

Shalin Ren Payne, 29, was out on parole, babysitting his fiancée's children while she was at work Monday when authorities say he raped her 12-year-old daughter.

A freaky felon is back behind bars while accused of raping his fiancée's 12-year-old daughter while out on parole in Georgia.

Shalin Ren Payne, 29, was babysitting his fiancée's children while she was at work Monday when the heavily pierced and tattooed fiend turned violent, authorities told the Times Herald.

The inked monster chased the girl through the Sharpsburg home and broke down a bathroom door when she tried to hide from him, the Coweta County Sheriff's Department said.

After finally getting a hold of her, he allegedly threw her down and choked her as her 4-year-old brother sat watching nearby, unable to help.

The children's mother returned home less than an hour later, finding Payne on top of her daughter. She hit him over the head with a glass dish and was then physically assaulted herself, authorities said.

Payne fled the home wearing only a T-shirt but was collared not long after on charges of rape, sexual battery, aggravated sodomy and aggravated assault, jailhouse records show. His inky mugshot shows him with his piercings removed.

The child was taken to two hospitals for treatment and further examination.

PayneÂ’s arrest follows him being released on parole after serving two years in prison for a burglary conviction, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported.

Before that he collectively served four-and-a-half years between 2004 and 2012 for aggravated assault, burglary and theft convictions.

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3 hours ago

Video inside Oct 9 - Malcolm-Jamal Warner Opens Up About Cosby

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| By Holdino - 3 hours ago

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7 hours ago

Oct 9 - Skynet achieved: Beijing is 100% covered by surveillance cameras

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| By mr_underground - 7 hours ago

Anybody whoÂ’s set foot in Beijing has probably noticed the security cameras. Part of ChinaÂ’s national surveillance system (which is genuinely and unironically called Skynet), these cameras are used by police to solve crimes, track political dissidents, locate illegal protests and gatherings, etc.

But the capital’s eye in the sky got an upgrade this week, as authorities announced that the surveillance system now has 100 percent coverage in Beijing (though presumably they mean only outdoor/public areas). “Every corner of the capital” is covered, according to a piece in the state-run People’s Daily newspaper, which says the systems have helped police solve more than 1,500 crimes so far this year.

Though authorities have presented the system as a crime-solving tool, Beijing’s now-full-coverage Skynet also has obvious applications when it comes to tracking petitioners and political dissidents. Historically, Chinese authorities haven’t hesitated to use surveillance video for political purposes. Human rights lawyer Li Tiantian, for example, had Chinese government agents attempt to destroy her relationship by showing her boyfriend surveillance video of her entering hotels with other men. And well before the city was totally covered, Beijing authorities were already placing cameras directly outside the homes of political dissidents – dissident artist Ai Weiwei’s home got a camera back in 2009 – to track their movements.

The news that ChinaÂ’s capital is now completely covered by cameras may seem like either an impressive step forward for public safety or an Orwellian nightmare, depending on your point of view. But it hasnÂ’t made waves at all with residents of the city, most of whom were likely too busy enjoying their golden week holiday to be aware of the news. News stories about the systemÂ’s completion have attracted few comments, and the response on social media is equally minimal.

ItÂ’s certainly possible that authorities released this news during a public holiday on purpose, in the hopes of minimizing the number of people who noticed. But itÂ’s worth pointing out that the biggest threat to BeijingÂ’s Skynet surveillance isnÂ’t public opposition, itÂ’s pollution. On bad days, smog is thick enough in the city that it can render many cameras virtually useless. Now that thereÂ’s nowhere in Beijing to hide, perhaps the cityÂ’s criminals and dissidents will take to doing their business under the cover of the capitalÂ’s carcinogenic haze. meras-noticed/

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9 hours ago

Oct 9 - Almost 50% of blacks knew someone killed by gun - poll

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 9 hours ago


Nearly 50 percent of black Americans personally knew a fatal gun shooting victim, more than twice as many as whites, a new poll has revealed. At the same time, white Americans are twice as likely to own a gun as blacks.
The results come from a recent online survey conducted by UK-based YouGov and the Huffington Post, which polled 1,000 Americans over 18 years of age from October 6 – 7.

When asked if they had personally known someone who was killed by another person with a gun, 22 percent of respondents gave a positive answer. The number includes 6 percent of Americans who had a relative that was fatally shot. The statistics also show that 47 percent of blacks knew someone who was killed by a gun, while 18 percent of whites did.

It appears from the poll that white Americans are twice as likely to personally own a gun as black Americans. The results show 28 percent versus 14 percent, respectively, for whites and blacks.

Still, the majority of respondents (58 percent) said that no one in their household owns a gun. Black families appear less likely to keep a gun than white families, with 72 percent of black homes gun-less compared to 54 percent of white homes.

The results showed that 27 percent of Americans (31 percent white and 29 percent black) personally knew someone who committed suicide using a gun.

Overall, however, more than half of Americans (55 percent) agreed that gun violence presents a “very serious” problem, while another 26 percent consider the issue “somewhat serious.” There was also a gap in statistics between whites and blacks on this issue – 50 percent versus 74 percent.

The survey comes amid intensified debate on gun control in the aftermath of a mass shooting in Oregon. In 2015, the US saw nearly 300 mass shootings and almost 10,000 people killed by guns, according to Mass Shooting Tracker, which defines a mass shooting as an incident in which at least four people shot. lled-gun-poll/

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9 hours ago

Oct 9 - How the US Became a Toyota Dealer for ISIS

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 9 hours ago


Middle East — If you’ve ever stumbled across genuine Islamic State propaganda videos or photos and their loose resemblance to car commercials — albeit with a notably dystopic terror-cult tinge — you probably quizzically crinkled your brow. But after time spent perusing more oddly indistinguishable ISIS propaganda than you’d care to remember, that crinkled brow surely crystallized into veritable folklore:

Where did ISIS get all those new Toyota trucks?!

Now, at long last, U.S. counterterrorism officials have commenced an ostensibly earnest attempt to answer that open question — by asking Toyota how, exactly, ISIS came to possess such an impressive array of its late-model pick-ups and SUVs.

In response, Toyota claims to have no idea how it happened — partly because tracking vehicle sales won’t necessarily catch middlemen or wholesalers with terrorist ties.

And after all, the company maintains a “strict policy to not sell vehicles to potential purchasers who may use or modify them for paramilitary or terrorist activities,” according to Ed Lewis, Toyota’s director of public policy and communications in Washington, as reported by ABC News. “We briefed Treasury on Toyota’s supply chains in the Middle East and the procedures Toyota has in place to protect supply chain integrity.”

Lewis’ reference to “Treasury” is Toyota’s pledge to “support” an inquiry by the U.S. Treasury Department’s rather problematically-monikered Terror Financing Unit — which is one ostensible arm of a purposefully nonspecific “effort” to somehow prevent ISIS from acquiring Western stuff.

“This is a question we’ve been asking our neighbors,” beseeched Iraqi Ambassador to the U.S., Lukman Faily. “How could these brand new trucks . . . these four-wheel drives, hundreds of them — where are they coming from?”

Toyota’s Land Cruisers and its overseas version of the Tacoma — the dubious Hilux — have become a notoriously iconic feature of ISIS.

“Regrettably, the Toyota Land Cruiser and Hilux have effectively become almost part of the ISIS brand,” explained Mark Wallace, CEO of the nonprofit Counter Extremism Project, which tracks and exposes financial networks that back terrorism, to ABC News. “ISIS has used these vehicles in order to engage in military-type activities, terror activities, and the like. But in nearly every ISIS video, they show a fleet — a convoy of Toyota vehicles and that’s very concerning to us.”

ISIS inevitably procures a bevy of U.S. military accoutrements abandoned by or otherwise wrested from Iraqi fighters, who purportedly ditched some 2,300 Humvees in retreat near Mosul — ghanimah, or spoils — a veritable boon for ISIS militants. But, as you’re likely well aware, ISIS’ spoils include decidedly more dangerous items than Toyotas and Humvees.

According to examples cited by Reuters, besides the Humvees, ISISÂ’ spoils include:


Innumerable small arms and ammunition
52 Howitzer M198 mobile gun systems
74,000 machine guns
40 main M1A1 battle tanks
Unknown qty. anti-tank missiles
And Iraqi butterfingers naturally translated into additional search and destroy missions for U.S. military to essentially track down its own weapons. As Peter Van Buren mused,

“It’s a surreal state of affairs in which American weaponry is being sent into Iraq to destroy American weaponry previously sent into Iraq. If a new sequel to Catch-22 were to be written, this would be the plot line.”

To destroy ISIS’ tanks, originally sent to aid Iraqi forces, the U.S. — logically enough — proceeded to ship Iraqi forces 175 Abrams tanks; 55,000 rounds of tank ammo; $600 million in howitzers and trucks; 2,000 AT-4 rockets; and $700 million in Hellfire missiles.

Throwing money at ‘it’ seems to be the Department of Defense’s stopgap, default answer to every issue — hence the veritable braintrust so apparent in this plan.

Brush away that trepidation, though. Should this entire shipment fall to the Islamic State, Congress already approved an additional $1.2 billion earlier this year — specifically to help bolster Iraqi forces. aler-for-isis/

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9 hours ago

Video inside Oct 9 - Steven Seagal Thinks Many Mass Shootings Are “Engineered” by the Government

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 9 hours ago


There are few issues right now more contentious than gun control. One of these issues happens to be “false flag” operations. Actor Steven Seagal has previously sounded off on both. In an interview with RT, the action star-turned second amendment fundamentalist claimed “a lot” of domestic shootings in America were “engineered” in order to drum up support for gun control legislation.


In the video, Steven Seagal speaks forthrightly about his belief that there is a concerted effort by the government to violate our rights as part of an assault on the constitution:

“I believe in the second amendment and our constitution more than anything in the world, and I think that Adolf Hitler – for example — when he wanted to annihilate the people of Germany — the first thing he did was to take away their guns.

And the right to bear arms wasn’t just to protect the people from foreign invaders, it was to protect them from evil governments, and anyone that would violate their inherited rights as human beings.”

He continues, “I believe that, and I hate to say this, a lot of these mass murders and all this funny stuff that’s going on, I believe a lot of this is engineered.”

The conspiracy theory surrounding domestic false flag shootings conjures intense emotions on both sides. “Truthers” claim the government uses either CIA operatives or patsies controlled by MKULTRA style psyops in order to foment violence so abhorrent that Americans will be forced to embrace gun control legislation. They believe the end-game of such an insidious scheme is to disarm the general population in advance of extensive martial law or indefinite FEMA detention.

Whether any of this theory is true or not is endlessly debatable but highly unlikely. Theorists who claim every mass shooting is a government conspiracy — without providing concrete proof — detract from the documented fact that governments do partake in conspiracies and false flag operations.

However, while the mechanism by which domestic shootings could be “engineered” is still unknown, the MKULTRA program is an established historical fact. Researchers are still uncovering CIA connections from this time period, but we do know experimental subjects included Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber. he-government/

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9 hours ago

Image inside Oct 9 - Instagram posts reveal Arizona shooter was obsessed with himself — and guns

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 9 hours ago


A bout two years ago, Steven Jones posted an Instagram photo of himself holding an MP5 rifle at a shooting range, captioned, “it’s a full auto kind of day.”

His friends teased him in the way that teenagers do, joking, “You’re a turd,” and punctuated with the “poo” emoticon — but Jones corrected him.

“Turd with a gun,” Jones commented, punctuated with two pistol emoticons.

Jones, now an 18-year-old college freshman, was arrested overnight in the shooting death of another Northern Arizona University student and the wounding of three others.

Colin Brough was pronounced dead at the scene, and three of his Delta Chi fraternity brothers — Nicholas Prato, Kyle Zientek and Nicholas Piring — were hospitalized with gunshot wounds.

Police said Jones and the victims were involved in a fight that broke out between two groups in a parking lot outside Mountain View Hall — a residence hall where most of the university’s fraternity and sorority members live.

Investigators arenÂ’t sure what led to the altercation, but police said Jones pulled out a handgun when the dispute turned physical.

“We had just left a party and were standing in the street getting ready to walk home when a guy walked up with a pistol and just started shooting,” one witness told the Arizona Sun.

“I heard five or six shots and then my friends just tackled him,” the witness said. “They got him really quick. We were leaving and it all happened on the sidewalk across from Mountain View.”

Jones apparently shot dead Brough, a junior, before his fraternity brothers tackled the gunman, who shot three of them multiple times before he was taken to the ground.

The shooting suspect was taken into police custody a short time later, about 1:20 a.m.

“He didn’t get a chance to hurt himself,” the witness said. “I saw him in handcuffs when the cops came.”

The shooting suspectÂ’s Instagram page reveals a fascination with selfies and guns.

One photos shows him carrying a loaded shotgun over his shoulder, wearing an American flag tank top and hat, with the caption “‘Merica.”

Another shows Jones and his father carrying rifles on a hunting trip, captioned, “In all seriousness, I couldn’t have asked for a better dad. Happy Father’s Day, everyone.”

Another photo shows him posing with a Kalashnikov rifle. He captioned the photo: “In the woods alone with an ak47…#imadie #sosketch #watevs #gonnakillsh*t #guns #summer”

The overnight shooting happened one week after a gunman opened fire at Umpqua Community College on Oregon, killing nine people and wounding nine others before killing himself.

NAU police, however, attempted to draw a distinction between the two events, saying that the latest on-campus homicide was not a mass shooting.

“This is very different than the Oregon situation,” said Christopher Anderson, of NAU police. “It appears this was not a targeting of campus.” self-and-guns/

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10 hours ago

Oct 9 - 1 Dead, 1 Wounded in Shooting at Texas Southern University

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| By Ham Rove - 10 hours ago

*tweet embedded

One person was killed and another wounded in a shooting near Texas Southern University on Thursday, police said.

The shooting occurred around 11:30 a.m. CT near the university's student housing complex, police said, and a possible suspect had been detained.

The deceased was taken to a hospital in a critical condition and later died, NBC affiliate KPRC reported.

The campus was placed on lockdown and classes had been cancelled for the day.

It is the second shooting at TSU this week. On Tuesday, a man was shot in the abdomen on a roadway the leads through the university. He was hospitalized in serious but stable condition.

Texas Southern University has about 10,000 students. ersity-n441826

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12 hours ago

Oct 9 - What's your favorite chain restaurant ??

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| By Tw1tter Gang - 12 hours ago



Red Lobster



Olive Garden



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12 hours ago

Oct 9 - Snatching CO2 back from the air

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| By mainevent23 - 12 hours ago

Residents of Squamish, B.C., will witness history this week when a small company from Alberta flicks the switch on an industrial facility that chemically grabs carbon dioxide out of thin air.

The facility, designed and built with support from billionaires Bill Gates and oilsands financier Murray Edwards, isnÂ’t just a first for Canada. It may be the largest demonstration of its kind in the world, and takes us closer to a day when humans can suck more CO2 from the atmosphere than they dump in.

Carbon Engineering, the Calgary-based company behind the innovation, also plans to use that CO2 to make renewable synthetic fuels, a potential path forward for oil and gas companies as society tries to kick its fossil fuel habit.
“I knew if we could pull this off it would be immense and important, and I wanted to be part of it,” said chief executive officer Adrian Corless.

Rivals include Menlo Park, Calif.-based Global Thermostat, which counts Edgar Bronfman Jr. as its executive chairman, and Zurich-based Climeworks, which counts carmaker Audi as a partner. All three companies are convinced that direct air capture of CO2 is inevitable.

Carbon Engineering’s work is based on research conducted at the University of Calgary and led by David Keith, now a professor of public policy and applied physics at Harvard University. Keith, who founded Carbon Engineering in 2009, admitted at the time that the idea of capturing CO2 out of the air seemed “absurd,” given that the greenhouse gas only represents 0.04 per cent of what we inhale.

By comparison, the concentration of CO2 emitted from a power plant fuelled by coal is about 10 per cent. Logically, it makes more sense to focus on capturing CO2 directly from industrial flue gases — the focus, for example, of a $20-million XPrize competition launched on Sept. 29. But that approach ignores CO2 produced by transportation, agriculture and buildings, which together represent a third of global emissions.

Keith knew free-air capture wouldnÂ’t just work; it might one day be a necessary weapon in the fight against dangerous climate change. Wind, solar, nuclear power and energy efficiency all reduce emissions from going into the atmosphere, but they are incapable of extracting whatÂ’s already up there in the increasingly likely event that safe limits are exceeded.

Plant more trees, you say? Research suggests that plants are comparatively inefficient when it comes to extracting CO2 from the air. It’s vital, Keith said in 2009, “to start thinking about radical new ideas and approaches to solving this problem.”

Six years later, the idea of snatching CO2 from anywhere doesn’t seem so radical. For one, Keith’s team has taken what was just a theory and turned it into a working machine that people can see and touch — and which can be easily replicated. “As the project has progressed, we’ve been able to get a lot more people engaged in believing what we’re doing,” said Corless.

Second, a growing body of evidence over the years suggests that climate change is happening faster than originally thought, and that dramatic measures may be needed to avert its worst effects. This has created wider acceptance within government and business of putting a price on carbon, with the G7 setting a long-term goal of completely phasing out fossil fuel use by 2100.

China, meanwhile, recently confirmed plans to launch a national emission trading system in 2017. According to the World Bank, about 40 national and more than 20 sub-national jurisdictions have put a price on carbon or plan to do so, twice as many as were in that position in 2012. Together, they represent more than a quarter of global greenhouse-gas emissions.

“The growing acceptance that there’s going to be a requirement to pay for carbon emissions, that’s really changed only in the last 18 months,” said Corless. That’s important, he explained, because as carbon pricing emerges and as the cost of air-capture technology falls, the business case for Carbon Engineering and its rivals will only get stronger.

They have a long way to go. At the moment, carbon is priced at less than $10 a tonne in most jurisdictions, with B.C. at $30 and Sweden on the high end at $130. Where the price goes from here is anyone’s guess, but the number of companies using what’s called “shadow carbon pricing” to estimate the long-term viability of their operations has tripled in just the past year.

These shadow prices can range from $20 to $200 a tonne, giving an indication of where carbon prices are and where companies believe they could go.

Asked if $100 a tonne would be enough for Carbon Engineering to support itself commercially, Keith replied: “That’s getting pretty damn close.”


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12 hours ago

Oct 9 - Russian missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran: US official

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| By bobbysteels18 - 12 hours ago

Russian missiles aimed at Syria crashed in Iran: US official

Beirut (AFP) - Four Russian cruise missiles aimed at targets in Syria crashed in Iran, a US official said Thursday, as regime troops backed by Lebanon's Hezbollah pressed a "vast offensive" against rebels in the war-torn country's west.

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The missiles were thought to be among a salvo fired Wednesday from Russian warships in the Caspian as part of a nine-day-old air war targeting foes of President Bashar al-Assad.

Russia hit back at the claims, saying all the shots were on target, and the defence ministry posted a graphic on its website showing 26 missiles flying over Iran and Iraq before striking inside Syria. Tehran made no comment.

"Any professional knows that during these operations we always fix the target before and after impact. All our cruise missiles hit their target," ministry spokesman General Igor Konashenkov said in a statement.

Moscow launched an air war in Syria at the end of last month it said was aimed at the Islamic State group and other "terrorist" organisations fighting in the country's four-year-old civil war.

Russia's air force hit 27 "terrorist" targets in central and northern Syria Wednesday night, the defence ministry said, including eight IS strongholds in Homs province and 11 training camps in Hama and Raqa provinces.

View galleryPro-government regime forces have advanced in western …
Pro-government regime forces have advanced in western Syria in a "vast offensive" against Â…
Western powers have dismissed these claims as window-dressing for a campaign that primarily seeks to prop up Assad's embattled regime against a much broader group of rebels.

Washington said more than 90 percent of Russian raids have targeted groups other than IS or Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate, Al-Nusra Front.

Another US official said the missiles that landed in Iran were Kalibr-NK cruise missiles, which Russia had "used for the first time in a combat setting".

"They appeared to help operations by Iranian-backed Hezbollah" in Syria, where the powerful Lebanese Shiite group has been fighting alongside regime forces, the official added.

- 'Troubling escalation' -

View galleryAn image grab from a video released by the Russian …
An image grab from a video released by the Russian Defence Ministry on October 7, 2015 reportedly sh Â…
The Russian air war has provided cover for Assad's ground troops, who have lost swathes of the north, east and south of the country to jihadists and rebel groups since the conflict erupted in 2011.

A Syrian military source said Thursday the Russian strikes had helped regime forces take back territory in an area that has been the focus of a months-long offensive by a rebel alliance, including Al-Nusra.

"They have seized most of the hilly region of Jeb al-Ahmar," which overlooks the strategic Sahl al-Ghab plain to the east and Assad's western coastal stronghold of Latakia, the source said.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a British-based monitoring group, confirmed the advance.

Tensions have been rising between Russia and Western powers over the air campaign, which has seen Russian jets violate the airspace of NATO member Turkey at least twice.

View galleryUS defense minister Ashton Carter speaks at NATO Headquarters …
US defense minister Ashton Carter speaks at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on October 8, 2015 (AFP Ph Â…
US Defence Secretary Ashton Carter forecast Thursday Russia would soon begin to suffer casualties of its own.

"This will have consequences for Russia itself which is rightly fearful of attacks... In coming days, the Russians will begin to suffer from casualties," Carter said at a NATO defence ministers meeting in Brussels.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said there had been a "troubling escalation" in Moscow's air campaign and pledged to "assess the latest developments and their implications for the security of the alliance".

- 'Serves the Christians' -

The Melkite Greek Catholic archbishop of Aleppo Jean-Clement Jeanbart on Thursday welcomed Moscow's intervention, which he told Swiss television "serves the Christians' cause".

View gallerySyrians stand on the rubble of buildings after a missile …
Syrians stand on the rubble of buildings after a missile fired by Syrian government forces hit a res Â…
Syria's army appeared to regain ground Thursday, after chief of staff General Ali Abdullah Ayoub announced "a vast offensive to defeat the terrorist groups" and restore control over opposition-held areas.

State TV said the army had targeted "terrorist positions" in the central province of Hama, killing 32 militants and destroying four armoured vehicles, while Russian and Syrian warplanes also hit Al-Nusra positions in Latakia province.

A military source in the Sahl al-Ghab plain told AFP Russia had targeted at least three villages there Thursday morning.

Backed by allied militia and Russian air cover, regime troops have retaken around a dozen villages in Hama, according to Syrian daily Al-Watan, which is close to the government.

At least 13 regime fighters and 11 rebels were killed, the Observatory said.

Rebel forces shot down a low-flying military helicopter, but it was unclear if it was Syrian or Russian, Observatory chief Rami Abdel Rahman said.

In Aleppo province, the monitor said a car bombing blamed on IS in the town of Hreitan -- controlled by a group of Islamist rebel factions including Al-Nusra -- killed 12 people and wounded a similar number. 030937401.html

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12 hours ago

Image inside Oct 8 - Kenyan Government's Power Gets Cut Off Because of Unpaid Bill

4 people viewing this

| By mr_underground - 12 hours ago

MPs in Kenya have reacted furiously after the electricity supply to parliament was cut for three days apparently because of an unpaid bill of $97,000 (ÂŁ63,000).

The opposition blamed the government, but MPs of the governing coalition rallied to its defence.

MPs also said they had not received their allowances and some parliamentary staff had not been paid.

The government and parliamentary officials have not yet commented.
Africa Live: BBC news updates
Kenya MPs are among the highest paid in the world, and the chaotic state of the parliamentary building is embarrassing to them, says the BBC's Abdullahi Abdi in the capital, Nairobi.

There is growing concern that the government is facing a cash crunch, and MPs from parliament's finance committee are now holding a crisis meeting to discuss the issue, he adds.

During a parliamentary debate, opposition MP Adan Keynan said the power supply to parliament was cut from Friday to Monday.
"The power guys came and disconnected power... It has never happened [before]," he added.

Another opposition MP Chris Wamalwa said the water supply had also been cut.
"The other day I was here, I could not even visit the toilet because the toilet was closed. There was no water, no electricity," he said.
Cecily Mbarire, an MP from the governing coalition, said the electricity bill amounted to $97,000.

Our correspondent says opposition and ruling coalition MPs agreed that there was a financial crisis, but disagreed over who was responsible.
Ruling coalition MPs blamed the treasury officials, while the opposition felt the government should take the blame, he adds. frica-34473363

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14 hours ago

Video inside Oct 9 - Be a hero brehs ( dude who stopped terrorist on train stabbed)

4 people viewing this

| By Illy Wanka - 14 hours ago

Dude went out to bool it and went to help someone getting beat up and ended up getting his ass poked up in Sacramento.

CNN)Just weeks ago, U.S. Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone was tending to stab wounds after famously helping thwart a gun attack on a European train, feted internationally as a hero.

On Thursday he was in serious condition at a California hospital, having been stabbed again -- this time during a night out with friends in an altercation for which he faces no criminal accusations, officials say.

Surveillance video shows 30 seconds of high drama and raw violence in midtown Sacramento before 1 a.m. Thursday.

What starts with a few punches thrown on a dark street corner quickly spills into the street. Five or six people are in the middle of it all pushing, shoving and trading blows.

One man falls to the ground at one point, only to quickly bounce back. Eventually, the two sparring sides go their separate ways.

Stone was one of those who walked away. But he did so with multiple stab wounds, Sacramento Deputy Police Chief Ken Bernard told reporters.

Bernard singled out two males who allegedly had a part in wounding Stone, who had been visiting bars in the area with four friends.

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14 hours ago

Image inside Oct 9 - SCHOOL SHOOTING @ NAU

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| By BLACK MAMBA - 14 hours ago

More details coming soon

7 people reportedly shot.

2 dead

Shooter in custody

*tweet embedded

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14 hours ago

Image inside Oct 9 - Greedy women fu-king up a good thing as usual.

34 people viewing this

| By slim_d20 - 14 hours ago

Uber has been struck with a new lawsuit alleging the ride-hailing company knowingly neglects the safety of its female customers.

The suit, filed Thursday in US District Court in San Francisco, claims Uber aims its marketing at young women who have been drinking but doesn't conduct adequate background checks on its drivers. That lapse has led to a number of sexual assaults, according to the 52-page complaint filed on behalf of two "Jane Does" who allege their Uber drivers sexually assaulted them.

"What Uber has not shared with riders is that making the choice to hail a ride after drinking also puts those same riders in peril from the Uber drivers themselves," the complaint reads. "By marketing heavily toward young women who have been drinking, while claiming that rider safety is its #1 priority, Uber is instead putting these women at risk."

The lawsuit alleges that Uber's "negligence," "fraud" and "misleading statements" led to the sexual assaults of the two women listed in the complaint.

In addition to seeking unspecified damages, the suit is requesting a jury trial and a permanent injunction against Uber to overhaul its safety measures.

If successful, this case could have sweeping repercussions for the company because Uber would be forced to exert more control over its drivers, who are classified as independent contractors rather than employees. Uber is the most valuable venture-backed company in the world, worth more than $50 billion.

The plaintiffs are asking the court to order Uber to boost its safety standards by adding several new measures. These include creating 24-hour customer support hotlines in all cities in which it operates; requiring all drivers to install GPS tracking systems on their cars that would set off an alarm if deactivated; disabling child-lock features on passenger doors; and conducting fingerprint-based background checks and in-person interviews with drivers.

***** You can read the whole thing here, but I'm not posting the rest of this corporate sabotage bullsh*t. *** xual-assaults/

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14 hours ago

Image inside Oct 9 - Wife Kicks Husband Out Of Million $ Mansion..Now Living On Front Lawn For 6 Months

15 people viewing this

| By Illy Wanka - 14 hours ago

A private family matter has become very public in the Taylor Lake Village community.

A dispute between a husband and his doctor wife has left him outside, sleeping and living in the yard of his million dollar mansion. According to the police, itÂ’s been going on for the last six months and Sharafat Khan has been forced to live outdoors on and off during that time.

Neighbors are very worried because he is elderly, in poor health and in a fragile state.
"He’s wearing the same clothing, it’s dirty,” neighbor Debbie Scoggins said. “He has no bathroom facilities, no shoes."

"The weather is starting to get colder,” Laurel Stout, who lives across the street, said. "He’s very frail, he can’t even walk. I’m afraid he is going to die out here in his yard."

Khan told KPRC 2 his wife kicked him out of the house several months ago, took away his keys and had the locks changed. He said he doesnÂ’t have access to their money and is basically homeless even though he owns half of their mansion.

Khan doesnÂ’t feel like he should have to leave because the home and property are just as much his. He said he wants to be allowed inside and heÂ’s hoping he can pressure her into changing her mind.

"She doesnÂ’t want me to have any sort of comfort," he said.

Night after night he sleeps on the front porch wrapped in a sheet. During the day he tries to find shade under the trees. On Monday he was eating saltine crackers and drinking a warm bottle of water.

Neighbors said if they take him blankets and pillows, the wife takes them away.

There are signs posted all over the home instructing the neighbors not to help him or feed him.

Khan said the dispute is over his relationship with other family members. She wanted him to cut ties but he refused.

Police officers who are familiar with the situation said they have been called out to the home 20 to 30 times in the last six months. There is nothing legally they can do because Khan has every right to be there and they canÂ’t force his wife to let him in.

"Our hands are tied," one officer said.

Someone close to the situation said Khan's wife claims she can't file for divorce because she and her husband practice Islam and they strictly follow Sharia law. Khan told KPRC this has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with money.

"She doesnÂ’t want to hand over half her fortune," he said.

He canÂ’t file for divorce because he claims he can't afford to.

Adult Protective Services are involved but canÂ’t release specific information about the case because of confidentiality laws. A spokesperson for the agency said they cannot force someone to get help.

"IÂ’m just hoping we can find help for him," Scoggins said.

"Allowing this to continue is not in the best interest of anyone," Stout said.

KPRC 2 reached out to the doctor for comment, she said it was a private matter and did not wish to speak about it.

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Video inside Oct 9 - hispanic woman gives trump love in vegas

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| By trill jackson - 14 hours ago

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Oct 8 - "Growing epidemic" on pace to kill 1/3 of young Chinese males

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| By eann - 1 day ago

Smoking will kill about two million Chinese in 2030, double the 2010 toll, according to researchers who warned of a “growing epidemic of premature death” in the world’s most populous nation.

On current trends, one in three young Chinese men will be killed by tobacco, the team wrote in The Lancet medical journal. Among women, though, there were fewer smokers and fewer deaths.

“About two-thirds of young Chinese men become cigarette smokers, and most start before they are 20. Unless they stop, about half of them will eventually be killed by their habit,” said the article’s co-author Zhengming Chen from Oxford University.

China consumes over a third of the world’s cigarettes, and has a sixth of the global smoking death toll.

“The annual number of deaths in China that are caused by tobacco will rise from about one million in 2010 to two million in 2030 and three million in 2050, unless there is widespread cessation,” the researchers wrote.

“Widespread smoking cessation offers China one of the most effective, and cost-effective, strategies to avoid disability and premature death over the next few decades.”

The 2010 death toll was made up of some 840,000 men and 130,000 women in China, which has a population of about 1.4 billion.

Smokers have about twice the mortality rate of people who never smoked, with a higher risk of lung cancer, stroke and heart attack.

The proportion of deaths attributed to smoking among Chinese men aged 40-79 has doubled from about 10% in the early 1990s to 20% today, said the researchers.

Among city dwellers the figure was even higher – a quarter of all male deaths, and rising.

“Conversely, the women of working age in China now smoke much less than the older generation,” said a statement from The Lancet.

“About 10% of the women born in the 1930s smoked, but only about 1% of those born in the 1960s did so.”

Less than 1% of deaths in women born since 1960 are due to tobacco, said the study.

The researchers relied on data drawn from two nationwide studies involving some 730,000 Chinese people in total.

The first study ran over several years in the 1990s, the second started in 2006 and continues today.

There were a few silver linings, the authors said – including that the number of smokers who quit rose from 3% in 1991 to 9% in 2006.

Those who stopped smoking before they developed any serious illness had a similar disease risk ten years later than people who never smoked.

“With effective measures to accelerate cessation, the growing epidemic of premature death from tobacco can be halted and then reversed, as in other countries,” said the study led by researchers from Oxford University, the Chinese academy of medical sciences and the Chinese centre for disease control and prevention.

In a comment also carried by The Lancet, Jeffrey Koplan and Michael Eriksen of the Emory Global Health Institute in Atlanta pointed out that China was not only the world’s largest consumer of tobacco, but also the largest grower and cigarette manufacturer.

“Being a government monopoly, China Tobacco provides over 7% of the central government’s annual revenue through both taxes and net income,” they wrote.

Oxford University’s Richard Peto, one of the study authors, said tobacco deaths in western countries have been dropping for 20 years, partly because of stiff price rises.

“For China, a substantial increase in cigarette prices could save tens of millions of lives.” faces-epidemic

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Oct 8 - The male biological clock – it’s tick-tick-ticking too

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| By Dave24 - 1 day ago


As a woman ages, there's a decline in her body's production of the female hormone estrogen, a decline in fertility, and a higher risk that her baby will have genetic problems. As men get older they see a decline in the male hormone testosterone, a decline in fertility, and a greater chance of fathering children with genetic problems.

So just because he can make sperm doesn't mean it's high-quality sperm. As men age, the volume, motility (speed), and quality of their sperm decline.

A number of years ago, the journal Fertility & Sterility published one of the largest reviews of male fertility to date. The authors found that between the ages of 30 and 50, the average man's sperm declines by up to 30 percent in volume, swims up to 37 percent slower, and is five times more likely to be misshapen.

Shape is important because it correlates with the sperm's genetic content. A higher number of misshapen sperm equals a greater potential for genetic abnormalities.

In recent years, clinical trials have found links between the father's age and more common genetically related conditions, such as Down syndrome and schizophrenia.

Overall, the risk is highest when both parents are over 35. Since the number of births to parents older than 35 has more than doubled in the past two decades, this is a valid concern.

A study published in the Journal of Urology found that the rate of Down syndrome births doubled among women ages 35 to 39 if their partner was also over age 35. (However, if a woman is 35 or older, odds are she's going to have an amniocentesis or CVS, either of which would detect Down syndrome.)

Paternal-age risk factors aren't really an issue for women 35 and under because the ovaries have a built-in mechanism that repairs damaged DNA delivered by the sperm. But that safety net starts to break down after she turns 35.

On the evidence that sperm from older men is more likely to have genetic abnormalities, some European countries have prohibited men from becoming sperm donors after they reach a certain age.

"One of the best markers we have of the male biological clock is an increase in DNA-damaged sperm. At age 25, only 5 percent of a man's sperm has DNA damage; by age 35, that percentage has grown to 20 percent. That's a fourfold increase in just ten years. As the percentage of damaged sperm increases, the odds of fertilization decrease."
– Narendra Singh, associate professor in the Department of Bioengineering at the University of Washington, Seattle c?showAll=true

I am 30 and never had children. I am a virgin and have never been with a woman. Getting up there in age for myself.

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Video inside Oct 8 - Pundit defends Rupert Murdoch racial tweet: He meant that Obama is a ‘magic negro'

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| By Ham Rove - 1 day ago


CNN political commentator and Donald Trump supporter Jeffrey Lord on Thursday defended Rupert Murdoch’s suggestion that Barack Obama was not a “real black president” by noting that the News Corporation founder really meant that the president was a “magic Negro.”

On Wednesday, Murdoch had sent out a tweet in support of Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson, and then added: “What about a real black President who can properly address the racial divide? And much else.”

In defense of Murdoch, Lord pointed to a 2007 Los Angeles Times column by David Ehrenstein titled “Obama the ‘Magic Negro.'”

“By that, he meant someone like Sidney Poitier, he specifically reference, and other African-Americans — Will Smith, etc., who are not seen as — quote, unquote — threatening,” Lord explained. “And not — quote — authentically black like, say, Al Sharpton. Again, these were his suggestions.”

“So, I don’t really think that Mr. Murdoch has said anything new here that hasn’t been said,” he continued. “I just think that this is an old argument that somehow has popped up here with Mr. Murdoch. But it’s been said before, and by an African-American.”

Democratic strategist Keith Boykin saw things differently.

“I don’t know what Rupert Murdoch is doing,” he remarked. “I think it’s a reflection of some sort of white privilege or billionaire entitlement that has forced him to make these comments on Twitter. But it’s quite offensive.”

“Here’s a guy who is not black, he’s not even an American, telling African-Americans who we should support for our president,” Boykin noted. “The idea that this comment would be made by Rupert Murdoch at all is problematic regardless of the apology.”

The Democratic strategist said that he was “tired of this conservative sort of disingenuous concern about black people. The comment was framed in a sense by Rupert Murdoch, ‘Well black people should be really upset because Obama hasn’t done enough for them.'”

“But when was Rupert Murdoch ever concerned about what Obama’s done for black people or about what black people need in the first place. If he were concerned, he would probably listen to black people who would tell him that they support Obama far more than they support Ben Carson.”

Watch the video below from CNN, broadcast Oct. 8, 2015. a-magic-negro/

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