#1 Be careful renting financed or leased cars on TURO *Repo*

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  @rides      By RoadStarr      2 days ago

For those of you renting your vehicles on TURO be very careful. I have owned a rental company for over 10 years now in LA with 30+ cars, many people don't understand how bad Hertz, Enterprise, Avis want TURO gone. It first started with them getting TURO banned from all Major Airports, when that didn't work they have gone the route of getting a third party service to basically snitch to your finance company that you are renting your vehicle. They do this by hiring a service to go on TURO and specifically screen shot license plate pictures and match them to finance companies.

The best thing you can do at this point it NEVER show your real license plate on your photos, they are making it their mission to do a sweep all 2022 on vehicles "illegally" being rented on TURO. For anyone who doesn't know any personal vehicle that is leased or financed is a breach of contract renting a personal vehicle out for profit or commercial use. This is the loop hole allowing these companies to legally come repo your car for being on TURO.

This is a pretty low approach the financial institutions and dealerships are talking but on the flip side in 2021 their was a record number of wrecked vehicles who's loans were defaulted on and linked back to being rented on TURO.

I didn't know how true this was until it just happen to a friend of mine, he had 4 Charger Scat Packs repo'd by Ally Financial that he had listed on TURO. They just showed up and took the cars. Imagine having not 1 but 4 repos hit your PERSONAL credit.

The biggest banks doing this right now are Ally Financial, GM, Ford and Mercedes.

Take the necessary steps while you can they are cracking down on personal vehicles being rented for profit.

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#2  GM Warns Dealers Against Market Adjustments on Z06

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  @rides      By JayR04      3 days ago

Other brands should follow suit

The C8 Corvette Stingray is in its third model year and demand is showing no sign of dropping off. Now with the highly-anticipated 2023 Corvette Z06 right around the corner, weÂ’ve become very concerned about how some Chevrolet dealers are looking at the new American sports car as a cash cow with plans to generate as much profit as possible above and beyond the CorvetteÂ’s ManufacturerÂ’s Suggested Retail Pricing (MSRP) at the expense of Corvette buyers.

As more and more stories about dealer malfeasance come to light that includes everything from demanding thousands of dollars in Market Adjustments after the car arrives to intentionally screwing up orders so that customers walk away from the deal, itÂ’s become apparent to GM that it really needs to start policing their dealers better when it comes to selling these in-demand vehicles. And it is not just the C8 Corvette that dealers are targeting for huge price increases. We also have the upcoming Silverado EV, the GMC Hummer EV, and the Cadillac LYRIC which have also garnered much interest from consumers.

WeÂ’ve already heard about ChevyÂ’s new plan for allocations and itÂ’s still something weÂ’ll have to wait to see if by moving to an Average Daily Supply model will nudge dealers to stay with pricing the cars at MSRP. Not waiting around is GMÂ’s North American President Steve Carlisle who fired this recent warning shot by telling dealers straight up that they risk having their vehicle allocation redirected to other dealers who arenÂ’t being bad actors in the new car sales process.

Dear GM Dealership Team,

We are all very excited about recent GM news and product launches including the Chevrolet Corvette Z06, Chevrolet Silverado EV, GMC HUMMER EVs, GMC Sierra EV, and Cadillac LYRIQ. At the same time, we have both been working hard to meet customer demand in a time of constrained supply of inventory due to the global industry-wide semi-conductor shortage.

Unfortunately, it has come to our attention that in connection with some of these announcements and launches, a small number of Dealers have engaged in practices that do not support a positive sales experience for our customers. This puts our collective interests at risk and generates negative press that reflect poorly on GMÂ’s brands and your dealerships. Specifically, it has come to our attention that some dealerships have attempted to demand money above and beyond the reservation amounts set in GMÂ’s program rules and/or have requested customers to pay sums far in excess of MSRP in order to purchase or lease a vehicle.

First, I want to remind you that GM dealers are obligated to ethically and lawfully sell GM Products, as stated in Article 5 of the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement:

“Dealer agrees to effectively, ethically and lawfully sell and promote the purchase, lease and use of Products by consumers…”

“Dealer agrees to advertise and conduct promotional activities that are lawful and enhance the reputation of Dealer, General Motors and its Products. Dealer will not advertise or conduct promotional activities in a misleading or unethical manner, or that is harmful to the reputation of Dealer, General Motors, or its Products.”

Providing customers misinformation about additional sums being necessary for a customer to keep a reservation, is just one example of a tactic that reflects poorly on all of us.

Secondly, we have been advised that brokers are promoting new GM vehicle allocation. While the majority of GM Dealers do not support such behavior, a small number of Dealers still continue to work with brokers despite the following reminders that this is a direct breach of the GM DSSA: Bulletin #20-06 “Transactional Integrity and GM Export Policy” dated July 1, 2020, and Bulletin #21-17 “Sale for Resale or Export” dated November 22, 2021. As stated in Article 5 of the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement: “Dealer agrees that it will not sell new Motor Vehicles for resale” and “Dealer is not authorized . . . to . . . sell Motor Vehicles to persons or parties (or their agents) engaged in the business of reselling, brokering (including but not limited to buying services) or wholesaling of Motor Vehicles.”

GM will be forced to take action if it learns of any unethical sales practices or brokering activities that undermine the integrity that customers expect from the Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac brands. For the small minority of bad actors that are engaging in the conduct identified above, this letter serves as notice that GM reserves the right to redirect your vehicle allocation or take other recourse prescribed by the Dealer Sales and Service Agreement.

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out to your Zone Manager.


Steve Carlisle
President GM North America

For the record, this was a way better response to dealers than what we saw from ChevroletÂ’s Director of Car and Crossover Marketing, Tony Johnson who told us GM wasnÂ’t too concerned about Corvette dealer markups a year ago. GM should rightly be concerned especially when the C8 Corvette is bringing in many customers who are buying from Chevrolet/GM for the first time ever. You only get one shot to make a good first impression!
visit this link https://www.corvetteblogg .. tments-on-z06/

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#3  Ram TRX vs Rivian R1T Drag Race

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@rides      By LuxG2      3 days ago

Electric Vehicles are the future. Rivian walked the TRX

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#4 My new widebody charger hellcat

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  @rides      By Luca Brasi      5 days ago

WhatÂ’s up fellas , I thought I was done with the hellcats for a while. But something keeps bringing me back to them. HereÂ’s my 3rd hellcat pickup

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#5  85 SouthÂ’s Karlous Miller Car Collection

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  @rides      By BobbiHeadRagTop      5 days ago

Hood Classics

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#6 BMW paint changes colors

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@rides      By foshoVoodoo      1 week ago

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#7 For ricers, JDM-only Toyota GR Yaris GRMN

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@rides      By unit321      1 week ago

The GR Yaris, Toyota's most exciting new car, exists because CEO Akio Toyoda was willing to make the best possible subcompact road car in pursuit of a more competitive professional rally car. The resulting car is already uncompromising, but Toyota's Gazoo Racing badging system goes up one more trim level, so there was room in the lineup to make an even less compromising performance car on the two-door Yaris platform. Enter the GRMN Yaris.
The GRMN name historically means "Gazoo Racing Master of the Nurburgring," which lines up with footage of a Yaris prototype that likely became this car testing on the German track last summer. While it's known in marketing materials as a GRMN Yaris, footnotes clarify that it will be officially registered as GR Yaris GRMN. Yes, that's Toyota Gazoo Racing Yaris Gazoo Racing Master of the Nurburgring.

Some of these options will be available to standard GR Yaris owners later in 2022. For those in Japan who cannot wait, the GRMN Yaris will be a 500-car run sold by an online lottery over the next few months. The base car is priced at the equivalent of $64,300, while the circuit pack takes the price to an MSRP equivalent to $74,400.

visit this link https://www.msn.com/en-us .. n=true#image=1

For more details, visit this link https://toyotagazooracing.com/gr/yaris/

Seems pricey, but for a 2-door hatchback with wide-body fender flares and high power-to-weight ratio, it seems worth it.

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#8 The Vector W8 Is the Craziest Supercar Ever Made

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@rides      By CheebaHawk21      1 week ago

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#9  What 260 MPH On German Highway In A Bugatti Chiron Looks Like In Real Time!

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  @rides      By LegendKilla03      1 week ago

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#10  Widebody 392 Challenger or Widebody 392 ChargerÂ…whatÂ’s your pick?

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@rides      By Drosmoke81      1 week ago

Going with the Widebody Scat ChallengerÂ…coupe looks better as a Widebody.

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#11  Ol skool Lac on switches

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@rides      By king kum      1 week ago

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#12  Mercedes Benz AMG GT Black Series Solarbeam

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@rides      By Gen Anti Fruit      1 week ago

itÂ’s like a Porsche Benz

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#13  #10YearChallenge

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  @rides      By JayR04      2 weeks ago

Let me see y'all's

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#14  New BMW xi m60 changess wow

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  @rides      By dymablink      2 weeks ago

This is bananas. Gotta cop this just to race away from cops and change colors so they cant catch me

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#15  United Kingdom is trying to BAN private car ownership.

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  @rides      By Ninjahood      2 weeks ago

visit this link https://www.motorious.com .. car-ownership/

Soon, Brits will own nothing and will be happier for itÂ…
UK Government Transport Minister Trudy Harrison recently spoke at a mobility conference, addressing the future of personal mobility. In her comments, she said it was necessary to ditch the "20th-century thinking centred around private vehicle ownership and towards greater flexibility, with personal choice and low carbon shared transport." ThatÂ’s right, she said the quiet part loud and showed the hand of a growing number of government officials.

Harrison went on to praise not only public transportation but also bike share services, e-scooters, and ride sharing platforms. All of these are supposed to tune down how much carbon the UK is emitting into the atmosphere. As with all choices, this comes at a cost, particularly for those living in rural areas.

Expect this nonsense to start trickling in United States where one particular party is very hostile to car culture.

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#16  $42,000 for a Honda Civic

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@rides      By JayR04      2 weeks ago


The car in question is being sold at Honda Lake Elsinore in California. Listed as new with only five miles on the clock, this Sonic Gray Pearl example - a $395 paint option - is retailing for $42,694. Considering there are no other options attached to this one, that makes it a ridiculous $14,999 more expensive than the MSRP. To put it another way, the dealer markup is 55% over MSRP, or enough to buy an entire Mitsubishi Mirage or Chevrolet Spark. At that price, you could buy some serious performance, too, like a 315-hp 2022 VW Golf R ($43,645), a fully-loaded 268-hp 2021 Subaru WRX STI Limited ($41,945), or for a little more, a 2022 Audi S3 ($44,900).
visit this link https://carbuzz.com/news/ .. -dealer-markup

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#17  Tatiana is one expensive Bxtch

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@rides      By DeadPresident      2 weeks ago

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#18 Average used car price in United States is now 29k

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@rides      By Ninjahood      3 weeks ago

$29,000 for an Average Used Car? Would-Be Buyers Are Aghast
Prices for used cars are soaring so high, so fast, that buyers are being increasingly priced out of the market.

By a*sociated Press
Jan. 3, 2022


U.S. News & World Report
The a*sociated Press
A dealership sign is seen outside of Honda certified used car dealership in Schaumburg, Ill., Thursday, Dec. 16, 2021. Prices for used cars have soared so high, so fast, that buyers are being increasingly priced out of the market. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh) THE a*sOCIATED PRESS

By TOM KRISHER, AP Auto Writer

DETROIT (AP) — A couple of months ago, a woman paid a visit to Jeff Schrier's used car lot in Omaha, Nebraska. She was on a tight budget, she said, and was desperate for a vehicle to commute to work.

"'That's what I get for $7,500? ‘" he recalled her saying. The vehicles had far more age or mileage on them than she had expected for something to replace a car that had been totaled in a crash.

The woman eventually settled on a 2013 Toyota Scion with a whopping 160,000 miles on it. Schrier isn’t sure he made any profit on the deal. "We just helped her out," he said.

Political Cartoons

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As prices for used vehicles blow past any seemingly rational level, it is the kind of scenario playing out at many auto dealerships across the country. Prices have soared so high, so fast, that buyers are being increasingly priced out of the market.

Consider that the average price of a used vehicle in the United States in November, according to Edmunds.com, was $29,011 — a dizzying 39% more than just 12 months earlier. And for the first time that anyone can recall, more than half of America's households have less income than is considered necessary to buy the average-priced used vehicle.

The days when just about anyone with a steady income could wander onto an auto lot and snag a reliable late-model car or buy their kid's first vehicle for a few thousand dollars have essentially vanished.

“I’ve never seen anything remotely close to this — it’s craziness,” said Schrier, who has been selling autos for 35 years. “It’s quite frustrating for so many people right now.”

When the government reported that consumer inflation rocketed 6.8% in the 12 months that ended in November — the sharpest jump in nearly 40 years — the biggest factor, apart from energy, was used vehicles. And while the rate of increase is slowing, most experts say the inflated vehicle prices aren't likely to ease for the foreseeable future.

The blame can be traced directly to the pandemic's eruption in March of last year. Auto plants suspended production to try to slow the virus’ spread. As sales of new vehicles sank, fewer people traded in used cars and trucks. At the same time, demand for laptops and monitors from people stuck at home led semiconductor makers to shift production from autos, which depend on such chips, to consumer electronics.

When a swifter-than-expected economic rebound boosted demand for vehicles, auto plants tried to restore full production. But chip makers couldn’t respond fast enough. And rental car companies and other fleet buyers, unable to acquire new vehicles, stopped off-loading older ones, thereby compounding the shortage of used vehicles.

Bleak as the market is for used-car buyers, the computer chip shortage has also driven new-vehicle prices higher. The average new vehicle, Edmunds.com says, is edging toward $46,000.

Even so, prices of used cars are likely to edge closer to new ones. Since the pandemic started, used vehicle prices have jumped 42% — more than double the increase for new ones. Last month, the average used vehicle price was 63% of the average new vehicle cost. Before the pandemic, it was 54%.

At this point, Schrier has to tell lower-income buyers that he has very few used vehicles to sell them.

“What used to be a $5,000 car," he said, “is now $8,000. What used to be $8,000 is now $11,000 or $12,000.”

Including taxes, fees, a 10% down payment, and an interest rate of around 7.5%, the average used vehicle now costs $520 a month, even when financed for the average of nearly six years, Edmunds calculated.

To make that payment and afford such other necessities as housing, food and utilities, a household would have to take home about $60,000 a year, or $75,000 before taxes, said Kimberly Palmer, a personal finance specialist at NerdWallet. In 2020, the U.S. median pretax household income was $67,521, the Census Bureau says.

“The average person," Palmer said, “can’t afford the average used car right now.”

Ivan Drury, a senior manager at Edmunds, said that while he doesn’t track used vehicle prices relative to household income, he thinks November marked a record “in the worst way possible for affordability.”

Monthly payments for the average used vehicle, he noted, were $413 two years ago, $382 five years ago and $365 a decade ago. The November average payment of $500-plus for a used vehicle, Drury said, is about the average that was needed five years ago for a brand-new vehicle.

“People are going to have to make hard decisions, maybe cut back in other areas,” Palmer said. “It means that it’s stressful for a lot of families.”

Used vehicle prices are so high that Karl Hogan of Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh, was able last month to quickly sell his 2007 Toyota Tacoma small pickup truck, with more than 170,000 miles on it. Even with the vehicle's age and mileage, a man from Ohio forked over $6,500 for it.

Hogan didn’t have to budge from the asking price. When some would-be buyers offered him less money, he told them: “I’ve got 12 other guys behind you.”

A week before the sale, when he bought his new Tacoma, Hogan had been on the other side of the equation. The dealer wouldn’t budge from his $38,000 sticker price.

“If I didn’t take it," Hogan said, "there were three people waiting. I couldn’t get any off, but I wanted a new truck.”

David Paris, a senior manager at J.D. Power, noted that used vehicle prices are directly tied to the cost of new ones. Though some automakers report that the computer chip supply is gradually improving, prices paid by dealers at used vehicle auctions kept rising through November, Paris said.

“We’re not seeing any softening in prices, which is extremely rare for this time of the year,” he said.

New vehicle dealers have about 1 million vehicles available nationally — scarcely one-third of the normal supply, Paris said. And the vast majority have already been sold.

Given pent-up demand from consumers, prices for new vehicles are expected to remain historically high until the supply returns to around 2 million or 2.5 million and automakers resume discounting, which could take well into 2023. Once new vehicle prices do ease, the pressure on used-vehicle prices would eventually follow.

Yet even after that, the availability of vehicles will be tight because traditional sources of used vehicles — autos turned in from leases and trade-ins or sold by rental companies — have essentially dried up.

For the past decade, cars returning from two- and three-year leases were a leading source of almost-new used vehicles. But that was when more than one-third of U.S. new vehicle sales were leases, a figure now down to 22%, said Edmunds’ Drury. Because there aren’t many new autos, people with expiring leases are often buying those cars once their leases end.

Rental companies, another key source of late-model used cars, can’t buy new ones now and are holding the ones they have. Some rental companies are even buying used vehicles. Given all those factors, Paris expects the shortage of used cars to worsen through 2024.

Among the few consumers who stand to benefit are those who want to sell a used car and don't necessarily need to replace it. The average trade-in value in October, Paris said, was $9,000 — twice what it was a year earlier.

But for people who have no vehicles to trade in and only modest incomes, the options are few to none. Palmer of Nerdwallet said lower-income people may simply have to pay for repairs to keep a current vehicle running as long as possible. Even that option, though, can become prohibitively expensive.

J.D. Power’s Paris says that if they can afford it, buyers should consider a new vehicle. He recently managed to get a couple thousand dollars whacked off the sticker price on a new Ram pickup, though he had to travel from the Washington, D.C., area to Philadelphia to reach a willing dealer he had located by searching internet forums.

“If you look hard enough and are willing to wait and travel," he said, “you can find deals across most brands.”

Copyright 2022 The a*sociated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

visit this link https://www.usnews.com/ne .. ers-are-aghast

If you got a hooptie in decent shape now is da time to get rid of it if u wanna offload it.

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#19 Jet Powered Tesla vs PLAID

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@rides      By realgunta      3 weeks ago

Race starts @ 15: 50

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  @rides      By RAD Consulting      3 weeks ago

fellas, as you know, cars are my thing.
you have all seen my last 3 purchases within the past year.

now i have decided to start a youtube channel to show the joys of automobile lifestyle

below, ima drop the link for anyone to

visit this link www.youtube.com/user/iskatenikes

if there are ppl in NYC, DMV, ATL, Florida, Houston, or LA that want to create content, dont hesitate to hit me up.

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