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NBA Carmelo’s Stats Based On His After Game Hats

By The Boat - 21 hours ago

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NBA Kevin Durant has mild right ankle sprain

By Funeral Barb - 21 hours ago

Kevin Durant suffered an apparent foot or ankle injury at the end of the second quarter on Thursday and did not start the second half.
It's to the same foot that cost him time to start the year, so this is certainly going to make all of us hold our breath. Durant was remarkably durable before this injury, but there have been about 25 percent of foot fracture patients having a recurring issue.

KD was on fire:
30pts with only 13 shots

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NBA Rajon Rondo on the trade.

By Eazy123 - 21 hours ago

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NBA Rondo era is over in Boston. RT @SportsCenter Celtics agree to send Rondo to Dallas

By weeknd44 - 21 hours ago

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NFL Report: Mike Vick Says Playing for Redskins Would Be "Dream Come True"

By italiansteve - 21 hours ago

At 34 years old, Jets quarterback Michael Vick believes he can still be a face of a franchise.

His one-year, $5 million deal expires in the offseason, and the chance New York's front office feels the same way about Vick and his capabilities is unlikely, which could leave the Virginia native back on the free agent market and searching for his fourth team since joining the league in 2001.

Vick's next home, however, would preferably be in the place where he grew up if the opportunity presented itself — telling Newsday that landing with the Redskins would be his most coveted destination.

"That's home,'' he said. "That's home for me. Don't get me excited. Don't get me excited.''
Vick later continued, saying he'd be open to playing for any organization, but the thought of returning to the area he played football during his high school and collegiate days entices him more than others.


"I'm open to playing for anybody that wants to win,'' Vick said. "But obviously, going back home, I mean, that'll be a dream come true. But I would hate to get my hopes up for something that wouldn't happen. So I can't even think about it right now."
It's never certain to say something would not happen with the controversy at the quarterback position for the Redskins this season, as it's been a week-to-week instance. Quarterback Robert Griffin III has yet to start and finish a game with a victory since November 3, 2013, while backup Kirk Cousins has thrown nine picks in five starts and Colt McCoy will finish the season on IR.

Vick hasn't been far off from the Redskins' quarterbacks in terms of performance this season, but he does believe his connection on the field with former teammate DeSean Jackson is different than any other quarterback in the league.

"I know his speed, I know his acceleration path, I know when he's coming out of his breaks," Vick said. "There's nobody that knows DeSean Jackson better than me."
If Vick finds his way to the nation's capital next season, becoming the future of the Redskins franchise obviously isn't a foreseen circumstance by any margin. Yet, he remains hopeful that day will still come.

"I can be the face of any franchise,'' he said. "Hopefully, there will be an opportunity for me in 2015. And that's what I'm looking forward to.''

@Cya Nerd
@13th East

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NBA Kyrie Irving putting in work after a loss as LeBron watches

By Kliq - 21 hours ago


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NCAAF Boy sends $1 allowance to help save UAB football

By phantomnation - 21 hours ago

DUBLIN, Ohio (AP) -- A 5-year-old Ohio boy hoping to save the scuttled football program at the University of Alabama at Birmingham thought more cash might be the solution, so he sent his entire allowance - a $1 bill - with a handwritten note of support.

"I love Ohio State, but I think you should have football too. Here is one dollar to help!" Bennett Williams of suburban Dublin, Ohio, wrote in the note to UAB.

He had decided he liked UAB after seeing its dragon logo and hoped to go to a game, but was very disappointed to learn the school is eliminating football to cut costs, his parents told The Columbus Dispatch ( ). When the boy asked if contributing his allowance might help, his parents responded with optimism rather than rubbing in the financial realities of a football program that costs tens of millions of dollars.

"We said, `Sure. We can try," said his mother, Amanda Williams. "It's hard as parents to tell your child that it's not possible."

She hoped it would be a comforting gesture for people connected to UAB's football program. And it was.

Assistant athletic director Reid Adair told the family that Bennett's kindness touched the beleaguered athletics staff, which is framing the letter and the dollar.

The Blazers sent back a football and other gear for Bennett, but it was the accompanying letter that caught his attention, his mother said.

"In the letter, they told him he was their No. 1 fan," she said. "And he was most excited about that."

Source: AP

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NBA Corey's Rant Lebron James/Cleveland Edition

By playa_fly - 21 hours ago

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MLB In 48 Hours, Padres acquired Kemp/Upton/Myers/Norris/Middlebrooks

By FalconBuddha - 21 hours ago

Padres GM Preller's actions should put others' inaction to shame

not going to name names, but other general managers, other ownerships, should be embarrassed.
If A.J. Preller can perform this kind of extreme makeover on the Padres, a previously inert, low-revenue club, why can't everyone else do the same?
Granted, I have no idea how good the Padres will be after adding Matt Kemp, Wil Myers, Justin Upton, Willie Mays, Hank Aaron . . . oops, sorry, got carried away.
History tells us that winning the offseason is one thing and winning during the actual season is another. The Padres are still flawed -- their lineup is overly right-handed, their outfield defense looks shaky and their infield is full of questions.
OK, fine, whatever.
Are the Padres better today than they were a week ago, before the acquisitions of the three outfielders, the trades for catcher Derek Norris and third baseman Will Middlebrooks and the additions of two bounce-back candidates, free-agent right-handers Brandon Morrow and Josh Johnson?
Of course they are.
Are they more compelling? Better box office? A more intriguing television product?


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Give new ownership credit -- the Pads' Opening Day payroll last season was a club-record $90 million, and now projects to zoom beyond $100 million. But this is more about creativity than money, and Preller is not done yet. The Pads' roster still includes plenty of excess in the outfield -- Seth Smith, Carlos Quentin, Cameron Maybin, Wil Venable, etc.
The best part of Preller's reconstruction is that he has accomplished it without trading any of his established starting pitchers. He also has retained a number of the Padres' top prospects -- right-hander Matt Wisler, catcher Austin Hedges, outfielder Hunter Renfroe.
Surely, Padres fans cannot believe what they are seeing. Neither can many others in baseball. Preller is acting so quickly, it's difficult for many of us mortals to follow along.
The Padres entered the offseason with a looming surplus at catcher. Preller actually created a new form of surplus, trading Yasmani Grandal and Rene Rivera and acquiring Norris, Ryan Hanigan and Tim Federowicz. Then, just like that, he flipped Hanigan for Will Middlebrooks in a deal that is close to completion, as first reported by Yahoo Sports.
Now, he must finish off the outfield.
Smith is easily the most attractive trade candidate of the holdovers; the Mariners, in particular, are known to be interested in him. But frankly, the Padres would be wise to hold onto Smith, whose left-handed bat would help balance their lineup.
An outfield of Upton in left, Myers in center and Kemp in right is the most obvious possibility; Myers played 100 games in center in the minors. Another option would be to use Myers at first, where he played two games for the Rays last season.
Preller, to be sure, has this all figured out. He's one, two, three steps ahead, the way Billy Beane and Andrew Friedman are when they are at their best. Other GMs, other ownerships, need to heed the call and take note of the unspoken message from San Diego:
No more excuses. Get it done.
Got to say, as someone thats lived in San Diego for over 25 years now, its insane to see whats going on with the padres. For years, we've basically been the farm system for teams like the yankees and red soxs, get good players, bring up through the system and then trade them for prospects when they get good and repeat the process while trying to keeping the payroll in the bottom third of the league, but now with a new GM, we are finally building a team to win NOW! Adding those guys and still keeping most of our top prospect is so refreshing to see. Hopefully this translates into wins and a playoff birth for this team, which is something we havent seen in san diego in almost a decade!

Thank you AJ Preller and the new ownership!

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NFL Rex Ryan to the Falcons?

By Bkjj11 - 21 hours ago

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