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Article inside DJ Envy Explains Why He Walked Out Of Breakfast Club Interview
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Article inside Logic and His Wife Reportedly Headed for Divorce After Two Years
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Image(s) inside NYC Grandma Arrives To Babysit Toddler And Discovers Whole Family Slai..
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Image(s) inside Name a rapper who has a better mixtape catalog than this... (pro tip: ..

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11 hours ago

Video inside Russian scientist who created the deadly toxin for Russia

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| By Gang Sht - 11 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Kid Calls Police On Dad For Selling Crack (Dad Gets Locked Up)

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| By Youngboss - 16 hours ago

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16 hours ago

Image inside NYC Grandma Arrives To Babysit Toddler And Discovers Whole Family Slain In Murder-Suicide

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| By Avon_Barksdale - 16 hours ago

A horror-stricken grandmother came home Wednesday to find an entire family — including her 1-year-old granddaughter — shot to death in a triple murder-suicide in Brooklyn, multiple outlets report.

Police believe that Terrance Briggs, 27, shot his stepfather, Loyd Drain Jr., 57, his stepbrother, Loyd Drain III, 16, and then his daughter, Laylay, 1, before turning the gun on himself, the New York Times reports.

The grandmother, Patricia Green, 53, who is Briggs’ mother and Loyd Drain Jr.’s wife, came upon the grisly scene when she arrived home at the Brownsville apartment at 5 a.m. to babysit the toddler, local station WPIX reports.

At approximately 5 a.m., police responded to a 911 call about unconscious people inside an apartment in a Brownsville building, the New York City Police Department said in a statement obtained by PEOPLE.

Upon arrival, officers found four people “unconscious and unresponsive, with gunshot wounds to the head,” the statement, which identifies the deceased, said. They were pronounced dead at the scene.

Police found a firearm at the location, the statement says.


“We do not have a motive for this incident, but we are working very hard to establish one,” NYPD Deputy Chief Michael Kemper said, according to ABC7. “I can say this, a firearm has been recovered inside the apartment, along with bullets and shell casings.”
Known as ‘Big Daddy, Drain Jr. and his wife would often cook for “anyone who was hungry,” neighbor Vanessa Swain told the Brownsville Patch.


“Patricia kept her family whole,” Swain told the outlet. “She loved her family beyond love. It breaks my heart to see him gone. They had a perfect marriage.”

visit this link .. 190402505.html

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17 hours ago

Video inside Casting a $20 Million Mirror for the Worlds Largest Telescope

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| By tokinjohn - 17 hours ago

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17 hours ago

Video inside Just when you thought they reached the limit with this transgender sh-t.

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| By Pill Cosby 313 - 17 hours ago

Meet Thomas a professional bodybuilder that was born a woman.

That sh*t is crazy af. This bi*ch will knock a dude block off and I’m busy tryin to juggle between a keg and a six pack.

EDIT: This dude lookin way feminine in the thumbnail tho. I can’t call him a chick no more. He’s more manlier than majority of these niggas.

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17 hours ago

Video inside Jon Kuhn Glass

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| By tokinjohn - 17 hours ago

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21 hours ago

Video inside Black Guy Gets Millions of Dollars From Japanese Government To Increase Japan's Birthrate

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| By mr_underground - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

Video inside Shawn Wayans clowns hoe DEAD To HER FACE Getting HER HEATED

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| By Enigmatic1 - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

Image inside Smiley Material?

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| By Albazi1K95 - 21 hours ago

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21 hours ago

Video inside Florida Men use spaghetti sauce to try to start fire after burglary, deputies say

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| By TheGreatDane - 21 hours ago

Two men are accused of breaking into the home of a man they both dated, stealing several items, then leaving spaghetti sauce boiling on the stove with a washcloth placed near the burner in an attempt to start a fire, according to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office.

[MORE ON CLICKORLANDO.COM: Murder suspect claims victim deserved to be beaten to death, police say | Disney hotel guests will soon be charged to park during their stay ]

The victim called 911 about 7 a.m. Tuesday because the security cameras in his home on Evergreen Terrace in DeLand detected motion and he believed someone was breaking in because a towel had been placed over one of the cameras, the report said.

Deputies went to the residence and saw a red Lincoln Navigator attempting to leave the area. A stop was conducted and the driver, 28-year-old John Silva, and passenger, Derrick Irving, told the deputy that they had just picked up some clothes from the victim's home, according to the affidavit.

The victim told News 6 that Irving was wearing a bull costume.

The deputy said she could see a marijuana grinder in the center console and a vacuum, window A/C unit, flat-screen television and heater in the back seat. An empty jar of Ragu spaghetti sauce was also on the passenger's seat, the report said.

Deputies said both men initially denied burglarizing the victim's home, instead saying that Irving told Silva he lived at the home and needed a ride there to retrieve some clothes and other items.

The home reeked of smoke when deputies entered it, according to the report. A pot of spaghetti sauce was found burning on the stove with a white washcloth placed near the burner that had just begun to catch fire, according to the affidavit.

"He was trying to make it look like I left the stove on but who gets up 2 a.m. and fixes sketti," the victim said.

The deputy extinguished the flames then continued searching the home.

Evidence at the scene revealed that Silva and Irving broke into the home, covered the security cameras, stole the items, then put the spaghetti sauce on the stove in an attempt to start a fire so the evidence would be destroyed, according to authorities.

Silva and Irving told deputies that they both had romantic or sexual encounters with the victim in the past.

"It started out as a relationship, that lasted about a week," the victim said. "I've let him use my car for four months, maybe he's angry about that. Or maybe he's angry because I gave him $150 to fix his teeth."

visit this link https://www.clickorlando. .. y-deputies-say

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21 hours ago

The truth behind "Trap-a-Holics" voice, featuring McLovin!

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| By Pyrex - 21 hours ago

This video shows the real voice behind trap-a-holics tracks with Christopher Mintz-Plasse including favorites such as "Damn son, wheredya find this" and "Real, trap, sh*t"

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21 hours ago

Video inside Ski Lift turns into a Roller Coaster

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| By FullTimeHustla - 21 hours ago

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2 days ago

13 Facts About Serial Killers That You Definitely Shouldn't Read After 10PM

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| By messy marv stan - 2 days ago

visit this link .. 6e#.ma9NNLVVOV

1. Huang Yong, a prolific Chinese serial killer, kept an array of leather belts of young boys and men as souvenirs after he drugged and raped his victims

Yong was executed by a firing squad on 26 December 2003, after 17 corpses were unearthed from his backyard. He mostly targeted young boys as he believed old men were too vigilant to trick, and female victims would make him look like less of a "hero"

2. The Russian killer Alexander Pichushkin was nicknamed the "Chessboard Killer" because his goal was to kill 64 people, which is the exact number of squares on a chessboard

Pichushkin kept a chessboard in his apartment on which he wrote the dates he killed his victims on each square. At the time of his arrest, 61 of the 64 squares on the chessboard were already filled in, even though he was only tried for 49 murders. What makes him the creepiest serial killer is that he butchered more people than Jeffrey Dahmer, Jack the Ripper, and the Son of Sam combined

3. Niels Hoegel, a German nurse, intentionally injected his patients with drugs to cause heart failure, because he liked showing off his resuscitation skills to colleagues

Niels was already serving a life sentence for murdering two patients, when in January 2018 he was again charged with 97 murders. He was first caught after a nurse observed that a previously stable patient had a stroke during Niels' shift. The nurse later found empty medication containers in the wastebin while he was busy resuscitating the patient.

4. Professor Mohan Kumar, aka "Cyanide Mohan", lured young women into marrying him and killed them the next day by giving them birth control pills laced with cyanide

The Indian serial killer was recently sentenced to imprisonment till death for five murder cases, even though he's accused of 20 murders. His victims were those women who couldn't pay the dowry or were unable to find suitable grooms for themselves.

5. Leonarda Cianciulli from Southern Italy converted her three middle-aged victims into soap and cake, which she gifted to her friends later

After a fortune-teller predicted all her children will die, Leonarda believed sacrificing others' souls would keep her kids safe. She died at age 76 after being sentenced to 30 years in jail.

6. On 16 March 2000, a Pakistan court sentenced Javed Iqbal, a murderer of 100 boys, to be strangled to death with an iron chain, diced into pieces, and dissolved in acid the same way he killed his victims

Before Javed could be punished, he was found dead in his jail cell under mysterious circumstances on 8 October 2001.

7. Dr Marcel Petiot, who murdered 27 people, served as a mayor of the town of Villeneuve-sur-Yonne, France

Dubbed “Doctor Satan”, he mainly preyed on Jewish refugees trying to escape France during the Nazi occupation.


8. Robert Hansen, a quiet baker from Alaska, would kidnap female sex workers, only to release them later in the wilderness and hunt them down with his rifle

During a 12-year span, Hansen killed 17 women and raped more than 30 women. He died on 21 August 2014, while still in prison

9. John George Haigh, popularly known in the UK as the "Acid Bath Murderer", dissolved his victims in sulfuric acid because he thought that it'd be impossible to convict him without finding the bodies

10. The French serial killer Michel Fourniret developed an obsession with killing virgins after he realized his first wife wasn't chaste before marriage

Michel abducted and murdered eight girls in the span of 14 years from 1987 to 2001. His third wife, Monique Olivier, was also convicted of complicity in four of the murders and was sentenced to life in prison

11. Takahiro Shiraishi offered suicide pacts to nine women before killing and dismembering them

The Japanese serial killer used Twitter to lure women with suicidal thoughts into his apartment, where he brutally murdered them

12. The Iranian newspapers dubbed Saeed Hanaei's murders as the "Spider Killings" because he brought his victims, female sex workers, into his house, strangled them with a scarf, and then dumped their bodies next to open sewers

He murdered 16 women between 2000 and 2001 before being apprehended by the cops. He thought his actions were noble, as it was cleansing the society of moral corruption

13. Despite being convicted for the murders of 110 girls, Pedro López was released from a psychiatric hospital in 1998 for good behavior

What's really frightening is that as of 2018, his whereabouts are still unknown

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2 days ago

Video inside When you girl lit on her IG Story in Miami

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| By 504 - 2 days ago

Miami Spring Break is lit 🤷🏽*♀️😂

A post shared by Baller Alert (@balleralert) on

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2 days ago

Video inside Kevin Hart and Conan: What the Fit Episode 1

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| By KingJerz - 2 days ago

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2 days ago

Yall seen this sh-t??

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| By MANNYSOSA - 2 days ago

I need that

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2 days ago

Dope Tatts Thread

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| By Fortune - 2 days ago

Didn't see a thread on this, pretty sure most ppl on here got some kinda ink, so im pretty sure we can all appreciate high quality work. add on.

A post shared by Al (@al_killiffa) on

Last night at the trvp 😎👌🏽💉

A post shared by Al (@al_killiffa) on

A post shared by Al (@al_killiffa) on

Had a swell time with this back. Most is healed.

A post shared by Pony Lawson ✶ (@ponylawson) on

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2 days ago

Image inside Did you know male snakes have 2 penises and alligators stay on hard

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| By Black Cobra - 2 days ago


From spiky penises to an extra clitoris, reptile reproductive parts don’t lack for variety.

The male American alligator, Alligator mississippiensis, keeps its penis erect but tucked inside its body until mating.


More than 10,000 reptile species in every shape and size scurry and slither across Earth, from garter snakes to crocodiles — and their nether regions are just as wildly varied.

From spiky penises to multiple penises—or none at all—reptiles have some of the most unusual mating gear on Earth. (Learn how lizard genitalia became a black-market craze.)

Most of the current knowledge of reptilian genitalia focuses on male parts, but scientists are turning more and more to the study of their female counterparts—it’s just a bit trickier since female parts are situated inside the animal.

Snakes and lizards have not just one, but two penises, called hemipenes.
University of Sydney researcher Christopher Friesen says having two hemipenes may benefit males during mating.

A close-up view shows the two hemipenes of a male Cape cobra (Naja nivea) in South Africa.


“In the case of the garter snakes I have studied, being able to mate from on one side of the female or the other might be useful in intense mating competition,” he says.

That’s because the snakes form what Friesen calls “massive mating aggregations” in which from five to 100 males compete for a single female by searching for her within the mating ball.

visit this link

“It might be advantageous to be flexible about which side of the female a male finds himself, because they use the hemipenis closest to the female to mate.” (Read about a pit filled with 75,000 mating garter snakes.)

And it’s not just males that are doubling up. Female lizards and snakes have two clitorises, or hemiclitores, which were first described in female monitor lizards in 1995 by W. Böhme as “miniaturized mirror images of the hemipenes of the males.”

Hemiclitores and their functions are still “poorly known” but should be considered a defining characteristic of female lizards and snakes, researchers Soledad Valdecantos and Fernando Lobo of the Universidad Nacional de Salta in Argentina reported in a 2014 study.

On the other hand, the tuatara—a reptile that resembles a lizard—has no penis at all.

Two tuatara, Sphenodon punctatus, at the Wellington Zoo. The males, like many birds, do not have penises at all.


Instead, the male simply mounts the female and places the opening of his cloaca—the cavity where the intestinal, genital, and urinary tracts meet in reptiles—over hers. This allows him to transfer his sperm into her cloaca.

Most birds mate in similar fashion—the majority of male fowl is sans-phallus and instead deliver sperm by rubbing cloaca to cloaca. One notable exception is found in ducks, which have famously long and corkscrew-shaped penises and vaginas.

Researchers in Australia made a curious discovery last year while studying embryos of the central bearded dragon, a large lizard that lives in dry environments. It turns out that females temporarily grow the lizard equivalent of a penis while still in the egg.

The way these females grew hemipenes, the equivalent of a mammalian penis, was decidedly weird,” researcher Vera Weisbecker of the University of Queensland says in a release from Science Daily.

The females lost their hemipenes as they got close to hatching. This research adds to what Weisbecker calls “scant knowledge” of the genitalia of female reptiles.

The hemipenes of lizards and snakes sport tiny spikes and hooks.
Scientists have a few ideas about why hemipenes exhibit this sort of ornamentation. According to one hypothesis, male and female genital form has adapted so that mating can occur only between a male and female of the same species. The genitals of males and females of the same species fit together, and the spikes and hooks could help the male keep his hemipenis in place during mating.

One study found that those spikes and hooks may also increase the duration of copulation, thereby increasing mating success.

“I would stress that the female genitalia need to be studied in order to fully understand the function of elaboration of the male genitalia,” says Frieson.

Male American alligators are always prepared. Most—if not all—other animal penises inflate from a flaccid state, but gators keep theirs permanently erect.

visit this link

And that’s not all—the penis shoots out from inside the animal’s body and then bounces back like a rubber band. Diane Kelly, a researcher and animal phallus expert from the University of Massachusetts, told National Geographic in 2013 that this “permanently erect bungee” penis is “really weird.”
Kelly has a theory about how a permanently erect “almost free-floating” penis with no muscle attached to it is able to extrude from the animal’s cloaca. After seeing this video, she hypothesized that a pair of muscles cradling the penis—the levator cloacae—contract to force the penis out.

visit this link

So far, the phenomenon has also been observed in Nile and Australian saltwater crocodiles. “We expect that it’s true of all crocodilians,” Kelly says via e-mail.
She’s still working to get live, sexually mature specimens to test her hypothesis. Kelly notes that while the penis itself is permanently erect, the glans—that bulbous structure at the tip—does inflate, and each species has its own look and shape.

Tina Deines is a freelance journalist based in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

visit this link https://news.nationalgeog .. ot-hatha-jodi/

No homo

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2 days ago

AZ teacher posts salary on Facebook to make a point

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| By Kliq - 2 days ago

Amid a nationwide debate about teacher salaries, a Phoenix-area teacher shared her salary, and her frustration, on social media.

Whispering Winds Academy teacher Elisabeth Milich posted a photo of her salary on Facebook. Her salary is $35,490 per year, according to the document.

She works for the Paradise Valley Unified School District.

Milich posted the photo after seeing her expected pay raise for taking professional-development courses.

"This is my new pay after taking a few professional development classes," stated Milich in the post. "I actually laughed when I saw the old salary vs. the new one. I mean really, I need a college degree to make this? I paid 80,000 for a college degree, I then paid several hundred more to transfer my certification to Az."

Milich's pay stub showed she will make an additional $131 next school year

"I just posted it to bring awareness," said Milich. "When you see it in black and white and you see what your raise is, it is just laughable."

Milich has since deleted the Facebook post.

Last week, thousands of Arizona teachers and education advocates participated in the #RedForEd movement — wearing red to protest the low pay they say has contributed to a shortage of qualified teachers in the state.

The movement was in response to West Virginia teachers striking for higher pay.

"My hope is that our state takes a hard look at this crisis. There are vacancies all over the state because they can't find teachers," Milich said.

The median salary for Arizona elementary school teachers in 2016, adjusted for cost of living, was $42,474, a 2017 analysis by Arizona State University's Morrison Institute for Public Policy found. The median salary for high school teachers was $47,890.

Here's a breakdown of 2016 elementary school teacher salaries adjusted for cost of living:

50: Arizona, $42,474.
49: Oklahoma, $43,192
48: Florida, $46,653.
45: Colorado, $47,413.
40: West Virginia, $50,956.
36: Indiana, $52,701.
28: Utah, $54,814.
27: Nevada, $55,582.
26: Texas, $55,930.
19: New Mexico, $59,047.
9: Oregon, $62,621.
7: California, $65,370.
2: Connecticut, $70,156.
1: Rhode Island, $70,486.

Reactions to the Facebook post have been mixed. Some people have been supportive and shared their own stories, others have criticized the post.

"I have a lot of people bashing or being critical of the fact that teachers only work for 9 months," said Milich. "People just don't understand what all goes into teaching."

Despite a 1 percent pay increase approved by the Legislature last year, and an infusion of cash from ballot measure Proposition 123, teacher pay in Arizona remains among the lowest in the nation.

"I am proud to be a teacher," said Milich. "I am not proud to be a teacher in Arizona.

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2 days ago

Video inside What your foot shape reveals about you

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| By Enigmatic1 - 2 days ago

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