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4 hours ago

 What Really Happened in Wuhan, China?

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By SomeOnesoN

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4 hours ago

 Breaking News ! Co founder of Twitter steps down!

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By outstanding

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4 hours ago

 Will cancel culture ever come for Redman?

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   By Stupendamatic

Seriously though they got the Washington redskins to change their name along now with the Cleveland Indians switching to the Guardians. Curious to see what other labels change down the road.

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5 hours ago

 Only in Canada eh!

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By Bobbysteels905

Typical Canadian shit going on in this thread

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5 hours ago


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   By Real Talk 10%er

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6 hours ago

How tf is this real man……

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   By Pill Cosby 313

I need the tv on to sleep (something about the noise and the fact I’ve been doing it since a teenager) so lately I’ve been watching tubi because it doesn’t ask if I’m still watching like paid streaming services. I turn on this show called Bizarre Murders

visit this link https://watch.truecrimene .. ity-bm1101-new

Dude finds out his wife is cheating and takes out a huge policy on her and hires a hit man. Said hit man does recon on social media and finds wife. Stalks page until he catches her location goes and kills her disposes of body. Come to find out he hasn’t killed the wife he killed a woman with the same name as the wife that looks alike and lives in the same city. Said hit man then doubles back chokes wife unconscious. As he drives off she wakes up and realizes what’s happening and calls 911. Once hitman realizes she isn’t dead he finishes the job and discards body in same place.

So as I’m watching it I’m like damn i thought this was based on true shit and googled it. That’s when i realized it is real. They just changed the name and how the story played out. But this is some wild as shit.

visit this link https://allthatsinteresti .. morris-murders


In a city of two million people, two women who shared the name of Mary Morris were murdered within just a few days of each other. Coincidence or is something more sinister at play?

On Oct. 12, 2000, bank loan officer Mary Lou Morris left her suburban Houston home and went to work. She never arrived at the office. Her husband tried to contact her all day. By 5 p.m., he had reported the 48-year-old as missing.

An ATV rider found Morris’ body later that evening in her car along a remote stretch of road three miles from her house. Her body was burned so badly that forensic scientists needed tooth fragments to identify her. No one robbed the devoted wife and mother, and there was no motive nor an explanation for her murder.
Everyone who knew the bank loan officer said she was friendly and outgoing. She had no enemies.
Three days later another Mary Morris suffered a violent end. Like the previous killing, 39-year-old Mary McGinnis Morris died in her car in a remote area a few miles from her home. She even looked like the other Mary Morris. Unlike the other murder, this one had two suspects.

On the afternoon of Oct. 16, 2000, clinic nurse Mary McGinnis Morris became panicked by someone she saw at a drugstore on the way home from work. She made a frantic 911 call, during which the victim was beaten to death and then shot. Authorities found her body in her vehicle along a remote stretch of road.
In the weeks leading up to the murder of Mary McGinnis Morris, she and her husband were having marital difficulties. In addition to that, a new coworker at the clinic, a male nurse, began to creep her out. At one point, she found her stuff re-arranged and a note that said “Death to her” on her desk. Morris assumed her coworker marked her for death because he was recently fired.
Shaken, the nurse asked her husband for a gun for protection. Mike Morris showed her how to shoot the gun in case anything happened. His training did her little good. The murderer made her death appear as if it was a suicide, but authorities knew better. Investigators observed telltale signs of struggle as if Mary McGinnis Morris tried to fend off her assailant.

Police interviewed both the male coworker and Mike Morris in the death of the second Mary Morris. The male coworker was a suspect because he seemed to blame the woman for his firing and tried to discredit her. Mike Morris was also a suspect because of how he acted after detectives contacted him.
Mike Morris told police he was at the movies with his daughter during his wife’s murder. He refused to take a polygraph test to back up his story and he wouldn’t let police interview his daughter. Shortly after his wife’s murder, he hired an attorney. The nurse had a life insurance policy worth $700,000 at the time of her death.

There were also two suspicious phone calls that lend credence to a hit gone wrong with the first murder. Mike Morris made a four-minute call shortly before his wife’s murder. He claimed he was calling her cell phone to try to get a hold of her, but she never answered.
Authorities believe he was calling the hitman he hired to kill her, and the man was supposed to answer the woman’s cellphone. Mike Morris claimed the phone company made a mistake with the length of the call.
Another phone call happened in between both murders. Someone allegedly called the Houston Chronicle to say the murder of the first Mary Morris was a mistake. No one knows who made that phone call.

The first Mary Morris had her wedding ring removed from her finger. That’s one way a hitman proves to his employer that he finished the job. Detectives also noted that both murderers attempted to cover up the crime scenes.
The first crime scene was a burned-out car, while someone made the second to look like a suicide. Both murders happened in remote locations so there would be no witnesses.
Despite the circumstantial evidence against two people with regards to the second murder, no one has been charged in either crime nearly 20 years later. Police could find no direct evidence linking the two murders. Legally, local authorities call the murders of two people with the same name within three days of each other a coincidence.

Jay Morris, the husband of Mary Lou Morris, says the odds of two people named Mary Morris killed in the same city (population: two million in 2000) within a few days of each other are astronomical. Unfortunately, a lack of evidence, no confession, and lack of a murder weapon doomed both cases in a court of law.
Mary Lou Morris on the left Mary McGinnis Morris on the right

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16 hours ago

 Imma keep it real I'd join whatever church they go to

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   By Ascension

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18 hours ago

Would ANY Boxden member yell FUCC THE POLICE to an actual police officer

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By Its Dark At 9

Even if you weren't necessarily being apprehended.

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18 hours ago

Pleated denim jeans? for who?

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By unit321

visit this link https://www.macys.com/sho .. tegoryID=33274

Who in the world wears these?

I'm looking for cyber monday deals and came across this.

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21 hours ago

Fatal Wild Animal Attacks in the US & Canada from 1900 to 2021

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By OrganizedChaos

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21 hours ago

It’s funny

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By Mtyjoejnblkblnd

One day in 2050 or whatever some 50-60 year will be bumping some youngboy, drake, weekend, lil baby, Nas x, dua lipa or whatever it’ll be considered old school.

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21 hours ago

 Is This Y’all Man?

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   By mypostmakesense

Somehow ended up on air and this is what the fat fuck does.

No matter how much they entertain you with their jokes and music, they can be destructive too. Remember that when you support them.

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21 hours ago

 My two lil cousins was killed on thanksgiving.. Im tired!!

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   By Lord Kushington

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22 hours ago

 TikToker used spy glasses to secretly film a Scientology brainwashing church service

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   By yola


A TikToker who goes by Reckless Ben said he used secret camera glasses inside a service at the Church of Scientology to uncover the truth about the secretive religion.

Users have flocked to the video, which by Monday had racked up over 1.7 million views.

Ben opens the video with, “So I went to Scientology with a secret camera in my glasses and this is their actual church service.”

In the glasses footage, a man behind a podium with a cross says, “Welcome to Sunday Service. All you have to do is follow the commands.”

He then appears to order the congregation to “sit in your chair” 16 times over a time lapse of footage.

In many instances, the congregation is already visibly sitting.

I secretly filmed inside Scientology’s insane church service #scientology #cult #spycamera

♬ original sound - Reckless Ben

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22 hours ago

preacher.....claims alien tried to f### her

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By messy marv stan

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22 hours ago

 Michael Jackson's FIRST "HOo HOo" Ever!

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   By The Originator

MJ's first HOoO HoO ever!

Fun Fact: It was first heard in 1969 on a song called Chained on Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5 album. MJ was only 11 years old.

Peep the full classic. You can hear him at beginning of song, no time stamps needed.

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1 day ago

Bad Boys or RUSH HOUR

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By Purpleswag23

Bad boys


Rush hour

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1 day ago

2 White THOTS Go 2 LA & Get the Bill Cosby Train Ran On Them! Husband Speaks Out!

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   By pnostarr

Two women never returned home from night out in Los Angeles

FOX 11's Laura Diaz spoke with one of the victim's husband.

what a cuck

where's the bill cosby emojis at?

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1 day ago

 The sad reality of drugs

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   By outstanding

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1 day ago

 Can't Stand These OldHeads

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   By whammy

Nobody wants to hear you ride through the neighborhood playing Boyz II Men End of the Road.

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