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NFL This Is What Charles Woodson Thinks of His Raiders..SMH

By GHova315 - 20 hours ago


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NFL OMG Steelers CB Ike Taylor Snaps Arm In Half (Graphic Video)

By italiansteve - 20 hours ago

The Pittsburgh Steelers will be without starting cornerback Ike Taylor for quite some time, following an injury on Sunday Night Football against the Carolina Panthers.

Taylor was trying to wrap up Panthers wide receiver Kelvin Benjamin, when Steelers linebacker Lawrence Timmons put his helmet right on Taylor’s arm which appeared to snap right in half. Taylor immediately looked to the sidelines for medical assistance.

NBC showed the replay initially, before Chris Collinsworth said they would not show the end result.

Some quick photos on social media show that Taylor’s arm did indeed snap in half.

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NBA BOSH Trolling On IG

By Dray - 20 hours ago

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NBA D-Wade: David Stern helped NBA's fashions sense

By weeknd44 - 20 hours ago


David Stern might be responsible for the fashionable basketball players in the NBA — well, at least for Dwyane Wade.

The Miami Heat star says while he always was a fan of fine dressing, it wasn't until the former commissioner of the league instituted a dress code that he started taking more interest in what he would wear off the court.

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"It was like, 'OK, now we got to really dress up and we can't just throw on a sweat suit,'" he said. "Then it became a competition amongst guys and now you really got into it more and you started to really understand the clothes you put on your body, the materials you're starting to wear, so then you become even more of a fan of it."

Now Wade is considered among the more fashion-forward stars in a league where players dress to impress. Wade admits there's some competition among the league — and sometimes they take it over the top in what they wear in a postgame press conference.

Dwyane Wade (AP Photo)
"Obviously sometimes we push the envelope, and I think it's because we're athletes," he said in an interview Tuesday. "We're not looked at as guys who should wear certain things. Being flamboyant is being OK."

Wade unveiled his latest over-the-top fashion statement this week — his new branded watch from Hublot. The Classic Fusion Dwyane Wade is black polished ceramic with 18-karat gold screws on the bezel and sapphires in the dial; it retails for $18,400.

It's the second watch Wade has created with Hublot since becoming a brand ambassador for the Swiss watchmaker in 2011: "I always admired what I thought it stood for, the elegance of it."

Wade turned to the word elegance again when asked about the fashion sense of his new bride, actress Gabrielle Union.

"My lady has her style and I love her elegance that she brings to it," he said. "And I think I bring a little spice to it. Maybe that's one of the perks of dating someone nine years younger, bring a little hipster to it!"

Wade, 32, and the 41-year-old "Being Mary Jane" star just returned from their two-week honeymoon in the Maldives, Tanzania and the Seychelles.

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NFL What Did We Learn In Week 3?

By Capo Statuz - 20 hours ago

Cousins looks really good
The Patriots need weapons
Saints still dont look too impressive even at home
The Panthers defense isnt as dominant as we think

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MMA Pros pick Alvarez-Cerrone (video)

By Gramz - 20 hours ago

I personally think Alvarez will be too much for Cerrone. :shrug:

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By Dray - 20 hours ago

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OT Austin, TX, East View High's Apollo Hester Gives The Most Inspiring Post-Game Interviews Ever!!!

By Avon_Barksdale - 20 hours ago

:cry4: but, :mjlol:

Apollos Hester is only in high school but he already has a very promising career ahead of him as a motivational speaker. After his team the East View Patriots narrowly beat a rival school on Friday night, the star wide receiver (or running back, they refer to him as both) was interviewed by local reporter Lauren Mickler. What she got was anything but the typical post-game interview. Just watch her face at the 1:22 mark. She’s a deer in the inspirational headlights.

I tried to write down some of his best quotes from the video, but looking at them in text just doesn’t do them justice. You have to watch the way Hester delivers them. You’ll laugh, but you’ll also feel super motivated to do anything.

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NFL Bomani taking shots at Supa CAM LOL (pic)

By samclo - 20 hours ago

No words for this fit but Bomani is going in on his twitter right now :dead::dead::dead::dead:

adult image

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NFL Tony Gonzalez likes to talk about dat ass (video)

By RepDBlock - 20 hours ago


someone was talking to me at the bar while watching the games.......i died laughing in the middle of them talking when i heard this sh*t

tony had to be

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NBA Kobe's father on Magic in 1980
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NFL RGIII Jerseys Hit The Clearance Racks :dead: (Pic)
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BOX Ariza Signs Two Year Contract With Floyd Mayweather Jr.
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NBA Ray Allen Still Undecided On Playing Future; Wizards Among Teams 'Periodically' Reaching Out
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NBA Blake Griffin knew Donald Sterling was racist since the draft lottery
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NBA Lance Stephenson - Hot N**** [OFFICIAL VIDEO]
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NFL Lions Stephen Tulloch tears ACL celebrating; on season-ending IR (pic)
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NFL Chargers once again has a running back problem
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NFL Ryan Tannehill era over?
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NBA ESPN1stTake: Seattle Seahawks Beat Denver Broncos Again (Video)
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NFL Drew Brees gets suplexed by Captain Munnerlyn and tries to start a fight with Robert Blanton
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BOX Floyd Mayweather -- 6 BODYGUARDS ... For Chicken & Waffles Run (video)
By Carlton Black - 20 hours ago - 46 comments

NFL Breaking News: Former Titans Kicker Rob Bironas Dies at 36
By italiansteve - 2 days ago - 88 comments

NBA Dennis Rodman is NOT en route
By Dray - 2 days ago - 7 comments

NFL Ray Rice will reportedly argue that TMZ edited elevator video
By Dray - 2 days ago - 68 comments

NFL First Take - Why Was DeSean Jackson Released ?
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NFL Deandre Hopkins makes one of the greatest catches you'll ever see....called back due to penalty
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NFL Sammy Watkins named NFL Rookie of the Week (2)
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BOX All Access: Mayweather vs. Maidana 2 – Epilogue – Full Episode (video)
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NBA Kobe lost a 1-on-1 matchup to a highschool kid in China
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NCAAF NFL Scout Says Jameis Winston Is Now a Late 2nd Rounder in Draft
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NFL NFL provides detail on what word Colin Kaepernick used to draw a fine, per Jay Glazer
By timdog - 2 days ago - 30 comments

BOX Mayweather called before state panel
By stogz - 2 days ago - 90 comments

NBA Wade & Union joint statement on Nude Pictures
By Dray - 2 days ago - 162 comments

NFL The Official sh-ttsburgh Steelers vs Carolina Panthers Game Thread 830 pm Sunday Night Football NBC
By ghettofied - 2 days ago - 485 comments

NBA Andrew Wiggins says he doesn’t feel much pressure heading to Minnesota
By T.O.N.Y. - 2 days ago - 21 comments

NBA Blatche can rejoin the NBA in March....
By Dray - 2 days ago - 15 comments

NBA Report: Zoran Dragic “in advanced discussions” to leave Europe for Suns next season
By T.O.N.Y. - 2 days ago - 9 comments

NFL South Park ethers SNYDER and the Redtails (video)
By dahabi - 2 days ago - 27 comments

NFL DeAngelo Hall OUT for remainder of the season. :smh:
By FreeBigga - 2 days ago - 85 comments

NFL Ray Lewis talks about covering up crimes: "Some things you can cover up some things u can't"
By Young_ - 2 days ago - 38 comments

MMA Junior dos Santos vs. Stipe Miocic headlines UFC on FOX 13
By Gramz - 3 days ago - 5 comments

MMA Anthony Johnson suspended indefinitely by the UFC
By J Moody - 3 days ago - 10 comments

MMA Anthony "Rumble" Johnson Police Report
By J Moody - 3 days ago - 4 comments

NBA (VIDEO) Flashback: Julius Randle Giving Jabari Parker That Work At NIke 2013 Tournement
By T.O.N.Y. - 3 days ago - 16 comments

NFL How the NFL Has Punished Players Arrested for Domestic Violence
By steeLTown - 3 days ago - 11 comments

SC Soccer Tricks in NYC
By bLazenLow - 3 days ago - 3 comments

BOX Mayweather vs Maidana 2 "technical appreciation" film study
By tokinjohn - 3 days ago - 21 comments

NBA Allen Iverson Full Highlights 1997.03.12 vs Bulls - Rookie AI with 37 Pts, Famous Crossover On MJ
By MikeJones212 - 3 days ago - 4 comments

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