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NBA Isaiah Thomas Says He ‘Envisioned Himself’ Playing For The Lakers

By T.O.N.Y. - 18 hours ago

"First off, it’s the Los Angeles Lakers. Who wouldn’t want to play for them? Second off, I felt like they always needed a point guard — a small guard like myself. I always envisioned myself playing with the Lakers, but like you said, they were waiting on Carmelo and other moves. The Suns came out of nowhere and showed a lot of interest, and I fell in love with them."


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NBA Lance Stephenson Dunks on Larry Sanders

By bassy - 18 hours ago

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BOX Mike Tyson: Robin Williams And I Knew The Same Drug Dealer

By Avon_Barksdale - 18 hours ago

Mike Tyson says it was his own battle with addiction and depression that led him to knowing the late Robin Williams.

During his interview on Howard Stern's SiriusXM radio show on Wednesday, the 48-year-old boxer revealed that he and the actor attended meetings together designed to help them cope with their demons. "People that deal with this situation (addiction), we know each other," Tyson explained.

Tyson also recalled a time when Williams confronted him about where he was getting his drugs.


"This is very interesting," he began. "When I met him and he said, 'I was waiting for you.' ...He started telling me about somebody I was purchasing from. I said to myself, 'How does he know this lowlife dealer I know? They shouldn't be in the same state.' You go to every measure to get high. Everybody knows everybody."

The heavyweight champion admitted that the Oscar winner's death this past September threw him. "It's scary. ...If you have a mental illness, you're going to think about suicide. Suicide is our comfort."
When asked to elaborate on what it feels like to struggle with something like drug addiction, Tyson explained, "Think of it like this. Think about you're starving, you're absolutely famished. And that drug -- heroin, cocaine -- that's food."

As of late, the heavyweight champion is off the drugs, but tells Stern, "I'm clean now, but this is a constant fight. Eventually that dark entity's going to knock on the door."


He added, "The fact is we're all human and it doesn't care what race you are, how rich you are, it just wants you to be miserable."

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NBA One picture to describe the Lakers season

By DanBootleg - 18 hours ago

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MMA MMA doing 2 on 2 Team fighting Now? Guy KO's 2 At The Same Time!

By GHova315 - 18 hours ago

He Knocked out 2 guys at the same time!!!!:clap:

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BOX Mike Tyson: 'Don Lemon full of s***t'

By Witness101 - 18 hours ago

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NFL After arrest Cowboys Joseph Randle tries to bribe female cop for a masage

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago

*tweet embedded


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NBA Isaiah Thomas with 23 points in 20 minutes in Suns Debut (Highlights)

By theFREAK - 18 hours ago

*tweet embedded

Can't believe LA didn't sign my dude :asiankobelol:

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NBA Miami Heat's James Ennis POSTERIZES Rasual Butler (GIF)

By The Bully - 18 hours ago

the only james we acknowledge is ennis:ronsuccess:

So we gon act like the Heat didn't get another STEAL with James "Menace" Ennis?

Bully wins again:praise:

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NBA Phil Jackson: Knicks 'not ready for showtime'

By katalist - 18 hours ago

In case an opening night blowout loss at home wasn't enough for the New York Knicks, president Phil Jackson is at the ready to throw some salt in collective wounds.

Disappointed with the team's 24-point thumping at the hands of the Chicago Bulls on Wednesday, Jackson was quick to publicly criticize his team for entering the season something short of prepared.

"Not ready for showtime, were we guys?" Jackson said to reporters after the game.

The Knicks struggled mightily on offense, with Derek Fisher's triangle-based system producing only 80 points on 89 possessions. The team was without point guard Jose Calderon and power forward Andrea Bargnani, and the Bulls are one of the league's best defensive units, but it was a miserable start to what could be a long process.

"I can't say how long it's going to take," Jackson said, adding that he expected the Knicks to struggle out of the gate given the new system and new faces.

Fisher preached patience, too, saying that the road will be tough but that the team is going somewhere. Whether that somewhere is a field-goal percentage north of 36.5 percent is unclear.

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NBA Kobe now cursed out in first two games of the season
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NBA Bulls lost! MJ "1 ring as an owner>>>6 rings
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MLB Madison Bumgarner's Dad Seems Like a Pretty Chill Bro
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NBA (VIDEOS) Kobe Bryant Full Highlights 2014.10.29 at Suns - 31 Pts.
By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago - 75 comments

NBA Confetti packets for tonight cavs vs. Knicks game
By The Boat - 19 hours ago - 28 comments

NBA Chuck ethered Kobe
By xFMx ALCHEMiST - 2 days ago - 33 comments

NBA Replica Ring given to San Antonio fans at the season opener
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NBA Bradley Beal wilding
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NBA Sports Illustrated NBA preview edition COVER CURSE?... WILL IT CONTINUE THIS YR? CAVS ON THE COVER..
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NBA The Pelicans court design tho
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NCAAF Todd Gurley ordered to serve 4 game suspension after receiving $3,000 for autographs
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NBA (VIDEO) Tim Duncan, Tony Parker & Manu Ginobili Highlights vs Mavericks (2014.10.28) - 57 Pts Total!
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NBA NBA Championship odds ( half the league is already eliminated ) compared to NFL Championship odds
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NBA Dwight is a teddy bear
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NBA Hornets and Kemba Walker have agreed to a 4-yr extension
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NBA Kobe Speaks On Julius Randle Leg Injury (video)
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NBA Kobe Bryant Calls Dwight Howard "A bi-ch Ass N***A"
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NBA Return of the Mac ESPN NBA commercial (my version)
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NBA Aaron Gordon debut: 11pts (5/8 fg), 3rebs, 1stl 1blk
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NBA Anthony Davis Full Highlights 2014.10.28 vs Magic - 26 Pts, 17 Rebs, 9 Blks, BEAST!
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NBA Did you see Melo on Sons of Anarchy?
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NBA Lakers Rookie Julius Randle Suffers Broken Leg
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NBA Paul Pierce: ‘I Can’t Stand’ LeBron James, Other Young NBA Stars
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NBA Kobe Bryant Calls Dwight Howard Soft
By Ham Rove - 2 days ago - 72 comments

NBA Julius Randle Reportedly Out For The Season
By JNumbaNC - 2 days ago - 36 comments

NBA Bulls Jimmy Butler out 2-4 weeks
By Bkjj11 - 2 days ago - 25 comments

NFL NFL: Top 10 Biggest Surprises of the First Half
By italiansteve - 2 days ago - 20 comments

NBA Nerlens Noel to debut Wednesday
By Bkjj11 - 2 days ago - 13 comments

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