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Video inside Miami rapper Smoke Purpp got the gayest chain in the industry
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Video inside San Antonio Goon gets his crib pulled up on by Baton Rouge goons?!
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Damn Lloyd Banks got fat
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Image(s) inside 10 Women Tell Us How They Really Feel About Tiny Penises

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1 hour ago

Cash Me Outside Girl Danielle Bregoli Has a Bunch of Insane Rider Demands

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| By firestickfelix - 1 hour ago

You would think Cash Me Outside girl known to her friends, family, and the police as Danielle Bregoli has exceeded her fifteen minutes of fame, but apparently you would be wrong...

The fourteen-year-old is continuously owning the spotlight following her viral Cash Me Outside catch phrase, with controversial fights, music video releases, and photo shoots, not to mention eight million Instagram followers and a boat load of cash

Bregoli is set to pocket $50,000 at each stop of her national tour — assuming she has sold out crowds. I repeat, she will get $50,000 to lip-sync

According to TMZ, two venues have already been secured for her tour and they got a hold of her predictably ridiculous rider.For starters, in addition to the $50,000 she is expected to make, she demands $750 per diem, $3,000 for security costs, and a minimum of four-star accommodation

That’s just the beginning, so reserve your rage for the end of this train wreck.Bregoli has also specifically requested three fidget spinners , four large Domino’s pizzas, a fruit platter with no pineapple, five Gildan or Fruit of the Loom brand white tank tops and a 50-inch TV with Netflix and a DVD player so she can watch Paris Hilton in House of Wax. And a partridge in a pear tree…

In other words, not overzealous lip-syncing. But they won’t be called that much anymore, as she now travels around with her very own bodyguard, Frank Dellatto. Hope he likes Dominos pizza and House of Wax.

Somebody pimpin the fu*k outta this little bi*ch and getting paid

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1 hour ago

Video inside Miami rapper Smoke Purpp got the gayest chain in the industry

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| By micropave - 1 hour ago

Miami rapper #SmokePurpp cops some new diamond chokers.

A post shared by Say Cheese TV 👄🧀 (@saycheesedigital) on


A post shared by lil purpp (@smokepurpp) on

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2 hours ago

Audio inside New Vado (Sinatra 2)

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| By Mami Wata - 2 hours ago

Out now on @mymixtapez click link in bio #happymemorialday

A post shared by SLime Rothstein (@vado_mh) on

visit this link

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2 hours ago

Audio inside Rank Nas x Game Collaborations

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| By Kevin Spacey - 2 hours ago

Tracks where either Nas or Game are the main artist

Why You Hate the Game


Letter to the King

Make the World Go Round

Street Riders

The Ghetto

Why You Hate the Game
Letter to the King
The Ghetto
Street Riders
Make the World Go Round

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5 hours ago

Video inside Puff Daddy's First Verse Ever!!

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| By Timdogg86 - 5 hours ago

Time stamp 2mins 55s

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6 hours ago

Where would you rank Joe Budden?

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| By damien1928 - 6 hours ago

Joes been gaining some momentum, due to his run on everyday struggle and there was a topic a few weeks back about "the best rapper alive" where joe didn't really fight for his irritated me because I think Joe is one of the best, consistently

So where would you put Joe?

Top 10?
Top 20?
Or worse?

Joe is a top lyricist
Joe got classics

Joe keeps saying he's retired and it's pissing me off, he ain't done

He keeps saying he likes the new dudes like yachty and vert and that's pissing me off

That ain't joe

No way dude it's listening to new dudes thinking there all dope

The games lost, lyrics are lost outside of Kendrick, Sean, cole and a few others

Compare "Dumb out" or "who killed hip hop" to anything released this year, Joe's gonna come out with the W

I'm hoping this sh*t is a scheme so he can bounce back and murder the game, but honestly it looks like he doesn't even believe in himself

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6 hours ago

Video inside San Antonio Goon gets his crib pulled up on by Baton Rouge goons?!

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| By FreeloadinRusty - 6 hours ago

Let that be the lesson. Boy wanted to pop that sh*t online, now his nappy-headed auntie on the porch coppin pleas.


Chris P responds.

Your move, BR.


BR Travis James Ent rep replies:

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6 hours ago

Proof Wayne Invented the "Migos Flow" in 2005

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| By chef12 - 6 hours ago

you can't tell me this sh*t don't sound like every migos verse ever to a fu*king T except its not over a zaytoven beat and the lyrics are actually somewhat cohesive

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6 hours ago

Image inside West Coast Rapper Kam Weighs in on the Teach/Wack 100 truce

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| By BornInvincible - 6 hours ago

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6 hours ago

Tiny tells T.I. Floyd Mayweather "never stuck his d!ck in me"

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| By trapclassics - 6 hours ago

This girl is lying her ass off, talking about she went to Mayweather house and never fu*ked.

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6 hours ago

Damn Lloyd Banks got fat

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| By GrgeClrk - 6 hours ago

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10 hours ago

Audio inside BG Knocc Out - Ladi Dadi (2017)

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| By Clutch City Kid - 10 hours ago

OG back at it with a BANGER!!!

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11 hours ago

Video inside Producers Who Vanished

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| By THEINFAMOUS - 11 hours ago

JR Rotem




Brian "All Day" Miller

February 9th

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11 hours ago


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| By HIGH LVLD - 11 hours ago

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11 hours ago

Video inside Crazy How Much 50 Cents BISD Tracklisting Changed Before it Dropped

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| By Bill Wallace - 11 hours ago

I was gonna make and post my old own version but looking into it and sh*t seemed to be confirmed more then once...he did have that Flight187 track talkin about Dre not mixing his records....majority of these were probably those songs...THE PRODUCTION MUSTA BEEN INSANE

Before I Self Destruct


01 Intro
02 Came to Win [produced by Red Spyda]
03 Get Up [produced by Scott Storch]
04 Need Your Hate [Produced by Dr. Dre]
05 Here for a Reason [ft. Nate Dogg] [produced by tha Bizness]
06 Good to Be a Gangsta [produced by Ty Fyffe & Sha Money XL]
07 Don't Mess With 50 [produced by Don Cannon]
08 Trust in Me [produced by J.R. Rotem]
09 Norman Bates Motel [ft. Eminem] [produced by Dr. Dre]
10 bi*ch I'm Sorry [produced by Needlz]
11 All for You [produced by Hi-Tek]
12 No Time to Lose [ft. Swizz Beatz] [produced by the Individuals]
13 Lonely at the Top [produced by Play-N-Skillz]
14 You Need Us [ft. Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo] [produced by DJ Khalil]
15 Different Path [ft. Dave Young] [produced by Havoc]
16 I Get It In [produced by Dr. Dre]
17 Somebody Forgive Me [produced by Jake One]
18 My Reign [produced by Eminem]
19 Ready for War [ft. Dr. Dre] [produced by Dr. Dre]

The only tracks I assumed were from the OG album that leaked

1st Single

Dr. Dre leftover

Another Dre leftover

DJ Premier leftover instrumental (the 50 version doesnt exist on youtube lol)

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11 hours ago

Video inside West Philly Freck (Freck Billionaire) Spits Memorial Day Bars that your fave rapper cant

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| By castro - 11 hours ago

Memorials Day Bars.... Cuz sometimes you gotta remind em...I been the coldest as far as bar work is concerned... #Cbl

A post shared by West Philly Freck (@westphillycbl) on

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11 hours ago

Video inside Everyday Struggle EP 129 | Joe Budden & DJ Akademiks | Classic Mixtapes + Dream Collabs

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| By DSmith93 - 11 hours ago

Published on May 29, 2017

On today's special Memorial Day episode of #EverydayStruggle, Joe Budden, DJ Akademiks, and Nadeska continue the classic project debate from a few weeks ago, but this time with a focus on mixtapes and R&B albums. The crew also breaks down who is the king of the remix and if the remix has died over the years. To wrap, they all list some outside the box dream collaborations that they would like to see happen.

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12 hours ago

Well Damn ico Recklezz:"DJ Akademiks Is A Snitch,He Got Me Locked Up"

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| By ovogoon - 12 hours ago

0:50 mark

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12 hours ago

Video inside PartyNextDoor Dissing Drake?

8 people viewing this

| By southernsmoke90 - 12 hours ago

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12 hours ago

Video inside R.I.P Young Pappy May 10th 1995 - May 29th 2015

2 people viewing this

| By KING JAYY - 12 hours ago

GOAT Drill Rapper

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