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Image inside Twitter exposed SZA as FAKE Again ( CAREER FINALLY OVER?)

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hiphop | By Golgo13 - 3 hours ago

Firstly she has fake HAIR(like beyonce) and mustache

Secondly she lied about having natural freckles, then it rained during a live performance and the freckles disappeared.

visit this link 

visit this link 

Then she said she was always lite-skin but they followed by posting her old pics

Back in the days

visit this link 


An elf n La flame

A post shared by SZA (@sza) on

Dead ass @ #DAYNNIGHT

A post shared by SZA (@sza) on

dammn why did they do her like that

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Yo wtf is Jim Jones wearing??This a grown man??

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hiphop | By Golgo13 - 3 hours ago

Ay yo something is wrong with these Dipset niggas. Is there even a normal person in their squad??

This sh*t like Fab tryna look young, its embarassing at this stage. They all need an intervention

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Video inside T.I. and Rihanna playing Illuminati games

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hiphop | By LostTenets - 3 hours ago

What do you hear? 🎶😳🤔 @Troubleman31 #WSHH

A post shared by Worldstar Hip Hop (@worldstar) on

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Deadpool 2 chokes at the Box Office. Underperming at 125 mil

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movies | By pandadays - 3 hours ago

Deadpool 2' tops 'Avengers' but fails to surpass its predecessor

The film opened in first place with $125 million, the second biggest debut for an R-rated film ever, though below analysts' predictions of $130 million to $150 million.

A sequel to 2016's mega-successful "Deadpool," the film failed to beat the original's opening weekend haul of $132.4 million, which Aronson says may be because of the original's holiday-weekend launch.

visit this link https://www-latimes-com.c .. 520-story.html

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Wiz Khalifa's son is a Taylor Swift stan

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hiphop | By Joey96 - 3 hours ago

I blame his thot mama

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Los Angeles Hip Hop vs Atlanta Hip Hop

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hiphop | By North Face - 3 hours ago

Which city is bigger overall in Hip Hop history?


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NBA Rumor: Lakers reportly promise Mitchell Robinson they'll take him @ 25 if he's still there

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sports | By Prodigital SC - 3 hours ago

If this is even partially true, how do y'all feel about this Laker brethren?

There are definitely positives. I still want Jontay Porter or Aaron Holiday tho

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NFL Trent Richardson Suspended By CFL’s Saskatchewan Roughriders

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sports | By Southpaw - 3 hours ago

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NBA Watching Jordan On The Wizards Was Like Seeing Superman In A Wheelchair

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sports | By Jim Mora Jr - 3 hours ago

brehs, I'm glad the wizards didnt fukk up his legacy cause I saw him miss multiple wide open dunks. Almost cried. Share your wizards memories.

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Image inside Got a bad stripper bi-ch; All she do is love S3X

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eyecandy | By FrescoB - 3 hours ago

She's 20


A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on

2k18 #FortheCulture

A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on


A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on


A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on


A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on


A post shared by D E S I R A E👑 (@des_hanks) on

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🔥🔥🔥The Notorious B.I.G. - You're Nobody Till Somebody Kills You (2Pac Diss) RARE DEMO

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hiphop | By PROV - 3 hours ago

Bonus Track 1: The Album Version

Bonus Track 2: The Original Dean Martin Song From Casino that biggie remade as this song:

Bonus Track 3: The Instrumental Version

Bonus Track 4: The Quiet Storm Freestyle version from his last radio appearance on the wake up show with lil cease and sway (skip to 8:42)

Bonus Track 5: Niggas Bleed (2014 Remaster)

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Image inside Im suckin toes and lickin asss. It must be something in the water. Do they accept Bitcoin?

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eyecandy | By Willy Boban - 1 hour ago

I got the 1 on the left with the tats. Ya could have the other 1.

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Image inside First Look At The Son Goku x adidas ZX500 RM

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gear | By AndrewTHEgreaT - 3 hours ago

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bx members react to the new four loko capriccio bubbly sangria

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misc | By messy marv stan - 3 hours ago

visit this link .. ial-media-buzz

Have you consumed Capriccio Bubbly Sangria?

Twitter users have been describing the Florida Caribbean Distillers beverage -- which is 13.9 percent alcohol by volume -- in various posts.

“This drink must have some secret s*** they don’t include in the ingredients cause this wild asf ” one person said last week in a now-viral tweet, INSIDER reported.

Florida Caribbean Distillers' national sales director Dave Steiner spoke to Fox News. He called the drink “all-natural sangria made from 100 percent fruit juice and grape wine,” adding that it doesn’t have any additives or preservatives.

Capriccio Bubbly Sangria, however, has received other descriptions on Twitter.

“That Capriccio Sangria is the new Four Loko” another Twitter user claimed, adding that they are “here for it.”

Steiner had a different take on the sangria being the “next” version of the drink.

“It’s not a comparison that we make,” he said, adding that the company “can’t certainly control what happens in social media.”

Curious about the sangria? Twitter has you covered with an array of reviews.

“Kay so about the Capriccio its all true it is VERY true,” a user chimed in. “It is the effects of a fourloko but the taste of wine with the sparkle of champagne. Get it. Its worth it. Two or chugging one will have you straight for a WHOLE night.”

“Ok so these capriccio bubblies taste like a fruit punch four loko. Nothing too serious with the taste but one bottle WILL F*** YOU UP," another person weighed in. “Idk what’s worse that or 4lokos.”

“I had two Friday and woke up the next morning on the kitchen floor with a chicken tender in my hand,” one review said

Not everyone felt the same way.

“my final verdict on the capriccio is that I will not spend $11.28 on that again,” a Twitter user wrote. “If someone else buys it I will drink it. As a starter. It doesn’t even get me tipsy so thanks for nothing.”

“Ehh, it was okay,” another consumer said when replying to the viral May 12 tweet. “It’s really not worth the hype.”

“All alcoholic beverages affect every person differently,” Steiner said, citing “age, gender, weight and food consumption” as factors.

He said the company is unable to “speak to every specific instance of how the product affects someone,” but that it recommends drinking responsibly and knowing your tolerance.

Steiner, who described the sangria as a “premium product,” said the company is “very proud of it, and very humbled by the sudden hype.”

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DJ Akademiks bullies 9 year old into apologizing

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hiphop | By Joey96 - 3 hours ago

This nigga is mad corny, calling a 9 y/o a bi*ch? Really?

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NBA How would this All Euroleague team do in NBA?

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sports | By OscaRR - 3 hours ago

First team

PG Nick Calathes 15-8-4; 29 y/o USA/Greece
SG Nando de Colo 17-4-2; 30 y/o France
SF Luka Dončić 16-5-4; 19 y/o Slovenia, Euroleague MVP
PF Tornike Shengelia 14-6-2; 26 y/o Georgia
C Jan Veselý 13-5-2; 28 y/o Czech Republic

2nd Team

PG Sergio Rodríguez 14-5-2; 31 y/o Spain
PG/SG Kevin Pangos 13-6-3; 25 y/o Canada/Slovenia
PG/SG Vassilis Spanoulis 14-6-2; 35 y/o Greece
PG/SG Alexey Shved 22-5-3;29 y/o Russia
C Paulius Jankūnas 12-5-1; 34 y/o Lithuania

Nick Calathes played 2 seasons for Grizzlies. Averaged 5-3-2-1 shooting 44-39-59.
Nando de Colo played 2 seasons for Spurs and 1 for Raps. 4-2-2 on 43-36-84 shooting.
Luka Dončić is 19 year old who might be 1st overall pick in next draft and is "best Euro prospect ever".
Tornike Shengelia spent 2 years in NBA with Nets and Bulls averaged pretty much nothing.
Jan Veselý 3 years in NBA with 4 points and 4 boards.

Sergio Rodríguez, 5 years in NBA.
Kevin Pangos played 4 years for Bulldogs.
Vassilis Spanoulis selected for record 8th All Euroleague team. Played for Rockets one season.
Alexey Shved 3 years in NBA. Was Knicks' 2nd best player for some 15 games
Paulius Jankūnas never played in NBA.

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Video inside So while I was high. (still am...) I discovered a game called Gravity Rush 2...

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games | By Doc Logical - 3 hours ago

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Most dangerous gym fails :obamalmao:

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misc | By Lonny Breaux - 3 hours ago

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Video inside Woah: Pitbulls Show Exactly How Powerful Their Jaw Strength Is!

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wild'ish | By Eviction Notice - 3 hours ago

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Image inside Mother of Three

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eyecandy | By squirtofkahlua - 1 hour ago

You’ve had good but I can give you better 😏

A post shared by therealcateyes (@therealcateyes) on


A post shared by therealcateyes (@therealcateyes) on

Ain’t gotta use lip gloss 😎

A post shared by therealcateyes (@therealcateyes) on

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