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Video inside "This is Hip Hop"

By halfadash - 6 hours ago

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Video inside Brules Rules

By Kwestluv91 - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Brazilian man found alive in body bag in morgue

By Sniggit - 6 hours ago


Brazilian man found alive in body bag in morgue


Valdelucio Goncalves, 54, gives two thumbs up from his hospital bed in Salvador, Brazil after wrongly declared dead and stuffed inside of a body bag. He woke up hours later in the morgue

As the man approached the body of his brother lying in a morgue in Salvador, Brazil, he noticed that the body inside was squirming.

Walter Goncalves realised that his brother, Valdelucio, had not died at the age of 54 but in fact had a few more years left in him.

Doctors at the Menandro de Farias General Hospital had thought Valdelucio Goncalves had died following respiratory failure and multiple organ failure. Yet two hours later he was found alive in a body bag by his brother.

After the brother alerted the morgue, Goncalves was taken back to the hospital for treatment and was then photographed alive, both thumbs up.

The hospital in Salvador has now opened an investigation into the incident.

Goncalves' niece, Patricia, told Correio 24 Horas: Ā“The bag was closed and moving. Up and down as if he was breathing. Then he (the brother) called everyone to see what was happening. He was with the feet tied and with cotton in the nose and ears."


This is not the first time someone has been presumed deceased mistakenly.

Earlier this year, workers at a US funeral home were shocked after a body they were preparing to embalm suddenly woke up kicking. Despite being examined by the Mississippi county coroner, 78-year-old Walter Williams came back to life hours after he had been officially pronounced dead.

Unfortunately, Williams really did pass away two weeks later.


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Video inside This cat balancing a frog on its head has located its inner zen

By Sniggit - 6 hours ago


This cat balancing a frog on its head has located its inner zen


'Best animal on the internet' is a hotly-contested category in my non-existant award ceremony.

For a while it looked like the French bulldog struggling to retrieve its tennis ball from a sofa might take home the prize, and there was a late challenge from DMX llama, but no, this guy is definitely deserving of the accolade.

Look how little he cares about having a potentially delicious, bite-size frog perched atop its head, wearing an expression that suggests he is simultaneously contemplating waterfalls, nothingness and complex, astral matters.

The video is 55 seconds long but it looks as though the balancing act may have gone on for days, and comes from a Japanese blog with no explanation.

He just is.

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Video inside A Galactic Collision: the Best View Yet [VIDEO]

By Sniggit - 6 hours ago

A Galactic Collision: the Best View Yet


An international team of astronomers has managed to obtain the best images of a collision between two galaxies ever seen. Light from the collision has taken a significant amount of time to reach Earth, and what we're seeing is an inter-galactic clash that took place when the Universe was half its current age. (Photo : NASA/ESA/ESO/W. M. Keck Observatory)

An international team of astronomers has managed to obtain the best images of a collision between two galaxies ever seen. Light from the collision has taken a significant amount of time to reach Earth, and what we're seeing is an inter-galactic clash that took place when the Universe was half its current age.

According to a team of researchers watching this ancient battle of the galaxies unfold, they were able to see it in remarkable clarity thanks not only to NASA and ESA's Hubble Space Telescope, but also to a host of other ground and space telescopes, and a massive natural magnifying glass.


"While astronomers are often limited by the power of their telescopes, in some cases our ability to see detail is hugely boosted by natural lenses, created by the Universe," lead researcher Hugo Messias said in a recent statement. "Einstein predicted in his theory of general relativity that, given enough mass, light does not travel in a straight line but will be bent in a similar way to light refracted by a normal lens."
Messias, who hails from the Universidad de ConcepciĆ³n and the Centro de Astronomia e AstrofĆ­sica da Universidade de Lisboa, authored a study on this remarkable viewing strategy that was recently published in the journal Astronomy & Astrophysics.

According to the work of Messias and his colleagues, cosmic "magnifying lenses" are created by an effect aptly called gravitational lensing, where the strong gravities of galaxies and galaxy clusters deflect light from object behind them with incredibly strong gravitational forces alone.

Galaxies collide in deep space

[Credit: ESA/Hubble & ESO/M. Kornmesser]


However, it takes a bit of luck to come across these chance lenses.


"These chance alignments are quite rare and tend to be hard to identify," Messias said, "but, recent studies have shown that by observing at far-infrared and millimetre wavelengths we can find these cases much more efficiently."
Still, when combined with the power of the Hubble and multiple other ground and orbital observatories, a natural magnifying glass can provide a unique view of the Universe. In this most recent case, astronomers were able to see the remarkable event of colliding galaxies.


"We have been able to locate this very fortunate alignment, take advantage of the foreground galaxy's lensing effects and characterize the properties of this distant merger," Messias added. "It is very much a testament to the power of telescope teamwork."

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Video inside Brazilian Town Run by Women Is Looking for a Few Good Single Men

By blafy - 6 hours ago

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Image inside Feds on the phones so my hood back to these....

By nutz in ur mouf - 6 hours ago


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Image inside Facebook Forcing Users To Use Their Full Government Name?

By Carlton Black - 6 hours ago


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Article inside Restaurant Employee Yells "I'll Spit In Your Food"

By Chedda - 6 hours ago

Here's something you never want to hear from a fast food restaurant worker: "I’ll spit on your food."

That's what a worker at a Whataburger in Shreveport told a customer during an argument. It happened early Saturday morning at the Whataburger on East Bert Kouns.

Part of the argument, which was caught on cell phone video, was posted on Facebook.
The customer that recorded the argument posted what happened before he started recording:

“Whataburger on Bert Kouns gave a guys order to another customer who opened the burger with his hands and said this isn't mine the girl then gave the same burger to the right customer who then asked for a fresh untouched burger, the guy on the back took the same burger and just put it in another bag. The customer said "I saw that so just give me my money back". Then the manager went 2 the guys in the back and told them "the customer saw you so just go to the back and switch it out without him seeing". That's when the customer got irritated and told the guys in the back that he saw them and that's when they started threatening him. That's when I started video taping.”

The video included both the employees and the customer threatening one another:

Customer: "Hey homeboy, let's go!"

Employee: "Get your big (expletive) up out of here."

The video ended with the employee threatening to spit in his food on his next visit.

Customer: "I feel played about my (expletive) food!”

Employee: “You'll never eat at a Whataburger again! I'll spit on your food!"

As a frequent customer, Randy Hughens shares his reaction to the video.
"Well, having seen just that part of the video that wasn't from the beginning of the situation, yea, you hate to see somebody lose their job, because they slipped up and said something," says Hughens.

Contrary to what's displayed in the video, Hughens says his experiences at this this particular Whataburger are different.

"That's why I pass so many places to get here,” says Hughens. “It's not just the food's better, but the people are really friendly."

Whataburger Director of Operations Robert Ortner gave this statement on the argument:

"Whataburger strives to create a great experience for our customers, and we are shocked and embarrassed by this incident, especially the behavior of the employees involved. We train our employees to handle a variety of situations with respect and courtesy to our guests, and clearly that training was not utilized here. Based on the actions shown in this video, and our internal investigation, the employees involved have been let go."



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Image inside I didn't know Troy Ave had a sister

By daddy31+2 - 6 hours ago

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more wild ish

Video inside Sydney Ocean Glows in Neon Blue Colour + 25 Must See Natural Phenomenom
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Video inside Mystery of California's 'Wandering Stones' solved
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Brazilian Town Inhabited Almost Entirely By Women Between Ages 20-25, Looking For Single Men
By WizDoM - 6 hours ago - 2 comments

Image inside Advanced aging imaging technology shows what Blu Ivy will look like in 15 years
By GBREEZE - 6 hours ago - 15 comments

Video inside Paul harvey 1965 predicts america today
By DavidAames729 - 6 hours ago - 4 comments

Video inside _____ Man Taken to Jail for Sitting in Public Area
By LilEscobar - 6 hours ago - 13 comments

Image inside Fearless elephant calf is picked up and headbutted by angry buffalo, in pictures
By Sniggit - 6 hours ago - 14 comments

Video inside Little Boy Goes Off On His Mom For Getting Pregnant
By blackx - 6 hours ago - 26 comments

Image inside Zombie Ants Controlled by Fungus Manipulating Brains
By Sniggit - 6 hours ago - 11 comments

Image inside Government Researchers Think We May Be Living in a 2D Hologram
By Shadiah - 24 hours ago - 61 comments

Video inside Trapped Under The Bed
By Playajay38 - 1 day ago - 2 comments

Image inside You can become a tree after you die
By Spid3yo - 1 day ago - 43 comments

Image inside My Summer Sk8 Bowl Project
By Sk8bamboo - 1 day ago - 14 comments

Image inside Michael Brown's father grieving at funeral
By acclaimedknives - 1 day ago - 48 comments

Video inside Incredible video footage shows Israel's Iron Dome missile defence system shoot 15 rockets at once
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 18 comments

Image inside Ten Of The Deadliest Human Stampedes.....
By BasedonMars - 1 day ago - 5 comments

Image inside LAURA JENKINSON paints her mouth as famous cartoon characters
By blafy - 1 day ago - 30 comments

Video inside 'Up close and personal' Combat Footage gives first-hand account of fighting in eastern Ukraine
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 0 comments

Video inside Whenever You Feel Bad About Our World Watch This Video
By !!! - 1 day ago - 12 comments

Video inside Class is for men and Swag is for boys
By MusicVideos - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Image inside Unknown orange/red glow over Pacific Ocean
By Shadiah - 1 day ago - 33 comments

Image inside Girls Failing And Looking Good Doin It.....(Gifs)
By BasedonMars - 1 day ago - 25 comments

Image inside Face-plant...
By KlipKlap - 1 day ago - 6 comments

Video inside Floyd responds to 50s ALS/ELS challenge
By ItAlY2BkLyN - 1 day ago - 34 comments

Video inside Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue
By MGz - 1 day ago - 22 comments

Video inside Dumbass Does Ice Bucket Challenge On Top A Horse
By Chedda - 1 day ago - 0 comments

Video inside Guile Theme goes with Everything
By TheProtege9020 - 1 day ago - 13 comments

Image inside All My Hard Work Is Paying Off!
By Ham Rove - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Image inside ______ people sh-t: level expert
By Young_ - 1 day ago - 19 comments

Video inside Dramatic Footage Shows Commuters Free School Girl Trapped Under Tram
By Sniggit - 1 day ago - 0 comments

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