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Video inside Porsche 918 fire

By BLKNORTH - 11 hours ago

happened near caledon, northwest of toronto

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Image inside Bmw yas marina blue m4

By JayR04 - 11 hours ago


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Image inside GM warns Corvette drivers new valet mode may be illegal

By thetfd - 11 hours ago

Earlier this summer, General Motors (GM) came out with a new “valet mode” for its latest Corvette sports cars. Call it a nanny cam for your car or the Ferris Bueller provision (remember this scene?) GM called it “a baby monitor for your baby.”

Essentially, the technology allows you to record video, audio and driving data from the car when youÂ’re not using it. Sounds great, right? With base prices starting at about $55,000, itÂ’s no wonder GM is trying to help you protect your investment (after all, who wouldnÂ’t want to take this so-called supercar for a joyride?)

But thereÂ’s one thing the company may not have consideredÂ… the law.

Recording laws (which would apply to any conversation recorded by the valet monitor) vary from state to state. In most states, only one person needs to consent to record a conversation or interaction (in this case, the owner). But in 11 states, both parties must consent (i.e. the valet must agree to you recording him/her.)

You may remember getting into the details of these laws during the Linda Tripp days. (She was indicted for wiretapping for recording phone calls with Monica Lewinsky without her consent. The recordings were made in Maryland, which is a two party consent state.)

As a result,GM has sent a letter to drivers and dealers with detailed instructions. The letter reportedly tells drivers not to use the feature, and if they do, to “obtain consent from the vehicles occupants.”

It’s not necessarily good news for GM. Not only has the carmaker had more than 50 recalls this year, it's also struggling specifically with the Corvette. While it hasn’t issued a recall, it has issued a stop-sale order on some 2,000 new cars to fix an airbag issue. Another 800 are “on hold” to check brake cables.

It’s not all bad news, though. Corvette sales are heating up for GM. The company sold some 2,679 of them in August, a 300% jump from last year’s Corvette sales. GM unveiled a new, super-charged Corvette Z06 at the Detroit auto show this year. Not only is the seventh generation Z06 the first to offer a convertible model, it’s also the “most capable street-legal production Corvette” boasting more than 625 horsepower.

No wonder owners might want to keep an eye on their vehicles when a valet gets behind the wheel. The “spy” technology is available in some other GM models (like the Chevy Impala and Silverado) but those vehicles don’t record data, just offer locks that deny valets access to the trunk, glove compartments and other areas. Drivers on the Tesla forum have appealed to the company for a similar feature on Tesla cars.

Bottom line: Corvette drivers may now have bigger problems to worry about than speeding.

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Video inside Watch What Happens When a Speed Car Wrecks at Over 300MPH

By SickaMorStyle - 11 hours ago

The Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah has seen its fair share of high-speed crashes. Now we can see one of those wrecks firsthand, thanks to two new videos.

American racer George Poteet was tooling along at 370 mph when his Speed Demon racecar tipped. With more than 2,300 horsepower being pushed out and speeds approaching nearly 400 mph, one might think that Poteet and the Speed Demon were toast. Instead, Poteet walked away unharmed and most of the car, save the body, is salvageable.

The engine, drivetrain, fuel system, wheels, tires, and more were recoverable. The body might be rebuilt and placed in a museum that belongs to Poteet. One reason Poteet walked away unharmed is that emergency vehicles on hand reached the scene in less than 15 seconds. Impressive.

If you have a strong stomach, the two videos are below.

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Video inside Troy Trepanier-built 1969 Ford Torino Talladega

By Leadfoot - 2 days ago

Troy Trepanier: Car building gawd


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Image inside World’s Only Ford Torino Prototype to Display at Hilton Head Concours

By timdog - 3 days ago

If your driveway looks like a sea of Blue Oval products, you pledge allegiance to the Â’32 Roadster, or have an effigy of Henry II in your alcove Â… you might want to check out the upcoming Hilton Head Island Concours dÂ’Elegance.

The event, which kicks off on Nov. 1, will play host to a bevy of historic and rare automobiles, including this drop-dead-gorgeous 1970 Ford Torino King Cobra prototype – one of only two known to exist.

Back in the late ‘60s, NASCAR was gripped by the legendary “Aero Wars” that saw Ford and Chrysler duke it out with cars that for the first time didn’t look like your dad’s new ride. Big wings and sloped noses began to find themselves affixed to Chargers, Torinos, and Cyclones, which grew the fierce Ford vs. Chrysler rivalry to unprecedented levels and lead to the inception of the Torino King Cobra.

Underneath the race-bred aero package, the Torino fits FordÂ’s big-fisted Boss 429 V8, breathing through a Holley four-barrel carb, and backing up to a Toploader four-speed transmission. Power is sent to a Ford 9-inch rear end and handling is delegated by the TorinoÂ’s stock double A-arm front suspension and heavy-duty leaf-sprung rear.

Inside, the prototype features many of the typical trimmings that youÂ’d find on any of its Ford contemporaries, from the stock dashboard to the three-spoke steering wheel, and an odometer that shows only 43,235 miles.

Sadly, it never would get its day on the podium. Between new management at the top of Ford – company president Lee Iacocca – and fresh NASCAR regulations designed to hamper the aero cars, the duo of prototype Torino King Cobras were sold and promptly forgotten about. That is until one of the rare cars was discovered tucked away in a South Carolina field (the second found its end in a scrap yard).

A pair of Ford fans plucked it up and set about the difficult task of restoring the vintage muscle car to near-mint condition, and we’ve got to say they did quite a bang-up job. Like it? You can make this rarer-than-rare Ford yours. The ’70 Torino prototype spends its days over at RK Motors Charlotte and will set you back about $550,000 – a small price to pay considering it’s the only one in the world.

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Image inside 2014 Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction - Las Vegas

By Leadfoot - 3 days ago

It's on all weekend. Fox sports 1 & 2. check local listings and such.

Watch and drool.


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New mustang with fake engine noise

By Special Edd - 4 days ago

As fuel economy and emissions requirements get stricter, automakers increasingly turn to engine downsizing and turbocharging. There's just one problem: many turbo engines don't sound that great. This means some car companies choose to fake the engine noise, and it looks like the 2015 Ford Mustang EcoBoost is the latest victim
That's right: the Mustang, the original pony car, an American performance icon, has resorted to pumping augmented engine noise in through the speakers, much like modern turbocharged BMWs do. This makes me kind of sad.

Yes the new m5 also does this.

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Video inside Mercedes creates driverless luxury truck!!!

By deziking - 5 days ago


"This truck provides compelling answers to the challenges that our customers will be facing in the future. Our aim therefore is to press forward with readying this technology for the market and to bring it to series-production standard," said Dr Wolfgang Bernhard, Daimler Board Member for Trucks and Buses, at the presentation of the innovative vehicle in Hanover. "What we are showing here today is how the transport of goods on our roads will be running more efficient, safer and more connected in ten years' time. I am convinced that this will open up a whole new business perspective for Daimler Trucks ," added Bernhard.

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Video inside Russian Woman Pays $60,000 To Pimp Out Mercedes With 1 Million Swarovski Crystals

By WETHENORTH - 5 days ago

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