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Nelly Furtado got thick as hell

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eyecandy | By Joey96 - 5 hours ago

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Image inside Tekeisha69 officially cancels her show in Los Angeles

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hiphop | By Two 40 Shorty - 6 hours ago

nigga playing 'catch me if you can' all day around the city but he knew he wasn't making it out of that theater alive

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Image inside Karrueche Tran having withdrawals

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hiphop | By 504 - 6 hours ago

Karrueche on Twitter THIRSTY AF. Chasing the clout or na?

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

#christinamilian tryna get piped down by #lilwayne

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

They probably on that game show safe word

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Feb 18 - Black kid who stole Florida School shooters girl, turning him into a Cuck

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news | By Whimsical - 6 hours ago

Pictured: The teen who dated Florida shooter's ex-girlfriend after him says the killer threatened his life and promised to 'watch him bleed' for 'stealing' his girl and physically attacked him twice
Nikolas Cruz, 19, shot dead 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida on Wednesday
In the months leading up to the shooting, Cruz sent a series of threatening messages to 17-year-old Enea Sabadini after he started dating his ex-girlfriend
The teenager said Cruz also picked two fights with him in September 2016
Sabadini claims he and several other students reported Cruz's social media messages and other threatening behavior to school officials

Read more: visit this link .. #ixzz57UsQWeSr
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NBA Lonzo already dipped on his pregnant baby moms

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sports | By 3BossK - 3 hours ago


A post shared by Lonzo Ball (@zo) on


18 years tho

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Image inside Is B.G aka B-Gizzle snitching to the Feds? Possibly!

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hiphop | By Willy Boban - 6 hours ago

Previously per XXL article and interview with B.G son T.Y

B.G. might be coming home a lot sooner than expected. In 2012, the New Orleans rapper was sentenced to 14 years in federal prison for gun possession and witness tampering. But in a new interview with DJ Smallz, B.G.’s son T.Y. claimed that his father will be out within the next year or two.

“His time’s short. He’s coming home, like within probably this year,” T.Y. said. “If not this year, next year for sure, but we shooting for this year, you feel me? Cause he been telling me all kind of good sh*t.”

Okay. Now the feds is dam near a mandatory 85% of time needing to be served. So thats 12 years mandatory.

Now that means he would be eligible in 2024.

So how he and his son talking about this year or next year?

Now I respect the dudes realness as well. But sh*t still could be a possible meaning that he feeding info to the feds.

What ya think?

Btw. I understand that BG is the most thorough goat in the game and this thread could be considered blasphemy.

So I'll take my slaps with pride.

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Image inside Somebody Just Got DP'd At Nipsey Hussle Album Release Party & A Shootout at World On Wheel

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misc | By BigBallerLavar - 6 hours ago

First event

Shots were fired at a Nipsey Hussle album release party Saturday night in L.A., and someone got hit.

Someone started shooting in the parking lot outside World on Wheels, a roller skating rink in Venice. One person was shot in the thigh.

Cops swarmed the area on the ground and in the air. The shooter got away and police were left high and dry after the victim refused to cooperate.

The shooting went down at around 11:30 PM. We're told people inside the roller rink freaked out ... many fearing it was a repeat of what happened Friday in Florida.

Police didn't see Nipsey after the shooting. It's unclear if he had already left.

The party was unrelated to NBA All-Star weekend festivities. It was a celebration of Nipsey's album, "Victory Lap."

The first one sound like the event @dsmith93 was talking about few weeks back so maybe that one old but the shooting was last night

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Image inside AR-AB received his money from Super Bowl bet with birdman

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hiphop | By dubberooski - 6 hours ago

Thank U @birdman5star Let’s Bet On The Sixers Next 😬

A post shared by El Patron (@ar_ab_32) on

Gangstas winning

Don’t worry bout tht fu*k sh*t that happen to me, on weeks them niggas gonna catch hell

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NBA Curry keeps it real with Giannis

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sports | By Dondon1927 - 5 hours ago

@stephencurry30 keeps it real with @giannis_an34 💯 (via @nbaallstar)

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

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Image inside So bad she had to have posted her before

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eyecandy | By MrPersonality - 6 hours ago

Goodnight cruel world, I’ll see u in the morning.

A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on

Bye summer 👋🏽🍑☀️ Bikini by: @allisvanityswim

A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on

It ain't as easy as I make it look.

A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on

Someone watchin' over me 🙏

A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on

Wavy & gnarly 🤙🏽

A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on


A post shared by Jasmine Grenaway (@msgrenaway) on

She would fu*k my life up

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Image inside Tekashai69 GET EXPOSED AS A FRAUD In LA!

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hiphop | By BigBallerLavar - 2 hours ago


Originally Posted by DSmith93 (Post 45448443)
Niggas been pump faking funk flexing all weekend

Anybody can shoot lil instagram video for ten second before getting the fuc outta dodge

Nigga shopping at one of the fancy mall way in the luxury side of torrance during all star weekend

Niggas is filming quic short clips to post em later to fake the funk

That like going to the Glendale mall flexing like u doing something n these uncle weirdo ass nigga acting like he doing sumthin

Dsmith post was accurate

And she legit confirm everything

He been in a white neighborhood this whole time

He was in Torrance

He check in with his enemy's his oops

Look at the gay starboy nigga with him looking nervous as a bi*ch in the video

Nigga tongue look like a football field he king starboy fosho Winchell blood Winchell smh tootie toot that rainbow smh

Starboy stand starboy stand! @Papi

Bu bu but 69 is the king of Los Angeles more like the king of the la surburb

Victory lap out now listen to that real gangsta sh*t not this crayon starboy circus

Nipsey the goat fu*k the starboy we listen to real gangster

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Video inside Hell rell responds to his bullies.

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hiphop | By Qbofficial - 3 hours ago

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Image inside IGGY Gotta Big Ole Butt

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eyecandy | By SM - 5 hours ago

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forget to pull out

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eyecandy | By Lonny Breaux - 5 hours ago

Dam... she's sexy. @allcurrency #allcurrency

A post shared by Mental Intensity (@themindgrind) on

@allcurrency #tnaeyecandy #naughtyornice #allcurrency #eyecandy #tna

A post shared by Eyecandy (@tnaeyecandy) on


A post shared by Mr.Robot5000 (@mr.robot5000) on

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Image inside Niykee Heaton > your dream lady

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eyecandy | By MoeDon - 5 hours ago

she's SO BAD

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These Are the Events That Will Happen Before 2050

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wild'ish | By Balloon Knot - 5 hours ago

Church they started building in 1882 will be finished by 2026

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Video inside Takeoff fell asleep during the dunk contest

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hiphop | By AC_89 - 6 hours ago

Takeoff took a extended blink real quick

A post shared by DJ Akademiks (@akadmiks) on

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Image inside Map Shows Literal Definition of Every State Name

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wild'ish | By st21 - 5 hours ago

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NBA Giannis: "I'm not changing"

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sports | By ahonui06 - 6 hours ago

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Video inside The King Of LA continues to talk his sh-t to LA bx nerds

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hiphop | By Papi - 6 hours ago

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