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Chicago Protestors & Police Clash After Black Barber Shot & Killed
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Video inside I didn't even know this was from a real movie.
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Image(s) inside The Black Widow aka Celina Powell Exposes Snoop Dogg in Cheating Scandal

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11 minutes ago

NBA John Wall's swing looks as bad as his pitching

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| By 21 - 11 minutes ago

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11 minutes ago

NHL Former NHL Goalie Ray Emery Dead at 35

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| By Southpaw - 11 minutes ago

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15 hours ago

NBA What teams from the 90's and 00's were the biggest disappointment?

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| By Player2 - 15 hours ago

Off the top of my head 3 come to mind.

Early 90's New Jersey Nets, that featured Derrick Coleman, Kenny Anderson and Drazen Petrovic. Coached by Chuck Daly (that's saying something in itself). They aren't really disappointing in a traditional sense, but if Drazen doesn't get killed they are perennial conference finals contenders. They might have been playing Houston in the 1994 finals instead of NY.

Early 90's Charlotte Hornets, with arguably the best frontcourt in the league in LJ and Zo. Muggsy, Kendall Gill, Dell Curry. They had the talent but LJ had a bad back and they never panned out.

"Backcourt 2000" aka the early 00's Phoenix Suns, with Jason Kidd and Penny Hardaway. They were supposed to be that 3rd/4th contender in the west after LA, SA and Portland/Sacramento. Had a young Shawn Marion, veteran Clifford Robinson.

What are some others?

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18 hours ago

NCAAB Point Gordan Ramsay Documentary

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| By BobbiHeadRagTop - 18 hours ago

Point Gordan Ramsay vs Point Wedge in a Dunk Contest would be a close battle

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18 hours ago

NBA Channing Frye Shuts Optimistic Cavs Fan Down ASAP

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| By Dun Language - 18 hours ago

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18 hours ago

NFL Flag Football Highlights Semifinals Game 2: Ochocinco takes on Michael Vick! | NFL

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| By tokinjohn - 18 hours ago

not sure if posted....

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18 hours ago

NBA Amare Stoudemire is out here balling.

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| By GoldBluded - 18 hours ago

Him tagged team with Nate ain't fair.

Dude in the comments said nates crossover made the announcer sound like he was eating chicken at a cookout. "Mhmm!! mhmm!!."

They lost the game by 2 but I see them winning the League.

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19 hours ago

MLB Cardinals Fire Manager Mike Matheny

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| By SM - 19 hours ago

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21 hours ago

NBA Julius Randle looking ready to do damage in the big easy!!! #BULLYBALL

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| By i? - 21 hours ago

sh*t look clean, needa cop a jersey

Pelicans got em one!! Dude is perfect next to AD.. he putting up 21 10 3 next yr

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21 hours ago

MLB Oh no Franco baby, what is you doin?

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| By Bkjj11 - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

NBA CAVALIERS really got the NEXT KOBE BRYANT :mjdamn:

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| By suavehooper - 21 hours ago

He play just like a young Kobe Bryant and also said Kobe Bryant is favorite player

I think he will end being better for the Cavaliers than Kyrie Irving was during his first season for the cavaliers

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21 hours ago

NFL Patriots vs Redskins makes A LOT of sense for Super Bowl 53

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| By WalkWithMe - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

NFL WTF ? Ray Allen & Steph Curry Shooing Contest On Golf Course

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| By Dun Language - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

MMA UFC Fight Night 133: Dos Santos vs. Ivanov

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| By Gramz - 21 hours ago

UFC Fight Night 133: dos Santos vs. Ivanov
Date: July 14, 2018
Venue: CenturyLink Arena
Location: Boise, Idaho

UFC Fight Night 133 Fight Card

Main Card (10 PM ET, FS1)

Junior dos Santos vs. Blagoy Ivanov
Sage Northcutt vs. Zak Ottow
Dennis Bermudez vs. Rick Glenn
Randy Brown vs. Niko Price
Myles Jury vs. Chad Mendes
Marion Reneau vs. Cat Zingano

Preliminary Card (8 PM ET, FS1)

Alejandro Perez vs. Eddie Wineland
Darren Elkins vs. Alex Volkanovski
Said Nurmagomedov vs. Justin Scoggins
Kurt Holobaugh vs. Raoni Barcelos

Preliminary Card (6:30 PM ET, Fight Pass)

Liz Carmouche vs. Jennifer Maia
Mark De La Rosa vs. Elias Garcia
Jessica Aguilar vs. Jodie Esquibel

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24 hours ago

NBA Rare footage of "Ursa Major", Wilt Chamberlain's mega bachelor pad in the hills...

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| By Veno da Don - 24 hours ago

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24 hours ago

NBA On this date: Steve Nash signs with Suns

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| By Player2 - 24 hours ago


DALLAS -- Dallas Mavericks free agent guard Steve Nash reached a verbal agreement on Thursday to sign with the Phoenix Suns.

As first reported by's Marc Stein on Thursday afternoon, Nash agreed to a six-year package worth more than $65 million -- with the sixth season partially guaranteed and the Suns holding a team option for the full amount in Year 6.

"It's exciting, but it's also bittersweet," Nash told about the move back to Phoenix. "I'm really sad to leave my teammates, but I'm glad to be going somewhere where they really wanted me."

According to sources, Nash brought the Suns' offer back to the Mavericks, but Mavs owner Mark Cuban declined to match it. Stein reports that the Suns' offer was nearly $20 million richer.

Mavericks sources said Cuban was reluctant to give Nash more than a four-year guaranteed contract because of fears the 30-year-old couldn't physically handle playing more than 32 minutes per game.

"I never dreamed we'd lose Nash, or any other player of his magnitude," Mavericks coach Don Nelson told The Associated Press on Thursday night in Fort Worth. "It's not like a trade where you get something back. There is no adjustment here. We lost a big part of our team and we don't have anything to fill it. It's a setback."

After giving the Suns a verbal commitment, Nash immediately phoned longtime teammates Dirk Nowitzki and Michael Finley to break the news, sources told Finley and Nowitzki were given maximum contracts two summers
ago. Nash, who was never offered an extension, opted out of his contract to become a free agent for the first time but maintained that he wanted to remain in Dallas.

No deals can be formally signed until July 14, when the salary cap for next season is set. Teams and free agents can only reach verbal agreements during the league's two-week moratorium on signings and trades.

The Suns originally drafted Nash in 1996 and he backed up Jason Kidd and Kevin Johnson for two seasons. Nash never sold his home in the Phoenix area.

Bringing in Nash eliminates the Suns from the Kobe Bryant derby. On Wednesday night, it was reported that Phoenix was prepared to offer Bryant a six-year deal worth over $100 million.

visit this link .. ory?id=1833028

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24 hours ago

NBA C.j Mccullum finally got his own signature shoe

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| By Sloan21 - 24 hours ago

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24 hours ago

NBA Per Shams: Rockets emerge as a STRONG favorite to sign Melo

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| By Prodigital SC - 24 hours ago

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24 hours ago

NBA Happy birthday Shabazz

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| By Moon phase - 24 hours ago

BAZZ GOT ‘EEEM 💀 Happy birthday, @shabazznap13r❗️

A post shared by SLAM (@slamonline) on

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24 hours ago

NBA Cant wait for nba to come back

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| By black cobra - 24 hours ago

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