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Video inside DOPE: Electromagnetic Spiderman Webshooter, made from scratch

By riewasabi - 11 hours ago

See it in action @2:10
Video inside
This one is dope too @ 2:57
Video inside

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Video inside Chalk Warefare

By riewasabi - 11 hours ago


Video inside

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Image inside Family Portrait Gone Wrong

By MGz - 11 hours ago


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Video inside Kids Lives With Erykah Badu (B4 The Fame) Super Funny

By BasedonMars - 11 hours ago

Part 1
Video inside YouTube

Part 2
Video inside YouTube

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Image inside All Yall Fat Maw fu-kaz... ENTER!

By Chedda - 12 hours ago

Coming to a stomach near you... PIZZA CAKE!

This is not something you can buy yet but—come this summer—you may be able to order Boston Pizza's Pizza Cake, a clear sign of the demise of our civilization, which apparently has been replaced by a bunch of reckless individuals with no sense of what's good or evil.

Boston Pizza is asking its customers what they want to see in their summer menu. They gave them some options to vote: The pizza cake is number one in the count by a wide margin. The only caveat: You would have to live in Canada in order to be able to have this crazy invention. But fear not, is it successful, I'm sure a million rivals would follow all around the United States. It's the perfect food to make everyone fat, fast.


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Image inside My Dad A fraudulent A$$ Ni66a.....

By BasedonMars - 12 hours ago

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Image inside Does this look like Bruce Lee to you?

By McShiny - 12 hours ago

I saw this on the street and thought it looked like Klay Thompson in the face more than Bruce.

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Video inside How The Blind See Beauty

By Supacat - 12 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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Image inside Living In A Living Room.......

By BasedonMars - 12 hours ago

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Video inside $20 Fishing Line Prank

By Supacat - 12 hours ago

Video inside YouTube

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more wild ish

Image inside How Impressive Is This Back Flip?(Gif)
By Aleandroid - 12 hours ago - 9 comments

Image inside 21 Oblivious Men That Are Now Single For A Reason
By slipnslide85 - 12 hours ago - 25 comments

Video inside What If You Could Carry Your Phone AND Your Printer In The Same Pocket?
By kevin boogz - 1 day ago - 12 comments

Video inside Check Yo Nuts! Pt. 4
By MSleazy - 1 day ago - 6 comments

Video inside Hardcore parkour [DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME!]
By A.Dot789 - 1 day ago - 8 comments

Video inside Nancy Grace Debates Nancy Grace on the Effects of Cannabis
By No Menace - 1 day ago - 9 comments

Video inside 25 Obvious Things You Already Knew But Science Proved Anyway
By Supacat - 1 day ago - 5 comments

Article inside Woman's Ear Reattached with Help of Leeches
By JOES BLOW 05 - 1 day ago - 1 comments

Image inside When Your Song Comes On In The Club......
By BasedonMars - 1 day ago - 63 comments

Article inside How To Avoid Sleep Debt
By Moyo420 - 1 day ago - 18 comments

Video inside Man these lil nikkas in chicago wild as fk (must watch)
By Fen - 1 day ago - 247 comments

Video inside Realest dude alive
By 1ARM - 1 day ago - 24 comments

Video inside Kids Under 12 Now Party At New York's Hottest Nightclubs — And No, We're Not Kidding
By grapedrank - 2 days ago - 44 comments

Video inside Teen With Down Syndrome Learns Hes Going To College
By MGz - 2 days ago - 23 comments

Image inside Got A Tattoo Of My Dad On My Arm....
By BasedonMars - 2 days ago - 54 comments

Image inside Tattoo Hair??? WTF!!!
By Playajay38 - 2 days ago - 31 comments

Video inside Card Control - Mind Blown
By JohnDoe - 2 days ago - 13 comments

Image inside How come I was never told this was a career option?
By Crankdatkfc - 2 days ago - 21 comments

Image inside The Truth about Brian Peppers
By archtect - 2 days ago - 30 comments

Video inside Guy Picking Up Guys.... pause overshield
By Supacat - 2 days ago - 20 comments

Article inside 12 Courageous Things Every Person Should Do Before Turning 30
By slipnslide85 - 2 days ago - 49 comments

Video inside 3 ways to fail a drunk test
By ItAlY2BkLyN - 2 days ago - 8 comments

Video inside Saudi Pit Crew
By JohnDoe - 2 days ago - 16 comments

Video inside Little girl gets jealous and gets played
By dloc757 - 2 days ago - 86 comments

Video inside the most humbling video, get your tissues ready....
By tokinjohn - 2 days ago - 21 comments

Video inside Throw back... dat hairline jokes.
By Andrefrbk - 2 days ago - 5 comments

Image inside Which ’90s Kids Movies Have You Seen?
By GrimeyMolester - 2 days ago - 41 comments

Video inside New "my body is ready gif" perhaps, you name it BX!
By bunnz17 - 2 days ago - 14 comments

Image inside "....fu-k the police. If you see her......"
By surreyjack - 2 days ago - 96 comments

Video inside Dumbass kid takes a selfie near an oncoming train and suffers the consequences...
By bunnz17 - 2 days ago - 15 comments

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