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7 hours ago

 LEARN: Africans BANNED From Chinese Hotels

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By Mr Scaramucci

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9 hours ago

 This nigga drew a pic of Kobe with a backboard bruh

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By The Gary Group

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9 hours ago

 That Time a Guy Tried to Build a Utopia for Mice and it all Went to Hell

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By bertr

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10 hours ago

Prophet of God predicts a sudden death of major b-ball player back in 2011

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By Zzz

Paul says in 1 Corinthians 14:1 to “Pursue love, and earnestly desire the spiritual gifts, especially that you may prophesy.”* This gift is a blessing to the church and should not be quenched or despised (1 Thessalonians 5:20)

He prophecies about other things but go to the 6 minute mark. Was this about kobe? Most likely. Why would God show him this? A basketball player? To wake up the believers to be in whatever way that works. If it pricks your heart, theres a calling for you.

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13 hours ago

 😐BREAKING: Nicky Minaj's Brother Receives 25 YEARS!😑

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By 6shake6

Nicki Minaj’s older brother, Jelani Maraj, was sentenced to 25 years to life in prison after being convicted of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child, for the rape of his young stepdaughter.

Jelani Maraj, 41, the older brother of Nicki Minaj, has been sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for repeatedly raping his stepdaughter, who was just 11 years old when the abuse began, according to the Nassau County DA. Maraj’s verdict comes two years after being convicted on charges of predatory sexual assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child for the abuse that began in 2015. The Nassau County District Attorney told HollywoodLife in a statement: “Judge Robert McDonald sentenced Jelani Maraj to 25 years to life in prison this morning. The Nassau County District Attorney’s office sought the maximum sentences of 25 years to life in prison.

“The defendant was convicted at trial of both counts submitted to the jury, Predatory Sexual Assault Against a Child in violation of PL 130.96 (A-II felony) and Endangering the Welfare of a Child in violation of PL 260.10 (A misd),” the DA’s statement continued. “Judge McDonald sentence Maraj to 25 years to life on the first count and 364 days on the second count. These sentences run concurrently. The trial opened on 10/19/17. Summed on 11/6/17. Jury deliberated for about two days. Verdict came in on 11/9/17. First post-trial motion was filed by the defense on 1/16/18. Judge’s decision on the motion and hearing was entered on 12/5/19.”

1. He was convicted in 2017 of sexually abusing his former stepdaughter, when she was just a child. The brave 13-year-old, who remains unnamed, took the stand and detailed what Maraj did to her for years before getting caught. While still married to her mother, Maraj, according to the child, repeatedly raped and sodomized her starting in April 2015. “It was a Saturday morning,” she said during her devastating testimony. “I had went to him to go say ‘Good morning.’ I had hugged him as usual. I went to go lie next to him as I usually do. When I did that, he told me to go close the door. He told me to take off my pants. Then he told me to come under the covers with him and he started caressing me… We would have sex in his bedroom, in my bedroom, in the basement.”

2. He threatened the victim and her brother if they told anyone about the abuse. Maraj told the children that he would take them from their mother have them “sent away,” according to the victim’s testimony. Her then-eight-year-old brother walked in on Maraj abusing her, she said at the trial, and heartbreakingly had to tell him to stay quiet.

3. Nicki did not testify at her brother’s trial, despite reports that she would. Though Maraj’s defense team said the “Anaconda” rapper would testify on her brother’s behalf at his trial in Long Island, New York, that never happened. During opening arguments at Maraj’s trial in October 2017, his attorney, David Schwartz told jurors that Maraj’s then wife allegedly forced the victim and her young brother, her children, to lie about the sexual abuse to extort the rapper for $25 million. Nicki did visit her brother in prison once, to accompany their mother, Carol.

4. He grew up in the Caribbean. Nicki and her brother were born in Trinidad and Tobago, but their father had an addiction to drugs and alcohol, as well as a violent temper. So when he burned their house down in 1987, the siblings went to live with their grandmother in Saint James in their home country, while their mother headed to New York City. The siblings moved to Queens to live with their mother when Maraj was 10.

5. He will be appealing his conviction. Maraj’s lawyer, David Shwartz, told Pitchfork in a statement, that, “We will be appealing this excessive sentence. There was clear juror misconduct amongst other issues.” He did not elaborate on the misconduct and “issues.”

visit this link .. harge-1918962/

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14 hours ago

 Penis Man Has Been Caught: "We are ALL Penis Man"

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By droid3000

Accused "Penis Man" graffiti tagger Dustin Shomer announced on Facebook early Saturday morning that "25 heavily armed SWAT officers" had arrested him on January 23 at his Phoenix condo.

Tempe police confirmed on Saturday afternoon that they had arrested Shomer at 5:30 p.m. on Thursday.

Phoenix New Times published an article just before 5 p.m. on Thursday about the investigation, which police launched after numerous instances of a tagger scrawling "Penis Man" across public and private buildings and other objects since late November. The taggings had received nationwide attention on social media and on news sites including ABC-15 News and

As New Times reported on Thursday, the tagger had become brazen with his markings in the past couple of weeks, hitting, among other places, the historic Hayden Flour Mill and the front door of Tempe's municipal building. Police didn't reveal they had apprehended a suspect less than an hour after the article appeared until they were contacted by the news media on Saturday.

In a statement to the media, Tempe police said they believe he is "responsible for multiple graffiti incidents of 'Penis Man' throughout the City of Tempe and across Arizona State University as well."

The statement continues, "Dustin was booked into the Tempe City Jail on 16 counts of aggravated criminal damage, 8 counts of criminal damage and one count of criminal trespassing in the first degree."

Shomer didn't respond to a request for comment. But on the "Unmodded - NEIGHB'rhood Group" Facebook page, Shomer addressed the arrest.

"I just spent the last 24 hours in Tempe and Phoenix police custody for spraying 'Penis Man,'" Shomer wrote. "They raided my condo and vehicle and swarmed my entire complex in west Phoenix with 25 heavily armed SWAT officers, and pointed a silenced assault rifle in my face.

"Anyone with any doubt who the bad guys are here ... be certain it is the City of Tempe, City of Phoenix, and police forces valleywide. There is no excuse for pointing an AR-15 in the face of a non-violent offender."

Shomer added in further posts that he spent a night at Maricopa County's Fourth Avenue Jail following more than five hours in Tempe police custody, during which time he was given "nothing to eat."

He wrote that he was "told I wouldn't receive medical attention after requesting it, even though it was posted on the wall to ask if desired. I was having a panic attack, cause they put a fucking assault rifle in my face (that's illegal, both denying medical attn, and excessive force)."

Shomer also wrote in his post-arrest screed, "For the record, I hate the institution of the police. But, I do not think every single cop is a bastard. To say they all are, is imo, stooping to their level of profiling. Some of the detectives I met seemed to be genuine penis man fans."

The United Kingdom's Daily Mail, which apparently was the first to break the story of Shomer's arrest, said that Arizona State University police allegedly caught Shomer "red-handed." The Daily Mail noted that other posts by Shomer, a former ASU student, included the notion that he was tagging with the name as a protest against "corrupt local government."

"Penis Man is neither man nor woman, you nor me," Shomer wrote in one post. "We are ALL Penis Man."

Below: A screenshot from the "Unmodded - NEIGHB'rhood Group" Facebook site with posts from Dustin Shomer.

visit this link https://www.phoenixnewtim .. paint-11430357

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16 hours ago


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By Illuminati


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17 hours ago

 There’s some weird energy in Hollywood right now

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By Blockafella

I’m putting my tin foil hat back on here, but this shit is spooky. However this is no theory. This is documented programming done through our history.

Back 5 or so years ago I used to research/know a lot about the different theories and things that go on “behind the curtains”. But it can have a certain effect on you exposing yourself to some of that shit. You feel different when you start to learn you were lied to by the history books and the world doesn’t really work the way you were taught it does. Luckily I eventually just kind of made peace with it and moved on, haven’t really been keeping an eye on what’s been going on lately.

The thing with Lebron taking Kobe’s literal spot and him dying the next day was odd to me. Also the timing of the Grammys being the nite of was off, but didn’t think too much of it.

I was scrolling IG a minute ago and came across this shit. I couldn’t believe my fucking eyes, this is exactly what I’ve read about with MK ultra and “monarch” programming. Before you discredit a single thing please do us both a favor and understand that this was a DOCUMENTED CIA program, and read the Article I am posting on the subject. If your not interested that’s cool, keep it moving.

But If you know you know

Scroll through these..

The Monarch Butterfly.

Every year, millions of these golden-winged insects migrate south to a small area of pine groves in central Mexico, which consists of only about 70 square miles.

The process of this journey has amazed scientists for years, because the time it takes for the migration to occur is actually longer than the lifespan of a Monarch butterfly (which is about 6 to 8 weeks). This means their offspring, born during the migration, simply knows where to go, and carries on from there. Call it instinct.

In fact, many wonder if there isn’t a kind of “genetic memory” at work, something hardwired or programmed within them that guides their actions toward their goal. This is something that exists in many animals, possibly even humans, like the bird’s ability to build a nest, or the turtle’s compulsion to bask on a sunny day.

But the Monarch butterfly is a symbol of something else, a different kind of programming that is said to permeate our modern society and control millions of people throughout the world.

Project Monarch

As the story goes, Project Monarch was part of a covert CIA operation known as MKUltra, which began in 1953. It would also later be attributed to the Illuminati, and is allegedly still in use today.

Under Project Monarch, victims, usually young children, are subjected to intense trauma, inflicted to the point at which their minds dissociate from the experience. This causes a form of multiple-personality disorder, allowing the “programmer” (or “handler”) to mold these dissociated minds into new, controllable personalities.

From there, triggers (or “alters”) are put in place within popular media and other sources that “trigger” and cause these mind-controlled “slaves” to perform whatever actions they have been programmed to do.

There are also various “stages” or types of programming, each tuned to specific types of individuals and serving different purposes. “Alpha” programming, for example, leads to increased memory ability and greater physical strength, while “Delta” programming exists to remove fear and ensure that orders are followed until the very last breath. What’s the end goal of all this? Control, of course.

They really grooming the next member of the Kardashians, and showing the world how it’s done. Shit is wild.

Butterfly Symbolism

Project Monarch is so named because of the specific traits of the Monarch Butterfly: the traumatization (typically electroshock therapy) causes a feeling of light-headedness, or “fluttering like a butterfly.”

But even beyond that, there is the metamorphosis from caterpillar to butterfly, as well as the aforementioned theorized “genetic memory” or instinct, passed down through bloodlines that bring the Monarchs back to the same habitat year after year. The butterfly has therefore become the symbol of this covert mind control operation.


While these types of mind control conspiracies aren’t necessarily unique (there’s also the NAZI Marionette programming, which we might look at later), the MKUltra program, as well as its precursors Project ARTICHOKE and Project BLUE BIRD, actually existed.

These CIA operations sought to understand hypnosis, new interrogation methods, forced addictions, behavioral engineering, and yes, mind control, among other things. A plethora of strange and, let’s face it, shady undertakings.

What’s most compelling (perhaps even iconic) about Monarch mind control, however, are these triggers and patterns that can allegedly be found in much of popular media.

The Significance of Butterflies


The significance of butterflies
Jan 24, 2017
The significance of butterflies
Project Monarch (a mind control programme developed within MK ULTRA) is named after the Monarch butterfly which, like many animals, seems to have some kind of hardwired behaviour within them. The butterfly’s migration period is longer than the lifespan of the butterfly, but the baby butterflies that are born on route still end up travelling to the same place. With mind control, the objective is to condition subjects in such a way that they end up acting without consciously thinking – it becomes instinct.
During the process of gaining control over someone’s mind, the handler will create a series of triggers which sets off a behaviour in that person. People who have been under the influence of this programme won’t be aware that it’s a trigger, so it works on a subconscious level. This technique was used in the MK ULTRA programme and a common symbol of this became the butterfly.
Another theory of why the butterfly is used is that it’s a symbol of transformation, the caterpillar emerges from its cocoon, unrecognisable in comparison to its former self. This video quotes the Dalai Lama to suggest that the butterfly could be seen as a very cold symbol devoid of emotion. From this perspective, the butterfly never meets its mother, it has to fend for itself and experiences little kindness. It could be a symbol of a detached home life and the Dalai Lama suggests that someone that grows up in this environment will find it very difficult to show compassion and empathy for others.
Are they just a fashion trend or could they be something more sinister, a symbol planted to trigger certain values or behaviours? If it’s a trend, why are they commonly placed over one eye or the mouth?

Some of this imagery is interesting considering all of these people went through a period of “erratic behavior”.

Butterfly was no random cute album name. I believe Mariah “went a little crazy” in this time period as well. Just something to think about, and keep your mind open to the ways of the world.

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18 hours ago

 WTF!?Guy Dressed as the DEVIL bids 666 on Price is Right

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By qutaboi225

They IMMEDIATELY cut to commercial break

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18 hours ago

 This is probably the funniest thing I seen today at work Bruh😂

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By Rondel

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18 hours ago

The writer behind Kobe Bryant Cartoon helicopter crash

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By swavesurfer

Legends of Chamberlain Heights

Episode 8 "End of Days"

Written by Grant DeKernion

Aired November 16, 2016

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18 hours ago

 Bruh this coronavirus Getting outta hand

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By Rondel

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18 hours ago

 That's a crazy car crash

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21 hours ago

In the wake of the Kobe news. RIP KOBE this thread is to show respect for love ones u lost

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By Tweezy12

Rip kobe,

this shit made me realize how fragile life is.

I lost my dad a few months back, i feel kobe other girls pain,

rip pop

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1 day ago

Lebron low key happy that Kobe gone cause of this video

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By echion911

Deep down this shit still burns his soul

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1 day ago

 Calling BX detectives: Connecting dots.

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By Real Talk 5%er

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1 day ago

BX’s beloved Joe Rogan is good friends with the guy who just sh-tted on Kobe Bryant!

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By GodBody

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2 days ago

 Trashterpiece Theater - The Deacon's Daughter

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By kkkid

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2 days ago

 Simp of the millennium....and proud of it

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By The Gary Group

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A post shared by Trag Aka Uhoez (@kinguhoeztv) on

Nigga bought a shirt to display this sucker shit.
Bitch put the voodoo on hus puss ass

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2 days ago

 Los Angeles N***ers? Female Reporter Disrespecting KOBE!!! (FIRE Her)

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By pnostarr

She gonna get fired for sure for this!

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