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#1 Sep 27 - R Kelly found GUILTY on all charges

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  @news      By Kodack sixnine      2 hours ago

visit this link https://www.reuters.com/w .. se-2021-09-27/

NEW YORK, Sept 27 (Reuters) - R. Kelly was convicted by a federal jury on Monday of racketeering in his s*x trafficking trial, where prosecutors accused the R&B singer of exploiting his stardom over a quarter-century to lure women and underage girls into his orbit for s*x.

Known for the 1996 Grammy-winning smash "I Believe I Can Fly," Kelly, 54, pleaded not guilty to a racketeering charge and eight counts of violating a federal law making it illegal to transport people across state lines for prostitution.

Prosecutors tried to portray Kelly as a predator who over a quarter century used his fame and charisma to lure women and underage girls into his sphere, and then subject his victims to violent physical and s*xual abuse, some of which he recorded.

Defense lawyers countered that Kelly was generous with those around him, and said his accusers are liars looking for a payday through book contracts or the media after their relationships with Kelly or hoped-for music careers never took off.

So fu*king happy

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#2   Project Pat explains why Drake father will never get touched in Memphis

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@hiphop      By Ramil773      2 hours ago

Project Pat talk about how the Drake "Knife Talk" Collaboration happened and why Drake's dad will never get touched in Memphis

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#3  Kanye west album flops

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@hiphop      By Presidents      2 hours ago

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#4   Kim Kardashian in the 90s , she was always down for the culture

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  @hiphop      By outstanding      5 hours ago

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#5 Beal Is Not Vaxxed

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@sports      By droid3000      54 mins ago

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#6   Salt Bae London Restaurant extorting folks

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@wild'ish      By Mobfiggaz      5 hours ago

fu*k this clown!

Someone tell me how it's Ł12 just for a red bull. n*ggas below on some fake Bill Gates sh*t trying to justify these absurd prices. fu*k your life. Trying to live for social media getting caught up in the hype.

You can go to Michelin star restaurants in London and get the best food in the city, it still won't be a fraction of the price. I understand you n*ggas are groupies trying to be in Salt Baes restaurant paying all that money for the chance he takes a picture with you.

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#7  Sep 27 - Illegal massage parlors outnumber Starbucks 2 to 1 in NYC

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@news      By Sin      4 hours ago

In one of New York’s toniest neighborhoods, just a few blocks from the Brooklyn federal courthouse, a shady massage parlor is hidden in plain view.

The Ming Happy Spa on Montague Street, conspicuously open until 1 a.m. seven nights a week, is next door to a high-end women’s boutique and operates an innocuous second-floor storefront that sees a steady stream of well-dressed male clientele late into the night.

The alleged illicit massage business in the upscale neighborhood is one of at least 629 others currently operating across the five boroughs — a network of illegal enterprises so vast, they outnumber Starbucks 2 to 1 citywide, according to data from Heyrick Research.

For every Starbucks that’s in the five boroughs, there are at least two IMBs. In Queens, which has at least 269 open brothels, the illicit businesses outnumber Starbucks 5 to 1, the data from the intelligence-driven counter-trafficking organization that focuses exclusively on the illicit massage industry shows.

Like many other IMBs, the Ming Happy Spa looks innocent enough from Montague Street’s sidewalk. Mainstream chains like UPS and CityMD neighbor the business on the bustling block and stock art of men, women and couples receiving luxurious massages are displayed on the windows alongside the business’s phone number, hours and address.

But earlier this summer, a local teenager in search of an affordable massage after a boxing session at Gleason’s Gym wandered in and noticed the hallmarks of a place offering more than spa services.

“[There was] only one woman working there. She asked me what I wanted and I simply said an hour-long back massage,” 17-year-old Matthew Kodsi told The Post.

“She asked me several times if I wanted anything ‘other than the massage,’ including a shower beforehand. I said no, just the massage.”

Kodsi, whose family has lived in the neighborhood for over 50 years, quickly started to notice other red flags.

“She requested payment up front and tried negotiating a tip, starting at 40 percent, but I requested she keep it at 20 percent. The one-woman show, mixed with the strange negotiations of service and payment, made me uneasy,” the teen explained.

Once Kodsi was on the table, the worker received “half a dozen calls” during the first 20 minutes from a man she said was inebriated and “begging for an appointment,” and about halfway through the massage, the man burst into the room and demanded services in slurred speech.

“She told him to wait in the street and he left to go back downstairs. It was very clear to me at that point that this particular parlor had gained a reputation amongst men looking for a certain attention late at night,” Kodsi said.

Kodsi’s mother, Rachel Foster, is the co-founder of the anti-trafficking group World Without Exploitation — so the teen grew up learning about what the s*x trade looks like and helped start the group’s youth coalition.

“When I was in the space, it took me a moment but then I quickly connected the dots,” Kodsi said.

“There seemed to be no issue with teenagers going into the space and paying for whatever ‘services’ they were offering. If I had not been a WorldWE youth leader, making videos and educating kids about these issues, I’m not sure I would have picked up on what was happening in the way I did,” he continued.

“What this establishment does is normalize prostitution and suggest that, for a price, women can be bought by men so long as they have the financial resources to do so … The money paid for s*x doesn’t buy the consent of these women, only their compliance.”

The Ming Happy Spa has a heavy online footprint advertising “s*xy” “full-body” massages from “beautiful” “Asian masseuses.” On a popular s*x buyer review website, a sort of Yelp for “happy ending” massage businesses, the location has over a dozen reviews, the most recent from Aug. 4.

In all of the reviews, the men claim they paid $60 for the massage and between $40 and $50 for the alleged s*x act that came at the end and described in repulsive detail what groping they were allowed to do, how skilled the workers were and their overall rating of the experience. When reached by phone, the spa declined comment.

Hundreds of such businesses across the five boroughs, from the Upper East Side to Staten Island, are reviewed on the website and many of them allegedly sell full-service s*x, not just post-massage masturbation, the reviews indicate.

Experts told The Post the prevalence of these establishments, and their ability to operate in plain sight with impunity, reflects an unofficial, citywide shift toward the decriminalization of the s*x trade. It coincided with a push from City Hall and three district attorneys to no longer prosecute people in prostitution because many of them are forced into the trade either as children or out of economic desperation as adults.

While many anti-trafficking advocates, politicians and experts largely agree that people in prostitution shouldn’t be re-victimized with an arrest, they say unfettered demand is what keeps pimps and traffickers supplying a steady stream of trafficked women for sale and is what keeps the industry thriving. There is no indication that the women at Ming Happy were trafficked.

First revealed in The Post’s expose of an open-air s*x market in East New York, arrests for s*x buyers and pimps have all but dried up citywide, according to data from the state Division of Criminal Justice Services. In 2018, there were 1,130 arrests for patronizing a prostitute and promoting prostitution, and in 2019, there were 623. By 2020, that number dropped by about 50 percent to 316, and as of July 16, there were just 30 such arrests citywide, the numbers show.

“When you remove any veil of accountability, the demand [for s*x] is going to go up because now there’s zero fear of consequence. In many ways, by default you are almost putting a stamp of approval and acceptance on it and that to me is alarming,” Chris Muller-Tabanera, national director of Heyrick Research, told The Post.

“What I think is often misunderstood in the broader conversation is, yes, we don’t want to keep arresting those who may already be vulnerable or exploited, but by taking all eyes off the industry, you’re giving a free pass to buyers, you’re almost giving your consent to it and [IMB] managers are probably just counting their money like giddy schoolboys.”

Mayor Bill de Blasio has been vague about whether he supports full decriminalization, which would legalize the illicit spas and remove penalties for s*x buyers, or partial decriminalization, which removes penalties for s*x workers but still outlaws s*x-buying, pimping and brothel-owning.

In March, the lame-duck mayor outlined a series of police reforms that included some proposed changes to how s*x work is policed — but they didn’t specifically address illicit massage businesses or s*x buying. Shortly after, the Coalition Against Women in Trafficking criticized the proposed policy changes, saying de Blasio is “de facto supporting s*x-trade decriminalization, which would green-light s*x-buying, s*x tourism, commercial s*x establishments and third-party profiteers.”

The NYPD did not return a request for comment seeking more information on the work they’re doing to arrest s*x buyers and pimps and shut down IMBs, nor did City Hall.

A spokesperson for the Kings County District Attorney’s Office said they continue to “aggressively prosecute traffickers and offers services” to people in the s*x trade but noted long-term investigations into the owners of IMBs and undercover operations “have proven challenging for various reasons, including the complex nature of those illegal enterprises.”

“The reality is that law enforcement alone cannot effectively address the intractable issue of massage parlors and prostitution; it requires a multi-agency approach or an amended legal framework,” the spokesperson said.

“In years past, specific community complaints have led to operations that shuttered some establishments but yielded very few trafficking cases. We have not received similar complaints in recent years.”

Yvonne Chen, the director of private sector engagement with the anti-child s*x trafficking group ECPAT-USA, spent years working with Chinese women trafficked in IMBs and agreed the industry is incredibly complex and differs from traditional s*x trafficking.

“I think it’s important to recognize that America is very Westernized, and it is about the individual and it is about my own rights … but a lot of people are coming from communities, specifically in East Asian culture, [which is centered] around collectivism,” Chen told The Post.

She said the people who are trafficked in IMBs are often vulnerable immigrants who came to the US so they could make more money for their families or help sick relatives and are often tricked into working at massage businesses under the premise that they are traditional spas.

“So the first, like, first few days might be what they would consider normal, like nothing abnormal happened, they were treated well, everything was kind of fine and then there would be a special customer or an old customer that came in, that then ended up wanting extra services and that’s when a lot of the coercion would happen,” Chen explained.

“Exploiters or traffickers would say, ‘Well, you know, this is a customer, like, we want to make sure they’re happy, if they’re not happy, you know, we might take money out’ or ‘Don’t you want to support your family? This is really the only job’ or they might even threaten to tell their community, things like that and then some people might get a*saulted, or r*ped or harassed and then after that comes a lot of the shame,” she continued.

“Shame is a word that I feel like in the English term doesn’t necessarily portray how heavy that is for someone … shame is so heavy and it can really paralyze someone into feeling like they can’t even share anything.”

Chen said the level of coercion that trafficked women in IMBs face is much more nuanced than traditional trafficking and exploiters don’t need to rely on violence to keep victims under their control. In many instances, they threaten to report them to immigration or their families and tell them the police will deport them if they try to call them.

When police do target IMBs, Chen said that often there were more arrests for trafficked women than customers, which “caused a lot of distrust in the community.”

While arresting buyers and traffickers is one way to target the IMB industry, Chen said the people who end up trafficked need more options and services so their vulnerability isn’t targeted by exploiters.

“I think employment opportunities, living wage opportunities, and things like that should definitely be a focus,” Chen said.

“You can’t tell someone to leave a situation if you don’t have something else that’s better and I think that’s something that we have to acknowledge as a society.”

visit this link https://nypost.com/2021/0 .. rbucks-in-nyc/

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#8   Tyron Woodley got the Jake Paul tattoo.

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@sports      By A T      4 hours ago

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#9  Fredrick Douglas hair cut the new wave

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@wild'ish      By outstanding      54 mins ago

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#10  Jadakiss runs into Saitama

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  @hiphop      By CJ Schwarz      5 hours ago

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#11   They just teared Bears HC Matt Nagy a new as-hole on ESPN’s GETUP 🐻 📺

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  @sports      By theFREAK      4 hours ago

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#12  Jury Finds R. Kelly Guilty On All Counts In s*x-Trafficking Trial, Faces Decades In Prison

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@hiphop      By Avon_Barksdale      54 mins ago

After decades of s*xual abuse allegations, R. Kelly has been held legally accountable for the first time. The 54-year-old R&B singer was found guilty on all counts with a jury of seven men and five women returning the verdict on Monday afternoon after less than two full days of deliberations.

Kelly was found guilty on one count of racketeering and eight counts of violating the Mann Act, an interstate anti-s*x trafficking law. He stood accused of s*xual exploitation of a child, bribery and kidnapping among other disturbing crimes.

According to the New York Times, the "I Believe I Can Fly" crooner "sat motionless in the courtroom" when the verdict was read. He wore a mask in court due to COVID-19 safety protocols.

The singer, who has long denied misconduct allegations against him, was accused of s*xually abusing women, girls and boys.

Prosecutors argued Kelly "used lies, manipulation, threats and physical abuse to dominate his victims" and that his inner circle "served as enablers for his criminal conduct" while he ran his criminal enterprise.

The six-week trial saw 11 accusers take the stand against Kelly, six of whom were minors when the alleged abuse took place. Two were male.

He was directly charged for crimes related to just six women who formed the government's case, one being the late singer Aaliyah. Prosecutors claimed the two were illegally married when he was 27 and his protégé was 15.

Kelly will be sentenced in Brooklyn federal court on May 4, 2022.

Story developing...

visit this link https://www.yahoo.com/ent .. 194002158.html

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#13 WR Josh Gordon, who is being reinstated, is planning to sign with the Kansas City Chiefs🚨🚨

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@sports      By theFREAK      54 mins ago

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#14 2022 Ferrari SF90 Stradale - Sound, Interior and Exterior

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@rides      By realgunta      2 hours ago

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#15 Sep 27 - House Committee Will Vote On Federal Marijuana Legalization Bill This Week.

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@news      By LuxG1      2 hours ago

A bill to federally legalize marijuana will be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee next week, the panel announced on Friday.

The development comes one day after the House voted in favor of a defense spending bill that includes an amendment that would protect banks that service state-legal cannabis businesses from being penalized by federal regulators.

Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler’s (D-NY) Marijuana Opportunity, Reinvestment and Expungement (MORE) Act will receive a markup on Wednesday. The panel will consider a dozen pieces of legislation during the meeting, according to a press release. That includes his bill to “decriminalize marijuana federally and invest in communities that have been disproportionately harmed by the War on Drugs,” Nadler said.

“Many of these bills were reported out of the committee and passed by the full House of Representatives last Congress, and I look forward to working with all my colleagues once again to get these bills through Congress and on to the president’s desk,” the chairman said.

Nadler’s cannabis legislation passed the House last year but did not advance in the Senate under GOP control. This time around, advocates are optimistic that something like the chairman’s bill could be enacted now that Democrats run both chambers and the White House, and as more states are moving to enact legalization.

The legislation would remove marijuana from the Controlled Substances Act (CSA), allow people with cannabis convictions to have their records expunged and create a federal tax on marijuana with the revenue going to support community reinvestment and other programs.

It also contains language to create a pathway for resentencing for those incarcerated for cannabis offenses, protect immigrants from being denied citizenship over marijuana and prevent federal agencies from denying public benefits or security clearance due to its use.

“We are excited to see Chairman Nadler and House leadership move forward once again with passing the MORE Act,” Justin Strekal, political director of NORML, said. “Public support and state-policy demand for repealing federal marijuana criminalization has never been higher and Congressional action on this legislation is long overdue. The days of federal marijuana prohibition are numbered.”

There’s been some contention between advocates and stakeholders on which reform should come first: the bipartisan banking legislation that’s cleared the House in some form five times now or the comprehensive legalization bill that passed the chamber for the first time late last year.

Legalization advocates do want to see legislation from Rep. Ed Perlmutter (D-CO) become enacted, as there are public safety problems caused by all-cash businesses and it would take an important step toward normalizing the growing industry. But social equity-minded activists argue that advancing the incremental reform first would mainly benefit large marijuana businesses without addressing the harms of cannabis criminalization.

The fate of the banking proposal will likely be decided in conference with the Senate, which has not included the policy change in its National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) and where key lawmakers have insisted that they will push for broader reform before allowing the incremental change to be enacted.

Separately, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY), Finance Committee Chairman Ron Wyden (R-OR) and Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ) are also leading the charge on a legalization bill in their chamber. But weeks after a public comment period on a draft version of the proposal closed, finalized text has yet to be formally filed—and it’s far from certain that Schumer will be able to find enough votes to advance the comprehensive reform through his chamber.

It should be noted that President Joe Biden remains firmly opposed to adult-use marijuana legalization. While he supports more modest reforms such as decriminalizing cannabis, expunging prior records and letting states set their own marijuana policies, there’s an open question about whether he would be moved to sign a broad bill like the MORE Act or the Senate legalization legislation should such a proposal reach his desk.

With respect to the MORE Act, the latest version does not include language that was added just before last year’s House floor vote that would have prevented people with previous cannabis convictions from obtaining federal permits to operate marijuana businesses. That was a contentious provision that appeared at the last minute and which advocates strongly opposed.

And whereas the the prior version of the legislation contained language to help economically disadvantaged people enter the legal marijuana market, that language was revised to extend Small Business Administration (SBA) aid—such as loans, financial literacy programs and job training—to help people who have been harmed by the war on drugs pursue business opportunities in any industry, not just cannabis.

Advocates are encouraged by the new revisions to the bill, but there are still additional components they hope to see changed as it goes through the legislative process. For example, they also took issue with provisions added to the MORE Act prior to last year’s vote that would have stipulated that cannabis can still be included in drug testing programs for federal workers.

The current version of the MORE Act has 66 cosponsors, including seven lawmakers that signed on this week. All are Democrats.

Separately, a proposal to federally deschedule marijuana that does not include social equity components was filed by a pair of Republican congressmen in May.

visit this link https://www.marijuanamome .. form-advances/

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#16  LEAK: PS Plus October 2021 Games - Hell Let Loose (PS5), Mortal Kombat X and PGA TOUR 2K21

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@games      By Marcus      2 hours ago

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#17   Mgk gets booed off stage at louder than life 2021

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@wild'ish      By HitmanBeats      2 hours ago

According to TMZ, the sudden hatred has several root causes, including his recent career pivot into the rock scene. Apparently, some fans are upset by the change, while others are simply throwing shade because they think it was a necessary decision after a “questionable” rap career.

Another reason for the heckling would have to be the shade that Kelly recently threw at Slipknot recently, when he said he was happy to not be a 50-year-old wearing a mask, as the band’s members do while on stage.

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#18   Halloween: 5 Questions We Have Before The New Trilogy

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@movies      By Eclectic      2 hours ago

"Michael Myers haunted her in October 1977. It was a great homecoming for the franchise despite it being the eleventh Halloween film. The movie was so successful it spawned an all-new trilogy starring Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie and Michael Myers or “The Shape” against the backdrop of where it all began: Haddonfield, Illinois. The second film Halloween k*lls comes this October and it concludes with Halloween Ends (due out in 2022). Ahead of more Halloween movies unfolding, we have a few questions to talk about.

Halloween k*lls will pick up right where 2018’s Halloween left off, which had Laurie Strode, her daughter and granddaughter setting their house on fire, hoping for The Shape to go up in flames with it. In true tradition for the slasher character, of course he’s not dead yet. As we go into the next two films, here’s the major questions we have about the horror franchise’s next steps.

How Will The Haddonfield Townspeople Move The Plot Forward In Halloween k*lls?

If you’ve been following the Halloween k*lls marketing closely, you may be aware that the movie will bring together the townspeople of Haddonfield rather than solely our original scream queen. Laurie Strode has some injuries to attend to, but the rest of the town will wrestle with their own traumas with Michael Myers in Halloween k*lls when it hits theaters and Peacock this October.

The key question that comes with this is how this element will be important to the Halloween trilogy at hand. Remember this Halloween trilogy is ignoring all the other movies from the franchise prior to the original movie, however there are a few characters in Halloween k*lls that fans will remember from subsequent movies to the 1977 classic. Will Halloween k*lls actually decide to interconnect with the other nine movies? And how exactly will getting other townspeople involved raise the stakes for Halloween Ends. So far my rough guess is that Michael goes on a serious Haddonfield rampage in this one leaving Laurie no choice but to k*ll that beast.

Will There Be Any Explanation As To Why The Shape Persists?

Halloween is one of those movie series that doesn’t necessarily do well with too many injections of logic. Even so, I’m quite curious if Halloween k*lls and Halloween Ends will go this route as it finishes up the trilogy. Will we find out why The Shape continues to survive and persist to k*ll all that surrounds him and especially Laurie Strode? Does he in fact have a vendetta of some kind against Haddonfield or will it continue to be a mystery?

Throughout the franchise, Michael Myers has been defined as “pure evil.” John Carpenter once described the icon as “almost a supernatural force” that is “unkillable.” Oof… that doesn’t sound good for Laurie Strode. Back to my own guesses, as a longtime fan of the franchise and the awareness that this Halloween trilogy is very much a tribute to the original, I don’t see there being some grand reveal as to why Michael Myers is unstoppable, but I wouldn’t hate a good old fashioned twist in Halloween Ends.

Will Michael Myers Be Unmasked By The End Of The Trilogy?

That brings me to this next question. Will Halloween Ends dare unmask Michael Myers? In the latest trailer on the film, there is a huge tease that his mask will come off as Laurie says she wants to see his face as he dies. (At this point I wonder if it's just an empty space above his neck). Even so, the franchise has sought to build the character’s backstory before and it’s not unfathomable that David Gordon Green’s version could go this route.

In the sixth film, 1995’s The Curse of Michael Myers the explanation decided on is that The Shape was cursed with the “Thorn” from Gaelic lore and he must k*ll his next-of-kin every Halloween. Welp, but fans didn’t like the backstory and Halloween’s timeline was partially backtracked after that film with Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, which brought back Jamie Lee Curtis and changed up the timeline. It ended with Michael k*lling Laurie in 2002’s Resurrection. Between that movie and the current timeline, Rob Zombie completely rebooted the series in the early '00s with two films. All that messy context is a reminder that “unveiling” Michael Myers has never landed quite yet.

Will Laurie Strode k*ll Michael Myers Or Die Trying?

Last time Jamie Lee Curtis’ Laurie Strode returned to the Halloween franchise, as we just reminded, she in fact died trying to escape Michael Myers. Will history repeat itself again with Halloween Ends? It seems like it would be an uninspired conclusion for Universal to revitalize Laurie Strode’s story only to k*ll her off again. But at the same time, Michael Myers being defeated doesn’t necessarily follow with the definition of the character and him remaining a horrifying slasher antagonist. You can’t really k*ll “pure evil” can you?

Perhaps the key to all of this is Laurie Strode confronting her trauma and finding a healthy way to bury it without Michael Myers necessarily dying once and for all? This is a tough one to predict, thankfully I’m not the one in the writer’s room here, because I’m not even sure how I’d like Halloween Ends to play out.

Will Halloween Ends Really Be The Last Of The Franchise?

That brings us to one final, but ultimate question. Should Halloween Ends end the franchise here? This depends on a lot of factors that cannot be predicted, but from where I see it Hollywood can’t k*ll this horror beast. Sure, this trilogy could end with the death of Michael Myers, but because the character is so written in the fabric of slashers, filmmakers will want to resurrect him one way or another. But at least this Halloween trilogy can try to finally do some justice to Laurie Strode’s legacy and finish her arc 45 years later in a way that will please fans.

Halloween k*lls comes to theaters and Peacock on October 15 and Halloween Ends is set to be released a year later on October 14, 2022."

visit this link https://www.cinemablend.c .. w-trilogy-ends

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#19 [Fat Loss] And this was when I knew I gained too much weight..

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@misc      By YoungRay20      1 hour ago

Situation 1

Randon stranger: excuse me big guy

n*gga, i'm barely 6'0 in timberlands.

Situation 2:

My 4 year old daughter: You look like daddy pig.

I'm about 198-205

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#20 So you’re telling me 50 CENT recorded the BMF theme tune in 2010? 10 YEARS AGO?

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@hiphop      By GrgeClrk      53 mins ago

This man really doesn’t give a fu*k about music no more

Didn’t even re-record his fu*king verse

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