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Image inside 10 Women Tell Us How They Really Feel About Tiny Penises

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misc | By BlacksAMillion - 10 hours ago

“I make fun of them. Who doesn’t? Small penises are hilarious! They’re a punchline all their own: Just say ‘small penis’ in front of a group of women, and they’ll all burst out laughing, because they’ve all known that one guy with a dick the size of a finger.”

—Tessa, 31

“I had a boyfriend who was less than blessed in the genitalia department. He was very uptight about it, and I tried to reassure him not to be uptight about it, but in all honesty, he should have been uptight about it. If I had a vagina the size of a parking garage, I’d be uptight, too. People can talk all they want about body acceptance or whatever, but unless you have bad eyesight or are some kind of Goddess or Adonis, everyone has issues with their appearance. I did make fun of it, but only behind his back. So I guess that only makes me half a bi*ch.”

—Jess, 26

“Did you ever hear this joke about this woman and a man with a tiny penis were having sex for the first time and when he whipped it out the woman said, ‘Who are you going to satisfy with that thing?’ And the guy replies, ‘Me!’ I would fu*k that guy, no joke. He has a good attitude. I can forgive a small dick, but to please me, a man has to have balls!”

—Amie, 24

“I guess I don’t really care. They can call me ugly, but that’s just a matter of opinion, you know? But tape measures don’t lie. You can prove someone has a small dick.”

—Rhonda, 29

“I’ve been with I think three guys who were severely undersized. I mean, we’re talking Tom Thumb if you know what I’m saying. Not only was it pitiful, but it was really gross. I tried explaining this to a guy with a rather large penis—about how small dicks are absolutely disgusting—and he thought that was funny. He said he could see how someone could laugh at it and think it’s funny, but he didn’t understand they’re revolting to even think about. Small weenies—ew!”

—Bailey, 22

“What’s that saying about tits—‘Anything more than a mouthful is wasted’? Well, the opposite applies to cocks. Anything smaller than a mouthful is not going into any of my holes. Making fun of a man’s small penis is the easiest way in the world to destroy a man forever, and what girl doesn’t love doing that?”

—Kelley, 33

“I feel like throwing up, that’s how I feel. I don’t care—it’s their turn for body shaming! I guess it’s mean, but mean girls rule! Hit him where it hurts! I mean, you have to aim very carefully to hit him where it hurts because it’s so tiny, but hit him there anyway…lol!”

—Janet, 24

“A long time ago I was with a man and let’s just say that in the chess game of life, this guy was a mere pawn—not a knight or a rook, and definitely not a king. Not only wasn’t he packing a suitcase, he hardly had an overnight bag, if you catch my drift. And I think he accidentally caught the look of disappointment/surprise on my face when I first saw him naked, and I could tell it cut him to the bone. I’m sure this was a lifelong pain for him. We wound up just kissing. I mean, I can’t imagine being with a man if he has a child-sized penis. But neither can I imagine being cruel to a guy just because Mother Nature already played a cruel trick on him.”

—Vicki, 28

“I absolutely mock the living fu*k out of guys with small dicks, no apologies, no questions asked, period. You know how immature kids think fart jokes are funny? Well, small-dick jokes are like fart jokes for immature adult women. They may be gross, they may be insensitive, but for a certain group of people, they will always be funny.”

—Mona, 24

“I fu*k a guy with a tiny cock who turns out doing me wrong in some way or another, I will fu*king mega-blast my iPhone cache of pictures of his pathetic baby unicorn dick all across the Internet until he moves to a new country under a new identity.”

—Dani, 26

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Damn Lloyd Banks got fat

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hiphop | By GrgeClrk - 6 hours ago

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Video inside San Antonio Goon gets his crib pulled up on by Baton Rouge goons?!

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hiphop | By FreeloadinRusty - 6 hours ago

Let that be the lesson. Boy wanted to pop that sh*t online, now his nappy-headed auntie on the porch coppin pleas.


Chris P responds.

Your move, BR.


BR Travis James Ent rep replies:

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Video inside Producers Who Vanished

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hiphop | By THEINFAMOUS - 11 hours ago

JR Rotem




Brian "All Day" Miller

February 9th

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Video inside "Swim in this p*ssy"

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eyecandy | By RocAFella Chain - 10 hours ago

I would say that, we have to do better, but fu*k it, the world will only get worse no matter how much you preach to these niggas and bi*ches, so i'm gonna swim in that pus*y in front of ALL them kids.

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Bryce Harper fight.

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misc | By st21 - 6 hours ago

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Tiny tells T.I. Floyd Mayweather "never stuck his d!ck in me"

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hiphop | By trapclassics - 6 hours ago

This girl is lying her ass off, talking about she went to Mayweather house and never fu*ked.

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OT LaMelo Ball lowlights

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sports | By refuze - 9 hours ago

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5/29 - wwf raw - roman and seth fight for the 6252nd time :reported2:

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misc | By messy marv stan - 6 hours ago

Sunday Funday @wetrepublic!! 🙌🏻

A post shared by Emma - WWE Superstar (@tenilledashwood) on

Just six nights before WWE Extreme Rules, each participant in Sunday’s Extreme Rules Fatal 5-Way Match will see action on Raw. Per Raw General Manager Kurt Angle, Finn Bálor, Bray Wyatt and Samoa Joe will clash in a Triple Threat Match, while former Shield allies Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins will collide one-on-one!

also scheduled:

poll on how long i should rock a mojo rawley avy
snoozefest finn faces samoa joe and bray wyatt in a triple threat match
should i order robot cass to be attacked next
hardy boyz and lobsterhead/swiss 007 singles match or promo
yet another awful and boring jobber bayley promo
wwf legend the drifter starts his descent into jobberville
jobber sasha continues jobbing as payback for injuring emma

@kiss0fdeath @Kevin Spacey @CupOfNoodles @Brother Bone @LowaEastSide5 @Thoed G @Player2
@Machine @The South @trock34 @tdub-zr0 @Jay585 @ThePainkiller @JonNYBlake @OmarMafia999 @indagame @d4deesnuts @Mumbletaker @rangerrick012 @wwnuts @Juicy "J" @JETSoverERTHING

@Purgatory slaps this post
@PharaohKush slaps because of the mojo avy

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NBA Stephen A. Smith Picks Warriors in 7

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sports | By Player2 - 9 hours ago

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Video inside I’m Addicted to Roasting😂

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wild'ish | By Furious George - 10 hours ago

@00:56 That wake up roastin session,lmao!

@1:30 "He said I look like a turnip , cuz I'm top heavy"

Whole video is a classic

edit: @ronnie can you please change the title to "BX member roasts everyone on Boxden"

Evidence @2:14

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May 28 - In Blow to Federal Reserve, Arizona Just Legalized Gold and Silver as Currency

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news | By ForthePeople - 10 hours ago

visit this link Source


Phoenix, AZ — The latest massive price increases in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have boosted the credibility of investors who criticize the fiat currency system. Unfortunately, precious metals haven’t followed in crypto’s footsteps yet, and heavy losses over the last few years have led many people to write off the asset class altogether. Owning things like gold and silver in the United States has either been outlawed or stigmatized since the Great Depression, but recently, real progress has been made towards once again recognizing them as legal tender.

In anticipation of the growing problems with the national debt, individual states across the country are seizing the opportunity to protect themselves and their citizens from financial repression. Twenty states have already eliminated sales taxes on precious metals transactions, but some are taking it even further. The most recent bill was H.B. 2014 in Arizona, which classifies U.S.-minted coins as a form of currency and even eliminates capital gains taxes on qualified precious metals. These kinds of simple actions directly threaten the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and any competition to the U.S. dollar undermines the central bank’s longstanding monopoly.

Representatives in Arizona worked on this legislation for years, and thanks to the support of people like Ron Paul, there was enough pressure on the governor to sign it into law.

Dr. Paul explained why this bill is so crucial for the future:

“HB 2014 is a very important and timely piece of legislation. The Federal Reserve’s failure to reignite the economy with record-low interest rates since the last crash is a sign that we may soon see the dollar’s collapse. It is therefore imperative that the law protect people’s right to use alternatives to what may soon be virtually worthless Federal Reserve Notes.”

“We ought not to tax money, and that’s a good idea. It makes no sense to tax money,” Paul told state senators in March. “Paper is not money, it’s a substitute for money and it’s fraud.”

Utah was the first to implement this new policy of empowering state governments against reckless federal incompetence when they passed H.B. 317 in 2011. This bill not only recognized coins as a form of money and eliminated taxes on them, but it also encouraged the state to study how it might establish an entirely new system of legal tender if needed.

Each state that stands up and refuses to be condemned to bankruptcy by the bloated bureaucrats in D.C. puts additional pressure on this failing paper Ponzi scheme. Only when enough people recognize the destructive road we’re heading down and demand a change will the federal government and banking institutions be forced to adapt. These growing pressures aren’t just manifesting domestically but can be seen developing around the world.

The growing uncertainty surrounding America’s future role in the international arena has inspired nations like China and Russia to establish their own currency exchanges that bypass the U.S. dollar. Their leadership in the BRICS nations has put them in an influential position in the developing world. Along with India, they are among the world’s largest gold buyers and have created reserves that could serve as a basis for a new reserve currency. This development of a new trading bloc in the East is being referred to by some as “The New Silk Road.”

Daily Reckoning analyst Byron King discussed how turbulent the current circumstances really are:

“Up to now, there has never been anything approaching a serious challenge to the global supremacy of the dollar — certainly not in global trade. Yet here we are, watching Russia and China set up a proto-trading system based on gold. The daily quote for gold seems not to price in even a hint of this development. Yet it could have world-altering implications as it all unfolds.”

The current economic realities affecting our quality of life will continue to force local representatives to take action while Congress faces gridlock. Without establishing alternative options for communities across the country, our entire standard of living may fall fully into the hands of the establishment politicians in Washington DC — more so than it already has.

There is a subtle ongoing realization that no matter what the pundits and politicians claim, there is no easy way out of this mess. The public’s confidence in central banking is clearly eroding, and hopefully, it will be enough to allow a new kind of financial freedom that hasn’t been seen in the United States’ economic system for over 100 years.

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Video inside Is NYPD shook... What's going on here?

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wild'ish | By micropave - 9 hours ago

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Video inside Lil Kim's Face

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eyecandy | By youngmic - 6 hours ago

Hi #lilkim

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

so sad

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Proof Wayne Invented the "Migos Flow" in 2005

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hiphop | By chef12 - 6 hours ago

you can't tell me this sh*t don't sound like every migos verse ever to a fu*king T except its not over a zaytoven beat and the lyrics are actually somewhat cohesive

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NFL Giants owner: Signing Kaepernick would anger fans

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sports | By timdog - 10 hours ago

As NFL coaches continue to work to convince fans that Colin Kaepernick remains a free agent for football reasons only, one team owner has admitted there is much more to it than that.
New York Giants owner John Mara told Jenny Vrentas of The MMQB recently that his team has never discussed the possibility of signing Kaepernick. That makes sense because they have a solidified starter in Eli Manning and drafted former Cal star Davis Webb in the third round, but Mara said he would also be concerned about backlash from Giants fans after the letters he received about national anthem protests.

“All my years being in the league, I never received more emotional mail from people than I did about that issue,” Mara explained. “’If any of your players ever do that, we are never coming to another Giants game.’ It wasn’t one or two letters. It was a lot. It’s an emotional, emotional issue for a lot of people, more so than any other issue I’ve run into.”

Ironically, Mara made no mention of former Giants kicker Josh Brown, whom the team signed to a new contract after he was arrested for domestic violence. Despite some of the incredibly disturbing details that have emerged from that case, Mara apparently received more letters from fans about national anthem protests than a player who abused his wife.

There are plenty of teams that would not sign Kaepernick with our without his controversial political stances, but Mara’s honesty was quite telling. The fact that only one team has hosted the 29-year-old quarterback for a visit has to do with a lot more than just his shortcomings as a passer.

visit this link .. cid=spartandhp

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Video inside Someone snatched Anthony Anderson's Maybach...

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movies | By micropave - 2 hours ago

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Image inside Memorial Weekend Box Office Falls to Lowest in 19 Years.

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movies | By RocAFella Chain - 8 hours ago

visit this link http://www.hollywoodrepor .. es-23m-1008356

Box Office: 'Pirates 5' Clears $77M in U.S.; 'Baywatch' Capsizes With $23M

Memorial Day revenue at the domestic box office falls to its lowest level in nearly two decades; overseas, 'Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales' makes up ground with a $208.4 million launch.
Memorial Day weekend was no picnic this year for Hollywood at the domestic box office.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales may have won the holiday frame with a four-day haul of $77 million from 4,276 theaters, but it is the lowest start for any Pirates movie outside of the first film. It did make up ground overseas, where it found plenty of treasure with a $208.4 million launch.

While Dead Men Tell No Tales wasn't sunk by bad reviews, the same can't be said for Baywatch. In a surprise twist, Paramount's R-rated adaptation of the classic TV show belly-flopped with a four-day gross of $23 million in a rare miss for Dwayne Johnson, who stars alongside Zac Efron in the Seth Gordon-directed big-screen adaptation.

Adding insult to injury, Baywatch even lost out to Disney/Marvel holdover Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which took in $25.1 million over the long holiday weekend to place No. 2.

Overall, Memorial Day weekend revenue at the domestic box office fell to its lowest level in 18 years, or $176 million, according to preliminary estimates from comScore. Baywatch is certainly a contributing factor, combined with several other 2017 summer titles that have underperformed so far, including Alien: Covenant and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Plus, Pirates 5 wasn't able to clear the $100 million mark.

Dead Men Tell No Tales, which cost roughly $230 million to make before marketing, is being billed in marketing materials as the final chapter in the film franchise, based on the iconic Disney theme park attraction. Studio execs said they were pleased with the pic's opening, both domestically and abroad.

"We’re making movies for a global audience. This is one of the most prolific franchises in history, and will cross $4 billion in combined box-office revenue today," said Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis, whose studio is also celebrating crossing $1 billion in 2017 domestic ticket sales, the first studio to do so this year. "That is extraordinary by any measure."

Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg, who helmed the breakout international darling Kon-Tiki, directed Pirates 5. Starring alongside Depp are Javier Bardem, Brenton Thwaites, Kaya Scodelario, Kevin R. McNally, Golshifteh Farahani, David Wenham, Stephen Graham, Orlando Bloom and Geoffrey Rush.

The film opened to $67.8 million in China, where its world premiere was strategically held to boost the new Disney Shanghai resort. That's more than the entire runs of the last two films in the franchise. Imax theaters turned in $24 million globally, including $9 million in China.

Paramount and Skydance decided to get a jump on the holiday weekend and launched Baywatch on Thursday. The movie's five-day debut was $27.6 million, well behind expectations. Heading into the holiday, prerelease tracking had suggested the comedy would clear $42 million or more for the five days, although some services lowered their estimates to $37 million late last week after reviews came out.

"I think reviews did hurt the film, which scored great in test screenings. Maybe it is a brand that relied on a positive critical reaction more than we recognized. But we do feel bullish about the international marketplace, where Baywatch opened this weekend in Taiwan to great numbers and well ahead of 22 Jump Street and Central Intelligence," said Paramount marketing and domestic distribution president Megan Colligan.

Baywatch opens in earnest overseas next week.

There is certainly precedent for programming Memorial Day weekend with R-rated comedies; The Hangover Part II debuted to $103.4 million over the holiday in 2011, followed by $50.3 million for The Hangover Part III in 2013 and $36 million for Sex and the City 2 in 2010.

Baywatch, which cost under than $70 million to produce before marketing, also stars Priyanka Chopra, Alexandra Daddario, Jon Bass, Kelly Rohrbach and Ilfenesh Hadera. It doesn't debut overseas until June 2.

Last summer, PG-13 action comedy Central Intelligence, starring Johnson alongside Kevin Hart, opened to $35 million over the June 17-19 weekend. And in late May 2015, Johnson's San Andreas posted a three-day debut of $54.6 million.

Elsewhere, Fox and Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant fell to No. 4 in its second outing with an estimated four-day gross of $13.1 million for a domestic total of $60 million. (The prequel tumbled 71 percent from its opening frame when comparing three-day numbers.) The sc-fi horror pic has earned $101 million internationally for a global cume of $161 million.

The weekend wasn't a complete wash out for Johnson as The Fate of the Furious became only the sixth movie in history to cross $1 billion at the international box office, fueled by a record-breaking $387.4 million in China. Globally, the Universal release has earned $1.22 billion. And Fate of the Furious wasn't the only milestone: Disney's Beauty and the Beast crossed $500 million domestically, while Disney and Marvel's Guardians Vol. 2 has now eclipsed the first film with a global total of $783 million. (Guardians of the Galaxy grossed $733.3 million in summer 2015.)

Hollywood — and theater owners — are banking on Warner Bros.' Wonder Woman to raise the temperature at the box office when opening later this week. Patty Jenkins directed the tentpole, which stars Gal Gadot as the marquee female superhero. Other June tentpoles to follow include The Mummy, Cars 3 and Transformers: The Last Knight, all of which will try to avoid being infected by sequelitis in the U.S.

"A June slate that on paper looks amazing needs to deliver the goods to turn things around and get the summer back on track after a May, with only a couple of exceptions, everyone would rather forget," said comScore analyst Paul Dergarabedian. "Box-office fortunes rise and fall very quickly and dramatically, so don't count the summer out yet. We are just finishing the first quarter of the game and have a long way to go before Labor Day."

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Is Black Mirror one of the GOAT shows?

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movies | By Stuart Scott - 1 hour ago

Every episode is beyond fire....

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Video inside Crazy How Much 50 Cents BISD Tracklisting Changed Before it Dropped

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hiphop | By Bill Wallace - 11 hours ago

I was gonna make and post my old own version but looking into it and sh*t seemed to be confirmed more then once...he did have that Flight187 track talkin about Dre not mixing his records....majority of these were probably those songs...THE PRODUCTION MUSTA BEEN INSANE

Before I Self Destruct


01 Intro
02 Came to Win [produced by Red Spyda]
03 Get Up [produced by Scott Storch]
04 Need Your Hate [Produced by Dr. Dre]
05 Here for a Reason [ft. Nate Dogg] [produced by tha Bizness]
06 Good to Be a Gangsta [produced by Ty Fyffe & Sha Money XL]
07 Don't Mess With 50 [produced by Don Cannon]
08 Trust in Me [produced by J.R. Rotem]
09 Norman Bates Motel [ft. Eminem] [produced by Dr. Dre]
10 bi*ch I'm Sorry [produced by Needlz]
11 All for You [produced by Hi-Tek]
12 No Time to Lose [ft. Swizz Beatz] [produced by the Individuals]
13 Lonely at the Top [produced by Play-N-Skillz]
14 You Need Us [ft. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo] [produced by DJ Khalil]
15 Different Path [ft. Dave Young] [produced by Havoc]
16 I Get It In [produced by Dr. Dre]
17 Somebody Forgive Me [produced by Jake One]
18 My Reign [produced by Eminem]
19 Ready for War [ft. Dr. Dre] [produced by Dr. Dre]

The only tracks I assumed were from the OG album that leaked

1st Single

Dr. Dre leftover

Another Dre leftover

DJ Premier leftover instrumental (the 50 version doesnt exist on youtube lol)

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