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3 hours ago

Video inside May 29 - Trump FULL Memorial Day Speech + Makes Trip To Graves of Recent Fallen Soldiers

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| By theFREAK - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

May 29 - Leftist Media Outlet Attacks Marines on Memorial Day over Toxic Masculinity

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| By Puseet - 3 hours ago

Left-wing news outlet Vox attacked Marines on Memorial Day, claiming in an article that the Marine Corps has a “toxic masculinity problem.”

The article, which was simply titled “The Marine Corps has a ‘toxic masculinity’ problem,” continued to claim that the Marine Corps often “marginalizes or mistreats female troops.”

Citing the Marines United nude photo sharing scandal, Vox staff writer and defense correspondent Alex Ward attempted to link the Marines with systemic sexism and listed ways how the Corps could get rid of their “toxic masculinity.”

“And to be fair, it’s not just the Marines. Sexual assault has increased in other services, and even in military academies,” concluded Ward in the article. “According to one Pentagon review, there were 6,172 reports of sexual assault last year.”

“So as the service tries to win battles around the world, the most important fight may be the one closest to home,” he continued. “The battle for the soul of the Marine Corps.”

The article was criticized by numerous other journalists on Twitter:

“I’m an ex-Army woman. This article is hysterical bullsh*t,” commented one user, while another added: “Yeah, you know that toxic masculinity saving lives. Just terrible.”

visit this link .. c-masculinity/

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3 hours ago

Video inside May 29 - McDonalds CEO: 'Fight For $15' Failing, "Bunch Of Socialist, Fascist Hypocrites"

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| By rasheedwallace - 3 hours ago

Fmr. McDonald's CEO: 'Fight for $15' movement is falling apart


Protesters gathered outside of McDonald’s (MCD) headquarters in Illinois early Wednesday demanding a $15 per hour minimum wage, but the fast food giant's former CEO Ed Rensi said the whole movement is falling apart.

“Cook County here in Illinois [rose] to $15 and the surrounding cities don’t have to comply so they’re all bailing on Cook County’s initiative,” Rensi told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, saying small businesses in cities like New York, Seattle, Portland, and San Francisco are in danger. “Small businesses are collapsing under the weight of minimum wage,” he said.

Rensi blamed the movement on unions rather than people who need more income.

“The Service International Employee Union – their chief, their CEO makes north of $600,000 a year with [perks] and benefits and you compare that to the $15 per hour [they want],” he said.

Rensi added, “And by the way, those protesters out there in Oak Brook [Illinois] make sub minimum wage—they are a bunch of socialist, fascist hypocrites as far as I’m concerned.”

McDonald’s shares were on track for a record close on Wednesday. It would be the 18th record this year for the fast-food giant.

visit this link .. ing-apart.html

based food merchant.

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3 hours ago

Video inside May 28 - What keeps Sec. of Defense James Mattis awake at night?

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| By troublesome96 - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

May 28 - Another General turned against our Nation. That's 3 out of 4!

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| By phantomnation - 3 hours ago

Flynn, Kelly

Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on Sunday said he does not “see any big issue” with reports that senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, who is President Donald Trump’s son-in-law, sought to set up backchannel communications with the Kremlin before Trump’s inauguration.

“I know Jared. He’s a great guy, decent guy. His number one interest, really, is the nation, so you know there’s a lot of different ways to communicate, backchannel, publicly with other countries,” Kelly told Chuck Todd on NBC News’ “Meet the Press.”

He said Kushner made those efforts “before the government was in place during the transition period, I think, from what I understand.”

“And I think any time you can open lines of communication with anyone, whether they’re good friends or not so good friends, is a smart thing to do,” Kelly said. “I don’t see any big issue here relative to Jared.”

The Washington Post and Reuters reported Friday that Kushner and Russia’s ambassador to the United States discussed setting up a secret communications channel between Trump’s transition team and Moscow.

Kushner suggested setting up the secure backchannel, according to the report, and even proposed using communications equipment in stateside Russian diplomatic facilities.

“Had you ever, in your lifetime of government service, both in the military and outside of it, had you ever used another government’s communications facility though?” Todd asked Kelly. “The idea of sort of going around American communications?”

“Well, no, but I didn’t have to,” Kelly replied. “I mean in my previous life, we wouldn’t do that kind of thing, but you know, politics being what they are — a better way to put it, not politics, but the kind of interaction here in Washington. There’s a lot of ways to communicate with people.”

visit this link http://talkingpointsmemo. .. ampaign=buffer

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3 hours ago

Image inside May 27 - Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

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| By kiss0fdeath - 3 hours ago

Exclusive: NSA Chief Admits Donald Trump Colluded With Russia

When will Admiral Rogers say publicly what he told his agency’s workforce?

John R. Schindler 05/26/17 Opinion

President Donald Trump’s firing of FBI director James Comey continues to reverberate in the KremlinGate scandal, which threatens to consume the Trump administration. By abruptly removing Comey, then mangling his excuses for why he did so, Trump created a needless crisis for the White House which shows no signs of abating.

The impartial observer might think that Trump fired Comey because he feared what the FBI’s counterintelligence investigation of the president’s contacts with Russia might reveal—as the commander in chief has essentially admitted. Moreover, Trump’s inappropriate efforts to secure Comey’s personal “loyalty” had fallen flat—the FBI director rightly assured the president of his honesty but abjured any fealty to Trump personally—after which the president is reported to have developed a palpable fear of the incorruptible Bureau boss. To protect Team Trump, Comey had to go.

But cashiering Comey was insufficient. True to form, Trump seemingly took the offensive against the FBI. According to multiple reports, the president approached top intelligence bosses to coax them into joining Trump’s personal war with Comey. In particular, Trump is reported to have asked Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence (DNI), and Admiral Mike Rogers, director of the National Security Agency, to go public in denying that Team Trump had any ties to Russia during the 2016 election campaign.

The president’s take on the FBI investigation is well known, thanks to his frequent tweets castigating it as “fake news,” a “hoax” and even a “witch hunt.” However, asking top intelligence officials to publicly attack the FBI and its director isn’t just unusual—it’s unprecedented. Even President Nixon, in the depths of the Watergate scandal, which ultimately unraveled his administration, never went quite so far as to drag NSA into his public mess.

Admiral Rogers anecdotally flatly denied Trump’s request, which—if true—was inappropriate, unethical and dubiously legal, while Coats, a Trump appointee who’s only been in the DNI job since mid-March, likewise refused to back the president against the FBI. This was a stunning setback for Trump, who seems to view our nation’s top security officials as his personal employees who ought to follow his presidential whim rather than the law and the Constitution, which all of them take an oath to defend.

Last week, when he appeared before the Senate Armed Services Committee, Coats declined to answer questions about the White House’s effort to undermine the FBI investigation of Team Trump, stating, “I don’t feel it’s appropriate to characterize discussions and conversations with the president” in open session. Presumably DNI Coats would be more forthcoming in a closed Congressional session, where classified information can be revealed.

Director Rogers, in contrast, has made no public statements about the president’s effort to enlist him in his anti-Comey campaign. This is typical of his famously tight-lipped agency—for decades, NSA was humorously said to stand for Never Say Anything—and why Trump approached Rogers is no mystery. As the nation’s signals intelligence force, NSA isn’t just the biggest source of intelligence on earth—it’s also the agency possessing the bulk of the classified information which establishes collusion between Trump and the Russians. Although whispers of such SIGINT have reached the media, the lion’s share remains hidden from public view, though it’s all known to the FBI.

If Trump could co-opt NSA in his fight with the Bureau, that would be a big win, protecting the White House from dangerous information, so it’s safe to assume that Rogers’ refusal burned Trump personally. Perhaps that’s why, early this week, Admiral Rogers took the unusual step of addressing the entire NSA workforce to tell them what transpired with the president.

This is not Rogers’ style. Indeed, his tenure as NSA’s director (called DIRNSA by insiders) has been characterized by distance from his employees, which has made things rockier than necessary. To be fair to Rogers—a career intelligence officer well equipped for his current position—when he became DIRNSA in the spring of 2014, he inherited an agency in crisis. NSA was still reeling from the disastrous Ed Snowden affair, the biggest theft of classified information in espionage history.

While Snowden has taunted NSA with tweets sent from his Russian hideaway, more security disasters have followed. The strange case of Harold Martin, yet another rogue defense contractor who stole gigantic amounts of classified information from the agency, constituted another Snowdenesque embarrassment, even though there’s no evidence that Martin was engaged in espionage.

Worse for Rogers was the theft of highly classified hacking tools from NSA by the so-called Shadow Brokers, which is widely believed to be a front for Russian intelligence. The dumping of those top-secret exploits online, after modification by rogue hackers, has resulted in worldwide cyberattacks impacting millions—yet another black mark on Rogers’ tenure as DIRNSA. In response to these very public setbacks, Rogers has seldom addressed the NSA workforce about them or much else.

This week’s town hall event, which was broadcast to agency facilities worldwide, was therefore met with surprise and anticipation by the NSA workforce, and Rogers did not disappoint. I have spoken with several NSA officials who witnessed the director’s talk and I’m reporting their firsthand accounts, which corroborate each other, on condition of anonymity.

In his town hall talk, Rogers reportedly admitted that President Trump asked him to discredit the FBI and James Comey, which the admiral flatly refused to do. As Rogers explained, he informed the commander in chief, “I know you won’t like it, but I have to tell what I have seen”—a probable reference to specific intelligence establishing collusion between the Kremlin and Team Trump.

Rogers then added that such SIGINT exists, and it is damning. He stated, “There is no question that we [meaning NSA] have evidence of election involvement and questionable contacts with the Russians.”

Although Rogers did not cite the specific intelligence he was referring to, agency officials with direct knowledge have informed me that DIRNSA was obviously referring to a series of SIGINT reports from 2016 based on intercepts of communications between known Russian intelligence officials and key members of Trump’s campaign, in which they discussed methods of damaging Hillary Clinton.

NSA employees walked out of the town hall impressed by the director’s forthright discussion of his interactions with the Trump administration, particularly with how Rogers insisted that he had no desire to “politicize” the situation beyond what the president has already done. America’s spies are unaccustomed to playing partisan politics as Trump has apparently asked them to do, and it appears that the White House’s ham-fisted effort to get NSA to attack the FBI and its credibility was a serious mistake.

It’s therefore high time for the House and Senate intelligence committees to invite Admiral Rogers to talk to them about what transpired with the White House. It’s evident that DIRNSA has something important to say. Since Mike Rogers is said to have kept notes of the president’s effort to enlist him in Trump’s personal war with the FBI, as any seasoned Beltway bureaucrat would do, his account ought to be impressively detailed.

John Schindler is a security expert and former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer. A specialist in espionage and terrorism, he’s also been a Navy officer and a War College professor. He’s published four books & is on Twitter at @20committee.

visit this link .. d-with-russia/


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5 hours ago

May 27 - Hillary Clinton Incorrectly Says Nixon Was Impeached(Her husband was Impeached)

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| By bobbysteels18 - 5 hours ago

Hillary Clinton Incorrectly Says Nixon Was Impeached(Her husband was Impeached)

During her commencement address at Wellesley College, Hillary Clinton incorrectly claimed that Richard Nixon was impeached, forgetting the only two presidents to be impeached were Andrew Johnson and her husband, Bill Clinton.

Clinton made an implicit comparison of President Donald Trump to former president Richard Nixon during her speech, claiming that Nixon was “a man whose presidency would eventually end in disgrace with his impeachment for obstruction of justice.”

Of course, her intention was to suggest Trump could be impeached for allegedly impeding the Russia campaign, and her statement led to wild cheers from the crowd and was repeated by news anchors for hours afterward.

There was just one small problem with her statement though. Nixon was never impeached.

He chose to resign from office before he could be impeached.

In fact, Clinton should remember this, as her own husband, Bill Clinton, was one of just two presidents to ever be formally impeached.

visit this link .. peached-video/

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10 hours ago

May 28 - In Blow to Federal Reserve, Arizona Just Legalized Gold and Silver as Currency

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| By ForthePeople - 10 hours ago

visit this link Source


Phoenix, AZ — The latest massive price increases in cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have boosted the credibility of investors who criticize the fiat currency system. Unfortunately, precious metals haven’t followed in crypto’s footsteps yet, and heavy losses over the last few years have led many people to write off the asset class altogether. Owning things like gold and silver in the United States has either been outlawed or stigmatized since the Great Depression, but recently, real progress has been made towards once again recognizing them as legal tender.

In anticipation of the growing problems with the national debt, individual states across the country are seizing the opportunity to protect themselves and their citizens from financial repression. Twenty states have already eliminated sales taxes on precious metals transactions, but some are taking it even further. The most recent bill was H.B. 2014 in Arizona, which classifies U.S.-minted coins as a form of currency and even eliminates capital gains taxes on qualified precious metals. These kinds of simple actions directly threaten the power of the U.S. Federal Reserve, and any competition to the U.S. dollar undermines the central bank’s longstanding monopoly.

Representatives in Arizona worked on this legislation for years, and thanks to the support of people like Ron Paul, there was enough pressure on the governor to sign it into law.

Dr. Paul explained why this bill is so crucial for the future:

“HB 2014 is a very important and timely piece of legislation. The Federal Reserve’s failure to reignite the economy with record-low interest rates since the last crash is a sign that we may soon see the dollar’s collapse. It is therefore imperative that the law protect people’s right to use alternatives to what may soon be virtually worthless Federal Reserve Notes.”

“We ought not to tax money, and that’s a good idea. It makes no sense to tax money,” Paul told state senators in March. “Paper is not money, it’s a substitute for money and it’s fraud.”

Utah was the first to implement this new policy of empowering state governments against reckless federal incompetence when they passed H.B. 317 in 2011. This bill not only recognized coins as a form of money and eliminated taxes on them, but it also encouraged the state to study how it might establish an entirely new system of legal tender if needed.

Each state that stands up and refuses to be condemned to bankruptcy by the bloated bureaucrats in D.C. puts additional pressure on this failing paper Ponzi scheme. Only when enough people recognize the destructive road we’re heading down and demand a change will the federal government and banking institutions be forced to adapt. These growing pressures aren’t just manifesting domestically but can be seen developing around the world.

The growing uncertainty surrounding America’s future role in the international arena has inspired nations like China and Russia to establish their own currency exchanges that bypass the U.S. dollar. Their leadership in the BRICS nations has put them in an influential position in the developing world. Along with India, they are among the world’s largest gold buyers and have created reserves that could serve as a basis for a new reserve currency. This development of a new trading bloc in the East is being referred to by some as “The New Silk Road.”

Daily Reckoning analyst Byron King discussed how turbulent the current circumstances really are:

“Up to now, there has never been anything approaching a serious challenge to the global supremacy of the dollar — certainly not in global trade. Yet here we are, watching Russia and China set up a proto-trading system based on gold. The daily quote for gold seems not to price in even a hint of this development. Yet it could have world-altering implications as it all unfolds.”

The current economic realities affecting our quality of life will continue to force local representatives to take action while Congress faces gridlock. Without establishing alternative options for communities across the country, our entire standard of living may fall fully into the hands of the establishment politicians in Washington DC — more so than it already has.

There is a subtle ongoing realization that no matter what the pundits and politicians claim, there is no easy way out of this mess. The public’s confidence in central banking is clearly eroding, and hopefully, it will be enough to allow a new kind of financial freedom that hasn’t been seen in the United States’ economic system for over 100 years.

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12 hours ago

May 29 - Zbigniew Brzezinski, National Security Adviser to Jimmy Carter, Dies at 89

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| By RubbahBandMayn - 12 hours ago


Zbigniew Brzezinski, the hawkish strategic theorist who was national security adviser to President Jimmy Carter in the tumultuous years of the Iran hostage crisis and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in the late 1970s, died on Friday at a hospital in Virginia. He was 89.

His death, at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Falls Church, was announced on Friday by his daughter, Mika Brzezinski, a co-host of the MSNBC program “Morning Joe.”

Like his predecessor Henry A. Kissinger, Mr. Brzezinski was a foreign-born scholar (he in Poland, Mr. Kissinger in Germany) with considerable influence in global affairs, both before and long after his official tour of duty in the White House. In essays, interviews and television appearances over the decades, he cast a sharp eye on six successive administrations, including that of Donald J. Trump, whose election he did not support and whose foreign policy, he found, lacked coherence.

Mr. Brzezinski was nominally a Democrat, with views that led him to speak out, for example, against the “greed,” as he put it, of an American system that compounded inequality. He was one of the few foreign policy experts to warn against the invasion of Iraq in 2003.

But in at least one respect — his rigid hatred of the Soviet Union — he had stood to the right of many Republicans, including Mr. Kissinger and President Richard M. Nixon. And during his four years under Mr. Carter, beginning in 1977, thwarting Soviet expansionism at any cost guided much of American foreign policy, for better or worse.
Source: visit this link .. to-carter.html
Satan is calling some of his biggest minions home this year. First Rockefeller now Brzezinski!? Will Kissinger be next?

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12 hours ago

Image inside May 29 - Trump Tweets About Terror Attack Committed By His Supporter

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| By kiss0fdeath - 12 hours ago

Trump Tweets About Terror Attack Committed By His Supporter

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23 hours ago

May 28 - North Korea Fires Missile That Lands in Sea Between Korea and Japan

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| By Soo Special OG - 23 hours ago

North Korea launched a ballistic missile on Monday that flew 280 miles and appears to have landed inside Japan’s economic zone where fishing and cargo ships are active, the South Korean military and the Japanese government said.

President Moon Jae-in of South Korea called a meeting of his top security officials for later Monday morning to discuss the missile launch, coming a week after the North last tested a ballistic missile, and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan condemned the launch as a provocation

We absolutely cannot accept North Korea’s repeated provocations despite repeated warnings by the international community,” Mr. Abe said Monday morning. He added that leaders at the recent Group of 7 meeting in Taormina, Sicily, had confirmed that deterring North Korea’s nuclear ambitions was a “top priority” and that Japan would work closely with the United States and South Korea to “make the utmost efforts to ensure people’s safety.”

The missile fired on Monday appears to have landed in the sea between Korea and Japan, inside Japan’s so-called exclusive economic zone, which extends 200 nautical miles from the coast. There were no immediate reports of damage to any ships or aircraft in the area, said Yoshihide Suga, Mr. Abe’s chief cabinet secretary.

The missile was fired from Wonsan, on North Korea’s east coast, and flew for 280 miles, the South Korean military said in a statement. The United States Pacific Command said in its own statement that the short-range ballistic missile was tracked from North Korea for six minutes before it landed in the sea. It was the seventh time the North has tested a ballistic missile in two months.

In March, when North Korea launched four missiles at once, three of them landed within Japan’s economic zone. Those launches raised concerns that the North Korean government, led by Kim Jong-un, had developed the ability to pose a greater threat to its neighbors and potentially overwhelm missile defense systems.

The United States has been planning to conduct a test Tuesday of the Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar missile defense system designed to intercept a North Korean warhead. The United States has struggled to make the antimissile system work for decades.

North Korea has deployed a fleet of short- and medium-range missiles, despite a series of United Nations Security Council resolutions prohibiting Pyongyang from testing ballistic missiles.

The missile launched on Monday was different than the Pukguksong-2 missile tested last week, a midrange ballistic missile that South Korean officials have said cannot fly far enough to reach American military bases in Guam.

Still, the Pukguksong-2, first tested in February, represents key strides in the North’s missile technologies. It is fired from a mobile launch vehicle. And unlike the missile fired on Monday, it uses solid fuel, rather than liquid, which means it can be prepared ahead of time in secret and fired quickly, making it difficult for the North’s enemies to detect an attack.

North Korea, which said it would start mass-producing the Pukguksong-2, has been known to test missiles to improve their accuracy and efficiency, and when the government comes under growing international pressure.

Over the weekend, the G-7 leaders issued a statement saying the North Korean government “increasingly poses new levels of threat of a grave nature to international peace and stability.” The statement also called on Pyongyang to give up its nuclear and ballistic missile programs in a manner that would be “complete, verifiable and irreversible.”

On Monday, the South Korean military said it was closely monitoring North Korea “for signs of additional provocations.”

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23 hours ago

May 28 - Merkel: We Can No Longer Rely On The US

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| By Kadillac87 - 23 hours ago

Remember when they said Obama was diminishing the standing of the US on the world stage

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23 hours ago

Image inside May 28 - Rise in mid-life divorces as older men ditch wives

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| By BlacksKeeble - 23 hours ago


Older men ditching their wives for younger women are behind the rise in mid-life divorces, according to a study.
The number of 'silver separators' - those filing for divorce in their 50s and 60s - has risen in recent years, and divorce experts have said the reason could be that men tend to push for a split as a result of reaching senior positions at work and becoming attracted to younger colleagues.
Experts added that women are less likely to ditch their husbands in later life because they worry about the financial implications of a split.
Silver separators: Experts said older men more likely to seek split than older women because of reaching their peak earning power and becoming attracted to younger women (file pic) +3
Silver separators: Experts said older men more likely to seek split than older women because of reaching their peak earning power and becoming attracted to younger women (file pic)
The think tank, the International Longevity Centre (ILC), reported that from 1990 to 2012, the number of men and women experiencing divorce aged 60 or above has risen by more than 85 per cent, and is continuing to rise.

Divorced motorists are being charged hundreds of pounds more...

'Death is final. There is no rejection': Anthea Turner...
Up to the age of 44, more women divorce than men in the UK. But from the age of 45 men overtake women in the number of divorces, a study for the Office for National Statistics (ONS) found.
For those aged 55 and over, 18,231 men divorced compared with 12,326 women
Up to the age of 44, more women divorce than men in the UK. But from the age of 45 men overtake women in the number of divorces, a study for the Office for National Statistics found +3
Up to the age of 44, more women divorce than men in the UK. But from the age of 45 men overtake women in the number of divorces, a study for the Office for National Statistics found
An increased number of older men are now divorcing while women's average age for choosing to end their marriage has remained the same.
The ONS said: 'In 2014, the number of divorces was highest among men aged 45 to 49 and women aged 40 to 44.
'This represents a change for men, since between 2005 and 2013, divorces were highest among men aged 40 to 44.'
The ILC said women were likely to earn less and have a smaller pension than men in later life, which explains the trend in divorces as well as warning that the growing rate of mid-life divorce could lead to an increasing number of older women facing financial difficulties.
Their report said: 'Divorce may lead to financial difficulties, especially for women who may have been stay at home mums who do not have much by way of long-term savings of their own.'
Rising numbers: For over 55s, 18,231 men divorced compared with 12,326 women (file pic) +3
Rising numbers: For over 55s, 18,231 men divorced compared with 12,326 women (file pic)

Solicitor Ellen Walker told the Sunday Times: 'There is a stark difference from the mid-forties onwards. With children grown and parental responsibilities seemingly discharged, it is men who are far more likely to lead the divorce process.
'In our experience, this often coincides with the point at which men reach their peak earning potential and, therefore, the possibility of being able to afford to start a new life.'

The Hall Brown Family Law solicitor added: 'That increasing income and seniority at work can also increase their appeal to the opposite sex, including among younger women, perhaps placing troubled relationships even further in peril.'
The ILC also said their findings could mean an increasing number of men becoming lonely in later life.

They said: 'Divorced older men are more likely to rely on institutional care than divorced older women, who are more likely to be able to rely on their children. This has implications for isolation among older men.'


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23 hours ago

Image inside May 28 - In Japan, single mothers struggle with poverty and with shame

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| By mr_underground - 23 hours ago

OSAKA, Japan — The country suffered a “lost decade,” and then another one, after its bubble burst some 25 years ago. To this day, despite Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to reinvigorate it, Japan’s economy remains in the doldrums.

Now, experts are warning of a “lost generation” — a whole tier of Japanese children who are growing up in families where the parents — or, often, a single parent — work but do not earn enough to break through the poverty line.

“The Japanese economy has been getting worse and worse, and that’s hurting poor people, especially single mothers,” said Yukiko Tokumaru, who runs Child Poverty Action Osaka, a nongovernmental organizational that helps families in need.

The judgment and stigma that single mothers face in many countries are taken to another level in Japan, a homogeneous society where those who do not conform often try to hide their situations — even from their friends and wider family.

But Japan also has a culture that makes it difficult for women to work after having children — changing this is a key part of Abe’s solution to the country’s economic problems — and that makes life exponentially harder for single mothers.

“We have this culture of shame,” Tokumaru said. “Women’s position is still so much lower than men’s in this country, and that affects how we are treated. Women tend to have irregular jobs, so they need several jobs to make ends meet.”

Japan does have a welfare system, and it provides benefits according to different situations. A 35-year-old mother in Osaka with two elementary school-aged children and no job can expect to receive $2,300 a month.

But the number of families living on an income lower than the public welfare assistance level more than doubled in the 20 years after the asset price bubble popped in 1992, according to a study by Kensaku Tomuro of Yamagata University.

Now 16 percent of Japanese children live below the poverty line, according to Health Ministry statistics, but among single-parent families, the rate hits 55 percent. Poverty rates in Osaka are among the worst.

“If parents are working poor, their children are poor as well, and the cycle of poverty is handed down to the next generation,” Tomuro said.

“Poor children can’t get higher education, so they end up with a bad job,” he said. The prolonged recession created a layer of second-tier jobs, in which workers do not get the security or benefits that had long been standard — damaging their prospects. “They can’t start a family as they can’t get married or have a child with a low income.”

This situation is all the more surprising given that Japan does not have anywhere enough children. The country desperately needs more taxpayers to fund the pensions of its rapidly aging society.

The falling birthrate means that the population, currently 127 million, is set to drop below 100 million by 2060, and one-third of Japanese will be older than 65.

[ Japan’s Abe wants more women to work. He’s got big plans for day care. ]

Community centers in Osaka provide not only free dinners and playtime for children, but also camaraderie for the mothers.

“I feel relieved when I come here with my kids,” said Masami Onishi, a 23-year-old single mother who stopped by an Osaka center called Nishinari Kids’ Dining Hall, which is in a small, two-bedroom apartment in a housing project.

“It’s a relief to meet fellow mothers and talk about any difficulties we are having. I realize that I’m not the only one going through this,” she said. Onishi has a job operating a machine at a sheet metal factory, but it’s a struggle.

“And it’s fun to come here because I get to see my children smiling and other children smiling, too,” she said as her daughters, Sora, 6, and Yua, 3, ate octopus dumplings, an Osaka specialty.

“I want 20, and I’m going to eat them by myself!” yelled Masahide, an 8-year-old who came to the center by himself and repeatedly lashed out at other children, hitting them for no reason.

Such behavior is normal among these children, said Yasuko Kawabe, who started the Nishinari center, which relies entirely on donations, after meeting children who were always angry.

“I wondered if they were hungry,” she said, so she started cooking lessons as a way to feed the children. “I’ve seen dramatic changes in the kids’ behavior. Before, they wouldn’t even look into my eyes and couldn’t communicate. But they become much calmer here.”

But it’s not just about food. It’s also about attention.

“These kids don’t see much of their parents because they’re too busy working,” Kawabe said. “So when they’re here they’re very clingy. They crave attention.”

Local schools, which once tried to hide their problems, now refer children to Kawabe’s center.

Indeed, for women trying to operate support groups, even finding single mothers to help can be a challenge — because the sense of shame runs so deep.

Some women are so embarrassed about a relationship breaking up that they don’t tell their friends, or even their parents, said Junko Terauchi, head of the Osaka Social Welfare Promotional Council, a nongovernmental group helping single mothers with advice and emergency food packages.

“Single moms in poverty try really hard not to look poor,” she said, describing how they buy makeup and nail polish at the Japanese equivalent of a dollar store so they can keep up appearances. “Sometimes local government officers, who are often men, say things like, ‘You don’t look like you need welfare.’ ”

Children of single or poor parents often are ostracized in their communities, Tokumaru said, noting that other parents do not want their children playing with children from a “bad house.”

The plight of these children only worsens as they become older and face the question of whether to continue their schooling.

This is a problem all too familiar for Akiko, a 48-year-old who works part-time at a day-care center and also receives public assistance, but struggles to make ends meet.

Her 20-year-old daughter, who skipped school between second and sixth grade because she was bullied for having separated parents, did not pass the exam to enter a public university. So she’s now at a private college.

Akiko, who spoke on the condition that her full name not be published because of the stigma, has been challenged by local officials over why she’s trying to put her daughter through a private college. “I felt hurt by these kinds of comments at the beginning, but now I’ve become accustomed to it,” she said, noting that a welfare officer, of all people, should not be trying to perpetuate the cycle of poverty.

ome change is happening slowly at the grass-roots level, with groups like Kawabe’s and Tokumaru’s putting pressure on local authorities to do more to help single mothers. But change at a national level seems a long way off, they say.

“Japan is considered an economic power, but the government keeps saying we are in debt,” Tokumaru said. “I feel like Japan is such a cold country towards children. It’s really embarrassing.”

visit this link https://www.washingtonpos .. e4_story.html?

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May 28 - 8 killed in mississippi

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| By Heyarnold69 - 23 hours ago

visit this link .. ptured/9943221

Eight people are dead including a Lincoln County deputy after a shooting overnight.

According to the Daily Leader, a Lincoln County deputy went to a home on Lee Drive in Bogue Chitto for a resident wanting the suspect removed from the property. That's where the deputy and three others were shot and killed. The Daily Leader reports two other people were shot and killed on Coopertown Road. Cory Godbolt is the believed suspect in all six shooting deaths.

Lincoln County authorities have captured the suspect Cory Godbolt.

Stay with 16 WAPT News on this breaking news story.

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May 27 - Pedophile Priest With HIV Who Raped 30 Children Forgiven by Church

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| By CrAkKedOuT - 23 hours ago

A Catholic Priest has been acquitted by the church after he admitted to raping almost 30 young girls aged between 5 and 10-years-old.

The priest, Jose Garcia Ataulfo, was cleared of any wrong-doing and won't face any criminal charges, despite the fact that he knew he was infected with HIV when he sexually abused all the children he admitted to raping.

The mother of one of the priest's victims wrote a letter to The Pope asking to meet with him in Rome to discuss the case, but was shunned by the Vatican who declared that "the matter is closed".

Ataulfo admitted to sexually assaulting well over two dozen children, many of whom were indigenous young girls from Oaxaca, a state in southern Mexico known for its large indigenous population.

Due to the significant influence that the Catholic Church wields in Mexico, the priest won't face any criminal charges, particularly for his crimes in areas populated by indigenous ethnic groups.

The report which first appeared on the Spanish-language news site, says the priest, was absolved of any wrongdoing by the Archdiocese of Mexico.

According to, only two out of the thirty rape victims have come forward to denounce the acquittal.

Jose Antonio Fortea claims that child abuse claims are the work of he devil

The website Anonymous Mexico reported that the mother of one of the victims asked to meet with Pope Francis in Rome, but she was rebuffed by the Vatican which wrote a letter stating that it considered the matter closed.

Earlier this year, Pope Francis announced that the church would be reducing penalties for pedophile priests by relocating them to a different church and offering them support rather than punishing them.

The Pope said that the controversial measures were designed to create a "more merciful church".

According to The Daily Mail, sexual abuse of minors by priests – and the subsequent cover-ups by bishops and other Church officials - have been widespread in many countries, including the United States.

The issue was thrust into the national spotlight in 2002 when the Boston Globe revealed the extent to which the local archdiocese shielded abusive priests from being exposed to the public even though it knew they posed a danger to young parishioners.

The Globe exposé, which detailed abuse cases that numbered in the thousands over a span of several decades, inspired other victims to come forward, leading to an avalanche of lawsuits and criminal prosecutions.

Not only did the floodgates open in the US, but the Catholic Church was also forced to confront cases in other countries, including Mexico.

In 2004, the Vatican re-opened a prior investigation against Marcial Maciel, who was accused of sexually abusing minors as well as fathering six children by three different women.

The Vatican Paid Nearly $4 Billion to Settle Pedophilia Lawsuits

Though the allegations spanned decades and the extent of his crimes was known to church officials, it was only in 2006 that the Vatican forced Maciel, one of its most powerful clergymen, to retire from active ministry.

visit this link .. ialnetwork&m=0

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May 28 - Britain Warned in January by FBI Manchester Bomber Was Planning Attack on UK

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| By Puseet - 23 hours ago

The FBI warned UK security chiefs that Manchester jihadi Salman Abedi was plotting an attack in Britain, an inside source has claimed.

MI5 were warned in January by the U.S. intelligence service that Abedi was part of a North African terror cell planning to strike a political target in Britain according to the source, the Mail on Sunday reports.

A U.S. investigation into the Manchester bomber’s links to terror groups in Libya brought the information to light, and U.S. security services placed Abedi on a watchlist identifying key terror suspects in 2016.

“In early 2017 the FBI told MI5 that Abedi belonged to a North African terror gang based in Manchester, which was looking for a political target in this country,” the source said.

“Following this US tip-off, Abedi and other members of the gang were scrutinised by MI5.

“It was thought at the time that Abedi was planning to assassinate a political figure.

‘But nothing came of this investigation and, tragically, he slipped down the pecking order of targets.”

Information on the attack emerged from intelligence on the Manchester attacker sourced in Libya, where his family is linked to terror groups, and from the interception of Abedi’s communications by U.S. federal agents, according to the Mail on Sunday.

The claim will pile more pressure on MI5 to reveal when they became aware of the Manchester bomber and why the British security agency failed to take further action.

Security service sources this week revealed that five terror plots were foiled between the Westminster attack in March, where Islamist Khalid Masood ran down a number of pedestrians and stabbed a police constable to death outside the Palace of Westminster, killing five, and the Manchester bombing.

And sources in government confessed there are at least 23,000 jihadists in Britain, after the public had been previously led to believe there were around 3,000 known jihadists, with 500 subject to active investigations led by MI5.

visit this link .. anning-attack/

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Video inside May 26 - The Future of Education: Epic 2020

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| By Paxaco567 - 23 hours ago

The Future of Education:


This YouTube view of an alternate future of education, The Future of Education 2020 is 10 minutes in length and, arguably, is worth every second.

It starts with stories about innovations from 2009 to 2012 then continues with a series of speculations over the next 8 years that are all eye openers- if any one of them were to come to pass.

One of the first stories, takes place in 2011, is an experiment in which a Stanford computer science professor, who annually teaches a classroom course in Artificial Intelligence to about 200 Freshman, decides to offer the same 10 week course online to anyone free of charge with no pre-requisite. His class of 200 was invited to take the course either way.

160,000 people worldwide registered for the course. The online course experimented with unique ways of engaging the students to ask questions, ‘liking’ answers and helping each other.

Of the 200 classroom students only 41 remained in class the 10 weeks. 159 took the course online with the 160,000 other students. The professor offered the same test to both the class room and online students claiming it was one of his hardest ever. His 159 online students had the highest pass rate ever and 23,000 passed the course.

In those 10 weeks, that one professor taught more students than the rest of the computer science professors in the world. The 23k students that passed his course represents more students than most professors teach in a lifetime.

If nothing else this piece calls into question whether an online education versus a campus experience is so easily dismissed when ‘qualifying’ candidates.

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Image inside May 28 - President Trump calls recent leak reports "fabricated lies"

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| By theFREAK - 1 day ago

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Image inside May 28 - Evil Terrorist Was A MAGA Spewing Trump Supporter

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| By kiss0fdeath - 1 day ago

Evil Terrorist Was A MAGA Spewing Trump Supporter

Suspect in Portland Hate Crime Murders is a Known White Supremacist

Jeremy Christian, now accused of hate crime murders, at the right-wing March for Free Speech on April 29
Jeremy Christian, now accused of hate crime murders, at the right-wing "March for Free Speech" on April 29 Doug Brown

The man accused of the brutal hate crime slayings of two people at the Hollywood Transit Center on Friday afternoon is a known local white supremacist.

Jeremy Christian, 35, was booked early Saturday morning on two aggravated murder charges, an attempted murder charge, two intimidation (hate crime) charges, and a felon in possession of a restricted weapon charge.

The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) reported that the man "was on the MAX train yelling various remarks that would be best characterized as hate speech toward a variety of ethnicities and religions. At least two of the victims attempted to intervene with the suspect and calm him down. The suspect attacked the men, stabbing three, before leaving the train."

Witnesses told the police that he was harassing two women who appear to be Muslim. One was described as wearing a hijab. One of the men he stabbed died at the scene, one was pronounced dead at a hospital, and one is expected to survive.

Christian is a known right wing extremist and white supremacist. On April 29, Christian showed up to the right-wing "March for Free Speech" on 82nd Avenue in Montavilla with a baseball bat in an attempt to assault left-wing protesters. The bat was quickly confiscated by Portland police officers. He ranted how he was a nihilist. He'd soon yelled racial slurs ("fu*k all you n*****s") and gave the Nazi salute throughout the day. He yelled "Hail Vinland" throughout the day.

A few Portland police officers on April 29 appeared to be familiar with Christian, but not threatened by him. They claimed he had a head injury and was mentally ill.

Here's my video of Christian, draped in a flag, arriving at the event.

Here's another video. At the 25-second mark, he yells "fu*k all you n*****s". The right-wing rally organizers refused to let him in.

Shortly later, I asked him his name. I recognized the name and remembered the he posted on Facebook that he'd shoot police officers if they tried to disarm him (he was never arrested).

He later gave the Nazi salute.

Jeremy Christian arriving at Montavilla Park on April 29
Jeremy Christian arriving at Montavilla Park on April 29 Doug Brown

Update: Christian has a criminal record that includes a host of felonies going back to 2002, when he was convicted of first-degree robbery and second-degree kidnapping. He also has a conviction for carrying/using a dangerous weapon from 2002.

His Facebook page is replete with anti-Semitic comments and other evidence of his views. Here are some examples.

Mayor Ted Wheeler, who was flying from London to Portland when the crime occurred, issued his first statement this morning:

"There is too much hatred in our world right now, and far too much violence. Too much of it has arrived here in Portland," Wheeler said in a press release. "My heart goes out to the families of those who lost their lives, and to those who witnessed what happened. Thank you to our first responders, who provided aid, and police who captured the suspected killer. Now is the time, we must come together as a community and love one another. We must reject hatred and violence. We must seek justice."

visit this link http://www.portlandmercur .. te-supremacist

One Less News Section Poster Confirmed

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