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Joe Budden twitter beef with Yes Julz

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hiphop | By TheRealFetti - 7 hours ago

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Video inside Joe Budden posts his confrontation with Migos

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hiphop | By Bkjj11 - 6 hours ago

Had the pleasure of speaking w Migos. 😏 Tomorrow on #EverydayStruggle

A post shared by CCD @ Complex Media | MME (@joebudden) on

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NBA So We're Gonna Just Ignore Derek Fisher aka Mr. Steal Yo Ex takin LaLa to the BET Awards?

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sports | By El Maton - 6 hours ago

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Article inside Joe Felt Threatened By The Migos

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hiphop | By kinggoldframes - 7 hours ago

He felt threatened by their aura and their team since they're connected to Yachty.

Three rich, shining ass young niggas winning awards and breaking records with Akademiks on their nuts, Joe couldn't take it.

That's why he didn't ask any questions, had a look of hatred on his face the entire time and pressed Akademiks to wrap it up. Then shouted at the nigga to close it out. While Akademiks is closing it out, this fool gets up, drops his mic in their vicinity and shrugs and laughs like a bi*ch ass nigga.

If you're a young nigga with money, you've experienced this type of hatred before, just uncalled for negativity. Them niggas energy was taking up the whole space so he had to remove himself in a hoe as way to be able to breath.

Them niggas don't get no points for not sliding on this nigga though. That sh*t was too disrespectful and somebody should've thrown the mic at his face, not stand up and fold no arms.

Somebody really needs to duck up fat ass Akademiks. Y'all letting this fat bi*ch try to play young niggas intelligence. I can't respect Hip Hop until fat neck gets that Charlemagne-drop treatment.

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NBA If it Quacks like a duck- Adam Silver came out the closet

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sports | By Jody - 6 hours ago

NBA commissioner Adam Silver didn't just attend NYC's gay pride parade this weekend -- he was waivin' the rainbow flag and dancing his face off ... and it was AWESOME!! Silver -- one of the most powerful figures in all of sports -- rode on the NBA float alongside the league's first openly gay player, Jason Collins. Golden State Warriors president Rick Welts -- who is openly gay -- also rode on the float with his partner, Todd Gage. It's the second time the NBA has entered a float into the event. Last year, Silver started off walking beside the float until Collins convinced him to get on. Silver said he had so much fun last year, he couldn't wait to do it again!

visit this link .. -parade-float/

I've read some speculation on here that dude was a homosexual. I dont know any straight men who willingly go dance with fags at a parade for sh*ts and giggles.

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Image inside Everything wrong with hip hop nowadays, from "an old head"

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hiphop | By Kobra626 - 6 hours ago

First of all, from the gate, I'm an old head, pushing for all yall niggaz with no rebuttal except "your just an old head bitter,let these young niggaz do them" fu*k yall its an opinion, we all have one, except I have an argument and can speak my mind without having to go back to some cornball comeback...#1. These new rappers have no substance. Every single one talks the same sh*t no originality. bi* I wouldn't mind if it was done original..tell a story..paint a the good side..the bad side...And everyone has the same flow via migoz,...How the fu*k can yall like 20 rappers with the same flow??
#2. No personality, no charisma. It seems like not one of these dudes have any type of personality, and barely know the English language . Every interview I see these dudes in its a fu*kin bore fest...barely hear them
it's like pulling teeth with these dudes..I remember hearing pac speak..and dude was dropping jewels with a passion..clearly..Ice cube.nas ..dudes were intelligent, spoke clearly..made you feel them,made you laugh..thought provoking..These dudes not only mumble in there songs..but in real life..they look timid..high..and insecure about them selves. So how can they motivate anyone??? #3. Progression is backwards..On the real how can we go from Rakim, pac, biggie, nas,cube,wu tang..real lyrics, thought provoking ryhmes, to this bullsh*t?? That's like going from your favorite pizza spot, to settling for totinos pizza rolls. bad inalagy? Maybe but u know what I mean. #3. The so called "old school" rapper are co-signing this bullsh*t..deepdown I know there full of sh*t..scared of being blackballed, and getting features from these bozos.I know damn well they aint feeling tis nee bullsh*t. THEY SHOULD BE CALLING THESE NEW NIGGAZ OUT AND PULLING THERE CARDS! Should be slapping them and telling them to step there bars up!! But there scared for whatever reason..for this young dudes calling them old heads..fu*k it. SAVE THE CULTURE!! these new rappers are the real CULTURE VULTURES. THERE MAKING MONEY OFF THIS HIP HOP CULTURE, AND NOT GIVING BACK sh*t TO ANYONE..the little dunns...are lost with this bullsh*t. #4 . The consumer. Y'all motherfu*kas except anything these rappers feed you...making excuses ..talking bout the beats hot though... mofu*ka no one should by an album strictly on beats.better teach an nigga something...better make me laugh..or cry. . Something.. .gives me the chills on a dope 16 you wrote...nope quoatables...these albums easily think niggaz are going to be talking bout migoz...tyga...futue in 20 years. Like they do about pac .mobb deep...etc HELL NO!! Disposable artist. They won't be talking bout these niggaz in 2 yrs..let alone 25 years.GTFOH.

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Image inside Gucci teaching Quavo and offset how it's done behind the building

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hiphop | By ox tail - 6 hours ago

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Article inside Migos and Chris Brown confrontation

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hiphop | By BXoldestgoon - 7 hours ago

visit this link .. s-after-party/

To sum it up, basically Chris was leaving. One of his guys pushed Quavo, some dude supporting the Migos tried to interfere and got punched. Chris kept walking and went to his car and waited for Migos to approach. Can't tell if Chris was scary or smart. Probably smart

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NBA #PointRat is already snitching on his new teammates

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sports | By Jimmy Russell - 7 hours ago


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NBA Cavaliers Could Get Paul George, Carmelo Anthony And Dwyane Wade

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sports | By chrismb - 3 hours ago

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Video inside Well Damn Meek Mill:"I Refuse To Fight Safaree 1-On-1"

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hiphop | By ovogoon - 6 hours ago


Meek Mill's happy to play the "who" game when it comes to questions about Safaree Samuels ... and he probably ain't squaring up with him anytime soon either.

Paps got Meek Saturday night leaving the District in Bev Hills -- rolling SUPER deep with bodyguards -- where he ducked and dodged questions about Safaree claiming Meek ordered his crew to jump him on Friday.

It's like a Dr. Seuss book here at first, but then Meek gets into Safaree's request for a 1-on-1 fight straight up. As he puts it, he's a "Don" ... and Dons don't fight. Okay, bud.

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Video inside Master P rips BET about Prodigy

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hiphop | By refuze - 7 hours ago

#PressPlay: #MasterP opens up about #Prodigy and the #BETAwards 👀

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

P always keeps it 100

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SNES Classic Releases 9/29 for $80

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games | By Explicit - 7 hours ago


Pre-Order Links

*Not Live* Best Buy: visit this link .. ?skuId=5919830

*Not Live* Amazon: visit this link .. S9/12-230c-20/

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Image inside 21 Savage Momma tho

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hiphop | By Too Nooice - 6 hours ago

#21Savage takes his beautiful mother to the #betawards

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

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6/26 - wwf raw - legendary goon brock lesnar confronts samoan goon samoa joe

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misc | By messy marv stan - 6 hours ago

Just two weeks before he defends the Universal Championship against Samoa Joe at the first-ever WWE Great Balls of Fire pay-per-view, Brock Lesnar returns to wreak havoc on Raw in Los Angeles. Will The Beast Incarnate get his hands on The Samoan Submission Machine once more before their anticipated title clash?

also scheduled:

wwf legend goldust premieres "the shattered truth"
r truth is his guest - will wwf legend little jimmy return

annoying midget enzos burial continues
will bray retaliate against seth rollins
will braun stuff roman into an ambulance and tip it over part 2
struggleweight division rematch 62525 - nobody gives a sh*t
@Purgatory tries and fails to bury alexa
big show turns heel 7 more times
snoozefest finn puts the crowd to sleep once again
wwf legend the drifters weekly concert

and emmas career as a ig thot continues

@indagame @kiss0fdeath @Juicy "J" @Danger Zone @LowaEastSide5 @Rick Ross @trock34 @tdub-zr0 @Brother Bone @Machine @CupOfNoodles @ThePainkiller @Mumbletaker @biggz @d4deesnuts @Thoed G @BXcellent @Kyu @ox tail

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NBA New Charlotte Hornets uniforms for 2018 (Retro)

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sports | By Trotty Glizzy - 7 hours ago

All my Carolina niggas

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Everyday Struggle | Joe Budden and Migos Turn Up, Rae Sremmurd Checks In, Post Malone

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hiphop | By bxdiplomat - 7 hours ago

the BET Awards red carpet where they talked to the likes of Post Malone, Cardi B, Fat Joe, Irv Gotti, and many more. The episode also features sit-downs with Rae Sremmurd, who finally talked things out with Budden, and Migos, where things took a heated turn during the middle of the interview. The Rae Sremmurd segment begins around the 55-minute mark, while Migos come to the platform at the 1 hour and 16-minute mark.



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Jun 26 - America in crisis: Is a second Civil War in the making?

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news | By RAZAH CUTS - 7 hours ago


There is something about the behavior of Donald Trump in the White House that is almost hallucinatory. What is to be done about a president who seems impervious to normal standards of decency, who makes name-calling and ranting our new normal, and who gravitates toward extremists? There is beastiality in this that challenges the courage and imagination of ordinary people.

As to the people who voted for Trump, one can only wonder if they will ever come out of denial. How can they possibly enjoy a situation that makes us the laughing stock of the world? It is almost as if Trump’s supporters belong to a different nation altogether.

A different nation.

One of the most demoralizing things about America today is the feeling that we are separating into “two nations,” two estranged populations who regard one another with a hatred that defies conciliation.

There are plenty of divisions in our polity that will never vanish completely, divisions we have lived with for years. Not the least of them is the perfectly normal division that results from our two-party system. But there was something quite different in 2016 as the “blue state” Americans and “red state” Americans assailed one another. There was something very different as, according to many accounts, the candidacy of Trump led to family break-ups and divorces. There was something about the election of 2016 that cut like a knife.

It transcended other sorts of divisions, even those of ideology and religion.

For instance, one of the stunning facts about the last election was the way that so many Christian evangelicals voted for a candidate who demonstrated scorn for some of their values. Of course, the phenomenon of “holding one’s nose” and voting for the lesser of two evils is not unusual. But if the content of much of the on-line support for Donald Trump is to be taken seriously, something more indicative was happening. “Lock her up,” was the chant at the Trump rallies as Hillary Clinton was vilified for the mistake of using the wrong email server. “A basket of deplorables,” was Clinton’s characterization of 50% of Trump’s supporters. Granted, there were issues at stake: Clinton did make admitted mistakes that had legal implications, and some of Trump’s supporters, such as the “alt-right” neo-Nazis, must indeed be held by all decent people to be deplorable.

But this was not an election in which such issues could be argued out on rational grounds. Abetted by the out-of-control technologies of social media, analysis for a great many people was impossible, unnecessary, and an afterthought. What seemed to matter above all else was the rush of immediate gratification, the rush of expressing one’s hatred for the likes of . . . them.

How did we get to this point?

One of the most important causes of our deep division is the rise of the radical right. Once before, in the McCarthy era, this group became very powerful — until their power was reduced by the moderate and popular policies of Dwight D. Eisenhower. After the candidacy of Barry Goldwater crashed and burned in 1964, the Republicans reassembled as a party containing a considerable amount of ideological diversity.

Something comparable happened at the other end of the spectrum, in the days when the radical left surged forward in the late 1960s under the banner of groups like the S.D.S., the Weathermen, and the “Symbionese Liberation Army.” But the New Left never controlled the Democratic Party as the radical right had taken brief but unmistakable control of the Republican Party in 1964.

In any case, the surges of extremism on the right and left were short-lived. Both parties by the 1970s encompassed a spectrum of voters and leaders who ran the gamut from “conservative” to “moderate” to “liberal.” And within each one of those ideological labels could be found a welter of people who agreed with one another on some things while disagreeing on others. But this situation has changed.

The Democratic Party by the time of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama had stabilized as a force for moderation with a slightly leftward tilt. But beginning with the Reagan presidency, Republicans lurched insistently rightward to the point where the party was veritably transformed within one generation by the radical right. Republicans today who believe in compromise and consensus — the values of Dwight D. Eisenhower, surely — no longer recognize their party. When one recalls the Republican liberals of the 1960s — Jacob Javits, Nelson Rockefeller, John Lindsay — it is impossible to find their counterparts now. Liberals and moderates have been driven out of the party or else reduced to a state of powerlessness as the shrill and fanatical forces of the right have taken over. Trump’s most powerful rival for the Republican presidential nomination in 2016 was Ted Cruz. The days when the Republicans could nominate people like John McCain and Mitt Romney appear to be — at least temporarily — over.

Putting aside for a moment the policy agenda of the radical right, there is one thing about these people that is terribly clear: they are haters. Their agenda is to dominate, to persecute, to revel in others’ degradation. They smile when they hear that undocumented immigrants who have married, had children, and started businesses here in America are being deported. They like to hear such things, it makes them happy. There is an insensate cruelty in the radical right, a cruelty that poisons their minds. These people are looking for victims, especially those who are helpless.

They “take no prisoners.” They will never give ground or say “enough.” They seek not only to defeat liberalism but to destroy a fabric of enlightened compromises that Republican moderates have built.

And so it was that in 2013, Steve Bannon, now a key adviser to Trump, said he wanted “to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.” So the Trump administration undercuts federal efforts that command overwhelming support. Agencies such as the EPA and NIH are under attack. Meanwhile, in states where they now possess both the legislature and the governorship, Republicans are planning to ram through some of the most extreme parts of the radical right’s agenda, to try to ban abortions with no exceptions whatsoever — even in cases of incest or rape — and to protect the “right” of psychotics to obtain deadly weapons whenever they feel the itch to kill.

And at the national level, they continue a slow but incessant campaign to undercut Social Security and Medicare in hopes of privatizing one or both of those systems sometime in the future.

In short, the radical right has been tearing this nation apart, and they have no intention of stopping. The Republican Party has been taken over by people who would, if they could, force America’s majority — the majority who voted for Hillary Clinton — into a way of life they find abhorrent.

But let’s be fair. One has to acknowledge that some of Trump’s supporters, especially Christian evangelicals, feel as if they have been subjected to the treatment just described: they believe that they have been forced to go along with a way of life that they reject. Indeed, people on both sides of this culture war believe that their opposite numbers are people who “don’t understand what America is all about.”

If this isn’t a formula for civil war, what is? Granted, the opposite sides in our first civil war were aligned geographically by states. And with all due respect to the importance of the “blue state/red state division,” a struggle for control is going on right now in a great many states, and the outcome cannot be predicted.

But if the California situation is indicative, we may be in trouble. On the one hand is the left-of-center effort to detach California from the nation through secession. On the other hand, a right-of-center counterattack seeks to split California in two. In both cases, people feel that their entire way of life is in jeopardy. In the meantime, Eisenhower’s “middle way” is in ruins.

We are in trouble.

visit this link .. in-the-making/

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NBA LeBron shows love to A.I.

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sports | By GLOIN - 7 hours ago

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Cardi B is taking Nicki Minaj's place

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hiphop | By trapclassics - 7 hours ago

How can you hate on her? She got the same appeal and energy Nicki had when she first came out... she might be taking the throne

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