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NBA They're Avoiding The Steph Wave Like The Plague
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Image(s) inside Nicki Minaj out here looking crazy
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NBA Brandon Ingram's Laker Workout
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Article inside Tyga Posted A Pic Of Kylie Jenner On A Bed And Then Deleted It

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11 hours ago

Video inside Taking a Bath in 1500 Gallon Coca-Cola Filled Swimming Pool

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| By Flex Luger - 11 hours ago

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12 hours ago

Image inside 1,000-foot-high glass dipping or diving?

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| By jae dub 336 - 12 hours ago

"LOS ANGELES (AP) — I’ve jumped out of a plane from 13,000 feet. I’ve ridden 400-foot-tall roller coasters that top speeds of 100 mph, and I once found myself using my fingernails to clutch the side of a rock face way too steep to climb without gear.

Heights have never fazed me. Until the Skyslide, a terrifying glass tube on the outside of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles...

The Skyslide opens to the public for the first time on Saturday. It spans 45 feet from the 70th to the 69th floor of the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The slide is part of a $50 million renovation that includes an open-air observation desk and a bar.

Tickets to reach the deck are $25. It costs $8 more to ride the slide." AP Reporter

Link: visit this link .. 212405989.html

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13 hours ago

Image inside People Who Deeply Regret Shopping Online

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| By mr_underground - 13 hours ago

3 Years Ago I Unknowingly Bought A 2 Person Child's Tent Thinking It Was Adult Sized...And I Still Took It To The Festival

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14 hours ago

Image inside Not what Obama meant when he told JR Smith to put on a shirt

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| By Red Beard - 14 hours ago

JR out here living it up for days.

Obama tells him to put a shirt on.

Then this.

TAG a friend & DOUBLE TAP if you'd buy 😂😂 #JRsShirt

A photo posted by Fresh Brewed Tees (@freshbrewedtees) on

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14 hours ago

Video inside Murder suspect tries to snatch cops gun inside interview room

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| By LordBlanco - 14 hours ago

CINCINNATI, OH -A man arrested on a murder charge Tuesday tried to grab a Cincinnati Police officer’s gun from its holster while being processed at the Criminal Investigation Section.

Thomas Robinson, 23, is accused of shooting 17-year-old Joseph Reno Armstrong Jr. on June 17.

In surveillance footage from inside an interview room, an officer is working to change Robinson’s handcuffs when the suspect glances at the gun then makes his move, briefly getting his hands on the weapon.

As officers work to restrain him, you can hear Robinson yell “Kill Me” six times during the battle for the gun.

The officer is able to keep both hands on his holster as two other cops come in to help. The fight for the weapon lasted about 13 seconds before police forced Robinson to the ground with a stun gun.

It took less than one second for Robinson to get his hand from a resting position and onto the officer’s sidearm. Then it takes about one second for that officer react and get both hands on his weapon.

legal analyst Mike Allen said Robinson will be facing at least an assault to a police officer charge. Allen said that because you can see Robinson go for the gun, a prosecutor could possibly charge Robinson with attempted murder.

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14 hours ago

Video inside boxden members dog eats magic mushrooms and stares off into space

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| By mjcry - 14 hours ago

visit this link .. stares-8273309

Eight-month-old Roxy was playing at a ranch when she gobbled a batch of wild shrooms she found in a cow pat

Magic mushrooms are one of the most psychoactive, mind altering substances on the planet - a fact which this dog found out the hard way.

The dog, named Roxy, was running around a ranch playing when she came across a patch of wild shrooms in cow pat.

In the video, the canine, whose eyes appear extremely dilated, stumbles several times having appeared to have lost all co-ordination.

The owner of the eight-month-old Border collie said he rushed her to the vet shortly after filming the video to get to the bottom of her odd behaviour.

Roxy found the wild shrooms in a cow pat

Vets revealed that the dog had indeed consumed a batch of so-called magic mushrooms and was experiencing the side effects, which can include disorientation, sickness, and a warped sense of time and movement.

Her owner claims the dog appeared to be "enjoying the experience", adding that the vet explained many dogs actually go looking for the intoxicating fungus.

Thankfully, Roxy had no medical problems and was back to playing as normal once the high wore off.

Roxy suffered no medical problems when the effect of the fungus wore off

The one minute 45 second long video was posted to YouTube by I Bmac in February 2014 and has more than 132,000 views.

According to Frank , magic mushrooms a slang word for psilocybe semilanceata or ‘liberty cap’ mushrooms and any other mushroom which produces similar ’trippy’ effects, like hallucinations.

Similar to humans, dogs can ingest some forms of mushrooms without falling ill, but owners are advised to be vigilant to ensure the strain is not poisonous.

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15 hours ago

Trevor Noah interview with Hot97 Ebro in the Morning

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| By driveslowhomie - 15 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Video inside Youtube try to 'celebrate identity' and fail

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| By A.Dot789 - 18 hours ago

221,721 dislikes and counting

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18 hours ago

Video inside Meet the Arcaboard, a hoverboard that actually hovers AND works on most surfaces :pacwhoa:

3 people viewing this

| By mystic1997 - 18 hours ago

We've all seen those "hoverboards" that are nothing more than a Segway without the handle and sure the Hendo hover board exists, but you have to be over a certain surface for it to work
Well feast your eyes on the Arcaboard. It hovers off the ground AND can be used on pretty much any surface as it uses fans to propel you in the air
When they make the battery last longer than 6 minutes make it go at least 20MPH, and under 5K and I'll cop @CALViiiN @mjcry

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18 hours ago

Video inside People Fainting On Live TV

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| By DonnieRamadan - 18 hours ago

1:50 The whole time I'm like "Please, just faint on her titties."

3:00 So you really gonna kick the lil nigga to the side so you can sing "America The Beautiful"?

3:40 Lastly, the classic. Life came at that nigga fast. Dude heard 2 years and hit the floor faster than a $5 ho.
I understand it's not summer camp and someone who isn't built for that to react a certain way, but to faint!?
Sh*t, I know niggas with Marcellus Wiley and Wilt Chamberlain #'s, were these niggas passing out like they were at Sunday's service? You know what, probably. Do you know how long 100 years is?

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18 hours ago

Video inside When you catch a thief stealing out your car

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| By Ms_Krizzi_86 - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Video inside 7 Real-Life CRAZY SUPER VILLIANS

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| By kej718 - 18 hours ago

From general buttnaked to Atill's mean big brother to a few more....scary....characters these are 7 Real-Life Super Villians.

Joshua Milton Blahyi was a military commander notorious for the horrific atrocities he inflicted on Liberia during their civil war in the early 90's, and his story has everything you'd ever want from a super-villain's narrative arc.

Dr Basson ran Apartheid South Africa's Chemical and Biological Warfare program during the 1980s, and this basically involved nothing more than thinking up creative ways to kill black people. During his time working for the South African Government Basson developed weaponised ecstasy, grenades spiked with hallucinogens and sedatives, and a toxic substance designed to cause infertility or death in the country's black population.

Remember a few years back when Kony 2012 got 100 million views and everyone made those inspiring Facebook posts about how we should unite to defeat him? Well that right there is an example of how evil super-villains don't give a rat's ass about how many likes your social media rant gets, because Joseph Kony is still alive and continues to wreak havoc across Africa.

Attila the Hun is one of history's most brutal warlords, leading his army of savage barbarians to countless victories over the Roman Empire, but for more than half of Attila's reign he shared power with his big brother Bleda, and of the two of them Bleda was clearly the one with the super-villain tendencies.

Kickass name, check. Lots of murders, check. Weird reason for killing people, definite check. Elizabeth Bathory was a Hungarian Countess born into a noble family, so you'd think there's absolutely nothing she could ever want for. But unfortunately for her victims Ms Bathory was obsessed with one thing, her youth, and in order to preserve it Elizabeth tortured and killed scores of young girls in order to bathe in their blood and consume it along with some of their body parts…and you thought your skin care routine was complicated.

Pol Pot was a Cambodian revolutionary leader who led the Khmer Rouge group to power in Kampuchea and later Cambodia between 1963 and 1997. During this time Pot systematically destroyed his own country and murdered nearly a quarter of his own people through starvation, overwork, and simply burying his enemies alive as a way of saving bullets, after making them dig their own graves.

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18 hours ago

Video inside The Ghost Of Makaveli Speaking Through A "Spirit Box"

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| By Final Boss - 18 hours ago

wtf that sh*t actually sound like him?

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18 hours ago

Video inside man reacts to 40 year sentence by throwing feces and piss in courtroom

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| By trill jackson - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Video inside Charlie Barnett (RIP) Def Comedy Jam 😂😂😂😂

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| By tokinjohn - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Image inside ART: Piet Parra

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| By BBhiphop - 18 hours ago

One of my favorite artists is Dutch designer and illustrator Piet Parra. With a very recognizable and seemingly simple style, his art took the world of merchandise by storm. His signature red, white & blue style might be familiar to you. Parra is well-known for his contributions to clothing brand Rockwell, as well as having his stamp on several of the most desirable sneakers in the world. Besides that he worked with, well, pretty much any other brand. I personally love his sculptures as well. Check out some of his work below and make sure to visit, where you can buy a ton of products.

visit this link ART: Piet Parra | CultureLeak

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18 hours ago

Image inside I want pictures of spider man on my desk by noon!!!!!

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| By talisman11 - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Video inside The Forgotten REAL LIFE Simpson's House

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| By Flex Luger - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

Image inside BX, What Was Your First Car Back In High School...?

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| By Avon_Barksdale - 18 hours ago

I know some of you rich niggaz probably had some nice ass cars but I didnt

I had an old ass 98 Honda Civic just like this one. I used to love my car too. I used to leave school and fu*k hoes when ever i wanted and get whenever i wanted..

Me and my boys had easy access to a plethora of hoes, until them niggaz stopped giving me "snaps on the petrol"

I had that car way after i graduated because that MF'ka had no problems. All I did was keep the oil changed and the timing belt when needed to be replaced.

i finally sold it so some Dad to give his son on Craigslist for $2800 with 172,XXX miles on it. When i finally signed over the title i walked away like because of so many memories in that car but in my mind i was like

What was your first car back in high school BX?

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18 hours ago

Video inside What happened before human History

2 people viewing this

| By GranitDee - 18 hours ago

science is always wild sh*t

this is particularly my favorite video of their's

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