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#1 Crazy how everybody hates Tariq yet he’s the only victim on Power…

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@movies      By Harsh Reality      6 hours ago

Tariq didn’t ask to be brought into that life. Everybody else had made their decisions but he was basically abandoned and then used by Kanan to get revenge for Shawn. Really sad how the viewers d*ckride Ghost so much at the expense of the full story. If everybody paid attention to Tariq like Kanan did he woulda been straight.

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#2  YOU Season 3 (Official Trailer)

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@movies      By NBA Brawler      8 hours ago

Drops October 15th.

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#3 WB hires Static Shock movie screenwriter for new Lost Boys project

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@movies      By JFamis      14 hours ago

Randy McKinnon, who is writing 'Static Shock' for Warner Bros., is penning, while Jonathan Entwislte will direct the Warners project.

Warner Bros. has found The Lost Boys once again.

The studio is gearing up for brand new, reimagined take on the 1980s teen vampire classic.

Noah Jupe, one of the stars of A Quiet Place movies, and Jaeden Martell, who was one of the young stars of the It horror movies, will topline the feature project.

Rising scribe Randy McKinnon, who is already working on Warner and DC’s Static Shock project, will write the new Lost Boys with Jonathan Entwistle on board to direct.

Brian Kavanaugh-Jones and Fred Berger will produce via their Automatik banner.

The original Lost Boys was a horror-comedy that told of two brothers who, along with their newly divorced mother to a California beach town that, the pair soon discovers, is being terrorized by a stylish vampire biker gang. Also taking bites from scenes were a pair of comic book-loving brothers who thought themselves as vampire hunters.

The movie, released in 1987, was directed by Joel Schumacher and featured an ensemble straight out of Bop magazine: Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Jami Gertz, Alex Winter, plus Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. Bringing up the age bracket were adults Dianne Wiest, Bernard Hughes, and Edward Herrmann.

The movie is fondly remembered for its young and s*xy cast as well as a soundtrack that featured acts such as INXS, Echo and the Bunnymen, Roger Daltrey and Lou Gramm. Warners reopened the casket in the 2000s with a pair of direct-to-DVD movies, Lost Boys: The Tribe and Lost Boys: The Thirst.

Details of the new take are being kept in the trunk of a ’57 Ford Fairlane but it is described as being set in modern day.

Zac Frognowski and Josh Glick will executive produce the new feature.

Automatik, which was behind the acclaimed indie, Honey Boy, which starred Jupe, and produced Distant, an upcoming sci-fi thriller from Amblin and Universal that stars Anthony Ramos.

Jupe is coming off of A Quiet Place Part II, which has grossed almost $300 million worldwide in the spring. He also appeared in this summer’s Steven Soderbergh’s all-star HBO Max thriller, No Sudden Move, with Don Cheadle, Benicio del Toro, David Harbour.

Martell, who appeared in the massive It two-fer, co-starred with Chris Evans in Apple mini-series Defending Jacob and appeared in Knives Out. He next stars in musical drama Metal Lords for Netflix.

McKinnon was a staff writer on Netflix’s horror series Chambers that starred Uma Thurman and is adapting Kwame Onwuachi’s memoir, Notes from a Young Black Chef, for A24 with LaKeith Stanfield attached to star.

Entwistle developed End of the F***ing World, acting as the series’ main director as well as executive producer, and he co-created, wrote and directed the recent series I’m Not Okay With This. He recently directed the pilot for the Willow TV series for Disney+.

Jupe is repped by CAA, Grandview, The Artist Partnership, Hansen Jacabson while Martell is repped by CAA, Dayton-Milrad-Cho, Jackoway Austen. McKinnon and Entwistle are repped by CAA, Grandview and Jackoway Austen.

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#4 We need more d angelo barksdales in the world b....☺😪😪😪

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  @movies      By NoHypeman      15 hours ago

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#5  DARK SIDE OF THE RING - The Plane Ride From Hell (Official Stream)

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@movies      By Real Maverick      15 hours ago

A private 757 flight descended into a nightmare as intoxicated wrestlers clashed with their flight crew, erupting into one of wrestling's most infamous scandals.

Official Vice Link: visit this link https://video.vice.com/en .. a9291f9a5c8118

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#6 Low key, my favorite horror genre: Tortured white woman and this looks like my jam.

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@movies      By The Logical One      15 hours ago

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#7 Kevin Hart Interviews Martin Lawrence

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  @movies      By Ethan Hunt      15 hours ago

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#8  Nolan's Demands For New Film Revealed

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  @movies      By droid3000      15 hours ago

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#9 This movie has some crazy twists must watch

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@movies      By umeda      18 hours ago

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#10 Which of your favorite comic book hero has a suit you are disgusted by?

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@movies      By outstanding      1 day ago

I know there's a version you hate there's a few batman ones

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#11 Venom 2. Post credit scene leaked 🔥

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  @movies      By Triple0      1 day ago

I'm honestly shocked this hasn't been posted on here yet. Ya'll slacking

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#12  Just watched Dune Part One

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  @movies      By Spartan 119      1 day ago

First off, for the fans of the book. The movie captures the aesthetic beyond your imagination.. I was seeing sh*t I visualised as a youngin.. It was an amazing experience in Imax 3D..

For the people that haven't read the books,, the movie has minimal use of exposition and tries to explain the intricacies of the dune lore in a cinematic way..

Dennis Villeneuve has the vision bruh, the guy doesn't miss.
Blade runner was a test drive, this guys gonna create his legacy with the dune series

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#13 Denis Villeneuve Says Its “Genius” That Marvel Hired Chloé Zhao For ‘Eternals’

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@movies      By JFamis      1 day ago

You could argue that there are no two filmmakers working at higher levels, artistically, at this moment, than Denis Villeneuve and Chloe Zhao. And interestingly, both are debuting huge tentpole blockbusters this year with “Dune” and “Eternals,” respectively. And in a new discussion between the filmmakers (via Harpers Bazaar), the two filmmakers talk about the process of making these massive films, as Villeneuve is curious how Zhao’s style will mix with the Marvel Studios machine.

Zhao brought up “Eternals,” her upcoming Marvel Studios film coming in November, by mentioning to Villeneuve how he influenced her pitch to the Disney-owned company.

“You know, when I went to pitch ‘Eternals,’ I had stills from your films as references,” Zhao told Villeneuve. “I’m naturally drawn to filmmakers who have a very strong hand in world-building. When I watch your films, even though they’re of different genres, from ‘Sicario‘ to ‘Arrival‘ to ‘Prisoners‘ and then ‘Blade Runner 2049,’ you managed to build such visceral worlds I can feel and almost touch.”

And while it’s no secret why Marvel Studios would be interested in hiring Zhao to direct a feature, as she is one of the most acclaimed filmmakers working today, recently picking up a number of Oscars for her film, “Nomadland,” the biggest question surrounding “Eternals” is how the director’s style will work within the confines of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This is a question that Villeneuve is curious to find out the answer to, as well.

“I’m your biggest fan. I think it’s genius that Marvel approached you because you’re the radical opposite of it aesthetically,” Villeneuve said. “When I saw ‘The Rider‘ for the first time, I was blown away. I wrote a note to you—an artistic love letter. What touched me was your insane skill to be able to approach life. Life is so afraid of the camera. When I saw ‘The Rider,’ I cried because I was like, ‘She did it. She was able to go in that zone that I thought was not possible.’ I wonder how you can invite life in a Marvel movie.”

As has been recently revealed, Villeneuve is no fan of the current state of Marvel Studios superhero films, criticizing the creativity involved in making those films. So, when he talks about wondering how Zhao can utilize her talents in the big machine, it sounds like not so much of a compliment but more of a concern that she might get swallowed up. Of course, we’ll have to see how that plays out when “Eternals” hits theaters on November 5. Villeneuve’s “Dune” arrives in theaters and HBO Max on October 22.

visit this link https://theplaylist.net/d .. nals-20210916/

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#14 Del Toro's next movie: Nightmare Alley

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@movies      By GUMa      1 day ago

looks incredible!

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#15  5150 Show watchers get in here

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@movies      By halfadash      2 days ago

Yoooo what the fu*k happened to this show. First 45 minutes is just three grown men clowning Dee... What the fu*k?!?!

Why Corey have to go in on Zo like that. Show aint hitting the same since he left No balance no more. The new two guys never disagree with Corey at all

How y'all feel about the show lately?

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#16 nicholas cage....prisoners of the ghostland

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@movies      By messy marv stan      2 days ago

visit this link https://m.imdb.com/title/tt6372694/

A notorious criminal must break an evil curse in order to rescue an abducted girl who has mysteriously disappeared

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#17 Tmnt The Last Ronin (Spoilers) HAS ANYONE BEEN KEEPING UP with the comic

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@movies      By Blafy      2 days ago

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#18 Tonight's episode of American Horror Story was a damn trip.

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@movies      By -ThE~DoN~LoN-      2 days ago

This was some of the saddest sh*t I have ever seen. Those pills are fu*king pure evil. Karen was a damn saint and a soldier tonight. I have to say this episode taught me a valuable lesson in being a parent and to never fold on my family. It was definitely a fu*ked up episode. Who watched it?

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#19  Krysten Ritter Is Dying to Play Jessica Jones Again in the MCU

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@movies      By Eclectic      2 days ago

"Krysten Ritter is keeping her fingers crossed for the return of Jessica Jones in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. For three seasons on Netflix, Ritter led the Marvel series along with appearing in the role in the crossover miniseries The Defenders. Jessica Jones was officially canceled by Netflix in 2019 with the third season bowing months later, and Ritter has not been seen in the role since.

Officially, there hasn't been any indication that Krysten Ritter will return to the role at some point in the future. It does seem possible, as the Marvel shows on Netflix have been thus far treated as canon to the MCU. Speaking about the idea in a new interview with ScreenRant, Ritter made it very clear that she's on board to play Jessica again if the opportunity comes along, noting how much fun she had with the role when filming the Netflix series.

"I would absolutely just die to play Jessica again. I had the best time doing it and I just love her so much. I'm so proud of that character. Not only because it was like a great role and she's such a badass, but that character has really resonated with people in a way that I don't know who else has. Really, really resonated with women and girls, trauma survivors. It's just so, so big and such a thing I'm so grateful to have been a part of. So if there's ever an opportunity for me to put on those boots, I will be there in a flash."

Also on Netflix, Charlie Cox led three seasons of his own connected series Daredevil. There are heavy rumors of Cox reprising the role for the upcoming movie sequel Spider-Man: No Way Home, although this hasn't been officially confirmed. Vincent D'Onofrio has also teased reprising his Daredevil role in the Disney+ series Hawkeye. In other words, characters from Netflix's "DefendersVerse" may soon be popping up in the MCU, and if that's the case, Ritter's return as Jessica Jones becomes much more likely.

Melissa Rosenberg created Jessica Jones, which was based on the comic book character created by Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Gaydos. The series followed Ritter as a former superhero with super strength and other special abilities after she opens her own private detective agency. Luke Cage star Mike Colter was also featured as were Rachael Taylor, Wil Traval, Erin Moriarty, Eka Darville, Carrie-Anne Moss, David Tennant, and J. R. Ramirez.

"I have to tell you, I feel incredibly proud of what was done," Rosenberg previously said of the final season. "It was a complete story and arc for our character. So that it ended was really right I think. It was serendipitous in a way."

Seeing the writing on the wall before the show was officially canceled, Rosenberg added: "Initially, we entered the season with the anticipation potentially to get another season. Always leave the doors open so you can have stories the next season I say, but about midway through, I realized that this would actually be my last season. I was sure that I wanted to move onto my deal over at Warner Bros. So, then it became a discussion of how do I want to leave it?"

It remains to be seen if Ritter will ever be back in the MCU. If the Daredevil characters pop up in Spider-Man: No Way Home and Hawkeye as rumored, that will be a good start in getting her there. You can watch all three seasons of Jessica Jones on Netflix."

visit this link https://movieweb.com/krys .. rn-marvel-mcu/

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#20 Bitter director mad his films flop against marvel

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@movies      By Presidents      2 days ago


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