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NFL Boycott Skittles: Marshawn Lynch monetizes mocking of media

By Xaiv - 10 hours ago


Sports journalists unite: It’s time to boycott Skittles.
Don’t let your kids eat them anymore. Forget about handing out those small packets for Halloween.
Skittles should be considered poison to any sports journalist who asks for respect in dealing with athletes.
You see, Marshawn Lynch’s stance with the media has evolved from more than just not wanting to talk. It now is a marketing vehicle.
Skittles, which is part of Lynch’s weird act, helped the Seattle running back’s campaign to mock the media this week. It got Lynch to do a fake press conference. He munches handfuls of the candy sitting in front of a Skittles logo.
The whole thing is extremely lame. He opens by saying, “I’m thankful for the opportunity to have Skittles ask me questions today.”

Of course, he is. Skittles probably paid him big money for the charade, likely much more than those annoying reporters who insist on asking him real questions.
Lynch then continued his shameless act at Super Bowl media day Tuesday. He stayed for less than five minutes and repeatedly said, “”I’m just here so I won’t get fined.” Naturally, he downed a few Skittles for the cameras. For the exposure, the candy probably will pay for the hefty NFL fines that are sure to come his way.
Lynch’s media stance now has become a big story. However, at its core is one basic element: Respect.
The least you can ask for in this life is to be shown some respect from the people you interact with every day. And that includes athletes dealing with the media.
I would say the vast majority of athletes and coaches, perhaps in the neighborhood of 95-97 percent, do treat reporters with respect. There’s even an element of respect with how Bill Belichick deals with the press, even if it looks as if he would rather be getting a tooth pulled.
During media day yesterday, the New England coach talked of his media responsibilities:
“That’s our role – to be the conduit between our team and all the fans – all of you that cover the team and the fans that read or watch or listen. That’s an important part of the process,” Belichick said. “Having been on the other side of this (as an avid fan as a kid), that’s what I wanted. I wanted information. I wanted to hear what’s going on. We provide the fans who are so interested in our team with information that makes it interesting and exciting for them. That’s why we’re all here.”

OK, it would be better if Belichick was more open and quotable, but at least he understands the process. It would be interesting to see how Belichick would have put up with Lynch’s media act if he played on the Patriots. My guess is, probably not.
Belichick and the NFL know there is a larger issue at play here. What’s to stop other players from following Lynch’s lead and opting not to talk? Surely, there are many players who would like to be spared from participating in the media circus at the Super Bowl this week.
The NFL, though, wants fans to get know the players. The mass interviews only feed the hype for the big game. That translates to big ratings, which translates to big money for the league and its players.

That’s why the NFL enacted a rule that players must talk to the media. Writes Marcus Hayes in the Philadelphia Daily News:
“Lynch’s boycott of the press is no different from boycotting a meeting, a practice or a game. What if he mailed it in at the Super Bowl the way he mailed it in on Media Day? He is contractually obligated to be present at both, to perform professionally at each. It is part of his job, part of his duty.
“Duty should not be served. It is part of being a professional. It’s part of being an adult. Marshawn Lynch is neither.”
Lynch’s fans don’t care if he doesn’t talk as long as he keeps producing on the field. He also has plenty of supporters who laud him for being his own man. It was revolting to hear a former player like Tedy Bruschi saluted his independence on ESPN on Tuesday.
Fortunately, there are other former players turned analysts who see the big picture. NBC’s Rodney Harrison does not appreciate Lynch’s act.
“A lot of young African-American kids look up to him and people applaud it. It’s not right,” Harrison said.
Somebody should get that message to Lynch, not that he cares. In a few years, he will be out of the league, counting his money and eating his Skittles.
However, sports journalists, and people who value some sense of decency, can make their voices heard by boycotting Lynch’s sponsor, Skittles. Hold the candy accountable for assisting Lynch in mocking the media with the phony press conference.
Frankly, Skittles aren’t that good anyway. Bad texture and way too sweet. Also, while there aren’t any documented studies, eating Skittles reportedly makes your ledes much duller.
Try Swedish Fish instead.

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NBA Andrew Wiggins to Zach Lavine half-court for the alley-oop

By acegutta22 - 10 hours ago

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NBA Uncle Drew aka Most Hated gives Lillard and the Blazers 55 buckets! Full game highlights!

By chiladin708 - 11 hours ago

I think people forget thi young man is only 22 years of age...he's got the best handles in the NBA and arguably the best shooter at his position save for Curry but unlike Curry he won the NBA 3 point shooting contest and he went 8-for-8 behind the arc in the Rookie-Sophomore game but nobody acknowledges how great of a shooter he is.:facepalm: He's also the best dribbler since Iverson and Irving like Iverson to me is a SG trapped in a PG's body he's basically a 6'3 Kobe if you ask me but without the pitbull defense which he has improved. People also talk about he's not a leader but in his first three seasons the Cavs whent from 16th place to 12th to 10th before Lebron arrived. So he was on pace for a playoff birth this year anyway and the Cavs will mae a deep playoff run so his trin is right on schedule! 55 points against Lillard and the Blazers! Uncle Drew get's buckets! :shutupbish:

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NFL Report: 49ers will name Geep Chryst offensive coordinator

By KeepinItTrill - 11 hours ago

Geep Chryst, who served the past four seasons as 49ers quarterbacks coach under Jim Harbaugh, is reportedly going to become the team's offensive coordinator under new coach Jim Tomsula.

Chryst is expected to take over the position Greg Roman held for the past four season, reported the NFL NetworkÂ’s Albert Breer, citing two sources. The 49ers have not announced any coaching moves since TomsulaÂ’s promotion to head coach on Jan. 14.

ChrystÂ’s previous coordinator experience came in 1999 and 2000 with the San Diego Chargers under Mike Riley.

Chryst's offensive unit in 1999 ranked 28th in points and 26th in total yards. Jim Harbaugh and Erik Kramer started 12 and four games at quarterback, respectively. The Chargers averaged 3.0 yards per rushing attempt in each of his two seasons as coordinator. In 2000, the Chargers finished 26th in points and 28th in total yards in quarterback Ryan LeafÂ’s rookie season.

Chryst was stationed on the sideline during 49ers games the past four seasons and was often seen consulting with quarterback Colin Kaepernick between offensive possessions. Steve Logan will become the 49ersÂ’ new quarterbacks coach, he told a North Carolina TV station for which he worked.

Chryst is one of the few holdovers from HarbaughÂ’s staff. His son, Keller, a highly recruited quarterback, was a redshirt at Stanford as a freshman.

On Wednesday, sources confirmed to CSNBayArea.com that Philadelphia Eagles wide receivers coach Bob Bicknell spoke with Tomsula about the coordinator position but opted to remain on Chip KellyÂ’s staff.

Bicknell joined a list of potential candidates for the job who made themselves unavailable.

The 49ers pushed hard to lure former Denver Broncos offensive coordinator Adam Gase, the runner-up for the head-coaching position, a source told CSNBayArea.com. Gase eventually followed coach John Fox to the Chicago Bears.

The 49ers were blocked from speaking with Indianapolis Colts assistant Rob Chudzinski while he remained under contract. On Tuesday, the day Chudzinski was scheduled to become a coaching free agent, the Colts signed him to a new contract as associate head coach.

Former Cleveland Browns offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan declined an interview request, NBC4 in Washington reported two weeks ago.

Washington coach Mike Shanahan and Alabama offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin were also reported as candidates for the job.


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NBA Pretty Boy Parsons bows and kisses the rings!

By CadillacVyse - 11 hours ago



If Chandler Parsons had a midseason MVP vote, it would go to former teammate James Harden.

"For sure. He's the best player in basketball right now," Parsons said before his Dallas Mavericks fell 99-94 to Harden's Houston Rockets on Wednesday night. "The things he's doing are incredible. The scouting report is focused in on stopping him and you see he's still getting 30 a game. It's impressive."

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NBA Klay Thompson’s record-breaking quarter gets the NBA Jam treatment

By nanci627 - 11 hours ago

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NBA Kyrie Irving Full Highlights vs Trail Blazers (2015.01.28) - AMAZING 55

By youngt22 - 11 hours ago

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NBA Once again Pretty Boy Kyrie puts on a Show that Cavs fans want forget, GREAT!!

By BHAMBOi293 - 11 hours ago

Against one of the best teams in the West and he puts on a show, When bruh gets going its something else...

Wiz stans actually thought that Wall was better than Kyrie...:jordanlol:

People thought Kyrie was a cancer....:huh:

That's my favorite player in the Nba...:success2:

Now watch greatness....:shutupbish:

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NFL Broncos hire Wade Phillips as defensive coordinator

By theFREAK - 11 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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NBA 'Iceman' Gervin: 'I don't feel' Klay 'broke my record'

By !!! - 16 hours ago

From CSN California

On April 9, 1978, George "Iceman" Gervin scored an NBA-record 33 points in the second quarter of the Spurs' loss to the New Orleans Jazz. He finished with 63 points.

On Dec. 10, 2008, Carmelo Anthony matched Gervin by scoring 33 points in the third quarter against the Timberwolves. He finished with 45 points.

On Jan. 23, 2015, Klay Thompson surged past Gervin and Anthony when he registered 37 points in the third quarter against the Sacramento Kings. He finished with 52 points.

"I'd like to see him try to get 33 or 37 in a quarter when there wasn't no three-point line," Gervin said. "I don't feel—and it's funny, everybody laughs—I don't feel he broke my record," Gervin told Howard Beck of Bleacher Report. "I feel he set a new record. He set a new record for the new NBA.

"Think about it, man. That's like if we're going to have a race, and you start on the 50-yard line and I start on the 1-yard line and we're doing a 100-yard race. It's not even."

The NBA did not adopt a 3-point line until the 1979-80 season.
Thompson made nine 3-pointers during his historic performance, while Anthony made four shots from beyond the arc against Minnesota.

The NBA Hall of Famer isn't diminishing Thompson's accomplishment, but simply wants to tell it like it is.

"You can't do anything but compliment that kid, man," Gervin added. "That's very impressive, for accuracy and shooting. But that's for another record.

"If you give a guy an advantage to break my record, it ain't on the same playing level. So I'm saying, I ain't going away that easy, by saying 'Hey, he broke my record.' Now, I don't care what nobody say. I'm standing up for something that I'm real proud of, man.

"In the system that I played, my record will never be broken. I'm the one in the Guinness book. So if they put somebody else in the Guinness book for most points in a quarter, I'd like to see an asterisk by it."

This fool :juststop:

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