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16 hours ago

Video inside Nov 17 - Army medic charged with raping, killing 9-month-old daughter

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| By Zazi3 The Beast - 16 hours ago

A U.S. Army combat medic was arrested Wednesday and charged in connection to the rape and murder of one of his 9-month-old twin daughters, authorities said.

Christopher Paul Conway, 22, was charged with aggravated child rape and homicide, while the victim’s twin sister was removed from the family’s home and placed in state custody, The Leaf-Chronicle reported.

“We discovered the child had been sexually assaulted, and a cord had been placed around the child’s neck and the child died from those injuries,” Clarksville, Tenn. police department spokesman Jim Knoll told Nashville’s Fox 17.

Clarksville police responded to a 911 call Tuesday morning, and found someone performing CPR on the girl. She was taken to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead at around 8 a.m.

Homicide detectives found injuries on the girl consistent with rape. They determined that Conway was responsible, Knoll said, The Leaf-Chronicle reported.

Conway later confessed to both raping and killing his daughter, arrest warrants show, The Leaf-Chronicle reported.

The girl’s twin sister will remain in foster care while the Department of Children’s Services investigates the crime.

Conway was booked into Montgomery County Jail on $100,000 bond for the rape charge.

He was denied bond on the homicide charge. Judge Ray Grimes said he could face the death penalty for the child’s murder.

visit this link .. icle-1.3640032

I know people die everyday b but damnnnn

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19 hours ago

Image inside Nov 16 - Mueller has Subpoenaed Trump Campaign for Russia-related Documents

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| By phantomnation - 19 hours ago

Special counsel Robert MuellerÂ’s team in mid-October issued a subpoena to President Donald TrumpÂ’s campaign requesting Russia-related documents from more than a dozen top officials, according to a person familiar with the matter.

The subpoena, which requested documents and emails from the listed campaign officials that reference a set of Russia-related keywords, marked Mr. MuellerÂ’s first official order for information from the campaign, according to the person. The subpoena didnÂ’t compel any officials to testify before Mr. MuellerÂ’s grand jury, the person said.

The subpoena caught the campaign by surprise, the person said. The campaign had previously been voluntarily complying with the special counselÂ’s requests for information, and had been sharing with Mr. MuellerÂ’s team the documents it provided to congressional committees as part of their probes of Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election.

The Trump campaign is providing documents in response to the subpoena on an “ongoing” basis, the person said.

A spokesman for the special counsel declined to comment.

Mr. Mueller and congressional committees are investigating whether Trump associates colluded with Russian efforts to interfere in the election. Mr. Trump has denied collusion by him or his campaign, and Moscow has denied meddling in the election.

Separately, the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday said senior White House official Jared Kushner hadnÂ’t turned over all the documents it has requested and asked his lawyer to be more forthcoming.

Congressional committees earlier this year asked the campaign to turn over Russia-related documents, emails and phone records dating back to June 2015, when Mr. Trump launched his campaign.

Sending a subpoena to an entity that says it has been cooperating with document requests isnÂ’t unusual in cases in which prosecutors have some concern that their demands arenÂ’t being met promptly or arenÂ’t being entirely fulfilled, former prosecutors said. A subpoena can serve as a backup, to make sure the recipient is complying as promised, and as a reminder that failure to provide documents as demanded would count as obstructing a grand-jury investigation.

Mr. Mueller’s team had previously issued subpoenas individually to several top campaign officials, including former campaign chairman Paul Manafort and former national security adviser Mike Flynn. Mr. Manafort currently faces charges including money laundering and tax evasion. He has pleaded not guilty and his attorney has called the charges “ridiculous.”

The campaign has retained Jones Day—a law firm it paid nearly $3 million during the 2016 campaign for routine legal services—to represent it in the Russia probe and help with document production, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

Mr. MuellerÂ’s team is expected to interview current and former White House officials, including communications director Hope Hicks, in the coming weeks, according to a person familiar with the matter. The team has interviewed several officials who worked with the campaign, including Reince Priebus and Sean Spicer, who went on to serve as White House chief of staff and press secretary, respectively. They have since left the administration.

Congressional investigators, meanwhile, have expressed dissatisfaction with the document productions from top Trump officials, including Mr. Kushner, the presidentÂ’s son-in-law and former campaign aide who now serves as a senior White House adviser.

On Thursday, Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley (R., Iowa) and Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D., Calif.), the top Democrat on the committee, said in a letter to Mr. Kushner’s attorney that the response they received to an earlier request was “incomplete.”

In their letter, the senators mentioned a document that Mr. Kushner had forwarded involving “a Russian backdoor overture and dinner invite.” The letter doesn’t give other details about the material. A Judiciary Committee spokesman didn’t immediately respond to questions about the document.

The senators addressed the three-page letter to Mr. Kushner’s attorney, Abbe Lowell. In a statement after the letter was made public, Mr. Lowell said Mr. Kushner had been “responsive to all requests” and had provided documents related to “Mr. Kushner’s calls, contacts or meetings with Russians during the campaign and transition, which was the request.”

During a two-day period in July, Mr. Kushner met with staff members on the Senate intelligence committee and spoke to lawmakers on the House panel.

In the letter, the senators said that Mr. Lowell hadnÂ’t turned over documents relating to a government form Mr. Kushner filed in applying for a security clearance, which initially omitted what he said were more than 100 contacts he had with more than 20 countries.

The two senators said Mr. Lowell had declined to produce records involving the form, known as an SF-86, “on the basis that the documents are confidential and have been submitted to the FBI for its review.”

They asked Mr. Lowell to turn over the material nonetheless, saying there are no restrictions on Mr. Kushner providing it to the committee.

The senators also said Mr. Kushner failed to provide email communications about WikiLeaks, the online operation that last year published a trove of damaging Democratic emails that the U.S. intelligence community concluded were stolen by Russian hackers.

Donald Trump Jr., who earlier this week disclosed a set of private exchanges during the campaign between him and WikiLeaks, forwarded Mr. Kushner and other top campaign aides one of his communications with WikiLeaks in September 2016. Mr. Kushner subsequently forwarded that exchange to another campaign official, the committee said.

visit this link .. als-1510875492

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19 hours ago

Nov 16 - Trump & his family will save $1 billion (59,656,200,000 RUBLES) w/House tax bill

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| By phantomnation - 19 hours ago

President Donald Trump has insisted, for months, that the Republican tax plan he supports wonÂ’t benefit him.

“It’s not good for me. Believe me,” he said at a Sept. 27 event in Indiana to sell the plan. “My plan is for the working people, and my plan is for jobs. I don’t benefit,” he also said that day.

And earlier this month, according to NBC News, Trump told a group of Democratic senators in a phone call, "My accountant called me and said 'you're going to get killed in this bill.’”

In fact, Trump and his heirs potentially could save more than $1 billion overall under the GOP tax proposal that the House of Representatives passed Thursday, with most of that amount coming from a repeal of the estate tax, according to an analysis NBC News commissioned of TrumpÂ’s one known 2005 tax return and his estimated net worth.

Trump would save more than $20 million himself, according to the analysis of how the legislation affects his 2005 tax return, and his heirs could potentially save $1.1 billion based on his reported wealth.

Unlike other past presidents and presidential nominees, Trump has refused to release his income taxes, saying that the federal government is auditing his returns. So itÂ’s impossible to know, precisely, how the House bill would impact the presidentÂ’s taxes.

But based on a known 2005 return of Trump’s taxes, Maury Cartine, a tax expert at Marcum LLP, says the House legislation would have saved the president more than $31 million in the Alternative Minimum Tax he paid that year — because the bill repeals that tax.

“The repeal of the Alternative Minimum Tax would result in an initial federal income tax savings of $31,261,179,” Cartine said in analyzing the House bill based upon Trump’s 2005 tax return.

Cartine adds, however, that the current capital-gains tax — which is higher now than it was in 2005 — plus a tax on investment income and the elimination of some itemized deductions would reduce that savings to $22.6 million, according to that 2005 tax return.

Yet the legislationÂ’s biggest benefit to Trump and his family is its repeal of the federal estate tax by 2024. Under current law, the heirs of estates above $5.5 million for an individual and $11 million for a married couple must pay a 40 percent tax on the estate.

“Provided that Donald and Melania are still living at that time, the combined estates of Donald Trump and [his wife] will save $400 million of federal estate tax for every billion dollars of net assets,” said Cartine, who is the partner in charge of tax and business services at Marcum LLP, a national accounting and advisory firm that NBC News has relied on in the past for tax analysis.

Given TrumpÂ’s estimated net worth of $2.86 billion, per BloombergÂ’s Billionaires Index, that savings comes to $1.1 billion by 2024. Trump has claimed his net worth is much higher than $2.86 billion.

Cartine says that it’s unclear how much another major component of the House bill — limiting the tax rate on business income to 25 percent — would affect Trump due to a lack of information from that 2005 tax return.

“While the payment of substantial self-employment tax may be indicative of ‘qualified business income,’ the information reported on pages 1 and 2 of the 2005 Form 1040 are not sufficient to permit any conclusions one way or the other,” Cartine said of the 2005 tax return.

NBC News reached out to the Trump White House to comment on the analysis, but it didnÂ’t immediately respond.

CartineÂ’s analysis isnÂ’t the only one indicating that wealthy Americans like Trump will benefit under the House bill.

The nonpartisan Tax Policy Center has said that while taxes would be reduced, on average, by nearly $1,000 by 2027, the Top 1 percent of all taxpayers would get a cut of more than $62,000, while the Top 0.1 percent would get an average cut of $320,000.

And back in September – after Republicans first introduced their tax proposal – the New York Times also estimated that Trump and his family could save more than $1 billion under the plan.

visit this link .. -house-n821491

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Saudi King Salman to step down next week: report

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| By 313soulja - 19 hours ago


Saudi monarch King Salman is set to step down and announce his son Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman as his successor next week, sources said.

The 81-year-old king will continue as a ceremonial figurehead, handing over official leadership of the country to his son — often referred to as MBS, the Daily Mail quoted royal sources as saying.

The move is seen as the final step in the 32-year-old bin SalmanÂ’s power grab, which began earlier this month with the arrests of over 40 princes and government ministers in a corruption probe.
“Unless something dramatic happens, King Salman will announce the appointment of MBS as King of Saudi Arabia next week,” the sources said. “King Salman will play the role of the queen of England. He will only keep the title ‘Custodian of the Holy Shrines’.”

The source went on to claim that once crowned king, the prince will shift his focus to Iran, a long standing rival oil empire to Saudi Arabia in the Middle East, with fears military action is possible. He will also enlist the help of the Israeli military to crush Hezbollah, the Lebanese militia supported by Iran, according to the source.

“MBS is convinced that he has to hit Iran and Hezbollah,” he said. “Contrary to the advice of the royal family elders, that’s MBS’s next target. Hence why the ruler of Kuwait privately calls him ‘The raging Bull’.”

“MBS’s plan is to start the fire in Lebanon, but he’s hoping to count on Israeli military backing. He has already promised Israel billions of dollars in direct financial aid if they agree. MBS cannot confront Hezbollah in Lebanon without Israel. Plan B is to fight Hezbollah in Syria,’ said the source.

Tensions have been rising between Saudi Arabia and Iran after the Saudi government blamed Iran for a foiled missile attack near Riyadh on November 4. The rocket was fired from neighboring Yemen and was heading towards the Saudi capital before it was shot down. The Saudi foreign minister, Adel Jubair, said Iran was responsible and called the attack ‘an act of war’.

‘Salman not to relinquish throne’

Meanwhile, another senior Saudi official dismissed the mounting speculation that the crown prince will soon ascend to the throne. “There is no possibility whatsoever that the king will abdicate,” Bloomberg quoted the unnamed official as saying.

Saudi kings usually stay in power even when bad health prevents them from carrying out their job, the official said on condition of anonymity. He noted the example of King Fahd, who stayed on as monarch until his death in 2005 despite being gravely ill in the last few years of his reign.
visit this link .. tep-next-week/

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Iraqi forces retake last ISIS-held town

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| By 313soulja - 19 hours ago


Iraqi forces backed by the U.S.-led coalition retook the last town in the country held by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), Iraqi and coalition officials said Friday.
“I congratulate our heroic forces and the Iraqi people on the liberation of Rawa,” Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said in a statement. “The success of our forces, in record time and with excellent planning, shows their strength.”

Now, all that remains of ISISÂ’s holdings in Iraq are patches of desert along the border with Syria.

Al-Abadi said forces are continuing to secure the border area.

“Total victory is near,” he said.

The U.S.-led coalition likewise celebrated the victory in Rawa.

“Daesh crumbles!” Operation Inherent Resolve wrote on Twitter, using an alternate name for ISIS.

ISIS swept into Iraq in 2014, taking large swaths of territory in the north and west, including IraqÂ’s second largest city of Mosul.

Iraqi forces backed by the coalition retook Mosul earlier this year and have since routed ISIS from the remaining towns it held.

“Since ISIS' defeat in Mosul, Iraqi Security Forces have walloped Daesh in every battle...rolled right over them. ISIS demoralized, quitting, and it shows. This is an important milestone, but still work to be done to KEEP Daesh gone!” coalition spokesman Col. Ryan Dillon wrote on Twitter.

The U.S.-led coalition and its allies in Syria also continue to battle ISIS after the loss of its former capital of Raqqa in October.

Various forces in Syria, including the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces and the Russian-backed Syrian government, are converging in the Middle Euphrates River Valley to clear ISIS there.

Pentagon officials have described recent victories as an inflection point and warned that the threat posed by ISIS remains.

“With the fall of the caliphate, there's more pressure on ISIS to stage things,” chief Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White said at a briefing Thursday. “So again, even though we've been very successful, this is an inflection point. There's more pressure. There still is the threat of foreign fighters. So, again, we have to defeat ISIS, and the caliphate is falling fast, but we still have to remember that ... this is a long-term struggle.”

Defense Secretary James Mattis also said this week to expect U.S. troops to stay in Syria until a political process to resolve that countryÂ’s civil war starts.

“That's our goal right now, to continue until ISIS is extinguished,” Mattis told reporters at the Pentagon. “But we're not just going to walk away right now before the Geneva process has cracked. That doesn't mean everyone stays there. That doesn't mean for certain troops are leaving.”
visit this link .. isis-held-town

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Fox News Bans Kiss Frontman Gene Simmons for Life

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| By 3 bs - 19 hours ago

visit this link .. t5R&ocid=ientp


Kiss frontman Gene Simmons—until this week, a favorite guest on Fox News and Fox Business Network programs, which couldn’t get enough of his supposedly outrageous rock-star antics mixed with conservative politics—has been banned for life from the right-leaning cable channels.

Fox finally had enough of Simmons after he crudely insulted female Fox staffers, taunted them and exposed his chest, and otherwise behaved like the “demon” character he plays onstage. Management was not amused, and Simmons’s photograph was promptly posted Wednesday at the security entrance of the company’s Manhattan headquarters along with a “do-not-admit” advisory.

SimmonsÂ’s publicist didnÂ’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The trouble started Wednesday morning after the Israeli-born Simmons—birth name: Chaim Witz, who dresses like a preening teenager at age 68—appeared on Fox & Friends and Maria Bartiromo’s Fox Business Network show, Mornings with Maria, to promote his new bookOn Power.

Things seemed to be going well enough when Simmons jumped up from the Fox & Friends couch to help meteorologist Janice Dean do her weather report—a delighted Dean later posted video on her Twitter feed—and then sat on a panel with Bartiromo, who asked his views on the Harvey Weinstein sexual-misconduct scandal.

“The lunatics have taken over the insane asylum when respected business entities such as yourself ask guys that like to stick their tongues out,” Simmons answered, “what I think of Harvey Weinstein.”

“Okay, I’m a powerful and attractive man, and what I’m about to say is deadly serious,” he continued. “Men are jackasses. From the time we’re young we have testosterone. I’m not validating it or defending it.”

Maybe not, but within minutes he was demonstrating it. According to a knowledgeable Fox News source, Simmons showed up on the 14th floor to do a book-plugging interview with FoxNews.comÂ’s entertainment section, but instead barged in on a staff meeting uninvited.

“Hey chicks, sue me!” he shouted, and then pulled open his red velvet shirt to reveal his chest and belly, according to the source. Then he starting telling Michael Jackson pedophilia jokes, and then bopped two employees on the head with his book, making derisive comments about their comparative intelligence according to the sound their heads made when struck.

“It was pretty severe,” the source said.

After SimmonsÂ’s misconduct was reported to a supervisor, and then to human-resources executive Kevin Lord, the Kiss frontman was permanently banned from the building and will no longer be permitted on any Fox News or Fox Business Network programming.

His interview with, meanwhile, was taped but will not be published.

Simmons did not immediately respond to a request for comment

I wonder what word tomi lahren would use here?

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Rev. Jesse Jackson diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

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| By phantomnation - 19 hours ago

CHICAGO (AP) -- The Rev. Jesse Jackson says he's been seeking outpatient care for two years for Parkinson's disease and plans to "dedicate" himself to physical therapy.

In a Friday letter to supporters, the 76-year-old says family and friends noticed a change in him about three years ago and he could no longer ignore symptoms.

He says the diagnosis isn't a sign to stop working but a "signal" to make "lifestyle changes" to slow progression of the chronic neurological disorder that causes movement difficulties.

The civil rights icon also released a Northwestern Medicine letter saying he was diagnosed in 2015 and has sought outpatient care.

Jackson runs the Chicago-based Rainbow/PUSH Coalition. He's remained a strong voice in anti-discrimination efforts, including advocating for affordable housing, and been a fixture at protests nationwide.

Jackson declined further comment Friday.

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Roy Moore's wife: Trump should thank us for taking the focus off of Russia

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| By timdog - 19 hours ago

Kayla Moore, the wife of embattled Alabama Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore, said at an emotional press conference on Friday that President Trump owes a debt of gratitude to her and her husband for absorbing a barrage of attacks from the press and politicians in Washington.

Surrounded by women who support Roy Moore for Senate, Kayla Moore ripped the news media and the Washington "establishment” and argued that the people attacking her husband over allegations of sexual misconduct with teenagers are the same people who tried to undermine President Trump’s outsider campaign.

“I personally think [Trump] owes us a thank you,” Kayla Moore said. “Have you noticed you are not hearing too much about Russia? To the president I would say, 'now is a good time to get things done in Congress.'”

The White House has tried to walk a fine line with Moore, who has been accused of improper relationships with teenage girls and molesting a 14-year-old while he was in his 30's and working as a district attorney in the early 1980s.

The Republican National Committee has abandoned Moore and GOP leaders in Congress are calling on him to drop out of the race. But the White House has stopped short of calling on Moore to leave the race.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Thursday said the allegations against Moore are “very troubling and should be taken seriously” but that “the debate over whether Moore should exit the race “is a decision the people of Alabama need to make, not the president.”

Kayla Moore on Friday vouched for her husbandÂ’s integrity and declared that he would not leave the race.

“I have been married to my husband for over 32 years,” Kayla Moore said. “He was a graduate of West Point and served our country in Vietnam and he has always been an officer and a gentleman. He is a loving father and a grandfather. Most important, he is a Christian. Let me set the record straight. Even after all the attacks against me and my family ... he will not step down.”

Kayla Moore blasted the news media and praised Alabama Republicans, who have largely circled the wagons around the Moores.

“The Washington Post just called everybody I have ever known for the last 40 years,” Kayla Moore said. “They have called everybody my husband has ever known for the last 40 years. They print whatever anyone says without checking to even see if it is correct. They have staked out our county and are basically camping out to the end of this election. So to the people of Alabama, thank you for being smarter than they think you are. They will call you names and say all manner of evil against you. I would say, consider the source.”

But Trump on Friday attacked Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) after a woman accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her, opening the president up to charges of hypocrisy for his own past behavior and for his reluctance to take a stance on those in his own party who have been accused of misconduct.

Republicans are in a bind. The Dec. 12 election for Alabama Senate is a must-win for the party heading into 2018, but Washington Republicans want no part of Moore or his scandals. There's growing talk that the Senate will vote to expel Moore if he wins.

Meanwhile, some recent polls show Democrat Doug Jones overtaking Moore in the deep-red state. If he wins, Jones would be Alabama's first Democratic senator in more than 20 years.

visit this link .. -off-of-russia

They calling Trump out now

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Ohio governor candidate brags about sexual history

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| By timdog - 19 hours ago

Democratic Ohio gubernatorial candidate and sitting state Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill responded to the recent sexual misconduct accusations against Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) on Friday by boasting about his own sexual history.

"Now that the dogs of war are calling for the head of Senator Al Franken I believe it is time to speak up on behalf of all heterosexual males," O'Neill said in a Facebook post on his personal account

"In the last fifty years I was sexually intimate with approximately 50 very attractive females. It ranged from a gorgeous blonde who was my first true love and we made passionate love in the hayloft of her parents barn and ended with a drop dead gorgeous red head from Cleveland," he went on.

O'Neill confirmed to that he wrote the post.

The candidate's comments come a day after a broadcaster accused Franken of kissing and groping her without consent during a 2006 USO tour, before he was a U.S. senator.

Franken issued an apology shortly after and called for the Senate Ethics Committee to investigate him.

“Now can we get back to discussing legalizing marijuana and opening the state hospital network to combat the opioid crisis,” O’Neill said on Facebook. “I am sooooo disappointed by this national feeding frenzy about sexual indiscretions decades ago.”

He added: “Peace.”

On Twitter, the chairman of the Ohio Democratic Party called O'Neill's comments "a terrible post," saying it trivializes an "important conversation" about respecting women.

The allegations against Franken are the latest in a series of accusations from women across the country who have come forward to accuse influential men in various fields of sexual misconduct.

Multiple women in the past week have accused Alabama GOP Senate candidate Roy Moore of sexual misconduct involving teenagers, allegations Moore denies.

visit this link .. sexual-history

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - BREAKING NEWS: Special Counsel Subpoenas Trump Campaign #coupelusion

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| By foshoVoodoo - 19 hours ago

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19 hours ago

Nov 16 - Fox News poll: Obama has higher favorability in Alabama than trump

2 people viewing this

| By Bandito - 19 hours ago

A new Fox News poll shows former President Barack Obama is more popular in
Alabama than Donald trump.

The poll, conducted from Monday to Wednesday and released Thursday, shows
Obama with a 52 percent favorability rating in the state, compared to trumpÂ’s
49 percent.

trump won Alabama by 28 points in the 2016 presidential election, while Obama lost the state by about 22 points in 2008 and 2012.

Obama had a 45 percent unfavorable rating in the poll, while trump had a 48 percent unfavorable rating.

trumpÂ’s job approval rating in the poll was listed at 52 percent, while 47 percent disapprove of his job performance.

The same poll showed Democrat Doug Jones leading Republican Roy Moore by
8 points in the Alabama Senate race in the wake of sexual misconduct
allegations against Moore.

The poll showed 50 percent of likely voters support Jones, while 42 percent
support Moore.

The last Fox News poll on the race, conducted in mid-October, showed Jones
and Moore were tied. Another recent poll from the SenateÂ’s GOP campaign
arm showed Moore trailing by double digits.

Moore has repeatedly denied allegations that he engaged in sexual misconduct
with teenage girls when he was in his 30s. Numerous Republican lawmakers
have called on Moore to drop out of the race, but he has vowed to finish the

The poll included a sample of 823 registered voters, with 649 identified as
likely voters. The poll has a margin of error of 3.5 percentage points.

visit this link .. ama-than-trump

Imagine if the 174 people in the poll that say they don't vote actually did.

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19 hours ago

Nov 17 - Hillary to Fox News: 'Why is my name always in your mouth'

2 people viewing this

| By phantomnation - 19 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hillary Clinton is mocking Fox News for "always talking" about her as if she'd won the presidency.

The 2016 Democratic presidential candidate is joking in an interview with the online news outlet NowThis that she is officially resigning as the conservative news channel's president of the United States.

She says the outlet is "always talking about the Clinton administration," despite the fact that she lost the election Donald Trump.

Clinton says: "I want to take this opportunity, sitting here with you, to announce that I am resigning from the Fox News presidency. "

She adds: "I think that we should just leave that behind us and whoever they want to blame for anything, they're going to have to find somebody else."

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19 hours ago

Image inside Nov 17 - Leader of Cosa Nostra aka boss of all bosses has died

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| By Kden - 19 hours ago

Notorious Sicilian Mafia "boss of all bosses" Salvatore "Toto" Riina has died from cancer in jail, aged 87.

Riina was serving 26 life sentences and is believed to have ordered more than 150 murders.

The head of the feared Cosa Nostra spent nearly a quarter of a century on the run before being jailed in 1993. He ordered more murders from jail.

As well as kidney cancer, he was said to have been suffering from a heart condition and Parkinson's disease.

Riina had been in a medically induced coma and his family had been given special permission to visit him in the prisoners' wing of the hospital in Parma, northern Italy.

How did Riina become the 'boss of bosses'?

Riina was born in 1930 to poor farmers in Corleone, Sicily - the birthplace of Don Corleone, the fictional Godfather in Francis Ford Coppola's film trilogy.

His father was killed when he was 13 and at 19 he joined the local Mafia, committing murder to gain entry. He spent six years in prison.

When he got out, he helped local mobster Luciano Leggio kill Corleone's Mafia boss. Along with childhood friend Bernardo Provenzano, he then led a hit squad targeting Mafia boss Michele "the Cobra" Cavataio in Palermo, giving the Corleone clan a foothold in the Sicilian capital.

When Leggio was arrested in 1974, Riina became boss.

Under his leadership, the clan came to dominate the Cosa Nostra crime group in the 1970s, as its fortunes blossomed, buoyed by a booming trade trafficking heroin to North America.

He was a wanted man, but evaded justice for 24 years, remaining all the while on the island of Sicily.

What marked him out?

The Mafia is notorious for brutality, but Riina was the most savage of all, earning him the nickname "The Beast".

"He was the fiercest and the nastiest mobster in the mafia probably in history," Francesco Bongarra, a journalist with Italian news agency Ansa, told the BBC.

While his cruelty propelled him up the ranks it was also key to his downfall, and to a pivotal point in Mafia relations with the Italian state.

In 1981, Riina began a two-year drive dubbed "The Slaughter" to eliminate his rivals, causing many mobsters to fear for their own lives and those of their families.

Many broke their code of silence and began to co-operate with investigators, resulting in a breakthrough case which saw hundreds of mafiosos convicted.

Riina did not take this lying down. In 1992, within two months the two leading judges in the case, Giovanni Falcone and Paolo Borsellino, had been blown up.

But six months later, Riina was arrested.

What has happened since his incarceration ?

In detention, Riina's savagery continued.

He ordered the murder of a 13-year-old boy kidnapped to try to prevent his father revealing information about the Mafia. The boy was strangled and his body dissolved in acid.

And, partly in protest at his arrest, his associates carried out a series of bombings in Rome, Milan and Florence in 1993, leaving 10 people dead.

Riina had been imprisoned under the "Article 41-bis prison regime" imposing tight security measures on Mafiosos intended to completely cut off prisoners from their criminal contacts.

The regime includes strictly limited visits from his family. Petitions for him to be released into house arrest for his last days were met with angry protests from the relatives of some of his many victims.

Earlier this year, Riina was recorded on a wiretap saying he "regrets nothing... They'll never break me, even if they give me 3,000 years" in jail, reported AFP news agency. And indeed he has never broken his silence.

Riina leaves behind a wife, Antonietta, and four children, including his eldest son, Giovanni, who is serving a life sentence in jail for four murders.

(Judge Borsellino who was tryna take LCN down, surrounded by body guards)

(Aftermath of an ordered bombing triggered by ringing his mother's doorbell in Palermo)

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19 hours ago


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| By CEITEDMOFO - 19 hours ago


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19 hours ago

Image inside Nov 16 - Donald Trump's Sexual Assault Accusers Demand Justice

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| By phantomnation - 19 hours ago

The recent accusations of sexual misconduct against a long list of powerful men in Hollywood and other industries have been widely believed — and led to resignations, loss of careers and other fallout.

Meanwhile, some of the women who accused Donald Trump of sexual harassment or assault during the presidential campaign wonder when the president might finally pay a price for what he allegedly did to them.

“Things just seem to fall off of Trump, I’m extremely disappointed,” says Jessica Leeds, 75, who alleges Trump tried to kiss her, fondle her breasts and put his hand up her skirt while on a flight to New York in the early 1980s.

Their stories — like the harrowing one PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff shared of Trump allegedly attacking her in 2005 by pushing her up against a wall at Mar-a- Lago and shoving his tongue down her throat — are backed up in most cases by co-workers, friends or family members.

And then there is Trump’s own words. In early October of last year came the infamous video showing Trump boasting to Billy Bush in 2005 of sexually assaulting women, that because he’s a star he can “grab them by the pus*y.” Days later, Trump denied he ever did those things during the second presidential debate and dismissed the comments as “locker room talk.”

In the weeks that followed, many women alleged on the record that Trump had touched, grabbed or kissed them without their permission. Over the course of his campaign, more than 10 would come forward.

“I feel this issue has been ‘on hold’ all year, but not forgotten,” says Stoynoff in an email. “It’s been simmering on the stove with the lid on, like a pressure cooker. But now the heat’s on and it’s going to boil and the lid is going to blast off.”

That blast off may come with help from a defamation lawsuit filed by Summer Zervos, a former Apprentice contestant who has alleged Trump began kissing her very aggressively and put his hand on her breast without her consent in 2007.

Zervos filed the suit after Trump repeatedly called his accusers liars. Through her attorney, Gloria Allred, she declined to be interviewed for this story.

Norm Eisen, former chief White House ethics lawyer for President Barack Obama, says the lawsuit is “critically important” because “the president’s alleged offenses against women, of sexual harassment, sexual assault, are very serious, much more serious than many of those that have resulted in people losing their jobs.

“That should get a full and fair examination,” Eisen says, “and at the moment that lawsuit is the best vehicle we have to do that.”

Trump, meanwhile, has called the ongoing legal case against him “totally fake news. It’s just fake. It’s fake. It’s made-up stuff, and it’s disgraceful.”

In a statement to PEOPLE, his attorney Marc Kasowitz says the lawsuit is “based on allegations of events that never occurred.”

Trump himself has also denied all allegations against him, tweeting last year that the accusations are “100% fabricated and made-up charges.” He also called the charges “false allegations and outright lies” while on the campaign trail last fall.

RELATED VIDEO: PEOPLE Writer Natasha Stoynoff Breaks Silence, Accuses Donald Trump of Sexual Attack

Stoynoff says Trump should apologize and issue a statement saying “that we are not liars.”

“For Trump and his press secretary to continue to push the false agenda that the women are liars and continue to so cavalierly defame private citizens is outrageous and improper.”

Florida resident Melinda McGillivray, 38, tells PEOPLE that Trump gave her rear end “a grab” while she was helping a photographer friend at an event at Mar-a-Lago in 2003.

During this last year, she says, “I feel like we were forgotten about and there was no justice, but I do feel he will have his day in court.”

She is also “appalled” that a growing numbers of Republicans seem to believe the women accusing Roy Moore but don’t appear to believe Trump’s accusers — or are simply ignoring their claims.

“It’s disturbing,” McGillivray says in a text, “that many of Trump’s diehard supporters are so stubborn that they can’t seem to come to terms with the reality that their president is just as guilty as Roy Moore.”

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20 hours ago

Nov 17 - The Trump Administration is Hiring 12 Attorneys to Seize Land for His Border Wall

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| By 313soulja - 20 hours ago


The Trump administration is hiring a small army of attorneys to fight landowners so the government can seize the property needed to build the wall on the U.S.-Mexico border that President Donald Trump promised his supporters.

It is not clear how many Americans will have their land seized, how long the process will take, or how much it will cost, according to a new report published by Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security Committee Monday. But the administration is gearing up for a fight nonetheless.

It is seeking $2 million to hire 12 land acquisition attorneys at the Department of Justice to mount an “initial surge” of land seizures from holdout landowners who aren’t willing to part with their property on the government’s terms. The administration aims to acquire “hundreds or thousands of parcels of land” to construct the border wall, according to government documents seen by the report’s authors.

Lawyers from the Department of Homeland Security are also expected to chip in with “significant litigation support in defense of various challenges to the construction of the physical wall as well as in the condemnation of land along the southwest border,” the government documents said.

About two-thirds of the land along the border is owned by private landowners or U.S. states. Usually the government evaluates the land and then offers a market rate price. If the property owners refuse, the attorney general can seize the land by calling “eminent domain”—a process also known as “condemnation”—turning the land from private to public use. Landowners can fight for more compensation through U.S. District Courts.

The government has restarted litigating several of these cases that have laid dormant for nearly a decade.

Many of these cases are underway in Texas where 90 cases are still pending after the government moved to seize border land in 2007. The government projects it will cost about $21 million to resolve the suits.

In one instance, U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) spent $78 million to get the land to build on just 211 miles of the southwest border, which took about 330 lawsuits.

Although the government doesnÂ’t plan to build along entire 2,000 mile border with Mexico, it will cost significant amounts to pay private landowners and fight legal battles.

During an interview with Fox News’s Laura Ingraham early this month, Trump said that he believes that wall won’t cost more than $18 billion. “I think for $18 billion or less we're going to have a great wall. We're doing prototypes right now,” Trump told Ingraham.

“They're saying the wall's going to cost $40 billion. It's not going to cost anywhere near that. The Democrats are saying [that]. We're talking about less than half,” Trump said.


The top of five of U.S. President Donald Trump's eight border wall prototypes are shown near completion along U.S.- Mexico border near San Diego, California, U.S., October 23, 2017. Mike Blake/Reuters

In April, Democrats on the Senate Homeland Security Committee estimated the wall will cost $70 billion after making projections using CBP numbers and plans provided by the administration. Those numbers, however, didnÂ’t include the legal costs of paying to seize the land.

To get full funding for his wall in October, Trump hitched its price to the preservation of DACA—a program Democrats want to keep that allows young immigrants brought to the U.S. illegally by their parents to continue working and living in America.

The president has requested $1.6 billion in next yearÂ’s budget to begin building 74 miles of border barrier. Last month CBP showed off several 30-foot-tall wall prototypes that it constructed along the border.

Before the government gets started “spending billions of taxpayer dollars on the construction of a wall along the southwest border,” the Democrat report calls for Trump and his administration to sit down and price the cost of actually getting the land to build it.
visit this link .. 132344400.html

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Image inside Nov 17 - A Navy pilot drew a penis in the sky

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| By micropave - 22 hours ago

visit this link Source

A Navy pilot drew a penis in the sky. It's not the first time something like this has been investigated.

Residents of Washington state turned their eyes to a clear blue sky Thursday and found themselves staring at a cartoonish rendering of male genitalia, sketched in smoke by at least one Navy EA-18G Growler jet.

The image stretched hundreds of feet high over the Okanogan Highlands, based on photographs shared on social media.

Lt. Cmdr. Leslie Hubbell, a Navy spokeswoman, called the incident “absolutely unacceptable,” saying it holds no training value and is under investigation.

The unit involved, Electronic Attack Squadron 130 of Naval Air Station Whidbey Island, flies a two-person variant of the F/A-18 Super Hornet and specializes in electronic warfare. The aircrew responsible has not been identified.

“We will not tolerate this behavior,” Hubbell said. “This is not indicative of the overall population of our folks.”

The Defense Department has placed heightened emphasis on sexual harassment and sexual assault in the ranks. And while*it’s not immediately clear what this investigation will yield, it’s evident that the Navy is taking it very seriously.

This is not the first time a military pilot has drawn similar images. As*the Drive pointed out, a Royal Air Force jet drew what appeared to be a penis*in the sky over Scotland*in 2014. The RAF later concluded the suggestive smoke trails*were*caused by a pilot circling in a holding pattern while waiting to land.

In the United States, the Navy’s elite flight demonstration squadron, the Blue Angels, also was cited in*an investigation released in 2014*for painting a giant penis on the roof of a trailer at*its winter training home in El Centro, Calif, where pilots could see it from above. The blue-and-gold painting was so large that it could be seen on satellite imagery available on Google Maps, the Navy found.

The Blue Angels’ commanding officer at the time, Navy Capt. Gregory McWherter, was reprimanded for failing to stop sexual harassment and condoning pornography and homophobia in the workplace. Investigators also cited his call sign, “Stiffy.”

“This Commanding Officer witnessed, accepted, and encouraged behavior that, while juvenile and sophomoric in the beginning, ultimately and in the aggregate, became destructive, toxic and hostile,” the Navy’s report said. Under his command, the Blue Angels environment “ran counter to established Navy standards and the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and dramatically weakened good order and discipline.”

It’s unclear what fate awaits the pilot in this latest incident. According to a*Navy Department manual*released earlier this year, incidents of sexual harassment “cover a wide range of behaviors, from verbal comments to physical acts, and can be subtle or overt.”

If the skywriting over Washington is determined to be sexual harassment aimed at someone in the same squadron, service members involved could be subject to formal counseling, negative fitness reports that hurt careers, administrative punishment, or court-martial and*separation from the service.

As the photographs of the skywriting circulated online Friday morning, more than 100 people sent stories about the incident to Maximilian Uriarte, a Marine Corps veteran who draws the popular military-themed web comic “Terminal Lance.” Drawing male genitalia is a running joke in his comic. Doing so, he said, is a way that service members joke around with one another in what is still a hyper-masculine culture.

“I don’t know how much the culture of these pilots is embroiled in inappropriate things, but I think that drawing a penis is just meant to be funny,” he said. “For some reason, when you get into a situation where you need to draw something, it’s always a penis.”

He paused for a second.

“I’d love to offer real insight on this,” he said. “But I don’t know that there is much to be had.”

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Nov 17 - Man from West Africa visiting his family in the Bronx gets robbed for $190k

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| By SisterFister - 23 hours ago


A man from West Africa said he lost more than $190,000 he was planning to use to open a restaurant when muggers attacked him in a New York City apartment stairwell. Abdul Bah, 46, told News 4 New York he was leaving the walk-up in Claremont Village in the Bronx on Nov. 7 with a bag full of cash when the two muggers struck. He did his best to hold onto the money -- which he sold his property in his home country of Guinea to get -- but couldn't hold on. "Without the money, it's going to be hard to pay everything for the restaurant," he said. Surveillance footage from the attack shows one of the two attackers passing the man as if he were going up the stairs as the other hangs back at the bottom of the landing. Then, one of the men yanks Bah's arm and pulls him up the stairs.
sh*t, is fu*ked up, these niggas really hit a lick and came up smh.

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Nov 17 - Unemployment rate hit record low in 13 states this year

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| By timdog - 24 hours ago

Thirteen states this year have seen their unemployment rates drop to the lowest levels ever recorded since the federal government began keeping track of state-level data more than four decades ago.

Eight years after the bottom of the worst recession in modern history, the states seeing economic booms range from the bluest of the blue, like Hawaii and California, to the deepest shades of red, like Idaho and Texas.

In October, the unemployment rates in Alabama, Hawaii, Maine, Mississippi, Tennessee, Texas and Washington all met or beat their lowest rates ever recorded by the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), according to the agencyÂ’s monthly report issued Friday.

California, Colorado, Idaho, North Dakota and Oregon also hit new lows earlier this year.

In 2010, during the depths of the Great Recession, six states — California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and North Carolina — notched record-high unemployment rates. Oregon, Rhode Island and Kansas set their own record highs in 2009.

Nationally, the unemployment rate sits at 4.1 percent, the lowest level since December 2000, when it hit 3.9 percent. Thirteen states have unemployment rates significantly below the national rate, while 15 states have rates significantly above it.

Hawaii boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the nation, at just 2.2 percent in October, followed by North Dakota (2.5 percent), Colorado, Nebraska and New Hampshire (2.7 percent each).

AlaskaÂ’s unemployment rate, 7.2 percent, remains the highest in the nation, followed by the District of Columbia, at 6.6 percent, and New Mexico, at 6.1 percent.

In the last year, Alabama’s unemployment rate has plunged the most, 2.5 percent, BLS reported. Tennessee’s unemployment rate has dropped two percentage points, from 5 percent to 3 percent. Only two states — Alaska and South Dakota — and the District of Columbia have seen their unemployment rates rise in the last twelve months.

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2 days ago

Image inside Nov 16 - 2 accidentally shot at East Tenn. church during church shooting discussion

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| By Mr Scaramucci - 2 days ago

But God is real though (All the time),
GOd is Real,
yezzzzzzzz lawddddddd

TELLICO PLAINS, Tenn. (WATE) – Police say two people were accidentally shot at a church in Tellico Plains Thursday afternoon during a discussion about the recent church shooting in Texas.

The Tellico Plains Police Department says elder members of First United Methodist Church were meeting for a Thanksgiving dinner around 1 p.m. and began discussing the Texas shooting when someone asked if anyone brought a gun to their church.

A man spoke up and said he carries his everywhere he goes. He pulled the gun out, emptied the magazine and chamber, and then started passing the gun around.

Once the gun came back around to its owner, police say the man put the magazine back in and recharged the chamber, but accidentally squeezed the trigger. The gun went off, hitting the man in the hand and his wife in the abdomen.

Both were taken to UT Medical Center by helicopter for non-life threatening injuries. Their names have not been released.

Nearby schools were briefly put on lockdown during the initial investigation. The lockdown was lifted once the scene was cleared.

visit this link .. ng-discussion/

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