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22 minutes ago

  Yo They Wilding!!!!

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By Sucka Repellent

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23 minutes ago

  police dog fail

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By IGotIt

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2 hours ago

 Keeping this Butter Chicken recipe in rotation

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By Drosmoke81

Quick and easy but tastes like authentic Indian cuisine.

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2 hours ago

Who smashin The symbol of beauty in Persia from the 1900s

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By Tirade

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2 hours ago

 Conspiracy Night: Beyoncé & Jay Z (Sacrifice Lifestyle)

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By HaterVision

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3 hours ago

 The Egg - A Short Story about Our Existence

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By brazidizzle

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3 hours ago

 Aye Yall Favorite VP Was a Thot in the 90s

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By Ghostface Killa

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3 hours ago

ceo sues woman that see him as a friend

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By letitallg0

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3 hours ago

 When a BX poster finally meets a women

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By 6Fraud

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3 hours ago

 The Legend of Moshup the Giant 👀

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By OG on Deck

Native American Project

The Legend of Moshup the Giant

Moshup was an Indian giant who once lived on the mainland of Massachusetts before the European settlers came. He had lived both on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard, but decided to settle on Martha's Vineyard. He loved to sit on the top of a hill on the Vineyard near Gay Head. You can still see where his grand seat was in the crater above the cliffs.

Moshup loved to eat whale. He would catch the whale with his hands and cook the meat over a fire. He started his fires by ripping the trees surrounding him out of the ground. Because he did so much of that, there are barely any trees left today in Gay Head.

Moshup would throw stones into the water to step on in order to cathc the whales. That is how the rocks between Cuttyhunk and the mainland, referred to as Devil's bridge, came about.

Moshup loved his brothers and sisters who lived nearby and would share his whale meat with them. One year, he fed them so well, that in appreciation, they gathered up all the tobacco they harvester and gifted him with it. Moshup smoked all the tobacco, barely enough for a man his size, in his great pipe. When he was finished, he dumped the ashes into the water, and the island of Nantucket was born.

One day, Moshup warned his brothers that a new breed of man, one with fairer skin, would soon come to their land. Moshup told them that if they let these new men to their shores, the Indians would live no more. Moshup left them with this warning, slipping away into the choppy waters off the bay. Soon, the Europeans landed near the place where Moshup had laid his head. The Indians greeted them as friends and Moshup hasn't been seen since.

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3 hours ago

Would your lady be cool paying half?

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By SSJ4 Goku

Not trying to start a debate btw, just thought it was funny.

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4 hours ago

Chuck E Cheeses is now charging $20 for their pizzas now

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By Love everyone

Was gonna buy one for old times sakes but then I saw the price

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4 hours ago

 TikToker charged in GoFundMe cancer scam after documenting ‘battle’

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By HitmanBeats

A 19-year-old Iowa woman has been charged with bilking hundreds of donors out of more than $37,000 by lying on TikTok and GoFundme about battling pancreatic cancer and having a tumor “the size of a football,” police said.

Madison “Maddie” Russo was arrested on Jan. 23 on a first-degree theft charge, a felony punishable in Iowa by up to 10 years in prison, according to the Eldridge Police Department.

Police said Russo faked having Stage 2 pancreatic cancer, acute lymphoblastic leukemia, “and a tumor the size of a football that wrapped around her spine.”

The accused con artist documented her bogus cancer battle on TikTok and on a GoFundMe page, through which she had raised $37,303 from more than 439 unsuspecting donors, officials said.

Additionally, police said, Russo gave talks about her made-up health struggles at St. Ambrose University, where she was a student, and at the National Pancreatic Foundation — a claim the Chicago-based nonprofit has denied as “inaccurate.”

Accused cancer scammer Madison Russo, 19, in her booking photo after her Jan. 23 arrest in Iowa.
Scott County Sheriff

Police were tipped off about Russo’s alleged scam after witnesses said they noticed serious discrepancies in her social media posts about her supposed cancer battle.

“We can confirm the person in question has had no contact with the National Pancreatic Cancer Foundation and has never spoken at any of our events,” a spokesperson for the charity said, according to Fox News.

Russo also once appeared on the Project Purple podcast, where a spokesperson described the situation as “unfortunate” — and justified the woman’s appearance on the show by saying that at the time, there was “no reason not to believe Maddie’s story.”

Russo’s story began to unravel on Jan. 11, when anonymous witnesses claiming to be medical professionals reached out to authorities, saying they noticed “many medical discrepancies” in the teen’s social media posts about her purported cancer battle.

Court documents cited by station KWQC alleged that the witnesses were said to have observed “terrible life-threatening inaccuracies of her medical equipment placement on her body.”

At the same time, several TikTok users who watched Russo’s videos in which she documented her cancer treatments noted that some of her medical equipment and its placement did not look right.

Investigators said Russo also allegedly stole photos shared online by real cancer patients and presented them as her own.

Before her GoFundMe page was taken down late Monday, Russo had raised more than $37,300 from close to 440 donors.

When police executed a search warrant at Russo’s Bettendorf apartment, they seized a brown paper bag containing medical supplies, an IV pole with a feeding pump filled with cotton swabs, a wig and pills for nausea in a relative’s name, according to the court documents.

Investigators also subpoenaed Russo’s medical records and found that the teen has never been diagnosed with any form of cancer or tumor at any of the medical facilities in the area where she has been a patient.

In an October 2022 interview with the North Scott Press, Russo claimed she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Feb. 10 and with leukemia a few months later.

“I remember hanging up the phone, and I was a mess,” she told the Iowa news outlet last fall. “I was literally bawling, but somehow I ended up getting the courage to wipe away my tears and went back into class, which now, when I think about it, was pretty crazy.”

Russo said doctors gave her an 11% survival rate for five years, before discovering the massive, supposedly inoperable tumor on her spine.

Russo claimed in the interview that between February and October of last year, she underwent 15 rounds of chemotherapy and 90 rounds of radiation

The college student has been outspoken about her purported health struggles and has been giving interviews and talks on the subject.

“Life has been crazy,” she said. “It’s like a Catch-22. I can’t win for losing. I feel like I’ve been rocked to my soul, and right now, everything is kind of uncertain. I just want to know my game plan, and right now, I don’t know what that is.”

Despite her medical struggles, Russo said, she continued attending classes at St. Ambrose University, maintained a 4.0 GPA and held down a part-time job at John Deere while golfing in her free time.

The description of Russo’s GoFundMe page, which was still accepting donations Monday but has since been taken down, stated that “Maddie is currently undergoing vigorous chemotherapy and radiation treatments that make her very sick.”

“As one can imagine, this diagnosis has been very hard on Maddie’s family. Just like with any cancer diagnosis, the cost of medical bills, gas, meals, and expense can be a burden, and that is something this family should not have to worry about,” the fundraiser stated.

“If you are able to, donations would be greatly appreciated to help cover medical expenses and to allow Maddie to focus on one thing only, which is to show that she is stronger than cancer and will beat this. Please donate/share if you can.”

GoFundMe addressed the alleged scam in a statement to McClatchy News, saying the site has “a zero tolerance policy of misuse of our platform and cooperate with law enforcement investigations of those accused of wrongdoing.”

Russo claimed doctors gave her 11% survival rate over five years.

Everyone who has donated to Russo’s fundraiser has been reimbursed, and the 19-year-old has been banned from GoFundMe.

One of the donors to Russo’s campaign told station KWQC that she was “shocked” when she learned of the teen’s arrest.

Russo was released from jail on $10,000 bond just four hours after her arrest. She is due back in court on March 2.

visit this link https://nypost.com/2023/0 .. e-cancer-scam/

Punk ass bitch.
I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer less than a year ago.
Next month will be a year.

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5 hours ago

 Imagine driving down a dark road at midnight and seeing this..

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   By Mr Scaramucci

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5 hours ago

 Washing Clothes At A Truck Stop

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By bonez79

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A Romanian official says Andrew Tate has lost his appeal at a Bucharest court and will be

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By bxdiplomat

Andrew Tate loses appeal against 30-day detention in Romania

BUCHAREST, Romania -- A Romanian court on Wednesday upheld a second 30-day detention for the divisive influencer and former professional kickboxer Andrew Tate who is held on suspicion of organized crime and human trafficking, an official said.

Tate lost his appeal against a judge’s Jan. 20 decision to extend his arrest a second time for 30 days, said Ramona Bolla, a spokesperson for Romania’s anti-organized crime agency DIICOT.

Tate, 36, a British-U.S. citizen who has nearly 5 million followers on Twitter, arrived at the Bucharest Court of Appeal handcuffed to his brother Tristan, who is held in the same case along with two Romanian women. None of the four have yet been formally charged.

The court rejected their appeals and all will remain in custody until Feb. 27 as prosecutors continue investigating the case. They previously lost an appeal against an earlier 30-day extension.

A document seen by The Associated Press explaining the Jan. 20 decision said the judge took into account the "particular dangerousness of the defendants” and their capacity to identify victims “with an increased vulnerability, in search of better life opportunities.”

Tina Glandian, an American lawyer who has previously represented celebrities including singer Chris Brown and former heavyweight boxer Mike Tyson, joined the Tates’ legal defense team on Wednesday to work alongside them.

“The defense team made extensive legal arguments pointing out the lack of evidence against the Tate brothers,” she told a news conference before the ruling. “It’s no secret that the Tate brothers are controversial public personas, but this is not about their public persona ... this is about the violation of international human rights and the due process of law.”

“So far the system has failed,” she said. “The Tate brothers, who are both U.S. citizens, have been in jail for over 30 days now without bail and without any charges filed against them.”

As the Tates left the court after Wednesday's morning hearing, Andrew Tate said: “Ask them for evidence and they will give you none, because it doesn’t exist. You’ll find out the truth of this case soon.”

Tate, who has reportedly lived in Romania since 2017, was previously banned from various prominent social media platforms for expressing misogynistic views and hate speech. He has claimed there is “zero evidence” against him in the case and alleged it is instead a “political” attack to silence him.

“My case is not criminal, it’s political. It’s not about justice or fairness. It’s about attacking my influence on the world,” read a post that appeared on his Twitter account on Sunday.

His Twitter following has increased by several hundred thousand since he was first arrested in December. An online petition launched in January to free the brothers has garnered nearly 100,000 signatures.

After the Tates and the two women were arrested, the DIICOT anti-organized crime agency said in a statement that it had identified six victims in the human trafficking case who were subjected to “acts of physical violence and mental coercion” and were sexually exploited by members of the alleged crime group.

The agency said victims were lured with pretenses of love, and later intimidated, placed under surveillance and subjected to other control tactics while being coerced into engaging in pornographic acts for substantial financial gain.

Last month, Romanian authorities descended on a compound near Bucharest linked with the Tate brothers and towed away a fleet of luxury cars that included a Rolls-Royce, a Ferrari and a Porsche. They reported seizing assets worth an estimated $3.9 million.

Prosecutors have said that if they can prove the cars’ owners gained money through illicit activities such as human trafficking, the assets would be used to cover the expenses of the investigation and to compensate victims. Tate also unsuccessfully appealed the asset seizure.

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5 hours ago

I’m an ex-banker ‘genderless dragon’ — now my son won’t talk to me

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By letitallg0

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5 hours ago

 Bernice was a savage

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By Perc Nowitzki



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5 hours ago

Woman Allegedly Used Social Media to Find and Kill Doppelgänger So She Could Fake Her Own

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By letitallg0

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6 hours ago

 Wernher von Braun creator of NASA left a Gem on his Tombstone

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By HaterVision

Was he feeling Guilty for lying to us. Why would he leave that on his Tombstone?

If you think about it. This might be the reason the Rainbow 🌈 is shaped like that.

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