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By blafy - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Steve Harvey Speechless After Hearing A Woman Signs Her Man's Penis To Be Sure He Remains Faithful!

By A.Dot789 - 10 hours ago

Video finishes at 5:13 and just repeats after

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Video inside Windmill Dunk In An Exhibition Game

By KushKaleem - 10 hours ago

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Image inside But You Didn't

By Jeff Roorda - 10 hours ago

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Video inside Kid Rides Giant Python

By messy marv stan - 10 hours ago


fu*k that

im afraid of snakes even when they are just on tv


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Image inside My BX Brethren's, How Many Hours A Day Do You Spend On Boxden?

By Avon_Barksdale - 10 hours ago

Im not on here as much as i used to be but, damn i give BX at least 5 hours out of a 24 hour day.

The shyt relaxes me and gets me by after a long ass day at work, my wife bi*chin' :ustank: and my son crying...:babyshocked: Shyt is like a internet "man-cave" to me BX...:sad3:

How much time do you spend on here BX?

s/o to @ronnie tho' i have tried other sites but, BX always draws me back in the crack to a reformed crackhead...:maysad: Thanks for the outlet @ronnie :hugitoutbro:

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Video inside Two kids smoking weed in front of there parents

By lifeofaYG - 10 hours ago

What would your parents do if you did this? :dog smug:

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Video inside Most Badass Reaction to a Scare Prank (uk)

By TheUzualSuSpect - 10 hours ago

The fook u doin?! :russhah:

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Video inside Female talks about her boyfriend dying of heart failure, with a smirk on her face?

By supervillain - 10 hours ago

fu*k everything else about her*ts foul..


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Image inside Hate it had to be him

By JamaicanDon92 - 1 day ago

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more wild ish

Video inside You ever seen a Spider dance with a Hornet?
By metatr0n - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Video inside New Smiley? Thanks, Pine Sol!
By atldre2000 - 1 day ago - 13 comments

Video inside World's first bilateral shoulder level amputee controlling two prosthetic arms at once
By blafy - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Image inside How much would you have to get paid to get on your knees and do this for a week straight?
By Jeff Roorda - 1 day ago - 36 comments

Video inside Watch what happens when this angry woman attempts to drive away with a boot locked to her bmw's tire
By Roo 50 - 1 day ago - 66 comments

Video inside The great Instagram Purge
By grydlok - 1 day ago - 6 comments

Video inside The Mysterious Floating Orb
By Witness101 - 1 day ago - 7 comments

Video inside Ghostly new fish discovered at record-breaking depths
By Vercetti - 1 day ago - 11 comments

Video inside These Amusement Park Rides Though, Oh Laurd! :ohnoes:
By Jeff Roorda - 1 day ago - 23 comments

Image inside Mind F*ck: Shake your head while you look at this image
By Jeff Roorda - 1 day ago - 40 comments

Video inside Why Grand Juries Don't Indict Cops When They Kill
By Tuff Gong - 1 day ago - 14 comments

Video inside Taylor Swift Serenades Little Boy, 7, With Leukemia During Surprise Visit
By NuffGanja - 2 days ago - 9 comments

Image inside When you on a abusive relationship....
By youngthugga1991 - 2 days ago - 17 comments

Image inside Man spends $200,000 on surgery to look like Kim Kardashian
By Ole-G - 2 days ago - 76 comments

Video inside Man fakes heart attack to steal Barbie car from Walmart
By lifeofaYG - 2 days ago - 7 comments

Take a look at this instagram...
By STR0MILE SWIFT - 2 days ago - 29 comments

Video inside just got my christmas katana present in the mail
By STR0MILE SWIFT - 2 days ago - 40 comments

Image inside OJ Simpson :ojhugitoutbro: :ojiseeyou3: Smilie?
By Avon_Barksdale - 2 days ago - 4 comments

Video inside Derby the Dog (Come catch these feels)
By lboog1423 - 2 days ago - 7 comments

Video inside Tortoise flips his friend over :wadepain:
By NuffGanja - 2 days ago - 29 comments

Image inside stars wars heads willl appreciate
By Damagegadget - 2 days ago - 17 comments

Video inside Feminist videotapes walmart theft
By STR0MILE SWIFT - 2 days ago - 46 comments

Image inside When Your Girl Break Up Wit You, But You Remember....
By BasedonMars - 2 days ago - 21 comments

Image inside The accuracy of this picture
By Shiva Hysteria - 2 days ago - 21 comments

Video inside Bill Tull's Budget Holiday Tips 2014 - CONAN
By Witness101 - 2 days ago - 0 comments

Image inside Instagram Followers Today
By KushKaleem - 2 days ago - 2 comments

Video inside When someone tries you, but they don't know
By JamaicanDon92 - 2 days ago - 6 comments

Video inside Fox News Reporter flips the bird live on tv
By lifeofaYG - 3 days ago - 1 comments

By sho 2010 - 3 days ago - 24 comments

Video inside Childhood in Gaza
By RaptorsWon - 3 days ago - 15 comments

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