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NBA Ernie Johnson Ain't The One
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NUPAC Allegedly Sold 830 Copies? (Since BX has Mocked Sales, It is Time for yo..
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Video inside Throwback: Dude's girl takes pic with French Montana and almost loses her
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Image(s) inside A Random Couple Takes The Selfie Game To Whole New Level

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2 hours ago

Video inside 600breezy riding thur xxxtentacion city looking for him!!!!!

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| By Joedy915 - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

855,625 people downloadEd Nupac...

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| By RichYung757 - 2 hours ago

...For Free...

Troy encourage people to download it , he just wanted people to hear it.

That's 855,625 off of one mixtape site.

Some of yall Troy haters make no sense to me..

Yall need a dad or a uncle Phil someone that tells y'all it's not right to hate .

F A C T O !

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2 hours ago

Another one!!! Bet greenlights 50central from a&e! Issa go!

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| By eskaykiller - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

Nupac aka Notorious A.V.E. still throwing shots at woman-beater Joe Budden

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| By chrismb - 2 hours ago

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6 hours ago

Article inside New Study Claims Hip-Hop Is Genre With Least Drug References

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| By 313soulja - 6 hours ago


Hip-hop is good, clean, wholesome fun!

A new study on has made a shocking claim. After a thorough analysis of over 1.41 million songs, the website has concluded that hip-hop is the genre with the least amount of drug references. Other genres in the study include rock, pop, jazz, folk, electronic, country, and other. The website combed through song lyrics, seeking the following terms:

acid, adderall, addy, ativan, bars, blotter, blow, blues, blunt, bud, buddha, chronic, cid, cocaine, coke, crack, crank, dank, dope, dose, doses, dro, ecstasy, gak, h, heroin, hydro, ice, joint, key, lean, lortab, LSD, lucy, Marijuana, MDMA, meth, methamphetamine, microdot, molly, morphine, oxy, oxycontin, perc, Percocet, Percocets, piff, pill, pot, powder, purp, Promethazine, roxy, speed, sizzurp, spliff, syrup, tab, tabs, tar, tweak, upper, Valium, vicodin, weed, white, x, and Xanax.

The study concluded that country music had the most drug references, with hip-hop sitting at the opposite end of the spectrum. Rather unsurprisingly, weed was the drug most favored by rappers, and the emcees with the highest amount of references were: Kottonmouth Kings, Eminem, The Game, Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Tech N9ne, Too Short, ICP, Bone Thugs & Redman.

Honestly, it's hard to argue with statistics, especially when the people behind this survey clearly put more effort into amassing this data than I did, but...really? How is this even possible? It seems as if every rapper has made at least one song about drugs. At least.
visit this link http://www.hotnewhiphop.c .. ews.31737.html

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6 hours ago

Image inside JMSN Drinking Tour/Album Whatever Makes You Happy

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| By jsilerio - 6 hours ago


1. “Drinkin'”
2. “Always Something”
3. “Love Aint Enough”
4. “Slide”
5. “Where Do U Go”
6. “Slowly”
7. “Angel”
8. “Patiently”

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6 hours ago

Image inside One gotta go...[Current Top Producer Edition]

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| By Prodigital SC - 6 hours ago

Yall know the rules, one gotta leave the table...

Metro Boomin

:Some Notable Tracks:

-Mask Off - Future

-Bounce Back - Big Sean
-Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1 - Kanye West
-Where Ya At - Future
-Live From The Gutter - Drake & Future

DJ Dahi

:Some Notable Tracks:

-Adoration of Magi - Lupe Fiasco

-Loyalty - Kendrick Lamar
-Stand For - Ty Dolla $ign
-Worst Behavior - Drake
-The Middle Finger - Wale


:Some Notable Tracks:

-Pound Cake - Drake

-The Blacker The Berry - Kendrick Lamar
-Traumatized - Meek Mill
-Do Not Distrub - Drake
-See No Evil - The Game

Big K.R.I.T.

:Some Notable Tracks:

-Glass House - Wiz Khalifa

-Bonnaroo - A$AP Ferg
-Brimstone - Rick Ross
-Boobie Miles - Big K.R.I.T.
-Jet Life - Curren$y


:Some Notable Tracks:

-Levitate - Kendrick Lamar

-100 - The Game
-Goosebumps - Travis $cott
-Seen It All - Jeezy

Mike Will Made-It

:Some Notable Tracks:

-Black Beatles - Rae Sremmurd

-Humble - Kendrick Lamar
-Move That Dope - Future
-Summertime - The Game
-DNA - Kendrick Lamar


Who leaves the room BX?

@freshtoodef @EKEK @Clutch City Kid
@AROD MONEY @jp morgan @dominicanlink12 @hardcore bastad @mdothaze @Vladimir Levin @dnycem @skillahmang @Cutty Olds @Timdogg86 @TrapBoy904 @Ryzo @JETSoverERTHING @knowTHEledge @vandalizm @berzerkerguts
@illsoul440 @NcAlien @BornInvincible @CartelFamill @DaDon1 @Apollo Treed @59fifty @ADthe3rd @AC SLATER @Tjvh616 @siggiddy @Tsunami Serg @bonkers @George Cooney @4FIF @icewater @Black Cobra @meelmuis @DonofDons21 @Bidam7 @xastey01 @Captain Freedom @Gremlin @Grave @Mindfulness @rileybb @dopemental @Verse @lilwheezy @pacmanTX @Ron O'Neal @Mosthated 81 @Knowledgeable @TwinCaliber2kz @HIGH LVLD @MiNimE3 @The Majestic @DooM @The Consultant @El Caballero @xratede @TheRevenant @Heyarnold69 @Suavebeatz @micropave @Kurt Swagner @LORD PLISSKEN @oflo @Sylvain @DRockBSP @kronzsw @illMattie @Mickey Bricks @I Am The Truth @Rhyming Joints @Clyde @The Rhyming Ape @reelife @LowaEastSide5 @Preacher Mane @BBhiphop @thegoldenhero @Kyu @HeGotBeatz
@TrapBoy904 @Ryzo @JETSoverERTHING @knowTHEledge @vandalizm @berzerkerguts @illsoul440 @NcAlien @BornInvincible @CartelFamill @DaDon1 @Apollo Treed @59fifty @ADthe3rd @AC SLATER @Tjvh616 @siggiddy @Tsunami Serg @bonkers @George Cooney @4FIF @icewater @Black Cobra
@meelmuis @DonofDons21 @Bidam7 @xastey01 @Captain Freedom @Gremlin
@Grave @Mindfulness @rileybb @dopemental @Verse @lilwheezy @pacmanTX @Ron O'Neal @Mosthated 81 @Knowledgeable @TwinCaliber2kz @HIGH LVLD @MiNimE3 @The Majestic @DooM @The Consultant @El Caballero @xratede @TheRevenant @Heyarnold69 @Suavebeatz @micropave @Kurt Swagner @LORD PLISSKEN @oflo @Sylvain @DRockBSP @kronzsw @illMattie @Mickey Bricks @I Am The Truth @Rhyming Joints @Clyde @The Rhyming Ape @reelife @LowaEastSide5 @Preacher Mane @BBhiphop
@thegoldenhero @Kyu @HeGotBeatz @Ash10
@Jumpoff21 @ImChillin2Hard

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6 hours ago

NUPAC Allegedly Sold 830 Copies? (Since BX has Mocked Sales, It is Time for your Medicine)

76 people viewing this

| By WavyGnu - 6 hours ago

FWD to 47:57 minutes of the show, please:

I seem to recall many of you on here yucking it up because an artist didn't sell X amount of albums. ESPECIALLY if they were independent. MANY of YOU were making fun of them because they didn't have the resources that your favorites had. BTW, that's a bi*ch move & it really isn't hip hop. That's Lipstick Alley,MTO, not Hip Hop. Just so you know for the next time. And here's another protip for you: Most legendary artists don't sell well either, shocking, I know.

830 is not good for a starting point for a week of someone was on Breakfast Club & LA Leakers. The people that invested in you are likely not having a good week.

But a recap of what we've learned this week:

1) No one gives a sh*t about your street cred except your crew hyping you up & 5 people on BX who seem to be aliases on other hip hop forums posting the same sh*t. Did you think we wouldn't see that?

2) We've learned that doing a roll out for a album contrasting yourself with 2pac on a album cover, it doesn't turn on a lot of the hip hop audience. I'd say it does the exact opposite, go figure

3) We've learned that taunting Joe Budden when he has a highly visible platform in Hip Hop Social media (much more visible than Troy) Not a good idea when he has access to your weekly sale numbers.

4) Finally, We've learned you have to understand your limitations, You aren't Nupac you are more like uhhh NUGLOCC as in the east coast version of 40 Glocc. You are a clown, no one cares that you "run" a block. You thought your antics were going to lift your sales. You aren't ODB, no one is going to care. End of story.

Next time try focusing on your talents & pooling that energy together & I bet you will have a vast improvement of sales. Imagine the reality of an artist actually having a sincere roll out for a project & not resorting to juvenile bait or desperate attempts to be thrust into the spotlight.

All hail, NUGLOCC

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6 hours ago

Video inside EXCLUSIVE: Lil Wayne Admits To Lying About Roc Nation Deal, Talks Money Problems

59 people viewing this

| By -The Snitch- - 6 hours ago


Lil Wayne and Skip Bayless had a live stream conversation where Wayne touched on a variety of subjects such as his probation and label situation. Most notably the rapper has revealed he is not signed to Roc Nation and has been asking Jay-Z help with his current financial situation


Caught this musty ass, broke, has been, lying about the Roc deal

I was wondering where this broke ass nigga was getting money from

It's not like he's making any money from these rink dink venues he's been performing at. All those breadcrumbs go to baby

He admitted to lying about the Roc Nation deal

Even Jim Jones singed to Roc Nation

This nigga supposed to have his own sh*t

How you the CEO of a label asking Jay for money?

This nigga night a real thot

Dyed his hair blonde, trying to find a sugar daddy because he has daddy issues

This is almost surreal

Y'all crusty Wayne stans are never getting new Wayne music

Hope you wayne stans like seizures because that's the only thing Wayne's dropping in 2017

He should have never crossed Thugger. We could have helped him out with some spare change

#AllTheTime BITCH

A post shared by ""JEFFERY"" (@thuggerthugger1) on


Projected to sell more that No Celings 2, FWA and C5 Combined

Damn. Wayne really is poor. Thugger got that niggas whole advance in his hands in one photo

This Thread Has Been Brought To You By 300 Entertainment and YSL Records

Meanwhile, At Young Money Headquarters in the kitchen of a Krispy Kreme in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, Wayne prepares himself a hit of meth that could improve snoring in Boston Terriers by 66%

He has set up shop there so he can make burned CDs of his Carter 5 album to send to labels.

"I'm done waiting for Birdman to send me my money, I'm going to sign with Jay Z"

He smiles to himself as he looks at a picture of Jay on the wall of his "office" that he put up using a dollar store frame

Suddenly, an employee enters the room.

The man is shocked to find a huge sign that says "Rock Nayshun" written in chocolate sauce

"Umm sir, I don't think you're allowed in here"

The man says, trembling with fear

Wayne pulls out his weapon and says

"What the fu*k are you doing in my office nigga?"

The man runs away but Wayne quickly puts 3 bullets in the back of his head

He grabs the man's body before it hits the ground and uses the Krispy Kreme uniform as a disguise

He enters the front of the restaurant and starts handing people C5 on burned CDs

Wayne is shocked to find that people are throwing the CDs in nearby trashcans

He locks everyone inside the Krispy Kreme and waves his gun around as he barricades the door

"Look I don't know if you think I'm some kind of buster, but I'm rich"

He says, his eyes bloodshot with anger

The 6 people in Krispy Kreme look visibly annoyed and confused

A security guard begins walking toward Wayne

Wayne tries to shoot the man but he has ran out of bullets

Wayne becomes frightened and yells

"Goon Squad"

Nothing happens

Wayne yells again


Nothing happens but ths security guard is within punching distance of Wayne

"I said Goon Squ--"

Right then Wayne is dragged by his urine colored dreads and thrown in a nearby trash can.

Wayne is so angry he cannot even think straight.

He punctures a hole in a gas line behind the building and lights a match.

The building begins to burn, killing everybody in the donut parlor slowly. Screams of agony are heard emitting from the building

Wayne watches as he laughs hysterically

The smell of burning intestines, charred skin and children's tears fill the air

The goon squad shows up, 45 minutes later, In a Young Money branded Rickshaw

Gudda Gudda, the leader, takes of his hat and takes a knee before Wayne

"You have summoned us, your eminence?"

He says

Wayne takes a hit of meth and blows it in Guddas face

"Too late, let's get out of here, where's the bus driver?"

Gudda and the goon squad look confused

"He went into Krispy Kreme with his wife and newborn baby to buy Donuts before the show"

Wayne becomes more angry

"Well, where's the show?"

Lil Twist comes forward

"Umm, sir, it's at Krispy Kreme"

Suddenly Wayne's Motorola Star Tac begins to ring

It's his manager

He throws his phone into a nearby trashcan and leaves with the goon squad as Gudda Gudda gives him a piggy back ride into the sunset

They missed a show at El Pollo Loco, 3 pounds of uncooked chicken breast, a gift card for $20 and roughly $11.78, A severe blow to Young Money finances

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8 hours ago

Audio inside Cappadonna - 98 Westwood Freestyle

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| By BornInvincible - 8 hours ago

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8 hours ago

DMX tour cancelled; friends fear relapse

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| By Bkjj11 - 8 hours ago

DMX is pulling the plug on several tour dates, and his people say it's because of an unspecified medical issue.

X was supposed to do a show Tuesday night in Santa Ana, CA ... but the venue informed ticket holders the show had been canceled due to a "medical emergency."

According to our sources, his Wednesday show in Los Angeles, as well as a Thursday gig in San Diego will also be postponed. We're told several people in DMX's inner circle have been concerned about his health this week.

Many fans thought he was a little off the rails during his Brooklyn show last weekend, where the Ruff Ryders reunited. We're told X was indeed drinking heavily that night.

He's battled substance abuse in the past, and friends fear a relapse.

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8 hours ago

Video inside Troy Ave Attempts to Weasel Out Of TDE LIE!

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| By Witness101 - 8 hours ago

TDE Talk Starts @ 10m or so...

#FACTO or #NAHDO what ya'll think ?

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8 hours ago

Didn't Boxden roast Angel Diaz....

3 people viewing this

| By carden2 - 8 hours ago

i don't remember him being this large when he was getting roasted. bx made him eat his feelings......fu*ken as*holes.

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9 hours ago

Audio inside Woobi Trap ft. 5way, Slimm (Prod by Zaytoven)

4 people viewing this

| By trapclassics - 9 hours ago

New song i just debuted for Woobi (Lil Duke & DJ Plugg's Manager) produced by Zaytigga

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9 hours ago

Image inside Trey Songz Responds To Female Fan Who Asked Would He Pipe...

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| By Avon_Barksdale - 9 hours ago

Sis just wanted to see if you were really the panty dropper Trey 😩😂

A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on

Too soon with those allegations going around right now..


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9 hours ago

The evolution of hiphop intelligence

3 people viewing this

| By Crank Lucas - 9 hours ago

As seen on VladTV

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9 hours ago

Image inside Drake Executive Producing Young Thug Album

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| By SM - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

Video inside Throwback: Dude's girl takes pic with French Montana and almost loses her

78 people viewing this

| By Brazi - 9 hours ago

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9 hours ago

Video inside Young Thug announces new singing album called "easy breezy beautiful thugger girl"

3 people viewing this

| By GLOIN - 9 hours ago

EP'd by Drake

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9 hours ago

Chief Keef x Quicktrip x Streetmoney Boochie - Whats the Ticket

3 people viewing this

| By Playboi Loso - 9 hours ago


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