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Joe Budden & Joell Ortiz Debating Over The Formatting Of A Song (Throwback)
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20 hours ago

Image inside Doom at Redbox for 4.99 on Xbox One & Ps4

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| By TattooedMPsz - 20 hours ago

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20 hours ago

Image inside GameStop 2017 Black Friday Deals

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| By Nappy Gilmore - 20 hours ago

The GameStop Black Friday ad has finally leaked online, just one week out from Black Friday.

That's much later than usual and I wonder if it has something to do with the recently put-on-hold used game subscription service the retailer launched and then temporarily shut down.

In any case, there are plenty of good deals in this year's ad, including a free Xbox 360 after a mail-in rebate and a vanilla PS4 for just $100.

GameStop opens at 4PM on Thanksgiving.

Here are the best GameStop Black Friday deals for 2017:


Console Deals:

1TB PS4 Pro $349.00
500GB Xbox One S $189.99
1 TB PS4 + $50 gift card ($199)
Select New 500GB Xbox One S Bundles $229
Xbox One S 1TB Middle-Earth Shadow of War Bundle $299.99
Pre-owned Xbox 360 $0 (after mail-in-rebate)
Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con $299.99
Nintendo 2DS $79.99
Nintendo WiiU 32GB $179.99
Nintendo 3DS XL $139.99
HTC Vive Virtual Reality System $599.99 + $50 Gamester Gift Card
PlayStation VR Gran Turismo Sport Bundle $299.99
PSVR "as low as $199.99" (presumably pre-owned)

Game accessories:

Yeti Microphone Assassins Creed Origins Bundle $99.99
Razor ManOWar Wired Gaming Headset $79.99
PS4 Gold Wireless Headset $64.99
PS4 Gamepads $38
TMX Xbox One Pro Racing Wheel $219.99


The Last Of Us (PS4) $10
Injustice 2 $14
Dishonored: Death of the Outsider $15
Wolfenstein The New Order/The Old Blood $15
Uncharted 4 $20
Final Fantasy XV $20
Rise Of The Tomb Raider $20
The Evil Within 2 $25
Wolfenstein 2 $25
Shadow War $25
The Witcher 3 $25
Nier Automata $25
NBA2K18 $27
Destiny 2 $27 (Plus free Cayde-6 figurine)
NFL Madden 18 $27
FIFA18 $27
Fallout 4 $30
Overwatch $30
Persona 5 $30
Yakuza 0 $30
Guitar Hero Live Ultomate Party 2 Pack Bundle $39.99
Call of Duty: WWII $49.99
Many of these games are also on sale used and there's a buy two get one free deal on all used products.

There's tons more in the 12-page ad, including Marvel figurines, Star Wars and Mario plushes, a Fallout 4 chess set and even a Lucille replica from The Walking Dead for the aspiring Negan in your life.

visit this link .. s/black-friday

EDIT: Somebody from Reddit made a spreadsheet for movies/games showing the prices for all the major stores, pretty dope.

visit this link .. aring&sle=true

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2 days ago

Huge Black Friday sale is live at Humble Store for my PC peeps.

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| By Pyrex - 2 days ago

Over 105 pages of games on super sale. Even better if you are Humble Monthly like me. I just grabbed:

Homefront: The Revolution + Season Pass - $7.19

Duke Nukem 3D: 20th Anniversary World Tour - $6.11

Oddworld: Munch's Odyssey - $1.11

Oddworld: Abe's Exodus - 66 cents

Also, Killer is Dead: Nightmare Edition is FREE. But I already owned that!

visit this link https://www.humblebundle. .. &filter=onsale

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2 days ago

Gotenks, Kid Buu, and Adult Gohan added to Dragon Ball FighterZ

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| By Chuck_Remixed - 2 days ago


Gotenks, Kid Buu, and Adult Gohan will be playable in Dragon Ball FighterZ, the latest issue of Weekly Jump reveals.

Gotenks’ Meteor special attack is “Charging Ultra Buu Buu Volleyball.” While Gotenks’ partner in performing this technique is Piccolo in the original work, the scene will change depending on the partners you assemble in the game. Kid Buu’s special attack is “Planet Burst.” Adult Gohan can use “Unlock Potential” by consuming the Ki Gauge, the magnification of which changes depending on the amount of ki in the gauge. His special move is “Ultimate Kamehameha.”

Outside of the new characters, the magazine also reveals:

– Players will be able to purchase character color variations and titles by spending the Zeni earned in battle.
Arcade Mode – Fight a predetermined number of battles. The route will change depending on whether you win or lose.

Dragon Ball FighterZ will launch for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on January 26 in the Americas and Europe, and February 1 in Japan.

Thanks, Ryokutya2089.

visit this link .. uu-adult-gohan

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3 days ago

Video inside Shots Fired: Blizzard's New Commercial Decimates EA & The Pay To Win Culture

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| By V For Vendetta - 3 days ago

This commercial gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment

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3 days ago

Article inside Disney steals comicbook gamers $

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| By Tutankhamun - 3 days ago


“We regret to inform our Marvel Heroes fans that we have ended our relationship with Gazillion Entertainment, and that the Marvel Heroes games will be shut down. We would like to sincerely thank the players who joined the Marvel Heroes community, and will provide any further updates as they become available.”

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3 days ago

Video inside so.. were going to act like the goat lego game didnt just drop

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| By kronzsw - 3 days ago

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4 days ago

Hardware unboxed: The worst cpu & gpu purchases of 2017

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 4 days ago

If you want to learn about what graphics card you should buy (despite the horrible pricing), whatÂ’s the best CPU or are building a new system, then check out...

visit this link .. hases-of-2017/

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4 days ago

Video inside Taking One For The Team! By ITSREAL85

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| By King3X - 4 days ago

This nigga, man.

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4 days ago

Gamers nexus awards show: Best pc cases of 2017 (airflow, noise, design)

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 4 days ago

GamersNexus first GN Awards show for the Best PC Cases of 2017! They look at the top gaming cases for airflow, noise, design, and more. Check out the video...

visit this link .. -noise-design/

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4 days ago

Image inside GameStop cancels unlimited used game rental subscription days before lauch

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| By st21 - 4 days ago


Last month, GameStop announced a new rental subscription service that would let customers borrow as many used games as they wanted during a six-month period for a flat fee. But according to a report from Kotaku, just days before the service’s full launch on November 19th, GameStop has decided to “temporarily pause” the roll out of the new service.

The company hasn’t offered an explanation as to why its decided to halt the program, instead citing “program limitations” that necessitated the abrupt stop. According to Kotaku, GameStop sources claim that the issue lies in the company’s point-of-sale system, which apparently isn’t able to handle the new rental program.

The PowerPass program was originally set to cost $60, and allow customers to check out a used game, play it as much as they wanted, and return it to swap for another title as many times as they wanted in the six-month period. At the end of the six months, customers would be allowed to keep one of the games they had rented during that timespan. For customers who had already bought in on the PowerPass program, GameStop is offering a full refund, plus an additional used game to make amends. The company has yet to say if or when the PowerPass program will return in the future.

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4 days ago

Making Final Fantasy 15 for PC is '100x' easier than console version, says game director

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| By LegendaryLegend - 4 days ago

Hajime Tabata says team is trying to tweak the game so that lower-spec PCs can handle it.

The PC version of Final Fantasy 15 is set to become the definitive edition of the game. It will boast improved graphics, a new first-person mode and support for 8K resolutions. You'd think those add-ons would make development difficult—not so, according to game director Hajime Tabata. In fact, he says it was "more than 100 times" easier crafting the PC edition than the console version before it.

The team only started working on the PC edition this year but it's due to come out in early 2018, and Tabata told MCV: “The console version, which required reconstruction from the very start for both the game itself and the engine, was more than 100 times more difficult."

Tabata also revealed that the team is working hard to make the game run better on low-end PCs. “In entering the global PC market, it’s a requirement that games can be played on a wide range of specs,” he said. “At this stage, FFXV is at the high end of these settings, and we are in the process of seeing how well we can push things out on a lower spec."

He expanded on the reasons for the addition of a first-person mode, too. It's to help attract players that usually only play first-person games on PC. Plus, it will bring a "freshness" to the action. There's lots of work still left to do though: the mode is only half-complete, Tabata revealed.

"We have only reached about 50 per cent [completion] on this mode, but we feel the gameplay has a certain freshness to it and it’s been well-received among those in the development team. In providing this mode, we needed to make some large adjustments, like the player character’s VFX, displayed animations and camera movement. Even now, we’re still making small, daily adjustments.”

Overall, Tabata seems dead set on making the PC version, which will ship with all DLC and Steam Workshop support, the best version of the JRPG. "Players will expect the game to have evolved because we are providing a higher quality depiction than the current consoles out there. If we are able to meet such demands, then it gives meaning to doing this in the first place.”

Source: visit this link .. game-director/

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4 days ago

Star Wars Battlefront II (2017) | Review Thread / Official Thread

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 4 days ago

Review Aggregator:
OpenCritic - 74 [Cross-Platform] Current Score Distribution
MetaCritic - 80 [PS4]
MetaCritic - 71 [XB1]
MetaCritic - [PC]

Eurogamer - Martin Robinson Not Recommended ~ Not Recommended DICE goes big in a Call of Duty-baiting package that's as maddening, uneven and spectacular as the Star Wars films themselves. PS4

Windows Central - Jez Corden Review-In-Progress ~ Review-In-Progress If there's a line to cross, EA didn't just step over it, they blew it up with the Death Star. XB1

PC Gamer - Tyler Wilde Review-In-Progress ~ Review-In-Progress A fun campaign, over-complicated progression, and a strange multiplayer flagship. PC

Hobby Consolas - Borja Abadie - Spanish 91 ~ 91 / 100 DICE, Criterion and Motive join forces to give us a game worthy of the Force. They have learned the lesson and, this time, we have the Star Wars game we all deserve, with enough variety and a lot of content for every kind of player. PS4

We Got This Covered - Jon Hueber 90 ~ 4.5 / 5 stars With Star Wars Battlefront II, DICE and EA have righted most of the wrongs from the first game, and have created one of the best Star Wars games ever. PS4

Press Start - Toby Berger 80 ~ 8 / 10 Battlefront II is everything the first should have been: itÂ’s an immersive, fantastical experience with a heck of a lot of content to venture through. However, the gameÂ’s Star Card system is still problematic, and the inconsistencies seen in multiplayer, alongside the lack of in-game voice chat, pull it back from fully reaching its huge potential. Whilst the single player campaign is a let down in many aspects, it doesn't bring down the much improved multiplayer portion of the game. PS4

GameSpace - Damien Gula 80 ~ 8 / 10 So, does Star Wars Battlefront II fulfill the Star Wars fantasy? I believe it does, but it's a very Empire Strikes Back fantasy; it's not all lightsabers and Force-using. Sometimes it takes a blaster or two to get the job done or some fancy flying. It may require some frustrating moments of Dagoba-style training. At the end of the day, no matter who gets frozen in carbonite or loses a hand, you've got your squad to think about. Only together can you overcome the odds stacked against you. PS4

COGconnected - James Paley 86 ~ 86 / 100 Depending on what you're looking for in a Star Wars game, Battlefront II might be exactly what you need. It's clear that the developers have been paying close attention to player feedback, as this feels like a significant improvement over the previous entry in the series. PS4

Spaziogames - Matteo Bussani - Italian 85 ~ 8.5 / 10 Star Wars Battlefront II is a game rich of contents and extremely close to the Star Wars Universe. Graphics are impressive and the gameplay is simple and solid. Iden is not the character we expected, but the campaign has the power to brings all the Star Wars Experience directly to the player, taking him to the different planets and giving him eventually a limited perspective of what happened from Episode VI to Episode VII.

God is a Geek - Nicola Ardron 80 ~ 8 / 10 Star Wars Battlefront II is a good video game, delivering a bigger and more detailed game than its predecessor. Much of the conversation will be around the loot box economy, but if you can look past that you will find a game that is as close to Star Wars magic as you will find. XB1

GamesRadar+ - Andy Hartup 80 ~ 4 / 5 stars A very strong multiplayer offering tarnished by overly complicated character progression, and a lavish, beautiful story campaign lacking in substance or subtlety.

Gameblog - Camille Allard - French 80 ~ 8 / 10 Star Wars Battlefront II draw a line on the past of the licence. Complete overhaul of the space combat system, disappearance of the walker mode, addition of classes, big content at the launch, various objectives, addition of a solo campaign. Everything we could have expected in the first one is finally here. Only the cash shop and the feeling of shooting (little bit spineless) are a problem. Despite that we have in front of us a complete Star Wars game, especially with best SW space combats since X-Wing serie. PS4

Twinfinite - Hayes Madsen 80 ~ 4 / 5 Star Wars Battlefront II offers a sizable improvement over the first game in almost every way. The campaign is short but well-paced and enjoyable, and multiplayer provides a robust offering with smooth and frenetic battles. YouÂ’d be hard pressed to find anything in video games that looks and sounds more like Star Wars, as the game absolutely nails those aspects, and is even visually stunning more often than not. I do hope the issues with loot crates, unlockable heroes, and resources can be ironed out, as theyÂ’re a bit more intrusive than I care for right now. Even so, Battlefront II provides a meaty experience for Star Wars fans, and feels much more in line with the original Battlefront games than its predecessor did. XB1

IGN - Tom Marks 70 (Provisional) ~ 7 / 10 But in terms of delivering on that Star Wars fantasy, jumping from corner to corner of the galaxy to see as much as it has to offer, Battlefront 2 succeeds in a very fun way. IÂ’m just not sure thereÂ’s enough here to keep me interested for very long. PS4, XB1, PC

USgamer - Kat Bailey 70 ~ 3.5 / 5 stars Star Wars Battlefront 2 is one of the most enjoyable multiplayer games of 2017, especially if you like Star Wars. It's also more flawed than it should be. Battlefront 2 doesn't deserve to be wholly defined by loot boxes, but it's inescapable given the impact they have on some of the core modes. This is why you don't tie gameplay to microtransactions. XB1

Sirus Gaming - Lexuzze Tablante 65
(Provisional) ~ 6.5 / 10 The campaign alone is, sadly, difficult to recommend. Even if I got hooked with Star Wars Battlefront II's plot, the shortcoming of its gameplay diversity in the campaign is utterly a setback. While I have yet to experience and play Star Wars Battlefront II's multiplayer and its loot crate system, although the disadvantage is evident, it is still better to keep my judgement at bay until I get experience it firsthand. Don't let the hate flow through us, it is not the Jedi way. The score I gave Star Wars Battlefront II is temporary and this will change depending on how the multiplayer experience turns out. PS4

Stevivor - Steve Wright 65 (Provisional) ~ 6.5 / 10 Unlike a lack of response (or urgency) after the launch of Star Wars: Battlefront, I truly hope that lessons are learned quickly and implemented before Battlefront 2's player base walks away in protest. Again. XB1

Shacknews - Greg Burke 60 ~ 6 / 10 Star Wars: Battlefront II is a pretty good game and you're going to get it if you're a fan of Star Wars, no matter what anyone says. I'm just thankful that the game is an improvement over the first attempt and is incredibly fun solo, or with friends online. The loot crates diminish its value greatly, and it's a shame EA forces them down your throat as part of the core gameplay, but the game looks gorgeous and is enjoyable to play. Even if youÂ’re not a fan of Star Wars, Battlefront 2 still a decent game. Just please donÂ’t spend real life money on EAÂ’s loot crates. PS4

Telegraph - Sam White 60 ~ 3 / 5 stars Fabulous fan-service marred by commercial concerns.

GameSpot - Alessandro Fillari 60 ~ 6 / 10 The sequel to DICE's 2015 Star Wars game makes some big changes to the formula, but not all are for the better. PS4, XB1, PC

Player.One - Bob Fekete 60 ~ 6 / 10 Star Wars Battlefront 2 has a compelling story and that's it.

PCGamesN - Kirk McKeand 60 ~ 6 / 10 Star Wars Battlefront II houses a decent single-player campaign and good multiplayer, but, like the otherwise slick design of its multiplayer maps, that accomplishment is often obscured by distractions. Normally, my brain blocks out in-game monetisation, letting me enjoy the game for what it is. Battlefront II changes that because spenders get a real advantage here. You cannot help but notice it encroaching on everything, plastered all over the gameÂ’s convoluted, drawn-out progression system. PC

TrustedReviews - Brett Phipps 60 ~ 3 / 5 stars Star Wars Battlefront 2 is a great game spoiled by a terrible business model. DICE and EA are going to be under a huge amount of pressure not just to tweak, but completely overhaul the metagame or face an even bigger fan backlash than they have already. XB1

AusGamers - Kosta Andreadis 60 ~ 6 / 10 There's a good game buried somewhere beneath too many cons. I just hope that Motive, Criterion, and DICE can right the starship before too many players launch their escape pods.

visit this link .. review-thread/

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4 days ago

Video inside Mutant League Football XBONE

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| By Lord Booker - 4 days ago

Anyone try this game yet? It looks like Blitz. Need a new arcade football game myself so I'm gonna give it a try. It's in preview program so you get an hour to try the game out. It's $25 right now.

visit this link .. TfmZ4iIcABEQ)()

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5 days ago

Xbox one X & TCLP605

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| By dbbabd - 5 days ago


I got the Xbox one x and I copped the TCLP605 joint from best buy. Ive heard great things on here about that tv but is it doing my xb1x justice? The only reason i ask is because I get this when I run the 4k test on the xb1x. AM I missing something?

Tclp605 visit this link

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5 days ago

Video inside TEKKEN 7 - Noctis Lucis Caelum Reveal Trailer

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| By gettin_doe - 5 days ago

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5 days ago

SWBF2 Grind Backlash Results in Most Down-voted comment in Reddit History !

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| By xslick504 - 5 days ago

An Electronic Arts representative on Sunday responded to the claim that unlocking one of Battlefront 2’s biggest heroes or villains will take 40 hours of gameplay. It did not go very well.

EA’s community team responded in a thread on the Battlefront subreddit yesterday saying that the time required to unlock Darth Vader or Luke Skywalker was meant “to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes.”

In effectively confirming the 40 hour requirement, EA’s reply has a whopping -228,000 points. (That’s downvotes minus upvotes. If there were any.) If this list on the subreddit ListOfComments is correct, EA’s comment is the most downvoted in history, nearly 10 times more than second place (which “literally asked for [downvotes]”). That subreddit’s community is aware, and eye-goggling at the hate thrown EA’s way.

The rest of the EA comment that got so much hate:

As for cost, we selected initial values based upon data from the Open Beta and other adjustments made to milestone rewards before launch. Among other things, we're looking at average per-player credit earn rates on a daily basis, and we'll be making constant adjustments to ensure that players have challenges that are compelling, rewarding, and of course attainable via gameplay.

We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on Reddit, our forums and across numerous social media outlets.

Our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can.
Users were not having it.

“People being able to’bypass the ‘accomplishment and sense of pride from unlocking" while you are forced to play as much as a full time job to unlock a single character in the same amount of time it takes some people to get paychecks is ridiculous,” said Scrambles84.

The first reply to EA put it even more concretely:

“Hutt contracts and their rewards were a sense of pride and accomplishment. Various account level races and trooper skins were a sense of accomplishment,” Yuanrang wrote, referencing features of the first Battlefront. “Locking iconic characters behind credit walls that will take dozens of hours to get one is just insane, especially when I am willing to bet you have tons of heroes planned which will be behind similar paywalls?

“You cannot ever attain a sense of pride and accomplishment from that, because most sane people will give up long before this,” they added.

And another user observed: “If I had a credit for every downvote you've gotten I could finally unlock Darth Vader!”

The 40-hour estimate came from this spreadsheet and post in the Battlefront subreddit over the weekend, shortly before Battlefront 2’s 10-hour preview went live on EA Access and Origin Access. To be clear, that estimate was made after playing 21 matches in the Galactic Assault multiplayer mode, and game credits are awarded to superior performance, for reaching milestones, or for completing certain points of Battlefront 2’s single-player campaign. But the analysis found that multiplayer matches awarded, on average, 250 credits per 10 minutes of play. At 60,000 credits for Vader and Skywalker, that comes to about 40 hours of play, and EA’s comment about accomplishment doesn’t appear to dispute that.

In fact, an EA rep gave another response directly to the original post, that said:

Our goal involves creating a compelling progression path for all of our players. There's a lot of content at launch with even more coming via live service, and we'll continuously adjust our progression mechanics to give players a sense of accomplishment as they explore all of Battlefront 2.

I posted this in another thread, but feel it would be good to post here as well.

Heroes earned through Credits: The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for unlocking different heroes. [...]

Credits Earned: We're looking at the results daily and will be continuing to tune this to ensure that players feel a meaningful sense of reward for the time they spend with Battlefront 2.

We appreciate the conversation here, and our team is working to make the best choices possible for the game and the players. We will provide more details and updates as we can.
That has a -6,557 score, which would be good for ninth place all time.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 launches Nov. 17 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

visit this link .. ke-ea-response

SWBF2 Reddit : visit this link .. rsBattlefront/

The Topic : visit this link .. ocked/dppum98/

The Comment (Now at 413k Down-votes) :

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5 days ago

Video inside Is gpu mining still profitable?

2 people viewing this

| By D.IrIsH - 5 days ago

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6 days ago

Video inside Noctis is coming to Tekken 7

3 people viewing this

| By Vega - 6 days ago

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6 days ago

Guy Celebrates Super Mario Odyssey With 148,777 Falling Dominoes*

3 people viewing this

| By precys - 6 days ago

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