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#1 Anyone checking out Goliath this season?

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@movies      By gunits50cent187      7 hours ago

Just started the new season. Billy Bob and JK Simmons..take my fu*king money!

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#2  Yoooo It's Always Sunny season 15 starts tonight

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@movies      By Jumpoff21      7 hours ago

sh*t I almost forgot

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#3  Anyone ever watched Golden Boy (Anime)

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@movies      By redcodeinesyrup      8 hours ago

sh*ts a great watch

a bonus

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#4  Alec Baldwin: 'I didn't pull the trigger' of gun on 'Rust' set

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@movies      By Eclectic      8 hours ago

"(CNN)Alec Baldwin told ABC News he never pulled the trigger of the gun that shot director of photography Halyna Hutchins on the set of "Rust."

"The trigger wasn't pulled. I didn't pull the trigger," Baldwin said in an excerpt released Wednesday from the sit-down interview -- his first since the October shooting.

When asked why he pointed the gun at Hutchins and pulled the trigger when that wasn't in the script, Baldwin said, "I would never point a gun at anyone and then pull the trigger, never."

Baldwin also said he has no idea how a live bullet got in the Colt .45 revolver he used in the scene. "Someone put a live bullet in the gun, a bullet that wasn't even supposed to be on the property," he said.

An emotional Baldwin visibly f*ghts back tears when talking about Hutchins.
"She was someone who was loved by everyone who worked with her, liked by everyone who worked with her -- and admired," Baldwin said, adding, "it doesn't seem real to me."

When asked by George Stephanopoulos if the shooting was the worst thing that had ever happened to him, Baldwin said yes, "because I think back and I think, what could I have done?"

ABC is set to air the interview Thursday night.

Hutchins was k*lled and director Joel Souza injured in October after Baldwin discharged a weapon during a rehearsal that contained what authorities suspect was a live round.

The incident, which remains under investigation, has renewed calls for better safety practices on sets with regards to the use of weapons.

Baldwin has said he believes police officers should be present on "every film/TV set that uses guns, fake or otherwise" to monitor weapons safety."

visit this link https://www.cnn.com/2021/ .. iew/index.html

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#5  White Men Can't Jump Is Getting A Remake

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@movies      By Grimm      10 hours ago


I genuinely didn't have "greenlighting a remake of a classic 1992 sports comedy" on my 2021 bingo card, but at this point, so much weird junk has happened I might as well throw my card in the trash. 20th Century Studios announced today that filmmaker Calmatic will be in the director's seat. He recently wrapped production on New Line's reboot of "House Party" and gained worldwide acclaim after directing the Grammy award-winning video for "Old Town Road" from Lil Nas X featuring Billy Ray Cyrus. The new script for "White Men Can't Jump" comes from Kenya Barris who has been working on the project for years, and Doug Hall with Barris also producing.*Blake Griffin, former NFL player Ryan Kalil, and Noah Weinstein are executive producing through their Mortal Media banner. E. Brian Dobbins will also serve as executive producer.

The original "White Men Can't Jump" starred Woody Harrelson as Billy Hoyle, a white street basketball player who hustles Black players he knows will underestimate his abilities on the court. After pulling a fast one on Sidney Deane (Wesley Snipes), the two become con partners, cleaning house on courts across Los Angeles. Turns out Billy owes money to the mob and needs to keep them off his back while keeping his wife (Rosie Perez) happy.*

But Didn't The Original Answer the Titular Question?

According to the announcement from Deadline, no details have been released regarding what possible changes will be made to the original storyline (for one thing, 1992 is a hell of a lot different than 2021) but it will supposedly follow a similar plot to the original. Calmatic's "House Party" reboot is also being produced by LeBron James through his SpringHill Company label, which means "White Men Can't Jump" will be his second foray into entertainment produced by NBA stars. Maybe the folks behind "Space Jam 2" should have waited a little while longer because it sounds like Calmatic would have been a perfect fit.

If you take a quick peek at social media, people seem less than thrilled at the announcement of the remake/reboot/reimagining/re-whatever this ends up being, especially when the original film*answered the question and proved that yes, some white men can jump. Regardless, the project is happening and Calmatic definitely seems like he'll do right by the original. The premise of "White Men Can't Jump" is beloved, but the performances from Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, and Rosie Perez are what helped make the film a classic. Whoever they cast has some pretty big Nikes and cycling caps to fill.
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#6  The Matrix Resurrections – Déjà Vu

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@movies      By gettin_doe      14 hours ago


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#7  'The Matrix Resurrections' Cast Shares Their Reactions to Hearing the Movie's Plot

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@movies      By Eclectic      14 hours ago

"Love may not be all you need, but it certainly helps. It helps so much, in fact, that when many of the actors for the upcoming film The Matrix Resurrections read the script, they were struck with deep, heartfelt emotions for the characters and storyline in what will be the fourth installment of the groundbreaking Matrix franchise.

At the end of the last film, The Matrix Revolutions, audiences looked on as Neo (Keanu Reeves) gave his own life in order to bring peace between humans and machines. New peeks at the upcoming Resurrections have shown us a very much alive Neo carrying on life as Thomas A. Anderson who seemingly has almost no memory of the events that befell him. However, nothing is ever as it seems. There are also questions surrounding Carrie-Anne Moss’ character, Trinity, who also met death in the third film but will be starring alongside Reeves in Resurrections. It appears that like Neo, Trinity has no memory of what has happened in the Matrix and therefore doesn’t remember her deep, loving connection with Neo, a driving plot point for the first few films.

In a recent interview with EW, Reeves spoke about the type of emotion that went into director Lana Wachowski’s vision for how the new film would pan out and how the love story between Neo and Trinity would serve as a backbone for the plot. Reeves mentions that he believes that part of the reason the film went into production was “the sense of it being a love story between Trinity and Neo.” When Wachowski first called to give the John Wick star an idea of the storyline for the new installment, Reeves said, “It was one of those phone calls where even though you’re at home, you stand up.”

While making the film, it quickly became apparent that Wachowski would be taking a different approach than she had with the first three installments. Reeves said that the director was “participating more with the movement of the camera, and more interested in doing than rehearsing,” which resulted in more real, emotional experiences coming through on film.

Moss went on to describe her place in the film as a chance to bring Wachowski’s love to life. Of this, the actress stated, “I’ve never felt that way before, where I could see that I am an extension of her heart in playing this role.” New to the franchise actor Jonathan Groff (Frozen, Spring Awakening), added, “When I read the script for this movie I cried, because the idea of watching these two iconic actors in these two iconic parts coming back and f*ghting to have their love again just wrecked me.”

Fans won’t have to wait much longer to see how the unforgettable love story between Trinity and Neo will play out when The Matrix Resurrections comes to theaters on December 22."

visit this link https://collider.com/the- .. ast-reactions/

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#8  Resident evil movie cuts the fat!!! Breakdown (spoilers)

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@movies      By charlesj314      14 hours ago

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#9  Black Market Season 2 (Trailer)

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@movies      By Lito Guapalot      14 hours ago

Airs Jan. 10 on Vice

R.I.P. Michael K. Williams!

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#10  Ok...Hear me out...they need to remake/reboot this...

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  @movies      By GarykingOftheD      1 day ago

As ridiculous as this movie is, I can't be the only who was fu*ked up by it. I'm sure they could do a modern spin on like a creature that takes on the form of any observed species...crash lands in some cornfield near a Circus and creates some crazy freaky a*s clowns replicas ....

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#11 Anybody seen Jamie Foxx in the Tookie Movie?

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  @movies      By AfroBucks88      1 day ago

i thought it was decent movie A1 acting by Jamie

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#12 Jeff Garlin vs John Goodman

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@movies      By PooPoopops      1 day ago

Let's give these obese legends their flowers and chocolates while they are still here.

But who's better?

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#13 Nicolas Cage to Play Dracula in Universal's RENFIELD starring Nicholas Hoult 🧛*♂️🚨

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@movies      By theFREAK      1 day ago

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#14  Top 10 DC Plotholes

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@movies      By 5ive04our      2 days ago

10. Lois is the Key (BvS)
9. The Invisible Jet (WW84)
8. The Squad’s Purpose (SS)
7. Send More Lanterns
6. Finding the Facility (WW88)
5. The Squad’s Lack Of Superpowers (SS)
4. Why didn’t WW fly in BvS or JL?
3. Superman & Batman (Besties)
2. Lex Plan & Motivation
1. If I could turn back time (Superman)
HM: Broadcast Signals from a cam counts as touching ppl (WW84)

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#15  Kevin Hart's True Story #1 Movie On Netflix

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@movies      By Blackbabble      2 days ago

This Series Was Great!

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#16  Gucci family slams Ridley Scott's 'House Of Gucci' and hints at legal action

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@movies      By Grimm      2 days ago


The Gucci family has released a statement slamming Ridley Scott's "House of Gucci."

The statement criticizes the filmmakers for not consulting with the heirs of the fashion dynasty.

The family says the film is an "insult to the legacy" of the fashion brand.

The surviving family members of the Gucci fashion dynasty have described Ridley Scott's "House of Gucci" as inaccurate and insulting in a lengthy and scathing response to the film's release.

In a statement issued on Monday, the heirs of Aldo Gucci – who was chairman of the fashion house from 1953 to 1986 and is portrayed by Al Pacino in Scott's film — said they were "disconcerted" by the film's inaccuracies as well as the lack of consultation with the filmmakers.

"The production of the film did not bother to consult the heirs before describing Aldo Gucci – president of the company for 30 years – and the members of the Gucci family as thugs, ignorant and insensitive to the world around them," read the statement, first published by the Italian news agency ANSA.

The statement continued to state that the film is "extremely painful from a human point of view" and an "insult to the legacy on which the brand is built today."

The statement goes on to specifically criticize the portrayal of Patrizia Reggiani — an Italian socialite who was convicted for hiring a hitman to k*ll her ex-husband Maurizio Gucci and spent 18 years in prison. The family said Reggiani is "indulged" in the film as "a victim trying to survive in a male and male chauvinist corporate culture."

"This couldn't be further from the truth," the statement read. "Over the course of its 70-year history during which it was a family business, Gucci was an inclusive company."

The statement continued to say that this view had been reinforced by statements from cast members.

In a recent interview with British Vogue, Lady Gaga — who portrays Patrizia Reggiani in the film — said she did not wish to "glorify somebody that would commit murder" with her performance as Reggiani, but she instead wanted to "pay respect to women throughout history who became experts at survival."

"I hope that women will watch this and remind themselves to think twice about the fact that hurt people hurt people. And it's dangerous," she told the magazine. "What happens to somebody when they're pushed over the edge?"

The Gucci family statement concluded by hinting that they could explore legal action, saying that the heirs of the fashion dynasty "reserve the right to take action to protect the name, image, and dignity of themselves and their loved ones."

This isn't the first time that members of the Gucci family have criticized Scott's biopic. Earlier this year, Patrizia Gucci, the daughter of Aldo Gucci, accused Scott of "stealing the identity of a family to make a profit, to increase the income of the Hollywood system."

Ridley Scott has continually dismissed the criticism. Speaking to BBC Radio 4 earlier this year, he said: "I don't engage with that. You have to remember that one Gucci was murdered and another went to jail for tax evasion so you can't be talking to me about making a profit. As soon as you do that you become part of the public domain."
visit this link source

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#17 Hunchback Of Notre Dame is still the king of Disney Movies

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@movies      By GREENDOWN      2 days ago

Victor Hugo was in his bag here.

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#18  Message | The Book of Boba Fett | Disney+

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@movies      By Eclectic      3 days ago

"I intend to rule with respect"

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#19  DISNEY Plus Presents The Book of Bobba Fett

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@movies      By Juliette DaBlok      3 days ago

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#20  A new ‘Magic Mike’ film titled ‘MAGIC MIKE’S LAST DANCE’ is in the works at HBO Max 🚨

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@movies      By theFREAK      3 days ago

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