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1 hour ago

Dak Prescott is the best QB in the NFL

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By HeyChico

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QB1 🔥 stats ➡️

A post shared by Dallas Cowboys (@dallascowboys) on

1 in passing yards

1 in yards per throw

2 in passing TDs

He’s the best in the league by far

And he’s doing it without being a gimmick running QB

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1 hour ago

Luka Averaging 5 TOs, Harden damn near averaging 6

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Can we stop praising these n*ggas, that sh*t is crazy

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1 hour ago

Hornets interested in Pistons’ Andre Drummond via. Trade/free agency

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By bmandagod

NBA writer Steve Deveney reported this morning that the Hornets have been interested in Andre Drummond for “more than a year” and will target him in a trade and/or free agency this summer.

The 2020 free-agency class will be one of the weakest in recent years, and Drummond is likely to be the big prize (assuming Anthony Davis, Draymond Green, and Mike Conley all stay with their current team/exercise their player option). The Hornets were rumored to be looking for help at the center position last February, most notably Marc Gasol. The need is still there as it becomes more clear that Cody Zeller isn’t the answer in the middle long-term, coupled with Bismack Biyombo becoming a free agent this summer and playing a limited role in the meantime.

Some Hornets fans might view PJ Washington as the answer at the five, but he isn’t strong, aggressive, or good enough (yet) to be the anchor in the paint and direct traffic from the back of the defense. Right now, PJ is a small-ball four, but Drummond can be that paint anchor while also offering historically-good rebounding numbers, scoring at a fairly-efficient rate, and no longer showing complete ineptitude at the free throw line.

Personally, I think it would be wise for general manager Mitch Kupchak to wait it out and see how willing Detroit is to part with Drummond via trade. Right now, he’s playing some of the best basketball of his career — averaging per-game numbers of 18.6 points, 16.8 boards, 3.1 a*sists, 2.1 blocks and 1.6 steals on 54% from the floor and 69.4% from the line — and I highly doubt the Pistons are looking to trade their second-best player before Blake Griffin gets his legs back under him after missing time due to injury.

Assuming he does become available in a trade, which is no guarantee, I don’t think it would take as much as people on the outside might think. Drummond is going to test the free-agent waters, and some team is going to try to out-bid the Pistons.

@1-MC, @313Beatz, @313boy, @Aesop730, @back2ballin, @BallDontLie, @Bazileus, @bmandagod, @b_eazy, @Cloud 420, @dadon85, @dangeroushall, @Da Truth23, @Dee Grande, @dEtroitJUNKIE, @DigitalGhost, @Dilla Deaf, @DrKnockBoot79, @eightytyson06, @ExNihilo, @FrescoB, @GrezyNclean, @He Hate Me, @HellBoy, @hellboy313, @Honolulu Blue, @Hovi Bryant, @ItAintRalphTho, @Itsjustmefools, @itzadirtyworld, @J.BEEZY, @Jay585, @j da pimp, @Jdog168, @jojothugadventu, @jsmooth-117, @JugernoT, @justblazedown3, @Kadroan, @KingBossHellBoy, @kingjappyjoe, @KingJustin, @krispie333, @krispy bryant, @kroock33, @LeG.O.A.T, @legacy313, @lmfaomanny, @LovaOfDaLadies, @Lunch Money, @marcusaka50, @McmasterlockPt2, @mester, @mixtapelive, @Nappy Gilmore, @nomad5044, @Pill Cosby 313, @Putin~Work, @RoyaL CraCk, @Sagat, @sho 2010, @slim_d20, @Smuuve, @Spinebuster, @suavehooper, @tdc320, @TenInchesSoft, @th4lb, @THE KAZUAL, @thugsbunnie, @timdog, @Tjvh616, @torious, @USC, @U.B.HiRM, @Veno da Don, @walterroan, @WezLFaCe_KiD, @whouthinkitis

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1 hour ago

All the Cowboys got the Darnold disease after taking that loss to the Jets

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By justin747

Relive it (especially that dyke bi*ch who works at Foot Locker

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1 hour ago

Is Kyrie Irving Faking Injury To Avoid Boston Return? Ex-Celtic Explains

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By SuperPawgHunter

They butthurt!


Are you buying Kyrie Irving’s shoulder injury? Kendrick Perkins isn’t. Irving has missed the Brooklyn Nets’ last three games with a shoulder impingement and won’t play Friday night against the Sacramento Kings. There’s currently no timetable for the point guard’s return, but he could wind up missing next Wednesday’s game against the Boston Celtics at TD Garden.

This obviously isn’t sitting well with many Celtics fans, who would love an opportunity to boo Irving in his first game back in Boston since leaving in free agency to sign with Brooklyn this summer. And Perkins, who spent parts of eight seasons with the Celtics (2003 to 2011) and has been very critical of Irving dating back to last season, can’t help but wonder whether the shoulder injury is legitimate. “He’s showing us who he is. This is Kyrie Irving,” Perkins, now an NBA analyst for ESPN, said Thursday on WEEI’s “Dale & Keefe.” “Think about this: All of a sudden, two weeks before he has to return to Boston, he’s injured. Right? Sounds like a setup plan to me. Like, ‘Oh, nah, I ain’t playing in this game.’ It probably was pre-rehearsed from the jump. He didn’t want to come back and face this. We’re looking at a guy that’s mentally — he’s not strong, mentally. And he’s proven it. He’s not strong. No matter how much he tries to have this Kobe Bryant mentality and all of this, he’s not like (that).” Would Irving really fake an injury to avoid playing against the Celtics in Boston the night before Thanksgiving? Probably not. But folks sure aren’t happy about this development, which only feeds Perkins’ well-documented belief that Irving is a bad leader who wasn’t fit to guide the C’s. After facing the Kings on Friday, the Nets (6-8) next play the New York Knicks and Cleveland Cavaliers before traveling to Boston for Wednesday’s much-anticipated showdown. The Celtics (11-3), meanwhile, finish a West Coast swing Friday night against the Denver Nuggets before returning home to face the Kings ahead of hosting the Nets.

Read more at: visit this link .. ltic-explains/

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2 hours ago

san antonio spurs could relocate to austin or seattle

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By wildish

*or not to in title

if the new practice facility doesnt get worked out..........spurs have explored the option of relocation to austin or seattle.........

can u imagine the top franchise in all of sports going from a small market town with no big name free agents ever signing there because of how boring it is to moving to 1 of the premier cities in the world in austin & now being able to sign premiere elite free agents..........


This brought up a question, though. Is this plan being considered to help make sure the Spurs don't leave San Antonio? The AT&T Center plans developed when there were talks about the Spurs leaving before. Wolff gave us his insight on the matter.

"There's always speculation about pro sports teams jumping around from one city to the other," Wolff said.
visit this link https://news4sanantonio.c .. T7bLk_W7RH83Iw

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3 hours ago

Ernie Johnson Just Celebrated 30 Years. Lettuce Cut Onions & Shed Thug Tears.

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By kiss0fdeath

Ernie Johnson Just Celebrated 30 Years. Lettuce Cut Onions & Shed Thug Tears.



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3 hours ago

Solution to Fix Most of the NBA's problems

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By back1

Each conference only has 4 "Championship Playoff" teams (only 1 team in history has won a championship as anything less than a 4 seed--the '95 don't give me that bs). We don't need the first round of the playoffs.

Then the remaining teams play a single game elimination tournament at the end of the season to decide the NBA draft order (call it the "Draft Playoff"). Seeded 1-22 based on record. Higher record plays the game at home. The top 6 seeds get a first round bye. The top 2 seeds also get a second round bye.

So the bottom seeded 16 teams play round 1. Round 2 is seeds 3-6 teams plus the winners of round 1 for a 12 team round. Then round 3 is all remaining teams (8 teams). The champion gets 1st pick overall, runner up gets 2nd pick overall. And the 3rd pick goes to the eliminated "final four" team with the best record". So on and so forth.

Problems solved:

1. No more resting healthy players if you have to finish top 4 seed to have a chance to win a championship (the 76ers are a 5th place right now, and the Clippers are .5 game out of 5th place, for example, and both teams are resting players for reasons I don't think they normally would if it were the playoffs).

2. Teams will play harder. No time for fu*king around. Can't fall behind early, and don't want a bad seed even if you miss the championship playoff (potentially wont get a bye or home game in the tournament). This makes the regular season infinitely more interesting.

3. No more tanking. You have to win to get a good draft pick.

4. Regular season is still 82 games. So no less games there (no less money) No first round of the playoffs (NBA would lose about 40 games if you avg of 5 games per first round, with 8 total series). BUT you add back 21 meaningful games with the draft tournament. So you're only losing about 19 games that no one really cares about anyway (games where no ones getting eliminated and we all know the higher seed is winning anyway).

5. GMs and team owners would have to be smart about building their teams. Can't just wait for a #1 pick. Everything is earned or thought out, or you'll get fired or pressured to sell your team.

With this plan I'd say attendance goes up, ratings go up, and its just a better sport.

Bad teams will stay bad only to a certain degree. To be honest, most teams lottery picks aren't the reason the team wins the championship anyway. If you look at every championship team in the recent modern draft era (basically since 1991), each team either acquired its best player or second best player through trade or free agency (Rockets - Drexler, Lakers - Shaq, Lakers - Gasol, Heat - Shaq, Heat - LeBron, Pistons - The whole team, Warriors - Durant, Raptors - Kawhi, Cavs - LeBron) OR drafted them high due injury to the then best player the previous season (Bulls - Pippin, Spurs - Duncan, Warriors - Klay). The only exception is Dirk's Mavs somewhat, but only because I can't figure out who their second best player was (maybe Jason Terry, in which case he was acquired, not drafted).


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3 hours ago

Luka Doncic now leads the league in PER (just overtook Giannis)

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By sojc

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3 hours ago

In positive Melo news, he scored 18 and had 7 rebs. So go fu-k urself, miserable fu-ks.

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By Doc Logical

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3 hours ago

One Night: Joshua vs. Ruiz

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By Blkboipurp

This was pretty good

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3 hours ago

Leaked audio of robert kraft talking about trump

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By Blunted Sultan

In public, New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft has largely been supportive of President Donald Trump.

There was a reported rift in their relationship over Trump’s handling of the Colin Kaepernick situation, though in February of this year in an appearance on Fox News, Kraft said Trump is “working very hard to serve the best interest of the country.”

Kraft hasn’t always been so supportive.

In audio released by TMZ on Friday, Kraft is heard calling Trump’s rhetoric around NFL players, particularly Colin Kaepernick and others who kneeled or raised a fist during the playing of the anthem to bring attention to issues of racial and social injustice, “divisive” and “horrible.”

In audio from a 2017 event, Robert Kraft calls rhetoric from President Donald Trump "divisive" and "horrible."(AP/Bill Kostroun)
In audio from a 2017 event, Robert Kraft calls rhetoric from President Donald Trump "divisive" and "horrible."(AP/Bill Kostroun)
TMZ says Kraft made the remark at an October 2017 “NFL Summit”; the Patriots have not yet responded to an email requesting clarity on when the comments were made and who was in the audience.

In September 2017, Trump said NFL players who protest should be fired; “get that son of a bi*ch off the field!” he shouted at an event in Alabama.

Here’s the text of the audio:

“...That’s what the players were talking about when they knealt, but the way it was interpreted in the marketplace, it was disrespectful of the flag, the military. Any of us who have the privilege of being involved in NFL franchises know how great the players are and how they’re different than the average Americans; they believe to be good, believing in teamwork, working together, all the stuff that all of us are privileged to know.

“But I must tell you: I think these dialogues are great, but the elephant in the room now, in my opinion, is this kneeling, which every player has a right to do if they feel it’s right, the problem we have is that we have a president that will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interest of Americans — it’s divisive and it’s horrible and it’s actually the opposite of what you all are trying to do. If there’s a way we can link that to whatever we’re doing and now, understand — we’ve lost the message to America because there’s just 40 percent of the people who see this, who just see this as their own, whatever their own bigotry or misunderstandings are, it feds into it. I just hope that one of the things that can come out of here is we find a way to be unified and be able to carry through and follow through, and I do think most teams are doing this stuff already, maybe the connection between the players and ownership hasn’t been as strong as it should be.”

In the days after Trump’s “son of a bi*ch” comment, Kraft released a statement saying he was “deeply disappointed” with Trump’s words and that he was proud to be a*sociated with so many players making “tremendous contributions in positively impacting our communities.”

Kraft has a long relationship with Trump, and has said that Trump called him frequently as his wife, Myra, battled ovarian cancer before her death in 2011.

visit this link .. 171725732.html

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5 hours ago

Melo really thought he could get this over Brook Lopez

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By Bucks414

tf was he thinking

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That's gonna be a NO for me!!

A post shared by Milwaukee Bucks (@bucks) on

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5 hours ago

15 years later, it’s still the greatest sports moment in live TV history...(for me anyway)

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By Doc Logical

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5 hours ago

The Cost of Being a f*ght Fan

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By LogzRoberts

Obviously most people don’t pay a lot of attention to the lower promotions and wouldn’t spend this kind of money...

I just wanted to put together a figure and get everyone’s perspective on it.

f*ght Pass: $9.99/month or $95.88/year
DAZN: $19.99/month or $99.99/year
B/R Live: $9.99/month or $79.99/year
SHOWTIME: $10.99/month or $109.99/year
ESPN+: $4.99/month
UFC/ESPN+ PPV: $59.99/month
Boxing PPV: $74.99 ~2-4/year
Average Cable Bill: $107 (per Fortune)
Fite TV: $Free.99-$29.99/event

Monthly Cost: $246.69 (assuming 3 Boxing PPVs/year and ~$7 spent on Fite TV/month)
Discounted Annual Cost: $2758.58 (assuming 3 Boxing PPVs/year and ~$7 on Fite TV/month)

ESPN+ probably gives you the most bang for your buck as an MMA fan and DAZN gives the best quality boxing for the highest monthly price

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5 hours ago

Brandon Ingram 28pts, 8rebs, 5asts, 2blks, 1stl - Takes over the 4th Quarter vs Sun's

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By Don Kaliko

Man I wish the Laker's kept BI over Kuzma

but it's good BI has his own team and is getting a chance to really develop. I'm happy for Brandon Ingram.

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5 hours ago

Brandon Ingram Has Arrived & I'm Not Going To Say I Told You So

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By Dun Language

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5 hours ago

Giannis is definitely top 3, but is he #1 in the league right now?

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By Bucks414

I dont know how he isnt, look at this monster stat line

24/19/15 -nov 21

33/11/4 - nov 20

33/10/2 - nov 18

23/16/6 - nov 16

38/16/4 - nov 14

35/16/3 - nov 11

best record in the east 12 - 3

6 game winning streak

Khris Middleton been out the last 3 games

No other stars around Giannis

He's making atleast two 3's a game

swiss cheese in the paint


who's better than him?

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5 hours ago

espn legend papi le betard.....doesnt want to work every day

7 people viewing this

By messy marv stan

visit this link .. s-been-solved/

Dan Le Batard has explained why his dad has gone missing.

Gonzalo “Papi” Le Batard is a popular fixture on his son’s ESPN show, “Highly Questionable,” but had not appeared the past two weeks. Dan Le Batard addressed fans’ concerns on Thursday.

“My father is in good health, he’s just been punching a clock for 50 years and doesn’t want to necessarily be working every day,” Le Batard said on his radio show, according to the Miami Herald.

“He had a pretty hard time telling me he didn’t want to be working every day. There was a palpable sadness when I sat down in the chair and [for the first time] he wasn’t next to me.”

The pranking “Papi” may not be officially retired from his TV role, but is likely done with the everyday co-hosting role on the Miami-based show, which has been on since 2011 and currently airs weekdays at 4:30 p.m. on ESPN. Sarah Spain, Israel Gutierrez, Mina Kimes and Katie Nolan have filled in on the three-person desk in Papi’s absence.

“He’ll come in when he wants to,” said Dan, who got married this past weekend. “He’s 76, and he wants to be working less at the moment. We’ll see if that sticks.”

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14 hours ago


4 people viewing this

By jmack26

Parking Fees
Hotel Rooms
Tshirt Fees

They still eating tho but them taxes from multiple states tho chewing away hard

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