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NBA They Leaked The Uncensored Altercation Between Kevin Durant & Draymond Green

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sports | By thrills - 7 hours ago

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 Tekashi 6ix9ine Interview Explains why he fired team, Recent shooting, etc (Breakfast Club

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hiphop | By BornInvincible - 6 hours ago

13:17 (why he fired everybody)

Says the booking agency’s lied to him & was stealing from him.

He books for 100k they told him he was only getting 60k cause of his image...

The agency told one of the promoters who booked him for 160k that if he doesn’t do the show pull up to his moms crib, gave them his moms address, whole time he thought they was only paying 60k so he refused to do it


He says he started Tre-Way & it’s just a thing

He says Tre-Way is nothing without him & he fired Shotty & told all of em to get out his life

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Article inside When did you know your marriage was doomed?

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wild'ish | By eazy253 - 7 hours ago

It's long but worth the read.


My daughter Tina came to me one day and said, we need to talk. She had been out with friends. We live in the outer suburbs and they had gone into the main city downtown for dinner with her boyfriend on a double date.

They had finished their meal when my daughter sees her mom, my wife Michelle, dolled-up for the evening with a well-dressed man about our age.

Tina had the presence of mind to get a photo, but asked her girlfriend's boyfriend to get a closer shot by walking past them with the video running on the phone.

By the time he crossed past them, Michelle was seated with one hand clasped with his across the table.

The look in her eyes was the same hunger I recall she had with me when we first met. I thought we had a healthy, loving marriage. Clearly I was mistaken, and I was reeling.

"What are we going to do?" Tina asks.

"We aren’t doing anything. Let’s take it slow. Act like neither of us saw it. You're about to go back to college. Don't worry about it. You're covered."

"What's your plan?"

I shared what I planned to do. I had resisted a job offer for a new and important position at a firm I really liked, where two people I once worked with were now employees and I would get to work with them again, but Michelle had just started a good job in the city and it would be disruptive to make this job change now. Too much stress.

But now I was rethinking it, pretty hard.

Tina confessed she followed Michelle's lover across and down the street to his offices. He was a leasing manager for many downtown properties, one of which was Michelle's office building. Not hard to connect the dots here.

I felt like I needed to do something in Tina’s direction since this would be a huge impact and I didn’t want to leave her feeling alone.

Where Tina went to college - four hours away, was sprawled but modern, with lots of nice places to live within an hour or less of the college. I could lease an apartment for a few years, be nearer to her than I am now, she wouldn’t have to travel so far to make a visit to me, and the new job had regular travel. I wasn't looking forward to getting back on the road - I'd spent a few years already as a road warrior and didn't miss it, but the potential money was like picking fruit off trees, and I could increase my lot considerably.

Without Michelle.

I sent Tina back to college and planned my exit, and set all this in motion over the following two weeks. Michelle could not have been more oblivious. She was glowing with joy every day, and our sex life went through the roof.

I went to see a counselor when all this was over with, and he told me the increase in sex from a cheater is a natural thing. It comes from several factors.

First, her libido is running like a locomotive so she needs more release.

Second, there's this factor in cheating of the exhilaration of "getting away with it" that heightens the experience. The science behind it is kind of tricky, but basically it heightens the experience like a drug, so that sex with me would/could never match it.

So another factor of the increased sex is confirmation - she wants to know that the sex with the lover is truly better, and she's doing a comparative analysis. Not quite as scientific as that, but she's trying to see if sparks are still there, and true to form, the science of cheating will tell her - yep - her lover is a better experience. Maybe not better sex, but the exhilaration factor of cheating rests solely between his legs, not mine.

What my counselor also said, was that if we get a divorce, the cheating factor would go away and the exhilaration with it, and their sex would become plain sex. A carriage to a pumpkin - I liked it.

He also said the cheater wants to use their spouse like a practice dummy - check out new moves and techniques, perfect them with the spouse, who will be patient with them, and present them as practiced skills to their lover.

Yet another factor is their desire to be with their new love and say goodbye to their spouse, so every sexual interlude with their spouse is treated like it was their last, because the risk of getting caught was so high, it may well be their last - when they get caught, so they are having one episode after another of "goodbye sex" with their spouse, no different than a one-night stand, where the participants get as much as they can out of it because there won't be more later.

Except the cheated-on spouse doesn't know it's goodbye-sex. In my case, if I didn't know about her cheating, I would have thought our sex life was better than ever. Physically it truly was - but emotionally and mentally - it was very dark.

Another factor is gaslighting - she wants to throw me off the scent. She left late one evening to go comfort a friend, and when I challenged her on it, she accused me of cheating.

Say what?

This was a shocker and it was all I could do not to confront her with what I knew.

I found out later that cheaters use this accusatory platform as a smokescreen. They want to throw-off the accuser, make me introspect and wonder what I'm doing wrong, and my attention is moved off of her. All the symptoms were right in front of my face, but I didn't recognize them.

The counselor also told me people don't want to believe such things about people they love, so the mind deceives itself - in other words - people are deceived because they want to be lied to. They also want to be deceived because the truth is too painful

In sex, Michelle would have a quivering orgasm, many times more than one, and I thought she was happy with our sex life. But I can't count how many times she would - after sex - cuddle with me for a few minutes, harden her voice, and spend ten or more minutes in a whining dissertation on "everything wrong with me" - not the sex part - practically everything else.

I thought it was some weird effect of coming down off the orgasm. It was a lot worse than that.

I learned that - a woman wants to feel close before she has sex - and a man has sex to feel close. In other words, sex is how a man shows affection to his wife. If he's not showing his affection in sex, where does he show affection at all?

But Michelle, in giving me that speech, she was giving me the sex but denying me the afterglow of affection. Whether this was deliberate, or an instinctive affect of her mind not wanting to let anyone but Tom give her affection - the outcome is the same.

I learned also that when a woman is doing this - I suppose a man has a version of it, too - she isn't expressing love for her husband through sex - she's expressing contempt. Here he's doing all he can to please her, and in her heart she wants it to come from her lover, not her husband. Sex reduces to duty. This is why she had no conscience about lambasting me right after sex - it didn't mean anything to her - at least - it was a physical release but not the mental/emotional connection. It really was like a serialized one-night stand for her. With her husband.

Back to the story. I had squared away a new place to live, accepted the new position and would start within a couple of weeks, and so far Michelle knew nothing about it, as far as I knew.

It gets weird.

So I get this email from her with the subject "Please don't leave me"

Well, this is interesting. She knows that I know? Did Tina tell her?

And when I pop it open, it starts out with a desperate plea for us to stay together. It was essentially an abbreviated diary of all the things we'd done together during and since college, and various sexual interludes with more romantic meaning to her. With each diary entry, she expressed her deep affection, and "didn't this mean something to you?"

Problem was, I wasn't all that far into the diary before I realized something was off. Dates were wrong. Places were wrong. Some places I'd never been to. Experiences I'd never had. Like she was living a parallel life in an alternative universe.

I went back to the top and re-read it in this context. It started out "when we met that day at the coffee shop" - but I had been introduced to her by a friend on the intramural fields. Not a coffee shop. Who was this intended for?

Time for a little FBI work. I discovered some interesting things about her lover Tom. He went to the same University as she and I (we met in college) and the years of attendance overlapped. He graduated before either of us, and received his masters at the same college. It means he stayed around after graduation. Near her.

She spoke of their first night together after a spontaneous meeting at a coffee shop across the street from the campus. I recalled the time frame - our first big fight. We were apart for a week and got back together. Apparently that's when her relationship with Tom started, and she had kept it in the shadows ever since. His LinkedIn profile showed he had lived within the same locale as us all our married life.

I still recall when we moved to our current home, halfway across the country, Michelle was depressed for months. She would have "episodes of happy" - and according to the diary, these were times when Tom flew out to visit as he was making arrangements to follow her to this area. Her depression wasn't from missing friends in our former locale, but from longing for him.

Learning all this had me in a total funk. Hard to describe.

And she's smart, and clearly diabolical. It got a lot worse. Tina is our only child. After I read the following, I had a paternity test done, and she's definitely my daughter. So there's that.

Michelle and I had a ton of problems getting pregnant. We went from one infertility specialist to another. She would come back from the doc's office and say they were starting a new protocol for this or that. Being as aggressive as possible. They had both of us on drugs to boost our fertility and after five years of this, Tina popped out. We didn't expect to have any more children as Tina was hard enough to pull off

But all this time, Michelle had been jumping in the hay with Tom, and was using birth control to avoid pregnancy. In her diary she essentially confessed to faking all the trips to the doctor as a smokescreen. When the pill stopped working for her - she had a bunch of side effects - she got pregnant with one of his kids, and aborted it.

I would find out later she aborted five babies, and every one of them were conceived on boundaries of us having sex. But because she was also having sex with Tom, she could not be sure who the father was, and didn't want a kid in our house as living, breathing evidence of an affair.

I asked her later if any of these kids could have been one of ours, and she said she didn't know, but aborted it anyway. There were ways to find out of course, but she didn't bother with it.

I think back to all the times we prayed together for children, and even the evenings she would sit in a chair and howl in tears for not being able to have a baby - all the while she was flushing our "family" down the toilet. Literally throwing our children in the trash.

This wasn't completely evident in the email I was reading, but enough was there to raise the questions I needed to ask. And I did, over the time since the divorce.

It occurred to me that this email wasn't sent to me intentionally. Duh.

Why would she beg me not to leave her, and give a dissertation of points - any of which would be a good reason to leave her? At the end of it, the email said, "Please call me, Tom, I'm desperate."

Ohhhhhhh. This wasn't intended for me at all. She made a mistake. And may have already discovered it, and in damage control even now.

For some odd reason. Help me. Obi-Wan Kenobi, you're our only hope --- came to mind. I needed alcohol - or maybe something stronger.

So I copied the email contents to a Word document and set it back to "unread" as though I hadn't seen it.

Michelle arrived at the house within an hour of sending the email. I greeted her cheerfully but normally. I didn't want anything in my behavior to tip her on my knowledge. Apparently it worked, or she was too upset to care, or too upset to notice at all.

When she bounded into the room, I closed the email application. This was to make it look like I hadn't seen anything yet today. I was playing the deception game, too. So weird.

She was breathless and jittery. She said she forgot her laptop and was just in-and-out of the house, how is your day, and all that. So here was her veiled reason for coming back to the house. Was she really there to attempt deleting or intercepting her email?

I was in our home office, and she was standing at the office door with her laptop against her chest, but her eyes were bloodshot and her whole being was on fire with anxiety.

She bade farewell and then acted like she “just remembered” something. Did I have the recipe she used for a dish she made some months back? She recalled I looked it up for her and sent it.

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Image(s) inside El Chapo’s wife, the 'Kim Kardashian' of Mexico, turns heads as hubby stands trial

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eyecandy | By Mr Scaramucci - 6 hours ago

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 This is The Reason why 6ix9ine Just Fired Everyone Around him and Cancelled His Tour Dates

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hiphop | By Young​ Thug - 8 hours ago

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The dark side of Drake's OVO Sound Label

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hiphop | By Lonny Breaux - 7 hours ago

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NBA Stephon Marbury Explains What Mike Dantoni Is Doing To Carmelo Anthony

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sports | By Dun Language - 7 hours ago

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NBA Jarrett Jack says Anthony Davis & Kevin Durant will join Lakers with LeBron next season

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sports | By RAWNOPULLOUT - 8 hours ago

Jarrett Jack is no longer with an NBA team, but no doubt he is still plugged in and continues to pay attention to rumors and movements around the league.

Of course the biggest rumor heading into the next two seasons is about what will happen with the team surrounding LeBron James on the Los Angeles Lakers. Kevin Durant has been one rumored target. Some kind of trade surrounding New Orleans Pelicans star Anthony Davis is another.

Jack recently decided to weigh in on what might happen with the Lakers in the coming seasons on Twitter and, according to him, Jack thinks that LeBron will team up with Davis and Durant.

Via Twitter:

visit this link Yahoo Sports

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Image(s) inside Hold up... These are the type of goof troops running WSHH now

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hiphop | By micropave - 8 hours ago

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#SummerFest Cruise 🌴🔑 @DJKhaled

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Weekend vibes 🚀 @realbignik #WSHH

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Range Day 💨 #AR15

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Wishing #6IX9INE a speedy recovery 🙏

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Of course one had to be a Free Mason...

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#hustle... 💯

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Why Q... Why

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Mac Miller Planned His Death. Swimming is a Concept of Death

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hiphop | By Soulvoyage - 2 hours ago

I've looked at this situation over the past day or so, listened to this song, watched the video... looked at his artwork, and listened to interviews... dude planned this. Look at some lyrics from this song/video.

I could fly home (fate after death) with my eyes closed. (because your eyes are closed when you die)

Im just slidin..then I roll out...(die)

Climbin over that wall...(Death)

I remember it all (life)

Now I know if the medicine be on call...(drugs actually can kill me)

Like september I fall (dies in September)

Self care..hell yeah.. Im treatin me. right... (I take this choice myself)

I be readin them signs...(in video he carves Momento Mori into the coffin which translates to: remember death)

Get the fu*k out the way... I know it must be nice up above the lights of this lovely life that I made.. (clearly alluding to being ready to see what its like in the afterlife)

"You can find me (when Im dead) I aint hiding.... I even move my feet when I be gliding.. (as a ghost)"

Then he punches through the coffin(life/death)... and comes out on the other side of life..

and the song changes.

Says: I was trippin.. didnt know what I was missin' (all of us are in fear of what comes after death.. Mac is speaking as his dead self here).. I was takin too much (drugs) got stuck in oblivion (afterlife)

I got all the time in the world (in death).. so for now Im just chillin... I know its a beautiful feelin'...

Let's go and travel through the unknown (death).. then he goes on to explain some things he'll do when he's dead since he doesnt have sh*t to worry about anymore.

"I ride around my city when I come home...(as a ghost)"

This dudes album is a concept album about his own death and he's featured "swimming" in the oblivion on the cover.

Hence why his feet are dirty on the cover... He took his shoes off in the video(that's why they put emphasis on them) in the box and came out on the dirt in the afterlife leaving his feet dirty.

On the cover, his eyes are shut and hes in his suit in what looks like a box but also looks like a dark hole that has a window to the sky beyond it...

all of that symbolizes him swimming in that eternal afterlife...

He planned the intimate show the night before his death as well as a send off, hence why it was filmed by his own crew... and he did it the night Pac died as further symbolism and Im sure Pac did his last show Recorded as well. It was always heavily theorized that Pac planned his own death or faked it. Mac was aware of all of this... Dude was smart.

Mac planned this out with precise detail and really followed through with it. Bein that he was the most involved with this album and was very critical of the reception of everything even down to the Colbert performance... They said he was in the back room for the editing process goin ham on how everything looked for final production (including pacing around not being sure what to wear and finally deciding to wear one of his friends' sweater.)

His crew also said he was in a "delicate" state before his death... Which Im sure is because he knew that time was short. and that he was really about to take his final ride.....

He deleted his social media after his DUI and Ariana blasted him and went about making his final album and said fare well...I'm swimming. in the oblivion. I'll take care of this myself...

His album is rapped from the perspective of being dead already...

Hope its as beautiful as he was expecting it to be up there.. come down, ride around and drink and listen to some 45's bruh.. Peace!

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Image(s) inside Laddies and Gents let me introduce u to the worlds thickest hairdresser!!!!!

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eyecandy | By BlackDynamite - 7 hours ago

Dayum i dont know why shawtee wasting her talents like that. She need to go on the pole, that ass built serious manye!!

Salute to her getting her bread but i as a MAN demand her to give back to the culture!!!!

Imagine the potential of her in a Future or Gotti vixen video. That sh*t would be tuff!

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In these streets in our cocaine white @imwoahvicky

A post shared by Damienne Denine (@damienneflagler) on

Dayum the way she moves , she might have started off as a stripper

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Image(s) inside Im Not Really In To BBW But This One Could Get The Ring

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eyecandy | By The Watcher - 4 hours ago

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🕊 * * 📷 @blakgumaz

A post shared by K I M Y ~ C H U 🐻✨ (@tellmekimy) on

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Image(s) inside PSN Black Friday Sale

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games | By whouthinkitis - 7 hours ago

Get a head start on savings with PlayStation Store’s Black Friday Sale!

Starting tomorrow, enjoy deals up to 50% on games like Call of Duty Black Ops 4, FIFA 19, NBA 2K19, and more.

Take a first look at the full lineup below. Then head to PlayStation Store over the next ten days – this year’s Black Friday sale ends November 27 at 8 a.m. PT.

visit this link .. station-store/

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 Nov 15 - Video: Watch Both Perspectives Of This Arrest (Body Cam vs Cell Phone)

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news | By Juliette DaBlok - 7 hours ago

Share this video if you believe this young man's rights were violated.

Black Republican, Kanye bout to get this dude killed

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 Keith Murray Stage Dives... And Nobody Caught Him!

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hiphop | By BornInvincible - 4 hours ago

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NBA Kevin Durant looking rough out here

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sports | By ChrisPartlowFro - 7 hours ago

If there were ever an indication that KD may go to New York, them boots.

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Nov 16 - JUST IN: Judge Rules in Jim Acosta vs TRUMP - ACOSTA & CNN for the WIN!!!!

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news | By Juliette DaBlok - 7 hours ago

Updated 10 mins ago
WASHINGTON -- A federal judge in Washington is ordering the Trump administration to immediately return the White House press credentials of CNN reporter Jim Acosta.

U.S. District Court Judge Timothy Kelly announced his decision Friday morning.

CNN had asked that Acosta's credentials be returned while a lawsuit over their revocation goes forward.

The network's chief White House correspondent has clashed repeatedly with Trump and press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders in briefings over the last two years. But the White House pulled his credentials last week following a combative press conference in which he clashed with Trump.

President Trump sparred with CNN's Jim Acosta at a news conference Wednesday. A White House staffer took his microphone before Trump called him a "rude, terrible person."

The judge is a Trump appointee.

Trump is going to be pissed lol.

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 desiigner threatens charlemagne and envy

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hiphop | By trill jackson - 3 hours ago

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Image(s) inside Nov 16 - "Florida Man" walked into police station, asked to go to jail for child porn

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news | By Sin - 4 hours ago

A 24-year-old Pensacola man was arrested after he went to the Pensacola Police Department and told officers he needed to go to jail because he downloaded child porn on his cellphone.

On Nov. 9, Cory Hinsch walked into the police station at 711 N. Hayne St., approached an officer at the front desk and said he had child porn on his cellphone and needed to go to jail, according to a Pensacola Police Department arrest report.

He then put his cellphone up against the glass and showed the officer a picture of a young girl engaged in sexual acts.

Hinsch was taken upstairs, read his Miranda Rights and said he wanted to give a statement without the presence of an attorney. He told investigators he downloaded child porn from the "dark web" and agreed to let officers download and view his cellphone.

The detectives found two photos depicting child pornography on the cellphone.

Hinsch was arrested and charged with two counts of possession of child pornography. He was released Nov. 13 on $10,000 bond.

visit this link .. il/2011358002/

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NBA The Most Slept On Center in NBA History

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sports | By _Player2 - 8 hours ago

From '78 to '87 averaged 26 Points & 15 Rebounds, and has 3 MVP's (as many as Hakeem, Robinson and Shaq combined)

9th on the All-Time Scoring List but yet you very rarely hear his name mentioned

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