#1 Fran turismo the most respected

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@games      By Presidents      4 hours ago

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#2  Beloved Shooter Titanfall Getting Digitally Delisted from Stores in March

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@games      By batmanwithprep      4 hours ago

source: visit this link Kotaku

Titanfall, the game which catapulted Respawn Entertainment to the status of EA’s star studio, is being pulled from digital storefronts and subscription services on March 1, 2022.

Titanfall, at the time of its release, was an incredibly ambitious experiment. It was a multiplayer-only FPS, including its campaign mode—which attempted to weave story into the game’s matchmaking. The game’s multiplayer-only focus, in addition to its phenomenally fluid movement system and weighty mech combat, made Titanfall a brilliant oddity—one that would lay the foundation for all of Respawn’s future projects.

Titanfall 2 is possibly the best first-person shooter released in the last decade—with its perfectly paced and impeccably designed campaign and stellar multiplayer. Apex Legends is set in the same universe, uses the same weapons, and has a modified version of Titanfall’s movement system. The game all but reignited movement shooters for a short time, before they sadly returned to the shadows.

Titanfall’s grim fate marks yet another high-profile instance of a game being pulled from sale—with Rockstar’s recent attempt to remove classic GTA games from various storefronts being the most notable example. Jump Force, the Shonen Jump anime-f*ghter has also met this fate recently.

Titanfall helped set the tone for an entire generation of first-person shooters, and its effects on the genre are undeniably present even today. Hell, Halo Infinite’s excellent grappling hook is pure Titanfall. Losing access to this classic is a major blow to anyone with even a passing interest in FPS history.

For those of you who haven’t picked up the game, it will remain on sale until March 1, 2022, and the game’s multiplayer servers will remain online even after the game is taken off stores and subscription services everywhere.

Goodbye Titanfall, rest well my sweet mech-prince.

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#3 Rat plays Doom (yes Doom the video game)

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@games      By Blafy      13 hours ago

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#4 December PS+ games (well ones a demo)

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@games      By LocdUpProd      13 hours ago

GODFALL demo edition is 3 levels your already at max gear and loot

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#5  IGN: Solar Ash Review (7/10)

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@games      By SPdaGOAT      13 hours ago

I gotta pick this and Jett up next time I go shopping.

And this is reminding to double platinum The Pathless.

I’m so glad Sony still be giving the smaller games in their catalog love

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#6 What does this game mean to you?

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@games      By LYTE      13 hours ago

What does this game mean to you?
State where you played it at as a younging. State the name(spelling) & the rules that applies to your hood/block.

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#7 December Gamepass Games(1st Wave)

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@games      By OldBusiness      13 hours ago

The Gunks coming also.

@Quinn & @Krazie you know what time it is

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#8 sh-t gone get U hype.

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@games      By The Logical One      15 hours ago

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#9 How do Y’all Play Madden

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@games      By Kinglew88      17 hours ago

So I don’t like to make a*sumptions and create narratives about a game before actually putting in some time playing it. This madden tho is the worst thing I’ve ever laid my hands on. It’s literally the most frustrating experience from qb throwing the ball wherever and NFL WRs not able to make catches. Then don’t get me started on defense the AI is retarded these dudes just let guys run in their zones or they don’t adjust to the play happening around them.

How do y’all play this? Give some tips or something to maybe change this experience because maaaaan if they do NCAA like this I’m going to be pissed

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#10 What Games Are You Playing RIGHT NOW? December 2021 Happy Holidays 🎄🎄🎄 Edition

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@games      By WCIB      17 hours ago

Man time flies. Already December and the year is almost over. I hope you and your family, friends and loved ones are doing well and you all stay safe.

Hopefully you were able to come up and catch a deal or two on Black Friday or Cyber whateverthefu*k and are playing something on your console or PC of choice.

What did you cop and is there anything you’re planning to get this month for Christmas? Or are you a backloggin’ a*s n*gga and didn’t cop anything because your list is already so damn long you know you’ll never be able to finish that sh*t before your inevitable end

So with all that being said, what games are you looking forward to and more importantly, what games are you playing RIGHT NOW?

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#11 Bethesda shows off more 'Starfield' in a seven-minute featurette

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  @games      By Da Ill One      1 day ago

Starfield is just under a year away from landing on PC and Xbox Series X/S, and Bethesda has offered another peek at what's in store with a mini documentary. The seven-minute "Into the Starfield: The Endless Pursuit" featurette shows a lot of concept art and brief shots of things like robots, alien worlds and a spaceport.

The video is centered around the evolution of Bethesda Game Studios and the worlds it has built over the years. Given that many of the studio's games are about exploration (such as those in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout series), progressing to space exploration with Starfield is a logical next step. Art director Matt Carofano noted the upcoming game has a "more realistic, science-based backing to it" than, say, the fantasy world of Skyrim.

Game director Todd Howard also offered a "cryptic" tease. He said Starfield has "two step-out moments." Many other games typically only have one of those, in which the player sees the expanse of an open-world environment for the first time.

There isn't a ton of detail about what Starfield is in this video, but it gives folks who are excited about the game a little more insight. There will be more episodes of "Into the Starfield" in the coming months as the release date edges closer. Starfield will arrive on November 11th, 2022.

visit this link https://www-engadget-com. .. 171417817.html

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#12 MS with the childish tweet.

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@games      By Da Ill One      2 days ago


Man just say the fu*king game. All this sh*t is stupid.

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#13  Steam Passes 27M Concurrent Users to Set a New Record

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@games      By CZNM22      2 days ago

That number's just going to keep getting bigger.

After visit this link breaking 26 million concurrents in April, Steam has now set a new record, with 27,384,959 accounts logging onto Valve's launcher all at once, as counted by visit this link SteamDB. Of those, 7.8 million were in-game at the time, which is under the record 8.1 million from March of 2020, but still rather a lot of people playing CS:GO.

Thanksgiving weekend certainly helps perk the numbers up, as Americans doing seasonal tech support for their family turn on computers that have sat idle in someone's den or whatever for months while Steam logs on automatically. So do the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales, and all of those people visit this link buying Cyberpunk 2077 while it's half-price and then leaving 'very positive' user reviews. (It's still the top global seller on Steam, and has received 22,579 recent reviews, 84% of which are positive.)

Today's top games by peak player count were CS:GO (915,791 players), Dota 2 (677,744), and PUBG (344,841). Halo Infinite managed a respectable 146,212 players, and however many of those were visit this link cheaters driving Xbox players to demand they be allowed to opt-out of crossplay, it was too many.

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#14 Major update to Halo Progression system

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@games      By LocdUpProd      2 days ago

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#15 Xbox 2tb expansion card available at Best Buy for pickup

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@games      By precys      2 days ago

Doesn't come in till Tuesday for pickup

visit this link https://www.bestbuy.com/s .. ?skuId=6477864

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#16  PS5 Finally Secured!

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  @games      By mypostmakesense      2 days ago

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#17 Nameless King NG+7

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@games      By foshoVoodoo      3 days ago

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#18 Backwards Compatibility Sony Patent by Mark Cerny & Simon Pilgrim published November 25th

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@games      By Da Ill One      3 days ago

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#19 what was the biggest tech leap?

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@games      By Dreamcast      3 days ago

what was the biggest tech leap in gaming?

the biggest leap imo was

ps1/ saturn / 64

the cutscenes were unbelievable.. the sound was cd quality.. the lighting was incredible.. and the biggest aspect was going from 2d to 3d

it was just a huge leap

the second biggest leap imo was
ps1/ saturn/ 64
dreamcast/ ps2/ gamecube/ xbox

this era pretty much ended arcades because games were arcade perfect or better.. the leap from blocky and pixelated 3d graphics to more realism was huge

i mean metal gear 1 on ps1.. the characters didn't even have mouths that moved.. they barely even had faces.. they just moved their heads when they talked

compare that to metal gear 2 on ps2.. characters had detailed faces, eyes, teeth, no longer blocky, etc.. or take tekken 3 on ps1 vs virtua f*ghter 4 on ps2.. the difference is bananas

what do u think were the biggest tech leaps we've seen?

or maybe just say what is the biggest leap u personally experienced

personally, goin from ps3 to ps4 pro and horizon zero dawn was another big leap

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#20  PS5 Restock

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@games      By nfo187      3 days ago


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