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NBA Ernie Johnson Ain't The One
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1 hour ago

NFL Schefter trolling with emoji or is it a subliminal?

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| By ahonui06 - 1 hour ago

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2 hours ago

NBA Lol Big Baby Davis Rips The Clippers

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| By Daptism - 2 hours ago

The way this dude talks and his facial expressions.

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2 hours ago

NFL Well Damn, Now this is a GOAT pre-game Speech

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| By kualadays - 2 hours ago

I'd run through fire after that speech

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2 hours ago

NFL Players Who Will Go Higher Than Expected In The NFL Draft

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| By Southpaw - 2 hours ago

Every year in the NFL Draft, there are a number of prospects that go way before they are projected to. Whether it be out of need (usually at the quarterback position) or one team falling in love with a player, we can always count on there being a few surprises on draft day. As such, here are four players that will likely be drafted higher than expected this weekend:

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina Tar Heels

I think everyone who assumes Myles Garrett is going to be the top pick in the draft (which is pretty much everyone) is going to be very surprised when Roger Goodell announces Mitchell Trubisky's name first. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the Browns are expected to take Trubisky with that top pick since they don't expect him to be available at No. 12, their second first-round pick. They have explored trading up for him with the Titans (No. 5) and Jets (No. 6), but they aren't sold he'll be available then, either. So, expect Trubisky to be the top overall pick.

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford Cardinal

McCaffrey will likely be the second running back taken, but he's not going to last past the Panthers at No. 8. In fact, there are several teams picking at the top of the draft that reportedly like McCaffrey more than Leonard Fournette, meaning there's a chance he goes in the top five. Keep an eye on the Jaguars, who may take him with the No. 4 pick.

Joe Mixon, RB, Oklahoma Sooners

Mixon is a first round talent who has been projected as a Day 2 pick because of the 2014 incident in which he punched a woman in the face. However, I don't think he makes it out of the first round. The Packers are reportedly interested with the No. 29 pick, and the Eagles are another team that is high on him. Philadelphia won't use the No. 14 pick on him, but they could trade back - or trade back in the first round. Either way, someone will grab him before Thursday night is over.

Amara Darboh, WR, Michigan Wolverines

The only non-first round prospect to make the list, Darboh has a wide range of projections, but most of them center around him being an early Day 3 pick. I think he'll end up going much earlier than that - possibly in the second round. After Mike Williams, Corey Davis and John Ross, there is a big group of receivers who are all muddled in the second tier. The 6-foot-2, 214-pound Darboh and his 4.45 40-yard dash time should be one of the first of those guys taken because of his physical skills.

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2 hours ago

NBA Inside the NBA awards

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| By Black Naja haje - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

NBA Jeremy Lin comments on Asian stereotypes

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| By Black Naja haje - 2 hours ago

Jeremy Lin speaks out on stereotypes.

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

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2 hours ago

NFL Court records show Aaron Hernandez's estate is worth $0.00

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| By theFREAK - 2 hours ago

make it rain 💸🌧😄❤️ #aaronhernandez #rip #weloveyou

A post shared by Aaron Hernandez dedication❤️ (@rememberingchico81) on


11:21 AM PT
Associated Press
BOSTON -- Court records show the estate of former NFL star Aaron Hernandez currently has a dollar value of zero.

The former New England Patriots tight end killed himself last week in prison.

Hernandez's fiancée and her lawyer said in an affidavit filed Wednesday in probate court that Hernandez's estate is currently worth "$0.00" with "no monies available and no identifiable personal assets." The Boston Herald first reported on the affidavit.

Former NFL star Aaron Hernandez hanged himself in his cell last week. Massachusetts courts customarily vacate convictions of defendants who die before appeals are heard. AP Photo/Steven Senne
But there is an offer to buy Hernandez's house -- worth nearly $1.3 million. The mother of a man Hernandez was convicted of killing in 2013 has filed a wrongful-death lawsuit seeking any proceeds from the sale. Odin Lloyd was a semi-professional football player who was dating the sister of Hernandez's fiancée when he was fatally shot.

Hernandez was serving a life sentence in Lloyd's killing when he hanged himself April 19, five days after he was acquitted in a 2012 double slaying.

His house in North Attleboro has been on the market for over a year. The Colonial-style house includes a pool with a waterfall, a movie theater and a sauna.

On Wednesday, the court approved a request by Hernandez's fiancée, Shayanna Jenkins Hernandez, to expand her authority over the estate in order to sell the house. The pending sale price was not disclosed in court filings.

Jenkins Hernandez is seeking to preserve whatever she receives for the house to cover any damages awarded in the Lloyd case "and any potential future actions arising out of decedent's death," the court documents state.

Lawyers for Jenkins Hernandez and Lloyd's mother, Ursula Ward, asked Thursday that the name of the potential buyer be kept sealed. Ward's lawyer also filed paperwork changing the defendant listed in the lawsuit from Hernandez to his estate.

Also Thursday, lawyers for Hernandez's estate, his fiancée and their young daughter wrote to prison officials and the prosecutor's office investigating Hernandez's death, asking them to stop leaks to the media about letters and other writings by Hernandez found in his cell and certain details of the investigation.

The letter said the dissemination of the information "continues to cause the family severe emotional distress during an already difficult period."

A Department of Correction spokesman said the agency had no comment on the letter. A spokesman for the Worcester District Attorney's Office did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

On Monday, state Secretary of Public Safety Dan Bennett, responding to comments made by one of Hernandez's attorneys in court, said the state will do "everything we can ... to find out who is producing this information, because some of it clearly is coming from agencies."

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2 hours ago

NFL Corey Davis' sister wants a 'booty' with her brother's NFL money

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| By SM - 2 hours ago

Good news for Corey Davis. New butts cost less than new cars.

The Western Michigan wide receiver prospect, who's projected to land in or near the first round of the 2017 NFL Draft, will be relatively wealthy soon, meaning he likely will be buying close relatives and friends gifts. Thanks to TMZ, he now knows what his oldest sister, LaToya, wants if her brother is in the giving mood.


"I ain't asking for much. Whatever he wants to give me, that's fine. I'm just proud of him," LaToya Davis told TMZ before she was probed for more info.

A car? Anything?

"I might want me a booty or something," she replied, laughing. "'Wanna buy me an ass?'

"Just kidding."
Cars, and sometimes even houses, are popular gifts for relatives of athletes rolling in the dough of their first professional sports contracts. A quick Google search reveals that the average cost of butt implants is $4,860.

The amount Corey Davis will receive with his first NFL contract depends on where he's drafted. SN's Jason Fitzgerald breaks down that pay scale here.

visit this link http://www.sportingnews.c .. a1i5nwm4vh4ye3

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2 hours ago

NBA Ernie Johnson Ain't The One

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| By mynam3isearl - 2 hours ago

Ernie Johnson is too quick with it 😂

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

He's with the sh*ts. Definitely enjoy half time and post game segments.

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2 hours ago

NFL First Pick Of 2017 NFL Draft: Cleveland Browns Select Myles Garrett, DE/OLB, Texas A&M

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| By SM - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

MMA Christy Mack- Life-or-Death Decision: Real Sports Bonus Clip (HBO)

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| By SM - 2 hours ago

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5 hours ago

NBA Playoff Dwyane Wade was supposed to be a good thing. So far: bad

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| By El Maton - 5 hours ago

One of the purported positives of the Dwyane Wade signing was his ability to step up in big moments and deliver when it really mattered. Wade may not always “bring it” throughout the regular season, but the playoffs would be a different beast. We saw him take it to another level in the postseason last year with the Heat, and the hope was that he’d do it again after an uneven season in Chicago.

Outside of a few stretches against the Celtics, that hasn’t happened.

Wade was key in securing the Game 2 victory in Boston. He caught fire from 3 and knocked down some dagger shots in true Father Prime fashion. He scored 22 points on 9-of-16 shooting and 3-of-4 from 3.

But in the other three games? Wade totaled 40 points on 15-of-42 shooting (35.7 percent) and 1-of-5 from 3. That’s in addition to some of the lazy defense we’ve grown accustomed to seeing over the course of the season.

David Ramil, my colleague over at FanRag Sports, recently highlighted how poor Wade was overall in Game 3. And Game 4 was also no good.

Wade’s Game 4 wasn’t a total abomination if you just look at his stat line. 11 points, six rebounds, two assists, two blocks and a steal while shooting 5-of-12 isn’t horrible. But it sure isn’t good, especially when you consider he played 38 minutes, botched several layups and was the man assigned to Gerald Green at the start of the game.

On the very first Celtics possession, Wade flashed a bit too aggressively to the middle to help on a Al Horford drive, and then barely bothered to close out on Green. Luckily Green missed that first open triple:

The Bulls wouldn’t be so lucky after that:

Wade correctly showed some help on both of these plays, but the efforts to contest on Green weren’t there. On that second one he just let Horford box him out and gave up on the play.

Here’s another Green bucket where Wade gambled on a steal on Horford, which got Wade out of position and allowed Green a good look at a jumper over Robin Lopez:

On this one, Wade aggressively helped down on Marcus Smart in the post against the bigger Paul Zipser. While Smart had good position on Zipser, should Wade really have left Green wide open AGAIN?! I also like the late, half-hearted hand-in-the-air:

And finally, here’s one where Wade was running around like a chicken with his head cut off. He was put in a tough spot, to be fair, but it just looks bad:

The Bulls need more effort from Wade defensively. He’s had his moments, including a few really impressive blocks (he’s always been great at that), but those few highlight plays don’t make up for the other mistakes.

Offensively, the Bulls can’t have such little production given their dire point guard situation. While Jimmy Butler is the primary scorer/playmaker, Wade needs to be that consistent secondary guy with Rajon Rondo out. 11 points on 12 shots and two assists in 38 minutes just doesn’t cut it.

And it doesn’t help when he blows plays like this:

That swing effectively ended the Bulls’ comeback chances in Game 4.

If the Bulls are going to find their groove again and win this series, Dwyane Wade is going to have to be a big part of it. He needs to be better...and maybe the Bulls will actually make some adjustments:

That swing effectively ended the Bulls’ comeback chances in Game 4.

If the Bulls are going to find their groove again and win this series, Dwyane Wade is going to have to be a big part of it. He needs to be better...and maybe the Bulls will actually make some adjustments:

visit this link .. ing-so-far-bad

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5 hours ago

NBA Magic Johnson Told Jeanie Buss To Build The Team Around Luke Walton

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| By Dun Language - 5 hours ago

Someone has their thinking cap on

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5 hours ago

NFL Todd Todd Todd McShay final 2017 1st round mock draft

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| By all3rd - 5 hours ago

visit this link .. nfl-mock-draft


Todd McShay
ESPN Senior Writer
Facebook Messenger
Draft day is finally here.

I've done four mock drafts up until this point going as far back as December, and here you have my final projection of all 32 first-round picks. As a reminder, this is what I think the teams will do, not what I would do if I were running each franchise. Oh, and no trades are allowed.

Here is my final NFL mock draft for 2017:

Top 300 prospects | Position rankings | Ultimate preview

1. Cleveland Browns

Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina

Everything I hear suggests the Browns like Trubisky the best among the QBs. It's unlikely he drops to No. 12, where Cleveland picks again. So the questions become: Take Myles Garrett here and try to trade back up for Trubisky? Or take the QB and address pass-rusher at No. 12? Fascinating dilemma.

2. San Francisco 49ers

Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M

I keep hearing the 49ers want to trade back, but Garrett unexpectedly falling to them would be a slam dunk for a team that needs more pass-rush help.

3. Chicago Bears

Jamal Adams, S, LSU

Adams is the No. 2 player on our board and one of the cleanest prospects in a class full of character and durability question marks. He'd be an impact player from day one for this defense.

NFL DraftRound 1: Thursday, 8 p.m., ESPN/ESPN App
Rds. 2-3: Friday, 7 p.m., ESPN/ESPN App
Rds. 4-7: Saturday, noon, ESPN/ESPN App
Where: Philadelphia

NFL draft home page »

• 2017 NFL draft order »
• Todd McShay's final Mock Draft »
• McShay's ultimate draft preview »
• Kiper's final Big Board: Top 300 »
• Kiper v. McShay: Head-to-head Mock »
• Mel Kiper's latest Mock Draft »
• Scouts Inc.'s player rankings »
• McShay's biggest needs for all 32 »
• McShay's 2017 All-Satellite Team »

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU

I would love this pick if it ends up happening. Take some pressure off of QB Blake Bortles, run the football and play defense. If Fournette were off the board at this point, Alabama TE O.J. Howard would be in play. I've also heard rumors of potential interest in Clemson QB Deshaun Watson.

5. Tennessee Titans (from Rams)

Marshon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State

The Titans will try to shop this pick -- and shop it even harder if both Adams and Lattimore are gone. But the way the board fell, Tennessee gets the best man-to-man cover corner in the draft. According to many teams I've spoken to, Lattimore's hamstring injuries don't pose as big of a risk as initially thought.

6. New York Jets

O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama

The Jets can't afford to whiff on a top-10 pick like they did back in 2013 with Dee Milliner. Howard is one of the safest prospects in this draft. He's very similar to Greg Olsen: big, athletic target who can cause issues down the seam and contribute as a blocker. The Jets have had just 26 catches from tight ends in the past two seasons, by far the fewest in the league (Arizona is second worst with 97).

7. Los Angeles Chargers

Solomon Thomas, DT, Stanford

Los Angeles is another sneaky landing spot for Deshaun Watson, but would the Chargers be able to pass up the value of Thomas here (he's the No. 3 player on our board)? He'd add another great pass-rusher to Los Angeles' front.

8. Carolina Panthers

Christian McCaffrey, RB, Stanford

My intel says that Carolina wants Fournette -- and they might be willing to trade up to get him. But the Panthers also are big fans of McCaffrey. He has outstanding intangibles and would give Carolina a young RB who can run between the tackles and be a threat as a slot receiver.

9. Cincinnati Bengals

Jonathan Allen, DT, Alabama

Cincinnati likes Tennessee DE Derek Barnett, and Alabama LB Reuben Foster also could be in play here. But I think Allen will be the pick if he falls this far. He's a ferocious interior pass-rusher. Long-term concerns over the health of his shoulders could cause him to fall a bit on Thursday.

10. Buffalo Bills

Reuben Foster, ILB, Alabama

Foster is one of the five best pure football players in this draft. He could drop because of concerns about whom he surrounds himself with. But he's a true three-down linebacker, with the speed to cover and the tackling ability to stuff the run.

11. New Orleans Saints

Charles Harris, OLB, Missouri

Harris is a hot name right now because of his ability to get after the quarterback. New Orleans has to find a way to get better in that area.

12. Cleveland Browns (from Eagles)

Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee

Barnett finished his career with 33 sacks. He's not the longest or twitchiest athlete, but he plays with great technique and a consistent motor.

13. Arizona Cardinals

Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State

Hooker had three different surgeries this offseason, which could cause him to fall farther than expected. This would be a blessing for the Cardinals, who lost safeties Tony Jefferson and D.J. Swearinger in free agency. Hooker is the best ball-hawking safety in this draft class.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Vikings)

Mike Williams, WR, Clemson

The Eagles picked up Alshon Jeffery on a reasonable one-year deal this offseason. Williams -- who's basically a clone of Jeffery from when he came out of South Carolina -- would benefit from not having to be the focal point of an offense from day one. His route running is still pretty raw.

15. Indianapolis Colts

Haason Reddick, LB, Temple

The Colts love Alabama LB Reuben Foster, but he didn't fall to them in this scenario. Reddick has elite athleticism and showed the ability to play in space during a superb Senior Bowl week.

16. Baltimore Ravens

Forrest Lamp, G, Western Kentucky

The Ravens are hoping Reddick falls to them here. They also need offensive line help, which is where Lamp comes in. He started all four seasons in college, and he has great feet.

17. Washington Redskins

Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State

The Redskins could trade back and try to still get Cook. He fills a huge need on their offense and has game-breaking ability. The two concerns: his history of shoulder issues and the people he surrounds himself with.

18. Tennessee Titans

Corey Davis, WR, Western Michigan

Davis wasn't able to run the 40-yard dash prior to the draft after having offseason ankle injury. But he plays like a 4.4 guy and is a really smooth route runner. Marcus Mariota needs more weapons on the perimeter.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama

The Buccaneers really like Cook, but with him off the board, Humphrey would be enticing. He has the physical skill set to be a really good player; the only concern is his lack of ball skills

20. Denver Broncos

Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin

Ramczyk showed elite pass-protection ability in his one season at Wisconsin, and the Broncos have to find a way to keep their quarterback upright next season. He has the skill set to start early in his career, provided his hip heals fine from offseason surgery.

21. Detroit Lions

David Njoku, TE, Miami (Fla.)

As TE Eric Ebron enters what could be the final year of his contract, don't be surprised if the Lions take advantage of a very deep tight end class. Njoku has the athleticism to cause all sorts of problems for defenses in the red zone.

22. Miami Dolphins

Takkarist McKinley, DE, UCLA

McKinley has the best motor of any defensive player I've watched all year. He has an elite first step and would give Miami a high-upside player to develop opposite of Cameron Wake.

23. New York Giants

Garett Bolles, OT, Utah

Ereck Flowers hasn't gotten the job done at left tackle since the Giants selected him No. 9 overall in 2015. Bolles, who's the most athletic lineman in this class, has the ability to be a starting left tackle.

24. Oakland Raiders

Kevin King, CB, Washington

While King's tape is closer to that of a second-round prospect, his rare combination of length, speed and agility could very well land him in Round 1.

25. Houston Texans

Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson

Watson isn't ready to start from day one, and with Tom Savage in Houston, he wouldn't have to. Watson needs to improve his deep accuracy, but he has the physical tools and rare intangibles to grow into a good NFL starter.

26. Seattle Seahawks

Cam Robinson, OT, Alabama

Robinson is an elite run-blocker and his long arms give him a chance to eventually develop into a starting left tackle. He could play either tackle or guard for the Seahawks in the interim, as they have needs at several positions along their O-line.

27. Kansas City Chiefs

Jarrad Davis, ILB, Florida

The Chiefs love Davis and would be thrilled if he fell here. Derrick Johnson is 34 and coming off his second torn Achilles in the past three seasons. Davis has the athleticism to excel in the modern NFL, which forces linebackers to cover a lot of ground.

28. Dallas Cowboys

Tre'Davious White, CB, LSU

I've been hearing Kevin King buzz with the Cowboys, but with him off the board, Dallas could be enticed by a safe prospect like White. He started 47 games at LSU and showed great instincts in coverage.

29. Green Bay Packers

Adoree' Jackson, CB, USC

Jackson has the second-best ball skills in this defensive back class (behind Malik Hooker), and the Packers really struggled at cornerback late in the season. Jackson is a natural playmaker on defense (five picks last season) and special teams (eight career return TDs).

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

Evan Engram, TE, Mississippi

Engram is the model for a new-age tight end. He ran a 4.42 40-yard dash at 234 pounds, which is just ridiculous. With his ability to stretch the field vertically and make big plays after the catch, Engram would be the perfect matchup piece for offensive coordinator Todd Haley's scheme.

31. Atlanta Falcons

John Ross, WR, Washington

When he's healthy, Ross is the top big-play wide receiver in this class. His 4.22 speed is no joke: When you watch his tape, he's noticeably faster than other really speedy guys.

32. New Orleans Saints (from Patriots)

​Patrick Mahomes, QB, Texas Tech

Here's the deal: I think Mahomes will go in the first round; there just wasn't a great spot to put him without being able to account for trades. I suppose he could be in play for the Saints, who need to start planning for life without Drew Brees, but there's a good chance Mahomes is off the board at this point. Other teams to keep an eye on for Mahomes if the board falls differently Thursday: Arizona and Kansas City. There's also the possibility that a team could trade back into Round 1 to take him.
Another guy saying Harris instead of Barnett at 11

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5 hours ago

NFL Draft is today.... What do you want your team to address?

4 people viewing this

| By abacabb - 5 hours ago

1. OT in the first round
2. ILB (Hopefully Reddick in the second round) Salute to TU!!!!
3. RB
4. DT

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5 hours ago

NFL Richard Sherman wants to be traded to Patriots

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| By Bkjj11 - 5 hours ago

If Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman is traded prior to the 2017 season, it almost certainly would come this weekend before or during the NFL draft. Recent reports have indicted it’s unlikely Sherman will be moved, but that might not be by the All-Pro cornerback’s choice.

“He wants to be a New England Patriot,” CSNNE’s Tom E. Curran said Wednesday on “Boston Sports Tonight.” “My understanding is he wants to be a New England Patriot.” Curran reported earlier this month that the Patriots aren’t interested in Sherman, however.

To acquire Sherman, the Patriots likely would have to give up at least a first- or second-round pick. The Patriots don’t have either in 2017, but they do have first- and second-round picks in 2018 if Seattle would accept future selections. The Patriots could deal a player for Sherman. Malcolm Butler is under contract and could be moved, though he’s not as tall as Seattle typically likes its cornerbacks.

The Patriots also could deal a surprise player if they even are interested in Sherman. The Patriots already might have the best secondary in the NFL with Butler, Stephon Gilmore and Eric Rowe at cornerback and Devin McCourty, Patrick Chung and Duron Harmon at safety. Adding Sherman into the mix would solidify their standing as the league’s premier defensive back corps.

Read more at: visit this link .. ival-patriots/

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5 hours ago

NFL Carson Wentz snatches hat from Cowboys fan :dead:

27 people viewing this

| By ClustyMolecules - 5 hours ago

Savage...dude thought he was going for a handshake haha

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6 hours ago

NBA Greg Marius, Founder of EBC at Rucker Park, Passes Away

2 people viewing this

| By FreeJavon23 - 6 hours ago

Greg Marius, the founder of Rucker Park’s Entertainer’s Basketball Classic, passed away today after a battle with cancer. He was 59.

Marius started the EBC in 1982, running with a team that included Pearl Washington, Richie Adams and Walter Berry. In the almost four decades since then, the EBC became the go-to spot for the country’s best ballplayers. Everyone from Pearl to LeBron James to Jay-Z came through to EBC. The credit for that goes to Marius.

Marius was one of the first to connect basketball and hip-hop, creating an all-inclusive atmosphere that celebrated the game, its culture and its fans. A typical day at the park was full of music, food, heckling and endless games that solidified reputations or made them crumble.

He had stories for days, like the one he told us last summer about Allen Iverson and Stephon Marbury:


My best story is definitely AI. When he came up here, he was sitting on my man’s couch. He said he was gonna play tonight. He got here, he seen the crowd and the out of bounds line was everybody’s feet. So he said it’s ‘the first time I’ve played somewhere where I can’t even see the out of bounds line.’

You had two of the top about to become NBA players in the backcourt together. Steph Marbury was in the backcourt with Allen Iverson. They were a week away from the Draft. Imagine them playing here, taking the chance of being hurt and not being drafted? And they played as hard as ever. No NBA player has ever done that.

visit this link .. wOguvzb5uhE.97

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6 hours ago

NBA Dion Waiters says he would be in his bag if heat made the playoffs

4 people viewing this

| By AC_89 - 6 hours ago

Dion would have been in his 💼 had Miami been in the playoffs 💯 (via @waiters3)

A post shared by Bleacher Report (@bleacherreport) on

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6 hours ago

NBA Dwyane Wade says the Bulls had no hot water in their shower after loss to Celtics

16 people viewing this

| By st21 - 6 hours ago

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