#1  Burry Just sent out the warning shot... Yikes. Hope you see this! Bout to go down bulls.

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@misc      By Andrefrbk      1 day ago

Hope you built some sick short/put positions cuz its not often he sends out advice like this. Especially AH before closing, night before FOMC. Bulls should be very scared right now.

Burry is a short god, i trust this message.

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#2  Bitcoin difficulty hits new ATH rising by 4.68%, further securing the network

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@misc      By nocomment      2 days ago

Bitcoin saw second largest positive adjustment in difficult level in over a year

Bitcoin‘s difficulty has risen by 4.68% in the second largest positive adjustment in a year to reach a new all-time high. The blockchain’s difficulty is set automatically within Bitcoin’s core code based on mining activity on the network.

The below chart illustrates the most significant adjustments, both positive (green) and negative (red.) Over the past twelve months, the change in difficulty can be seen to have little correlation with BitcoinÂ’s price

Higher difficulty means a more secure blockchain as it becomes more energy intensive to attempt to attack the network. In addition, it becomes harder to mine new blocks as the difficulty increases about the global hashrate.

The difficulty adjusts relative to the miners’ hashrate to keep the time to create a new block to a consistent 10 minutes. Thus, should a ‘bad actor’ onboard miners onto the network to attack it, the difficulty would continue you increase along with the hashrate. The difficulty adjusts every 2,016 blocks meaning an attack would have under two weeks before the new miners would cause the network to adapt to reduce their impact and control of the network.

Further, an increase in difficulty means more consistency in block times. The time to mine a new block becomes more reliable with a greater difficulty due to increased competition among miners.

However, the increase in difficulty puts further stress on the mining industry. More computing power is required to earn equivalent rewards, making the ROI on mining hardware less favorable.

The rise in BitcoinÂ’s price in recent weeks will have alleviated many minersÂ’ worst fears as Bitcoin rewards are worth more in dollar terms. Following several miners filing for bankruptcy or restructuring during the bear market, the price rally is a much-needed respite for miners.

visit this link https://cryptoslate.com/b .. g-the-network/

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#3 Jan 30 - Bitcoin back on the road to 30k... or 10k?

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@misc      By Swisha2k11      2 days ago

I thought FTX was the nail in the coffin and Bitcoin was dead?

visit this link https://cointelegraph.com .. investor-fears

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#4  Validators shut down as Secret Network struggles with leadership

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@misc      By nocomment      3 days ago

Secret Foundation founder, Tor Bair, accused of taking 'six figure' dividends

SmartStake, a major validator in the Cosmos ecosystem, has announced that it will shut down its nodes following revelations around the Secret FoundationÂ’s founder, Tor Bair, personally taking profits.

Validator exodus
The validator cited “complex/stressful validator operations… cost/effort of validator ops… recent events” as the reasons for shutting down its service. Smartstake further stated

“Please note that the shutdown will be graceful and there will be no slashing for any of the delegates.”

NotionalDAO, another Cosmos validator, has echoed SmartStake’s statement with CEO, Jacob Gadikian, confirming that “NotionalDAO will not be bringing up its node again, in solidarity with SmartStake.”

Secret leadership conflict
The allegations against Bair were revealed on Jan. 27 via the foundationÂ’s governance forum. Guy Zyskind, the founder of Secret Labs, posted the statement in which the allegations were made public.

Zyskind disclosed that “Secret Foundation sold a substantial amount of USD worth of SCRT.” In addition, “Tor cashed out a significant portion of these proceeds… as a dividend.” These actions were not disclosed to the community, with roughly $4 million withdrawn in Q4 2021 alone.

The resulting plan proposed by Zyskind was to dissolve the Secret Foundation by returning stakes to the community and reforming a new foundation under new leadership. The new organization will “maintain a transparent and audited activity…[and]… it will submit annual funding requests to the chain with a clear budget, milestones, and asks.”

Further, the post ended with Zyskind looking to the future of Secret Network;

“As a final note, we’d like to say that while we raise and acknowledge these concerns, we are at the same time very optimistic about the future.

The Secret community is well-equipped to address the necessary changes, and this restructuring will help the platform reach new heights as we work towards our Secret 2.0 vision. “

BairÂ’s version of events
Bair also announced the same governance forum stating that the withdrawals were simply part of his vested tokens. The Secret Foundation founder said he began earning a salary in 2021 and vesting “a portion of my tokens” by December.

He continued to confirm that he made an “OTC sale of SCRT tokens,” converting tokens to USD and holding the stablecoins with the foundation to use to pay him a dividend. He further disclosed he had 375,000 SCRT in vested tokens and received a dividend of $2.625 million and claims that.

“This information is verifiable in our 2021 tax filings, which have been previously reviewed by Labs, and I have previously disclosed this information to them.”

Bair seemingly through his hat in the ring as he disclosed that “the time has come for change,” yet he has “communicated privately and publicly on multiple occasions about my desire to be a part of that change.”

In direct response to allegations made by Zyskind, Bair commented;

“This allegation is false. We’ve previously published our disclosure on that event, which is available on this forum.”

A debate continued to wage within the comments, and on Twitter, as to whether the community believes there has been malpractice or whether people are more concerned that Bair appeared to have sold the top at over $7.

As of press time, Secret Networks, SCRT is trading at $0.80, almost 90% lower than BairÂ’s sale price.

visit this link https://cryptoslate.com/v .. th-leadership/

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#5  How To Get Started In Real Estate With 50k (No FHA)

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@misc      By Sin      6 days ago

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#6  Stocks to pay attention

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@misc      By Top G      7 days ago

Clxt more than double

bullish on this stock 3-6 time your money, bought at .085

pay attention to this one

check my youtube for more bullish stocks

do your own research

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#7  Left for Dead Crypto Names Roar Higher as Bitcoin Bounces

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@misc      By nocomment      7 days ago

Bitcoin has put together its first sustained rally since the FTX collapse in early November.

With nearly the entire universe of publicly traded crypto stocks down 70% to 90% or even more in 2022, just a little bit of life in bitcoin (BTC) this week has led to outsized sector gains.
Trading at $19,370 at press time, bitcoin is up about 13% this week, at its strongest level in the more than two months since the implosion of crypto exchange FTX.
Among the big movers this week is Coinbase (COIN), up 49%. The crypto exchange has seen a number of sell-side downgrades and price target cuts to begin the year and also faced a credit rating downgrade from Moody's. The company also this week announced a cut of 20% of its workforce. Cathie Wood's ARK Investment, however, has been doing some bottom-fishing, purchasing $7.5 million in Coinbase stock this week and about $28.5 million over the past month.

Thanks to a combination of a low bitcoin price, rising electricity costs, often high debt levels and nearly closed capital markets, bitcoin miners came into 2023 facing an existential crisis. Indeed, Core Scientific (CORZ), one of the largest miners by computing power, already declared bankruptcy and Argo Blockchain (ARBK) barely fended Chapter 11 off after a late-inning bailout from Michael Novogratz's Galaxy Digital (GLXY.TO).
Things were so bad that one of the leading miners – Riot Blockchain – began the year exorcising all ties to crypto from its name, re-branding itself as Riot Platforms (RIOT).
Given those factors, just the modestly good news for bitcoin sent the sector's shares exploding higher. Marathon Digital (MARA) has gained 79% this week, Hut 8 Mining (HUT) added 49% and Bit Digital rose 41%. As for Riot, it's ahead just 27% this week, perhaps punishment for giving up "blockchain" in its name.
Other crypto stocks on the move include MicroStrategy (MSTR), advancing 30% this week, and troubled crypto bank Silvergate Capital (SI) rising 11%.

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#8  CVX announces $75 billion stock buyback

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@misc      By ahonui06      7 days ago

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#9  Genesis Sues Roger Ver & BlockFi Entaglements

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@misc      By nocomment      1 week ago

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#10  Investing in Africa?

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@misc      By Ascension      2 weeks ago

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#11  Genesis' Crypto Lending Businesses File for Bankruptcy Protection

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@misc      By nocomment      2 weeks ago

The collapse of FTX in late 2022 was the final straw for Genesis, which earlier that year reportedly suffered losses of several hundred million dollars due to its exposure to failed crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital.

Genesis Global Holdco LLC, the holding company of troubled cryptocurrency lender Genesis Global Capital, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in New York after being pummeled by two of 2022's biggest industry collapses.
Genesis Global Holdco, LLC and its subsidiaries Genesis Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd and Genesis Global Capital, LLC filed a trio of voluntary petitions with the United States U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of New York. All three fall under the umbrella of Digital Currency Group, which also owns CoinDesk. Genesis has moved for joint administration of the cases.

In its filing, Genesis Global Capital, the partner firm to Gemini's defunct Earn program, estimated more than 100,000 creditors and between $1 billion and $10 billion in liabilities, as well as a*sets. The two other entities estimated their a*sets and liabilities in the $100 million and $500 million range, respectively.
Genesis owes over $3.5 billion to its top 50 creditors, among which include crypto exchange Gemini, trading giant Cumberland, Mirana, MoonAlpha Finance and VanEck’s New Finance Income Fund, according to the bankruptcy filing published late Thursday.
Those companies comprise Genesis' crypto lending business, which was rocked last year by the implosions of hedge fund Three Arrows Capital and crypto exchange FTX. Genesis' other subsidiaries involved in the derivatives and spot trading and custody businesses as well as Genesis Global Trading were not included in the filing and continue client trading operations, according to a press release.

In its filing, Genesis Global Capital said it expects that through the restructuring process, there will be money left over to pay unsecured creditors – a group that can get wiped out in bankruptcy cases if the situation is extremely dire.
In a statement on Friday, DCG said that neither it nor any of its employees, including those on Genesis’ board of directors, were involved in the decision for file for bankruptcy, and that DCG would continue to operate “business as usual."
DCG also reiterated that it owes Genesis Capital roughly $526 million due in May 2023 and $1.1 billion via a promissory note due in June 2032, and that it “fully intends to address its obligations to Genesis Capital in the course of a restructuring.”
Shortly after FTX collapsed into its own bankruptcy case in November, Genesis Global Capital was forced to suspend customer withdrawals, which hurt customers of a yield product offered by the Gemini crypto exchange.
Genesis had been scrambling to raise fresh capital or reach a deal with creditors. It – along parent company DCG, which also owns CoinDesk – was under increasing pressure to make good on $900 million of locked deposits.
The bankruptcy "is a crucial step towards us being able to recover your a*sets," the Gemini exchange's CEO, Cameron Winklevoss, tweeted shortly after the filing was announced. In the same tweet string, Winklevoss threatened to sue DCG CEO Barry Silbert over the repayment of the loan. The tweet comes after Winklevoss waged a Twitter war against DCG to recover the loan amid his exchange’s own struggles.
Genesis late last year retained investment bank Moelis & Co. to a*sist with exploring options.
Before FTX dealt a blow to Genesis, the failure of crypto hedge fund Three Arrows Capital had caused hundreds of millions of dollars in losses for the firm, CoinDesk reported last year.
Earlier this month, Genesis announced it was laying off 30% of its staff, taking it down to 145 employees.
Thursday's bankruptcy filing could have broader implications for bitcoin as Genesis and digital a*sets manager Grayscale share the same parent company in DCG. Grayscale operates the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (GBTC), which has $10 billion-plus in a*sets under management and was late last year trading at a record discount to net a*set value, although that discount has narrowed recently. There are market fears that the repercussions of the Genesis bankruptcy could somehow lead to the liquidation of GBTC's holdings of 600,000+ bitcoin.

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#12  Corporate drama between two behemoths of the liquor industry

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@misc      By 5 Sigma      2 weeks ago

Dude breaks down both sides grievances
There's some gems on how the liquor industry is ran in the country.

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#13  talking crypo sh-t

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@misc      By nocomment      2 weeks ago

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#14  Founder of crypto exchange Bitzlato arrested for alleged money laundering: US

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@misc      By nocomment      2 weeks ago

no ones ever heard of them lol

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#15  Agix

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@misc      By nocomment      2 weeks ago

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#16  How many of yall actually made good money from crypto?

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@misc      By JetLifeSwag      2 weeks ago

I see a lotta yall obsessed wit crypto

I'm curious. Can yall really stand behind that sh*t?

How many yall actually made REAL realized profit from crypto?

I been telling yall for years from @JetLifeSwagg that crypto is a scam thats gon to to 0.

Since I took a hiatus from boxden I dabbled wit crypto, but still believe it's 100% a ponzi that's gon go to 0 and leave a lotta yall down bad.

A lotta yall probably already down bad from ftx, luna, ust, blockfi, etc AS WELL AS nearly every crypto being down 99%+ from highs, or at least down significantly.

Serious replies only - dont cap.

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#17  Bitcoin is a pet rock again

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@misc      By nocomment      2 weeks ago

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#18  List of 100 Monthly Paying Dividend Stocks and 80 Funds

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  @misc      By Villain      2 weeks ago

Do your research and invest wisely

4 heavy hitters in my opinion

O Realty Income Corporation
ADC Agree Realty Corporation
STAG STAG Industrial, Inc.
MAIN Main Street Capital

Be safe tho

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#19  Dude flowing on this crypto diss track. Hard. Bars. Ooohh.

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@misc      By Andrefrbk      2 weeks ago

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#20  Robinhood must face customers' lawsuit alleging it hid trading costs - Yahoo

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@misc      By STOVE JOBS      2 weeks ago

A U.S. judge on Wednesday said Robinhood Markets Inc must face a lawsuit by customers who accused the online trading platform of fraudulently concealing their actual trading costs while promising "commission free" trades.

U.S. District Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers in Oakland, California, said customers in the proposed class action had standing to sue over securities they bought and sold on Robinhood's platform.

Robinhood was accused of concealing how its business relied heavily on "payment for order flow," with the Menlo Park, California-based company collecting "unusually high" fees from outside broker-dealers who processed customer trades.

Customers led by Ji Kwon, a Californian, said they ultimately bore these costs and often got worse prices on trades than if they had gone to rivals that charged commissions.

They said this "materially undermined" Robinhood's duty to provide the best prices and execution on trades.

Citing a recent ruling by the federal appeals court in Manhattan, Robinhood said the case should be dismissed because customers did not allege any misstatements about the issuers of their securities.

But the judge rejected that argument in a Jan. 11 decision allowing investors to sue luxury electric car maker Lucid Group Inc and said the same reasoning applied.

Robinhood and its lawyers did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The proposed class includes U.S. users of Robinhood from Sept. 1, 2016 to June 16, 2020 who placed trades where the company received payment for order flow.

The case is In re Robinhood Order Flow Litigation, U.S. District Court, Northern District of California, No. 20-09328. (Reporting by Jonathan Stempel in New York; Editing by Lisa Shumaker)

visit this link https://finance.yahoo.com .. 202846760.html

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