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NBA Chris Paul Mastered the Shammgod and now he's Just Tro..
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NBA Ref caught eyeing that chocolate booty  

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NBA Michael Jordan and Tom Brady play a pickup game in Hawaii..
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10 hours ago

NFL Jadeveon Clowney: I知 making progress, and I知 very encouraged

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| By d2921 - 10 hours ago

Jadeveon Clowney, the No. 1 overall pick in last yearツ痴 draft whose rookie season was cut short by a serious knee injury, says heツ痴 doing well in his recovery.

Clowney declined to say how soon he might be back to 100 percent after microfrature surgery, but he is trending in the right direction.

ツ的ツ知 not going to speak on that, but Iツ知 making progress, and Iツ知 very encouraged,ツ Clowney told the Houston Chronicle. ツ的ツ知 working hard, but weツ池e not going to rush it.ツ

Clowney says heツ痴 working harder now than he did when he was practicing last season.

ツ迭ehab is tough, tougher than playing. You have to get there earlier than everybody and leave later than everybody,ツ he said.

Microfracture surgery is serious business, and some athletes never come all the way back from it. The Texans have to hope all of Clowneyツ痴 hard work pays off, and that his health allows him to live up to his enormous talent.


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12 hours ago

OT Ultimate Basketball Fails Compilation- March Badness

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| By Holdino - 12 hours ago

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12 hours ago

NCAAB Ivan Rabb to CAL

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| By Eazy123 - 12 hours ago

*tweet embedded

*tweet embedded

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13 hours ago

NBA Michael Jordan and Tom Brady play a pickup game in Hawaii--trash talk ensues (video)

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| By pandadays - 13 hours ago

GOAT MJ confirming newly crowned GOAT status of Brady.

Tom Brady's having a hell of a Saturday. Not long after he was seen plummeting off a cliff, Brady was teammates with Space Jam star Michael Jordan in a friendly game of basketball.
This is in the Bahamas, that is Keegan Bradley in the blue shirt, yes, Brady is in khaki shorts, and yes, MJ not only talks trash but *calls fouls* in pick-up ball at age 52. (Bradley, incidentally, probably acquitted himself better on the course.)

I can't hear exactly what he says, but first there's an "and-one," in then he suggests his defender look up "Michael Jordan's career" on YouTube. You know, so he can figure out how to play better D against the greatest ever.

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13 hours ago

NBA Ref caught eyeing that chocolate booty

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| By presto - 13 hours ago

*tweet embedded

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13 hours ago

NBA 2 GOATS playing pick up Basketball in The Bahamas

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| By KING JAYY - 13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

Jhonny Gonzalez vs. Gary Russell Jr.// Jermell Charlo-Vanes Martirosyan[3-28-15][SHOWTIME]

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| By STILL.DETOX - 13 hours ago

Saturday, March 28, 2015
Las Vegas (Showtime)

Jhonny Gonzalez (No. 1) vs. Gary Russell Jr.
12 rounds – Featherweight division (for Gonzalez’s WBC title)

Jermell Charlo (No. 6) vs. Vanes Martirosyan (No. 5)
Junior middleweight division

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16 hours ago

BOX Throwback: Prince Naseem Thoughts on Floyd MayWeather

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| By STILL.DETOX - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

NBA Kendall Gill vs Jim Jackson (BXSC Debate Vol. 2)

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| By UrbanEnterprise - 16 hours ago

If you missed my first volume click here--->

These comparisons and debates are made to offer the BXSC section something different to discuss rather than the same old stanning wars and to pay respect to NBA players who rarely ever get talked about but were good players even great in some years.

13.4 PPG, 4.1 RPG, 3.0 APG


14.3 PPG, 4.7 RPG, 3.2 APG


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18 hours ago

NBA Kevin Love and Westbrook in L.A.?

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| By Hovi Bryant - 18 hours ago


ツ鏑ove enjoys Westbrook," said Brian Windhorst. "They have a relationship. thereツ痴 a conspiracy theory that exists out there that Kevin Love will go to the Lakers this summer, or next summer, and then Westbrook will join him when heツ痴 a free agent, and they will reunite in LA, like they played for UCLA. The guy, the star player he has the best relationship in the league with is Westbrook.ツ

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18 hours ago

NBA Dwight: "Harden And I Aren't Super Close But We Talk"

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| By Hovi Bryant - 18 hours ago


Howard was asked if his relationship with Bryant has informed how he and James Harden get along.

ツ展eツ池e not super close but we do talk, we sit down, we have conversations,ツ Howard said of Harden. ツ的ツ致e never had any issue with James. The biggest reason for me to come to Houston was to play alongside James. I knew I made [the right decision] when I first made it, watching him play and now how heツ痴 grown as a player and a person. Itツ痴 great to watch. I came to win. Thereツ痴 no ego with me, itツ痴 not about me. Itツ痴 about us, what we can do together. Iツ致e won all the individual awards, besides the MVP, and at this point all that stuff is irrelevant. Whatツ痴 more important is us coming together to win a championship."

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19 hours ago

NBA Stan Van Gundy: 羨bsolutely no chance Magic induct him into team Hall of Fame

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

By Brett Pollakoff
Mar 28, 2015, 3:30 PM EDT
Stan Van Gundy: ツ羨bsolutely no chanceツ Magic induct him into team Hall of Fame

Stan Van Gundy coached the Orlando Magic for five seasons, but exited the club by way of a messy divorce.

The Dwight Howard saga that played out so publicly claimed Van Gundy as one of its primary victims, and Orlando has been in a full-fledged rebuild ever since.

The Magic inducted Shaquille Oツ誰eal into their team Hall of Fame on Friday, and while itツ痴 unclear if Van Gundy harbors any ill will toward the franchise, heツ痴 not expecting to be the recipient of a similar honor at any point in the future.

From Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel:

Including playoff games, Van Gundy has more wins than any Magic coach. He bailed them out after the Billy Donovan disaster in the spring of 2007 when the Florida Gators coach reneged after taking the job.

Van Gundy steered the club to one NBA Finals appearance in 2009 before being fired after the 2011-12 season.

And that begs the question: Will the Magic, in time, ever put Van Gundy in their hall of fame?

ツ典here is no chance ツ absolutely no chance,ツ Van Gundy laughed. ツ哲ot the way things went down at the end. I guess if thereツ痴 a whole different group of people here ツ possibly. But not with the current group. That ainツ稚 happening.ツ

Van Gundy has long had a reputation of speaking his mind, even when it may not be politically correct to do so.

You can bet he let the ownership in Orlando have it after the way they handled the Dwight debacle, and that may be the main reason that Van Gundy considers his ties to the Magic organization somewhat permanently severed.


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19 hours ago

MLB Houston Astro's Mascot gets Destroyed by Security Guard in a Dance Off!

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| By sho 2010 - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

NCAAB Video | Michigan State fans gather, set fires near campus apartments after Sweet 16 win

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

After Michigan Stateツ痴 Sweet 16 win over Oklahoma on Friday night, students near the off-campus Cedar Village Apartments gathered and set fires, according to a story from The State News.

Police in riot gear were dispatched to the scene and East Lansing police estimated around 500 people gathered near the off-campus apartments. Three arrests were made for disorderly conduct, unlawfully remaining within 300 feet of an open fire.

East Lansing police released a statement on the matter:

ツ填pon making these arrests, the crowd immediately began to disperse. Officers were able to gain control over the situation within 15 minutes of the fire starting, which in turn eliminated any escalation of the disturbance. No chemical crowd management devices were utilized during this incident.ツ

According to The State News report, glass bottles were also being thrown into the air as well as some fireworks. Hereツ痴 some video of the action near Michigan Stateツ痴 campus last night.

#MSUvsOU fire breaks out at Cedar Village @THEsnews #Elite8 #EliteEight

ツ Maria Braganini (@mariabraganini) March 28, 2015

Iツ知 all for college kids having fun ツ and usually support a good court storming when itツ痴 safe ツ肪ut the destruction of property over a Sweet 16 win is just stupid. Given Michigan Stateツ痴 reputation for this sort of behavior, this doesnツ稚 come as much of a surprise. Hopefully people celebrate responsibly if the Spartans keep advancing in the Tournament.



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19 hours ago

NBA Warriors coach Steve Kerr: 選 would vote for WestBrook

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

Warriors head coach Steve Kerr stunned reporters following his teamツ痴 blowout win over the Grizzlies on Friday, if only for a few moments.

Kerr was asked to give his opinion on the hotly-contested race for MVP, one in which Golden State star Stephen Curry is (of course) prominently featured.

But instead of answering diplomatically or extolling the virtues of Curryツ痴 campaign, Kerr instead went in a completely different direction.

From Michael Wallace of

ツ擢or the record,ツ Kerr answered with a blank expression, ツ的 would vote for Russell Westbrook.ツ

All within earshot froze.

Faces frowned.

Necks jerked. ツ

Kerr quickly ended the madness before anyone could think to check if anyone had spiked the barbeque sauce on the Warriorsツ postgame meal spread. The prankster was in full postseason form.

ツ泥idnツ稚 somebody else just say that?ツ Kerr said as he lobbed the wisecrack that shattered the silence with laughter. ツ的ツ知 just kidding. Make sure the sarcasm is noted.ツ

This was Kerr simply messing around, but it was also a subtle dig at a small controversy endured by the Cleveland Cavaliers last week, when Kevin Love said that he too would give Westbrook the nod ツ over his teammate, LeBron James.

This is what itツ痴 come to for these Warriors with the regular season drawing to a close. They are rolling opponents on a nightly basis, and appear to be capable of reaching a level that no other team in the West can match.

Evidently, until the playoffs begin, all thatツ痴 left are the jokes.


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19 hours ago

NBA Mark Cuban rips officials, NBA: 選t痴 criminal how Monta Ellis doesn稚 get calls

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

The Mavericks were blown out at the hands of the Spurs on Friday, and Monta Ellis, the teamツ痴 leading scorer, was seen leaving the arena on crutches after suffering an apparent leg injury.

That combination of events had Mark Cuban in a foul mood afterward, so much so that he lit into the gameツ痴 officials for the lack of foul calls Ellis receives, and also ripped the NBA for the way the league has responded to his series of complaints.

From Tim MacMahon of ESPN Dallas:

Cuban, who has calmly mentioned in the past that Ellis doesnツ稚 get as many calls as he should, said he was set off after seeing Spurs power forward Tim Duncan smack Ellis in the face without a foul being called.

ツ滴e got hit in the face, Duncan got his body lower, hand was down like this in the replay, and then [referee] Monty McCutchen says he was straight up and down,ツ Cuban said. ツ鉄ay you missed it, cool. Say youツ値l look at it, cool. Say you werenツ稚 sure, cool. Say it wasnツ稚 your call, cool. But when the second defender doesnツ稚 jump, it canツ稚 be up and down. When a drive starts at the top of the key and you go straight down, itツ痴 not lower box, it canツ稚 be up and down unless you jump. Thatツ痴 crazy, and it happens three times a game for Monta, every game. Itツ痴 ridiculous.ツ ツ

ツ的ツ知 not allowed to say how many and what, but we literally have a play list of all the calls of Monta getting smacked and no call,ツ Cuban said. ツ的tツ痴 crazy. Itツ痴 crazy. Itツ痴 always the same: ツ前h, itツ痴 incidental,ツ or ツ選tツ痴 not this, itツ痴 not that.ツ We tried. We tried to play the game.ツ

Cuban also took to Twitter to air his grievances.

It's criminal how Monta doesn't get calls Pushed.Hit in face.Hit on arm.Im tired of turning in calls.Fans need to post video to wake NBA up.

ツ Mark Cuban (@mcuban) March 28, 2015

Cuban has been vocal on this topic in the past, and has been fined more than once by previous commissioner David Stern for his public criticism of officials.

These comments may earn him his first fine from Adam Silver, but aside from that (or the league admitting incorrect calls after the fact), thereツ痴 not much else thatツ痴 likely to come from Cubanツ痴 latest round of remarks.


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19 hours ago

NBA Video | Timofey Mozgov Stars in Amazing Brew Garden Ads

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

that P print on shorty tho

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19 hours ago

BOX Ludacris confirms sparring session with Mayweather & Judah

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| By RichYung757 - 19 hours ago


Ludacris stops by at the breakfast club and claims he witness judas and mayweather sparring 3 rounds

27:15 mark

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19 hours ago

MMA WSOF 19: Gaethje vs. Palomino (Thiago Silva vs. Matt Hamill co-main event)

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| By Gramz - 19 hours ago

Main card
Justin Gaethje vs. Luis Palomino 155 lbs
Thiago Silva vs. Matt Hamill 205 lbs
Jake Heun vs. Teddy Holder 205 lbs
Ed West vs. Timur Valiev 135 lbs

Gaethje is the best LW not signed to the UFC right now. He beat Guillard in exciting fashion last time and now faces another game opponent in Palomino. Gaethje should win but Palomino is aggressive so it should be a fun fight.

You never what you're going to get out of Thiago Silva, he has looked an absolute killer at times and then had boring fights like the one with Vera. This is a rematch where Silva won the first match easily.

Teddy Holder is an aggressive fighter and Heun is a quality opponent out of American Top Team.

Valiev is a prospect out of Camp Jackson. This fight is very much designed to showcase him.

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19 hours ago

NBA Byron Scott: Players Expressed Interest In Coming To Lakers During Games

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| By T.O.N.Y. - 19 hours ago

The Los Angeles Lakers will be one of the major players this summer as they will be armed with multiple draft picks and significant amount of cap room. Getting players to sign in Los Angeles was a struggle last summer leading many to wonder if the Lakers will experience something similar this year.

ツ Think You Know Everything About Kobe Bryant? Take The Ultimate Kobe Quiz! ツ

If Byron Scott is to be believed, however, there have been a number of players who have expressed interest in joining the Lakers next season during games this year via Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News:

You have a lot of free agents out there who would love to play for us. Theyツ致e been making it pretty clear,ツ Scott said. ツ添ou have guys during the games come by the bench saying, ツ践ey Coach, I would love to be in L.A. next year.ツ That makes you feel good there are players out there that want to be here.

Whether or not these players are the big names the Lakers are rumored to be going after remains to be seen, but the fact that players are still interested in the Lakers has to be encouraging. It could make for a quick rebuild, something Scott believes the Lakers have the capability of pulling off this off-season:

The turnaround can be just as quickly here as it was in New Jersey,ツ Scott said. ツ釘ut obviously you have to hit a home run in the free agent market and with your draft pick. We have the capability of doing that.ツ

After Scottツ痴 first season in New Jersey, the team acquired Jason Kidd who would help the team double their win total, from 26 to 52, and make consecutive NBA Finals appearances. The chances of the Lakers doing something like that are far less likely, but major improvement is not out of the question.

With the Lakers owning as many as four draft picks in addition to ample cap space, next yearツ痴 version of the team could look much different. Hopefully Scott can experience his second quick rebuild and the Lakers can return to contender status.

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