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2 hours ago

May 21 - 250 U.K. Celebs Accused of Child Sex Abuse

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| By mr_underground - 2 hours ago

British police forces will have to sort through 1,433 suspects in over 100,000 cases of child abuse—almost double the amount of accusations from just three years ago.

LONDON — The extraordinary scale of sexual abuse perpetrated against children by British VIPs was laid bare on Wednesday when officials disclosed that they were investigating allegations against 76 politicians and almost 250 “persons of public prominence.”

Thousands of victims have come forward since police forces launched a series of investigations into child abuse that went unpunished for decades. In total, police are investigating 1,433 suspects as part of inquiries into abuse within institutions or committed by prominent men.

“These astonishing figures starkly underline how child sexual abuse has infiltrated every level of society, from politics to sport and show business,” said Peter Wanless, chief executive of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

The shocking figures are the latest blow to Britain’s reputation. The political, educational, and entertainment spheres have all been accused of allowing a culture of abuse and cover-up to persist despite the horrific human cost.

The public was stunned in 2011 when it was first revealed that Jimmy Savile—a top children’s TV star, DJ, and friend of Margaret Thatcher and the Royal Family—had been accused of hundreds of horrific crimes by boys and girls without ever facing justice in court. Similar stories of powerful men abusing children or young people without fear of prosecution continued to emerge until the government was forced to launch a national inquiry into historic cases of child sex abuse.

The publicity that surrounded the stunning Savile case and growing evidence that the Thatcher government covered up a Westminster pedophile ring has encouraged thousands more victims to come forward and tell the police that they were also abused by people in positions of authority.

“The referrals are increasing on an almost daily basis,” said Chief Constable Simon Bailey, who is overseeing the interconnected police investigations. “The numbers I refer to today are a snapshot in time.”

By the end of the year, Bailey, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, projects that the police forces will have received information on 113,291 cases of child abuse, which is almost double the number of accusations they were receiving just three years ago.
By the end of the year, Bailey, of the National Police Chiefs’ Council, projects that the police forces will have received information on 113,291 cases of child abuse, which is almost double the number of accusations they were receiving just three years ago.

Of the 1,400 prominent suspects identified, some of whom are dead, 666 were linked to institutions including schools, children’s homes and religious establishments.

More than 250 of the accused men are classed as “persons of public prominence,” including TV stars, musicians, and politicians. Bailey gave no personal details of these men but it is believed that known investigations into named public figures like the politician Sir Cyril Smith, Savile, and pop star Gary Glitter are included on the list.

Child protection officials have told The Daily Beast in recent months that they were prevented from bringing high-profile men to account for decades. Savile is believed to have been one of the visitors to Islington care homes in North London where boys were regularly abused. Liz Davies, a senior social worker in Islington at the time, said she took bundles of evidence to the police only to be told: “I won’t be able to investigate here at Scotland Yard.”
The public outcry in recent years means detectives no longer have any option but to take all allegations seriously, even when the victims say the very same police forces ignored or shut down their claims in the past.

In the case of political figures, like Cyril Smith, there is evidence that senior politicians exerted their influence directly to silence investigations. In many other cases, young victims simply felt their claims would not be believed because their attackers were rich and famous. Of the suspects currently being investigated 135 were TV, film, or radio stars, 43 are from the music industry, and seven are from the world of sport.

Sheila Taylor, CEO of the National Working Group Network, which was set up to tackle child sex abuse, said the horrifying scale of the numbers released on Wednesday proved that there had been a revolution in the way victims had become emboldened to name their attackers.

“This investigation is massive and a testimony to how the attitude to victims is changing—how those who have been victims have previously felt unable to come forward or have done so but not been believed, but now have confidence that they will be believed and listened too,” she said.

As the investigations by 12 police forces continue and a formal inquiry into child abuse and cover-ups prepares to sit later in the year, the horror of Britain’s child abuse problem will be exposed like never before.

http://www.thedailybeast.... sex-abuse.html

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5 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - The grand jury has indicted all 6 officers in Freddie Gray's death

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 5 hours ago


The indictments

The prosecutor's office revised its originally announced charges to add reckless endangerment counts to all of the officers' cases, and remove false imprisonment charges.

ABC News' Christian Schaffer tweeted the full list of indictments, which was handed out to reporters at Mosby's press conference.

Gray's arrest was unlawful

Mosby announced on May 1 that an investigation by her office determined Gray's arrest was unlawful, and that his death had been ruled a homicide by the medical examiner. Police said they arrested Gray for allegedly possessing a switchblade — but Mosby said the knife wasn't a switchblade and was therefore legal.

That announcement largely put an end to the protests and riots that broke out in Baltimore in response to Gray's death, leading local and state officials to impose a weeklong 10 pm curfew and enlist the help of Maryland's National Guard. s-freddie-gray

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6 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - One World Trade Center Observatory

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| By JW KG - 6 hours ago

One World Observatory, the public's chance to catch a glimpse of the view from the World Trade Center (after paying $32) officially opens next week. The observatory has been offering previews to the media, and I can confirm this: The elevator ride up to the 102nd floor, featuring the time-lapse animation of the NYC building and rebuilding history, is pretty extraordinary. om=embediframe h.php#photo-45

Cool elevator ride animation idea.

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6 hours ago

May 21 - China offers to build 1st high-speed rail link to Russia

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago


Jilin Province in China has offered to build a railway to Vladivostok for Russia’s Far East Region of Primorsky Krai. It would be the first cross-border high-speed rail link between the two countries and Russia’s major Pacific port.

“We have an idea to construct a high-speed railway to Vladivostok. In August we will open a section to Hunchun. If we want to extend it, this will be the first high-speed trans-border railway between Russia and China,” said Bayin Chaolu Deputy Secretary of the Jilin Provincial Committee Thursday in a meeting with the Primorsky Krai Governor Vladimir Miklushevskiy.

The governor said he was interested in the project and would talk with Vladimir Yakunin, the CEO of Russian Railways.

Russia’s strategic goal is to construct a transit logistics zone in the Far East to include the Primorye-1 and Primorye-2 international transit corridors. With the joint efforts of Jilin Province and Primorsky Krai the railway and other road and infrastructure projects could be completed quicker, said Miklushevskiy.

Primorsky Krai and Jilin Province have been developing a partnership since the 1990s. It includes cooperation in transport and logistics, wood processing and agriculture.

Beijing has already agreed to invest about $6 billion in the construction of Russia’s first high-speed railroad between Moscow and Kazan which is to be extended to China. The railway will become part of the grand Silk Road project, a Chinese economic corridor with Russia and Mongolia.

China considers the Moscow-Kazan project not only as an investment, but also as a way to boost communication and trade with Russia and Europe. order-railway/

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6 hours ago

Video inside May 21 - Walmart's Leaked Anti-Union Training Video: This Isn't About You

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago



Walmart’s gotten a lot of heat recently for suddenly shutting down five stores in four different states—supposedly to fix five simultaneous sets of “plumbing problems,” which makes a lot of sense if “plumbing” actually means “unions.” Because as you can see in the video above, Walmart really hates plumbing.

Walmart comes with a rich and storied history of anti-union propaganda, but this is one of the first times we’ve seen an actual training video to that effect. And in light of the rumors swirling around about Walmart’s union-busting shutdowns, the company’s party lines hit hard.

Starting at about the 2:30 mark, you’ll hear:

Our company prefers to have open and direct communication with our associates—we don’t think a labor union is necessary here. And because our associates have said time after time that they don’t want a union, we usually don’t spend a lot of time talking about them.
Of course, this is easy to do when you shut down stores as soon as employees start making noise.

And, as the video explains, “Unions get almost all of their money from monthly dues and initiation fees.” A fact they highlight with this large, meaningless pile of animated cash:

In other words, unions provide a service in exchange for compensation. Just like everything else.

But what’s Walmart’s official policy? According to the video, the company is “pro-associate,” citing the open door policy as its way to ensure that workers are able to speak on their own behalf. Says one actor in front of a Walmart green screen, “Frankly, I don’t think Walmart associates should have to have someone to speak for them. It’s just not that kind of place.”

Which, as far as anti-union propaganda goes, would be fairly counterintuitive if this video was aimed at its seasoned employees—the ones who’d already had some experience with exactly how far “speaking your mind” at Walmart gets you. But what makes this video so troubling is that it’s directed at new employees. They’re the ostensibly hopeful ones who really do think Walmart just might heed their lone, minimum-wage cry.

Walmart also wants to remind employees that, “signing a union card isn’t just about you, you could also be affecting the people who have been trying to work here for years.”

Good point. Those are exactly the people who deserve a union the most.

http://readersupportednew... isnt-about-you

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6 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - 6,000 gallons of oil sopped up in California spill, but fraction of total

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 6 hours ago


More than 6,000 gallons of oil have been raked, skimmed and vacuumed from a spill that stretched 12 miles across the California coast in a cleanup effort that is now in its third day and operating around the clock, officials said Thursday.

But that number represents only a small portion of the 105,000 gallons that investigators said may have spilled following Tuesday's pipeline break near Santa Barbara. Up to a fifth of that amount — about 21,000 gallons — has reached the ocean, according to estimates.

More than 300 workers in protective suits continue to rake and shovel the black sludge off the beaches. The smell of petroleum continues to permeate through the area as specialized boats try to contain the slick, Al Jazeera's Jacob Ward reported.

To make matters worse, the oil spill occurred during marine mammals’ migratory season, when humpback whales, sea lions and porpoises typically swim through the affected area.

The spill — which occurred when an underground pipeline running parallel to a coastal highway inexplicably burst — caused Gov. Edmund Brown on Wednesday night to declare a state of emergency.

“We will do everything necessary to protect California's coastline,” Brown said in a statement alongside the emergency proclamation.

The chief executive of the company that runs the pipeline, Plains All American Pipeline LP, was at the site of the spill Wednesday and apologized for it.

“We deeply, deeply regret that this incident has occurred at all,” Chairman and CEO Greg Armstrong said at a news conference. “We apologize for the damage that it's done to the wildlife and to the environment.”

Environmental groups used the spill as a new opportunity to highlight the dangers of fossil fuels and remind people of the area's history with oil spills.

The Santa Barbara coastline was the scene of a much larger spill in 1969 — the largest in U.S. waters at the time — that is credited with galvanizing the American environmental movement.

“Big Oil comes with big risks — from drilling to delivery,” said Bob Deans, spokesman for the Natural Resources Defense Council. “Santa Barbara learned that lesson over 40 years ago when offshore drilling led to disaster.”

Kathryn Phillips, California director of environmental group Sierra Club, added: “Every time we hear about an oil spill, we hold our breath and hope it won't get worse.”

“How many more signals do we need from the oil industry that public health and the environment aren't at the top of its list when it decides how much to invest in creating its products?

“It's time we all demand better from this incredibly wealthy industry,” she said in a statement.

Armstrong, meanwhile, said the company had received permission to continue cleanup operations around the clock and vowed that they “will remain here until everything has been restored to normal.” However, there was no estimate on the cost of the cleanup or how long it might take.

Federal regulators from the Department of Transportation, which oversees oil pipeline safety, are investigating the leak's cause, the pipe's condition and possible regulatory violations. The 24-inch pipe built in 1991 had no previous problems and was thoroughly inspected in 2012, according to Plains. The pipe underwent similar tests about two weeks ago, though the results had not been analyzed yet.

The Los Angeles Times reported that the company accumulated 175 safety and maintenance infractions since 2006, according to federal records. The infractions involved pump failure, equipment malfunction, pipeline corrosion and operator error.

The soiled shores and pungent stench of petroleum caused state parks officials to close Refugio State Beach and El Capitan State Beach, both popular campgrounds west of Santa Barbara, over the Memorial Day weekend.

Still, tourists were drawn to pull off the Pacific Coast Highway to eye the disaster from overlooking bluffs.

“It smells like what they use to pave the roads,” said Fan Yang, of Indianapolis, who was hoping to find cleaner beaches in Santa Barbara, about 20 miles away. “I'm sad for the birds — if they lose their habitat.”
http://america.aljazeera.... continues.html

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6 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - "I'm going to punt you in your pus-y" LAPD tells woman kicks her to death

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| By GoldBluded - 6 hours ago

"I'm going to punt you in your pus*y."

These were the words of LAPD Officer Mary O'Callaghan to Alesia Thomas. Handcuffed with her legs restrained, Alesia can be seen getting punched in the throat by Officer O'Callaghan who then delivered on her promise and kicked her directly in her groin - repeatedly. This was nearly 3 years ago.

It was recorded on the dashcam.

As O'Callaghan jabbed at the woman's throat with her hand, Thomas looked into the camera with wide eyes. The recording captured Thomas, who also had her legs tied with a nylon hobble restraint, repeatedly saying, “I can’t.”

The video showed O’Callaghan raise her boot and strike Thomas, whose body shook in response. A few minutes later, Thomas’ eyes closed and her head fell backward, the video showed. The recording then cut off.

She died at the hospital that evening. The video of her being assaulted was just released for the first time in court and can be seen below. deoId=29109833 h-now-on-trial

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9 hours ago

May 21 - Josh Duggar of TLCs 19 Kids and Counting admits to teen molestation

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| By all3rd - 9 hours ago rts-1706150395


Josh Duggar Confirms Teen Molestation Reports

Josh Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting has confirmed to People that in 2006, as a teenager, he molested several underage girls—including some of his sisters. Duggar also announced that he will resign as executive director of the Family Research council.

“Twelve years ago, as a young teenager, I acted inexcusably for which I am extremely sorry and deeply regret. I hurt others, including my family and close friends,” Duggar said in a statement to People.

“I confessed this to my parents who took several steps to help me address the situation. We spoke with the authorities where I confessed my wrongdoing, and my parents arranged for me and those affected by my actions to receive counseling. I understood that if I continued down this wrong road that I would end up ruining my life.”

A police report was filed in 2006, but, because the statute of limitations had passed by the time allegations were formally made, Duggar avoided prosecution.
So why again are there statue of limitations to molestation?

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10 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - Baltimore Grand Jury Indicts Six Officers in Freddie Gray's Death

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| By Arsonic. - 10 hours ago

A grand jury in Baltimore has indicted six officers in the death of Freddie Gray, the city's top prosecutor said Thursday.

In a hasty news conference, State's Attorney Marilyn Mosby reeled off the charges handed down by the grand jury against the officers, Garrett Miller, Alicia White, Edward Nero, Caesar Goodson Jr., Brian Rice and William Porter.

She did not explain the charges or take any questions from reporters.

In some cases the grand jury charges are more serious than the charges she filed May 1, the result of her office's independent investigation of Gray's death following his April 19 arrest. Gray sustained neck injuries while riding in a police van and died a week later.

Gray's death triggered days of unrest in Baltimore, including a night of rioting and looting.


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11 hours ago

May 21 - Police involved shooting in hackensack NJ

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| By SPLVSHAVELLI - 11 hours ago

HACKENSACK -- A 24-year-old man shot by police Thursday afternoon in the city has died, according to authorities.

Three city police officers went to 10 Temple Avenue around 1:30 p.m. to check on Elvin Diaz at the request of county probation officials, Bergen County Prosecutor John L. Molinelli said in a Twitter message.

Authorities did not immediately say what sparked the shooting. Diaz later died at Hackensack University Medical Center.

Two police officers involved in the shooting were being treated at the hospital, but Molinelli said they were not believed to be injured.

Bergen County Sheriff's Office records show Diaz has a history of arrests on charges, including resisting arrest and drug possession. It was not immediately clear why officials went to his house.

Nadine Karcs, co-owner of Fu King Smoke Shop said she saw a man covered in blood removed from the house while a woman screamed, "My son, my son!" ion_in_ha.html

papi shoulda took a couple cops with him

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12 hours ago

Image inside May 20 - Fight for 15 protest shuts down McDonalds HQ

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| By RAZAH CUTS - 12 hours ago


The corporate office of McDonald’s in Oak Brook, Illinois was closed after thousands of workers and union activists marched on the building a day before the annual shareholder meeting. Protesters are demanding a $15 minimum wage for fast-food workers.

Wednesday’s march is one of the largest protests organized by the Service Employees International Union, as part of the “Fight for 15” campaign launched in 2012.

McDonald's new CEO Steve Easterbrook announced last month that starting pay at the company-owned restaurants would be set at $1 above local minimum wage, starting July 1, reaching $10 per hour by the end of 2016.

Activists have criticized the increase as insufficient.

However, those increases would apply only to some 90,000 workers at 1,500 corporate restaurants around the US. They do not affect approximately 660,000 workers employed by McDonald’s 12,500 US franchises.

Even fewer workers will actually be affected by the proposed increase, as McDonald’s announced plans to sell some of the corporate-owned restaurants to franchisees, in order to cut $300 million in corporate costs per year. ses-mcdonalds/

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12 hours ago

Image inside May 20 - Retired Police Detective Among Bikers Arrested In Deadly Waco Shootout

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| By Ham Rove - 12 hours ago


A retired San Antonio police detective is one of the 170 people arrested in a bloody brawl between rival biker gangs that left nine dead and 18 injured this weekend.

Martin Lewis, 62, served 32 years with the San Antonio Police Department before retiring in 2003, according to KSAT.

It's not yet clear if Lewis is affiliated with a particular gang, but one Facebook photo shows Lewis sporting a distinctive half-black-half-white beard, and what appears to be a patch that says, "I support Bandidos MC United States."

The Bandidos were one of five motorcycle gangs involved in a gunfight at the Twin Peaks restaurant in Waco, Texas, on Sunday. Officers recovered close to 1,000 weapons from the scene of the brawl, ranging from brass knuckles and pocketknives to an AK-47 rifle, according to police.

The New York Times reported that the gangs convened at the restaurant to discuss matters of mutual interest when the meetup erupted into violence.

Waco Police said they knew that motorcycle gangs congregated at the so-called "breastaurant," which featured bikini-clad waitresses and held events catering to the bikers. Uniformed officers patrolled outside the restaurant while the bikers were inside, but that didn't deter them from violence, police said.

"We wanted our presence to be known," Waco Police Sgt. W. Patrick Swanton told CNN on Wednesday. "They knew we were seconds away and going to respond. That mattered not to them."

Lewis was charged with engaging in organized criminal activity. He was held on $1 million bond, according to McLennan County jail records.

Some of the defendants in the shooting could also face murder charges, and therefore the death penalty, if they are convicted. However, some legal experts have said they expect the county to be overwhelmed with prosecuting 170 defendants, and that the county might not be able to afford it.

"The magnitude of the arrests is amazing," Michael Heiskell, president of the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, told USA Today. "It could break the bank in McLennan County."

Heiskell said that there might end up being a few capital charges in the end, but that there's no way the county could afford prosecuting a large number of death penalty cases. Those, he said, can cost in the "high six figures" to prosecute.

"I think the situation right now is that they don't know who did what, so they are charging everybody," defense attorney Walter Reaves Jr. told USA Today. "There will be a lot of charges dropped. There will be a lot of plea bargains. There has to be."
http://www.huffingtonpost... ushpmg00000021

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12 hours ago

Video inside May 21 - Shaming your kids on social media good or bad parenting?

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| By Flossay - 12 hours ago

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12 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - Boys Scouts lifts ban on Gay Adults

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| By Flossay - 12 hours ago

Robert Gates, the president of the Boy Scouts of America, called for the organization to end its ban on gay adults in remarks at the organization's national business meeting Thursday.

Citing "the social, political and judicial changes taking place in our country" regarding laws and sexual orientation, Gates said that "the status quo in our movement's membership standards cannot be sustained."

He added, "Our oath calls upon us to do our duty to God and our country. The country is changing, and we are increasingly at odds with the legal landscape at both the state and federal levels. And, as a movement, we find ourselves with a policy more than a few of our church sponsors reject, thus placing Scouting between a boy and his church."

Gates noted that the military's "don't ask, don't tell" policy was overturned by a judge in 2010, when he was defense secretary, prompting Congress to repeal the law. He said decisions on the Boy Scouts' policy could also be dictated by the courts, and it would be better "to seize control of our own future."

He also said that the Boy Scouts would not revoke the charters of councils that currently oppose the ban.

Gates' statements were met with praise from Scouts for Equality, an organization dedicated to ending the ban.

"This is another step forward for the Boy Scouts of America," Scouts for Equality Executive Director Zach Wahls said in a news release. "I'm proud to see Dr. Gates charting a course towards full equality in the BSA."

Gates, a dedicated Scout -- he told Esquire that the Scouts' National Junior Leader Training Program, which he attended as a teenager, "was the only formal management course I've ever had in my life" -- approved of the organization's 2013 vote to allow gay youth into the organization when he took over as president last year.

He did not set a timetable for change but stressed urgency in his speech.

"We can act on our own, or we can be forced to act, but either way, I suspect we don't have a lot of time," he said. dults/33147088

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12 hours ago

May 21 - First suspect for D.C. murders identified by matching DNA to pizza crust

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| By Drapetomaniac - 12 hours ago icle-1.2230243


Daron Dylon Wint is the first suspect for the quadruple murders in a posh D.C., police said.

A breakthrough in the mysterious murder of four people in a posh Washington D.C. home might have been delivered Wednesday night — thanks to pizza.

D.C. police announced they have a first suspect for the quadruple murders, whom they identified by matching him to DNA found on the crust of a Domino’s pizza that was delivered to the house at night while the soon-to-be victims were captive inside.

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13 hours ago

Video inside May 21 - Breakthrough: Mind-controlled leg can read thoughts & subconscious intentions

3 people viewing this

| By Sniggit - 13 hours ago

Bionic breakthrough: Mind-controlled prosthetic leg can read thoughts and subconscious intentions

Screenshot OSSUR

An Icelandic orthopedic company has introduced bionic legs that can be controlled by clear and subconscious intentions. The new prosthetic limbs are capable of real-time learning and can automatically adjust to their user’s walking style.

Ossur, which develops and sells orthopedic equipment, has been testing the technology on two amputees. Both have been living with mind-controlled Bionic prostheses for more than a year and feedback is positive, the company said in a statement.

The scientists surgically inserted tiny implanted myoelectric sensors (IMES), measuring 5 mm by 3mm, in the patients’ residual muscle tissue.

These sensors can trigger the desired movement, via a receiver which is inside the prosthesis, allowing patients to control their limbs with their thoughts.

“The technology allows the user’s experience with their prosthesis to become more intuitive and integrative,” said Dr. Thorvaldur Ingvarsson, the orthopedic surgeon who leads Ossur’s research.

He added that users “no longer need to think about their movements because their unconscious reflexes are automatically converted into myoelectric impulses that control their bionic prosthesis.”

One of the patients, Gudmundur Olafsson, 48, who lost his right foot and lower leg as a result of problems arising from a childhood traffic accident, told Popular Science magazine that having a mind-controlled prosthetic foot is “really surreal.”

“The first time, to be honest, I started to cry. You are moving the ankle, and I basically haven't had one in 11 years.”

Olafsson said that he has more stamina and he doesn’t limp “as much.”

“You have to learn how to use those muscles again,” Olafsson said. “How to tighten them up, in front and back. And that's the main thing. Those muscles start getting bigger, so you get better at walking.”

Ossur says the technology can work with all of its prosthetic products, including artificial knees and feet.

According to Ossur CEO Jon Sigurdsson, “mind-controlled bionic prosthetic legs are a remarkable clinical breakthrough in next-generation bionic technology.”

“By adapting not only to the individual’s intentional movements but to intuitive actions, we are closer than ever to creating prosthetics that are truly integrated with their user.”

In 2013, a bionic leg developed by researchers at the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago’s Center for Bionic Medicine made the headlines.

A Seattle man, Zac Vawter, who lost his leg below the knee after a motorcycle accident, was a recipient of a bionic leg. But it wasn’t controlled by his brain, as in the new cases in Iceland, but by his muscles. Two nerves in his leg were rewired to his hamstring muscle. These nerves communicated with sensors inside the prosthetic leg socket.

This technique helped Vawter to push himself up stairs and perform other activities.


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13 hours ago

May 21 - Man evades police, then caught while returning for lost hat

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| By phantomnation - 13 hours ago

EASTLAKE, Ohio (AP) -- An 18-year-old had successfully eluded officers in northeast Ohio, but a search for his missing hat led him back into the hands of police.

Northeast Ohio Media Group reports ( ) officers in Eastlake tried to stop Otha Montgomery for running a red light Tuesday morning.

Authorities say Montgomery sped up when an officer pursued him, then pulled into a driveway and ran away on foot.

Police say Montgomery was stopped later and told officers he was walking to a friend's house. They didn't arrest him.

Montgomery later returned to the scene where the pursuit ended to retrieve his lost hat. After giving officers there a detailed description of the missing hat, police found it in a flowerbed and arrested him.

Court records don't list an attorney for Montgomery.

Source: AP

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13 hours ago

May 21 - Police: Washington officer shot men who tried to steal beer

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| By phantomnation - 13 hours ago

OLYMPIA, Washington (AP) -- Police in the capital of Washington state say an officer shot two men in their 20s suspected of trying to steal beer from a grocery store.

Olympia Police Chief Ronnie Roberts said at an early Thursday news conference that both men were shot in the chest and taken to the hospital. He says one man is in stable condition and one is in critical condition.

Roberts says police responded around 1 a.m. to a call from a Safeway, where employees said two men tried to steal beer and then threw the alcohol at workers when confronted and ran away.

An officer spotted the suspects nearby, then reported the shooting soon after. Roberts didn't say what happened or whether the men were armed.

The officer is on administrative leave pending an investigation.

Source: AP

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14 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - upset about overbooked flight, man strips naked at Charlotte airport

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| By phantomnation - 14 hours ago

An airline passenger stripped naked at the Charlotte Douglas International Airport after apparently becoming upset that his US Airways flight was overbooked.

WCNC TV of Charlotte says the man "stripped down to the buff right in front of everyone, including kids." He remained in the gate area for about 40 minutes until police led him away, the station reports.

Sherry Ketchie, another passenger traveling through Charlotte at the time, snapped photos of the incident and posted them to Facebook.

Ketchie tells TV station WBTV of Charlotte that the man was at a gate for a US Airways flight departing for Jamaica. She says she only became aware of the situation because of the commotion it caused.

"I seen some people running and I was wondering what they was running from and people were standing there snickering, so I walked over and [an airport employee] told me the man was angry over the Jamaican flight," Ketchie tells WBTV.

"He had his clothes on, at that point, and then he started standing there with his arms crossed and hollering at the lady at the desk," she adds to the station. "He stood there for a moment and then started talking off his clothes. I ain't never seen nothing [like that] in my life."

US Airways officials referred WBTV to the Charlotte airport for comment. In turn, the airport turned WBTV to the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police.

Police told the station that the man was taken for medical evaluation and treatment and said he will not be charged.

Source: USA Today

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14 hours ago

Image inside May 21 - CEO, wife, son, maid killed and house burned. Savopoulos Family Murder

19 people viewing this

| By Hit Em' Up - 14 hours ago

Havent seen much on this being posted on boxden. Maybe it hasn't been posted or maybe I just missed it but ill post the updates in here. Ill be constantly updating this post as new details emerge.

For those of you that haven't been following, here is the case summary:

-Savvas Savopoulos (CEO of Iron Works who makes over 12 million annually), his wife, 10 year old son and maid were found murdered on the second floor of their 2 million dollar home. The killer(s) attempted to burn the house down to hide any evidence.

-They were beleived to be held hostage and tortured overnight and then killed the following day. The boy was found in bed burned beyond recognition with lacerations all over his body. The rest of them were tied down to chairs.

-The autopsies showed they were all killed by either blunt force trauma or with a sharp object.

-The sole survivors of the family are 2 daughters (aged 19 and 16) that were away at the time in bording school. (See pic below)

-An assistant of Savvas dropped off $40,000 in cash to the home while they were being held hostage. This cash was for a martial arts studio Savvas was building.

-One of the suspects involved ordered a pizza while holding them hostage. DNA results tested from the crust of the pizza identified a man that is a prime suspect in the case. His name is Daron Dylon Wint (see pic below). He has previous convictions for sexual assault and theft, and relatives describe him as 'arrogant' and 'hostile'

More Pics:


http://www.washingtonpost... 23d_story.html zza-crust.html


-America's most wanted man Dylon Wint was seen relaxing at his father's home the day after 'killing CEO, wife and son in DC mansion' - and was identified by DNA on pizza crust. He is from Lanham, Maryland. He is described as a black male, approximately 5'7" tall and weighing about 155 pounds.

-His father's neighbor said "I was in and out and I saw him just sitting on the steps for an hour or so. He was just being quiet. He looked like he was just sitting and thinking. He had on a white-cut off shirt and black pants. He's a big guy and he's very strong. To see him sitting there after everything that had happened, it's very scary. I hope I never see him again."


-D.C. police said Dylon Wint worked at one point for the victims’ family business and is believed to be in New York.

-Another housekeeper, who has been with the family for 20 years, said that she had never seen Wint before. She said the house is guarded by an aggressive watch dog, a Labrador named Ginger, and thinks that an intruder may have gotten in through an open back-yard gate while the dog was taken out for a walk.

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