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48 minutes ago

NBA Markelle Fultz fixes shot with amazing new free throw routine!

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| By A T - 48 minutes ago

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New free throw routine for Fultz. 👀

A post shared by House of Highlights (@houseofhighlights) on

Amazing. This guy will be trending on Twitter everytime he shoots the ball. And where are the people that still claim he's hurt?

The Curious Case Of Markelle Fultz 30 for 30 is going to be fire someday.

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1 hour ago

MMA Floyd Mayweather's getting played by the Japanese...he will leave Japan 50-1

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| By Mr Scaramucci - 1 hour ago

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1 hour ago

NBA bol bol 26 points vs syracuse highlights

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| By trill jackson - 1 hour ago

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2 hours ago

NBA D-Lo & the Brooklyn Nets at the Washington Wizards in new City Edition unis

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| By Panopticon - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

NBA Utah Jazz VS Philadelphia 76ers 7PM EST | Jimmy Butler Home Debut

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| By Good Guy Ry - 2 hours ago


Here he comes, Philadelphia.

Jimmy Butler makes his home debut for the Sixers Friday night vs. the Utah Jazz.

Here’s a closer look at the matchup.

• Butler had a quiet but solid debut for the Sixers. He finished the game with 14 points (6 of 12 shooting) and showed a little of his elite defensive ability.

The end result was obviously not what the team or Butler wanted, but you did see signs that this thing could work (see story). The two-man game with Butler and Joel Embiid looked intriguing (see film review). Also, the starting five of Butler, Embiid, Ben Simmons, JJ Redick and Wilson Chandler moved the ball extremely well at times.

• I’m especially intrigued by Chandler after his performance in Orlando. He showed the first signs of life for any Sixer after that horrid 21-0 Magic run and helped get the team back on top briefly.

He finished with a season-high 14 points in 23 minutes. More importantly, it was the most spry the 31-year-old has looked since returning to the lineup from a hamstring strain. Chandler didn’t close out that game as Brett Brown still monitors his minutes. Hopefully Chandler will be let loose soon.

• There is a little concern over Simmons and Embiid fitting with Butler. The second-year point guard was very quiet in the loss Wednesday (nine points, six assists, three rebounds). You can blame some of that on Butler’s first game but he was pretty quiet in Miami as well (13 points, seven rebounds, seven assists). Embiid recorded his first triple-double, but was just 1 of 10 in the second half vs. the Magic. He also spent a great deal of time outside of the post.

The worry when the Sixers acquired Butler was about his fit, since most of his points come from inside the arc. It’s Brown’s task to try to make the pieces fit and get Simmons and Embiid going.

• The building will be electric for Butler’s debut but expect a hungry Jazz team to come out Friday night. Utah was embarrassed by the Mavericks in Dallas Wednesday, losing by 50(!) points, 118-68. The Jazz scored just 22 points in the second half. With that taste in their mouth, expect Donovan Mitchell and company to come out with their hair on fire.

• It’s been a bit of a struggle recently for Mitchell, who has been dealing with a hamstring injury of his own. The runner-up for last season’s Rookie of the Year has shot just 37 percent from the field and 26 percent from three over his last six games. In addition to the loss vs. the Mavericks, expect Mitchell to have a little extra motivation to spoil the evening for Simmons and company.

Here are the essentials for Butler’s debut.

Busting Jazz ass early. They looking good.

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2 hours ago

NBA 2019 ECF Finals Preview: Toronto Raptors (12-3) @ Boston Celtics (8-6)

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| By Captain Fresh - 2 hours ago

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Redemption game tonight at 7 pm

A post shared by Boston Celtics (@celtics) on

Projected Starting Lineup

PG Kyrie Irving
SG Jaylen Brown
SF Gordan Hayward
PF Jayson Tatum
C. Al Horford


@ahonui06 @Cartel-Clipz@Captain Fresh @MischiefTooReal @sigNN @dadon85 @NLSP42 @Brainless @Pats5SuperBowls @keithbm1111 @Gunroe NuYawk @dnycem @gimmethat @SoulEater @Soraci7@Dray @Gortexmethod @Boogi3 @bkid@[Trini Yute] @TriniSoldier @Gautama @Gold Siddartha @Dmart617 @Lite @Rondooooooo @elvisfreshly @Da jolof Rice@Broseph Stalin @BossTonMA @Black Naja haje @Boo The Fool @Golden Buddha @Fauby @Kwestluv91 @keep me young @eucalyptus@DJ Maximum|M @Junior G @LeastLoved @GrindPOWER$ @rich21886 @Toss @youngsiz @twizzytwo22 @Kid_Matrix @Mami Wata @SickBlitz @xclusive2k5 @{XtoDaZ} @Boogie14 @cdub12344321@ya @Jacques Derrida @LuffyD @Yankees Suck @JudasHatesJesus @Korsgaard @AHernsGun @Left Hook @SnowFleury @Eljefe617 @black cobra @iDaPappy @Jumpoff86 @Boston
@LiVeWiRe83 @genobee @Glock Rivers @JGunnaWP @RandyManSavag3

Toronto Raptors

@#RAPTORSWON, @Black Jay, @chiptuned, @Felakuti, @flip_20001trini, @gimmietunes, @Godson6, @Illuminati, @Jay Jae, @jboxden, @kareem0011, @Kden, @Kid_Matrix, @KoopaMcKenzie, @kuruptjatt, @LegendLouch, @lowry2123, @masterww, @Miles Thirst, @mrniculis, @Qbert, @RandyManSavag3, @Robb_Banks, @ronnie|A, @SHootar, @slanger55, @Soccer0824, @Steve07, @thehighchief, @Tonero, @trex, @uzijj, @Windigo, @Yaggy

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2 hours ago

NBA Vegas Releases Odds On Where KD plays in 2018-2019 GSW in 2nd Place :broniseeyou:

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| By GoldBluded - 2 hours ago

With LeBron James having joined the Los Angeles Lakers, a number of pundits have made the claim that the Los Angeles Clippers could be a big beneficiary of his decision as many free agents would not be as high on playing second fiddle to LeBron as some of his past teammates which would make L.A.'s other team that much more attractive to top free agents such as Durant.

While Durant did not even consider meeting with his hometown team the last time he made a move, the oddsmakers still believe the Wizards have a chance to convince Kevin to come home and play for their franchise as they look to rebound from what has been a rough start to the season.

The San Antonio Spurs have one of the greatest coaches of all-time on their bench in Gregg Popovich and one way to convince him to stick around for a number of years would be for the Silver and Black to add Kevin Durant to their roster as they look to continue to be one of the top teams in the Western Conference.

The Dallas Mavericks will have a great deal of cap space this summer and a pair of young building blocks for the future in Luka Doncic and Dennis Smith Jr. Should Mark Cuban get the opportunity to sell Kevin Durant on the idea of coming to Big D then they may have a shot at landing the superstar.

The Brooklyn Nets are slowly but surely turning things around after a number of years in the basement of the Eastern Conference. Brooklyn will never have the allure that playing at Madison Square Garden provides but it would give Durant the opportunity to bring his talents to the area.

Knicks fans are already actively recruiting Durant to New York City as evidenced by the Warriors' lone trip to Madison Square Garden earlier this season. If Durant leaves the Warriors, the likelihood that he lands at the Mecca alongside Kristaps Porzingis seems quite high.

With young stars like Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid already on the roster, along with the recently acquired Jimmy Butler, the Philadelphia 76ers can make quite the case for being the best landing spot for a star in his prime like Durant.

There is always the chance that Durant chooses to remain in the Bay Area and continue to compete for titles year in and year out with the rest of this Warriors roster. However, they are not the favorite in this race at this point in time.


That leaves us with the leader in the clubhouse in terms of the best odds to land Durant come the summer of 2019 as oddsmakers believe that LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers could be the team to beat in this race as they look to bring the Purple and Gold back to prominence.

What are the odds? visit this link .. 124809417/Amp/

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3 hours ago

NBA Ben Simmons Hasn't Attempted A 3 Pointer Yet This Season

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| By timdog - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago

NBA Derek Fisher, explains....His side & spoiler: He don't really give a fu-k, really don't.🤣

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| By The NightFox - 3 hours ago

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3 hours ago


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| By suavehooper - 3 hours ago

The last time he attempted anything close to a three is that miss you see in that video, but that was actually a 2 cause his foot was on the line. He completely gave up after that

Dude is Ben Simmons status now

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4 hours ago

NBA Stat Nerds are needed. Shot attempts by MJ, compared to Lebron, in scoring.

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| By MayneThaTruth2 - 4 hours ago

I was watching Skip and Shannon, and if Shannon was correct, he completely busted Skip's ass when speaking about the stats between Bron and MJ.

Skip claims that by the time Lebron passes MJ in scoring, he would've taken 117 more games.

Shannon claims that by the time Lebron matches MJ, in scoring, Michael would've taken thousands more shots than Lebron.

He also claimed that Kyrie led the Cavs in shot attempts, while Lebron led the team in scoring.

If so, then what Lebron is doing is special, because he is a passer, and a passer isnt supposed to score this well.

Enjoy this video from the 7:50 mark until the end. Shannon was on his ass, if what he was saying was facts.

LOL @ Shannon at the end "Well how about 13 of 15? Is that good for ya?"

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4 hours ago

NBA Sheck Wes x Kyrie commercial

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| By BuyGold - 4 hours ago

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5 hours ago

NBA Sue Bird will join the Denver Nuggets front office

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| By black cobra - 5 hours ago

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5 hours ago

NBA Jemele Hill: Sports And Politics Have Always Mixed

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| By Shhon - 5 hours ago


Published on Nov 15, 2018

Colin Kaepernick and LeBron James are the latest examples of athletes who speak out on social justice, but 'Shut Up And Dribble' narrator Jemele Hill argues that race and politics have always intersected with sports.

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5 hours ago


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| By suavehooper - 5 hours ago

Can't wait to hear carmelo say his infamous yell after a rebound in spanish

Crazy how far Carmelo has fallen so quickly. And People wanted to Blame westbrook last season for Carmelo being AWFUL now

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5 hours ago

NBA Miami Heat sh-tty Trade Package Couldnt Get Trade Done For Jimmy Butler

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| By Dun Language - 5 hours ago

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8 hours ago

MLB People are laundering money through José Uribes 1990 Fleer card

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| By tokinjohn - 8 hours ago

We laughed, liked, and moved on. But then last week, I received an email from a somewhat cranky reader named Stef (look, Stef, I miss Grant, too), who pointed me back to this topic whereupon I found the following YouTube videos:

(Yes, a legitimate unboxing video.)

(My favorite genre of YouTube video is bewildered southerner gets extra twangy while trying to figure something out.)

You can read the article the unboxer in that first video wrote about the card here. If you’ve made it this far and are still playing catch-up, let me explain:

eBay is a commercial website where people can auction off their junk to strangers and receive payment through PayPal, unless the stranger is actually a really crafty grifter.
José Uribe was the Giants’ starting shortstop, basically, from 1986-1992. He posted an ERA+ of 76. The Giants will say he stuck around because of his glove and that he could switch hit and lay down a bunt, but the real reason was that he was a cult hero. We had a chant for him and everything. Candlestick Park would break out into an “U-RIBE” chant on the few occasions where he made a great play or got a hit.
He was beloved playoff hero Juan Uribe’s second cousin, but Juan called him “uncle”.
José died in a car crash in 2006.
None of this background suggests why eBayers have decided to bid up or set auctions at ludicrous prices that are above the major league minimum salary ($545,000). The card itself holds no intrinsic value. From a notoriety standpoint, most baseball fans are likely to confuse José with beloved playoff hero Juan. The idea that there’s some sort of error on the card certainly gives it some sort of collector’s value, but not three quarters of a million dollars worth of value.

As of 9:15pm on Sunday, July 1st, 2018, here’s what popped up when I google searched for the 2 videos...

... and when I went to eBay and searched for the card. These are the top 6 results, sorted by highest priced first:

It’s definitely more bizarre than hilarious. Even the YouTubers can’t fathom why this random player card is valued so high. Only, they don’t even attempt a guess (although the linked article comes close). That’s where I come in. I’m gonna rip the lid off this thing, dammit.

There are only four reasons why a José Uribe 1990 Fleer baseball card is being auctioned off on eBay for six figures:

Uribe’s OPS+ that season was 69
Which means that Irony Bros are behind this. I freakin’ knew it, man. They’re gentrifying “nice” by jacking up the price.

Juan Uribe makes drunk midnight purchases
The auctioneers know this and they know that Juan Uribe signed that $21 million contract with the Dodgers way back when, so they’re trying to play on his emotions for profit. Sick. But not surprising. As the first YouTuber mentioned, one of these Uribe Fleer cards sold for $2,200. That could’ve been Juan.

Juan, if that was you, I’m sorry for your loss.

Organized crime is using it for money laundering
This seems like the most plausible explanation. The “auctioneer” is a drug lord’s lieutenant and the “winning bidder” is someone deep in debt to the drug lord who, in order to “make things right”, must carry all the risk of getting caught with the funds and being responsible for transferring them at the appropriate time. Then, voila. Clean money.

If it’s not a pure laundering scheme, then we’re definitely in the organized crime/organized something (private or national security apparatus) sphere. The auction price could be a signal of some kind.

“Boris, when see signal, go dead drop, retrieve item to bring to contact in embassy.”

There is a code in that undoctored eBay search, though. If you add the non-zero digits that precede the triple zeroes ($758,000 and $525,000) and use the $29,999.00 as a code switch where the “999” indicates the numbers stay the same, then you can see it:

$758,000 = 20
$758,000 = 20
$525,000 = 12
$29,999 = break
$24,000 = 24
$20,000 = 20

Which gives us a phone number: (202) 012-2420. That’s a Washington, D.C. number, so this thing goes straight to the top!

I’m not going to call that number, though. I’m no Tim Kurkjian (click here for reference). And don’t you be annoying and/or inappropriate and call that number, either.

We may never know the real reason for this oddity. It’s certainly not the most bizarre bit of auction ephemera out there and I’m certain it has nothing to do with José Uribe himself. This all just might be random. But if I am right... please don’t kill me, Organized Crime.

visit this link https://www.mccoveychroni .. -card-spycraft

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8 hours ago

NFL 2018 Mel Kiper's TOP 25 Big Board (Insider)

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| By Southpaw - 8 hours ago

#1 Nick Bosa (DE, OSU)
#2 Quinnen Williams (DT, BAMA)
#3 Greedy Williams (CB, LSU)
#4 Justin Herbert (QB, ORE)
#5 Devin White (LB, LSU)
#6 Devin Bush (LB, MICH)
#7 Ed Oliver (DT, HOU)
#8 Rashan Gary (DT, MICH)
#9 Josh Allen (LB, UK)
#10 DeAndre Baker (CB, UGA)
#11 Jeffery Simmons (DT, MSST)
#12 Jonah Williams (OT, BAMA)
#13 Derrick Brown (DT, AUB)
#14 Deionte Thompson (S, BAMA)
#15 Greg Little (OT, MISS)
#16 Jachai Polite (LB, UF)
#17 Brian Burns (LB, FSU)
#18 Daniel Jones (QB, DUKE)
#19 Clelin Ferrell (DE, CLEM)
#20 Julian Love (CB, ND)
#21 Oshane Ximines (LB, ODU)
#22 Jaylon Ferguson (DE, LATECH)
#23 Dexter Lawrence (DT, CLEM)
#24 Marquise Brown (WR, OU)
#25 Byron Murphy (CB, WASH)

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8 hours ago

NBA 20+ years later Scottie still sh-ttin on IT

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| By LuckiiWaviano - 8 hours ago

Let that hate go Scottie

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8 hours ago

NBA Kelly Oubre signs deal with Converse

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| By ahonui06 - 8 hours ago


Kelly Oubre Jr. has signed a multi-year footwear and apparel deal with Converse.

The shoe deal will be the first of its kind in the NBA, with Oubre expected to wear Nike basketball sneakers on court, while headlining its Nike Inc. subsidiary brand Converse casually.

"Every game since my rookie year, I came in and just always wanted to look nice and always wanted to outdo myself," said Oubre. "[Style isn't] about anybody else, it's about how you feel in what you're wearing."

Oubre's shoe deal with Adidas ended on Oct. 1.

"It's a different vibration when it comes to someone who is trying to reinvent themselves in something that they started," said Oubre. "It's not necessarily someone trying to come in and disrupt the game, or someone trying to step onto the scene as newcomers again. [Converse] started this, and it's cool to be a part of something with the exclusivity to work with this company, start a partnership and a foundation."

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