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13 minutes ago

NBA 2003 draft class - where are they now

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| By Kliq - 13 minutes ago

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LeBron still ouchea getting it done

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15 minutes ago

NBA Carmelo Anthony going through it

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| By kingPapi - 15 minutes ago

Leave that man alone

Black men don’t cheat

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16 minutes ago

NBA Enes Kanter takes shots at Zion & Julius Randle and Randle responds

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| By GLOIN - 16 minutes ago

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1 hour ago

NBA Kevin Durant Breaks Down Tyler Herros Game: This Kid Knows How to Do It

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| By CEITEDMOFO - 1 hour ago

The Miami Heat likely did extensive scouting on Tyler Herro before selecting him with the No. 13 overall pack during last week’s draft.

As it turns out, all they had to do what talk to former MVP Kevin Durant, who sat down to break down Herro’s game back when he was a highly touted recruit headed to the University of Kentucky.

“Skills man, you got to have skills if you want to last,” Durant said while watching Herro. “The game, you got to protect your craft. You can’t just be out there jumping over everybody, you got to be able to shoot, dribble pass. And this kid knows how to do it.”

He then reacted to Herro muscling his way into the lane despite having defenders draped all over him.

“Get your spot, pull it forward,” he said. “Shield well, he know’s how to score.”

If Herro did enough in high school to convince Durant that he was a prospect worth keeping an eye on, it’s fairly easy to understand why the Heat jumped at the opportunity to draft him.

Now, Herro will get the opportunity to carve out a spot for himself in Miami’s young and talented rotation.

While the Heat are not expected to make a big splash this summer in the free agency or trade markets, it looks like they already made a very strong addition to their roster thanks to the draft.

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1 hour ago

NBA LA LAKERS will receive a meeting with KAWHI LEONARD.

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| By Spot Rusherz - 1 hour ago


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1 hour ago

NBA Knicks To Meet With Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard At Start Of Free Agency

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| By theFREAK - 1 hour ago

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3 hours ago

NBA NBA discussing fewer games, mid-season tournament and play-in games

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| By ahonui06 - 3 hours ago


The number of games in a reduced regular season discussed on the conference call ranged from 58 -- ensuring every team would host each of the 29 other teams in their arenas over the course of a season -- to a marginal cut of only a handful of games. According to sources on the call, the appetite among team officials for a major reduction in the number of games was limited.

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3 hours ago

NBA WOJ: Kevin Durant declines his player option, is officially a free agent!

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| By GLOIN - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

NBA 10 Things You Didn't Know About The 1996 NBA Draft

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| By NLSP42 - 3 hours ago

Via: visit this link .. 996-nba-draft/

In the pre-draft player rankings (not the mock drafts but the rankings) it was UConn guard Ray Allen who was ranked first and Hoyas point guard Allen Iverson that was ranked second. Allen Iverson was drafted first though, as most teams are drafting also based on team needs and not just on player rankings.

The 42nd pick of the draft, Randy Livingston, was the player with the most hype coming out of high school of anyone in the draft. The point guard Livingston won co-player of the year his junior year in high school along with then senior, Jason Kidd. He was ranked ahead of Jerry Stackhouse and Rasheed Wallace in the class of 1993. He ran into a lot of knee injuries in college, and never lived up to his expectations.

Allen Iverson is officially ranked as the shortest number pick in NBA draft history. At 6'0, he is two inches shorter than the next shortest number 1 pick, Sihugo Green. Sihugo Green measured in at 6'2 and was the number 1 pick of the 1956 NBA draft.

Of all the names announced at the 1996 NBA Draft, it was Jermaine O'Neal picked at number 17 to receive the biggest applause. Why exactly would high schooler Jermaine O'Neal, who was drafted by the Portland Trailblazers, get the biggest applause in a New York City crowd? It was because local forward John Wallace had significantly slid in the draft, and New Yorkers were getting nervous that New York would draft O'Neal instead. When the Blazers picked O'Neal at 17, that meant that Wallace would be available for the Knicks to pick at 18.

And speaking of the Knicks and their 1996 draft pick, Wallace was actually mocked to be picked in the top 5 before the draft. After poor individual team workouts and unimpressive player interviews with management, many teams were uninterested in drafted him. Wallace ended up falling 13 slots before being selected.

And another interesting note to add to the Knicks pick: on one pre-draft mock, Kobe Bryant was the New York's mock draft pick at number 18. Many prior to the draft were unsure what to make of Bryant and his future potential, and some draft experts felt it was fair to list Bryant at 18.

By far the biggest bust of the 1996 NBA draft has to be Greek power forward Efthimios Rentzias who was selected at number 23. The 6'11 forward was drafted by the Denver Nuggets but then opted out of playing in the US and stayed in Europe instead. He didn't officially play in the NBA until six years after being drafted, where he logged in 35 games as a Philadelphia 76er. He averaged 1.5 points a game and that was the end of his NBA career. Greek forwards have come a long way since...….

Now that the careers of every 1996 draft pick are over, who was the steal of the second round? Has to be North Carolina junior guard Jeff McInnis. Most of the second round players didn't compile great numbers in their careers, but McInnis led them all with career averages of 9 points, 2 rebounds and 4 assists over a 7 year career. He was selected by the Denver Nuggets. The second best statistical second rounder was Hoyas center Othella Harrington.

Santa Clara senior guard Steve Nash had an interesting player comparison on draft night. Nash was described as a "poor man's John Stockton" in 1996. Their career averages are not that much different as Nash averaged 14/3/8 over his career whereas Stockton finished his career 13/2/10. Not a bad comparison after all, except that Nash was not the poor version in the end.

Here is one 1996 NBA draft comparison that was completely wrong: Antoine Walker. Prior to the NBA draft, Walker was seen as a "Magic Johnson type player" who would pass the ball and facilitate the offense. Walker was seen as a great rounder (as Magic was) and was looked at as a great all around player. All that changed when Walker got to the pros, as he turned into a volume shooter and scorer and not the passer everyone expected. Walker averaged just 3 assists per game as a player, but 17 shots a game in his career.

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3 hours ago

NBA Woj: Kevin Durant is considering signing with the Nets, Knicks, Warriors and Clippers

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| By theFREAK - 3 hours ago

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Happy #NationalSmileDay 😃

A post shared by Kevin Durant Fans (@kd35warriors) on

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3 hours ago

SC the angry toupee rants about usa womens soccer on twitter

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| By messy marv stan - 3 hours ago

visit this link .. 9333--sow.html

President Donald Trump accuses US women's World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe of "disrespect" after she swore never to visit his White House

President Donald Trump accused US women's World Cup soccer star Megan Rapinoe of "disrespect" Wednesday after she swore not to visit his White House.

In the latest of his public feuds with high-profile athletes and celebrities, Trump sent multiple tweets complaining about Rapinoe, whose short, dyed hair has made her one of the most recognizable faces of the mighty US team.

"Megan should never disrespect our Country, the White House, or our Flag, especially since so much has been done for her & the team. Be proud of the Flag that you wear," he tweeted.

In the same series of tweets, Trump announced he was inviting the US women's team to the White House and said "I am a big fan."

Rapinoe, however, "should WIN first before she TALKS! Finish the job!" he wrote.

The president's outburst followed the broadcast of a video clip in which Rapinoe dismisses the idea of visiting the White House.

Such events are a longtime tradition for successful sports teams and athletes but have run into a political minefield during the controversy-filled Trump presidency.

"I'm not going to the fucking White House," the US co-captain exclaimed in the clip on Eight by Eight, a football magazine. "No. I'm not going to the White House."

The reigning world champions have swept aside all challengers so far in the World Cup and meet the hosts France on Friday for a quarter final that Rapinoe says she hopes will be "wild and crazy."

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3 hours ago

NBA Breaking News: Warriors Arent Seriously Considering Kevin Durant's Delayed Sign & Trade

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| By Dun Language - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

OT Adam Sandler has game?

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| By Fameus - 3 hours ago

Check out Sandlers game without Hollywood editing.

Pretty good except he carries every time he dribbles.

for comedy check out the guy in orange hook shook

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3 hours ago

NBA JR Smith Makes Audition Tape For LABron's Lakers

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| By Dun Language - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

NBA Yes. Let "Boy Wonder" Brad Stevens Catch Some Of The Heat, Too!

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| By SuperPawgHunter - 3 hours ago

Boston Celtics head coach Brad Stevens is widely regarded as one of the best young coaches in the NBA today. However, a recent report from NBA insider Sean Deveney paints the 42-year-old in an entirely different light, stating that Stevens’ inability to properly communicate with his players and their agents has become a potential problem in Boston:

To an extent, it could be coach Brad Stevens. Stevens has proven himself at the NBA level, but one thing about which players and their agents have griped has been communication.

A veteran player told me a couple of years ago that his role in Boston was tough because he was never really told what was expected of him and that Stevens didn’t necessarily connect with players. That appeared to be the case this season, too, when the Celtics had a chemistry meltdown and Stevens could not rein in his locker room.

One agent told me, “Most players don’t need their hands held, but they want to know where they stand and what they need to do. That’s not always coming from Stevens and it can be frustrating.”

The issue of chemistry has been seen as the main culprit for Boston’s lackluster performance last season, and for the most part, fingers were pointed toward Kyrie Irving and his alleged shortcomings as a leader. However, with this new bit of information from Deveney here, it appears that Stevens himself is also to blame.

While this is merely all hearsay at this point, it actually makes sense. After all, the coach is supposed to be the glue that keeps the team together, and to some extent, Stevens did not appear to fulfill this role for Boston this past season.

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14 hours ago

NCAAB The Chet Holmgren Hype is real (#7 ranked player class of '21)

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| By Bx_Bomberz - 14 hours ago

7-foot 175lbs of fury @Colin Cowherd

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17 hours ago

NBA One of my favorite MJ plays of all-time And-1 vs Knicks 1992 Eastern Conference Semifinals

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| By Static3IVERSON - 17 hours ago

One of my favorite MJ plays of all-time: And-1 vs Knicks 1992 Eastern Conference Semifinals. Shot to the head and the body while in the air, the flex and anger after the landing

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17 hours ago

NBA Wizards Bobby Portis is seeking $16M per in free agency, Wizards aren't expected to match

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| By theFREAK - 17 hours ago

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17 hours ago

NBA AD was a top 10 player by year 3, Zion has 3 years to prove he's not a bust

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| By Luka Da Don - 17 hours ago

2014-15 season
First Team All NBA
All Defensive Second Team
Blocks Leader

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17 hours ago

NBA :mjcigar2: ?

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| By Avon_Barksdale - 17 hours ago

Jordan is a walking smiley bro!

Shoppaz, make it happen...

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