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Chicago Protestors & Police Clash After Black Barber Shot & Killed
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Video inside I didn't even know this was from a real movie.
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Image(s) inside The Black Widow aka Celina Powell Exposes Snoop Dogg in Cheating Scandal

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17 hours ago

Popular movies/tv you never got into...

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| By MightyHealthy2 - 17 hours ago

Those movies or shows with hardcore fans who are willing to If you give some what of a mild opinion of them. Me personally?

I try to sit & watch them when it's on. And I can't. Just not my steez, but ppl be ready to throw hands when you give your two cent on any of them. Not saying they suck but I never got into them. Slap away.

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17 hours ago

DaOmega_1 reviews "Sorry to Bother You"

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| By DaOmega_1 - 17 hours ago

“Weird” is a lost art. So often in Hollywood, you see safe, boring, milquetoast movies that never bother to challenge convention, and settle for just being okay (“Ant-Man & The Wasp” comes to mind). So, seeing something as unapologetically strange as “Sorry to Bother You” is a precious rarity.

Joyously alive in ways few movies are, “Sorry to Bother You” is totally unique. Visually, the film is playful and creative with its cinematography, its editing, and its use of color and shape in its set design. Story wise, there was a point that I slowly realized that I actually didn’t know what would happen next. And, that was an exciting moment for me. Once I thought I had the film pegged, it took the hardest of left turns, and blew up my expectations.

Here is a film that feels anti-establishment. We see so many movies about “revolution” and “rebellion” that feels safe and studio-made. Here, this film is boundlessly creative.The filmmaking is raw and angry, the style is undisciplined, and the film’s voice is completely its own. But, even more impressive is the fact that its satire is very specific and pointed. Unlike so many films that settle for being absurd while having nothing to say, this film has plenty to say about race, class, capitalism, and so much more.

What I admire about this film is its dedication to building out its world. I’m a sucker for sci-fi world-building. And here we have an alternate reality version of our present day. It’s a world that feels tactile and real, rich with detail and character, like you can reach into the screen and touch it. It’s absurd enough to feel subtly alien and strange, yet similar enough to feel eerily familiar all the same. How the filmmakers struck this balance is incredible. Because, the world of the film feels dystopian, like we’re seeing our world a few years from now. This is what great science fiction can do.

The writing is also very smart. Each character is intelligently written, and have their own attachments to the film’s events. They really populate the film with a wealth of perspectives and schools of thought that makes the film multi-dimensional. But, unlike a lesser movie of its kind, these characters aren’t just mouth-pieces for the filmmaker’s opinions. They’re smartly written and soulfully portrayed.

I love the cast here. Especially Lakeith Stanfield as our protagonist Cassius Green. He embeds his character with so much soul, it’s impossible to dislike him. In a way, he kinda reminds me of Nicolas Cage... Like, he just has these mannerisms that are just distinctly him. His performance here not only anchors the reality of the film, but also anchors the key themes of the film’s story.

In fact, everyone involved provides their own anchor to the film’s absurdist tone. And not just the cast that appears on screen. We have people like David Cross, Patton Oswalt, Steve Buscemi, and Lily James as some of our black characters’ “white voices”. I cannot imagine how strange it is to vocally imitate a black person who is vocally imitating a white person. The fact that these voices all fit the characters they belong to is even more impressive.

Something must be noted about this film. It’s subversive. Like, it’s seriously counter-culture in a way that is at-once thrilling and refreshing. In fact, seeing it a second time put more things into focus for me. I began to realize just how anti-establishment this film is. Like, the ideas here are ones that are seriously controversial… So much so, it could be considered a minor miracle that it’s seeing any kind of theatrical release at all.

Especially considering the third act. Something happens that I genuinely did not see coming, and I doubt anyone else will either. At first, it seems rather random. Then, it gets tightly tied-into the key themes of the film, and you see just how intertwined it is with everything else. This film commits. Like, it goes all the way with its absurdist satire, but does so in a way that actually has intelligent things to say about our world. It’s at this point that the film ticked all the boxes of what I want in a movie.

Last week, I declared “Hereditary” as the best film I’ve seen all year thus far. This week, it’s been unseated. “Sorry to Bother You” is a gem of a movie that reminds me of why I even go to the theater. There are too many times I go see a movie, and get pummeled with pretty colors and loud noises that have no brain or thought behind any of it. Here, it feels like everything has a thought behind it. People… actual humans, made this movie. Not a studio. Humans who left fingerprints all over the film. A film that feels alive. For me, that’s something I’ll take any day of the week over another superhero movie, or action blockbuster, etc.

I love this movie.

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17 hours ago

Video inside Black Panther - Roast of the Avengers

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| By O1as - 17 hours ago

Black Panther roasts his fellow Avengers at Character Assassination Chicago's Roast of the Avengers. Filmed at the Chicago Laugh Factory.

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18 hours ago

Video inside I didn't even know this was from a real movie.

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| By batmanwithprep - 18 hours ago

This sh*t low budget af, like a broke version of Friday

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24 hours ago

Friday the 13th

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| By Bidam7 - 24 hours ago

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24 hours ago

Video inside The Dark Knight: The Joker - How he got these scars...

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| By Sewer - 24 hours ago

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24 hours ago

Scarlett Johansson exits Ruper Sanders' 'Rub & Tug' after trans casting controversy

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| By SM - 24 hours ago

It is the lesson of Ghost in the Shell learned a day late and a dollar short, but it’s something. After an extraordinary amount of backlash surrounding Scarlett Johansson‘s casting as a transgender character in Rupert Sanders‘ Rub & Tug, it seems that the actress has bowed out of the production. Initially, Johansson’s response to the criticism was short and snarky, as reported by Bustle via a statement provided by her rep: “Tell them they can be directed to Jeffrey Tambor, Jared Leto, and Felicity Huffman’s reps for comment.”

That only fanned the flames of controversy, though, something that Johansson also courted in her lead role (again in a Sanders film) in Ghost in the Shell, which many felt should have gone to an Asian actress. As for Rub & Tug, the movie follows the story of Jean Marie Gill, who assumes the identity of a man after being gender assigned as a woman at birth. Jean Marie, now going by Dante “Tex” Gill, then operated a Pittsburgh massage parlor and prostitution business in the 1970s and 80s.

In a statement to Out, Johansson said:

In light of recent ethical questions raised surrounding my casting as Dante Tex Gill, I have decided to respectfully withdraw my participation in the project. Our cultural understanding of transgender people continues to advance, and I’ve learned a lot from the community since making my first statement about my casting and realize it was insensitive. I have great admiration and love for the trans community and am grateful that the conversation regarding inclusivity in Hollywood continues. According to GLAAD, LGBTQ+ characters dropped 40% in 2017 from the previous year, with no representation of trans characters in any major studio release. While I would have loved the opportunity to bring Dante’s story and transition to life, I understand why many feel he should be portrayed by a transgender person, and I am thankful that this casting debate, albeit controversial, has sparked a larger conversation about diversity and representation in film. I believe that all artists should be considered equally and fairly. My production company, These Pictures, actively pursues projects that both entertain and push boundaries. We look forward to working with every community to bring these most poignant and important stories to audiences worldwide.

There is no word yet about the project’s timeline given the casting change, but we’ll keep you updated.

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24 hours ago

Article inside Disney would dominate the US box office if it buys Fox

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| By Gang Sht - 24 hours ago

Pixar. Star Wars. Marvel.
Disney is already the king of the box office. And if the company's $71.3 billion deal for most of 21st Century Fox goes through, it will add even more big-name franchises — including Deadpool, the X-Men and Avatar — to its roster.
The end result: A company with clout unmatched by any other traditional movie maker.

This year's box office sales show how formidable the new super-company could be. Thanks to "Black Panther," "Avengers: Infinity War," "Incredibles 2" and "Deadpool 2," Disney (DIS) and Fox (FOXA) together control nearly half of the domestic market share so far in 2018, according to Box Office Mojo.
Barton Crockett, a senior analyst at FBR Capital Markets, expected that total will fall to about 40% by year's end, since the two studios have already released many of their biggest titles.
But even that is a substantial chunk of the market. He said the merger could make Disney the "Walmart of Hollywood."

Picture this: a company so large that it can corner the market on blockbusters even more than it already does, while at the same time sweeping up every coveted industry award. A company with sway over theater chains, and a command in the developing streaming market.
"They'll have so much share, that it will seem to give them leverage up and down the supply chain," Crockett added. "It's what happens in a world where one studio, mainly Disney, is having outsized success in doubling down on its investments, and most of the other studios seem to be on their heels a bit when it comes to making movies."
A stronger hand
That kind of control has its perks. For example, Crockett said the new Disney-Fox company would have a stronger hand to play when it negotiates with theaters over the share it keeps of receipts from ticket sales.
Disney was already doing well in that regard. The Wall Street Journal reported last year that the company received about 65% of ticket revenue from "Star Wars: The Last Jedi," a number the newspaper characterized as a new high for a Hollywood studio. Studios typically take 55%, according to the Journal.

Full article here Picture this: a company so large that it can corner the market on blockbusters even more than it already does, while at the same time sweeping up every coveted industry award. A company with sway over theater chains, and a command in the developing streaming market.
"They'll have so much share, that it will seem to give them leverage up and down the supply chain," Crockett added. "It's what happens in a world where one studio, mainly Disney, is having outsized success in doubling down on its investments, and most of the other studios seem to be on their heels a bit when it comes to making movies."

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1 day ago

How It Ends Trailer

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| By SM - 1 day ago

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2 days ago

'Zombieland 2' is Alive With Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Abigail Breslin

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| By SM - 2 days ago

No need to double tap anymore: Zombieland 2 is alive. The long-awaited sequel to the 2009 film is moving forward at Sony nearly 10 years after the original opened, with the original cast all set to return. Hopefully they’ve stocked up on Twinkies since then.

After years of false starts, Sony is officially moving forward with Zombieland 2, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The original cast and original director Ruben Fleischer, who is directing the studio’s upcoming comic book movie Venom, are all set to return.

Emma Stone, Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg and Abigail Breslin are set to reprise their roles from the 2009 Zombieland in the upcoming Zombieland 2. The four actors played a group of strangers who meet on the road and become a close-knit family unit amidst a post-apocalyptic zombie outbreak. In a fun twist, the strangers went by the names of their hometowns: Eisenberg played a geeky survivor named Columbus, Harrelson was the unhinged Tallahassee, and Stone and Breslin were the cunning sisters Wichita and Little Rock, respectively.

In the new film, the quartet will move from “the White House to the American heartland as they face off against new kinds of zombies that have evolved since the first movie, as well as some new human survivors,” THR reports.

Made on a relatively small budget of just under $24 million and starring relative unknowns before they became big stars (save for Harrelson), the original Zombieland went on to become a cult hit and a sort of launchpad for the careers of Eisenberg, Stone, and Breslin, all of whom are now Oscar nominees or winners. This explains why it took so long for the sequel to come together, with the greatly increased star power (and paychecks) of the original cast.

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2 days ago

Here's what Henry Cavill says he regrest about Man of Steel!

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| By GodBody - 2 days ago

HENRY Cavill’s take on Superman has divided critics since he first made his appearance as the caped hero in 2013’s Man of Steel.

But it’s not just audiences who have taken issue with Cavill’s darker version of Clark Kent, with the actor himself admitted he had regrets about the role.

In an interview with Square Mile, Cavill explained how his take on the superhero hasn’t been given much room for character development.

Man of Steel covered Superman’s dark origins, ending with the superhero killing Captain Zod in cold blood to save others — a dramatic departure from the feel-good Superman movies starring Christopher Reeve.

After Man of Steel, plans for more Superman sequels were put on hold to develop the DC Comics universe, with Cavill reprising his role in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and 2017’s Justice League alongside Ben Affleck’s Batman and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.

Cavill argued that the focus on the ensemble movies means that audiences haven’t been able to see Superman develop from his dark origins in Man of Steel — something he regrets.

“We didn’t get the opportunity to show the other side of it, the ‘I’m ready to be Superman now and I’m ready to show the world the best examples,’” Cavill said.

“That’s where the joy and glee comes from, and that sense of warmth from the character, which is his real superpower — he makes people believe in themselves.

“It was a shame because it would’ve been nice, and it would have been a lovely coupling with the seriousness and the depth of Man of Steel.”

Despite the last two DC movies getting a mixed reaction from audiences, Cavill said he was “definitely” interested in another Superman movie.

“There’s an opportunity to keep on telling Superman stories, and getting them exactly right. Showing the things like hope and joy and that wonderful power of his to make people believe in themselves,” he said.

visit this link .. 002eff7cc7443b

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2 days ago

Jamie Foxx Eyes Michael B. Jordan Courtroom Drama Just Mercy

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| By SM - 2 days ago

Oscar winner Jamie Foxx is in negotiations to join Michael B. Jordan in the courtroom drama “Just Mercy,” sources tell Variety.

The film was originally set up at Broad Green Pictures, but moved to Warner Bros., which was eager to work with Jordan, after the studio shuttered earlier last year.

“Short Term 12” director Destin Cretton is helming and co-wrote the script with Andrew Lanham. Jordan will produce with Gil Netter.

Based on the book “Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption,” the film adaptation tells the true story of Bryan Stevenson (Jordan), a gifted young lawyer fighting for equal justice in a flawed legal system.

Foxx would play the death row inmate Jordan is defending — a role highly coveted by several movie stars. Foxx pushed hard for the gig, which may thrust him back in the awards-season spotlight.

Foxx hosts the Fox series “Beat Shazam,” which is currently in its second season. On the film side, he can next be seen as Little John in Lionsgate’s “Robin Hood,” and was also recently tapped to star in “Spawn” from Todd McFarlane and Jason Blum.

He is repped by CAA and LBI Entertainment.

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2 days ago

Article inside As far as concession stands go

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| By bourne1978 - 2 days ago

Do movies and sub sandwiches go together? Shouldn't movie theater concession stands sell sub sandwiches? If the movie ain't that long, you get a 6-inch sub. But if the movie is that long, you get a foot-long sub. I hear of one of the top foods people choke on the most are hot dogs, not subs.

I think that it only makes sense. You?

And what kind of sub sandwich would you like for them to offer at the concession stands at movie theaters?

I especially love tuna subs with cheese and etc.

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2 days ago

New Look At Michael Myers in the 'Halloween' Reboot

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| By SM - 2 days ago

Jamie Lee Curtis reprised her iconic Halloween role of Laurie Strode in several of the films that followed John Carpenter’s original 1978 slasher classic. But the actress couldn’t be happier that the latest sequel — also called Halloween and out Oct. 19 — acts as though the events of those movies never happened.

“What I loved is that it surgically excises all of that dead tissue,” Curtis says of the script for the new Halloween, which was written by Danny McBride, Jeff Fradley, and the film’s director, David Gordon Green. “This is growing from just that original movie, 40 years later. There may be people who love the other movies, great — [they have] zero relevance to this story.”

Green’s Halloween doesn’t entirely ignore the other sequels.

“This film isn’t one to narratively recognize any of the films other than the original Halloween,” says the director. “But we very much enjoy the other films and there’s a lot of very subtle shout-outs to a number of things that I think the big fans — the people that know the films scientifically — will get a kick out of, hopefully.”

In the film, we discover that masked killer Michael Myers is about to be transferred from a psychiatric institution to a maximum-security prison. Can we assume there is a hiccup en route? “Well, s— hits the fan in one way or another,” teases Green.

Halloween costars Judy Greer, Andi Matichak, Will Patton, and Toby Huss, among others.

Watch the trailer for the new Halloween above and see an exclusive image of Michael Myers in the film below.

visit this link .. michael-myers/

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2 days ago

Video inside In Movies only! Who's funnier Will Ferrell or Kevin Hart?

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| By GodBody - 2 days ago

I'm talking straight movies, nothing else. Who ya'll got?

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2 days ago

Image inside Dwayne Johnson responds to Twitter crtitc that says all his movies are the same

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| By 21 - 2 days ago

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2 days ago

Mission: Impossible Fallout -One Of The Best Action Movies Ever Made (Official Discussion)

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| By SM - 2 days ago


Mission: Impossible — Fallout comes to theaters July 27th.





The Hollywood Reporter
"You get the feeling that Cruise and his frequent partner in crime McQuarrie made a pact to go for broke here. Especially in light of his serious injury suffered in jumping a good distance from one London building to another (it does look awfully precarious when seen onscreen), it wouldn't be a total surprise if Cruise decided to make this outing as Ethan Hunt his last. If he does, he'd certainly be signing off on a very good note."

"Just when you thought you knew who this character was, McQuarrie goes and redefines what makes him tick. And ticking is what the “Mission: Impossible” movies are all about, after all, from those self-destructing assignment messages to the series’ signature, pulse-quickening score (reinvented here in brilliant new ways by composer Lorne Balfe, with completely surprising instruments and orchestrations that barely allow a moment’s calm) to the 15-minute countdown clock on a pair of nuclear devices that comprises the film’s finale. Compared to Cruise’s other franchise anti-hero, the thoroughly grizzled and relatively nihilistic Jack Reacher, Hunt is a regular Boy Scout, a clean-cut, against-all-odds action star who hesitates when forced to decide between sparing one life or saving millions."

Entertainment Weekly
"The plot of Fallout is too elaborate to possibly spoil. At times, I could barely make sense of all of its moving watchworks parts. Thankfully McQuarrie and Cruise just keep tightening the vise and throwing jaw-dropping set pieces at you as distractions: skydives through lightning storms, adrenalized Ronin-like car chases, hand-to-hand brawls in toilet stalls, and the sort of vertiginous, cliffhanging scrapes with certain death that elevate it all above any of its tentpole peers. At this point in Hollywood’s franchise-fatigue cycle, it’s rare to see a sequel (nevermind a fifth one) one-upping itself. Fallout is a unique exception that defies our seen-it-all cynicism. It’s the kind of pure, straight-no-chaser pop fun that not only keeps taking your breath away over and over again, it restores your occasionally shaky faith in summer blockbusters. Grade: A"

"MISSION IMPOSSIBLE - FALLOUT is a monumental success in an already impressive franchise. This latest chapter has everything that makes MI work, yet it feels as though they have gone even farther with the wondrous action sequences. Aside from the previously mentioned obvious twist, the screenplay by McQuarrie is top notch as are his directorial duties. Once again, you'll find that this is a terrific cast on a whirlwind adventure, one that rarely lets up. There is much to admire about FALLOUT, but you may be exhausted when the end credits roll. And of course, Tom Cruise once again brings Ethan Hunt to life. This isn’t just a great action flick, it is likely the most thrillingly exciting film of the year. Grade: 10/10"

Vanity Fair
"For surely there will be a next outing. Though Fallout has some definitive conclusions, it leaves Ethan’s world open enough to invite in whatever other new criminal catastrophe might await. If the antics are as dizzyingly high-grade as Fallout’s, I eagerly welcome the next installment. McQuarrie’s film is the most fun you’re likely to have at the movies this season, a riot mounted with precision, a melee in which every punch and crunch is considered. I worry for Cruise’s safety should he continue to make these films, but he at least seems to be in the best possible hands. What a thrill to watch our old movie-star hero tossed around willy-nilly—but carefully. And all in service of showing us a good time! That generosity is more than appreciated."

We Got This Covered
"Tom Cruise isn’t the Ethan Hunt he once was, but that doesn’t stop…well, anything. Mission: Impossible – Fallout is still a decibel-shattering seismic burst of punch-into-gear entertainment from sophisticated brawling to speedster vehicle chases around such landmarks as France’s Arc de Triomphe. Cruise surrounds himself with a marketable supporting crew ready for however many lumps and bruises it takes, and that’s what Christopher McQuarrie should be most thankful for. Those who can tangle with Cruise and find common ground, even when physical imposition declares otherwise. Grade: 3.5/5"

The Wrap
"And Cruise? Whose faith in extending “M:I” beyond its laughable second and ho-hum third entries has paid massive dividends? As one of the world’s last remaining old-school action stars, he’s obviously loath to show his middle-agedness, as the sheer amount of derring-do suggests. (The building-hopping stunt in which Cruise broke his ankle is there in all its ouch-y glory, which would be when the ghost of Burt Lancaster winks in appreciation.)

And yet, as a solidly dependable actor, he also knows the comic value of an exasperated reaction in a fantastically bruising bathroom brawl, and the importance of grounding a globetrotting adventure brand in the occasional nod to heroic integrity. When Hunt stops to apologize to a bystander caught in crossfire, it’s both ludicrous and appealing, the right touch of humanity in the middle of the chaos we love.

Then Cruise is back to the chase, a star on a mission, and summer suddenly feels fun again."

"We’ve always taken for granted that Ethan will choose to accept whatever missions he’s assigned, but this film puts that choice in clear perspective. Our world only works — in whatever limited capacity it does — because someone, somewhere, is crazy enough to think that it can. Because their own life is the only one they’re willing to lose for logic’s sake. Ethan Hunt risks a nuclear catastrophe in order to save Luther Stickell because the fate of the world always rests on the shoulders of those who refuse to make that sacrifice. Likewise, Tom Cruise flies a helicopter upside down just for some (extremely) sick aerial shots in a summer blockbuster because any other actor who could finance a movie like this would be happy to fake it. He’s only Tom Cruise because nobody else is willing to be — or maybe he’s only Tom Cruise so that nobody else has to be. Either way, “Fallout” is the film he’s always promised us, and it was totally worth the wait."

Film Stage
"Against all odds, Fallout continues Mission: Impossible’s ongoing streak of extremely rewarding returns. Though it’s anybody’s guess where a seventh installment would skyrocket Ethan Hunt et al, the series could just as easily call it here and remain equally satisfying. McQuarrie has proven himself such a keen purveyor of large-scale cinema that not only solidifies Fallout as a benchmark for the franchise, but a bona fide manifesto for breathtaking, high-stakes action–a mission that the genre as a whole would do well to accept. Grade: A-"

"Cruise and his legendary intensity have now sustained the Mission: Impossible franchise for over 20 years. And after two decades, Fallout might be the finest film in the series. (To me, it’s a toss-up between this and Ghost Protocol.) Either way, Mission: Impossible is clearly the best ongoing action franchise in the world. And nothing else even comes close. Grade: 9/10"

Den of Geek!
"This is a throwback spy movie lark with a dedicated and ridiculously still radiant ball of movie star energy at its center of gravity. More than 20 years since the first M:I film, Cruise shows no sign of stopping, and frankly no one should want him to. As long as he’s willing to keep running in movies as wild as this, it’s a pleasure trying to keep up. Grade: 4/5"

"That’s become part of the magic of the franchise. Mission: Impossible isn’t Game of Thrones, i.e. Ethan Hunt isn’t about to be killed off (or is he?), but watching him attempt the impossible is still heart-stopping. There’s no other series of films that’s been as consistently able to provoke a physical reaction from its audience — as Fallout ramped up, I not only heard laughs, gasps, and cheers, but saw people recoil, jump, and cover their eyes as Hunt’s antics grew more and more extreme. It’s a complete, delirious delight."

"Mission: Impossible - Fallout is one of the most confident and capable action movies of the century. The franchise only seems to gain momentum with each passing installment, and the sixth entry in the series leaves us hoping that Ethan Hunt and the agents of the IMF will continue to accept these missions for years to come. See this movie as soon as possible, and on the biggest screen possible. Grade: 4.5/5"

"One of the nice things about that approach is McQuarrie doesn’t placate the audience. He’s big on dramatic irony, letting us in on twists early so we can watch the film from a perspective different than the characters. He’s also not afraid to completely pull the rug out from under us to surprise with a big reveal. In fact, the script sometimes feels like the mega-budget version of The Usual Suspects, as Ethan and his team try to figure out who is on their side, who isn’t, and if they can win the day. The difference being, that film featured a lot of people talking, and this one is filled with gorgeous, IMAX-filmed action through Paris, London, and more."

"Simply put, Mission: Impossible – Fallout is the best action movie you will see this year. You’ll probably leave the theater overcome with an urge to go jumping from building to building."

Total Film
"McQuarrie brings grace and grit, and Cruise brings it, period. This quick-witted, fleet-footed franchise shows no sign of flagging."

The Playlist
"Cruise’s Hunt has at once never been more human and more superhuman. ‘Fallout’ revolves around his fallibility, with a choice he makes early on that puts the entire world on the line and smaller moments where he’s getting beaten up, falling or simply failing. There’s also even more of an emphasis by McQuarrie’s script on Hunt’s personal and professional relationships and how they affect what he does for a living, but it’s admittedly relative texture. But Hunt (and Cruise) still has seemingly unending stamina, performing feats of strength and speed that are just silly. Even though we can’t possibly believe what he’s doing, whether it’s free climbing a rock face (again) or speeding past landmarks on a motorcycle (again), it’s all a blast for the audience. There’s a delirious joy in watching this much action, this well executed at every level, from Cruise and the cast (and their stunt doubles) to McQuarrie."

"Ageless, riveting and seemingly unstoppable, Tom Cruise remains a force of nature — at least when he’s attached to his equally arresting Mission: Impossible franchise. The sixth film in the series is among the most outstanding, delivering a near-exhausting amount of stupendous action sequences paired with deft character drama and the requisite life-or-death stakes. Fallout is a testament to writer-director Christopher McQuarrie, who gives the proceedings a witty, sophisticated grandeur, and yet the film belongs to Cruise and his seemingly limitless passion for putting himself and his audience through the wringer."

"You're on the ground with Hunt as he zips through the streets of London, or in the air as he parachutes into Paris. It's not technically true to say that the Mission: Impossible movies are why IMAX screens were invented, but it sometimes feels as though it could be. It's exhilarating to be surrounded by such heart-pounding action; that feeling wouldn't fully translate on a smaller screen."

"Mission: Impossible – Fallout is an absolute blast and easily my favorite movie of the summer. It’s a reminder that stunt work and characters still hold more weight than CGI and quips. The plot is slightly more predictable than I’d have liked, but the execution and the fantastic performances of all the actors are still amazingly fun to watch. I can’t wait for the next one!"

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2 days ago

Dwayne Johnson: DC Is Figuring Out How Black Adam Fits in Film Universe

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| By SM - 2 days ago

Black Adam, the mythical anti-hero blessed with the abilities of Egyptian gods, may some day grace the silver screen, but it doesn’t sound like it will be any time soon.

A film about the popular DC Comics character has been rumored for years, with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson most frequently mentioned as the only actor with the requisite musculature to believably play someone with the strength of Amon and the stamina of Shu. That’s still the plan, Johnson said at the New York City premiere of his new action-thriller “Skyscraper,” though it’s unclear when cameras will finally roll.

“The script is coming along,” Johnson told Variety on the red carpet on Tuesday night. “I’m very happy with it. That’s a project that obviously you want to take your time with.”

Black Adam is the frequent foil of Shazaam in the comics, but Johnson has publicly said he will not be appearing in the forthcoming film version of the popular title.

“I’m not in that one,” Johnson told SyFy. “It’s Shazam and Black Adam and, with the way the DC universe works, we should — in theory — meet up on the big screen. But who knows.”

“Shazaam” with Zachary Levi in the title role hits theaters next April, but it’s a time of transition for DC, at least in terms of the films it produces. “Wonder Woman” was a hit, but critics hated “Suicide Squad” and “Justice League” flopped. The company is struggling to achieve the kind of cinematic consistency that its rival Marvel enjoys. But there’s new leadership tasked with righting the ship and achieving greater quality control. Walter Hamada, a veteran producer, has taken over the film operations. He replaces Jon Berg, who left as co-head of DC movies last winter to become a production partner with Roy Lee, the producer of “The Lego Movie” and “It.” He also steps in for Geoff Johns, the comic book writer who was ousted last month as DC’s chief creative officer.

Johnson acknowledged the shakeup, telling Variety that there is “rejigging going on” at DC and adding that the new team is “looking at the macro map of the DC universe.” It’s still being determined how Black Adam “unfolds in the universe,” according to Johnson.

Scheduling could be a problem. Johnson is linked with several big projects, including a sequel to “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle,” the action-comedy “Red Notice,” and the “Fast and Furious” spinoff “Hobbs and Shaw.” One thing that DC won’t have to deal is a White House run. Johnson has been a fantasy challenger to Donald Trump for many looking for a less caustic celebrity/leader of the free world. At the “Skyscraper” premiere, Johnson poured cold water on the idea of a presidential campaign.

“I don’t see that happening in 2020,” he said.

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2 days ago

How Tom Hardy Developed Two Different Voices for the Antihero Venom

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| By SM - 2 days ago

Tom Hardy is an Oscar-nominated actor who has already played one of the most famous Batman villains of all time. So why did he sign up to play a Spider-Man villain in a movie that doesn’t even feature Spider-Man? That was the question on many people’s lips when Hardy was first announced to star in Venom, the first film in Sony’s Spider-Man-adjacent cinematic universe.

But while Hardy often prefers to let his work speak for itself (or at least, prefers to speak about it behind a mask), the Venom actor is finally revealing what drew him to this symbiotic antihero.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Hardy previewed a few new Venom images and revealed details of the upcoming comic book movie.

In the film, Hardy plays Eddie Brock, a journalist who accidentally gets possessed by an alien symbiote known as Venom, resulting in a violent struggle for control of his body. “Usually a human gets imbued with powers or an alien comes from outer space and has to figure out how to live on our Earth,” director Ruben Fleischer told EW. “But this is really about a relationship between two people who have to work together to create this hybrid symbiotic relationship.”

That hybrid relationship is what drew Hardy to the role, as well as the fact that Venom “looks the coolest” among Marvel characters. “That sounds a bit shallow!” Hardy admitted. “But I appreciate that he has a kind of brazen swagger and a zero foxtrot attitude.” So how Hardy go about playing two very different characters battling it out for one body? He tells EW:


“It’s a bit like Ren and Stimpy, you know? They have different sounds. I always saw Venom as sounding like a James Brown lounge lizard, and Eddie Brock is kind of…” — he switches to an aw-shucks American accent — “I don’t know, an everyday kind of guy. But he’s inherited this massive ego, this beast.”

In all seriousness, Hardy is drawn to the character because of the inherent tragedy in having to fight for ownership of his own body. “There’s a tragic clown element, which I find funny and is harmonious with some of the work that I like to do,” the British actor says. “There’s something funny about the circumstances of having a gift but it’s a tragic gift. It’s a superpower you don’t really want, but at the same time, you love it. It makes you feel special. He’s a reluctant hero and an anti-hero.”

Venom opens in theaters on October 5, 2018.

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Article inside Who has better acting skills? (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson vs Jason Statham)

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| By bourne1978 - 2 days ago

Hello, BX.

What's the BX verdict on Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson VS Jason Statham, in terms of which one of them has the better acting skills?

Why this even for a topic? Maybe because the fans of both would like to know the general Boxden public's answers.

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