#1 MKBHD: Apple HomePod 2 Review - I'm Confused

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@tech      By Jago      1 hour ago

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#2 Official Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2023 Thread (February 1st)

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@tech      By Jago      6 hours ago

• Date: February 1st (Wed) 1:00 PM EST

• Venue: Virtual

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#3 Do Teslas & EVs Require Maintenance??

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@tech      By faizaly      2 days ago

Because there’s no engine, many ask if electric vehicles like Tesla’s require any maintenance or service? Watch the video to find out the reality!

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#4  Scientists Find Way of Using WiFi to Monitor People Through Walls

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@tech      By silas      5 days ago


Researchers working out of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) in Pennsylvania (USA) have demonstrated a new way of using Machine Learning / AI and a deep neural network to map the position of human bodies, including through walls, by analysing the phase and amplitude of WiFi (wireless network) signals.


The model they developed only requires two wireless routers, each with 3 antennas, in order to work via the regular 2.4GHz band. But you’d need to place these at opposite sides of your target and have full control over both of the units in order to gather the data. The weakness of WiFi signals also limits the range and accuracy is still an issue.
visit this link https://www.ispreview.co. .. ugh-walls.html

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#5 MKBHD: M2 Pro Mac Mini Review - Game Changer!

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@tech      By Jago      1 week ago

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#6 Apple Watch Ultra is Great for Casual/Non-Athletes as well!

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@tech      By faizaly      1 week ago

Apple Watch review from a casual/non-adventurer perspective. It’s a big, yet mighty watch!

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#7 MKBHD: M2 Max MacBook Pro Review - Back To Bumps!

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@tech      By Jago      1 week ago

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#8 SKYNET still loading...

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  @tech      By AfroBucks88      2 weeks ago

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#9  C8 Corvette E-Ray 🔋 Hybrid

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@tech      By DeadPresident      2 weeks ago

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#10 amazon cartel....slaps $1 price hike on amazon music unlimited starting feb 21

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@tech      By messy marv stan      2 weeks ago

Subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited in the U.S. and U.K. will have to pay a higher price for the on-demand streaming service starting in February. According to Amazon’s customer service pages in both countries, subscribers to both individual and student plans will begin paying more starting Feb. 21.

In the U.S., Amazon Music Unlimited will increase from $9.99 to $10.99 for individual subscribers and climb from $4.99 to $5.99 for subscribers to the student plan. Likewise, U.K. prices will increase from 9.99 pounds to 10.99 pounds for individual subscribers and from 4.99 pounds to 5.99 pounds for student subscribers

The e-commerce giant’s decision follows Apple’s move in October to charge higher prices for Apple Music as well as other cloud-based entertainment platforms and services.

Apple Music also raised individual subscriptions from $9.99 to $10.99 per month in the U.S. It also increased the price of family plans, which offers up to six accounts under a single subscription, from $14.99 to $16.99 per month.

Deezer, a small player in the U.S., raised the price of individual plans to $10.99 per month in 2022

In May 2022, Amazon raised the price of Amazon Music Unlimited for Prime subscribers from $7.99 to $8.99 per month, and from $79 to $89 annually.

Spotify, the largest music subscription service, could soon follow suit. On the heels of Apple’s announcement, CEO Daniel Ek said during the company’s Oct. 25 earnings call that a U.S. price increase “is one of the things we would like to do.” Spotify has not raised its standard price from $9.99 since launching in the U.S. in 2011.

visit this link https://www.billboard.com .. u-k-customers/

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#11 warner bros $50 billion in debt.....slaps hbo max users with $1 price hike starting today

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@tech      By messy marv stan      2 weeks ago

visit this link https://www.lightreading. .. d/d-id/782692?

Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD) said it has raised the monthly price of HBO Max, its marquee premium streaming service, for the first time since it was launched in May 2020

Starting today, the price for HBO Max's ad-free service in the US rises $1, from $14.99 to $15.99 per month (plus applicable fees). People with existing HBO Max subscriptions will get the new, higher rate effective their next billing cycle on or after February 11, 2023, the company said.

The increase prices HBO Max above Netflix's standard, ad-free tier, which costs $15.49 per month. Similar subscription plans from Hulu ($14.99), Paramount+ ($9.99) and NBCU's Peacock ($9.99) also cost less than HBO Max.

But HBO Max is far from alone in the price hike club among entertainment streaming services. Last fall, Apple TV+'s price jumped from $4.99 per month to $6.99, followed by an increase for the ad-free Disney+ service – from $7.99 per month to $10.99 – as part of a wider change in Disney's price structure for premium streaming services.

WBD reasoned that the $1 per month increase – a rise of about 6.6% – will enable the media giant to invest in "providing even more culture-defining programming and improving our customer experience for all users."

Variety points out that WBD had already been seeking ways to cut back on expenses ahead of the price hike, including the removal of select shows and seasons of shows and the cancellation of original series Minx

Though WBD says the price hike will be plowed into content investment, from a broader standpoint, some industry watchers expect overall content investment to slow down in 2023 as media giants look to rein in costs amid sluggish household spending and advertising investment

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#12 comcast cartel....will slap some victims with over $800 in fees this year

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@tech      By messy marv stan      2 weeks ago

visit this link https://www.google.com/am .. -2023/%3famp=1

Do you have Comcast’s Xfinity TV and Internet service? Are you ready to pay over $800 in fees in 2023? You may soon be paying that and maybe more every year in fees on top of their monthly service plan.

Recently it was announced that Comcast would be raising the fees on a wide range of plans.

Comcast’s Xfinity Broadcast TV Fee is going up 11% this year to $21.30. Back in 2016, these fees were just $5 a month.

RSN fees are also going up in Philadelphia to $13.35 a month, a 5% jump. This is up from just $3 a month back in 2016.

The cost of a TV box and remote will now be $10 a month, a 17% increase from $8.50 just a month ago.

Modem rentals for internet customers will now cost you $15 a month

All of this is on top of your base package that can cost as much as $99.99 a month just for TV, according to Seniorliving.org

All of these fees over the course of a year will add up to $715.80. It could be even higher as this a*sumes you are only paying for one TV box.

If you have two TV boxes, your yearly fees will top $835. That is also before you pay for taxes and other fees imposed by the local, state, and federal governments

In total, the cost for TV and internet from Comcast could top $2,000 a year for some customers with these fees.

As inflation grows, many Americans are looking for areas to cut back. It is no wonder that TV is increasingly one of the areas they are looking to cut back. $2,000 is a significant portion of many Americans’ yearly budgets

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#13 google.......is allegedly working on apple airtags competitor

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@tech      By messy marv stan      2 weeks ago

visit this link https://www.neowin.net/ne .. gs-competitor/

Google is purportedly working on a tracking tag that could compete with the likes of Apple's AirTags and Tile trackers, according to Android developer Kuba Wojciechowski.

For those unaware, tracking tags are items that you attach to devices or equipment such as keys, wallets, cars, or even your pets. This makes it easier to keep track of them and prevent theft. Some people have been misusing these items to stalk people, however, resulting in a lawsuit filed last December.

Wojciechowski recently discovered references showing that Google is working on support for locator tags in Fast Pair, a feature in Android that automatically discovers Bluetooth accessories in close proximity. They linked to a tweet by Mishaal Rahman of Esper

According to Wojciechowski, the tracking tag apparently has the codename "grogu," and is also sometimes referred to as "groguaudio" or "GR10" within Google. The device, which will be developed by the Nest Team, will come with an onboard speaker for alerts, be available in a variety of colors, and offer support for ultra-wide band and Bluetooth Low Energy (LE). This helps ensure accurate item tracking without consuming a lot of battery power.

Wojciechowski currently doesn't know the exact date when Google will launch its own tracking tags. However, they did suggest that Google will probably announce the product at Google I/O Developer Conference and then launch it at the company's annual fall event, alongside new Google Pixel devices

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#14 Tesla Buying Experience - My Interview on TV!

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@tech      By faizaly      2 weeks ago

Is the Tesla buying experience really that good? Watch the interview and find out!

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#15  Sony's New Walkman

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  @tech      By Onyx Veneers      3 weeks ago

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#16 Tesla’s Official Backpack Unboxing + Review

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  @tech      By faizaly      3 weeks ago

Check out my unboxing and review of Tesla’s official new backpack!

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#17 Cloud Security Guide For Beginners: Benefits of DevOps

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  @tech      By OrganizedChaos      3 weeks ago

1. Shorten Production Cycles
Siloed development and operations teams extend the production cycle unnecessarily. It becomes harder for both teams to collaborate on the processes required to get the software operational. Close collaboration through the elimination of silos speeds up innovation and development.

2. Increase Deployment Success Rates
Programming errors is one of the leading reasons why a deployment fails. The frequent release of code occasioned with the DevOps approach ensures problem detection at an earlier stage. With dev and ops teams working together, recovery time is a lot shorter.

3. Improved Collaboration and Communication
DevOps has revolutionized software development culture. This is because when all stakeholder teams take part in the development process, they focus on a common goal instead of working with different objectives. More synergy improves communication. Better communication leads to seamless development cycles, quick error discovery/resolution, and faster route to market.

4. Increased Efficiency Through Automation
Continuous integration reduces manual processes in developing and testing. Specific tasks in the development process cannot be automated. DevOps focusses the developers’ attention on those tasks, leaving the other tasks to tools that can accelerate development, such as:

Cloud-based platforms. The use of hardware resources during development ties up relevant system infrastructure unnecessarily. Scalable infrastructures like cloud-based platforms resolve this problem, resulting in speedier processes.
Build acceleration tools for faster compilation of code.
Parallel workflow processes, for smoother operation of the continuous delivery chain.

5. Work with Good Developers
Poor code is all too common, though sadly, users arrive at this realization when it’s too late. The fact is, some developers are good at what they do, while others have poor coding skills. DevOps has a solution to this problem. Frequent a*sessment makes it easier to a*sess the performance of developers within a DevOps team so that each team member is tasked with responsibilities most suited to their skills.

DevOps recognizes that software creation is not all about coding. There are many other roles involved in the process. A team member who is terrible at coding could be good at any of the different roles, and vice versa. Re-tasking team members earlier in the process prevent wastage of time and resources.

FULL Article: visit this link https://cybercoastal.com/ .. its-of-devops/

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#18  Why Microsoft is willing to pay $10bn to acquire OpenAI | DW News

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@tech      By STOVE JOBS      3 weeks ago

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#19 Ring dashcam

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@tech      By Xiox      3 weeks ago

$249 MSRP features sound great
Will be available on 02/15/23 preorder today
visit this link https://www.amazon.com/In .. s%2C314&sr=8-1

Installation video

If you're parked far from your WiFi you may not get notified

NEW! With Virtual Security Guard, trained professionals can visually monitor your property so you don’t have to. Learn More.

Take up to 12 months to pay with no interest and no late fees. Prequalify now.
Help protect your car 24/7 with Car Cam, the dual-facing dashboard security camera. Two HD cameras1 with Night Vision detect and record movement, giving you a better picture of suspicious activity to help keep you ahead of a break-in and more. You’ll also get real-time alerts when motion is detected and check in anytime with Live View and Two-Way Talk in the Ring App when your Car Cam is connected to your home wifi.

Get on-the-go LTE connectivity for your Car Cam to get real-time alerts, use Live View, Two-Way Talk, and other features2, with a Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately.

Before purchasing, check that your car’s OBD-II port is in a safe location for installation.

After 1/31/23, price will be $249.99. Save $50 on Car Cam, Ring’s first camera for your car. Limited time only.

This item includes:

FREE Expedited Shipping & FREE Returns
A free 30-day trial of Ring Protect Go2
Please note:
This product can only ship to addresses in the 50 US states (not territories)
Car Cam is not compatible with certain electric and other vehicles; check here to review a list of known vehicles that are NOT compatible.
Pre-Orders ship 2/15
Dual-Facing HD Cameras1

Motion Detection3

Real-Time Notifications2

Live View + Two-Way Talk2

GPS location 2

Audio + Video Privacy Cover

Ring Car Cam - Security Cam
Keep your car on the lookout.
Car Cam can help you keep your vehicle safe with real-time motion notifications, Live View, and GPS location in the Ring App.2 Subscribe to Ring Protect Go, sold separately, to access these features and more when the car is on the go and away from your home wifi connection.

Can I Use Car Cam?
On the road or in the driveway, see it all.
Two wide-angle HD cameras catch the action inside your car and out in front, helping to keep you in the know.1

Crisp Night Vision
From dim parking garages to nights in the driveway, get detailed, HD footage1 inside and around your car if anyone tries anything under the cover of darkness.

Motion Recording
When your Car Cam detects movement3, it’ll automatically begin recording—giving you a better picture of suspicious activity or help keep you ahead of a break-in.

Privacy Cover

Ring Car Cam
Ring Protect Go
Full protection wherever you go.
Subscribe to Ring Protect Go to get full use of Car Cam when your vehicle is away from your home wifi for $6/month, or $60/year per device. Start your 30-day trial.2

Learn More
On-The-Go LTE Connectivity
Keep Car Cam connected over LTE to access live video, and more, when your car is out and about.

Cloud Highlights
Automatically upload video highlights to the cloud and store them for up to 180 days.

Live View and Two-Way Talk
See what your Car Cam sees and speak to anyone inside the vehicle from anywhere when your car is away from home.

Rich Notifications

Ring Protect Go - Car Cam
Know whats happening in and around your car.
Know what’s happening in and around your car.
Car Cam's built-in sensors detect motion3 in and around your ride when it's parked. You'll get a motion alert in the Ring App and can see what triggered it with Live View when your car is connected to your home wifi, or away from home with a Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately.

Capture key moments with Traffic Stop.
Start a recording without taking your hands off the wheel. Just say, “Alexa, record” and Car Cam will capture video for up to 20 minutes and save it locally to your device. Save Traffic Stop recordings as highlights in the Ring cloud by subscribing to Ring Protect Go, sold separately.

The Ring App puts you in the driver’s seat.
Car Cam Real Time Notifications
Real-Time Notifications
Receive real-time alerts on your phone or tablet to stay in-the-know about motion detected in and around your parked vehicle when Car Cam is connected to your home wifi.

Car Cam - Live View
Live View
Check in on your car and get real-time video and audio with the Live View button. See live video when your car is away from your home wifi with a Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately.

Car Cam GPS Location Tracking
GPS Location
See your car’s location to confirm it’s safe at home. Subscribe to Ring Protect Go, sold separately, to help find your car when it’s away from home—whether it’s stolen or just lost in the parking lot.

Car Cam Security & Privacy Control
Security & Privacy Control
Control Center allows you to view, control, and customize important security settings.

Car Cam
Can you use Car Cam with your vehicle?
Car Cam plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port. For safety, only use Car Cam in vehicles where the OBD-II port is located to the left side of the steering wheel. Click the link below and enter the year, make, and model of your vehicle to make sure Car Cam can install safely in your car.4

Can I Use Car Cam?
Tech Specs
Size and Color
1.6 in. x 8.4 in. x 1.6 in. (41mm x 214mm x 42mm)


Available Colors

Video Viewing Resolution
Live View, and local playback: up to 540p
Cloud Highlights, and downloaded videos: up to 1080p

Motion Detection
Motion Detection3 with adjustable sensitivity

Field of View
External-facing camera: 111.5° horizontal, 56° vertical, 119.5° diagonal
Cabin-facing camera: 148° horizontal, 82.5° vertical, diagonal 153°

Two-Way Talk

Power and Connectivity
Powered by plugging device into OBD-II port of vehicle (power cable and OBD-II adapter included); Output: 12V–20V, max 3A

802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi connection @ 2.4GHz
4G LTE cellular connectivity with a Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately.

Setup in the Ring App and easily install

Operating Conditions
14°F to 131°F (-10°C to 55°C)

Setup Requirement
Requires OBD-II port in vehicle. Secure all cables when installing the device to avoid loose cables that can interfere with the operation of your vehicle.

Box Includes
Car Cam
OBD-II Power Cable Adapter
USB-C Power Cable
Installation Tools
User Manual
Window Security Sticker

One-year limited warranty


Frequently Asked Questions
How is Car Cam powered?
Ring Car Cam connects to your vehicle’s OBD-II port and is powered by the car’s battery. Car Cam has a power management system which will turn itself off in advance of ever depleting the car's battery. For safety, only use Car Cam in vehicles where the OBD-II port is located to the left of the driver’s side dash. You can confirm your car's OBD-II port location here. For help locating your car’s OBD-II port, please check your vehicle’s owner’s manual.

Does Car Cam work when the car is turned off?
Ring Car Cam remains vigilant while the car is parked, or off, and can continue to help keep your car secure to work in a low-power mode. Car Cam will "wake up" to record triggered events like motion detected.

Will Car Cam drain my car battery?
Ring Car Cam goes into a low-power mode when the vehicle is parked to draw even less power from the battery between uses. Although the device will monitor your car’s battery level and shut down when needed to help preserve the car battery, you should make sure your battery is healthy or else you will not be able to use the device.

Will I still be notified about activity in or around my car when Car Cam is not connected to my home wifi?
A Ring Protect Go subscription is required to stay notified about and check in on your your car when it’s on the go. Otherwise, if events occur while your car is away from your home wifi, your notifications will be queued up and delivered to you once Car Cam re-connects to your home wifi. See here for more information on Ring Protect Go subscriptions.

Does Car Cam save my videos so I can view them later?
Car Cam can save videos locally to the device, which can be played back in the Ring App. To download or share these videos, or store video highlights in the cloud to access anytime up to 180 days, subscription to Ring Protect Go is required, sold separately.

What privacy features are included with Car Cam?
For privacy inside the car, at any time, flip up the built-in Privacy Cover to turn off the mic and block the cabin-facing camera.

You can also disable location sharing at any time through the Ring App.

How does Traffic Stop works?
To record a crucial moment with Traffic Stop, say “Alexa, record”, and your Ring Car Cam will capture the scene for up to 20 minutes, even if you are parked with the car turned off. Additionally, with a Protect Go subscription, the beginning of the event will also be uploaded to the cloud.

Can I set a different home wifi for Car Cam than my other Ring devices?
Yes! Ring Car Cam wifi does not have to be on the same network as other Ring devices, but is limited to only one wifi network at a time. Wifi settings can be changed in the Ring App.

If I have an existing Ring Protect Plus or Pro subscription, do I still need to subscribe to Ring Protect Go?
Yes, Ring Protect Go is the only subscription plan that supports Ring Car Cam.

1Viewing resolution may vary depending on connectivity, viewing device, and viewing format. See Video Tech Specs for details.

2A Ring Protect Go subscription, sold separately, is required to use Live View, Two-Way Talk, Real-Time Notifications, and GPS Locator over LTE when the Car Cam is away from home wifi, and to use the Cloud Highlights (including Cloud Highlights for Traffic Stop). Ring Protect Go is only available in the U.S.

3Car Cam uses sensors to identify key motion events in and around the vehicle, and is not intended to detect all motion near the device.

4Some jurisdictions regulate or prohibit use of this device. You are solely responsible for complying with applicable laws.

Free expedited shipping over $49
Neighbors by Ring
Safer neighborhoods, together.
Learn More Get the App
Neighbors App Download Footer

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#20  16 Years Ago Today, Steve Jobs Introduced The IPhone!

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@tech      By Sonya Blade      3 weeks ago

It was 16 years ago today that Steve Jobs took to the stage at the MacWorld Expo and introduced the device that would change the way we live. By eliminating the physical keyboard and replacing it with a touchscreen, Apple re-invented what we consider a phone in the 21st century. When the iPhone launched six months later, it quickly became Apple’s most successful product

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