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Jeezy Sets the Record Straight With Budden and Akademiks | Everyday Struggle

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NBA Lonzo Ball still disrespecting Nas

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sports | By BxDon - 1 hour ago

Lonzo wearing a hoodie with his face on Nas’ album as he heads into MSG 🗽👀(via @lakers)

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Video inside Jay Z's Tidal Is Running Out Of Cash & On Verge Of Bankruptcy, Lost $368 Million This Yr

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hiphop | By HolyFatherSteve - 1 hour ago


A new report from Norway’s Dagens Næringsliv claims that Tidal is running out of money while user growth has stalled. The report suggests that Tidal may only have around six months of working capital left.

In a statement to The Verge, a Tidal spokesperson said, “We have experienced negative stories about Tidal since its inception and we have done nothing but grow the business each year.”

Tidal reportedly lost NOK$368 million (around $44 million) before taxes last year, according to DN. Still, for comparison, Spotify’s 2016 losses were around $581 million, though revenue was around $3 billion.

At the start of this year, Sprint purchased a 33 percent stake in Tidal. At the time, Jay Z’s business partner and Roc Nation Sports president Juan Perez reportedly said that the Sprint investment gave Tidal “sufficient working capital for the next 12-18 months,” according to DN. Tidal reportedly claims it will break even soon and then achieve profitability in mid-2018.

Tidal has not given any public subscriber updates in the months since the Sprint investment. Earlier this year, Dagens Næringsliv also reported that Tidal had been inflating subscriber numbers. Tidal claimed in 2016 that it had 3 million subscribers, but DN found that the number was closer to 1 million. In 2016, Jay Z said that the company he bought Tidal from had also been inflating numbers.

Meanwhile, Spotify announced this summer that it had more than 60 million subscribers, while Apple Music has more than 30 million.
visit this link .. int-investment

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NBA What’s waiting for LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball in Lithuania

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sports | By jlandryst - 1 hour ago

Here’s what the Ball brothers have waiting for them in Lithuania.

With LaVar Ball orchestrating his sons’ basketball careers, both LiAngelo, 19, and LaMelo, 16, reportedly will play professionally for Lithuanian club Prienu Vytautas, a club founded in 1994 and not considered one of Europe’s heavy hitters. The financially struggling team has gone just 4-8 in the Lithuanian league so far this season.

“There’s not a lot of structure,” ESPN reporter Jeff Goodman said in a tweet, reporting what he heard from players familiar with the Lithuanian team. “The coach goes crazy, yells and screams all the time. … he’s crazy.”

Former Canisius College star Billy Baron, who competed for Team USA at the 2017 FIBA Americup, backed up Goodman’s tweet, sharing his shady experience with Virginijus Šeškus, BC Prienai’s head coach.

Prienu Vytautas plays in a 1,700-seat arena where tickets cost around 5 euros (about $5.87). For comparison, the Knicks’ G-League affiliate, the Westchester Knicks, plays in a 5,000-seat arena.

Luckily for the Ball family, distractions shouldn’t be a problem overseas. Located in Prienai, the small southern town harbors about 10,000 people and seems to be the polar opposite of Los Angeles.

“There is nothing in the village where the team is,” Goodman said, quoting a former player of the team. “No restaurants, malls, nothing really.”

Despite the concerns, Toronto Raptors center Jonas Valanciunas said he thinks the Ball brothers will do well in his home country.

“They are giving themselves a great opportunity,” Valanciunas said. “Lithuania is a beautiful country. … It’s high-level basketball, so we’ll see how they do it.”

Valanciunas, now an established NBA veteran, won a Lithuanian league championship in 2010 and is a three-time Lithuanian Basketball Player of the Year.

The path to Lithuania started in China, where LiAngelo Ball was busted for shoplifting and suspended indefinitely by UCLA. An impatient LaVar yanked LiAngelo from UCLA and, determined to have his two youngest sons play together, signed both with an agent and started their professional careers.

The Ball patriarch also pulled LaMelo out of Chino Hills High in October after a disagreement with the basketball coach.

visit this link .. -in-lithuania/

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NFL The Explicit Details of Accusations Vs NFL Network Employees

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sports | By illmatic826xx - 54 minutes ago

visit this link .. abb-weinberger

As the “#MeToo” movement has empowered victims of sexual harassment and assault to speak up, a number of prominent individuals in the business, entertainment, media and political worlds—most notably Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey—have been implicated. On Tuesday, several noteworthy figures in the sports broadcasting world were also implicated. Jami Cantor, a former wardrobe stylist for the NFL Network, filed an amended complaint in Los Angeles Superior Court against NFL Enterprises. In it, she names producers and on-air talent as subjecting her to unlawful discrimination and retaliation. Those named include former executive producer Eric Weinberger,

who is now president of the Bill Simmons Media Group, as well as current and former on-air TV analysts Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, Warren Sapp and Heath Evans.

Cantor, whom the NFL Network fired for allegedly stealing property and who filed an original (and less detailed) complaint in October, demands financial compensation for non-economic injuries related to mental suffering, emotional anguish and humiliation as well as economic injuries for loss of wages, salary, benefits, back pay, front pay and future lost income and benefits. Bloomberg first reported on Cantor's suit.


The details shared in Cantor’s amended complaint are deeply disturbing. Before describing them, it is worth noting that they are allegations at this stage and have not—yet—been proven in court. With that caveat in mind, Cantor, through her attorneys Laura Horton and Flor Dery, levels serious accusations against her former employer. For example, she charges that Weinberger sent her nude pictures and would also text her with comments such as saying she “was put on earth to pleasure [him].” Cantor also contends that Evans sent her nude photos. If Cantor possesses these texts, it would be very powerful evidence of discrimination and a hostile work environment.

Other allegations in Cantor’s complaint are based not on physical or electronic evidence but rather on her recollections of events and conversations. For instance, she claims that Faulk would ask her “deeply personal and invasive questions about [her] sex life, such as her favorite sex position, whether she liked oral sex, and whether she dated black men.” Cantor also asserts that Faulk would greet her by “fondling her breasts and groping her behind.”

Cantor also recalls Sapp urinating in front of her in the restroom and telling her “Sorry mama, but your office shouldn’t be our s****er.” Further, she claims that Evans would make sexually inappropriate comments to her, such as “you’re making me horny,” and that he “needed to get in you deep and hard.” Cantor charges that her complaints about this alleged misconduct did not lead to corrective action. Cantor's recitation of facts also implicates Eric Davis and Donovan McNabb, both of whom host radio shows on ESPN Radio. Davis, Cantor asserts, made lewd comments around her while McNabb allegedly sent her inappropriate texts.

Cantor’s employment with the NFL Network ended in October 2016, when she was fired after being accused of stealing clothes. Cantor categorically denies the accusation and insists that the NFL Network fired her as punishment for not going along with the abuse.
Cantor also contends that the NFL Network has defamed her and made it difficult for her to obtain other work. Further, Cantor points out that her age is relevant in how she was treated: she was 51 years old when fired and was replaced by a 30-year-old employee.


Cantor’s amended complaint contains 11 “causes of action,” also known as claims. Most of the claims contend that Cantor was subjected to discrimination on the basis of her gender and age, or that she was subjected to sexual harassment and a hostile workplace. She also includes a claim for defamation.

In arguing that she was subjected to discrimination, Cantor charges that she was treated less favorably than others because of her gender and age. NFL Network supervisors and employees, Cantor asserts, conspired to engage in such discrimination. Their “cold” and “callous” misconduct, Cantor claims, was designed to both humiliate and degrade her and to bully her into submission. Cantor also highlights that even NFL Network supervisors who themselves did not partake in misconduct were either aware of it happening or should have been aware. They, Cantor stresses, “failed to take immediate and appropriate corrective action.” From a legal standpoint, Cantor’s lawsuit would more likely prevail if she can prove that she alerted her supervisors about misconduct and they ignored or downplayed her concerns.

Evidence also matters. As mentioned above, if Cantor possesses the implicating texts sent by her male co-workers, she would have a powerful argument that her gender led to disparate—and hostile—treatment. Cantor also believes that pretrial discovery would lead to evidence showing that she was not the only victim. She believes there has been a “a statistically significant disparate impact on persons [who work at the NFL Network] based on their age and/or sex/gender.” A claim about a hostile work environment is normally strengthened if it can be shown that similarly situated employees were subjected to similarly unlawful treatment.

Cantor also stresses that the NFL Network retailed against her for complaining. She contends that being subjected to “bullying, humiliating, mocking, and belittling” led to no corrective action. Eventually, as Cantor retells it, she suffered the ultimate form of workplace relationship: she was fired her under false and libelous pretenses.

As to her defamation claim, Cantor charges that the NFL Network has made false representations about her to third persons. Such representations, Cantor asserts, include “accusations that Plaintiff violated company policies, stole company property, and nobody should work with her.” Cantor contends that such defamatory badmouthing has led to a reputation of her in the industry as a “dishonest and bad employee.” Whether Cantor possesses actual evidence of defamation remains to be seen. Texts, emails and witness statements from persons with whom NFL Network employees communicated would likely be crucial in a trial.


As a starting point, it is interesting that the NFL Network was apparently unable to reach a financial settlement with Cantor before she filed an amended complaint that “named names” and became newsworthy. It’s unclear whether the two sides engaged in settlement negotiations, but most likely they did and it is most likely the NFL Network was warned that names would become public unless a financial settlement was reached. Perhaps the NFL Network is certain that Cantor’s allegations are false or grossly exaggerative and that the network will prevail in court. However, if Cantor possesses the aforementioned texts, she would begin with powerful pieces of evidence. Also, even if her legal arguments are ultimately unproven in court they are nonetheless damaging in and of themselves—particularly in this current social climate. It seems that the NFL Network realizes that as it has suspended Faulk, Evans and Taylor in response to Cantor’s amended complaint and the media attention it is stirring.

The NFL Network offered a statement late Monday night on the allegations: “Marshall Faulk, Ike Taylor, and Heath Evans have been suspended from their duties at NFL Network pending an investigation into these allegations.” An ESPN spokesperson also used similar language: "We are investigating and McNabb and Davis will not appear on our networks as that investigation proceeds.“

In the coming weeks, the NFL Network will respond to Cantor’s amended complaint and will deny her claims. The NFL Network will also ask that the court dismiss Cantor’s lawsuit. If the lawsuit is not dismissed, the case would move to pretrial discovery where current and former NFL Network employees would have to testify under oath and share texts, emails and written notes. Depending on what is “discovered,” pretrial discovery could lead to serious embarrassment for individual persons associated with the NFL Network and possibly for persons associated with affiliated entities—most notably the NFL, which owns the NFL Network. The NFL Network would likely try to settle the case long before such pretrial discovery commences.

The NFL Network will also offer legal defenses. One likely defense will be to portray Cantor’s assertions as factually untrue or as grossly exaggerative. The NFL Network will contend that Cantor can’t show by a preponderance of evidence that any of her claims are true and that her conditions of employment never changed as a result of her interactions with male co-workers. Of course, if Cantor has the aforementioned texts, she begins with at least some damning evidence. If she can also establish her recollections of what NFL Network employees told her or acted around her, she would then obtain additional persuasive evidence of being subjected to discrimination and hostility. Cantor would likely need witnesses, such as former co-workers, to vouch for her recollections—otherwise it could lead to a “she said, he said” evidence problem where it may be unclear to jurors who is telling the truth.

The NFL Network might also bring up mitigating facts. For instance, the company probably has a workplace sexual harassment policy. If NFL Network employees were required to undergo training in the policy, the NFL Network could say that it took reasonable steps for an employer and that it should be judged accordingly. Such an argument would be strengthened if a workplace discrimination policy was actively enforced and if the network could show that there is a track record of employees being sanctioned when they violated the policy.

As an additional defense, the NFL Network might contend that Cantor erred from a procedural standpoint. For example, if Cantor knew that in order to file a sexual harassment complaint at the NFL Network she was obligated to inform the human resources department, but she instead notified a different department or her supervisor, the NFL Network might argue she did not take the necessary steps to notify the company.

The allegations impact multiple media organizations in the near term. Faulk appears on the network’s signature morning show, NFL GameDay Morning, and is one of the most prominent on-air faces. Evans has been part of NFL GameDay Live, which provides in-progress highlights and analysis, each Sunday during the season. McNabb works as a college football analyst for beIn Sports, a host on ESPN Radio and recently appeared as a guest last week on ESPN’s First Take. Davis works for ESPNLA Radio in Los Angeles.

On Tuesday morning, a Ringer spokesperson issued this statement to “These are very serious and disturbing allegations that we were made aware of today. We are placing Eric on leave indefinitely until we have a better understanding of what transpired during his time at the NFL, and we will conduct our own internal investigation.”

This whole sh*t reminded me of how weird this was:

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OT Auburn banned Corey Myers for smashing his players

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sports | By ogballer32 - 1 hour ago

Two days before the sudden retirement of Auburn softball coach Clint Myers last summer, his son, former associate head coach Corey Myers, was banned from the Auburn campus in a strongly worded letter from the university's Title IX office.

"We have determined there is sufficient evidence ... to conclude that you violated the policy prohibiting 'pursuing or engaging in romantic relationships' with more than one student whom you supervised or taught while you were employed as associate head coach of the softball program," wrote Kelley Taylor, Auburn's Title IX coordinator, in a letter dated Aug. 21, 2017, and obtained last week by Outside the Lines.

"We have considered the nature of the violations, which we found to have occurred with more than one student and over an extended period, and have determined that the appropriate sanction is that you are not eligible for rehire by the university at any time," the letter states. "You are banned from campus property and may not attend any university events. Further, you are forbidden from attending any Auburn University softball-related activities or events, whether on- or off-campus."

The letter indicated that Corey Myers had been under investigation since fall 2016, but at that time, Auburn Title IX staff members "found insufficient evidence to conclude the policy was violated."

Although the letter concluded that Corey Myers engaged in inappropriate behavior with multiple students, the university has rejected an assertion that the former associate coach's actions created a hostile environment for other players.

Though she had no inappropriate relationship with Myers, former Auburn softball player Alexa Nemeth filed a Title IX complaint against the university on May 31, 2017, alleging a pattern of sexual harassment that affected the entire team. According to Nemeth's complaint, coach Clint Myers "knowingly let his son Corey Myers have relations and pursue relations with multiple members of the team."

On Oct. 25, Taylor informed Nemeth in a letter that the Title IX office's investigation had produced a finding of "non-responsibility" for Corey Myers. It stated that there was sufficient evidence to "support a finding that unwanted sexual conduct occurred" with other members of the team but not enough evidence to show that Myers' conduct "created a hostile environment for you."

Nemeth has appealed the finding of non-responsibility on numerous procedural grounds, alleging that investigators interviewed only four witnesses, three of whom were acknowledged in the investigators' report to be "very loyal to the Respondent's family."

Clint Myers announced his retirement on Aug. 23, citing in a statement "the importance of spending quality time with my wife, my children and my grandchildren."

On Aug. 26, ESPN reported that Corey Myers had been under investigation by Auburn since September 2016, and that his resignation on March 30 was prompted by players presenting evidence to officials in Auburn's athletic department of an inappropriate relationship with one of their teammates. In his resignation letter, Corey Myers wrote that he could "hopefully return to this great University in the future."

When reached by phone on Monday, Corey Myers declined to comment about the letter banning him from Auburn. He did, however, speak about a letter he wrote to Auburn's Title IX office in answer to Nemeth's appeal, and took issue with the language that found "unwanted sexual conduct had occurred."

"I wrote that I didn't like the way that that was written and hoped that the appellant person would word it differently," he said. "But I was glad to be found non-responsible."

According to both Nemeth and Myers, an arbitrator has been selected for her appeal, and a final ruling is expected soon.

"I just look forward to getting this over with," Nemeth said. "The process has taken a really long time. I'm looking forward to not having to deal with Auburn's Title IX office again."

Taylor, Auburn's Title IX coordinator, wrote in an email that her office doesn't "publicly comment on specific personnel issues involving a violation of university policy."

Former Auburn players have alleged in prior published reports that Corey Myers often returned to the university and its softball program after his resignation, until players confronted his father in a team meeting.

Auburn is the second softball program from which Corey Myers has been formally banned. When Clint Myers was coaching at Arizona State University, his son served as a volunteer coach before being prohibited from serving "in any paid or unpaid capacity in any role with the women's softball program," in a letter sent to his father by then-ASU athletic director Lisa Love in January 2011.

The concerns over Corey Myers at Arizona State were not about inappropriate relationships with players but rather about his use of the program to further his business interests and serving as a volunteer coach without permission, for which ASU self-reported an NCAA violation.

When Clint Myers became Auburn's head coach in 2013, he hired Corey as assistant coach and thanked the university "for giving me and my family this Alabama adventure." Corey Myers was promoted from assistant coach to Auburn's associate head coach in 2016.

On Nov. 3, Jay Jacobs resigned as Auburn's athletic director after months of reports of violations and lawsuits involving not only the softball program, but also track and field, baseball, football and basketball, including the arrest of assistant coach Chuck Person on federal charges stemming from an FBI investigation into bribery and corruption in college basketball. Jacobs is set to leave Auburn on June 1 or when the university finds a replacement.

Clint Myers won two national championships at Arizona State and took Auburn to the Women's College World Series finals against Oklahoma in 2016. Auburn replaced him with former James Madison coach Mickey Dean on Sept. 14.

visit this link .. -banned-school

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Image inside Dec 12 - Sen. Warren tries to defend Gillibrand from Trump. Ends up calling her a Slut...

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news | By abacabb - 1 hour ago

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Article inside Could ‘Fantastic Four’ Be Left Out of Disney and 20th Century Fox’s Impending Deal?

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movies | By SM - 53 minutes ago

Put away your Fantastic Four and Avengers figurines, and roll up your shirt sleeves: We’re going to talk movie rights. One of the biggest deals in the superhero movie landscape could soon take place and it has vast implications for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and beyond.

Disney and 21st Century Fox are finalizing a deal that would see the House of Mouse acquiring the rights to all of Fox’s movie and TV divisions. This ostensibly means that Fox’s superhero franchises like X-Men and Fantastic Four could be folded into Disney’s Marvel Studios — though there are plenty of other chilling implications outside of superhero movies. But while the X-Men movie rights are wholly under the jurisdiction of 20th Century Fox, Fantastic Four is another matter. In fact, because of Fantastic Four‘s long and troubled history with its movie rights, the foursome could be excluded from the Disney-Fox deal altogether.

Who Actually Owns the Fantastic Four?

It’s not 20th Century Fox. Or, it kind of is, but it’s complicated.

The history of Fantastic Four‘s movie rights is a long and storied one, involving a German production company, a never-released Roger Corman B-movie, and a confusing division of rights for Fox.

It’s become well-known comic book movie lore that Marvel battled potential bankruptcy for years, forcing the company to option the movie rights to some of its most popular characters. Spider-Man went to Sony, the X-Men and Daredevil went to 20th Century Fox, Universal received The Hulk. But according to ScreenRant, Stan Lee had such an affection for the Fantastic Four — the team of Mr. Fantastic, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and the Thing were the first characters he created under the Marvel banner — that he set out himself to find a suitable buyer. He landed upon the German production company Constantin Film, whose founder Bernd Eichinger promised Lee that he would option the production rights to the Fantastic Four and the Silver Surfer in 1986, keeping the property as long as a movie adaptation was in production before the end of 1992. Thus began the infamous 7-year statute, which urban myth dictates that a studio could maintain the movie rights to a Marvel property as long as a film was made before the allotted seven years passed. It’s unclear whether each studio that optioned a Marvel property was subject to this deal, though it is how properties like Daredevil and The Punisher were returned to Marvel Studios.

Unable to find a major studio to back a the pricey production that the story deserved, Constantin Films scrambled to enlist famous B-movie director Roger Corman to slap together a low-budget Fantastic Four film so that the studio could retain the movie rights. The movie was bad even for Corman’s tastes and the studio kept it in the vault, barely seen outside of a few illegal copies — though it has gained enough infamy to have a truly fantastic documentary made about its demise called Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman’s The Fantastic Four.

But you probably noticed that there wasn’t a new Fantastic Four movie made in 1999 — the next film to come out would be 2005’s Fantastic Four under 20th Century Fox. How did 20th Century Fox inherit the rights to this troubled property? In 1999, Constantin formed a partnership with Fox to approach Marvel with a deal. Marvel, still reeling from its mid-’90s bankruptcy, agreed to extend the option to two more years, while Fox and Constantin collectively share the movie rights.

What Does This Mean for Fantastic Four in the Disney/Fox Deal?

That, we can’t be sure of. It’s uncertain how strictly Constantin Film and 20th Century Fox divide ownership, though for the past three films, Constantin has handled production while Fox has distributed the films theatrically. theorizes that “Constantin retains the production rights first sold to them in 1986, but that Fox has exclusive distribution rights as part of the 1999 deal with Marvel.”

If Disney acquires 20th Century Fox, X-Men, and its other franchises like Deadpool, Alien, Avatar, and Kingsman, as well as its TV divisions, would be controlled by the company. Fantastic Four remains a big question mark, simply because it appears that Constantin Film retains the property’s production rights.

But it should be noted that Constantin’s parent company hinted that it was considering consolidating its film and TV divisions to focus on sports broadcasting. This could put the Fantastic Four movie rights up for grabs yet again, which would offer Marvel the chance to simply buy them back. For now, we can only twiddle our thumbs while we wait for The Fantastic Four to finally get a big screen adaptation that lives up to its name. And for Disney to complete its takeover of one-third of the entertainment market.

visit this link .. h-century-fox/

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NBA George Hill is unhappy in Sacramento

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sports | By Kadroan - 1 hour ago

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GOAT Rapper/God MC Jayhova Shocked & Saddened By 1/2 Empty Vancouver Venue #DrakeWon

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hiphop | By marcy me - 1 hour ago


Mrs Drizzy Vanilli aka Puffy's punching bag aka Hov's streetwhore aka Cumstain Papi aka Six Fraud aka Simp Doggy Dawg aka Do Rogue And Kopy Everything aka Aubrey Frank aka Canadian Kirby aka Shang Tsung aka Glitterface Singah lost

Future aka Marvin GayTL aka Teddy Dickinass aka Kenny G(ay) aka Al Jaheaux-ass-nigga aka Fruity Vandross aka Ciara's discarded sperm donor & child support slave lost

Kenbrick Laflop aka Kentrick Lasimp aka Kenbi*ch Lamaze aka Cuckworth aka Andre -3000 lost

Tampon aka Queen Jaffe aka snitch ass Camrat aka that bird ass nigga Fleacan Sam aka that washed up struggle rapper suffering from IBS (Irrelevant bi*chnigga Syndrome) & Clitset lost

Lostradamus aka Destiny's abortion sponsor aka Carmen's child support slave aka Kelis alimony rape victim aka God's Abortion aka The Last L'sbender aka the Gordon Gecko of L's acquisitions lost*

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#444tour @sean_carter_jayz #floorseats

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#Encore #444tour

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Blind for love💯 #444tour #datenight

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💯💎💥✨🔥 || Jay Z the OG !! Still vibrating from this weekends show. And still sick. 🤧 #jayz #444tour #lit

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I take myself seriously. #444Tour #Hov

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💯💎💥✨🔥 || Jay Z the OG !! Still vibrating from this weekends show. And still sick. 🤧 #jayz #444tour #lit

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Let me alone Becky! #jayz #444tour

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Bucket list item checked ✔️ He played all the classics😂 #Jay-Z #live #444tour #vancouver

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#jayz #444tour #ripchesterbennington #encore #vancouver #concert

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Image inside Let’s keep it real: is she a 6 in your area?

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eyecandy | By Patagonia - 1 hour ago

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NBA Kawhi just posted this on Instagram

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sports | By 313soulja - 1 hour ago

repost @footlocker GUESS WHO #KawhiLeonard #TheKlaw #KL2

A post shared by K L ② 💎 (@kawhinot) on

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Image inside Ty Dolla $ign & YG Reportedly Paid Aussie Soccer Star $100K To Avoid Lawsuit

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hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 1 hour ago

Ty Dolla $ign and YG reportedly paid at least $100,000 to an Australian soccer star to make a lawsuit go away, according to TMZ.

The two South Central Los Angeles artists were nearly dragged into the suit — filed by emerging Australian soccer star Nelly Yoa — but because they agreed to pay Yoa and “low six-figure amount,” they were able to avoid court.

The Aussie athlete claims Ty and YG beat him up following an argument involving the VIP section at a Melbourne nightclub in January 2015.


Yoa stated he was “punched” and “kicked in the head,” and alleges the incident resulted in physical and mental trauma, which has interfered with his ability to establish a lucrative soccer contract.
Ty and YG are occasional collaborators. They recently came together for “Ex” off of Ty’s newest album Beach House 3, and were both featured on London on Da Track’s latest “Whatever You On” alongside Young Thug and Jeremih.

visit this link .. ccer-star-100k

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BOX Rigondeaux did not suffer a broken hand against Nomaschenko!

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sports | By Aztlan - 1 hour ago

This fraud just straight up quit


It turns out that Guillermo Rigondeaux’s left hand is not broken. Complaining of pain on the top of his left hand, Rigondeaux, a southpaw, simply quit after the sixth round of what had been an utterly one-sided domination by the brilliant junior lightweight world champion Vasiliy Lomachenko on Saturday night in their heavily hyped fight at the Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York. It was the only time that two-time Olympic gold medalists had ever met in a professional boxing ring and Rigondeaux (17-1, 11 KOs) shocked many by getting outclassed and quitting. Now it looks even worse for him since the hand is not broken and he had no major injury. “No break, but severe contusion on left hand,” Dino Duva, Rigondeaux’s promoter from Roc Nation Sports, told ESPN via text message on Tuesday. Rigondeaux, a reigning junior featherweight world titleholder, moved up two weight classes for the bout and, because he lost, he is due to be stripped of the belt as part of the WBA’s pre-fight ruling.
visit this link .. wId=1-21747325

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NFL Eagles QB Carson Wentz might not be ready for week 1 in '18

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sports | By Bkjj11 - 1 hour ago

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NBA Lonzo 2nd best defensive rookie

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sports | By 3BossK - 1 hour ago

LAKERS WON *smoothhoopervoice*

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Image inside Sexy ass InstaActress

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eyecandy | By Tom Herman - 1 hour ago


A post shared by Efrangeliz ♏️ (@efrangeliz) on

People will hate you, rate you, and break you. But how strong you stand is what makes you ! GOOD MORNINGGGGGG 🌞

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🍂🍂🍁Fall baby 🍂🍁🍁

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Rule #1 never be #2

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Fall is hurrrrr 🍂🍃🍃

A post shared by Efrangeliz ♏️ (@efrangeliz) on

Channeling my inner Diana Ross. Frofro fridays

A post shared by Efrangeliz ♏️ (@efrangeliz) on

Teeth all pearly , hair all curly🌀

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Eat your MF heart out😈

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NBA (IMO) Top 10 Pass First Point Guards

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sports | By chi town hustla - 53 minutes ago

Honorable Mention. Rod Strickland

10.White Chocolate

9. The Glove

8. Rondo

7. Mark Jackson

6. Chris Paul

5. John Stockton

4. Steve Nash

3. Isiah Thomas aka Zeke

2. Jason Kidd

1. Magic

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Image inside Cardi B Offers Advice On Dealing With Your Significant Other's Wack Ex

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hiphop | By Avon_Barksdale - 1 hour ago


A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on


A post shared by Cardi B Official IG (@iamcardib) on

In a quest to “make the world a better place,” Cardi B recently took to the ‘Gram to offer relationship advice for those in need.

The breakout star, who is engaged to Migos member Offset, specifically spoke about dealing with your significant other’s envious ex.


“If the bi*ch that used to fu*k your nigga be doing sh*t on they social, trying to be petty, don’t be arguing to your man about that,” Cardi B said. “Because that’s they goal.

The bi*ch want you guys to argue about her. The bi*ch want that you bring her up, so he can start thinking about her. bi*ch, you are going to remain a non-muthafu*kin’ factor in my relationship. I’m not gonna argue about you.”
After offering up her candid relationship advice, Cardi shared a gem of a lesson in karma. In the clip, she recalled a time in her early 20s when her ex’s girlfriend accused her of stealing.


“She always used to talk sh*t about me,” she explained. “This bi*ch went to my job … I’m being nice and everything. And then the next day, the nigga that I used to date gonna call me like, ‘Yo, I know you stole this girl’s purse.

She said that somebody stole her purse in the club.’ And on gangsta, On my mother’s life … I didn’t steal sh*t from her. Whole point is, my sister saw the bi*ch yesterday in Saks. And the bi*ch was stealing.”
Cardi continued her hilarious message to haters. in a separate Instagram video.

visit this link .. others-wack-ex

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NFL NFL MOCK DRAFT Week 14 - 3 Rounds

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sports | By ahonui06 - 1 hour ago


1. CLE - Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA
2. NYG - Sam Darnold, QB, USC
3. IND - Saquon Barkley, RB, Penn State
4. SF - Bradley Chubb, DE, NC State
5. DEN - Minkah Fitzpatrick, CB, Alabama
6. CLE (via HOU) - Derwin James, S, Florida State
7. CHI - Courtland Sutton, WR, SMU
8. TB - Arden Key, DE, LSU
9. CIN - Mike McGlinchey, OT, Notre Dame
10. NYJ - Denzel Ward, CB, Ohio State
11. WAS - Christian Wilkins, DT, Clemson
12. AZ - Mason Rudolph, QB, Oklahoma State
13. OAK - Orlando Brown, OT, Oklahoma
14. MIA - Quenton Nelson, OG, Notre Dame
15. BAL - Connor Williams, OT, Texas
16. LAC - Maurice Hurst, DT, Michigan
17. DAL - Vita Vea, DT, Washington
18. DET - Calvin Ridley, WR, Alabama
19. GB - Roquan Smith, LB, Georgia
20. SEA - Josh Jackson, CB, Iowa
21. BUF (via KC) - Lamar Jackson, QB, Louisville
22. BUF - James Washington, WR, Oklahoma State
23. ATL - Harold Landry, Edge, Boston College
24. NO - Rashaan Evans, LB, Alabama
25. TEN - Ronnie Harrison, S, Alabama
26. JAX - Baker Mayfield, QB, Oklahoma
27. LAR - Clelin Ferrell, DE, Clemson
28. CAR - Ogbonnia Okoronkwo, OLB, Oklahoma
29. MIN - Isaiah Oliver, CB, Colorado
30. NE - Derrius Guice, RB, LSU
31. PHI - Martinas Rankin, OT, Mississippi State
32. PIT - Josh Allen, QB, Wyoming

33. CLE - Christian Kirk, WR, Texas A&M
34. NYG - Kolton Miller, OT, UCLA
35 NE (via SF) - Da'Ron Payne, DT, Alabama
36. IND - Sam Hubbard, DE, Ohio State
37. CLE (via HOU) - Tarvarus McFadden, CB, Florida State
38. CHI - Mitch Hyatt, OT, Clemson
39. TB - Bryce Love, RB, Stanford
40. DEN - Chukwuma Okorafor, OT, Western Michigan
41. NYJ - Mark Andrews, TE, Oklahoma
42. WAS - Damien Harris, RB, Alabama
43. CIN - Levi Wallace, CB, Alabama
44. OAK - Malik Jefferson, LB, Texas
45. MIA - TJ Edwards, LB, Wisconsin
46. AZ - Billy Price, OG, Ohio State
47. LAC - Dorance Armstrong, DE, Kansas
48. DAL - Tyquan Lewis, DE, Ohio State
49. DET - Lorenzo Carter, OLB, Georgia
50. GB - Will Hernandez, OG, UTEP
51. BAL - Deontay Burnett, WR, USC
52. NYG (via SEA) - Taven Bryan, DT, Florida
53. BUF - Carlton Davis, CB, Auburn
54. KC - Jaire Alexander, CB, Louisville
55. ATL - Derrick Nnadi, DT, Florida State
56. SF (via NO) - Anthony Miller, WR, Memphis
57. TEN - Tremaine Edmunds, OLB, Virginia Tech
58. BUF (via LAR) - Kendall Joseph, LB, Clemson
59. CAR - Jamarco Jones, OT, Ohio State
60. JAX - Dallas Goedert, TE, South Dakota State
61. NE - Dorian O'Daniel, OLB, Clemson
62. MIN - Dante Booker, OLB, Ohio State
63. CLE (via PHI) - Da'Shawn Hand, DE, Alabama
64. PIT - Micah Kiser, LB, Virginia

65. CLE - Ronald Jones, RB, USC
66. NYG - Nick Chubb, RB, Georgia
67. IND - Marcell Ateman, WR, Oklahoma State
68. SF - Frank Ragnow, C, Arkansas
69. SF (via CHI) - Anthony Averett, CB, Alabama

70. TB - Michael Gallup, WR, Colorado State
71. DEN - Clayton Thorson, QB, Northwestern
72. HOU - DeShon Elliott, S, Texas
73. WAS - Marcus Davenport, DE, UTSA
74. CIN - Austin Bryant, DE, Clemson
75. NYJ - Josh Sweat, DE, Florida State
76. MIA - Andrew Brown, DE, Virginia
77. AZ - Troy Fumagalli, TE, Wisconsin
78. OAK - Jordan Whitehead, CB, Pittsburgh
79. DAL - Quin Blanding, S, Virginia
80. DET - Jaylon Ferguson, DE, Louisiana Tech
81. GB - Royce Freeman, GB, Oregon
82. BAL - Cameron Smith, LB, USC
83. LAC - Jerome Baker, OLB, Ohio State
84. HOU (via SEA) - Lowell Lotulelei, DT, Utah
85. KC - Deon Cain, WR, Clemson
86. CAR (via BUF) - Simmie Cobbs, WR, Indiana
87. ATL - Equanimeous St. Brown, WR, Notre Dame
88. NO - Iman Marshall, CB, USC
89. TEN - Duke Ejiofor, DE, Wake Forest
90. CAR - Marcus Allen, S, Penn State
91. JAX - Dante Pettis, WR, Washington
92. LAR - Josey Jewell, LB, Iowa
93. MIN - Tyrell Crosby, OT, Oregon
94. NE - Marquis Haynes, Edge, Mississippi
95. BUF (via PHI) - Armani Watts, S, Texas A&M
96. PIT - Dre'Mont Jones, DT, Ohio State


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