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4 minutes ago

McDonalds to phase out Hi-C Orange from menu

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| By dUb IV - 4 minutes ago

Say goodbye to Hi-C Orange at McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain will begin phasing out the beverage on May 1, according to a memo posted this week on Reddit. A representative for McDonald's told Eat This, Not That that all locations will stop carrying the drink after July.

According to the memo, the chain is introducing a new “proprietary” beverage called Sprite TropicBerry that will be served exclusively at McDonald’s locations. It’s part of the company’s partnership with Coca-Cola.

McDonald’s website touts Hi-C Orange Lavaburst as “packed with crisp citrus flavor,” but customers won’t be able to enjoy it for much longer. You may still have time to order the drink because McDonald’s locations are advised to keep selling it until their current supply is gone.

At least one Reddit user expects a backlash from the move, writing, "It's gonna be a fun few weeks up ahead. Hi-C is one of the more popular drinks at my location."

Source: visit this link .. ith-new-drink/

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2 hours ago

Image inside NASA discovers new planet

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| By Black Naja haje - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

Video inside 13 year old phyicist Max Loughan explains the Mandela Effect

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| By javi1989 - 2 hours ago

Thoughts or rebuttals?

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2 hours ago

Video inside Munchkin cat fight

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| By southside85 - 2 hours ago

Cat coolly keeps his lashing foe at arm’s-length (as his little paws just don’t stretch that far)

Channeling Scrappy Do, a Munchkin cat picks a fight with larger companion
But it soon finds its short limbs are going to be a hindrance
Munchkin cats have short legs, caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation

A feisty feline tries to pick a fight with another cat, only to find his legs are far too short for a confrontation in this adorable video.

Seemingly channelling Scrappy Do, the little tabby and white Munchkin cat picks a fight with its larger companion on the back of a sofa.

But it soon finds its short limbs are going to be a hindrance in a scrap and his grey opponent soon puts a stop to the nonsense with just one paw.

Munchkin cats are characterised by their short legs, which are caused by a naturally occurring genetic mutation.

The breed is controversial and critics have voiced concerns about potential health and mobility issues with the animals.

visit this link .. cat-fight.html

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2 hours ago

bi-ch wins britians filthiest house contest #wouldnotpipe

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| By messy marv stan - 2 hours ago

visit this link .. state-student/

Brittani Coooper, 19, scoops dubious accolade for stomach-churning state of Bristol flat

A FEMALE student crowned as having Britain’s dirtiest uni digs – is studying for a career in real estate.

Brittani Cooper, 19, scooped the dubious accolade for the stomach-churning state of the flat she shares with five mates in Bristol after her disgusted dad told her to enter the competition.

Filthy crockery and dirty pots and pans lie piled up beside the sink in Brittani’s disgusting flat

A tower of pizza boxes is stacked on a bin as overflowing bin bags are flung in the corner of the stomach-churning kitchen

In the living room all surfaces a crowded with a jumble of books, bowls and games controllers

Student Brittani, 19, who shares the horrendous home with five mates, and has vowed to be tidier when she moves into her next digs

As is almost obligatory in all student digs there is some road furniture in Brittani’s kitchen

Sickening scenes show bins overflowing, piles of pizza boxes stacked on top of bin bags, dirty plates towering next to the sink and black grease covering the hob.

West of England University student Brittani of Longlevens, Glos., said: “My dad saw that had launched a campaign to find the UK’s worst student digs on an online news site.

“He sent me the link to the article as a joke because he knew that my housemates and I didn’t exactly keep our flat the tidiest during the past year.

“I decided it was worth entering with some images of our very messy kitchen, and now I’m so happy I did.”

Brittani pockets £500 prize money for coming out top among 982 entries in the competition, run by, the sister site of Hilarys

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2 hours ago

School in india teaches students to write with both hands

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| By southside85 - 2 hours ago

video shows pupils writing with TWO HANDS at an Indian school where the head teacher insists EVERY child is AMBIDEXTROUS

Just one per cent of the population can write with both their left and right hands
But all 300 students at Veena Vandini School in India can write with both
Every 45 minute lesson features 15 minutes devoted to handwriting practice
School founder and former soldier VP Sharma said he was inspired to demand the lessons by India's first president who was ambidextrous

This is the incredible school where the headteacher's bizarre dedication to handwriting practice means every pupil is ambidextrous.

Just ten per cent of the population are left handed - and only one per cent can write with both hands.

But all 300 students at Veena Vandini School in India are ambidextrous. Some are even able to write with both hands at the same time - in different languages.

Every 45 minute lesson features 15 minutes devoted to handwriting practice, to make sure all students at the rural school have the skill, which is also said to help students learn new languages.

They practice by writing the same words in different languages using both of their hands at the same time. As well as being an interesting party trick, learning the skill is said to help improve concentration and the ability to retain knowledge.

As they get older, and with a lot of practice, the students are able to write in two different languages at the same time.

School founder and former soldier VP Sharma said he was inspired to start the lessons in tribute to India's first president, Dr Rajendra Prasad, who was ambidextrous.

Headteacher Mr Sharma said: 'I read in a magazine that Dr Rajendra Prasad India's first president used to write with both hands. This inspired me to give it a try.

'Later, when I launched my school at my native village, I tried training the students.

'We began training students from standard I and by the time they reach standard III, they were comfortable writing with both the hands.

'Students of standard VII and VIII can write with speed and accuracy.

'Further, they can write two scripts simultaneously, one with each hand.

'Students also know several languages, including Urdu.'

The school was founded in 1999 is located in a remote area, in Singrauli district, Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Sharma said their unique dedication to handwriting led South Korean researchers to visit and study the pupils two years ago, to find out more about ambidexterity.

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2 hours ago

Video inside Boxden member gets punked by a lion walking down the street in hood part of Oakland

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| By Reckless Hope - 2 hours ago

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2 hours ago

Video inside Young boy goes to columbia

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| By BlacksAMillion - 2 hours ago

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3 hours ago

Video inside What Would You Do If Your Wife/Girlfriend Made Horrible Food?

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| By mr_underground - 3 hours ago

hit CC for the subs

dude tried hard as hell to be nice

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3 hours ago

boxden member gave his co-worker weed edible

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| By messy marv stan - 3 hours ago

visit this link http://www.nbclosangeles. .. 419569463.html


A 36-year-old Rosemead man was accused Sunday of giving a co-worker at a restaurant a THC-laced chocolate bar that sent her into marijuana-caused disorientation

Duong Che allegedly dosed his co-worker with THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, which is responsible for the euphonic high found in cannabis, said Ventura County sheriff's Deputy Ehren Nehira.

After eating some of the chocolate bar, the 20-year-old woman had short breath, was confused and disoriented and was unable to continue her shift at the restaurant in the 400 block of Moorpark Road in Thousand Oaks, Nehira said.

Deputies were sent to the restaurant at about 10:40 a.m. March 12 on a report of a possible poisoning. The victim spoke with them and then was taken to a hospital by a family member, he said.

She told deputies that during her shift she was offered a portion of a chocolate bar by a co-worker, identified as Che.

"Based on the circumstances, it was determined that Che knowingly provided the victim an edible with the victim's knowledge that it contained the THC," he said.

On Wednesday, narcotics detectives were waiting for Che as he arrived to work at the restaurant in Thousand Oaks. They searched his vehicle and found a cannabis chocolate bar -- the same type of bar that he had given his co-worker.

Detectives also found 70 ecstasy pills and more than $600. Fifty miles away at his home in Rosemead, they confiscated more than $4,300 that was believed to be profits from illegal drug sales.

Che was arrested for possession for sales of a controlled substance. He was booked into the Ventura Sheriff's Office East County Jail, where he posted bail that was set at $70,000.

He is scheduled to appear in court at 8:15 a.m. on April 27.

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5 hours ago


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| By smoothhooper - 5 hours ago

I would never come back to work again

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5 hours ago

Scientists Just Transplanted Small Rat Heads Onto Bigger Rats.

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| By southernsmoke90 - 5 hours ago

visit this link https://motherboard.vice. .. to-bigger-rats

Researches successfully avoided brain-damaging blood loss while the donor head was being attached to the recipient rat.

The world has been gifted, or maybe cursed, with the latest iteration of creepy head transplant experiments.

In a new study published in CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics, researchers in China grafted the heads of smaller rats onto the necks of larger rats because we all know that rats with two heads are better than rats with one.

These experiments harken back to the two-headed dog experiments of the early 1900s and 1950s as well as the two-headed monkey experiments of the 1970s. Some already claim to have successfully completed full head transplants, but how successful those experiments have been is unclear.

The goal of this particular version was to avoid brain-damaging blood loss while the donor head was being attached to the recipient rat—an issue we'll have to figure out if head transplants actually become a thing. One scientist, not affiliated with the rat transplant, is currently working towards the first human head transplant, so figuring out these logistics isn't just for kicks.

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6 hours ago

Image inside Student Testifies About Threesome With His Teachers

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| By W24x55 - 6 hours ago

A former student who allegedly had a threesome with two high school teachers in Louisiana testified in court on Tuesday about the steamy romp — and admitted secretly recording one of the women sleeping after sex as “proof” to show to his fellow football players.

The unidentified student, now 19, detailed the relationship he had with former Destrehan High School teacher Shelly Dufresne, 34, that began when he was a 16-year-old student in her English class. The month-long affair began with a Facebook message from Dufresne after the teen was out sick one day in August 2014, he testified, and quickly progressed to the student and teacher kissing in a classroom within days.

“Later on that night was the first time that Shelly and I had intercourse,” the teen told Judge Danyelle Taylor of the 24th Judicial District Court on Tuesday as Dufresne’s trial began. She has pleaded not guilty to two counts of carnal knowledge of a juvenile, the Times-Picayune reports.

If convicted, Dufresne faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison and a $5,000 fine.

The night of their first tryst began, the teen said, when Dufresne picked up the teen from his home in the New Orleans suburb of Destrehan after a football scrimmage. He testified that the teacher then drove to an isolated location behind a daiquiri shop, where they had sex.

Prosecutors say Dufresne coordinated the trysts using a fake Facebook profile under the name “Madison Mexicano,” complete with an image of the cartoon character Speedy Gonzalez as the profile image. The cover photo also included the phrase, “I love Mexican boys,” a reference to the teen, prosecutor Rachel Africk said. The teen later testified Tuesday that he didn’t appreciate that reference, however, since he is half-Colombian and half-Caucasian.

The teen provided the court with a list of the places where he met Dufresne to have sex, including at her house in Montz, inside her Honda Pilot SUV in multiple parking lots — and in a shed at a friend’s house. The torrid romps culminated, the teen testified, with a threesome with another former Destrehan High School English teacher, 26-year-old Rachel Respess, at her apartment in Kenner.

“All three of us were in bed together,” the teen told the court. “We all started having sex.”

The teen also said he recorded video of Respess while she slept after the threesome and admitted to the court that his genitals could be seen in the footage.

“It was kind of like proof,” he testified, adding that he showed the video to some teammates on the high school football team. “I told them about it, but they didn’t believe me.”

School officials eventually learned of the threesome after rumors spread throughout the school and contacted authorities in late September. Dufresne and Respess — whose trial date has not been set for allegedly failing to report the commission of several felonies — were arrested in October 2014, the Times-Picayune reports.

Defense attorneys, meanwhile, accused the teen of committing a crime himself by recording himself touching Respess as she slept and later showing that video to his teammates. They also accused the teen of not being truthful about his relationship with Dufresne, questioning the exact date that their sexual relationship began and arguing that the dates and locations provided by authorities were incorrect.

Defense attorney Kim McElwee claimed that the alleged threesome didn’t even occur because the teen told authorities he “couldn’t get an erection,” a claim the teen denied while on the stand, the newspaper reports.

Investigators were unable to recover the alleged video of Respess sleeping because the teen admitted deleting it, as well as other photos and text messages. He did so, according to McElwee, because he knew what he did was illegal.

“You know it’s a crime to video someone without their permission?” she asked.

Earlier Tuesday, McElwee suggested that the teen threatened to expose their relationship after she corrected him in class one day.

“At any moment, I can expose this, and you can go to jail, and you’ll lose your life as you know it,” McElwee claimed the teen threatened.

And the lewd video of Respess, according to McElwee, was an act of revenge for a problem he had in her class a year earlier.

“He told the cop he got payback,” McElwee said of the teen, later telling the court he had not faced any consequences for his actions.

Prosecutors rested their case late Tuesday and Dufresne’s trial is expected to wrap up on Wednesday, the New Orleans Advocate reports. Dufresne has already pleaded guilty to a lesser charge of obscenity in St. Charles Parish, where she and the teen lived.

Girl on the left very cute

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6 hours ago

Video inside Woman gets stuck on top of crane

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| By Mindfulness - 6 hours ago


Published on Apr 27, 2017
Officials do not yet know how a 23-year-old woman got stuck on top of a crane in downtown Toronto.

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10 hours ago

Image inside Top 9 cities for the Ugliest people

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| By RocAFella Chain - 10 hours ago

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21 hours ago

Image inside Boxden celeb jesse williams a real one, leaves wife for pawg

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| By CEITEDMOFO - 21 hours ago

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23 hours ago

software lets humans and dolphins talk to each other

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| By messy marv stan - 23 hours ago

visit this link .. ins-talk-about

After mastering 40 human languages, a Swedish startup has turned to dolphins, hoping to use its language-analysis software to unlock the secrets of communication employed by the aquatic mammals.

Using technology from artificial intelligence language-analysis company Gavagai AB, researchers from Sweden’s KTH Royal Institute of Technology will begin compiling a dolphin-language dictionary. The software will monitor captive bottlenose dolphins at a wildlife park about 90 miles south of Stockholm, the company said in an emailed statement Wednesday.

“We hope to be able to understand dolphins with the help of artificial intelligence technology," Jussi Karlgren, an adjunct professor of language technology at KTH and co-founder of Gavagai, said in the statement. “We know that dolphins have a complex communication system, but we don’t know what they are talking about yet.”

Tech giants such as Inc. and Alphabet Inc. are using AI and machine learning -- essentially getting computers to act without being programmed for specific new tasks -- to deliver goods more quickly, interact with customers faster and create new tools at an increasingly rapid rate. Changes ushered in by AI will help companies that embrace them and put up barriers for those that don’t, Amazon Chief Executive Officer Jeff Bezos said in his annual shareholder letter earlier this month.

The dolphin project -- a planned four-year effort -- came about because Gavagai’s software has proven capable in real-life, natural language processing, CEO Lars Hamberg said by phone. Although there is no immediate business purpose, the research on dolphins will help the company sharpen its tool for other tasks, he said.

With new recording methods and larger resources for computation, more dolphin data is available, which is why Hamberg is confident Gavagai will unlock their dictionary and ultimately communicate with the animals, he said.

For decades, the U.S. Navy has used marine mammals such as dolphins and sea lions to carry out a range of tasks, from locating underwater mines to harbor defense. The animals are part of the Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific, located in San Diego, California.

Gavagai has spent about $10 million over the past few years developing its language AI machine, Hamberg said. The company’s customers include WPP Group Plc’s market research company Kantar, SAS Institute Inc. and Nielsen Holdings Plc.

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23 hours ago

Do you talk to yourself?

2 people viewing this

| By hfkfhfufmth - 23 hours ago

I know everyone talks to themselves thru inner monolog but do you talk out loud not giving a fukc if people hear you? I used to think it was weird but majority of snap Facebook and ig post are people talking to themselves. Is it still weird or is it ok now?

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1 day ago

Video inside Unnatural Nature

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| By deadpoolsnow - 1 day ago

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1 day ago

Video inside Dolphins trick fish with mud "nets" - One Life - BBC

3 people viewing this

| By tokinjohn - 1 day ago

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