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Video inside The Views review youve all been waiting for
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Image(s) inside Power 105.1's Angela Yee VS Hot 97's Laura Stylez
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Video inside May 2 - Woman filmed berating dad using ‘food stamps’--accusing him of ..
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Video inside Woman chases pervert out of Target- films the whole thing-dude runs for..

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10 hours ago

Video inside S i m p s o n w a v e

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| By Channel Zero - 10 hours ago

Bx take the time out of your day to check out one or all of these very
A e s t h e t i c music videos .

Real chill and trippy

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10 hours ago

Video inside Woman chases pervert out of Target- films the whole thing-dude runs for his life!

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| By WestieLion - 10 hours ago

A Florida woman turned the tables on man with a prior conviction for preying on women in public places, catching an alleged encounter on camera.

Candice Spivey says the man, whom police identified as Jeffery Polizzi, had approached her two years ago, asking her what she described as inappropriate questions. But Spivey recognized the man this time, quickly thinking to record a video on her phone as she chased the suspect out of a Target store.

“Do you remember running into me in the grocery store?” Spivey of Yulee, Florida, asks Polizzi in the video.

“Call the cops,” she shouts as the man begins to run away from her.

Spivey was shopping in the bikini section of her local Target April 26 when she says Polizzi approached her.

“You want to make sure it’s not too sheer or clear,” the man can be heard saying in the video.

She claims the same man harassed her two years ago inside a Publix supermarket abelowwas secretly filming their encounter.

But she said her reaction was different this time.

“I wanted an identification on who he was so I could put this out there,” Spivey said of her video.

Spivey posted the video to her Facebook page, where it now has a whopping 1.6 million views, with dozens of women saying Polizzi, 31, did the same thing to them.

Police eventually caught Polizzi, charging him with reckless driving after he allegedly fled the scene. It's unclear whether he has entered a plea or has a lawyer. Polizzi has not responded to ABC News’ request for comment.

It’s not the first time he has been accused of inappropriate retail encounters. Polizzi was previously convicted of “taking photographs of women in dressing rooms” in 2009, according to court documents.

Spivey says she has no regrets about her actions.

“If that is what you have to do to be safe and protect yourself, you do what you got to do,” she said.

The Nassau County Sheriff’s Office is asking anyone who has had suspicious encounters with Polizzi to come forward.

Shout out to @Aleandroid for posting up the unedited version. Props

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13 hours ago

Image inside Out of this world treats for you fat boys and girls

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| By mr_underground - 13 hours ago

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13 hours ago

Video inside Watermelon Eating 101 LMAOOOOOO!!!!

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| By Trilluminati GA - 13 hours ago

" the notion to put sum licker in it"

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16 hours ago

Image inside "Yeah... Nah. I'm good, I'll walk."

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| By crownedprince - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Image inside The struggle iz real

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| By randizle - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Video inside How bad do you want it bx?

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| By joeytits - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Image inside Plastic THOT helping Africa

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| By dangermouse - 16 hours ago


"Only hours after landing I knew that I needed no more time to make a permanent, life-long decision. One week later, I committed."
Barbie has ditched her riding gear, her ball gown and her ballerina costume and travelled to Africa to help the people there, while still managing to stay fashionable.

That is at least according to a much talked about Instagram account, Barbie Savior, which is charting her imaginary volunteer journey.
It starts with her saying farewell to her home in the US and wondering if the "sweet sweet orphans in the country of Africa" are going to love her the way she already loves them.

The satirical account encapsulates what some see as the white saviour complex, a modern version of Rudyard Kipling's White Man's Burden.
The 19th Century Kipling poem instructed colonialists to "Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease". Today, Barbie Savior says she is going to love the orphans "who lack such an amazing Instagram community".

Because of the history of slavery and colonialism, many people in Africa find such attitudes deeply patronising and offensive. Some argue that aid industry can be counter-productive, as it means African countries will continue to rely on outside help.


"Just taking a #slumfie amidst this dire poverty and need. Feeling so #blessed and #thankful that I have so much more than this
US-based Nigerian author Teju Cole described the complex in a 2012 essay as a belief that "a nobody from America or Europe can go to Africa and become a godlike saviour, or at the very least, have his or her emotional needs satisfied".

The two American women behind Barbie Savior said that through their 10 years combined experience of volunteering, studying and working abroad they began to question what they once thought was right and good.

"From orphanage tourism, to blatant racism in [the] treatment of local residents, to trafficking children in the name of adoption - the list of errors never ends," the two - who have chosen to remain anonymous - wrote in an email to the BBC.

They are not against all aid work and when asked about medical staff going to help the fight against Ebola, replied:
"We have seen short-term medical teams do amazing things, as well as act in inexcusable ways."
They say that aid workers should act in the same way they would back home.
"For example, nurses in America are not allowed to take Instagram photos of their patients and post emotionally captivating blurbs about how tragic their life is."

They note that in the US, and other Western countries "it was decided that a person's privacy is more valuable than the need of the caretaker to have an emotional outlet" and the same standards should apply in Africa.

"As a Westerner coming into a developing country, whether to live or visit, you must be aware of the privilege your skin colour affords you," they argued.
And they want people to "stop treating 'third world countries' as a playground for us to learn and gain real life experience from".

Kenyan writer and development consultant Ciku Kimeria says that "the development sector today is still chock-full of examples of benevolent and sometimes not-so-benevolent paternalistic attitudes from the West", and she draws a link with the colonial mindset.
She says that this can sometimes lead to people with an "average undergraduate education and a lack of development experience... getting to chair meetings of local experts with decades of experience".

She has come across some development workers who "are very uneasy with me and other Africans who don't fit into the mould of what they were told about African people.

"They do not know what to make of Africans who are better educated than them, more articulate than them, well-read, knowledgeable about the world and so on."
Ms Kimeria says aid work and volunteering can work as long as some basic points are observed.

Firstly, that people are aware that they are coming not to "save Africa" but to help out locals who are already doing the work.
Secondly, they need to acknowledge the privilege that they come with.
And thirdly, they need to know the real place they are visiting, not the place they imagined back home.


"Learning to dance like a native. May the movement of my hips be as intense as the belief I have in myself!"
Source: visit this link .. frica-36132482

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19 hours ago

Video inside UFO spotted over volcano in Yellowstone, could mean its set to erupt

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| By WestieLion - 19 hours ago

Following reported sighting of a “UFO” hovering over the Elk Refuge near Yellowstone, UFO bloggers have raised alarm, saying that an uptick in UFO activity near the Yellowstone Supervolcano at the National Park in Wyoming could mean that aliens are preparing for a major eruption of the volcano.
The alleged UFO appeared for a few minutes in footage uploaded to YouTube on Thursday, April 28, by Kat Martin2016. It appeared as light passing in front of a live cam at the Elk Refuge.
According to Kat Martin2016, she was looking at live cams in the area when she noticed the mysterious light passing over the Elk Refuge in the middle of night. The YouTuber speculated that the light might have been a reflection from the headlights of a vehicle nearby.
(note go to :50 second mark to see UFO)

“I was browsing some live cams and stopped in at the Elk refuge, and this happened in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of the night, at an Elk refuge near Yellowstone,” Kat Martin2016 writes. “It is probably a passing vehicle that caused the reflection.”

The YouTube user then dropped a hint about aliens knowing that members of the UFO community would take the message and run with it.

“I am sure some will think it is the handiwork of aliens and that the reflection is a tiny spaceship,” she writes in the video description.

And as expected, UFO Sightings Daily’s Scott Waring declared as soon as he saw the footage that the light was an alien UFO drone conducting surveillance flight over Yellowstone to monitor the volcano’s activity.

“OMG! I knew it! It took less than one day for this to be taken and posted on a UFO site…”

According to Waring, UFOs are commonplace on wildlife live cams so the latest sighting at Yellowstone National Park was not unusual. In Waring’s expert opinion, Kat Martin2016 was mistaken in her assumption that the mysterious object was just a light reflection.

“It’s the same concept as what we see as lightning at the top of a volcano that’s erupting, UFOs are quite often spotted around active volcanoes for that reason,” the blogger explains further.

Volcanoes are UFO hotspots, according to conspiracy theorists
Conspiracy theorists consider active volcanoes to be UFO hotspots [Image via Shutterstock]
However, other UFO hunters, including Waring, speculate that the alien UFOs seen flying over the volcano could belong to alien species that have an alien UFO base built beneath the supervolcano. The aliens were flying a drone over the volcano to monitor its activity for predictive purposes, according to alien hunters.
Volcanoes, especially active ones, are considered UFO hotspots and UFO conspiracy theorists believe aliens often build UFO bases beneath volcanoes because the interior of volcanoes are inaccessible to humans.

For instance, UFO hunters claim that major volcanoes, such as Popocatepetl and Colima in Mexico, have large underground UFO bases. It is also believed there is a major government-alien UFO base beneath the Old Faithful geyser at Yellowstone.

The Inquisitr reported recently that a conspiracy theory has emerged online about an impending Yellowstone false flag event. According to rumors making the rounds in the conspiracy theory blogosphere, there is a sinister plan to induce an eruption of the Yellowstone volcano. The rumor, which apparently originated on the conspiracy theory-leaning website, The Common Sense Show, claims that a group was conducting “fracking style” activity near the supervolanco ostensibly with the aim of inducing an eruption. Another group was reportedly conducting experiments using “electromagnetic interference” to induce an eruption.

Footage captured on April 18 by a videographer named Shawn that appeared to show a UFO crashing at a spot near the supervolcano sparked speculation that the crash was linked to the alleged plan to stage a Yellowstone false flag operation (see YouTube videos below).

The ongoing conspiracy theory hysteria over the Yellowstone Supervolcano started online after geologists, such as Roger Bilham at the University of Colorado, warned that recent series earthquakes and volcanic eruptions along the infamous Ring of Fire indicate that the world is going through a spike in seismic activity that raises concern about the risk of potentially catastrophic earthquakes and volcanic eruptions in the U.S. West Coast.

Footage uploaded online by Kart Martin2016 on April 15 showing a Yellowstone geyser bubbling with renewed life appeared to confirm fears

visit this link .. e-alarm-video/

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19 hours ago

Video inside I Laugh Every Time I See This

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| By JintsGang1987 - 19 hours ago

Same with this part

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19 hours ago

Video inside 14 year old girl slays Cher's song "Believe"

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| By ImAMonster - 19 hours ago

If she doesn't lose her voice when she gets older she'll be a star.

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19 hours ago

Video inside Top 15 Scariest Things caught on Surveillance Footage

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| By Peterparker - 19 hours ago

Don't make the same mistake I did and watch this right before you go to sleep.

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19 hours ago

Video inside Double Night Time Rainbow with Lightning

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| By S0uthernScience - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Image inside Magnificent Africa!!!

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| By talisman11 - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Video inside How many Iphones does it take to stop an AK47 bullet?

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| By Flex Luger - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Video inside Live 50 Caliber Round in a Microwave

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| By Flex Luger - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Image inside Welfare Witchcraft

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| By thetfd - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Video inside Dubai was Liiiiitttttttttttttttt!!!

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| By BOBBYHEADRAGTOP - 19 hours ago

Just seen this on WS and lil ginger was gone reminded me of this scene from Weird Science

Couldnt find the HD version

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19 hours ago

Video inside Key & Peele Lose Their Minds Eating Spicy Wings | Hot Ones

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| By MyVideoPlug - 19 hours ago


Why you asking the deepest most referential sh*t, were blind

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19 hours ago

Video inside New Song And Dance "I Beat My Meat"

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| By Aleandroid - 19 hours ago

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