#1   Free Advice On Business and Life - Ask Away

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The reason why I'm doing this for free. It's helping me prepare for a TV Show I will be doing on MTV. My name is Tre Monarch. On the TV Show I'll be going by the name King Monarch.

I'm literally like King Solomon from the bible. I can answer any question you have.

I will start off giving advice...


A lot of you have careers and want to know how to move up to the next high paying job you can obtain. You think you have to go back to school in order to do that. I'm here to tell you, that is not true. Let me explain...

Your fastest path is not a business. Your fastest path is to do internships at companies. Businesses want free labor and if you have a degree and want to work for free, they would love to have you. You do this part time not full time. Keep your day degree job and part time work at an internship. Internships are considered real world experience. Gain enough experience, you obtain the skills for the actual job.

Another way to gain skills to move up in a company is to freelance. Read a book on skill or skills you need for a particular job and freelance on the net. Charge a cheap price, or do the work for free. And you gain valuable experience to get to the next level in your career. Do you think this makes sense?


This answer will surprise you. You have never heard of this idea before to make legal money in recession. I told you guys, I'm like King Solomon from the bible. A common sense genius. Now, your skeptical. Anyways, to make money in a recession after you lose your job. All you gotta do is freelance. But not just any type of freelancing. You offer to help an employed worker do her or his work for them. What do I mean by that? Let's say your potential customer works at an accounting firm. There boss is always giving them tons of overtime/work to do with no extra pay.

So what do you do for them? You help lighten the load and do half the work or all of it for them. Freeing them up to do what fun thing they want to do that day. It's basically doing an adults' (who has a job) homework. You didn't expect that did you?


To afford houses and apartments that are out of budget you need to make money obviously. But you don't have time to get a 2nd job. You want to enjoy life, we all do...

You pay people to stay in your house. As in rent the rooms in house out to people weekly. If you rent each room at $72/week. Which is really too cheap, but if you rent 5 rooms in the house for $72/week, that earns you $360 dollars a week. Multiply that out by 52 weeks in a year and that earns you $18,720/year. Let's say that house costs you $150K for the entire mortgage. You will pay off the mortgage and own the house in 8 years! You don't have to wait 8 years, just get the mortgage down to a reasonable level and move into the house yourself in 3 to 5 years. If you can afford more, get a bigger house.

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#2  Will XRP glue the BRICs together? | The Global plug

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The BRICS nations been looking to reduce their reliance on the US dollar and SWIFT.

Ripple XRP, is already working with several financial institutions in the BRICS nations to develop XRP-based payment solutions.

Just obvious observations ...


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#3  My Process to Success.

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Of course all life is a process of breaking down, but the blows that do the dramatic side of the work – the big sudden blows that come, or seem to come, from outside – the ones you remember and blame things on and, in moments of weakness, tell your friends about, don’t show their effect all at once. There is another sort of blow that comes from within – that you don’t feel until it’s too late to do anything about it, until you realize with finality that in some regard you will never be as good a man again. The first sort of breakage seems to happen quick – the second kind happens almost without your knowing it but is realized suddenly indeed.

~F. Scott Fitzgerald

Maybe I should rob a bank. I don't want all the money. Just enough to cover my burn rate over the next year. I don't spend much. I live beneath my means. I don't want enough to be rich, I just need enough to give me the time to earn economic security and financial upward mobility. I just need enough to keep me in school so I can earn a few more fellowships, some scholarships and so I can keep eating 160g of protein a day. That's 640 calories, I'm eating around 1800 calories a day. Total. I love cooking. I hate eating. I wouldn't rob the bank to get rich. I'd just rob the bank for just enough so I can clear up the time for me to earn my riches. That part.

I'm going to use this thread as a journal until I give out of or get too tired to keep up.

I need to clear my head about what I've got going on and what I'm going through. I need to become more proactive about bringing my vision into reality and it's taking awhile. My girlfriend is a exotic vixen. A busty beautiful black Parisian woman, ex-volleyball player, ex-FAANG employee who is tall, with pretty feet, dainty toes. She tastes like rose water and cream, she creams, and cooks in a very clean flavor profile. I studied her taste and came up with a dish just for her. I'm going to call it Hummingbird Etoufee. She just called me earlier to tell me that some bum tried to accost her in the Safeway and that she wants me to bring her some shrimp and bottle water when I come over later on tonight.

I asked her if she wanted them 'raw' or 'cooked', she hasn't responded and I think she's mad at me because I didn't answer her call earlier. She always answers the door in shorts that makes her look like Wilma Flintstone. She likes Drake a little too much but she likes when I abuse her in the bedroom. She tells me I'm too rough, but I see her admiring the hickeys and bite marks on her neck.

She bit me the other day, "Bite harder." I told her. She's probably going to leave me at some point, I'm ready for it. It's going to hurt. I won't be alright, but I'm already broken so it can't get any worse than it already is. She told me "I'm not a Windmill, so you can't just go and come whenever you want. You own a little part of me, you understand?" Her English is excellent. She's on her period right now. Google tried to hire her the other week, again, she made it to her third interview but turned it down to stay in the U.S. I don't know what I'm going to do. fu*k.

Right now I'll write down the things ahead of me so I can streamline wtf I've actually got going on and what I'm actually just busying myself with. Everything here is already started in some shape form or fashion.
I need to clear my mind though...

These are the things I'm working on currently or planning to make happen in the near future.

Fulbright Fellowships.
NextGen Fellowship.
Scrum Cert
Agile Cert
PMP Project Management Certifcation.
Google Certification Data Analytics, Google PMP

French - 2500 hundred words, 200 phrases, 500 verbs etc

Spanish -2500 hundred words, 200 phrases, 500 verbs etc

Arabic - 2500 hundred words, 200 phrase,s 500 verbs, etc

Salsa - GuaguancĂł
BJJ-Muay Thai

Summer - Hollywood Internship
Internship - McKinsey, BCC, BAIN
AD internship - RPA, Mischief,

Writing -

10 polished feature length scripts
3 produced shorts
3 produced reality tv pilots
10 series outlines
2 plays
1 graphic novel
1 comic strip

700+ credit score (currently 590)
Under 200lbs by December 2023 (currently at 213)


I'm at an elite university. It's competitive. Expensive. Very expensive. And worth it. I can see why white people wanted to take away affirmative action. It's not that black people aren't smart enough to get into elite unis by themselves. It's that when we do we look around and see 1) white people aren't as smart as they are portrayed to be 2) elite status in America is less about who you are and more about who are you a*sociated with. Your network. Elite universities give you access to elite networks.

I'm on first name basis with some of the important people in in the world in regards to Entertainment and Politics. Granted, that doesn't make me rich like them (yet) but I definitely wouldn't have gotten this access if I was enrolled in FSU, GSU or WSU.

My biggest hindrances right now are my credit score. I just need more time to operate and produce and I don't have it because of financial stress of not being able to land my loan to ensure and ingratiate myself in my current city.

I need a job but being a full time student with high profile student extra curriculars is not easy. I'm literally working around the clock. I can barely fu*king sleep as it is and maintaining my GPA is the only thing that is going to land me into a T14. I've got a inroute to HLS. I'm drafting my essays perpetually.

The opportunities are infront of me, but I just got to keep fu*king going. I just landed a huge fellowship based off my Chair's recommendation but that's only because my academic presence and office hour presence has curried me favor in the department.

I'm writing out loud, but I have to do this to clear my head a little bit and see what the fu*k is actually going on. I'm feeling overwhelmed. My parents need healthcare, I've got to repair their house. I don't want my father working in five years. My fridge is empty, just like my bank account.

I'm feeling super fu*king overwhelmed. I have to succeed. I won't stop until I win, but what is winning for me in this particular environment?

Now I'm leading two senior CS majors and a designer in an app development project. I'm going to be presenting at the NAB show in April. I want to spiral this involvement. My LinkedIn is going to look impressive if I can accomplish all my goals by next April, but how the fu*k am I going to be able to lock in.

I've got too much going on, but it's all the spinning plates that have gotten me this far along. WTF am I going to fu*king do. I don't do drugs. I don't drink. I'm not on any medication but I wish I was.

I keep sprinting and collapsing but I just haven't crashed yet. I'm going to spend less time in the BX braindead sections and more time in here and in the fitness section.

In terms of first orders. I need a way to fix my credit score in two months tops so that I can take out a bigger loan. I'm naturally frugal. I don't waste money, but the reality is, unfortunately, a parent trashed my credit score early on and it's really fu*king me right now.

I need economic security so I can just breath to keep going. Every fu*king day is stressful beyond belief but somehow I've made it this far but time feels like it's running out because it truly is. Midterms are around the corner and I've got an Independent Study to present by Oct 10...ontop of producing an indie short film, on top of developing an App. I've got a paper due from last night that I didn't turn in yet. fu*king MLA is fu*king me over but it has to be perfect. fu*k man, I can't think.

I wanted this. I wanted to attend an elite university, so here I am. Racing aging parents, crushing student debt and chasing down a path that no one in my family has walked. I don't know what I'm going to do besides keep pushing but this sh*t is super fu*king hard. I'm going to give myself an ulcer and my face is breaking out like I'm a god damn teenager.


I'm also waiting to hear back from a famous billionaire's right hand man to serve as his unpaid intern. He wrote me on Monday of last week. I was told by someone familiar with him that he's 'busy'. Next thing you know I'm reading about an insane deal going down in the trades involving and enterprise I know he's involved with. Busy indeed. I don't expect to hear from any time soon, but in the meantime I've got to master ATSC 3.0 technology and craft an entire product launch around it.

I'm going to organize this journal a little better moving forward but I had to get out a vomit draft so I can start thinking a little more clearer. I've lost two lbs over the past week but today I found myself eating a pack of candy (M & Ms, I had a snickers earlier). I know for a fact I'm stress eating like a little Washington High cheerleader. I'm about 213 right now. I'm under 18% bodyfat. I'm pretty fit. I'm a HIIT Jedi. Currently in a cut. 15 more lbs to go before December 25. I hate Christmas.

Almost all friends and cousins have been k*lled or are in jail. I'm grateful to be where I'm at and I'm trying to hang in here.

Shout out to E.B White, Earl G. Graves Sr, C.S Lewis and Petey Greene.

Imma Keep Going.


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#4  Pepe dev makes new crypto cashing in on “this is fine” meme

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@misc      By User1234      1 week ago

Yo look at this. The pepe dev lordkek has launched another crytpto meme. Last one hit 1.6 billion mc in 19 days. This one is sat at 20 mil right now looking pretty day 10.

Guys hella connected and the chart looks fire legit leg up consolidation, leg up consolidation rinse and repeat. Check twitter, lots of big influencers soft shilling already. Also its one of the most famous memes AND its dog related. If you know your sh*tcoins and memes, you know pepe, you dont want to fade this



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#5  Dame Says Gary, Indiana is the Next Wave

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@misc      By shooter      2 weeks ago

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#6  Jigga and Oprah pulled a fast one on investors? Oatly now worth $1

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@misc      By Wize      2 weeks ago

Oatly started trading public shares in May 2021 and each share went for $20. Things were looking promising for 2months as the shares rose to $28 by the end of June 2021.

 https://www.smh.com.au/bu .. 21-p57tv1.html

I'm sure Jiggaman and Oprah cashed out a good amount of their shares between that 2-month interval. They were well aware that $20 a share was too steep to begin wit. You know they both laughed all the way to the bank before it went off a cliff. Plant-based foods have gained investor interest over the past few years, especially as fast-food chains and upscale restaurants create new menus to attract health- and environment-conscious diners.

Much of the demand is being led by millennials and generation Z consumers, who are more than willing to spend on sustainable products that are also healthy. Now poor old Oatly is down to $1.02 as I type this. Stocks have to maintain at least $1 value or they are threatened with being delisted from a stock exchange. Anyone think it's time to believe in this Jigga/Oprah backed company or is the bottom gonna fall out even more?

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#7  Tesla tops list of most shorted stocks for third month in August

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@misc      By Sin      2 weeks ago

LONDON, Sept 12 (Reuters) - Tesla (TSLA.O) topped a list of the most shorted large-cap U.S. stocks for a third consecutive month in August, securities lending data firm Hazeltree said in a report on Tuesday.

Tesla stock rallied over 5% on Monday after a Morgan Stanley (MS.N) note suggested the automaker's Dojo supercomputer could bolster Tesla's market value.

A short bet expects a stock price to fall.

Hazeltree, which tracks 12,000 equities globally, said the second and third most shorted stocks last month were Charter Communications (CHTR.O) and Apple (AAPL.O) respectively.

Tesla, Charter Communications and Apple did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

Data compiled by research firm Whale Wisdom showed a range of different strategies underlying short bets against Tesla disclosed to the Securities and Exchange Commission on June 30.

Those included investors with funds taking long and short positions in stocks: Diamond Hill, Leuthold Funds and Forum Funds. A Blackstone fund of funds contained the short positions of other hedge funds and investment managers.

Trades held by the hedge fund AQR Capital Management and the investment manager Federated Hermes aimed to avoid market risk by offsetting rising and falling prices on different a*set classes.

Tesla's CEO Elon Musk on Monday posted on his social media platform X a reaction to the short position that Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates has held against the firm, according to a recent biography of Musk by Walter Isaacson.

"Taking out a short position against Tesla, as Gates did, results in the highest return only if a company goes bankrupt!" posted Musk.

Hedge funds have been shorting U.S. stocks at a rapid pace in recent weeks, a Goldman Sachs note this week showed, and total short bets reached their highest value in six months.

Hedge funds were net short consumer discretionary stocks, which would include Tesla, for the year ending Sept. 8, according to the Goldman note.

"If I'm honest, I've only lost money trying to short TSLA," said Dan Izzo, founder of the hedge fund Blackbird Capital, who did not disclose whether he currently had a position in Tesla.

"Not because I'm wrong about it, but because the market can be irrational for longer than I can afford to be proven right."

 https://www.reuters.com/b .. 20on%20Tuesday.

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#8  How Much Does it Take to Be Wealthy in America?

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@misc      By yola      2 weeks ago

 https://www.visualcapital .. hy-in-america/


Is it possible to pin down an exact number on what it takes to be wealthy, or is wealth far more complex and nuanced than that?

The above graphic looks at data from the 2023 Modern Wealth Survey by Charles Schwab, which asks respondents what net worth is required to be considered wealthy in America.

Later, we look at data that partially contradicts those findings, showing that wealth is more than just a number for many of those same respondents.

Wealthy in America: A Closer Look

Overall, the net worth that Americans say that is needed to be “wealthy” in the United States is $2.2 million in 2023.

Here are the average wealth numbers indicated by respondents across 12 major U.S. cities, based on a survey of 1,000 people between 21 and 75:

City - Wealthy - Financially Comfortable
1 San Francisco $4.7M $1.7M
2 LA & San Diego $3.5M $1.5M
3 New York, NY $3.3M $1.2M
4 Seattle, WA $3.1M $1.0M
5 Washington, D.C. $3.0M $1.0M
6 Boston, MA $2.9M $932,000
7 Denver, CO $2.5M $710,000
8 Phoenix, AZ $2.4M $653,000
9 Atlanta, GA $2.3M $729,000
10 Chicago, IL $2.3M $817,000
11 Dallas, TX $2.3M $820,000
12 Houston, TX $2.1M $606,000

In San Francisco, respondents said they needed $4.7 million in net worth to be wealthy, the highest across all cities surveyed, and more than double the national average.

This figure dropped from last year, when it stood at $5.4 million. The vast majority of people in San Francisco say that inflation has had an impact on their finances, and over half say that living in the city impedes their ability to reach their financial goals, citing steep costs of living.

In Los Angeles and San Diego, it takes $3.5 million to be wealthy, the second-highest across cities surveyed. In New York, it takes $3.3 million in net worth to reach this target. It is home to over 345,000 millionaires, the highest worldwide.

Houston, where the cost of living is less than half of San Francisco, respondents said a net worth of $2.1 million is needed to be wealthy. The average salary is $67,000 in Houston, while in San Francisco it falls at $81,000.

The Wealth Paradox

Separately, the survey asked whether respondents “feel wealthy” themselves.

Overall, 48% of all respondents said they feel wealthy, and those people had an average net worth of $560,000. This is a considerable divergence from the $2.2 million benchmark they said was needed to be wealthy.

HereÂ’s the breakdown for major cities, illustrating the paradox:


Millennials were most likely to feel wealthy, at 57% of respondents, while 40% of boomers felt wealthy, the lowest across generations surveyed.

Explaining the Divergence

When digging deeper, it becomes clear that wealth is not simply a number.

In fact, the survey indicates that many Americans place greater importance on non-monetary a*sets over monetary a*sets when they think of wealth.

For instance, 72% said having a fulfilling personal life was a better descriptor of wealth than working on a career, which was only chosen by 28% of respondents. Meanwhile, enjoying experiences (70%) was a better reflection of wealth compared to owning many nice things (30%).

Interestingly, there was a narrower margin in choosing between the importance of time (61%) over money (39%).

Beyond monetary figures, these findings illustrate the layers that influence what it means to feel financially healthy today, and how this affects an individualÂ’s overall quality of life.

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#9  Apple Stock Tumbles - Buy This Dip

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@misc      By ThesOne      3 weeks ago


Apple shares fell more than 3% on Thursday, following a 4% decline on Wednesday, after several reports suggested that Chinese government workers could be banned from using Apple's iPhones.

China has ordered officials at central government agencies not to bring iPhones into the office or use them for work, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, although it was unclear how widely the bans were issued.

China is Apple's third-largest market, accounting for 18% of Apple's revenue in 2022.

Apple shares fell over 3% on Thursday, following a 4% decline on Wednesday, after several reports suggesting that Chinese government workers could be banned from using Apple iPhones.

The reported restrictions, which have not been publicly announced by the Chinese government, raise concerns that Apple's products could get caught up in international tensions between the U.S. and China.

Greater China, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, is Apple's third-largest market, accounting for 18% of Apple's 2022 revenue of $394 billion. It's also where the vast majority of Apple products are a*sembled. Apple declined to comment.

China has ordered officials at central government agencies not to bring iPhones into the office or use them for work, The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday, although it was unclear how widely the bans were issued. The ban could spread to other state companies and government-backed agencies, Bloomberg News reported on Thursday.

While a ban on all government employees could reduce iPhone unit sales in China by as much as 5%, Bernstein analyst Toni Sacconaghi wrote in a Thursday note, it would be a larger threat to Apple if the bans sent a signal that everyday Chinese citizens should instead use electronics from Chinese companies.

"Perhaps more importantly, restricted use of iPhones among government employees could negatively impact sales among consumers (related family members; general populace) and could be part of a broader move by the Chinese government to promote usage of domestic technology," Sacconaghi wrote.

Dan Niles, portfolio manager at Satori Fund, said on Thursday he sold his stake in Apple and is now shorting the company, citing the possibility of a government iPhone ban and increased competition from Huawei.

New competition

Last week, several Chinese retailers started taking orders for a new Huawei phone, the Mate 60 Pro, which quickly became a hot topic on social media in the country.

The phone starts at 6900 RMB, or about US$954, and uses a Chinese-manufactured chip from Huawei's chip subsidiary, HiSilicon. Early tests suggest that the phone can access 5G speeds, although Huawei's specification pages don't mention it.

Huawei was placed on the U.S. entity list in 2019 over fears that its technology could give the Chinese government backdoor access to communications. The move requires U.S. companies like Google and Qualcomm to get permission from the U.S. government before supplying Huawei. The sanctions significantly hampered Huawei's phone business, which was rising before the sanctions, forcing it in recent years to spin off some of its phone brands and contributing to a $12 billion shortfall back in 2020.

Huawei's new phone has a chip, manufactured on China's mainland, that uses the 7-nanometer production process. Smaller production processes tend to translate to faster and more efficient chips. This year's upcoming iPhone is expected to use a 3nm process, manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor, and Apple first went with a 7nm process to make its A12 chips, which were used in new iPhones in 2018.

But Huawei's chip raises questions about how well separate restrictions on chip manufacturing technology, which aim to prevent Chinese companies from making cutting-edge processors, are working.

"From my perspective, what it tells us is that the United States should continue on its course of a 'small yard, high fence' set of technology restrictions focused narrowly on national security concerns, not on the broader question of commercial decoupling," Jake Sullivan, U.S. national security advisor, said Tuesday in a briefing.

In Apple's most recent quarter, ending in June, Greater China sales grew 8% on an annual basis to $15.76 billion. It was Apple's fastest-growing region. On the company's earnings call, Cook said Apple was seeing users switch from Android phones to iPhones, mentioning that was "at the heart" of Apple's results.

"We continue to try to convince more and more people to switch because of the experience and the ecosystem that we can offer them," Cook said.

 https://www.cnbc.com/amp/ .. employees.html

YouÂ’re Welcome


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#10  Chip design firm Arm seeks up to $52 billion valuation in blockbuster U.S. IPO

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@misc      By Sin      3 weeks ago

-Chip design firm Arm on Tuesday submitted an updated filing for its upcoming blockbuster initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, setting a price range between $47 and $51.
-Only 9.4% of ArmÂ’s shares will be freely traded on the New York Stock Exchange.
-Arm was previously dually listed in London and New York, before SoftBank acquired it for $32 billion in 2016.

Chip design firm Arm on Tuesday is looking to fetch as much as $4.87 billion in its upcoming blockbuster initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange, according to a fresh filing.

The deal could value the company at a much as $52 billion.

Arm submitted its updated F-1 filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, setting out its ambitions to once again become a publicly listed company. It was previously dually listed in London and New York, before SoftBank acquired it for $32 billion in 2016.

As a British company, Arm qualifies as a foreign private issuer in the U.S. and its shares will count as American depositary shares, or ADSs. The company will list 95.5 million ADSs at a price range between $47 and $51. At the upper end of that range, CNBC estimates that Arm will likely raise up to $4.87 billion. At the lower end, the IPO would fetch $4.49 billion of fresh capital for Arm.

When the company floats in New York, it will look to tap into a deep pool of institutional funds. Arm seeks to ramp up its investments in research and development, particularly as it pursues growth in the artificial intelligence space with some of its newer chips.

At the upper end of the pricing range, Arm would also attain a total valuation of $52 billion, according to CNBC calculations. At the lower end, its valuation would come in below $50 billion.

Only 9.4% of ArmÂ’s shares will be freely traded on the New York Stock Exchange, with SoftBank expected to own roughly 90.6% of the companyÂ’s outstanding shares following the completion of the IPO.

The underwriters for the listing have an option to purchase up to an additional 7 million American depositary shares, worth $735 million. If they choose to purchase these shares, SoftBankÂ’s ownership of Arm will be reduced to 89.9%, the company said.

 https://www.cnbc.com/2023 .. er-us-ipo.html

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#11  Flipping storage units

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@misc      By collegeboy58      3 weeks ago

Has anyone purchase a storage unit from an auction? I have a unit and was talking to the manager. Apparently everything is online now and you can look at storage units all over the country and put in bids.


He said after you pay, you have to put down $100 until the unit is clean then you get it back. Some interesting stuff on here and the bids start pretty low.

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#12  University how to make it Pay

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@misc      By nwking      4 weeks ago

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#13  Bitcoin ETF

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@misc      By MeNoSenYouNoCom      4 weeks ago

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#14  3M agrees to pay $6 billion in US military earplug lawsuit settlement

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@misc      By Blackberries      4 weeks ago

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#15  The 5 levels of a*set protection in teal estate

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@misc      By Ascension      4 weeks ago

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#16  The US about to be a Third World country 🌎📉

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@misc      By IshouldSlapU      4 weeks ago

While higher interest rates f*ght inflation, they could stifle business innovation, hampering economic growth. = jobs lost...not a good look

Crypto regulations keep people safe, but too many restrictions can stifle innovation and drive talent away = less jobs ...not a good look

BRICS could lead to conflicts over trade, currencies, and global influence. They're starting a movement to boycott the dollar...30% of the world population drops the dollar...then what happens to the rest of money they had in circulation.....not a good look

Could the US be headed to become a new third-world country?

A country becomes a "third world" or less developed nation due to factors like:

1. **Economic Underdevelopment:** Limited infrastructure, education, healthcare, tech access, and agrarian economy can hinder growth.

2. **Poverty and Inequality:** High poverty, income disparity, unequal resource distribution impede progress.

3. **Political Instability:** Unstable governance, corruption, weak institutions hinder planning.

4. **Lack of Industrialization:** Low industrialization, reliance on traditional sectors hamper innovation.

5. **Limited Education Access:** Poor education leads to skill gaps, slows tech progress.

6. **Healthcare Challenges:** Poor healthcare, diseases hurt productivity.

7. **Debt Burden:** High debt, bad fiscal management limit development resources.

8. **Limited Foreign Investment:** Not enough foreign investment, trade stalls modernization.

9. **Geopolitical Factors:** Conflicts divert resources from development.

10. **Environmental Issues:** Degradation, climate change lower agriculture, progress.

Preferred terms today are "developing countries" or "less developed countries." The future of USA looks very underdeveloped

Taking my talents to Asia��✈️
Passport bros where y'all at?


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