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Video inside Olympic Sprinter Josh Mance Asks Out Porn Star Skin Diamond

By Turk3 - 12 hours ago

Video inside

Seriously? Of all the people?

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Video inside Rewind: I'd go to jail if this was my kid

By kurtd225 - 12 hours ago

Video inside
fu*king seed of the devil

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Image inside Your girlfriend or your barber

By blafy - 12 hours ago

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Image inside Dna test pending

By blafy - 12 hours ago

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Video inside Gay Military Bomb weapon

By Jetblack - 12 hours ago

Video inside YouTube (new url)


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Image inside I love canada = @nal

By blafy - 12 hours ago

^^^ oh some anal lesbian smex

3 some anal smex

oh college girl lesbian smex

some lonely anal smex

gay dudes

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Image inside DJ Carnage Attempts First Career Stage Dive; Kills 3 People? real or fake?

By Cezaroh - 12 hours ago


Guatemalan DJ, Carnage, reportedly undertook his first ever stage dive in Ibiza last weekend and the incident has sadly resulted in the deaths of at least three people. The heavy set EDM DJ appeared to tweet his intention to leap from the stage into the waiting crowd moments before he did just that and ultimately flattened the unsuspecting clubbers.

Reports from witnesses suggested that while some musicians were born to connect with their crowd on a personal level via the infamous “stage dive”, “heart hands” or by simply playing the music that they’re handsomely paid to play, others – namely Carnage are not so much.

“I’m going to do something I’ve never done before,” Carnage told his audience. “Let’s get the strongest people in here to raise their hands, now.”

Sources said that upon hearing this everyone in attendance was expecting the dropÂ…of the beat, not to have the 300 plus pound man jump into the sea of people.

“It was a massacre,” an anonymous source told us. “It was literally carnage – on top of which was Carnage.”

“He got to the edge of the stage,” continued the source who it is believed will have to undergo serious psychiatric care lest they end up “medically demented”.

“He looked us in the eyes and screamed ‘Here we go!’ and leapt with the graceful majesty of a large walrus falling off a ladder and crumpled heavily onto the terrified people below,” continued the source. “Nobody even had time to run. I was lucky to be in the back, but the screams of shock and pain even drowned out the music.”

Witnesses claim that security had to use a reinforced forklift to lift Carnage up off the bodies of the people who were described as “smeared red stains” that were only identified by their kandi bracelets and glowsticks – a sight which they claim was as graphic as the last “Saw” instalment, except with more wife beaters and bottles of Cristal.

The names of the deceased have not been released out to respect for the families but it is believed that by the fact that they were attending an EDM show they are either American or under the age of eighteen.

DJ Carnage has so far declined to comment on the incident.
It was only a only a matter of time

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Image inside Superman beats Batman

By blafy - 12 hours ago

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Video inside 25 Of The Most Disturbing Things You’ll Learn Today

By Supacat - 12 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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Image inside DEADPOOL AT COMIC CON 2014 (gifs)

By blafy - 12 hours ago

Video inside Video: This Looks Amazing: DeadPool Movie Leaked Test Footage!
^^^ this is everywhere now

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more wild ish

THE "If I got paid a dollar every time I saw this comment on BX I would be a millionaire" thread
By daddy31+2 - 12 hours ago - 108 comments

Video inside Florida Crip barks like a dog at judge
By Nyyankees2 - 12 hours ago - 5 comments

Video inside Rewind! Pastor Kerney Thomas Personal Prayer Package
By 2godflow - 12 hours ago - 6 comments

Video inside Walmart "Ice Cream" Sandwich Won't Melt!
By Supacat - 12 hours ago - 5 comments

Video inside Dolphin self m@$turbates with behe@ded fish
By tokinjohn - 12 hours ago - 2 comments

Image inside Female Job Interviews
By ameilius - 12 hours ago - 17 comments

Video inside Mitch caught a body bout a week agooooooo
By local celebrity - 12 hours ago - 4 comments

Image inside ALL these Mufu-kin Kids Nigga Pull Out Game weak af
By Muunsta - 12 hours ago - 132 comments

Video inside Man on 6 train starts drawing everybody on the train and gives out free drawings, nice!
By local celebrity - 12 hours ago - 53 comments

Image inside How smart are you? Intelligence Test
By blaznfor20 - 12 hours ago - 41 comments

Image inside Beyond Lucky: Man Wins $1 Million Lottery Twice In 3 Months
By beeasy50 - 12 hours ago - 22 comments

Video inside Bringing this back up..
By BumboklatMon - 12 hours ago - 1 comments

Image inside New Thot Store Coming To a Mall Near You..Bargain Prices
By GHova315 - 2 days ago - 17 comments

Video inside Dog Passes Out When Family Member Returns Home After Two Years
By Supacat - 2 days ago - 44 comments

Video inside GAME CHANGER: Ritot, the first projection watch
By Shadiah - 2 days ago - 6 comments

Video inside 'Situation' reality star sentenced to anger management
By Nyyankees2 - 2 days ago - 15 comments

Article inside Doctors Shocked! Man With Female Reproductive Organs
By Chedda - 2 days ago - 16 comments

Video inside Giant Moth !!! In her room
By Stone850 - 2 days ago - 14 comments

Image inside DOPE!! First Look at Wonder Woman’s Invisible Jet from BATMAN VS. SUPERMAN
By tokinjohn - 2 days ago - 39 comments

Video inside One Leg Twerk
By loveitmane - 2 days ago - 12 comments

Video inside Picking Up Gold Digging Grandma's In A Lamborghini Prank
By JNumbaNC - 2 days ago - 13 comments

Video inside John Cena prank call
By DanBootleg - 2 days ago - 11 comments

Image inside meanwhile on ______ twitter
By ralph lauren - 2 days ago - 19 comments

Image inside When Your Friend And His Girl Invite You Out After A Breakup
By GHova315 - 2 days ago - 27 comments

How Big is the Universe?
By WizDoM - 2 days ago - 14 comments

Video inside Sperm Donation Made Easy
By TheHound - 2 days ago - 6 comments

Video inside VIDEO: Spiderman taken down by cops.
By Ladklap - 2 days ago - 3 comments

Video inside Superpower for Hire: Rise of the Private Military
By ItAlY2BkLyN - 2 days ago - 17 comments

Image inside Paper: Satan symbol on Boy's skin.
By Ladklap - 2 days ago - 68 comments

Image inside U lowkey look like Ludacris
By Muunsta - 2 days ago - 48 comments

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