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#1  Why was episode 3 of last of us season 1 made?

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@movies      By Salma Nilla      16 minutes ago

the show should have been canceled right then and there

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#2  Quentin Tarantino Wanted You To Forget About Mr. Orange In Reservoir Dogs

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@movies      By Eclectic      2 hours ago

"Reservoir Dogs" features a number of scenes that have seared into the brains of film lovers since it was released back in 1992. I know that for me it was the opening scene at the diner that made an impression, featuring discussions of Madonna's "Like a Virgin" and the merits of tipping. I rented this movie from Blockbuster when I was around 12 years old expecting some big, cool action movie, but it was that opening scene that showed me that movies could be different from what I thought they were. It was after watching "Reservoir Dogs" that I wanted to learn more about it and, subsequently, who made it. In a lot of ways, the movie is my cinematic origin story, and I don't know if I'd be writing for this website without it.

If I were to ask what scene most sticks with people from Quentin Tarantino's debut feature, it would arguably be the scene in which Michael Madsen's Mr. Blonde tortures a police officer while dancing to Stealers Wheels' supremely catchy "Stuck in the Middle with You." Most of the discussion around that scene revolves around the brutality and tension, most notably the cutting off of the cop's ear. Even though the camera deliberately pans away from the action of the cutting, we still feel the agony of that act of violence. A lesser remarked upon element of the scene is its sudden end, where Tim Roth's Mr. Orange, who has been lying on the ground and passed out from excessive bleeding, unloads an entire clip of bullets into Mr. Blonde before he can k*ll the cop. I've seen it countless times, and every single time, that moment startles me. I always forget he's there, but that was entirely by Tarantino's design.

Hiding in plain sight

With a story that mostly takes place within one big room, hiding things from your audience can be difficult. They come to know the space so well that having something suddenly appear is basically impossible. However, Mr. Orange can go so undetected by the audience for long stretches of "Reservoir Dogs" due to his lack of involvement in the action. He's this immovable puddle of blood, becoming part of the set design rather than a character. Quentin Tarantino wanted to harness that element of Mr. Orange in the story and upend it at the right time. Speaking with Film Comment back in 1994, he talked about how he didn't need to hide Mr. Orange from the movie in order to make that moment work:

"One of the things about 'Reservoir Dogs' that really came off was how after a certain point you just forgot Orange was in the room. You can see him, he's there, but his presence becomes this lump. It wasn't like we even cheated by framing him out constantly so you get the illusion of being alone — Blonde actually goes over to him and still, he doesn't make the impression. So when Orange shoots him it's a real jolt."

Not only does Mr. Orange need to leave your mind for that scene, but he also needs to leave your mind because he's the undercover cop that has caused everything to go sideways. He isn't taking part in the arguments about who the rat is and considering his wound, you immediately dismiss the idea that it's him. Ultimately, Mr. Orange is the backbone of "Reservoir Dogs," and it's rather impressive he can be that when he's out of commission for about half the movie. It seems simple, but that's just because Tarantino executes it so well."

Read More: visit this link https://www.slashfilm.com .. eservoir-dogs/

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#3  New :Louis CK: Back To The Garden

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@movies      By mac58      2 hours ago

sh*t is only on his website for $25.. sh*t is corny but someone will rip it.. its already in places people go to get things from other people ;)

fu*k no am I paying $25 for a comedy show...

anyway anyone catch it? reviews? Im watching tonight ill throw up a review tomorow

Watch the replay of "Louis CK: Back to The Garden." Recorded live on January 28, 2023 at Madison Square Garden in New York City. Purchase includes unlimited streaming access of the show thru February 17, 2023.
Replay Ticket
The purchase of this replay ticket allows access to the replay of Louis CK: Back To The Garden thru Feb. 17. To be clear, it is NOT FOR DOWNLOAD and will be UNAVAILABLE TO VIEW AFTER FEBRUARY 17.

sh*t is corny but someone will rip it

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#4  'Big George Foreman' Trailer

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@movies      By Pastor Ra      2 hours ago

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#5  'LOGAN' director James Mangold is in talks to direct ‘SWAMP THING’ for DC Studios🚨

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@movies      By theFREAK      6 hours ago

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#6  So whose losing their Netflix account pretty soon?

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@movies      By CrossRoads99      6 hours ago

I been using my buddies Netflix for years lol but looks like it's come up a end. Netflix password sharing details. I'm not even mad tho not much I watch on Netflix accept stranger things when it drops.

Netflix will require users to identify a "primary location" for all accounts that live within the same household. Users will need sign into the home wifi of the primary location at least once every 31 days to ensure their device is not blocked.
The company said it will use information such as IP addresses, device IDs, and account activity to determine whether a device signed into the account is connected to the primary location.

When someone signs into the account from a device that is not part of the primary location, or if the account is accessed persistently from another location, it will likely be blocked.

To bypass this, the main account holder will need to verify the device through a temporary code. Once verified, the traveling member can watch Netflix for seven consecutive days. It’s unclear if you can request multiple temporary codes following the 7 day period to avoid paying for an additional account.


visit this link https://finance.yahoo.com .. 151445394.html

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#7  Anthony Anderson is skin and bones

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@movies      By JamcnPrettyboy      17 hours ago

Hope this was a lifestyle change because of his diabetes and not because he's sick with something else.

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#8  Bad Boys 4 confirmed by Will & Martin

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@movies      By Bkjj11      17 hours ago

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#9  The best actor to have ever played a bad guy is who?

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@movies      By claymation      20 hours ago

Name them, BX.

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#10  Ashton Kutcher Wants Danny Masterson “To Be Found Innocent” Of r*pe Charges

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@movies      By Eclectic      22 hours ago

"With a new r*pe trial for Danny Masterson set to start in less than two months, Ashton Kutcher is weighing in on the fate of his That ’70s Show co-star.

In a new interview with Esquire, Kutcher said he wants Masterson “to be found innocent of the charges brought against him.” But he added: “Ultimately, I can’t know. I’m not the judge. I’m not the jury. I’m not the DA. I’m not the victim. And I’m not the accused. And so, in that case, I don’t have a space to comment.”

After a pause, he added, “I just don’t know.”

Kutcher also told the magazine that Masterson was the leader of the young group of actors on the 1998-2006 Fox comedy that also starred Topher Grace, Mila Kunis, Laura Prepon and Wilmer Valderrama. Kutcher recalled how Masterson had been in the business for a while and, noting how the show was taking off with viewers, offered advice to his colleagues. Kutcher said: “He’s like, ‘One f*cking rule: Don’t do anything f*cking stupid and f*ck this up. Because if you f*ck it up, you f*ck it up for everybody.’”

Kutcher and Masterson were close during the show’s run and reunited in 2016 as stars of Netflix’s comedy The Ranch, playing brothers will help run their father’s (Sam Elliott) cattle ranch. But Masterson was fired from the show after Season 3 when Los Angeles police began investigating s*xual a*sault allegations against him. The actor was arrested in June 2020 over claims of a*saults that occurred between 2001 and 2003.

His second trial on three r*pe charges is scheduled to begin with jury selection March 29 in Los Angeles. His first trial was declared a mistrial on November 30. He had faced up to 45 years in state prison if found guilty on all three r*pe counts in the first trial. Masterson always has said the s*x was consensual. "

visit this link https://deadline.com/2023 .. es-1235245556/

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#11 ‘Dr. Phil’ Talk Show to End in Spring After 21 Seasons🚨🚨

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@movies      By theFREAK      22 hours ago

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#12  Here's a picture of Lauren London's Jewish father and black mom

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  @movies      By murderers      1 day ago

Bu bu but a white Jewish man could never bag a black woman like Lauren....


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#13  Rumble verse is getting shut down. Refunds to be issued

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@movies      By Salma Nilla      1 day ago

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#14  Safran & Gunn's Chapter 1 - Gods And Monster

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@movies      By Pastor Ra      1 day ago

- Superman Legacy

- a new Batman and Robin: The Brave and the Bold

- a Swamp Thing feature

- Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow

- DC rogue squad The Authority film

TV series
- animated series Creature Commandos written by Gunn

- Peacemaker spinoff series "Waller" with Viola Davis

- Lanterns series featuring Hal and Stewart

- Booster Gold

- Paradise Lost based on the Amazon in Themyscira before Diana was born


Safran and Gunn conceived their grand design with an a*sembled writers room who riffed off the latter’s basic ideas, that group including Christina Hodson, Jeremy Slater, Drew Goddard, Christal Henry and Tom King.

Overall the gameplan is two movies a year, and two series for HBO Max in what is an eight to ten year plan.

Then wiping away any doubt about the future of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman, and Zachary Levi’s Shazam, Safran emphasized, “These four movies are terrific.

There’s no reason why any of the characters or the actors that play in those characters are not part of the DCU. There’s nothing that prohibits that from happening

- Blue Beetle on Aug. 18 “that sort of has it’s own world and fits in directly into our DCU"

- Todd Phillips’ Joker: Folie a Deux
- Matt Reeves’ Batman sequel and HBO Max Penguin series
- J.J. Abrams’ and Ta-Nehisi Coates’ Black Superman project

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#15  Super Mario drops new trailer f*ghting donkey kong

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@movies      By Salma Nilla      1 day ago


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#16  A ‘YOUNG DEXTER’ series is in the early works at Showtime.🚨🤔

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@movies      By theFREAK      1 day ago

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#17  Peacock🦚 original series POKER FACE' directed by Knives Out director Rian Johnson out NOW🤔

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@movies      By theFREAK      1 day ago

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#18 "King of the Hill" Revival Ordered by Hulu

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  @movies      By cnbftbgb      1 day ago

visit this link https://deadline.com/2023 .. ng-1235245072/


Hulu is laying out the welcome mat for the Hill family: the streamer is reviving King of the Hill from 20th Television Animation, with co-creators Mike Judge and Greg Daniels set to return, as well as the beloved former cast.

Judge will reprise his role as Hank Hill, while Kathy Najimy will be back as his wife Peggy, Stephen Root as Bill, Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill, Johnny Hardwick as Dale and Lauren Tom as Minh. The reboot has been in the works since the 2017 San Francisco Sketchfest, where Judge and Daniels reconnected with the cast and celebrated the 20th anniversary of the old Fox animated show.

I'm wondering if they'll age them up.

You know they gotta have some fu*kery going on with Dale, like having him be in the Jan 6th riots

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#19 Is “Rebound” The Biggest Martin Flop?

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@movies      By Chi Chi Bwoy      2 days ago

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#20  Keke Palmer and boyfriend Darius Daulton photographed at their baby shower. 🍼

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  @movies      By theFREAK      2 days ago

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