#1 May 27 - Welp Man stabs 4 young girls at Massachusetts movie theater

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 https://www.cbsnews.com/b .. -amc-stabbing/

BRAINTREE – The suspect who allegedly stabbed four young girls inside a Massachusetts AMC movie theater Saturday night was "laughing the whole time," the mother of three of the victims said.

Four girls, ages 9 to 17, were stabbed Saturday inside the Braintree AMC theater around 6 p.m. They were all hospitalized, but are expected to survive.

Suspect was "laughing the whole time"
Lisa Dembowski is the mother of three of the girls who were stabbed. She was not there at the time of the incident, but said the group had just arrived for a screening of "IF" and the girls were the only four people in the theater.

"They had just sat down, they had just got their concessions. I guess he came up behind them, they were in like the second row. He came up behind them. My oldest was leaned over to get something, he got her in the back. My other daughter in the chest. My last daughter across her arm," Dembowski said. "Laughing the whole time. Then [stabbed] their friend and ran off. The two older girls chased him outside, then they realized what was going on."

An employee described the suspect as wearing "an oversized trench coat, sunglasses, and a long blonde wig." Police said the suspect fled the movie theater in a black SUV, but video footage allowed investigators to obtain a license plate number.

Massachusetts State Police chased the SUV until it crashed in Sandwich and a suspect was taken into custody. According to the WBZ-TV I-Team, the suspect is believed to be connected to a murder in Deep River, Connecticut.

Police have not yet released the suspect's name or what they are charged with.

"A pretty sick individual to harm children"
Dembowski said the children were traumatized by the incident.

"They don't want to go to the movies ever again," she said. "Shaken up. They are physically fine. Kids are resilient. But I think they are terrified that they could just go to a movie on a Saturday night, and this could happen. Someone could just walk into a movie theater and someone could do this."

Dembowski praised the actions of first responders and medical staff. She also said her oldest daughter acted quickly to keep the younger girls calm during a hectic situation.

"More and more this is happening and it makes parents sick to bring their kids anywhere, or let them go anywhere without them. I absolutely feel that way," said Dembowski, who is a guidance counselor at a Massachusetts school. "I hope he gets what he deserves. I understand mental health. I'm a counselor. I understand it. I think it's a pretty sick individual to harm children."


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#2 Veteran: Western f*ghters in Ukraine are getting k*lled because they a*sumed the war easy

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Some Western f*ghters who joined the war in Ukraine have been k*lled because they a*sumed the f*ght would be easy, a US veteran who fought in Ukraine told Business Insider.

The veteran, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said a lot of foreign veterans who came to Ukraine to f*ght against Russia's invasion had been used to f*ghting at an advantage and struggled to adapt to the conditions there, where they were often outmanned and outgunned.

He explained that it was harder to find places to stay safe in Ukraine, where more drones are being used than in any conflict in history, and artillery and long-range weapons are common.

He said that even miles behind the front lines, "you can still get hit by a fu*king rocket out there." If you're on a base in the Middle East, you're "relatively safe."
 https://www.businessinsid .. veteran-2024-5

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#3 May 27 - Lawmakers vow support, weapons for Taiwan as tensions with China intensify

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A congressional delegation, which traveled to Taiwan Monday to meet with newly elected Taiwan President William Lai Ching-te, vowed support for the island nation against increasing tension with China.

Rep. Andy Barr (R-Ky.), the co-chair of the Taiwan caucus, said the U.S. is committing to supporting Taiwan’s military both diplomatically and economically, The a*sociated Press reported.

“There should be no doubt, there should be no skepticism in the United States, Taiwan or anywhere in the world, of American resolve to maintain the status quo and peace in the Taiwan Strait,” Barr said at a new conference in Taipei after meeting with Lai.

Days ago, China launched new military exercises around Taiwan, just after the self-governing island swore in Lai. China criticized the new leader of escalating tensions in his inaugural address and the military drills, which include ships and aircraft, followed.

Lai called the U.S. delegation’s visit an “important gesture of solidarity” at a critical time, the AP reported.

Reps. Young Kim (R-Calif.), Joe Wilson (R-S.C.), Jimmy Panetta (D-Calif.) and Chrissy Houlahan (D-Penn.) were joined by Rep. Michael McCaul, the chair of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, on the trip.

Their visit follows the approval of a military aid bill, which sends U.S. funds to countries in need, including Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan.

China’s Foreign Ministry Mao Ning said in a press conference Monday that the lawmakers’ visit sends a signal to China, who “firmly opposes” the trip and made “serious protests to the U.S.”

“China firmly opposes military contract between the US and Taiwan and any attempt to arm Taiwan,” Mao said. “We urge relevant members of the US Congress to stop playing the ‘Taiwan card,’ stop interfering in China’s internal affairs, stop supporting and conniving at ‘Taiwan independence’ separatist forces, and stop undermining China-US relations and cross-Strait peace and stability.”

Lai won the election in January after campaigning on closer relations with Washington, despite the U.S. not formally recognizing Taiwan as a sovereign nation due to its one China policy.

In January, China warned that it would not make “any concession or compromise” on the self-governing nation.

The Biden administration said Saturday that U.S. officials are “deeply concerned” about the drills and warned China to “act with restraint.” Taiwan’s Ministry of National Defense said the military exercises were jeopardizing peace and stability in the region.

Earlier this year, U.S. Adm. John Aquilino, the head of the Indo-Pacific Command, said “all indications” point to China’s military being ready to invade Taiwan by 2027. He argued that China will try to unify with Taiwan through other means by force but has not ruled out military force if other efforts fail.
 https://thehill.com/polic .. against-china/

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#4 May 27 - Egyptian Forces and IDF exchange gunfire, 1 Egyptian Soldier Dead

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An Egyptian soldier has been k*lled in an incident involving Egyptian and Israeli troops in the border area near Rafah.
The Egyptian and Israeli militaries are investigating what happened.
Israeli media say there was an exchange of fire, but there are few other details and no reports of Israeli casualties.

Tensions between Egypt and Israel have heightened since Israeli forces took control of the Gazan side of the Rafah crossing point three weeks ago as part of their offensive against Hamas.
Egypt is a strong supporter of the Palestinians and has condemned Israel's military campaign in Gaza and the k*lling of thousands of civilians by Israel in the war.

Egypt was the first Arab country to sign a peace deal with Israel 45 years ago and, although it has held, relations between the two sides have often been frosty. Deadly incidents between Egyptian and Israeli troops are rare, however.

Hours before the shooting, Egypt's foreign ministry condemned an Israeli strike on Rafah which k*lled at least 45 people, according to Gaza's Hamas-run health ministry. It accused Israel of the "targeting of defenceless civilians".

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) said the attack had k*lled two senior Hamas officials and that it was reviewing reports that civilians were harmed as a result of the strike and fire it ignited.

Like Israel, Egypt has maintained a blockade on its border with Gaza since Hamas came to power in 2006. Hamas is an off-shoot of the Islamist Muslim Brotherhood organisation, which is banned as a terrorist group in Egypt.
Egypt has, however, kept channels open with Hamas and has been acting as a mediator in on-off indirect talks between Israel and the group to try to reach a ceasefire deal and release of Israeli hostages held by Hamas in Gaza.
 https://www.bbc.com/news/ .. s/c51108le52xo

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#5 May 27 - biden regime a*sessing if Israel violated "red line" with rafah strike

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 https://www.axios.com/202 .. srael-red-line

The Biden administration is still a*sessing whether an Israeli strike that k*lled at least 45 displaced Palestinians at a tent camp in Rafah on Sunday is a violation of President Biden's "red line," two U.S. officials told Axios.

Why it matters: Biden threatened earlier this month to suspend the delivery of some U.S.-made offensive weapons if Israel entered population centers in Rafah, the city in southern Gaza viewed as Hamas' last stronghold.

U.S. officials later explained that a humanitarian crisis as a result of the mass displacement of civilians from Rafah could also constitute a violation of Biden's red line.

The big picture: The airstrike was the deadliest incident in Rafah since Israel began its offensive in the city in early May, with health officials in Hamas-run Gaza reporting that women and children were among those k*lled.

It took place just days after the International Court of Justice ordered Israel to immediately halt military operations in Rafah.

Driving the news: The Israel Defense Forces announced on Monday that it opened an operational investigation into the airstrike. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the civilian deaths "a tragic mistake."

A U.S. official said the White House is in the process of determining what exactly happened in order to decide if the circumstances warrant U.S. action.
A White House National Security Council spokesperson told Axios that the Biden administration is actively engaging the IDF and partners on the ground to a*sess what happened.

What they're saying: "The devastating images following the IDF strike in Rafah last night that k*lled dozens of innocent Palestinians are heartbreaking. Israel has a right to go after Hamas ... but as we've been clear, Israel must take every precaution possible to protect civilians," the spokesperson said.

Behind the scenes: In the days before the catastrophic air strike, White House officials felt they had managed to significantly influence Israel's operational plans for Rafah in a way that would prevent mass civilian casualties, according to three U.S. officials.

When White House national security adviser Jake Sullivan was in Israel last week, he held several hours of discussions with senior Israeli officials about the Rafah operation.
Those talks included a detailed briefing from Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and IDF chief of staff Herzi Halevi.

A senior U.S. official said Sullivan felt that many of the administration's concerns were addressed in Israel's updated plans for Rafah, and that it was possible to see how an operation could be conducted without crossing Biden's "red lines."

This a*sessment led to the U.S. softening its opposition to the IDF's expansion of its Rafah operations, which included Sunday's air strike.
A U.S. official said the Rafah incident is likely to increase political pressure on Biden to change his policy toward the war in Gaza.

Zoom in: The IDF investigation will be conducted by a special unit tasked with investigating such incidents before the military's Advocate General decides whether to open a criminal probe.

Israel's government says the IDF General Staff's Fact-Finding and a*sessment Mechanism is an independent body.

Between the lines: The IDF said the strike was carried out based on prior intelligence that pointed to the presence of senior Hamas officials who were planning attacks in the West Bank.

An Israeli defense official said the strike was conducted by a f*ghter jet that used "two munitions with a reduced warhead," which they said are intended specifically for a strike of these types of targets.
The official said the bombs were dropped roughly 40 meters from the tent camp and most likely caused the fire that k*lled dozens of Palestinians.

"Before the strike, a number of steps were taken to reduce the risk of harming uninvolved civilians during the strike, including conducting aerial surveillance, the deployment of precise munitions by the Israeli air force, and additional intelligence," the IDF said.

"Based on these measures, it was a*sessed that there would be no expected harm to uninvolved civilians. The IDF regrets any harm to uninvolved civilians during combat."

What to watch: Tensions between Israel and Egypt over Rafah escalated Monday when an Egyptian soldier opened fire at Israeli forces on the Palestinian side of the border and was shot dead.

Both the IDF and the Egyptian military said they are conducting a joint investigation into the incident.

A clash between Israel and Egypt was one of the main concerns the Biden administration about a possible Rafah operation

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#6 May 27 - NATO’s boss wants to free Ukraine to strike hard inside Russia

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Nato secretaries-general do not normally attack the policies of the alliance’s biggest and most important member country. But Jens Stoltenberg, whose ten-year stint in charge is coming to an end, has done just that. In an interview with The Economist on May 24th, he called on nato allies supplying weapons to Ukraine to end their prohibition on using them to strike military targets in Russia. Mr Stoltenberg’s clear, if unnamed, target was the policy maintained by Joe Biden, America’s president, of controlling what Ukraine can and cannot attack with American-supplied systems.

NATO 'allows' Ukraine to attack Russian territory

The NATO Parliamentary a*sembly confirmed that Ukraine can use weapons from the alliance for attacks on Russian territory, according to organization's declaration № 489.

Earlier, NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg urged partners to formally allow Kiev to use Western-supplied long-range missile systems to strike deep into Russian territory.

Russian officials repeatedly warned against military supplies to the Kiev regime, stressing that this move only fuels the conflict with no chance of affecting the ultimate course of the special operation.

 https://www.economist.com .. -inside-russia

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#7  ‘Israel must accept that it cannot exist without a Palestinian state’ – Saudi FM

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‘Israel must accept that it cannot exist without a Palestinian state’ – Saudi foreign minister

“Israel doesn’t get to decide whether or not the Palestinians have a right to self-determination. This is something that is enshrined in the UN’s charter and in international law... It is absolutely necessary that Israel accepts that it cannot exist without the existence of a Palestinian state,” Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al Saud stated following the meeting with Arab and European counterparts in Belgium.

The top-diplomat also stressed that Israel should realize that it is in its interest to establish a Palestinian state along the 1967 borders “as everyone understands it is the right thing to do.”

 https://www.irishnews.com .. IKD63LRLJPLDE/

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#8 Pope Francis: “There is already too much '####otry'" in the Church.

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In a closed-door meeting Bergoglio made a comment that left more than one prelate surprised.

Thus, he advises Italian bishops not to admit homos*xuals into seminary.
 https://www.repubblica.it .. ine-423115446/
Source is in Italian..could Be translated.

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#9 May 27 - Xi Jinping’s Recipe for Total Control: An Army of Eyes and Ears

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“Xi Jinping’s recipe for total control: an army of eyes and ears”: the United States launched an open attack on Chairman Xi personally - he is now “the main dictator of the planet, watching over everyone in China and beyond.”

“This is exactly the kind of local governance that Xi Jinping prefers: more visible, more aggressive, always on the lookout for real or perceived threats. Officers patrol apartment buildings, listening to feuding neighbors, and officials “recruit” retirees who play chess outdoors to use them as additional eyes and ears. In the workplace, employers are required to appoint "safety advisers" who report regularly to the police.

The Chinese Communist Party has long used what is arguably the world's most powerful surveillance apparatus against activists and others who might express dissatisfaction. During the pandemic, surveillance of the population reached unprecedented proportions: authorities monitored almost every citizen to prevent an increase in the number of infected people.
Apparently, Xi Jinping wants to introduce such control on a permanent basis and further strengthen it. However, it no longer aims to counter any specific threats, such as the virus or dissidents. Instead, he wants to make the Party an integral part of every Chinese person's life in order to nip in the bud any problems that may arise. Xi Jinping called his policy in this area “Fengqiao of a new era.” "Fengqiao" was previously practiced in a Chinese city where, during the Mao era, the party encouraged residents to "re-educate" perceived political enemies through so-called "struggle sessions" in which people were publicly insulted and humiliated until they confessed to the crimes attributed to them. crimes. And although the Chairman of the PRC does not call for the resumption of the “struggle sessions” themselves, the general idea remains the same - to use ordinary people and the police to suppress any challenges and threats."

 https://www.nytimes.com/2 .. llance-xi.html

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#10 May 27 - Conservatives want Trump to pardon Derek Chauvin

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#11 May 27 - Welp pyro gonna mess around and get aggravated pyro at Houston Street station

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 https://www.wkrg.com/crim .. subway-riders/

MANHATTAN, N.Y. (WPIX) – A man is accused of lighting a container on fire and throwing it at people in two separate incidents in New York City.

Nile Taylor, 49, was arrested on Saturday after police said he tossed a flammable substance at a 23-year-old man riding the subway around 2:47 p.m.

Sources told Nexstar’s WPIX that Taylor tried to escape after Saturday’s incident but was caught by police after allegedly stealing a cellphone that was tracked using the Find My iPhone app.

Police said Taylor is also responsible for an attack on Feb. 5, where he allegedly threw a fiery liquid at people at a subway station.

Taylor has been charged with the following in connection with both incidents, according to police: attempted a*sault, reckless endangerment, arson, a*sault, larceny, criminal possession of a weapon and criminal possession of stolen property.

While violent crime is rare in the city’s subway system, which serves about 3 million riders a day, some high-profile attacks this year have left some riders on edge. They include the death of a man who was shoved onto the tracks in East Harlem in March and a few shootings.

Gov. Kathy Hochul in March announced that hundreds of National Guard members would be going into the subway system to boost security. City police said 800 more officers would be deployed to the subway to crack down on fare evasion.

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#12  May 26 - Israel attacks Rafah UN Relief and Works camp

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  @news      By v3mp      22 hours ago

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#13 May 26 - RFK Jr. eliminated in first round of Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination

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@news      By magaSlapper      23 hours ago

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was quickly eliminated from contention for the Libertarian Party’s nomination Sunday in the first ballot, ending speculation that he could receive the backing of a major third party before the November election.

Kennedy received support from just 19 delegates, about 2 percent of the vote, during the party’s nominating process at its Washington convention. He addressed the convention Friday, despite saying last month he didn’t intend to seek the party’s nomination.

The delegate who nominated Kennedy from the floor Sunday was met with loud boos from the crowd.

Kennedy used his Friday speech to spar with former President Trump, who also made an appearance at the convention a day later.

“I think he had the right instinct when he came into office,” Kennedy said of Trump. “He was initially very reluctant to impose lockdowns, but then he got rolled by his bureaucrats. He caved in, and many of our most fundamental rights disappeared practically overnight.”

“President Trump allowed his health regulators to mandate science-free social distancing, which undermined our First Amendment rights to freedom of a*sembly. We could no longer peacefully gather,” he later added.

Trump drew a worse result in the nomination process, garnering only two write-in votes despite a speech that repeatedly urged Libertarians to nominate him. He was forced into a write-in campaign after the party deemed him ineligible for not filing the correct paperwork.

In a shot against Trump, one delegate wrote in adult film star Stormy Daniels, who is at the center of the criminal hush money trial against the former president. That case is expected to be decided by a jury this week.

Kennedy has raised a strong profile among centrists, selling himself as an anti-establishment figure suspicious of the traditions of government. Though Kennedy is widely seen as a long-shot contender against Trump and President Biden, recent polling has suggested he could be a spoiler for Trump in November.

The ex-Democrat has about 8 percent support in The Hill/Decision Desk HQ average of polls, where Trump leads Biden by just more than 1 percent.

Source: ↪ https://thehill.com/homen .. mination-vote/

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#14 May 26 - Tim Scott pushes back against Biden’s ‘insulting’ ad targeting Black voters

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) on Sunday slammed a recent ad from President Biden’s campaign that targets Black voters, calling it “insulting” while touting former President Trump’s work for the Black community.

When asked on CNN’s “State of the Union,” for his reaction to the ad, Scott said, “Well, here’s what I can tell you, is that under Donald Trump, we were better off.”

“There are two things that are driving black votes back to Donald Trump, jobs and justice. Number one, under Donald Trump, our wages were going up. Right now, fairness is going down,” he continued.

The ad from the Biden campaign levied a series of attacks against Trump and his treatment of the Black community.

“Donald Trump disrespecting Black folk is nothing new. It’s why Trump stood with violent white supremacists, warned of a bloodbath if he loses the next election, and, if he’s president again, vowed to be a dictator who wants revenge on his enemies,” the narrator said in the ad.

Scott on Sunday sought to discredit Biden’s record with the Black community by pointing to the president’s past controversial remarks.

“But if you’re really concerned about racial justice in America, let’s not forget, Joe Biden is the guy that talked about racial jungles as a result of desegregation,” Scott said, in an apparent reference to a comment made by Biden in 1977 in which he said “orderly” racial integration policies would cause his children to “grow up in a racial jungle.”

“Let’s not forget the fact that Joe Biden is the president who said, if you don’t vote for me, you can’t be black… an old white dude telling me I can’t be black if I don’t vote for him? This is the president who said that…the Republican Party wants to put you back in chains,” he added.

The South Carolina Republican was apparently referencing a comment from Biden ahead of the 2020 election, in which he told radio host Charlamagne tha God that if he supports Trump, “then you ain’t black.”

Scott then accused Biden of backing educational segregation without providing evidence.

“The only person I have seen restraining black folks economically is the Joe Biden economy. So, I find it quite insulting to suggest that Joe Biden does not have serious concerns, when his own vice president, Kamala Harris said he supported segregation,” he said.

CNN anchor Dana Bash pressed Scott if claiming Biden supports segregation is a “little too far,” to which he argued the Biden administration has “halted the growth of charter schools that provides greater diversity and opportunities.”

Charter schools are tuition-free, public schools that operate as a school of choice and are backed by federal government grants through the Charter Schools Program. The program has received an allocation of $440 million, the same it has received since 2019 under Trump.

Debate has persisted over whether charter schools create more diversity or promote segregation of races. In a study earlier this year from Stanford University and the University of South Carolina, researchers found segregation is “creeping back up again,” in-part due to the rise of charter schools, contrary to Scott’s point.

The Hill reached out to the Biden campaign for comment.

The Biden campaign’s appeal to Black voters comes amid recent polls showing the incumbent losing support among the crucial demographic.

One poll from the New York Times/Siena College/Philadelphia Inquirer, released earlier this month, found Biden leading former President Trump among Black voters, 63 percent to 23 percent. This is a significant decrease from the 87 percent of Black voters who voted for Biden in 2020.

Scott, who has since suspended his own GOP presidential bid, has been floated as one of Trump’s potential vice-presidential picks. He has appeared with the former president on the campaign trail in recent months and is expected to appear next month at an event alongside several political mega-donors.
 https://thehill.com/homen .. -black-voters/

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#15 May 26 - STUDY; People w/ tattoos have a 21% higher risk of developing blood cancer 🩸

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@news      By theFREAK      1 day ago



A new study out of Sweden finds that people with tattoos have a 21% higher risk of developing lymphoma, a type of blood cancer.

“It is important to remember that lymphoma is a rare disease and that our results apply at the group level,” Lund University researcher Christel Nielsen, who led the study, said in a statement last week. “The results now need to be verified and investigated further in other studies, and such research is ongoing.”

For the study, published in eClinicalMedicine, 11,905 participants were directed to answer a questionnaire about lifestyle factors to determine if they were tattooed. The risk a*sociated with tattoo exposure appears to be highest for diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (a fast-growing curable cancer that starts in white blood cells) and follicular lymphoma (a slow-growing incurable cancer).

“We already know that when the tattoo ink is injected into the skin, the body interprets this as something foreign that should not be there, and the immune system is activated,” Nielsen explained. “A large part of the ink is transported away from the skin, to the lymph nodes where it is deposited.”

Nielsen’s team hypothesized that the size of the tattoo would affect the lymphoma risk, but they determined that’s not the case.

One can only speculate that a tattoo, regardless of size, triggers a low-grade inflammation in the body, which in turn can trigger cancer,” Nielsen reasoned. “The picture is thus more complex than we initially thought.”

Nielsen said her study underscores the importance of oversight of the chemical composition of tattoo ink. In the US, nearly a third of adults have a tattoo, including 22% who have more than one.

The Food and Drug Administration considers tattoo inks to be cosmetics and their pigments to be color additives.

The FDA says it has traditionally not regulated the color additives in tattoo ink pigments, while local municipalities establish rules for body art businesses.

Nielsen’s team plans to look for links between tattoos and other types of cancer as well as other inflammatory diseases.

A study presented last year at the American a*sociation for Cancer Research Annual Meeting found a potential a*sociation between having several large tattoos and the risk of blood cancers. The risk was particularly strong for people who were tattooed at a young age.

“People will likely want to continue to express their identity through tattoos, and therefore it is very important that we as a society can make sure that it is safe,” Nielsen said. “For the individual, it is good to know that tattoos can affect your health and that you should turn to your health care provider if you experience symptoms that you believe could be related to your tattoo.”

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#16 May 26 - Louisiana first US state to classify abortion pills as controlled substances

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@news      By Sin      1 day ago

May 24 (Reuters) - Louisiana's governor on Friday signed a bill making his state the first in the U.S. to classify two abortion-inducing medications as controlled substances, a category that healthcare regulators typically reserve for drugs prone to abuse or addiction.
The measure, thrusting Republican-led efforts to restrict abortion back to the political forefront in a presidential election year, was signed into law by Republican Governor Jeff Landry a day after the state legislature sent it to his desk.

The bill cleared Louisiana's Republican-majority House of Representatives and Senate by wide margins, even as efforts by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to expand access to abortion pills is facing a legal challenge before the Supreme Court.
The new law designates mifepristone and misoprostol, which the FDA approved more than two decades ago as safe and effective for terminating pregnancies, as Schedule IV drugs, typically pain-killers and mood-altering medications that merit greater oversight due to their potential for abuse or dependence.

That puts the abortion pills in Louisiana in the same category as anti-anxiety medications Xanax and Valium, though neither mifepristone nor misoprostol is considered by the medical establishment to pose an addiction hazard.
Still, the reclassification makes it riskier for Louisiana residents, who are already subject to a near-total ban on surgical and medication-induced abortions, to obtain the pills from out of state or order them online without a prescription.

Critics say the measure will also make it harder for patients to obtain the drugs when they are prescribed for other routine uses, such as inducing labor in childbirth, treating miscarriages and reducing the risk of serious bleeding from ulcers.

Doctors will need a special license to prescribe the drugs, and those prescriptions are entered into a state database that law enforcement can access without a warrant. Critics say that situation could compromise patient privacy and expose physicians to unwarranted investigation.

"It creates more onus, more chaos and confusion for people accessing this medication," Kirsten Moore, who heads the nonprofit Expanding Mediation Abortion Access (EMMA) Project, adding that the overall intent is to "put mifepristone and misoprostol back under lock and key."
The two pills, taken together as a two-drug regimen that allows women to terminate a pregnancy at home, now account for more than 60% of all U.S. abortions.
The bill makes unprescribed possession of the pills a crime punishable by one to five years in prison and fines of up to $5,000.
Although pregnant women are expressly exempt from punishment for violation of the measure, any other person who might help them obtain the drugs, such as friends, family members or healthcare providers, could be subject to prosecution.
Women who are not pregnant but obtain the pills to have on hand as a precaution are likewise not exempt.
The drug reclassification was added as an amendment to a bill specifically outlawing "coerced criminal abortion by means of fraud," making it a crime for abortion-inducing medication to be administered to an unsuspecting pregnant woman without her consent.
Supporters said placing mifepristone and misoprostol under greater regulatory control is intended to curtail their distribution for illicit purposes, such as coerced medication abortions that the larger bill aims to prevent.
"This bill protects women across Louisiana," Landry wrote on social media in announcing his enactment of the bill.
The measure's chief sponsor, Senator Thomas Pressly, named the bill for his sister whose then-husband slipped abortion drugs he obtained from Mexico into her drinks, causing her serious health effects and causing the premature birth of her daughter, who survived. The husband, whom she divorced, was later convicted in a domestic violence case and sentenced to 180 days in jail.
Abortion rights groups decried the bill as part of a larger Republican-driven effort to criminalize abortion since the Supreme Court's conservative majority in 2022 overturned the landmark 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling that made access to abortion a constitutional right nationwide.
That reversal spurred numerous states under Republican leadership, particularly in the South and Midwest, to ban or sharply curtail abortion.
Democrats have sought to harness a backlash to President Joe Biden's political advantage as he seeks a second term in November, reminding voters that his predecessor and presumed Republican challenger, Donald Trump, appointed three of the justices who voted to overturn Roe.
"This is a scary time for women across America," Biden said in a statement Thursday after the Louisiana Senate passed the abortion pill measure. "If Donald Trump regains power, he will try to make what is happening in states like Louisiana a reality nationwide."
Trump has promised for weeks to release a policy on mifepristone with regard to its use in states where surgical abortions are restricted. Otherwise, he has said that questions of abortion access should remain with individual states.
The Supreme Court in March heard oral arguments in a case challenging FDA regulations that expanded access to mifepristone, such as allowing the drug to be prescribed by telemedicine and dispensed by mail. In their line of questioning, the justices appeared skeptical about siding with anti-abortion groups on the issue.

 https://www.reuters.com/w .. es-2024-05-24/

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#17 May 26 - NJ man sentenced to 12 years on Jan. 6 charges

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A New Jersey man has been sentenced to 12 years in prison on charges arising from the Jan. 6, 2021 Capitol riot, including a*saulting law enforcement.

Christopher Joseph Quaglin, 37, was found guilty last year on 14 charges, including 12 felonies and two misdemeanors. The U.S. Attorney’s Office of D.C. said in a statement he traveled to Washington on Jan. 6, 2021 after posting on social media that he planned to f*ght against the government and urged others to bring gas masks, full body armor and knives to the nation’s capital.

Authorities said Quaglin was a part of the first group of rioters that pushed oast police barricades at Peace Circle, adding that he engaged in violence with law enforcement officers once he made it to the West Front of the Capitol.

Quaglin repeatedly pushed into officers before attacking a U.S. Capitol Police sergeant by grabbing him by the neck and tackling him, officials said, adding that Quaglin hit another officer with a gas mask and continued to push into officers and clash with the police line throughout the day.

Quaglin took aim at U.S. District Judge Trevor McFadden before and after he was sentenced, The a*sociated Press (AP) reported.

“You’re Trump’s worst mistake of 2016,” he told McFadden, who was nominated by Trump in 2017. Quaglin also said that the riot was not an insurrection, saying that if it was, he would have brought a long gun, according to the AP.

McFadden said during the hearing that Quaglin’s actions were “shocking” and “lawless.”

“January 6th is not simply an anomaly for you,” McFadden said. “You’ve allowed it to define you.”

More than 1,424 individuals have been charged with crimes related to the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, including more than 500 people who have been charged with a*saulting or impeding law enforcement. The investigation is still ongoing.
 https://thehill.com/polic .. 2-years-jan-6/

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#18 May 26 - China 'fueling war in Europe' by backing Russia, NATO chief claims

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NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said Saturday that China is exacerbating the war in Europe by supporting Russia against Ukraine.

"China says it wants to maintain good relations with the West. At the same time, however, Beijing is fueling the war in Europe. You can't have it both ways," Stoltenberg said in an interview with German newspaper, Welt am Sonntag.

Stoltenberg emphasized the crucial role of China's support for Russia in the Ukraine conflict.

He noted that there is a clear increase in the sale of machine parts, microelectronics and other technologies that Moscow uses to produce missiles, tanks and aircraft for the war against Ukraine.

Stoltenberg reiterated that there are no plans to send NATO troops to Ukraine or extend the alliance’s air defense umbrella to Ukraine, affirming again that NATO will not be a part of the conflict.

Urging NATO countries to provide more support to Ukraine, Stoltenberg said, "It's not too late for Ukraine to win. We need to send more weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, including air defense systems and long-range weapons.

He stressed the need for allies to renew their military inventories and increase the production of weapons and ammunition.

He said: "If (Russian President Vladimir) Putin gets what he wants in Ukraine, there will be no lasting security in Europe, and the world as a whole will become more unstable.

"We must deter Russia from further aggression. A policy of appeasement towards Putin will not work," he added.

 https://www.aa.com.tr/en/ .. orting-russia/

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#19 May 26 - UK's Sunak to add compulsory military service if Conservatives win

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All 18-year-olds in Britain will have to perform a year of mandatory military or civilian national service if the governing Conservative Party wins the July 4 national election, the party said Sunday.

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak pledged to bring back a form of national service for the first time in more than 60 years, seeking to energize his election campaign after a faltering start.

The U.K. introduced military conscription for men and some women during World War II, and imposed 18 months of mandatory military service for men between 1947 and 1960. Since then Britain has had an all-volunteer military whose size has steadily shrunk.

Under the plan, a small minority of 18-year-olds — 30,000 out of an estimated 700,000 — would spend 12 months in the military, working in areas such as logistics or cyber defense. The rest would spend one weekend a month working for charities, community groups, or organizations such as hospitals, the police and the fire service.

Sunak said the program would help “create a shared sense of purpose among our young people and a renewed sense of pride in our country.

It remains unclear how it will be made compulsory. Home Secretary James Cleverly said no one would be forced to serve in the military.

Cleverly said Sunday that the main goal of the new plan was not boosting the military but building “a society where people mix with people outside their own communities, mix with people from different backgrounds, different religions, different income levels.”

The Conservatives estimated the cost of the national service plan at 2.5 billion pounds ($3.2 billion) a year. They said it would be paid for partly by taking 1.5 billion pounds ($1.9 billion) from the U.K. Shared Prosperity Fund, which was set up in 2022 to regenerate poor communities.

Labour said the national service announcement was a “desperate 2.5 billion pound unfunded commitment” from a party “bankrupt of ideas.”

Former Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson said the Tory plan amounted to “compulsory volunteering” and predicted “it’ll never happen.”

Elections in the United Kingdom have to be held no more than five years apart. The prime minister can choose the timing within that period and Sunak, 44, had until December to name the date.

He took most people – including those in his own party – by surprise when he announced on Wednesday that the election would be held on July 4. The Conservatives, who have been in office for 14 years, are trailing the opposition Labour Party led by Keir Starmer in opinion polls and are trying to overcome a widespread sense that voters want change.

Sunak’s election announcement outside 10 Downing Street saw him drenched with rain and drowned out by protesters blasting a Labour campaign song. One of his first campaign stops was at the Belfast shipyard where the doomed ocean liner Titanic was built — another detail seized on gleefully by opponents.

Voters will elect lawmakers to fill all 650 seats in the House of Commons. The leader of the party that can command a Commons majority – either alone or in coalition – will become prime minister.
 https://apnews.com/articl .. 60c11735fef71e

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#20 May 26 - Israel admits 635 soldiers k*lled in Gaza since October 7

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Another Israeli soldier died from f*ghting in the Gaza Strip, the military said on Sunday.

A military statement said Staff Sergeant Betzalel Zvi Kovach, 20, a soldier in the Netzah Yehuda Battalion, succumbed to his critical injuries from clashes in the northern city of Beit Hanoun last Wednesday.

His death brought to 635 the number of Israeli soldiers k*lled since the outbreak of the Gaza conflict since Oct. 7, 2023, according to official military figures.

Israel has continued its brutal offensive on the Gaza Strip since last October despite a UN Security Council resolution demanding an immediate cease-fire.

Nearly 36,000 Palestinians have been k*lled in Gaza, the vast majority being women and children, and over 80,600 others injured since October following an attack by Hamas.

Nearly eight months into the Israeli war, vast swathes of Gaza lay in ruins amid a crippling blockade of food, clean water and medicine.

Israel is accused of “genocide” at the International Court of Justice (ICJ), which in its latest ruling has ordered Tel Aviv to immediately halt its operation in Rafah, a city in southern Gaza where more than a million displaced Palestinians had sought refuge.
 https://www.aa.com.tr/en/ .. y-says/3231042

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