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19 hours ago

It’s official, @Sprint is part of the T-Mobile family

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By Marcus

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3 days ago

AI tool predicts 'wet lung' 2 drop in April

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By Stand Down

Researchers in the US and China reported Monday they have developed an artificial intelligence tool that is able to accurately predict which newly infected patients with the novel coronavirus go on to develop severe lung disease.

Once deployed, the algorithm could a*sist doctors in making choices about where to prioritize care in resource-stretched health care systems, said Megan Coffee, a physician and professor at New York University's Grossman School of Medicine who co-authored a paper on the finding in the journal Computers, Materials & Continua.

The tool discovered several surprising indicators that were most strongly predictive of who went on to develop so-called acute respiratory disease syndrome (ARDS), a severe complication of the COVID-19 illness that fills the lungs with fluid and k*lls around 50 percent of coronavirus patients who get it.

The team applied a machine learning algorithm to data from 53 coronavirus patients across two hospitals in Wenzhou, China, finding that changes in three features -- levels of the liver enzyme alanine aminotransferase (ALT), reported body aches, and hemoglobin levels –- were most accurately predictive of subsequent, severe disease.

Using this information along with other factors, the tool was able to predict risk of ARDS with up to 80 percent accuracy.

By contrast, characteristics that were considered to be hallmarks of COVID-19, like a particular pattern in lung images called "ground glass opacity," fever, and strong immune responses, were not useful in predicting which of the patients with initially mild symptoms would get ARDS.

Neither age nor s*x were useful predictors either, even though other studies have found men over 60 to be at higher risk.

"It's been fascinating because a lot of the data points that the machine used to help influence its decisions were different than what a clinician would normally look at," Coffee told AFP.

Using AI in medical settings isn't a brand new concept -- a tool already exists to help dermatologists predict which patients will go on to develop skin cancer, to give just one example.

What makes this different is that doctors are learning on the fly about COVID-19, and the tool can help steer them in the right direction, in addition to helping them decide which patients to focus on as hospitals become overwhelmed, said co-author Anasse Bari, a computer science professor at NYU.

The team is now looking to further refine the tool with data from New York and hope it is ready to deploy sometime in April.

visit this link .. adly-wet-lung/

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3 days ago

 TikTok 'tried to filter out videos from ugly, poor or disabled users'

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By mr_underground

TikTok moderators were told to suppress videos from users who appeared too ugly, poor or disabled, as part of the company’s efforts to curate an aspirational air in the videos it promotes, according to new documents published by the Intercept.

The documents detail how moderators for the social video app were instructed to select content for the influential “For You” feed, an algorithmic timeline that is most users’ first port of call when they open the app. As a result, being selected for For You can drive huge numbers of views to a given video, but the selection criteria have always remained a secret, with little understanding as to the amount of automation involved.

TikTok’s moderators were instructed to exclude videos from the For You feed if they failed on any one of a number of categories, the documents show. Users with an “abnormal body shape (not limited to: dwarf, acromegaly),” who are “chubby … obese or too thin” or who have “ugly facial looks or facial deformities” should be removed, one document says, since “if the character’s appearance is not good, the video will be much less attractive, not worthing [sic] to be recommended to new users.”

Similarly, the documents show, videos were to be removed from the feed if “the shooting environment is shabby and dilapidated”, since “this kind of environment is … less fancy and appealing”.

A TikTok spokesperson said the goal was to prevent bullying on the platform, tying the document to a report from December that showed that the company was suppressing vulnerable users’ videos in a misguided effort to prevent them from becoming the centre of attention that could turn sour. The categories of video suppressed in the latest document are far broader than those revealed in December, however, nor is any mention of bullying, a discrepancy the company attributes to a local interpretation of the wider policy.

Other documents published by the Intercept show the extent of TikTok’s former rules requiring moderators to enforce Chinese foreign policy overseas. The site published the company’s livestreaming policies, which instruct moderators to take down “controversial content” that promotes Taiwanese independence or is “uglification” of history, such as the Tiananmen Square “incidents”.

The language is identical to that used in documents first reported by the Guardian in September 2019. At the time, TikTok said the documents were old, and had been out of use since May that year, but the Intercept cites a source who indicated that the policies “were in use through at least late 2019”.

In a statement, TikTok said:

“The livestream guidelines in question appear to be largely the same or similar to the guidelines the Guardian already reported on last year, which were removed both before the Guardian’s reporting and also prior to when the Intercept says the document was accessed. Over the past year, we have established trust and safety hubs in California, Dublin and Singapore, which oversee development and execution of our moderation policies and are headed by industry experts with extensive experience in these areas. Local teams apply the updated community guidelines that we published in January, all aimed at keeping TikTok a place of open self-expression and a safe environment for users and creators alike.

“Most of the guidelines the Intercept presented are either no longer in use, or in some cases appear to have never been in place, but it is correct that for live streaming TikTok is particularly vigilant about keeping s*xualised content off the platform.”

TikTok, which is owned by Beijing-based tech unicorn Bytedance, has been trying to separate its international efforts from its Chinese home for at least a year. But many staff, including moderators, are still based in China.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the last of those China-based moderators will be shifted to other work inside the company shortly, with locally-based moderators picking up the slack. TikTok had already succeeded in moderating all US content from outside China, but relied on China-based moderators for many other countries, in particular to provide 24-hour cover for much of Europe.

visit this link https://www.theguardian.c .. disabled-users

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4 days ago

another windows update gets fumbled....this time its KB4541335

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By messy marv stan

visit this link https://www.windowslatest .. 541335-issues/

Windows 10 KB4541335 optional update, which was released in the third week of March, is causing installation problems for users whose machines run May 2019 (1903) and November 2019 (1909) builds.

Some users in Feedback Hub are reporting that they are unable to install Windows 10’s latest optional and they are being greeted with error messages.

“2020-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4541335) – Error 0x800f0831″ and “There were problems installing some updates, but we’ll try again later.” These are some examples of error messages.

In addition to installation issues, some people are also experiencing system crashes during the update process.

“It reached 74% installed and then anything I’d send input to would stop working. For example, Firefox became unresponsive when I tried visiting a URL, PC Settings became unresponsive when I clicked a Windows Update option like “Pause Updates for 7 days” (hovering over them didn’t freeze the software), clicking something on the Taskbar freezes it, Task Manager couldn’t be opened,” another user noted.

Others have documented the problem on Reddit (1, 2, 3) and Microsoft forums.

The good news is that if you get an error, you can do the in-place upgrade with Microsoft’s Media Creation Tool or you can also download offline installers from Microsoft Update Catalog.

It is also worth noting that you can always skip the optional update and you’ll still get the fixes with April’s Patch Tuesday release. If the update is stuck at installation, simply click on pause update option and it would disappear

this constant fumbling is why i disable windows updates

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4 days ago

 Biggest RC Aircrafts in The World

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By bonez79

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5 days ago

Tech Flourishment Google Home a*sistant + Nest Mini $99

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By Old School

Get it while it's available. Coupon code JYO2

visit this link .. a200f80a1c0e14

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5 days ago

 Tech giants set to lose billions in ad revenue in virus shutdown

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By Putin~Work

Tech giants like Google, Facebook and others are expected to lose billions of advertising dollars this year thanks to economic disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, analysts say.

Why it matters: The losses aren't expected to cripple these companies, but they will put a dent in the otherwise unprecedented growth that several have experienced for the past few years.

Driving the news: All advertising-based businesses face risk from the coronavirus, but those that depend on self-service advertising dollars from small businesses, which are mostly shut down for now, will be particularly affected in the short term.

"In the first half of the year, digital media vendors will feel the heat," says Vincent Letang, executive vice president and director of global forecasting for Magna Global, the media buying unit of global ad agency IPG. "But I still think they will recover more strongly than traditional media in the second half."
Be smart: Advertising on social media and search, which is how the dominant tech platforms make their money, is expected to take a big hit in the short term for two reasons:

They are self-serve, meaning anyone can buy those ads through an automated platform at any time without a prepared contract. As a result, unlike with TV ad contracts, there are no cancellation policies that brands have to adhere to when pulling the plug.
Those ads are mostly purchased by small businesses that are shut down. "Hundreds of thousands of small businesses who probably count for 70% of social and search, they will stop advertising for weeks as they are closed," says Letang. "For some of them, it will be hard to come back, as many won't have liquidity to start marketing."
By the numbers: Analysts at Cowen & Co., an investment management and banking company, estimate that Google and Facebook combined will lose over $40 billion in ad revenue this year due to the virus. They predict the following losses:

Facebook: roughly $15.7 billion, 18.8% down from its original estimate.
Google: roughly $28.6 billion, 18.3% below estimate.
Twitter: roughly $701 million, 17.9% below estimate.
Snapchat: roughly $977 million, 31.8% below estimate.
Be smart: Global advertising revenue tends to grow at roughly the same rate as GDP, so any global economic slowdown is likely to depress the advertising market.

Big tech giants are expected to take the brunt of that loss, as they are the biggest entities in the global ad economy.
The companies have mostly been forthcoming with investors about the expected losses.

Facebook said Tuesday that it's seen a weakening in its ads business in countries taking aggressive actions to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
Twitter said Monday that it had withdrawn its revenue guidance for the quarter "due to the growing impact of COVID-19 on the global operating and economic environment and their effect on advertiser demand."
Yes, but: Analysts don't think that companies like Google and Facebook will come out of this crisis much weakened, even with severe advertising losses, because their balance sheets are otherwise pretty healthy.

visit this link .. dd3e89883.html

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1 week ago

apple cult iphone launch might be delayed

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By messy marv stan

visit this link .. e-delayed.html

Apple shares dropped late during the trading day on Wednesday after the Nikkei Asian Review reported that the company considered delaying its annual iPhone launch by months.

Apple closed at $245.52, down .55% after it was positive for most of the day during a stock market rally. It hit a high of $257.89 during intraday trading.

Apple has launched new iPhones in September or October every year since 2011. In most years, a successful launch of the new devices, which account for over half of Apple’s revenue, is critical for the company.

Nikkei reports that Apple is considering a delay to its iPhone launch by “months” because of issues related to consumer demand during the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis and aftermath. In addition, Nikkei reports that Apple’s new iPhone will support 5G networks, and that has raised the pressure at Apple for the device to be a hit.

Apple’s headquarters in Silicon Valley is currently under a shelter in place order, and Apple’s engineers and corporate employees are working from home. Apple might not be able to firm up its iPhone plans until that ends, according to Nikkei.

Apple declined to comment.

The report comes shortly after JPMorgan analysts predicted that Apple could delay the iPhone launch by one to two months.

The outbreak and response to COVID-19 has raised several challenges for Apple’s business, including disruption of its China-based supply chain for manufacturing, and now questions about consumer demand for high-end devices in countries that have shut down their economies to slow the virus. Global smartphone shipments dropped 38% year-over-year in February, according to an estimate from Strategy Analytics, a research firm

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1 week ago

 Tmobile creates super affordable $15 mobile plan

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T-Mobile Connect will be available starting March 25th. This is a new low-cost plan that offers unlimited talk and text plus 2GB of high-speed smartphone data for $15 per month plus tax. Customers who want a bit more high-speed data can get a plan with 5GB as well as unlimited talk and text for $25 plus tax.

Another feature of T-Mobile Connect is the Annual Data Upgrade. With it, customers get an additional 500MB of monthly data every year for the next five years at no additional charge. That means that in year two, customers on the 2GB plan will get 2.5GB of high-speed data, 3GB in year three, and so on.

These plans also include access to T-Mobile’s 5G network if you’ve got a compatible device.

visit this link .. artphone-plan/

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1 week ago

 IBM Supercomputer Identifies 77 Compounds That Could f*ght Coronavirus

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By thetfd

The Summit supercomputer came online several years ago with more computing power than any other non-distributed system. The US Department of Energy announced earlier this month that it would turn the system’s massive computing power toward the COVID-19 pandemic. The machine has been crunching the numbers, and it has now identified 77 chemical compounds that could help stop coronavirus.

Summit is the most powerful supercomputer on Earth by a wide margin, and it’s also the third most energy-efficient. It uses 10MW of power to keep its 9,216 POWER9 22-core CPUs and 27,648 Nvidia Tesla V100 GPUs humming. It has a theoretical peak performance of over 200 petaflops and has demonstrated 148.6 petaflops in practice while operating at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

The target of Summit’s massive computing power is a specific protein on the surface of the virus particle. Like other viruses, SARS-CoV-2 needs to infect cells to make copies of itself, and it does that with the help of the Spike protein. These molecules on the surface of the virus link to angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) receptors on human cells, allowing the virus to inject its genome and hijack cellular machinery.

Summit has run simulations on more than 8,000 compounds, searching for molecules that could inactivate the virus. Early results from Summit have identified 77 compounds that could bind to the Spike protein, preventing it from binding to human cells.

Unfortunately, Summit can’t devise a treatment all by itself. All that processing power is great at simulating molecular interactions, but not ideal for the nuanced process of clinical analysis. All we know right now is these 77 molecules stand a good chance of blocking the Spike protein from attaching to cells. We don’t even know if the compounds Summit has identified are safe for use in humans.

Medical authorities will need to evaluate the compounds and conduct laboratory testing, which may eventually lead to clinical tests with human subjects. This is just part of our efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19. Work on a vaccine is separate from this. A vaccine could stop infections from taking place at all, but a treatment based on Summit’s work could help alleviate the symptoms of COVID-19 and increase survival rates. Unfortunately, vaccines are much harder to develop.

visit this link https://www.extremetech.c .. m_medium=title

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1 week ago

microsoft....xcloud game streaming service for windows 10 pc

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By messy marv stan

visit this link .. ervice-preview

Microsoft has started testing its Project xCloud game streaming service for Windows 10 PCs this week. The software giant is making the preview version, which lets you stream Xbox games to a PC, available to all Microsoft employees. The Verge has been able to obtain exclusive screenshots of how xCloud will work on PCs.

Microsoft has developed an Xbox Game Streaming app for Windows 10 that will be available in the Windows Store. Much like the Android or iOS versions, the app requires a Bluetooth Xbox One controller, a Microsoft account, and a good internet connection. The PC app will also support streaming games from an Xbox One console locally or remotely, instead of using Microsoft’s xCloud server blades

There are a variety of games available to Microsoft employees to test, but the app is currently limited to 720p streams for now. “This internal preview is running at 720p resolution with 1080p just around the corner,” reveals an internal Microsoft support note.

The experience is very similar to what is available on Android and iOS, even down to the user interface and the way you access and stream games. It certainly looks ready to be tested broadly, and it’s likely that Microsoft will roll this out to external Xbox testers soon.

Microsoft also recently upgraded its xCloud server blades to include eight Xbox One S consoles in a single server instance. That’s up from the four the company was previously testing

Microsoft’s xCloud server

Microsoft is now working to eventually transition these xCloud servers to the Xbox Series X processor. This next-gen processor is far more powerful and capable of running four Xbox One S game sessions simultaneously on a single chip. It also includes a new built-in video encoder that is up to six times faster than the current external encoder that Microsoft uses on existing xCloud servers.

Microsoft has committed to launching xCloud this year, with PS4 controller support and this Windows 10 streaming on the way. The Xbox maker is planning to integrate Project xCloud with Xbox Game Pass later this year, allowing players to stream games from the company’s subscription service directly from the cloud

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2 weeks ago

BX truckers ....we safe broskis

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By iTrapStill

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2 weeks ago

 😱Apple Finally* Admits Microfrost Was Right ☑😏 About Tablets💻 [ SurfacePro > iPad Pro ]

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By IcebergIzm

Yo Boxden . . .

This is for ya'll dillusional apple stans. Let's stop actin brand new rite now and not act like they aint just BLATANTLY copy da Surface Pro.

What did Apple do with all their leftover headphone jacks ? Make iPods.
Why would anybody need an iPod when they already have an iPhone.
Because the iPhone dont have a headphone jack. Lol

Okay, I get it. Your smart. Here buy this 'dongle' now.
Yes, they still sell 'iPods' I'm not joking.
Anywayzzz I was just talkin my sh*t before I give ya'll the full drop down below . . .

Apple has spent the past 10 years trying to convince everyone that the iPad and its vision of touch-friendly computing is the future. The iPad rejected the idea of a keyboard, a trackpad, or even a stylus, and Apple mocked Microsoft for taking that exact approach with the Surface. “Our competition is different, they’re confused,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook as he stood onstage to introduce the new Macs and iPads six years ago. “They chased after netbooks, now they’re trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs. Who knows what they will do next?”

Every iPad has transformed into a Surface in recent years, and as of this week, the iPad Pro and Surface Pro look even more alike. Both have detachable keyboards, adjustable stands, trackpads, and styluses. With iPadOS getting cursor and mouse support this week, Apple has finally admitted that Microsoft was right about tablets. Let me explain why.

Microsoft’s return to tablets was a rough ride and far from perfect. Bill Gates tried to convince the world that tablets would be a thing all the way back in 2002, but the hardware and software were far too primitive back then. The software maker eventually introduced the Surface RT alongside Windows 8 in 2012 as a clear response to the iPad, but it had an ARM-powered desktop operating system that didn’t support your favorite apps. It was slightly confused, but Microsoft’s tablet principles were clear at the time.
Microsoft Surface RT pictures
Microsoft’s original Surface RT tablet.

“Something is different about tablets, people still do desire a physical keyboard,” wrote former Windows chief Steven Sinofsky in a detailed blog post about Windows 8 back in 2012. “Even in the absence of software like Microsoft Office, the reality is that when you need to write more than a few quick lines of text, you yearn for something better than on-screen typing ... People benefit from the highly accurate, reliable, and fast user input enabled by a physical keyboard, and we think an OS and its apps should not compromise when one is available.”

The message was clear: touch-based computing would be a first-class input for Windows 8 but not the only way to use the operating system. Microsoft insisted you needed a mouse for precision, a keyboard for typing, and a stylus for taking notes or drawing. These basic foundations led to the Surface Pro, with its variety of inputs to suit different needs.

Microsoft also mastered the ability to use a tablet at a desk or on a couch, thanks to its Surface kickstand and hinge designs. It was a key differentiator against devices like the iPad, and Microsoft and Intel now license out the design for other PC makers to use. It didn’t take long for everyone to start copying Microsoft’s Surface design.
surface pro 3
The Surface Pro 3 really defined the Surface design.

Even Apple moved quickly to respond to the Surface, a year after Microsoft released a stunning new design with the Surface Pro 3. Apple’s first iPad Pro debuted in 2015 with support for the Apple Pencil stylus and a smart keyboard. It arrived just as iPad sales had declined to the point where Apple was making more money on Macs instead. The iPad Pro keyboard magnetically attached to the iPad Pro, just like the Surface Pro, but Apple claimed it was “unlike any keyboard you’ve ever used before.”

It marked a big shift for the iPad, and every big iPad now supports a keyboard and stylus. Despite the hardware additions, Apple persisted with its touch-first vision for the iPad. Using a keyboard with the iPad was an ergonomic disaster. You’d have to lift your hands away from the keyboard to touch the screen and adjust text or simply navigate around the OS. It didn’t feel natural, and the large touch targets meant there was no precision for more desktop-like apps. Alongside Apple’s refusal to bring touchscreen support to the Mac, it was clear something had to change.

The first signs of a new direction for the iPad arrived with iPadOS and the hints at cursor support last year. Apple is now introducing trackpad and mouse support fully in iPadOS, and you can use an existing Bluetooth device. Unlike pointer support you’d find in Windows or macOS, Apple has taken a clever approach to bringing it to a touch-friendly OS like iPadOS. The pointer only appears when you need it, and it’s a circular dot that can change its shape based on what you’re pointing at. That means you can use it for precision tasks like spreadsheets or simply use multitouch gestures on a trackpad to navigate around iPadOS.

It’s far more than most people were expecting at this stage, and Apple has importantly kept its touch-friendly iPad principles intact. Right now, you still can’t use this mouse support to drag and drop windows on top of each other freely like you might on Windows or macOS. Nor is it there to do everything you’d typically do with a mouse on a desktop operating system. Apple has adapted a legacy input and modernized it for iPadOS.

This careful and considered approach explains why it took Apple so long to bring cursor support to iPadOS. Tim Cook has previously discussed product trade-offs and the idea of converging PCs and tablets. “Anything can be forced to converge, but the problem is that products are about tradeoffs, and you begin to make tradeoffs to the point where what you have left doesn’t please anyone,” Cook said on an earnings call nearly eight years ago. He famously added: “You can converge a toaster and a refrigerator, but those things are probably not gonna be pleasing to the user.”

Cook was also adamant that Apple wouldn’t converge the MacBook Air and an iPad. “The compromise of convergence — we’re not going to that party,” he said. Cook has stayed true to that vision. Apple hasn’t converged macOS and iPadOS to bring trackpad and mouse support to the iPad. Instead, the message for the iPad now is that it can adapt to be more like a laptop or remain just like a tablet.

That message sounds similar to Microsoft’s Surface Pro, but what’s now at play is a battle of ecosystems, apps, and operating systems. Microsoft has persisted with Windows and walked back many of its touch-friendly tablet changes. The software maker is even diverging Windows further into a Windows 10X operating system for dual-screen devices this year.
The new iPad Pro keyboard with a trackpad.

Meanwhile, Apple is hoping that iPadOS could be enough for people who want some laptop familiarity. With the essential trackpad support and improvements to the Safari web browser, the iPad is starting to look like a much more viable option for both a tablet and a laptop for many. That’s a big change from just a few years ago.

Now that Apple and Microsoft are aligned on what a tablet can offer in terms of hardware, the battle between PC and iPad will shift toward what both do in software. Apple has shown that it’s willing to adapt, and we’ll likely see a lot more desktop-like apps for the iPad as a result. Mouse support for the iPad is a significant game-changer, and the iPad has now moved well beyond a third category of device for browsing, email, photos, video, music, games, and ebooks.

That will unnerve Microsoft and its PC partners, but it doesn’t mean it’s an immediate death sentence for the PC just yet., there will be many years ahead of experimentation from app developers to adjust to mouse support in iPadOS. Windows and macOS won’t stand still, either, and they’re still far more powerful for multitasking and running complicated desktop apps.

Apple has painted a line in the sand here, though. The iPad is changing rapidly, even if Apple’s new iPad tagline is “your next computer is not a computer.” The next 10 years will truly define exactly what kind of computer Apple wants the iPad to be.

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2 weeks ago

 Samsung tips a major Galaxy Note 20 specs advantage over the S20 Ultra 5G

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By kkkid

Now that the S20 series are done and dusted by Samsung, what's there to look forward to? The*Galaxy Note 20, of course, and the company just announced a major upgrade that over the S20 models that may be coming with it.

It may come in the form of tripling the storage speed as Samsung is entering mass production of new 512GB eUFS*3.1*memory for "flagship phones". The 512GB version of the*S20 Ultra 5G*still comes with the eUFS 3.0 standard which, albeit the current fastest, won't hold a candle to what Samsung is about to produce.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs Note 20 memory speed specs

"Phones with the new eUFS 3.1 will only take about 1.5 minutes to move 100GB of data whereas UFS 3.0-based phones require more than four minutes,"*says Samsung, which tells you all that you need to know about the future of storage standards. The random operation speeds are also greatly increased with up to 60% better performance.

At a sequential write speed of over 1,200MB/s, Samsung 512GB eUFS 3.1 boasts more than twice the speed of a SATA-based PC (540MB/s) and over ten times the speed of a UHS-I microSD card (90MB/s).*

This means consumers can enjoy the speed of an ultra-slim notebook when storing massive files like 8K videos or several hundred large-size photos in their smartphones, without any buffering. Transferring contents from an old phone to a new device will also require considerably less time.

Besides the 512GB packs, Samsung will also start producing the ultrafast eUFS 3.1 storage memory in 256GB and even 128GB capacities, which comes as another hint that the Note 20 would*mimic the storage models of the Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G*indeed.*

That would be a downgrade from the Note 10+ that starts off from 256GB, but let's wait and see how it all pans out on the Galaxy Note 20 storage front.

visit this link .. specs_id123041

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2 weeks ago

microsoft botches....yet another windows 10 update KB4551762

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By messy marv stan

visit this link https://www.bleepingcompu .. causes-issues/

The Windows 10 KB4551762 security update is reportedly failing to install and throwing 0x800f081f, 0x80004005, 0x80073701, 0x800f0988, 0x80071160, and 0x80240016 errors during the installation process according to user reports.

KB4551762 is an out of band security update released by Microsoft last week to patch the critical remote code execution vulnerability (CVE-2020-0796) affecting devices running Windows 10, versions 1903 and 1909, and Windows Server Server Core installations, versions 1903 and 1909.

To install KB4551762, you can check for updates via Windows Update or manually downloading it for your Windows version from the Microsoft Update Catalog. Admins can distribute the update to enterprise environments via Windows Server Update Services (WSUS).

If you have automatic updates enabled on your device, the update will install automatically and you do not need to take any further action

Usual workarounds not working

While usually there is a workaround to install the update manually or by going through a specific procedure when encountering errors, this time users who have encountered these issues (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7) report via Microsoft's official Feedback Hub, on the Microsoft Community website, and on Reddit that none of the usual workarounds for the errors helped.

0x800f0988 and 0x800f0900 installation errors were also spotted and reported by Günter Born, one day after KB4551762 was released by Microsoft.

"Manual Windows Update on the local client works ONCE. It finds the patch, then does nothing! One can attempt to download and install from that page, but it doesn't work! Next, go to the Catalog," one user reported through Microsoft's Feedback Hub. "Attempt to select the correct configuration. Download the patch. Attempt to install it. Doesn't install!"

"When downloading this update my PC started becoming slow and sluggish, the update got stuck at 100%," another one reported. "I restarted the PC then windows updates broke and started looping for a while when checking updates, its now back to normal but now I have a failed cumulative update."

"So I've had this issue since KB4497165, but the latest KB4551762 is also giving me the same problem," another one said on Reddit. "Basically after it installs, it gets to 7% on the "working on updates" part, then tells me that it failed, and it's undoing changes."

Also plagued by CPU spikes, random restarts, boot failures

Other reports, although not as numerous as the ones saying that KB4551762 comes packed with installation issues, mention CPU spikes, high disk usage, system slowdowns, and system freezes.

"These issues began yesterday 3/13/20. The update, '2020-03 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 Version 1909 for x64-based Systems (KB4551762)' has failed every time I try to install it with the error code, '0x80071160', one user says. "When this issue began my disk drive also went up to 100% with little change. I restarted my pc multiple times but both issues persisted."

"After installing KB4551762 and KB4540673, my system has gone to thrash. Extremely slow and takes ages to get past the Welcome screen," another one explains. "After spending hours trying to login, I somehow managed to uninstall both the updates, rebooted, disabled and re-enabled HyperV but my system won't go back to being normal."

"Simply downloading the update caused my computer to overheat and freeze multiple times," a bug report on the Feedback Hub says. "Finally, with no programs open in the background, the download was able to go through. When I attempted to restart so the update could take effect, it would get stuck at 93% installing the update. Always stuck at 93%."

To top it all off, there are also reports of random restarts or failures to boot, as well as users who are having gaming issues after installing KB4551762 with the monitor starting to flicker after a game starts and the issue going away after closing the game

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2 weeks ago

 Apple announces $299/$349 Magic Keyboard for iPad Pro

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By x Tha Arkitek x


The all‑new Magic Keyboard is an amazing companion for iPad Pro. It features the best typing experience ever on iPad, a trackpad that opens up new ways to work with iPadOS, a USB‑C port for pass-through charging, and front and back protection. The Magic Keyboard features a floating cantilever design, allowing you to attach iPad Pro magnetically and smoothly adjust it to the perfect viewing angle for you.

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2 weeks ago

 iOS BX Smiley App Is Down

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If you guys remember, we have to pay $100 a year for a Apple Developers Account. It has been a whole year already, so our account is now expired. Time flew by fast, we had quite a few updates to that version of the app last year, it wasn't a bad run.

Last year I was able to make the BX Smiley App public via a public link. It was so much easier and faster to have the app. Last time I checked, we had over 300 BX users. The app got some of the lurkers to come out haha.


Anyways, it is that time of year again. I will be getting the Developers Account. I will release a newer version of the app when I can. I will for sure add the CORONAVIRUS SMILIES

Shoutout to everyone who helped pitching in last year, and the year before. you are much appreciated. for those of you who want to pitch in this year:

Venmo: dreamvillainz
Cash App: $dreamvillain

Back when @AlBooBoo was featured

@Jhnnyblz427 @Michael
@Jeet Kune Do @deemoney23 @Demboyz746
@TheSlimReaper @Iceberg010 @chiller883
@Sk8bamboo @HopOffMoneyGrip @Chuck Diesel @g0dfather @Mr_Lacoste1985
@VickVega @kiss0fdeath @Gotti Pippen @CitizenKanye
@twenty1 @Dabahashery @ronnie @ChrisPartlowFro @Negvagabon
@OnTheReal @bigmike123456 @El Squanto
@Superstarbrown7 @mad hatt3r @djbmp
@teezee @bx kid @CarlozRossi
@zynnlahh @h11wiscan
@Stcole @kiid @e156882
@Pableezy @Icee @Itzike @Blunted Sultan
@illestlyricist @JusBeU @Merk22 @Kewop Decam @AngelTaster @jussncredible
@p ricky @Hiphop2day
@Wordsenuff @AHernsGun @chrisf249
@Trell627 @DUENASnoches
@TROY @flav @iDaPappy @Idgafth0 @acefresh @killinemsoftly @jaytxxl @black cobra
@Smurfseagal @biged79

@PimPsUpHoeSdown @Avon_Barksdale
@p a p oh @KING JAYY @basedshady
@twoshotdez @Bigdon89
@prettytony514 @Joe D 3133
@TL 45236 @Al Simmonz
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@vmiqb2 @9th ward Bally @Dasriva
@TheChampIsHere! @iBoxden @KREW @MD20
@Sleezymcman @1MikE @AllWins
@Peemateo @Bruhman fifflow @fredfiness
@RicanLurka @Adamn
@one il matt 56 @jtdatruth @mynam3isearl @advance won @bettawitchedda
@RB26deTT @Kewop Decam @DonofDons21
@The South @NBA Brawler @Dnyce215
@nikeairon @Fresh Beats @MrNetw0rk

still nothing for android dudes, y'all phones oh so superior anyways.

everyone stay safe. fu*k this virus

some bx member did make a android version, it was sketchy to some. you could probably find it in the older thread.

visit this link .. 1#post49076671

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2 weeks ago

What iOS Apps Y’all Using?

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By purplerain195

I’m tryna find some cool new apps, mostly finance!

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2 weeks ago

How Did Instagram Start?

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By realgunta

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2 weeks ago

cox internet victims...heres the regimes coronavirus response

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By messy marv stan

visit this link .. tnt-home-alert

March 16 – During this time of uncertainty and required in-home learning, Cox is helping get families in need connected to the internet through our Connect2Compete program

We are responding to the Coronavirus crisis by increasing access and speeds of our low-income internet service Connect2Compete. New Connect2Compete customers will receive their first month of service free, which is normally available to qualified low-income households for $9.95/month. This goes into effect Monday, March 16. We’re also increasing the service’s speed from 25/3 Mbps to 50/3 Mbps for 60 days. The speed increase will go into effect Tuesday, March 17…Learn More

March 13 – Cox Announces Plans to Support Residential Customers in Need during Coronavirus Pandemic

Cox announced today additional plans to support residential customers during the coronavirus pandemic. Cox is upgrading internet speeds for select residential packages and implementing a variety of other changes to provide support and relief for our customers and communities in greatest need…Continue Reading

March 13 – Cox Pledges to Support FCC’s Keep America Connected Initiative

Cox announced today its support for the FCC’s Keep America Connected initiative as part of the company’s ongoing coronavirus response efforts. As part of its commitment, Cox pledges…Continue Reading

March 13 – Cox Statement on help for customers impacted by Coronavirus

With the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, we don’t want our customers who are impacted to worry about losing their Cox services. If you’re impacted and are unable to make a payment by your due date, log in to My Account on or reach out to our customer service representatives through text, phone or chat for options.

Ask about Promise to Pay and Promise to Pay with Extension options which will limit late payment reminders or give you more time to pay without worrying about interruption to your Cox services.

To review your options, sign in to My Account and review the My Bill card. If you see the message, "Can’t pay today? Request help here," click through to visit the Payment Arrangement Options page. There, you’ll see options to schedule a future payment beyond your current due date or request additional time to make a payment later. Follow the remaining two steps for either option to complete your payment arrangement online.

If you do not see the 'Can’t pay today?' options in My Account, please call 1-844-221-3930 to speak with a special team representative Monday through Friday. To text a representative, type 54512 on your mobile phone or visit visit this link for support any time. Additionally, representatives are also available in our Cox retail stores. To find a retail location, visit visit this link

they wont:

increase victims speeds
eliminate the phony data cap scheme
or delay shut off of victims services for non payment

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