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Article inside 25 Year Old Mustang Enthusiast Dies Crashing His Mustang, Communities Mourn

By Kwestluv91 - 10 hours ago

DENNIS, Mass. -
A 25-year-old man was killed Thursday morning in a single-car crash on Cape Cod.

Dennis police said they responded to a crash on Old Chatham Road near Atlantic Avenue at about 8:11 a.m.

Police said a Ford Mustang crashed into a tree and killed the driver, Cody Hunter of West Yarmouth.

Investigators said the driver was speeding when the car crashed.

Hundreds in Hyannis form motorcade in the memory of Yarmouth man who died in Dennis car crash last week

HYANNIS — To Wayne Hunter, his son Cody was more than just a “gear-head” who loved his red 2004 Mustang. He was an artist, comedian and his best friend.
Cody Hunter died Dec. 11 when he lost control of the car on Chatham Road in Dennis and struck a large tree and chain-link fence while he was on his way to work. Witnesses at the scene told police that the 25-year-old Yarmouth man was driving too fast for the slick road conditions.
On Wednesday night, a motorcade of close to 200 cars, including Mustangs, pickup trucks, dump trucks and other vehicles, traveled in his honor from Hyannis to the site of Cody’s crash in Dennis.
“Most parents and adults look at something like that and think of a wild person, but that’s not Cody,” Wayne Hunter said in the parking lot of the Capetown Plaza on Iyannough Road, where hundreds of people gathered before the motorcade. “I am so proud of this because it shows you what kind of person he was.”
The growl of the engines and the scent of exhaust fumes filled the parking lot, where about 300 people, some who knew Hunter and others who didn’t, but shared his love for fast cars, congregated.
Cody’s friend, Brian Pires, organized the motorcade, which gained traction on social media, Wayne Hunter said.
Messages honoring the man covered the chalkboard painted hood of one of the cars.
Glenn Souza, of Hyannis, knew Hunter through the Cape Cod performance-car community, and his death has made him pensive.
Shortly after the crash, Souza saw photos of the totaled Mustang and knew it was Hunter’s before he was identified. The distinctive chrome wheels, sharp red color and lowered body made it recognizable.
In 2011, Souza, then 28, crashed his car after speeding at about 100 mph on Route 6 during a drag race with his friend.
“It hit me hard when it happened,” he said before the motorcade began. “I learned you be responsible and to respect the car. You have a lot of power, but you have to respect it.”
Wayne Hunter said that his son will be honored in similar motorcades in Georgia and California at the end of the month. While the drivers in the other states have never met his son, his death made a large impact in the online community of Mustang devotees.
Hunter also plans on speaking at Dennis-Yarmouth High School during prom season about the dangers of speeding. He hopes they can use Cody’s totaled car at the demonstration.
“If I could save one life, that will put wings on Cody,” Hunter said. “I didn’t just lose my son. I was his best friend and he was mine.”

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Video inside 2015 Mercedes Benz S63 Coupe AMG

By Barcode - 2 days ago

Not really a fan of too many MBs but this?:whatisthat::cp3shocked:

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Image inside BMW i8 on HREs

By JayR04 - 2 days ago

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Image inside Random Shots Part II

By MVN - 2 days ago

heres a few more goodies I took last weekend.........

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Video inside 4 wheeler doing donuts on 28's

By 420 Lyfe - 2 days ago


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Video inside Tesla P85D smokes Ferrari 575M

By Mr X - 3 days ago

not a slight chance :rofl::dead:

man i love technology :clap:

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Image inside Bugatti Chiron Coming in 2016 with 1500HP

By Panasonic - 4 days ago

When will the world see a new Bugatti? That’s a question journalists and enthusiasts alike have been asking forever. After all, the Veyron has been on the market for almost 10 years already (since 2005).

But there may be an answer to that question in 2016, when Bugatti is allegedly set to release the Veyron-replacing Chiron. It’s a car that will have 1500 horsepower and a 0-60 mph time of 2.5 seconds. Yeah, that fast. (pictured: Bugatti Gangloff concept)

According to Automobile, the Chiron will be much lighter than the Veyron it replaces. It will have better handling too. Much needed when you’re tossing around something with 1500 horsepower under the hood.

As for speed — 288 mph is the alleged top end. At that rate, that would make it the fastest car on the planet. For now, all this detailed information remains unconfirmed from Bugatti.

Still, we can expect the Chiron in 2016 with a price tag of — wait for it — $2.5 million. That’s a lot of scratch.

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Image inside "Here's What It Cost Me To Own A Ferrari For A Year"

By Jeff Roorda - 6 days ago

I've owned my Ferrari for 329 days. In that time, it's travelled 5,022 miles in five U.S. states. It's been the subject of 24 Jalopnik columns, totaling 2,082,131 views, and 17 YouTube videos, reaching 4,424,998 plays. And now it's time for one last number: exactly how much has this car cost to own?

I'm writing this column as the final farewell to the Ferrari, because it addresses the question I get more often than any other: what does it cost to own an exotic car? (That, and: "Is that the new Mustang?!")34

My whole life, I've heard stories about Italian car ownership: "Five thousand dollar oil changes," people say. "You gotta take out the engine out for every service." But just how much of that is true? Well, it's time to find out – so here's my one-year Ferrari total cost breakdown:


Depreciation was my single greatest expense: I paid $86,500 for the car in January, and I sold it last week for $78,000, for a total loss of $8,500. While that may seem like a lot of depreciation for a 10-year-old car in one 12-month period, there are a few key factors that accelerated my depreciation curve a bit more than normal.

Number one: I was in a hurry to buy and sell. Most Ferrari owners take months, or even years to find the right car — but because I was eager to get the car and write about it, I only took weeks. As a result, I probably paid a bit more than I should've — but I got a low-mileage car with no issues. 5

Likewise, when it came time to sell, I wanted out before the snow started falling — and before the end of the year. And since I tax deduct my depreciation expenses, I wasn't eager to nickel-and-dime the buyer out of every single penny. So I probably rushed through the sales process a little more than usual.6

If I had stubbornly held out when buying and selling, I think I could've bought the car for $85,000 and sold it for $80,000. Not bad for 12 months and 5,000 miles in a Ferrari.789

And the CarMax Offer?

You'd already know it if you followed me on Twitter, since I posted it a few hours ago – but the famous CarMax offer was just $64,000, or fourteen grand less than what I later sold it for. But before you get too angry about this, just remember: they've got to pay for those Range Rover warranties somehow.1011

Here’s What Happened When I Tried To Sell My Ferrari to CarMax
If you're a regular reader, you probably know that I write two frequent series here on…
Read more
Maintenance and Repairs

The five-thousand dollar oil change? The ten-thousand dollar annual service? Pulling out the engine for every little thing? Fires? Failed starts? Rampant check engine lights? Parts falling off?

It's all bullsh*t.

The truth is, this was the single most reliable car I've ever owned. It didn't break down, it didn't catch on fire, it didn't strand me once, and the biggest unexpected issue I had was a screw in the tire. Over my year of ownership, I only visited the dealer three times — and that included a trip for the tire. In other words: it really wasn't so bad.121314151617

The Ferrari 360 Is The Most Reliable Car I've Ever Owned
It's an interesting moment every time I meet someone who recognizes me from Jalopnik.…
Read more
But that doesn't mean it was cheap: in the last twelve months, I spent a total of $4,629.81 on repairs and maintenance.

Here's how it breaks down: immediately after driving the car home from Florida in January, I replaced the tires and did an oil change at 17,941 miles for $2,333.75. The car then went seven months and 3,238 miles without issue. At that point, it was due for another oil change, and the dealer recommended changing the front brake pads and rotors — for a total cost of $1,754.45. My final dealer visit came 36 days and 707 miles later in early November, when I patched the tire and replaced the battery for $541.61.1819

I Bought A Ferrari 360 And Drove It 500 Miles Home [VIDEO!]
Let's get one thing straight right now: it's a stick shift. That's right, ladies and …
Read more dougdemuro.​kinja.​com
OK, you might be thinking, but what about all those expensive services I've always heard of? Maybe you just didn't do them?

The simple truth is this: on the 360, they just don't exist.

A clutch replacement is just over $5,000, which is exactly what it cost on my 2001 Porsche 911 Turbo. I paid more for front brakes on my 2007 Mercedes E63 AMG station wagon than I did for front brakes on my Ferrari. There's no annual belt service — it's every four years. And it doesn't cost ten grand, but rather more like four or five. 2021

And the five thousand dollar oil change? I got two different oil changes from two different dealers during the last year, and I never paid more than $400. Yes, that's still big money — but it's not ridiculous, when you consider that this car cost more than $150,000 new. 22

Overall, here's what I've learned about the Ferrari 360: when it comes to repairs and maintenance, it just isn't as expensive as everyone thinks. Yes, you'll pay $2,000 for tires and $3,000 for brakes. Yes, you'll pay $400 for oil changes and $5,000 for once-every-Olympics major services. So if you buy a 360 and you're expecting Camry maintenance costs, you'll be disappointed. 23

But if you go in thinking high-dollar luxury car, you'll find the 360's running costs aren't dramatically out of line with other high-end vehicles — and not just exotic brands like Lamborghini or Aston-Martin, but even top-line models from Mercedes, Audi, BMW, and others.

Other Costs

Of course, there were a few other extraneous costs associated with my time in the Ferrari. Insurance was about $3,000 for the year. I paid $384.25 for the pre-purchase inspection, $1,195 to ship the car to Philadelphia, and $347.98 for a one-way flight to Florida, where I picked up the car with one of my best friends. Storage in Atlanta totaled to $1,085 for eight months, and I had to repair a rock chip in the windshield for $59.95. These costs are hardly Ferrari-specific — but they're still worth mentioning in the interest of transparency.

And The Total Is…24

For those of you who scrolled down to the bottom looking for one final number, here it is: $8,500 in depreciation plus $4,629.81 in maintenance repairs for a grand total of $13,129.81. In other words: I paid about $1,100 per month to drive this car, or $39.90 per day, or $2.61 per mile.252627

Now, here's where it gets interesting: if you figure that all cars depreciate, and you drop the $8,500, I only spent $4,629.81 for the year. And if you get really crazy, and you take out "unusual" repair items — namely the tires, brakes, and battery, which will last several years without another replacement — my total cost was limited to two oil changes and a tire patch – or approximately $835.75. Not so bad for a year with a Ferrari.28

Not so bad, indeed. But I'd still rather have a Porsche.29

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Video inside Mercedes GLE Coupe revealed

By JayR04 - 1 week ago


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Video inside Contractor did not pay employee

By 420 Lyfe - 2 weeks ago


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