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43 minutes ago

Aug 28 - ‘Smart pill’ has potential to boost brain power in healthy people – study

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 43 minutes ago


A stimulant drug successfully used to help people with sleep disorders stay awake can boost cognitive functions in healthy people, according to a new study. The ‘smart pill’ has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration.
Researchers reviewed 24 studies on the drug modafinil which were carried out between 1990 and 2015 and found that it appeared to improve cognitive function. Some of the studies also showed gains in flexible thinking, increasing ability to combine information or cope with novelty. The drug didnÂ’t seem to influence creativity either way.

However, researchers found that improvement wasnÂ’t seen every time, on every test, or for every person. They also found that the studies failed to show any enhancement in the areas of attention, learning, and memory.

The meta-analysis was recently published in European Neuropsychopharmacology.

“What emerged was that the longer and the more complex the task ... the more consistently modafinil showed cognitive benefits,” said Anna-Katharine Brem, a neuropsychologist at Oxford and one of the paper’s authors, in an email to the Atlantic.

Modafinil, like Adderall and Ritalin, is increasingly being used by college students and adults who donÂ’t suffer from ADHD or sleep disorders, but are searching for greater productivity. The drugs work by increasing the brainÂ’s level of dopamine and norepinephrine to boost concentration and alertness.

Studies have found that the number of adults between the ages of 26 to 34 using stimulant medications has doubled, rising from 1.5 percent in 2008 to 2.8 percent in 2013, according to FiveThirtyEight.

The drugs can have negative health consequences, though, especially at large doses. Adderall has been noted to induce psychosis, and emergency room visits associated with the use of stimulants among young adults tripled between 2005 and 2011, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

Among the study’s finding was that relatively few healthy people were assessed – about 30 participants per study, on average. Researchers also found that many of the cognitive tests used in the studies were more appropriate for people with neuropsychiatric illness or neurological disorders.

“The problem with this is that healthy people perform very well in them without taking the drug and so improvements in performance on a substance are harder, if not impossible, to detect,” wrote Brem.

Brem and Ruairidh Battleday, another of the studyÂ’s authors, said the studies only gave participants the drug once, so long term claims are hard to make. Still, they said the benefits of the drug for enhancing attention, executive functions, learning, and memory appear much stronger.

The study’s authors argue there is a strong case for continuing testing using classical scientific approaches – improved testing regimes, a larger participant pool, and prolonged administration periods. The team also recommended cognitive training and noninvasive brain stimulation during testing. t-brain-power/

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43 minutes ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Heart-wrenching images of Syrian refugee trigger $100k fundraiser

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 43 minutes ago


An online campaign launched by a Norway-based activist has raised over $104,000 for a Palestinian-Syrian refugee, after moving pictures of him selling blue-capped pens on the streets of Beirut with his daughterÂ’s head on his shoulder appeared online.
Founder of Conflict News, Gissur Simonarson, posted pictures of the Syrian and his daughter on social media on Tuesday. The move triggered an outpour of support for the refugeesÂ’ plight. Simonarson, who is originally from Iceland, was overwhelmed by requests to help Abdul Halim Attar, a single father of two from the Yarmouk refugee camp located on the southern outskirts of Damascus.

The picture shows Attar selling pens in LebanonÂ’s capital Beirut, as his 4-year-old daughter Reem sleeps in his arms with her head resting on his shoulder.

Simonarson got in touch with local activists, located the man in the picture, and launched the campaign along with a Twitter account, #BuyPens.

“Within 30 minutes, I was pointed to a person that lived right by where he usually hung out selling pens,” Simonarson told the Star.

The goal was to reach $5,000. This sum was soon surpassed, surging to over $67,000 within 24 hours, and now standing at $97,065.

Attar’s two children are nine and four and they live in “dire conditions” in Beirut, said local activist Carol Malouf, who visited Attar’s home on Friday.

Attar wants to use the money to educate his children and help other Syrians. “He is just overwhelmed. He broke down crying, he was so touched by what is happening,” Simonarson said, describing Attar’s reaction to the donations. “He said, ‘I don’t want any money, I want to educate my children and I want to help other Syrian refugees.’”

The process of how to transfer the money to the family is still being worked out.

“It’s nice to see people come together and make a difference in another person’s life,” Simonarson said.

“When you see stories today on the news about refugees they’re basically all negative. We see them drowning in the Mediterranean. We see them being mistreated in the countries that they have come to… It’s quite overwhelming positive support for this campaign.”

There were over 1.1 million Syrian refugees in Lebanon as of August 25, with seventy percent of them living below the poverty line.

The successful campaign comes amid devastating news of refugees from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan dying in large numbers as they try to make their way to Europe.

Earlier this week, the bodies of 71 refugees were found dead, after they likely suffocated in a tractor trailer in eastern Austria, the countryÂ’s police reported. Another 200 are feared dead after a boat filled with migrants capsized off the Libyan coast on Friday. raiser-norway/

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44 minutes ago

Aug 28 - One College Gets Rid of Textbooks for Good

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 44 minutes ago


Lugging around big, heavy textbooks you'll get next to nothing back on at the end of the semester has become a thing of the past at one Maryland institution of higher learning. The University of Maryland University College says it's getting rid of textbooks for good this fall, directing undergraduates to free online resources instead, the AP reports; the move should save students thousands. As for grad students, don't ditch those SwissGear sacks yet: Your textbook dump won't come until the fall of 2016. -for-good.html

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44 minutes ago

Aug 28 - Man Jailed on $5 Theft for Months Without Bail Dies

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 44 minutes ago


A man charged with stealing $5 worth of snacks from a 7-Eleven died in a Virginia jail cell last week while being held without bail, weeks after a judge ordered him transferred to a mental health facility, the Guardian reports. Jamycheal Mitchell, 24, was arrested April 22 in Portsmouth for allegedly stealing Mountain Dew, a Snickers, and a Zebra Cake. His aunt, Roxanne Adams, tells the Guardian Mitchell suffered from bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. In May, a judge ruled Mitchell, who was refusing his medication in jail, wasn't competent to stand trial and ordered him transferred to a mental health facility, an order repeated at the end of July. But the Guardian reports guards found Mitchell dead in his cell Aug. 19.

Officials say there were no signs of injury on Mitchell's body and nothing suspicious about his death. Adams believes her nephew starved after refusing his meals. "He was extremely emaciated," she tells the Guardian. Mitchell was kept at the jail because there were no vacant beds at the mental health facility, but the Guardian was unable to get a clear answer from the court, jail, or police about what agency was responsible for making sure he was transferred or why he wasn't given a chance to bail out. "He just chain-smoked and made people laugh," Adams tells the Guardian. "He never did anything serious, never harmed anybody." The only local coverage of Mitchell's death was a three-sentence item that doesn't mention his name. bail-dies.html

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47 minutes ago


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| By Illy Wanka - 47 minutes ago

A 78-year-old Maryland man is facing serious charges for reportedly inserting a hot curling iron into his disabled wife after believing she had an affair in the 1960Â’s. Yes, you read that correctly. He was getting revenge for a 50-year-old dalliance.

Police have charged George Kephart with first-degree sex offense, first-degree assault and vulnerable adult abuse for not only sexually assaulting his 78-year-old wife with advanced dementia but reportedly beating and strangling her after she confessed to cheating on him more than half a century ago, according to WJLA.

The special needs bus driverÂ’s despicable actions came to light after a caretaker discovered extensive bruising all over her body and contacted her son who then called police. Ms. Kephart was then transported to the hospital, where a sexual assault forensic exam showed torn internal flesh.

Related: Monstrous Human Being Sets GirlfriendÂ’s Vagina On Fire, Yells At Her For Crying

When hearing of the incident, a neighbor told WJLA that the news of his arrest didn’t shock him since Mr. Kephart has an extremely short temper and that even “a word can set him off.”

“He is a round, short, little guy who is ready to explode at any moment,” their neighbor, Zide Anani commented. “I’m surprised he didn’t do it earlier because he’s really frustrated with the wife. The wife is a very sick woman. She is not moving, she is on oxygen, she needs help to do her regular things in life and the guy is just really fed up.”

Mrs. Kephart echoed Anani’s sentiment, telling detectives that she was afraid of him not only for abusing her constantly but burning her with fire. In court documents, she also admitted that she “hates him.”

Jailed at Montgomery County District Court, Kephart is facing life in prison if convicted. a-curling-iron

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47 minutes ago

Image inside Aug 28 - My BUDDY Trump.. To simplify Tax Code and raise taxes on rich, reduced for poor!

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| By Illy Wanka - 47 minutes ago

"Trump to simplify Tax Code no more need to use HR Block. Trump to shift taxes toward rich, reduced for poor!
On Morning Joe this Morning Trump indicated that he will simplify tax code so middle class don't need someone to file taxes (put HAR Block out of business) for them and he will decrease taxes on middle class while making Corporations, Other Countries conducting business here and Wall Street people pay their fair share.

No longer will hedge fund managers pay less tax than their secretary or janitor!

If I find link to the statements I will update!

When you hear the Pundits say Donald to raise taxes, don't be a sheep and think he is going to raise your taxes he is going to raise taxes but on the rich and elite that is what he is saying plain and simple but be prepared for them to leave that part out on the MSM and GOP Career politicians." rthodoxy-taxes

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6 hours ago

Aug 28 - How Too Much Electronic Screen Time Is Making Kids ‘Moody, Crazy and Lazy’

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago


Excessive use of electronic devices by children can have alarming effects that may lead them to become “moody, crazy and lazy,” according to a child psychiatrist.

Writing in Psychology Today, Dr. Victoria L. Dunckley argues for an “electronic fast” and offers a look at six physiological mechanisms to explain electronics’ tendency to produce mood disturbance:

1. Screen-time disrupts sleep and desynchronizes the body clock. Because light from screen devices mimics daytime, it suppresses melatonin, a sleep signal released by darkness. Just minutes of screen stimulation can delay melatonin release by several hours and desynchronize the body clock. Once the body clock is disrupted, all sorts of other unhealthy reactions occur, such as hormone imbalance and brain inflammation. Plus, high arousal doesn’t permit deep sleep, and deep sleep is how we heal.

2. Screen-time desensitizes the brain’s reward system. Many children are “hooked” on electronics, and in fact gaming releases so much dopamine — the “feel-good” chemical — that on a brain scan it looks the same as cocaine use! When reward pathways are overused, they become less sensitive, and more and more stimulation is needed to experience pleasure. Meanwhile dopamine is also critical for focus and motivation. Needless to say, even small changes in dopamine sensitivity can wreak havoc on how well a child feels and functions.

3. Screen-time produces “light-at-night.” Light-at-night from electronics has been linked to depression and even suicide risk in numerous studies. In fact, animal studies show that exposure to screen-based light before or during sleep causes depression even when the animal isn’t looking at the screen. Sometimes parents feel scared to restrict electronics use in a child’s bedroom because they worry the child will go enter a state of total despair — but in fact removing light-at-night is protective.

4. Screen-time induces stress reactions. Both acute stress (fight-or-flight) and chronic stress produce changes in brain chemistry and hormones that can increase irritability. Indeed, cortisol, the chronic stress hormone, seems to be both a cause and effect of depression – creating a vicious cycle. Additionally, both hyperarousal and addiction pathways suppress the brain’s frontal lobe, the area where mood regulation actually takes place.

5. Screen-time overloads the sensory system, fractures attention, and depletes mental reserves. Experts say that what’s often behind explosive and aggressive behavior is poor focus. When attention suffers, so does the ability to process one’s internal and external environment, so little demands become big ones. By depleting mental energy with high visual and cognitive input, screen-time contributes to low reserves. One way to temporarily “boost” depleted reserves is to become angry, so meltdowns become a coping mechanism.

6. Screen-time reduces physical activity levels and exposure to “green-time.” Research shows these factors restore attention, lower stress, and reduce aggression. Thus, time spent with electronics reduces exposure to natural mood enhancers. y_and_lazy_201

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6 hours ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Zimmerman brags abt killing Trayvon: ‘We all know how it ended 4 the last moron'

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago


George Zimmerman, the man acquitted in the shooting death of unarmed Florida teen Trayvon Martin, has apparently perfected the art of tough guy tweeting.

The killer-cum-Twitter troll on Thursday threatened someone by raising the specter of Trayvon MartinÂ’s death and insulting the slain teenager in the process.

“I’m sorry I’m a day late for your slapping,” someone tweeted at Zimmerman with a meme labeled “It’s slap-an-idiot Wednesday.”

“We all know how it ended for the last moron that hit me. Give it a whirl cupcake,” Zimmerman responded.

ItÂ’s not the first time Zimmerman has taunted online hecklers with a sense of macho over his killing of Martin.

Zimmerman has had a violent and tumultuous run since a jury found him not guilty of second-degree murder or manslaughter in MartinÂ’s death.. He has been arrested multiple times on a variety of violence and weapons charges. He has taken on an air of machismo hubris, stating in March that he doesnÂ’t feel bad about killing the teen because it was part of GodÂ’s plan for him.

In a Friday morning Tweet, Zimmerman referred to himself as “teflon.” In others, he expresses dislike for President Barack Obama with oblique insults to the president and Mike Brown, the unarmed Ferguson teenager killed by white police officer Darren Wilson last year. Zimmerman claimed Brown and Vester Flanagan, the man accused of killing two WDBJ reporters on air Wednesday and Brown would be Obama’s sons.

The 2012 killing of Trayvon Martin and ZimmermanÂ’s subsequent acquittal sparked nation-wide protests and helped launch what is now the Black Lives Matter movement.

Zimmerman also called President Obama an “ignorant baboon” for statements after the Virginia shooting discussing the high number of deaths from gun violence in America. n-that-hit-me/

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6 hours ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Japanese police bracing for gang war as Yamaguchi-gumi mafia group splits

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| By mr_underground - 6 hours ago

Police in Japan are bracing for an outbreak of gang violence after reports that the Yamaguchi-gumi — the country’s biggest crime syndicate — is about to split.

Japanese media reports said the organisation had been hit by rows over membersÂ’ divided loyalties toward the gangÂ’s boss, Shinobu Tsukasa.

The 73-year-old, who became JapanÂ’s most powerful mafia don in 2005, has reportedly angered affiliated gangs by giving preferential treatment to certain members and spearheading a push into new territory far from the gangÂ’s traditional turf.

Tsukasa, who also goes by the name Kenichi Shinoda, was released from prison in April 2011 after serving a six-year sentence for firearms possession.

The Yamaguchi-gumi — whose members account for just under half of Japan’s gangsters — has been called the Walmart of the country’s underworld for its ability to see off opponents and generate huge earnings.

According to police sources quoted by the Sankei Shimbun newspaper, more than a dozen gangs with connections to the Yamaguchi-gumi decided to form a breakaway group in protest at the emphasis Tsukasa is placing on the Kodo-kai, a Nagoya-based affiliate he founded in 1984.

Under Tsukasa, the Kodo-kai has been expanding its influence in Tokyo and other parts of eastern Japan — a move that has angered members in the Yamaguchi-gumi’s traditional base in western Japan.

Police are preparing for a possible outbreak of violence between the new breakaway group and the 20 organisations that remain loyal to Tsukasa, Japanese media said.

Membership of Japan's yakuza crime gangs falls to all-time low
Read more
Law enforcement officials fear a repeat of the bloodshed that followed a similar split in the 1980s, when more than 20 gangsters were killed and hundreds arrested over a five-year period.

Police in the western port city of Kobe —the location of Yamaguchi-gumi headquarters— believe the latest round of mutually destructive strife could spark more deadly confrontations.

“The police are reportedly very concerned, and are taking measures to pre-empt any problems that might happen this time around,” said Brett Bull, who writes about organised crime for the Tokyo Reporter website.

High-ranking members of the dissenting groups reportedly failed to attend a meeting at the Yamaguchi-gumiÂ’s headquarters this week. The break is expected to be formalised at a gathering of senior crime bosses early next month, media reports said.

Although their capacity for violence pales alongside that of the mafia and Chinese triads, JapanÂ’s yakuza groups make their money from activities ranging from prostitution to extortion and white-collar crime.

Membership of the yakuza is not illegal, but recent police crackdowns and the faltering economy have eaten into gang profits and made membership less attractive than it was during the “bubble” years of the 1980s.

“The latest split is more about Japan’s economy rather than the ongoing police crackdown,” Bull said. “Simply put, there is more money to be made in Tokyo, and the Yamaguchi-gumi’s shift in emphasis towards the Kodo-kai and Tokyo has caused frustration among gang members in western Japan.”

Yakuza membership fell to an all-time low in 2013, slipping below 60,000 members for the first time, down from about 63,200 in 2012, according to the national police agency.

Local governments have introduced laws aimed at shaming legitimate businesses into shunning the mob. Firms that knowingly do business with the yakuza risk having their names made public if they refuse to sever their ties with organised crime. Repeat offenders face fines of up to 500,000 yen, and company officials can face jail terms of up to a year.

Faced with depleting returns from traditional sources of income such as gambling and drug smuggling, some gangs have become active in the stock market, earning their money through “respectable” front companies.

The shift to white collar crime prompted authorities in the US to freeze the Yamaguchi-gumiÂ’s assets after evidence emerged of a lucrative international operation that included weapons trafficking, prostitution, human trafficking and money laundering.

Tsukasa, the Yamaguchi-gumiÂ’s sixth head in its 100-year history, served 13 years in prison for killing a rival with a samurai sword in the 1970s while he was the leader of the notorious Kodo-kai.

The Yamaguchi-gumi was formed in 1915 by a former fisherman, Harukichi Yamaguchi, on the island of Awaji, near Kobe. It currently has just over 23,000 members, according to police, and is active in all but three of JapanÂ’s 47 prefectures. a-group-splits

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7 hours ago

Aug 28 - Trending on Twitter: Blocking Access to Politicians’ Deleted Tweets

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 7 hours ago


The nonprofit transparency advocate Open State Foundation recently reported that Twitter has cut off access for its websites, collectively called Politwoops, which were operating in 30 countries and archiving tweets deleted by politicians. The U.S. version of Politwoops, run by the Sunlight Foundation, had already been blocked by Twitter, in June. These websites made it possible for citizens to access statements made in 140 characters or less on the social media platform by those who lead their government, even when a politician later decided to withdraw his or her statement.

Twitter is popular among politicians in the United States and across the world, so such an action has sweeping effects. Politicians’ public statements are constantly used to discredit or vindicate their practices and beliefs, and allowing their statements to disappear weakens that tradition. Imagine if Jeb Bush could delete his “anchor baby” comments or his statements about funding women’s health services. Many have questioned why Twitter would make such a move, since it’s been known as a company that values transparency. “The ability to delete one’s tweets—for whatever reason—has been a long-standing feature of Twitter for all users,” said a statement the company sent to Truthdig. “We built into our Developer Policy provisions a requirement that those accessing our APIs delete content that Twitter reports as deleted or expired.” The statement goes on to say that Politwoops violated that policy and was subsequently blocked.

“There is immense value in being able to surface deleted tweets that show changes in messaging by elected officials and candidates,” Jenn Topper, a spokeswoman for the Sunlight Foundation, told Truthdig. “We have a right as citizens and voters to hold government officials and candidates accountable for the statements they make.”

The idea that words of a public official can simply be erased and that the public holds no power to check that could set a concerning precedent. Keep in mind is that this is not about the privacy of a private citizen, but the public statements of a public official.

“Twitter’s reaction is definitely not the best way to encourage and improve access to information,” Kyu Ho Youm, a professor and First Amendment expert at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, told Truthdig. “Twitter is primarily for what? Social media. Social media is supposed to provide a more open marketplace of ideas, instead of intervening with supposedly open communication.” He believes social media services should provide a platform for communication, not command it.

Youm said being able to delete one’s public statements is not covered by the First Amendment, so this isn’t considered a free speech issue. “The First Amendment has everything to do with more, rather than less, speech,” he said.

He also doesn’t consider it a privacy issue, because the statements have been posted on social media for everyone to see. It’s really more about a desired right to control information, Youm believes. “I feel Twitter has gone overboard, if Twitter is trying to think of how to protect the privacy of individuals,” he said. He notes that one of the major issues here is that Twitter controls the terms of service and shapes them in a particular way, either vaguely or specifically. When those terms are broken, Twitter has the power to respond in the way it sees fit.

The civic technology movement has created great new ways to increase public engagement and oversight of those in power, according to Topper. “But before we allow privately owned walled gardens to take over our virtual town squares, we should recognize the ability that market forces have to change the very nature of what is ‘public’ in our society,” she said.

Topper believes those in power can only be held accountable if there is a high level of transparency in every form of communication. As technology expands forms of communications, we will have to determine how transparency is applied. The growing variety of ways leaders can reach the public is useful only if each method has the same rules of engagement, she said. cians_20150827

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8 hours ago

Video inside Aug 28 - Real Life John Q: Father Robs Bank to Pay for Daughter's Cancer Treatment

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| By YungFranchise5 - 8 hours ago

SOUTH LYON, Michigan – A young father made a decision to save his daughter’s life that could now cost him his own.

Brian Randolph, 23, is accused of robbing a bank in South Lyon, Michigan, on Aug. 12.

Authorites tell ABC News that he handed the teller a note saying he had a gun, but there was never a gun shown or found on him afterwards.

Randolph told police his insurance would no longer cover his daughter’s treatment and that the bank robbery was a last-ditch effort to be able to pay for it.

Randolph’s 1-year-old daughter, Brialynn, suffers from retinoblastoma, a cancer forming in the eye.

“I guess it was desperation. Time was ticking right before her appointment came up,” Brialynn’s mother, Asia Dupree, said.

Randolph has been charged with armed robbery and bank robbery and his bond is set at $500,000.

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10 hours ago

Aug 28 - Associated Press sues FBI over fake news story

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| By toonice12 - 10 hours ago

FBI director: "We do use deception at times to catch crooks."

The Associated Press filed a lawsuit (PDF) this morning, demanding the FBI hand over information about its use of fake news stories. The case stems from a 2007 incident regarding a bomb threat at a school. The FBI created a fake news story with an Associated Press byline, then e-mailed it to a suspect to plant malware on his computer.

The AP sent a Freedom of Information Act request to the FBI last year seeking documents related to the 2014 sting. It also seeks to know how many times the FBI has used such a ruse since 2000. The FBI responded to the AP saying it could take two years or more to gather the information requested. Unsatisfied with the response, the Associated Press has taken the matter to court.

An Electronic Frontier Foundation FOIA request on a different matter revealed the strategy in 2011, but it wasn't made public until last year, when privacy researcher Chris Soghoian saw evidence of the operation in the documents and tweeted about it. That spurred both the AP and The Seattle Times to complain vocally about the FBI's behavior.

"The FBI both misappropriated the trusted name of The Associated Press and created a situation where our credibility could have been undermined on a large scale," AP General Counsel Karen Kaiser wrote in a letter to then-AG Eric Holder last year.

FBI Director James Comey defended the action in a New York Times op-ed. "We do use deception at times to catch crooks, but we are acting responsibly and legally," he wrote.

In the op-ed, Comey admitted that not only did the FBI create a fake news story, one of its agents impersonated an AP journalist.

The 2007 operation began when the FBI was contacted by police in Lacey, Washington, after a series of bomb threats were placed to Timberline High School in May and June of that year.

The FBI e-mailed the fake news story via a link to a suspect's MySpace account. The e-mail was made to look like it came from The Seattle Times. When the suspect clicked on the link, FBI software revealed his location and IP address to agents working the case. A juvenile suspect was arrested on June 14, 2007.

A month later, the student was sentenced to 90 days' juvenile probation and ordered to pay $8,852 to compensate the school for additional security.

The Associated Press filed today's lawsuit together with the Reporters' Committee for Freedom of the Press, which put in its own FOIA request last year. The lawsuit notes that it has been nearly 300 days since the original request was made and says the FBI failed to respond to the request as it's legally required to do.

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10 hours ago

Aug 28 - Prep school boys found NOT guilty of rape #whitelivesmattermore

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| By pandadays - 10 hours ago

The former New Hampshire prep school senior accused of raping a 15-year-old freshman days before he graduated as part of a tradition of sexual conquest was acquitted of all felony charges Friday.
Jurors reached the verdict after seven hours of deliberations and found Owen Labrie, 19, of Tunbridge, Vermont, not guilty on three charges of felony rape and one charge of simple assault but guilty on multiple charges of misdemeanor sexual assault.
He was seen sobbing in court as the guilty verdicts were read by the forewoman.

Read more: #ixzz3k8tQc0pm
Follow us: @mailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

The future ceo of the company you'll be working for was found not guilty. The amercian dream. #whiteprivilege

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10 hours ago

Video inside Aug 28 - Alison Parker's Dad:I'm Probably Going To Get A Gun

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| By Carlton Black - 10 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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11 hours ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Drug and alcohol counselor charged with rape of teen

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| By j0hncena - 11 hours ago

A 30-year-old drug and alcohol counselor has been charged with rape after having a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old male patient for nearly three months this summer, police said.

Dover police arrested Rebecca Adams on 12 counts of fourth-degree rape, 12 counts of sexual abuse of a child by a person of trust, two counts of providing alcohol to a minor and continuous sexual abuse of a child.

Adams, who was a counselor at Crossroads of Delaware, had a sexual relationship with the 16-year-old from June 1 to Aug. 15 that took place in locations around the Dover area, according to police.

Adams started as an office manager at Crossroads about three-and-a-half years ago, said Alberta Crowley, executive director of the organization. She became a counselor a little less than a year ago, after she finished her degree.

Crowley called the child abuse hotline when she found out about the relationship, she said.

"We are, across the board, cooperating," Crowley said.

Adams was sent to Baylor Women's Correctional Center in default of $29,200 secured bond, according to police

http://www.delawareonline... teen/32293109/

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12 hours ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Ashley Madison was Building an App – 'What's your Wife Worth?'

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| By toonice12 - 12 hours ago

We could expect Ashley Madison to cross any limits when it comes to cheating, but this is WORSE.

After all the revelations made by the Impact Team past week, this was something different from the leaked data that had names, password and other details of Ashley Madison clients.

A dump from the leaked files unfold awful strategy of Avid Life Media (ALM), Ashley Madison's parent company, to launch an app called "What's your wife worth."

As the name says it all, the app allows men to Rate each others Wives.

Know Your Wife Worth

'What's your wife worth' was discovered in a June 2013 email exchanged between Noel Biderman, ALM's chief executive and Brian Offenheim, ALM's vice president of creative and design, which said that Biderman suggested Offenheim about the probable outlook of the app.

He suggested options like "Choice should be 'post your wife' and 'bid on someone's wife", also mentioning: "I am not sure we should be asking for real names—rather usernames."

To which Offenheim gave some feedback, by attaching a dummy of the app's sign up design, which appeared something like this:

Though Biderman liked it, somehow the app's development was not completed and the idea was dumped, as one of Biderman's colleagues referred the concept as horrible in the emails.

We are in a dilemma - whether the person referred to app's development as horrible or the idea behind the thought of developing such an app!

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12 hours ago

Image inside Aug 28 - Georgia: Man Busted After His Dog Tests Positive For Meth

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| By messy marv stan - 12 hours ago

http://www.thesmokinggun.... or-meth-098412

Cops: Terrier mix ingested drug at owner's Georgia residence

A Georgia man is facing several criminal charges after his dog tested positive for methamphetamine, police report.

According to cops, Marty Allen Rogers, 47, last week brought his terrier mix to an animal hospital for treatment. The dog, named “Little Guy,” was “extremely nervous and constantly paces and panting and restless,” veterinarian Kevin Chapman told investigators.

Chapman told police that “Little Guy” subsequently “tested positive for Methamphetamine.” Investigators believe that the dog--which was turned over to an animal control officer--ingested the drug at Rogers’s residence in Talmo, a town about 30 miles from Athens.

Rogers, pictured above, was initially charged with cruelty to animals. But when cops went to his home to serve an arrest warrant, they discovered meth and a stolen motorcycle at the residence. As a result, he was hit with narcotics possession and theft by receiving stolen property counts.

“Little Guy,” who has recovered from the meth exposure, is in an animal shelter and will soon be placed up for adoption.

Rogers, who is not in jail, was arrested last year after he was pulled over for reckless driving. A search of the vehicle turned up meth and a handgun. Rogers was charged with possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, possession of a firearm during a crime, and reckless driving.

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12 hours ago

Aug 28 - Florida Governor Dick Scotf Declares State Of Emergency For Tropical Storm

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| By Mr Kush - 12 hours ago nears-33379641

Work cancelled Saturday-Monday at least

Hurricane parties going to be lit bruhs

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12 hours ago

Aug 27 - Fox News Coverage of TV News Shooting Tops CNN, MSNBC Combined

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| By Steve - 12 hours ago

Network draws most total viewers since April

Fox News led all cable news networks in primetime Wednesday in the wake of the WDBJ shooting in Virginia.

In the 8-11 p.m. block, the network drew 2.6 million total viewers and 626,000 viewers ages 25-54 — the key demo for television news, according to Nielsen.

In both categories, those numbers were enough to exceed the combined viewership of rivals MSNBC and CNN. The former averaged 849,000 total viewers, while the latter averaged 736,000.

For Fox, it was the highest rated night of regular programming since coverage of civil unrest in Baltimore in April. The network was up 21% from its 2015 primetime average in total viewers and 48% in 25-54.

“The O’Reilly Factor” was cable news’ No. 1 program Wednesday night, drawing 3.1 million total viewers. snbc-combined/

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12 hours ago

Video inside Aug 27 - sold, raped: ISIS turns thousands of Christian women and children into sex slave

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| By g0tt1 - 12 hours ago

But no one cares unfortunately Kylie Jenner turning 18 is news tho...

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