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Image inside O-Dog aka Larenz Tate Owes American Express $58K

By Avon_Barksdale - 17 hours ago

Larenz Tate should holla at his accountant, or just check his mail; but definitely needs to cut a check. The Love Jones actor is being sued by American Express for almost $58,000.

Reports TMZ:


Larenz Tate deals in “Dead Presidents” onscreen, but offscreen he has nothing to do with them … which is why American Express is suing him.

The “Menace II Society” star racked up more than $57K on his AMEX card but didn’t pay a Native
American cent Â… according to court docs obtained by TMZ.

AMEX claims in its lawsuit it’s sent several demands for payment — but got radio silence from the famous debtor.

AMEX wants $57,912.85.
We gotta hear both sides.

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Image inside 45 Tiny Epiphanies

By acefresh - 17 hours ago

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Image inside This is bx, your powers don't work here.

By Andrefrbk - 17 hours ago


See Ray rice thread manginas.

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Video inside fighting in armor in the fifteenth century

By tokinjohn - 17 hours ago

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Image inside Kurdish Fighters Build Their Own 'Mad Max' Tanks to Halt the Advance of Isis

By Sniggit - 17 hours ago

Kurdish Fighters Build Their Own 'Mad Max' Tanks to Halt the Advance of Isis
Facing jihadis with state-of-the-art weapons, YPG militants are building DIY tanks, Mad Max-style

One of the DIY armoured vehicles, Syrians built to defend against Isis forces.(@ISIS2Hell)

By Tom Porter

As Kurdish forces in northern Syria armed with AK-47s battle desperately against Isis militants armed with state-of-the-art weapons captured from the Iraqi army, they have been forced to use their wits to halt the onslaught of the jihadis.

Pictures of the specially adapted armoured vehicles of the People's Protection Units (YPG) of northern Syria have emerged online, and are a testament to the ingenuity of the fighters.

*tweet embedded

Looking like something from a Mad Max movie, many appear to be trucks or agricultural vehicles, fitted out with camouflaged armour, and decorated with the insignia of the YPG.

The small town of Kobane has been besieged by Isis militants for over a week, defended by YPG soldiers armed with AK-47s and wearing flak jackets.

Kudish peshmerga fighters in Iraq have received specialist weapons as well as training from US and European countries in their battle to halt Isis, but the YPG rely on relatively dated equipment, much of it from the Soviet era.

*tweet embedded

Last week, aid supplies began to reach Kobane. Residents there said they did not food: they wanted weapons.

"Don't send us food, we don't need food," one man told the Independent. "We will eat mud if we have to. Send us weapons, send us peshmerga."

In recent weeks hundreds of thousands of Syrian Kurds have been forced to flee across the border into Turkey, as Isis launched an onslaught into the autonomous Kurdish territory in northern Syria.

*tweet embedded

Despite their basic weaponry though, the YPG are determined to fight

"We saw what Isis did to women in Sinjar. They kidnapped them and now they're being sold in the market. But I'm going to defend my land," fighter Maher Khalil told the paper. "Now [the US] has started bombing, we can fight again. I don't care if I lose my life. If I die, I'll die fighting for my homeland."

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Video inside Samsara - Office Man (Creepy)

By BasedonMars - 17 hours ago

Dec 27, 201221 years after Baraka was released the director Ron Fricke, gave us another masterpiece Samsara, a great performance of an office man turning into a mummified corpse, or a goblin, that's for you to decide

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Video inside Slippin: 10 Years With The Bloods

By Vantes323 - 17 hours ago

Doc about the 20 NHBS In South Central. they're Bloods But They Real Close With The Messcan Hood Westside Harpys.. Good Lil Doc.. much Love To My West Adam Niggas

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Image inside Dunkin Loses their Greatest employee

By BtMkRs - 17 hours ago

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Video inside Tiny Drone Launched From the Wrist & Flying Drones Capture Dramatic Scale of Hong Kong Protests

By Sniggit - 17 hours ago

Nixie: Tiny Flying Drone Camera Launches From Wrist to Take Selfies

Nixie - a wearable camera on a wristband that transforms into a tiny quadcopter flying drone(Nixie)

By Mary-Ann Russon

Physics researchers at Stanford University are developing a wearable tech wristband that turns into a tiny flying drone that launches from a user's wrist to take selfies of the wearer.

Nixie is a finalist in Intel's Make It Wearable Challenge, a competition to encourage inventors and entrepreneurs to push the boundaries of wearable technology.

The researchers must now create a working prototype of their invention with help from industry mentors, in order to win a grand prize of $500,000 (ÂŁ308,000).

The Nixie was originally designed as a pair of glasses, but the team realised it would be more useful as a wristband. The idea is that the wearer can press a button which turns the wristband into a tiny quadcopter drone that launches immediately from the person's wrist.

The drone flies into the air, orients itself and focuses to take a photograph of the user or anything else they want, with a range of settings that include 360-degree panorama shots and continuous movies, so that users can start shooting instantly and keep going.

"You should be able, with a gesture, to tell the quadcopter to unfold. It will take off from your wrist and it knows where you are, so it will turn around, take a picture of you, [then] it comes back, you can catch it from the air and put it back on your wrist," says Nixie team leader Christoph Kohstall in a video about the project.

The idea is for the flying drone wristband to be powered by Intel Edison, a tiny computer that is currently the size of an SD card, which is being offered by the chip manufacturer as a development system for wearable devices.

The most recent version of the Edison board includes a 22nm Silvermont dual core Intel Atom "Tangier" CPU, with 1GB of RAM integrated, as well as controllers for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth4, and USB.

The winner of the Make It Wearable Challenge will be announced on 3 November. The other nine finalist projects are using wearable tech for cooking, to induce lucid dreams, allow gamers to feel touch over the internet, and smart glasses that can read your mind.

Flying Drones Capture Dramatic Scale of Hong Kong 'Occupy Central' Protests on Video

Overhead photos show the vast scale of 6 million protesters bringing downtown Hong Kong to a standstill on Sunday, 29 August(Reuters)

By Mary-Ann Russon

While the use of flying drones, particularly to film video footage from the air is only permitted by special permission from aviation authorities in the US and UK, in many parts of the world, legislation about this technology is not yet considered a top priority.

As such, drone operators are able to get away with using flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) in urban areas like Hong Kong, where flying drones have been used to capture the scale of the pro-democracy protests that brought the city to a standstill on Sunday, despite tear gas intervention by police.

The four-minute-long video clip shows six million protesters swarming over empty roads and highways, attending impromptu rallies in downtown Hong Kong calling for the present Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying to step down.

The protesters stayed in the streets throughout the night, many choosing to sleep on the roads, as part of the "Occupy Central" campaign.

The footage has been uploaded to HK Apple Daily, a YouTube channel live-broadcasting rallies and protests from the streets.

Another video report, put together using drone footage, shows protesters fighting against the police and using umbrellas to shield themselves from tear gas attacks. HK Apple Daily also claims that the police used AR15 semi-automatic rifles to "intimidate peaceful protesters".

The protests have come about due to concerns that the Chinese government in Beijing is seeking to interfere in the Hong Kong Chief Executive elections in 2017, rejecting several locally-nominated candidates.

Over 13,000 university students have been boycotting classes for one week since last Monday to protest China's ruling that election candidates must be vetted and approved by a nominating committee in mainland China.

The Chinese government has blocked photo-sharing app Instagram in mainland China to prevent citizens from being able to search for news about the Hong Kong protests, such as to search for "Hong Kong teargas".

Live Stream

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Video inside The Sixth Annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition in Huntington Beach, California [PICS!]

By Sniggit - 17 hours ago

The Sixth Annual Surf City Surf Dog Competition in Huntington Beach, California

By David Sim

Dogs of all shapes and sizes took to the waves this weekend at the sixth annual Surf City Surf Dog competition in Huntington Beach, California.

The 65 canine contestants battled to be the best in their weight class, with categories for small, medium, large and extra-large breeds.

Each dog tried to "hang 20" for as long as possible before the inevitable wipe-out. IBTimes UK presents a gallery of this year's event.








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Image inside Check out this Columbine High School senior picture
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